guy_linuxhello guys. just like to ask regarding laptop with XP + Ubuntu. Which is better - to dual boot XP/Ubuntu or create a live bootable USB of Ubuntu? Thanks.14:03
rEnr3nhi guy_linux14:07
rEnr3ndepende na siguro yan sayo14:08
rEnr3nkung dual boot: pde ka mag-install ng as many apps you like as long as your hd can hold. pero you'll need to reboot always14:09
guy_linuxhello rEnr3n. kasi i've tried dual boot and live USB. I think Ubuntu on dual boot is a bit slower compared to Live USB. but don't know with the experience of others.14:09
rEnr3nbaka mabagal na ang hd mo?14:10
guy_linuxyes. baka nga sa hd...14:10
rEnr3nkasi mas preferred ang usb for fast work or immediate works14:10
guy_linuxwould freeing some space help?14:10
rEnr3nkung hardcore ang jobs mo, mas prefer na ang dual boot14:11
rEnr3nkelangan kasi sa defragmentation yan14:11
rEnr3nkng masyadong mababa free space mu, you will notice degraded performance14:12
rEnr3nna-experience ko yan sa lubuntu ko14:12
guy_linuxi guess kelangan ko nang mag-free ng space to improve performance... thanks for the advice. But i think will continue to have Ubuntu via Live USB. thanks again.14:13
rEnr3nok np14:13

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