bazhangis apt-fast recommended for slow downloads?00:10
bazhang* [famicube64] (~quassel@75-121-236-186.dyn.centurytel.net): Tyler  <-- ban evading rww ?00:27
bazhang* [jadams] (~jadams@adsl-98-83-130-111.bhm.bellsouth.net): Josh Adams  <-- PM spam, but weird, as we share no channels00:30
bazhangkeyctl_search: rewuired key not available ....Perhaps try the interactive 'ecryptfs-mount-private'01:22
bazhangwould that error occur with a non-encrypted hdd? simply a lost user pw?01:22
bazhangand PM spam from ray24. yay01:27
bazhang<Guest90287>  if someone has a clue about his issue, please feel free. seems awfully strange for simply a lost password01:32
bazhangthe whole !>user seems to be defeated when most users insist on doing the ! in channel02:06
bazhangsomeone typed !password in their terminal to try and fix a lost password situation02:07
bazhangwe need to translate "not supported here" into all the UN official languages and have the bot pipe to users who dont get that02:27
bazhangpooltable is offering very suspect advice.02:39
bazhangstep one: reinstall. but first dismantle computer and "deep clean " it02:39
bazhang<mohammed52> does anyone know how to install run a .bat file    <--- for windows I thought03:14
Flannelbazhang: could be wine03:19
bazhanghttp://www.ubuntugeek.com/nfs-server-and-client-configuration-in-ubuntu.html could be Flannel , but he was just asking about this prior, which has no mention of .bat files03:23
rwwbazhang: yeah, BT# 3604903:36
bazhangrww, okay, he swore, then quit03:37
rww!u > sunshine106:53
Tm_Thi all06:53
rwwk'day Tm_T06:54
bazhangsources.list empty? that seems odd07:50
jpdsSome people just hate security updates so much.08:10
ikonia@mark #ubuntu-offtopic Stockholm_Angel childish behaviour, had a bit of a strop and /parted after being asked not to use "wtf" - getting quite common behaviour08:28
ubottuThe operation succeeded.08:28
bazhang<m_> anyone know how to run python .py in apache12:07
bazhanguse perl?12:07
PiciThats valid12:07
PiciWhats blackbuntu?12:09
popeyblack hat thing12:09
popeystupid name12:09
persiaIf it's unliked, someone could have a trademark discussion.  Folks aren't supposed to use *buntu unless they are in the primary archive.12:12
bazhangthought it was jewbuntu12:12
bazhangerr like12:12
Picibazhang: you mean like a re-themed variant with some specific apps pre-installed?12:13
bazhangPici, not really what I was implying, no12:13
popeyfwiw http://board.blackbuntu.com/showthread.php?tid=552 details how they can get on #blackbuntu irc chat12:16
bazhangperhaps it would be better to integrate the alis factoid with the derivattive factoids, as its fairly huge now, and lists only a subset of those not supported.12:21
bazhangthat wubi bug seems of long standing, dating back to at least 200912:45
bazhangpinning a kernel seems odd12:46
bazhangif only prh3red would come back and tell how he removed classic had only gnome 3 session, but was still running unity, without using the gnome3 ppa13:38
bazhangie gnome 3 from the selector13:38
bazhangthe eolupgrades link has a type in it that leads to a dead end wiki page. the lucidupgrades one14:16
bazhangerr typo14:16
Picibazhang: did you update the factoid?14:34
bazhangPici, nope, wanted to garner consensus first14:34
bazhang<lotutu> hello all, how can I run vim in perl?14:36
ubottuIn #xubuntu, charlie-tca said: ubottu is a robot, it is not a person14:37
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CoreyGood morning, lovelie.17:38
macowhat the crap does "honorary bug" mean?19:49
macosurfsue's getting on my nerves19:49
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Myrttios2mac: hi21:15
bazhangsudokill seems to be providing nothing of substance23:54
rwwthey've been an issue in the past :(23:55

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