fluvvellwith new hardware in, and mythbuntu 10.04, myth-repos, (0.24) we're getting very loud white noise after skipping forward, or ffwdin then returning to normal speed. What are we missing?01:03
jchance hello all... i have searched everywhere for an answer to this issue i am having and hope someone here can help me.. i am running kubuntu 10.04 with mythtv 0.24 fixes from the mythbuntu repositories with a hauppauge hdpvr. it was working fine with the same setup prior to a move of the backend machine and reinstall exactly as it was.. when i go to live tv the hdpvr starts up and when mythtv gets a tl lock the hdpvr shuts off an01:22
jchanced the backend crashes. the hdpvr works under windows and using cat /dev/videoX to record to a file. any help is greatly appreciated01:22
mrandfluvvell: I'm headed to bed, but I haven't heard of that problem in a long time (I thought 0.23).  Only suggestion I can make is to make sure you are using the 0.24-fixes PPA in case it is fixed there.04:31
fluvvellmrand, , the ppa gets installed with the mythbunty-repos doesn't it?04:32
fluvvellIts complicated with the fact that I upgraded the motherboard to get digital sound for their digital amplifier, I can get it through the hdmi but the amp only accepts audio on the toslink cable :-(04:33
mrandyes, it should.  You might make sure that it didn't get disabled on accident by checking that the package version is something like this:   Installed: 2:0.24.1+fixes.20110629.d06878a-0ubuntu0mythbuntu1   (the 20110629 is the date)04:33
fluvvellmrand, thanks I'll poke around in the dpkg list now and compare.04:34
mrandfluvvell: after you verify that you are running a recent mythtv version, make sure that audio works in other applications.  If it is, then you'll either need to ask on the mythtv users mailing list, or maybe #mythtv-users04:34
fluvvellmrand, thanks. Its been previously a reasonably good system, but they hate it right now!  White noise at a volume is pretty aweful04:36
mrandyeah, I understand.04:37
fluvvelland nearly as bad, I feel I screwed up somehow by upgrading them.04:38
fluvvellbut mythtv-backend is older ! ? 0.23.0+fixes24158-0ubuntu204:40
fluvvellwait, I have a mixture of 0.23 and 0.24 packages, esp in libmyth. That could be my issue!04:41
fluvvellhttp://pastebin.com/dJafkmTj my list of packages04:43
Zinn[pastebin.com] mythtv weird sound issues - Pastebin.com04:43
ion9any one know why when i add my HDHR source my cable channels no longer show in the guide: running 0.23 on 10.0404:51
ion9i can setup the cable and it will work but when i add the HDHR all i get is ATSC04:52
foxbuntuion9, did you select the guide source on the HDHR input?04:58
ion9guide is useing SD for both05:01
ion9two lineups05:01
ion9ok i now see thay are in the guide but when i chennal up and down watching live tv thay are not there05:02
ion9if i press C on live TV it will only show one input05:07
ion9C  change inputs on TV Tuner card05:07
ion9but i can "M" and pick a cable channel and then i'm stuck in cable land have to press M and pick atsc to get back there05:09
ion9so it look's like channel up and down are for one source in live tv and not all of them05:24
ion9and you have to use m to change sources05:24
bovinequick question: is it possible for mythbuntu to have the Video folder pointed to a network drive to PULL video from? no writing or recording being made. I've tried this on my set up but i never get any videos found18:44
rhpot1991bovine: yes18:46
rhpot1991mount that network path using smb/cifs/nfs/something18:46
rhpot1991and then point mythvideo at that mount point18:46
bovinehrm. I've mounted it using CIFS and changed the options in Mythvideo to point to the IP and then the Video folder so /iphere/video/ but it never finds anything18:48
bovinethe video doesnt need to be all in one single folder does it?18:48
rhpot1991it shouldn't18:48
rhpot1991sounds like permissions18:48
bovinethe share is off on a drobo so it basically has "no" permissions to prevent any one from accessing it.18:49
bovinei can map to the share and access it via terminal and nautilus without issue18:49
bovineso I have a video share mapped and mounted using this "sudo mount -t cifs -o uid=1000 // /var/lib/mythtv/videos" i can then hop out to the var/lib/mythv/videos and indeed see everything i have on the drobo but mythtv is refusing to say anything exists out there. Does it take time for the video list to populate or am i missing something really simple here?19:16
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tgm4883bovine, what permissions are on the folder when mounted?19:18
tgm4883ls -l /foldername19:18
bovinedrwxrwxrwx for all19:19
bovinei even copied a single video file into the Trailers folder and that doesnt get seen either19:19
bovinehrm. there is a "scan for music" button but not one for videos.19:22
tgm4883bovine, hit M19:23
tgm4883then scan for videos19:23
bovineoh wow. that could have been slightly more obvious. :) its scanning now19:24
bovineTY muchly. I'll find out if this is going to work in a few minutes. Things are running a bit slow because I'm doing all this testing in a VM before I move it to my production machine for the living room19:25
bovinetgm4883: that worked. i knew it was something very simple that I was mising. Thank you :)19:34
bovinenow to figure out how to change the icons of the folders. The generic icon is just a bit dull19:36
lwizardlis there a way to enable the print screen key while in mythtv setup?23:57
lwizardlI am trying to take screen grabs of my configuration23:57

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