philipballewcan someone help me make a wiki for a ubuntu hour i'm gonna have next week01:20
pleia2a loco directory entry?01:21
pleia2first go here and log in: http://loco.ubuntu.com/01:21
pleia2(it uses launchpad)01:22
pleia2once you've logged in you should see a "My Teams" link at the top01:23
pleia2under Ubuntu California there is an Events subheading and a "+ new event" link01:23
pleia2it should be pretty straight forward from there, I need to run downstairs for a mingling with neighbors in the lobby thing in a minute01:24
philipballewalright. no worries! this looks easy01:25
philipballewcan i edit once i made it, I messed up the time. the dang utc got me once again01:33
philipballewnvm i see i01:34
pleia2in events the venue is what sets the time zone01:38
pleia2so set the time zone for the panera bread01:38
pleia2we don't want UTC showing up in event listing, it confuses everyone :)01:40
* pleia2 heads out01:40
philipballewits there, ill look into fixing it.01:41
nuboon2agejtatum: pleia2: i'm not at SJ Ubuntu Hour tonight - too exhausted after moving storage stuff all day.02:06
nuboon2agei never scheduled it anyway02:07
nuboon2agepleia2 or anyone know whats up w the calender???02:08
nuboon2ageaaditya are you back from your trip?02:09
nuboon2ageBrendan el gato.says hi!02:37
philipballewwould you guys think it is worth enabling ipv6 in my network or is ipv4 just fine for now?03:10
rwwgonna have to do it at some point, may as well do it now if it's plausible for your network03:38
pleia2philipballew: you just need to go into the venue and set a time zone03:47
akkKinda depends on what sort of network, and how it connects to the outside world, no?03:47
pleia2(I can do it if you need)03:48
pleia2http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/venues/United%20States/507/detail/ and "Edit Venue Details"03:49
pleia2nuboon2age: what calendar? what's the problem with it?03:49
pleia2no one mentioned anything about an SJ ubuntu hour tonight03:51
MarkDudesn9, http://exiledintejas.com/post/7458079599/nyan-cat-white-board04:20
pleia2I finally watched that original video today04:21
pleia2it was... nyan cat04:21
MarkDudeThere is a timer one- to see how long you can listen04:21
rwwyup, http://nyan.cat/04:24
MarkDudeNyan cat is a good meme04:29
MarkDudeWith more life than another funny one- magnets- how do they work?04:29
MarkDudeEl Fua http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/el-fua04:32
MarkDudeThe meme infecting South America04:33
MarkDudeHappy birthday jledbetter04:34
pleia2oh no, enough memes here, I don't need to know about those on other continents!04:35
sn9i just pasted the whiteboard link to you-know-who04:39
pleia2philipballew: around?04:42
pleia2ok, go here: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/venues/United%20States/507/update/04:42
philipballewi am here04:42
philipballewwhat do i need to do?04:43
pleia2timezone is currently set to UTC, change it to US/Pacific04:43
pleia2then no one has to worry about figuring out UTC time04:43
philipballewwhats the reason utc is the standard?04:44
pleia2it's just the default04:44
sn9isle of man, too04:45
philipballewcan i change it from 24 hour to 12 hour format04:46
pleia2UTC is "Coordinated Universal Time" (obviously not english :)), so it makes sense for it to be the default04:46
pleia2no, it's all in 24 hour format04:46
philipballewsn9, anytime work best for you to come the a ubuntu hour?04:46
pleia2the US is kinda strange for having 12 hour clocks :\04:46
philipballewpleia2, but it works for us04:47
pleia2speak for yourself! all my clocks are 24 hour :)04:47
* rww is part of the 24-hour-and-metric illuminati04:47
pleia2my poor human brain does not grok metric, but I support it :D04:47
philipballewpleia2, im quite happy with my miles and my 12 hours!04:47
rwwi also write dates as yyyy-mm-dd04:47
pleia2always have to be careful of that on forms when traveling04:48
pleia2us crazy americans getting month and day all mixed up :)04:48
sn9philipballew: 110% up in the air right now04:48
philipballewno worries. ill just put it sometime and see if you can stop by04:49
pleia2MM-DD-YYYY really makes no sense04:49
philipballewwho started it i wonder04:49
rwwDD-MM-YYYY HH:MM:SS doesn't really either :(04:49
pleia2philipballew: loco directory entry looks great, thanks for fixing that :)04:50
pleia2now that the venue is in the system you just select it from the list for the next one (or copy the event and change the date - that's what I do for SF hours)04:50
* pleia2 made them add the "copy event" feature ;)04:51
philipballewpleia2, Ill just send out an email tonight04:51
philipballewI am trying to get people to come who are not on the mailing list as well. figure thats how things grow04:52
* pleia2 nods04:52
nhainespleia2: it was a beautiful 20 degrees Celsius today.05:08
pleia2perfect weather!05:09
pleia2I know 3 celcius temperatures: 0 is freezing, 20 is perfect, 40 is very hot :)05:10
nhainespleia2: for your body, 37 is just right.  :)05:11
pleia2good to know05:11
nhainespleia2: here's a handy conversion chart: http://xkcd.com/526/05:11
philipballewits 78 in auburn here today. hasnt been bellow 90 is a while. now its great!05:11
pleia2nhaines: haha, nice05:12
pleia2it was in the 50s and cloudy here, ah july in SF05:12
philipballewpleia2, any chance of sending that weather east a few miles?05:14
pleia2I'll tell my cat, she controls the weather05:15
nhainespleia2: so now you'll know that 110 kph is the Interstate speed limit, and 130kph is the speed you *actually* go when it says "65".05:15
nhainesAlso I meant 120 kph and this font is tiny on Windows.05:15
pleia2signs in maine have km on them too, so I have distance down ok (which was useful when I was driving in canada)05:15
pleia2still, it was fun to be all wooo I'm going 110!05:15
nhainesI went 135kph on the Autobahn.  I wasn't especially impressed.  :)05:16
pleia2well, I was driving an economy rental...05:16
nhainesI think I had a Volkswagen Golf 3.05:17
rwwwait, I'm not supposed to be going 135kph on interstates?05:29
nuboon2age pleia2: right no one mentioned it because i nevrr scheduled it on the event calendar,  as i said. But i had written on the ubuntu hour project page that its the second Thu each month.06:11
nuboon2ageplia2: when i went to look for the event calendar i couldnt find it.06:12
nhainesThat reminds me.  When I talk about how to run an Ubuntu Hour next week I'll mention how important it is to set a consistant schedule and carry through on commitments.07:04
philipballewI'm lookin for a new search engine. any recommendations?18:05
MarkDudeBing does not suck that much, tbh18:09
pleia2it sounds like he's trying to get away from google, not use a google clone :)18:10
philipballewgoogle is annoying me. im set my homepage to yahoo and switched from chrome to firefox today18:10
philipballewgetting annoyed at google trying to have me use them for all my computing needs. plus firefox is more open18:11
philipballewi have used duck duck go. its really nice18:11
philipballewits probably just what your used to18:11
nhainesFirefox is "more open"?18:27
pleia2I'd agree when compared to chrome (not chromium)18:28
* jledbetter <3s mozilla18:28
philipballewpleia2, Google and floss have a very interesting relationship.18:29
MarkDudehttps://plus.google.com/105095769731159704550/posts?hl=en  << gato poderoso18:30
philipballewin some ways there open source, but with there apps like earth and sketch up. there not. makes me wonder their motive18:31
pleia2not uncommon for companies to offer both closed and open source products18:31
pleia2canonical does too18:31
pleia2but some question their motives as well18:31
nhainesphilipballew: they bought Google Earth and Sketchup.18:32
pleia2(even launchpad itself was closed source for several years!)18:32
philipballewnhaines, this is true. i liked sketchup before it was bought.18:32
philipballewnhaines, this is true. i liked sketchup before it was bought.18:33
MarkDudeGoogle becomes Skynet, by taking pieces we like, IMHO18:33
MarkDudeAnd also running on Apple hardware18:34
philipballewNO! not launchpad! haha. ubuntu isnt always the most liked linux based os by other linux users for those reasons18:34
jledbetterhaha MarkDude18:34
* MarkDude 's original penguin suit is getting much love in South America http://galeria.cnsl.org.ve/2011/07-lara/131.html19:25
pleia2hehe, awesome19:25
MarkDudeI was hoping Tatica would be able to make it to CLS this year- but nogo, maybe next19:27
nhainespleia2: I guess next week will be fun.  :)20:58
pleia2hope so :)20:59

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