dpmmorning all07:22
andrejzdpm i have a question about import queue07:33
dpmhey andrejz, good morning, sure, go ahead with the question07:48
andrejzin the import queue the is a bfd.pot from package "crash" but in natty there is bfd from binutils07:52
andrejzthis confuses me a bit07:54
dpmandrejz, this is not a problem in Launchpad, as we can either give the template a different name, or leave it the same. Both can coexist with the same name, as they come from different source packages. However, if their translation domain is the same, then this is a bug in the package, as there cannot be two programs using the same translation domain in the system07:55
andrejzautomatically suggested value for translation domain is the same (bfd) but i don't know what it ought to be08:11
andrejzwhere can i check that08:11
RawChidHey, sometimes there are empty translated strings in LP. Anyone familiar with this problem?\10:13
kelemengaborRawChid: yes, this can indeed happen10:33
RawChidYou know why?10:34
kelemengaborif you accidentally click in the translation field, but write nothing in it and you save it, this will appear as translated - to the empty string10:34
RawChidThe strings are added via web interface of Launchpad. Don't know if that has to do with it...10:34
RawChidI'm thinking of a RFC for Launchpad now.. Maybe don't accept empty translations? Or better, if the source is not empty, then translation may not be empty. What are you thinking?10:36
kelemengaborhm, perhaps this is already fixed? I just tried it and it looks like I'm wrong10:39
kelemengaboryeah, I'm still here :)10:40
RawChidHm yeah. I can't imagine that I made this "mistake" so many times10:40
RawChidAnd I've seen it from several translators10:41
kelemengaborI'm sure that for long time, when you clicked into the new translation field, the radio button was automatically selected, but now it looks like this is not the case anymore10:41
RawChidYeah, and that causes another usability problem; that my translations is not submitted :P10:43
RawChidSometimes you must click the radio button explicitly10:44
kelemengaborI think I experienced that not so long ago, but how is that possible?10:46
RawChidI'm not sure. I can't reproduce that at the moment.10:47
kelemengaborI have typed something in the field, saved it, and next time I looked at it, it was not there10:47
RawChidAh, I see. When you have a text field (small one, NOT a textarea). Then klik on the button to expand it (tooltip: makes field larger). And then type your translation, the radio button stays on "no translation"10:48
RawChidI use this functionality oftentimes  because the small field doesn't have spell check in my broswer10:50
RawChidSo my work disappeared :(10:51
kelemengaborargh, with my disappeared translations I used the same, they were short strings which I wanted to break in two lines, so I expanded them and boom, they gone10:57
kelemengaborcongrats RawChid, you just caught an LP Translations bug :)10:57
kelemengabordo you want the honor of filing it? :)10:59
RawChidYeah sure, I fill it later this day11:01
RawChidLunch time :)11:01
RawChidkelemengabor, I filed the bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/81101411:44
ubot4Launchpad bug 811014 in launchpad "Translated strings don't get saved (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]11:44
kelemengaborcool, thanks!11:44
RawChidBut coming back on my original problem (maybe I need to file another bug)11:45
RawChid12:13:37 < RawChid> Hey, sometimes there are empty translated strings in LP. Anyone familiar with this problem?\11:46
RawChidThat problem is a bigger deal to me11:46
RawChidNot sure if it's a bug though11:46
kelemengaborwell, I'd say this is not really a big problem, unless you change an existing translation to an empty one11:51
kelemengaborwhich is an unfortunate case, and perhaps should not be allowed at all11:51
kelemengabordpm: danilos: what dou you guys think?11:51
dpmhi kelemengabor, reading the scrollback...11:52
RawChidI asked the person who said this to me to give me examples (string ID's) for further investigation... Can't give an example at the moment11:53
daniloskelemengabor, setting a translation to empty one is the only way we can turn something into a suggestion if it's already approved; also, sometimes you don't know what the correct translation is, but you do know that the current one is incorrect11:53
kelemengabordanilos: these look like valid use cases, thanks.11:55
RawChiddanilos: so there is a distinguish between "no translation" and "empty translation". I'd prefer to use "no translation" for your examples11:56
danilosas for bug 811014 RawChid filed, I am not sure if this ever used to work for textareas (it still seems to work for regular input fields you get originally)11:56
ubot4Launchpad bug 811014 in launchpad "Translated strings don't get saved (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81101411:56
danilosRawChid, if you are certain that this used to work for textareas, please add a comment like that so it can be marked as a regression and critical11:56
RawChidI'm not sure what you mean danilos. If it has worked or not. It is a usebility issue.11:57
daniloskelemengabor, right, the problem with "no translation" is that Launchpad uses current translation review date as a cut-off date for reviewed suggestions, so you might get already reviewed suggestions listed as "new suggestions" if we just remove the translation11:57
danilosRawChid, I agree, but we are currently stomped with many critical issues, and if this has never worked, it's unlikely to be fixed in the next 6 months or so :/11:58
RawChiddanilos I GUESS it hasn't worked at all.11:58
RawChidShould I mention this?11:59
danilosRawChid, right, thanks11:59
danilosRawChid, nope, no need to do that then11:59
RawChidThis is more a RFC than a bug then right?11:59
danilosRawChid, it is a bug indeed, but I was just wondering if we can make it critical with the rest of our critical bugs (what we do for regressions)12:00
RawChidOke, thanks for the heads up12:00
RawChidAnd the "empty translation" problem. You said it can be user to indicate that a translation is not correct. So when I see empty translations it is because someone else has made it empty explicitly?12:07
danilosRawChid, yes, most likely (we used to have a bug where we set translations to empty if there were non-existent in the import, but long time ago and for a short while)12:21
RawChidI can't imagine that someone has done that to my translations. We should communicate such things to each other. But I'll keep an eye on it12:27
RawChidThanks anyhow12:28
dpm_kelemengabor, just a quick heads up that I haven't forgotten about the call notes, it's just that I'm having a busy day and I'll probably send them on Monday13:16
kelemengaborno problem :)13:16
hanniekelemengabor, can I ask you something about: name of translator present but no translation yet (RawChid's question too)15:31
hanniehi dpm15:32
hanniekelemengabor, I'll try to explain:15:32
hannieIn ddtp-ubuntu-universe I regularly see this: Translated by Hannie on xxx, but (no translation yet)15:33
hannieMy name is just an example15:34
hannieWhy is there a name of an translator, whilst there is no accepted translation yet?15:34
henningehannie: if somebody removed the old translations15:35
henningetranslation, I mean15:35
henningeit will look like that.15:35
hannieI do not think any of my fellow translators removes accepted translations15:35
kelemengaborI think this can happen when someone uploads a translation file which has untranslated strings15:37
kelemengaborat least some time ago I saw this to happen, altough recently I don't see it anymore15:38
hanniekelemengabor, that's what I thought, but my fellow translator hasn't done that15:38
hannieIt is no big deal, but I am only curious why this happens15:39
kelemengaborI have no idea, why - Launchpad is such a beast, and it is known to have strange habits :(15:40
hannieYou tell me ;)15:41
hannieBut thanks for your answer, and henninge too15:41
kelemengabordpm_: is there any way to see a debdiff between two versions of a package, like https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/maverick/+source/ubuntu-docs ?16:01
kelemengaborI'm asking because of this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-translations/+bug/690248/comments/1616:01
ubot4Launchpad bug 690248 in ubuntu-docs (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 2 other projects) "In Maverick 'About Ubuntu' displays Natty info (affects: 64) (dups: 23) (heat: 258)" [Medium,Confirmed]16:01
kelemengaborlooks like this went out, but I'd like to double check16:02
kelemengaborand, if this is everything that was applied, then it's pretty obvious what happened: only the original file was updated, its translations in the same package weren't16:03
kelemengaborbut, this is only my theory16:03
dpm_kelemengabor, I need to go, but I'll try to have a look at it on Monday. Please ping me again about it if I forget16:07

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