pleia2nhandler: sorry it's so late - step 29 is the precursor to 36, I assume? (forum output script, and then forum post)04:30
pleia2and I assume reformat.py works as expected and there are no secrets? :)04:31
pleia2nhandler: what wiki stuff needs to be stripped for the email version? just camel case correction?04:33
pleia2I think that's all my questions, the release may not be perfect but we'll get it out the door04:34
nhandlerpleia2: Yeah, but make sure you get the images right for the forum post. I normally copy/paste from the last forum release (image at the top and the last paragraph)10:45
nhandlerreformat.py is straight forward. Just follow the readme10:45
nhandlerCammelCase comes out for the email. A paragraph linking to the wiki page gets added. I also can't remember if we made any changes to the last paragraph (check last week's issue)10:46
nhandlerFor the fridge, don't follow any of the wiki guides for publishing, just copy last week's post and edit the template to match this week's issue10:46
nhandlerIf you send me an sms, I can help with the forum if needed (you should have access for everything else)10:47
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NRWlionhi jono!15:07
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NRWlionhi shadeslayer and JasonO15:51
shadeslayerhi NRWlion15:52
JasonOHi NRWlion16:10
pleia2nhandler: thanks! I should be good to go then (I confirmed I have forum access a few weeks back, so I should be good with that too)16:11
NRWlionpleia2: hi16:12
pleia2hi there NRWlion16:12
NRWlionpleia2: how is your day going?16:13
pleia2NRWlion: hard to say, it just started :)16:16
NRWlionpleia2: then have a nice one ;) mine is already over (and i am happy with that)16:25
pleia2NRWlion: not a great day for you?16:25
NRWlionwell how would you feel getting a letter from the human resources manager at your company telling you are no longer needed?16:38
pleia2NRWlion: ouch, sorry to hear that :(16:40
NRWlionand the best is they are telling me i am doing a great job there16:42
NRWlionbut new owners == new money == new clerks16:42
NRWlionhey pleia2 i have got an idea for UWN if you have time i'd like to discuss that with you and nhandler if available16:44
pleia2nhandler is out of town through tuesday16:44
pleia2but you're welcome to share ideas any time16:44
NRWlionpleia2: great ;) i just need to ask google for some translations ;)16:45
pleia2I'm at work right now, so forgive me if my replies aren't always instant :)16:45
NRWlionwhen will you be off-duty?16:46
NRWlioncause i dont want to keep u from working16:46
pleia2in 7 hours (just started!)16:46
NRWlionok, then i might be drunk and not able to type properly :D16:47
NRWlionso here is the short version16:47
NRWlioni am thinking of a trial section called "Letters to the Editors"16:48
pleia2feedback from readers?16:49
NRWlionmeaning: every news team has a special sections where readers can discuss their opinion on special topics that were in the previous issue of the paper / newsletter16:49
NRWlioni am thinking of something like: we pick one or two topics of every issue and encourage the readers to post / mail that to us. And we simply collect the statements and put them together16:51
pleia2we don't really have a place to post them, but we could ask for feedback16:52
NRWlionpublish them and by this we might be able to get some more interest16:52
pleia2we'd have to coordinate with whomever wrote about the topic (blog, news site, etc) so the feedback gets back to them16:52
NRWlionehm. to get myself clear. i am looking for a kind of discussion sections16:53
NRWlionfor topics of our issue that was may have effected the readers and16:53
pleia2do you have an example of a such a topic?16:54
NRWlionehm. f.ex. we there is a topic in blogs about the failures of whatever - mint vs. debian.16:55
NRWlionthe readers get the summary of the posts from us and are able - at least they should be ;) - to make up their own mind and post it16:56
pleia2hm, I guess I just suggested coordination because I think such feedback is better left on the blog itself rather than moving it to our own space16:56
NRWlionwait ^^ not finished yet! we collect those posts and bring them on one of our next issues to get a discussion going, u know?16:57
NRWlionthat way that readers are able to have a possibility to write their thaughts to given topics16:57
pleia2yeah, but that splits the conversation, now there's a conversation in our newsletter and on the blog, and the blog author doesn't see the comments/discussion unless they read our newsletter :\16:58
NRWlionand this is the second intention i want to get to17:00
NRWlioni want to manage contacts to the bloggers and authors to maybe get them contributing ;)17:00
NRWlion1) we get the readers contributing and 2) we get contact to the bloggers and authors we are quoting from ;)17:09
NRWlionwouldnt that be good?17:09
pleia2I think we'll have to see what others think, my vision for the newsletter is showing people articles and getting discussions and news going on their sites, this feels like we're taking discussion away from them17:10
NRWlionas i said: just an idea17:11
pleia2yes, keep having them! :)17:13
pleia2and my word isn't the law, it'd be nice to see what others think17:13
NRWlionpleia2: n2 hear17:19
NRWlionbut i have the light feeling to slow you more down then help you with my input17:20
pleia2NRWlion: well, a suggestion like the one above would require more volunteers than we have now, but that's not so bad as long as we can find them :)17:21
NRWlionpleia2: i would not suggest sth like this if i would not be able to help17:22
cjohnstonpleia2: who did the theme for fridge22:26
pleia2nick ali maybe? akgraner would know22:27
cjohnstonI'm just wondering cause I don't believe it follows the guidelines, plus since it is in the ubuntu.com namespace (kinda, still) I believe it needs the masthead22:28
cjohnstonSince its WP tho, it should be able to use the WP theme that the community has created22:28
pleia2yeah, I don't know anything about the theming stuff, I just write articles :)23:11

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