munzjck77: yea, i agree w/ maxolasersquad, i was very resistant to it too, i was told to give it some time12:12
munznoe i do like it12:12
munzand perfer it12:13
maxolasersquadGood morning dantalizing.13:14
maxolasersquadIn this mornings meeting a coworker asks why we have tables laid out the way we do as opposed to mergin stuff together.  After I explain it is to keep things in third normal form, he asks what that means to me.  I start going off into ACID compliance.  He then wants to know why after thirty years in the industry these things are all of a sudden important.14:21
maxolasersquadHead asplodes all of the conference room.14:21
maxolasersquadall over14:21
munzlol maxolasersquad15:45
dantalizinganyone using bufExplorer?17:06
=== jck77_ is now known as jck77
danstonerdantalizing: does that have anything to do with Buffy the Vampire Slayer?20:13
danstonerThat sounds like a nice tool.20:14
maxolasersquaddanstoner: It's a vim plugin.20:15
maxolasersquadA vim plugin that allows you to explore Buffy.20:15
danstonerI wonder if I can get that for emacs...20:18
maxolasersquadThe emacs plugin is for exploring Stalman.20:26
maxolasersquadAnother vim win.20:26
shadowchaserhello all 21:38
shadowchaserhey zoopster how are things going today?21:38

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