Alpha-01upgrade seems to have solved the problem. I am now able to connect to wifi.00:48
Alpha-01so how do i tweak the partitions? it keeps telling me how my hard drive is pretty much full.01:01
Alpha-01but i have 4gb of space01:01
Alpha-01and unless ubuntu 11.04 is bigger than i thought, that shouldn't be the case.01:01
greg-gwell, the full install uses about 2 gigs, iirc, so it might be warning you that you have less than 2 gigs left01:04
Alpha-01it is telling me i have mb left, so i am guessing it might be 2 2gb or something like that.01:06
rick_h_well snapl had that issue01:06
rick_h_because by default it did 1gb of swap01:06
rick_h_so you might be close to full01:06
Alpha-01so if i have more updates will it know to store them elsewhere, or will it just stop updating?01:07
rick_h_well honestly that setup isn't very sustainable01:08
Alpha-01setup? sustainable?01:09
rick_h_you'll have to catch snapl for advise01:10
rick_h_but check out the report of df -h01:10
Alpha-01i.e. netbook shouldn't run ubuntuu?01:10
rick_h_and see how big the partitions are01:10
rick_h_4gb of disk a not a lot of space these days unfortunately01:10
rick_h_I know snapl was always pressing against that01:10
rick_h_there are some large packages you can uninstall, there are some tricks you can try01:11
rick_h_if you recall him last night talking about some of the other ubuntu family were much larger than he thought they'd be01:11
Alpha-01well, i will keep that in mind. right now as long as i can get skype going this would be a major success.01:11
snap-levening, all01:42
snap-lSorry if I was a bit moody earlier. I'm not in my happy place.01:42
rick_h_everything ok?01:43
jjessehope everything is fine01:43
snap-lYeah, I'm fine, just trying to figure out my place in the universe01:43
snap-lThat's all. ;)01:43
jjessehope you find it soon01:52
snap-lYeah, no worries01:53
snap-lGood morning11:51
brouschso far11:52
snap-lbtw: If you want to hear the results of what I was working on yesterday to make JoDee happy with being awakened to noise: http://openmetalcast.com/about/promote/11:53
brouschi must've missed that conversation12:01
snap-lAnd now JoDee waits for Comcast12:01
rick_h_ruh roh, again?12:01
snap-lbrousch: Yeah, first thing in the morning was me making that12:01
snap-lrick_h_: re: Comcast? No, this is the first wait12:01
snap-lwe're making sure they don't try to install Comcast here.12:01
snap-lbilling address != shipping address. ;)12:02
snap-lAnd this is the important payload. If dad-in-law doesn't get Comcast, there might be hell to pay12:02
snap-lhe was paying $$$ for satellite TV.12:02
rick_h_http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6706161/datetime-in-defining-database-using-sqlalchemy/6706726#6706726 woo downvoting in the morning12:08
greg-gsnap-l: lol re: promo12:08
greg-gsnap-l: did you make the clanking noises yourself? or was that a sample?12:08
greg-goh, looks like sample12:08
rick_h_snap-l: ah ok. I thought it was your place. Weren't you having comcast issues before and such?12:09
snap-lgreg-g: Tose we all promos.12:12
snap-lEr, good morning12:12
snap-lThose were all samples in the background12:13
snap-ljust a little tweaking here and there.12:13
snap-lrick_h_: I have WOW. I always have issues with Comcast.12:13
snap-lHigh prices, dick moves, etc.12:13
snap-lBut apparently it's the only option in this building outside of rabbit ears.12:14
snap-lI have hypno-bunny outside my window12:14
greg-ghaha, "tose we all promos" is the QOTD12:24
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greg-glong article, but really interesting read about Stuxnet: http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2011/07/how-digital-detectives-deciphered-stuxnet/all/113:35
Wolfgeroh gods.... http://programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/93071/is-it-just-me-or-is-all-the-new-fancy-google-functionaility-annoying-everyone-els13:35
Wolfgergreg-g: fascinating. I'll have to give that a full read later.13:40
greg-gWolfger: yeah, and it might hit home for you, given your day job13:40
WolfgerYeah... Step 7 is right up my alley13:41
greg-gI hadn't heard of it until that article13:41
greg-gnow I'm scared13:41
WolfgerYeah, never heard of this at all. Switching to the 8-page view to break it into readable chunks13:42
snap-lThank you Wired, for breaking Instapaper.13:44
snap-lSeriously, Wired may have the best content in the world, but they're too busy having a fucking typography circle-jerk to let anyone read it.13:45
greg-ghey! it is what gives their work such added value! (or something)13:46
greg-gI was confused by all of the green arrows in that article, I was like, "where do I go next? do I really skip this paragraph? Why can't I just read the way I normally do?"13:47
jjessei really liked that article :)13:48
jjessethe stuxnet one13:48
snap-lEvery time I think of Wired, I think of Van Burnham13:49
snap-lBack when I went to Classic Gaming Expo (2000), she was a guest speaker or something.13:50
snap-lOr some show. Don't remember which, and doesn't matter13:50
snap-lshe entered the room with a fucking entourage13:50
snap-lbunch of folks that looked like they'd rather be playing Shadowrun or Vampire13:51
greg-gI think of Stephenson's article about undersea cables13:51
snap-lAll I could think of was "what a twat"13:51
snap-lAh, I remember, she was promoting her forthcoming book13:55
snap-lwhich apparently launched in 2003.13:55
snap-lAnywho, point being, Wired makes me stabby because they value presentation over content.13:57
snap-lhttp://programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/93082/what-do-you-think-are-the-best-ways-to-save-time-when-writing-code <- stabby14:00
nullspacesnap-l: oh oh I'm going to sit here and hit refresh every 5 minutes on that page...14:10
nullspaceon second though I'll go back to writting java14:10
jrwrenjava? rofl14:10
nullspaceshush MS fan boy14:11
snap-lHey, did you hear Microsoft is abandoning Windows?14:12
nullspaceI guess they just don't like natural light14:12
jrwrenwhy stabby?14:12
nullspaceMS research shows that more code is wrriten when a programmer's work environment is similar to a cave14:13
snap-ljrwren: Those kinds of questions are like pre-optimization questions14:13
snap-lie: will my code compile faster if I use tabs instead of spaces.14:13
jrwrenoh... i didn't read it that way at all.14:14
jrwren"save time when writing code" to me sounds lke they want to be efficient.14:14
jrwrenI'd expect answers like "use Ruby instead of C"14:14
snap-lYes, on the durface14:14
snap-lWhat the fuck, I can't type at all today.14:15
jrwrenare you a programmer?14:15
nullspaceat least that sentance came out right14:15
smoserjcastro, have you seen http://pad.lv/811052 (unity 2 screens black window)14:15
jrwreni'm just glad it was closed as not constructive14:15
snap-ljrwren: I am a programmer. And open-ended questions like "how do I code faster" are not coding questions, they're procrastination14:15
jcastrosmoser: you've shown this to me before IRL14:16
jcastrothis happened to you at mug right?14:16
nullspacesnap-l: could have told them to type faster14:16
smoserhappens for me with 2 screens 100% of the time14:16
smoserdoes it not happen for you ?14:16
jrwrenrofl. i disagree, but I think I see your POV14:16
jcastrosnap-l: programmer.se is where all the stupid questions people don't want on stackoverflow go14:16
jcastro"how do I do agile?!?!?!"14:16
jrwreni'll bet if a python n00b paired with rick_h_ and his vim setup for a couple days they would pick up TONS of things to "code faster"14:17
jcastrosmoser: jiggle either njpatel or DBO on #ayatana14:17
snap-ljcastro: indeed14:17
jcastroand see if they've seen it14:17
jcastroor he could abandon you14:17
brouschsmoser: i have that exact same problem14:18
snap-ljrwren: Yeah, I'm being a little harsh, and there is always room for improvement, but this came across to me as navalgazing14:18
snap-ljcastro: You're still going to hang out in here when you're off on your glorious beaches, right?14:18
snap-lI need my direct line to Canonical in here. ;)14:19
smoserbrousch, hit "affects me" then.14:19
smoserwill you?14:19
brouschi did14:19
jrwrensnap-l: honestly, I think he was indirectly spamming that link through yahoo through reddit to his site to drive traffic14:19
smoserbrousch, i'm guessing you're not running oneiric, right ?14:20
brouschhm, but i'm on 11.04 and using real hardware14:20
snap-ljrwren: It got closed anyway.14:20
smoseri'm on real hardware also14:20
smosercould you mention that you're seeing it with $(dpkg-query --show unity)14:20
brouschnp, let me know if you need anything else14:23
snap-ljrwren: RT @AaronErickson: Showing C# 3 to people who have only known Java is like going back 200 years and showing people your iPad. (heh)14:40
jrwrenrick_h_: unsubbing from #TNT and keeping #BOL?  what does that mean?14:41
rick_h_podcast stuff14:41
rick_h_both do daily news14:42
rick_h_dropped one and kept the other, now the one I kept is annoying as #@$#@14:42
nullspacesnap-l: eye rolling ensues14:42
jrwrensnap-l: its true though. C# is sooooo much more than "clone of java" like the haters suggest14:42
smoserbrousch, well, dbo responded, maybe this will get fixed.14:42
smoserglad i finally decided to do something about it.14:42
nullspaceso if java sucks why is it on android and why is apache making awesome programs with it14:43
DBODBO is in here you know14:43
smoseryeah, but i like talking behind his back14:43
smoseroh, shoot, he heard me14:43
brouschsmoser: You are abetter bugman than I14:43
smoserwell, i was in a bug submitting mood after i upgraded, rebooted, and couldn't log in at all14:44
brouschI have a couple of other problems I should report14:45
brouschsleep doesn't work, sometimes i can't get out of a screensaver14:45
nullspacesmoser: just don't use unity, it's that simple14:45
jrwrendid I say java sucks?  no. I just said C# is better :)14:45
snap-lrick_h_: I've come to the conclusion that I can't stand Sara Lane or Molly Wood14:45
snap-lThough Molly Wood is infinitely more tolerable than Sara Lane.14:46
nullspacecauses my machien to freeze becasue my gpu and unity hate each other14:46
snap-lie: if she's a guest on a show, she's fine14:46
snap-lwhen she's hosting, I want to stop listening.14:46
nullspacesnap-l: what show is this?14:46
snap-lBuzz out Loud?14:47
nullspacedon't think I can listen to that anyway14:47
smosersnap-l is *really* trying to avoid work14:48
smosernot only *watching* cnet garbage, but talking about his favorite hosts14:48
snap-lsmoser: hardly14:49
snap-lThis is a long-held believ.14:49
snap-lbelief, even14:49
jrwrenwhy even bother listening to that stuff?  its for techie grandpas14:49
* snap-l gets ready to kneecap jrwren with his cane.14:50
snap-lI don't listen to either regularly, mind you.14:51
* smoser snickers, thinking of snap-l saying "Get off my lawn, or I'll throw my Zune at you. ROTTEN KIDS!"14:51
snap-lsmoser: Diamond Rio, good sir14:51
snap-lNever bought a Zune14:51
nullspacesnap-l: do you even have a lawn?14:51
smosergranpda's don't buy diamond rios14:51
snap-lnullspace: Yes, and I have your lawn to do donuts on14:51
nullspacesnap-l: my front lawn is in fact that big14:52
jrwreni get my tech news from...   ??? :)14:52
snap-lActually, i should correct that. I have this area in front of my house here grass proceeds to work through "the circle of life"14:52
nullspaceit's called the carbon cycle14:53
nullspaceI was part of the carbon cycle before it was cool14:53
snap-lI'm so cool, I leave carbon crop circles.14:56
nullspacewho is going to make it to maker faire this year?14:59
nullspaceI sould say Detroit Maker Faire15:00
brouschquit having it the same weekend as pyohio :P15:00
nullspacewho wants to go to ohio anyway15:01
nullspacedeleware at least has an ocean, ohio has, well drive thru liqour stores15:01
brouschohio has pythons!15:10
nullspacemofo snakes in a mofo convention15:21
krondornullspace:  I can't they did it same weekend as last year, and just like last year I have the same meeting to attend :|15:32
gamerchick02yo dawg,i heard you like python so i put some pythons in your python... well, maybe not.15:32
krondorTulalip has got to be worst codename for a project I've heard15:35
rick_h_krondor: I'm glad I'm not the only one15:35
rick_h_and usually MS does a bit better with those codenames15:35
rick_h_usually the codenames should be the product names15:36
snap-lFor those of us who aren't paying attention, what is Tulalip?15:44
brouschMS codename for their social network that had a nip slip last night15:45
Wolfgerjrwren: technically you did not say that Java sucks (though you should have), nor did you say C# is better. You simply said C# was more...  (more suckage?)15:47
jrwrenif suckage is complex, then yes. C# is more complex.15:47
jrwrenif suckage is powerful, then yes, C# is more powerful15:48
snap-lbrousch: You're kidding me16:02
snap-lApparently Microsoft is just going throw their dick into any hole and hope someone does something with it, aren't they?16:02
snap-l(apologies, that reference was a little vile)16:04
snap-l- D&D 1st Ed Monster Manual (Limit 3)   135 Points16:48
snap-lSorry, but I find that funny16:48
snap-lI think that means that they only have three available for rewards, but still...16:48
rick_h_because they have: http://code.google.com/p/support/wiki/CodeReviews16:57
brouschsnap-l: nice OMC intro17:40
brouschand of course i get 1/2 way through the first song before somone needs their hand held17:50
Wolfgerhow romantic.... ;-)17:58
snap-lbrousch: Heh18:15
snap-lthe music, it's scary. ;)18:15
snap-lbrousch: Thanks, though. Glad you enjoyed it. :)18:15
brouschi could barely tell it was you18:19
snap-lhttp://stackoverflow.com/questions/6698554/simple-cgi-python-webserver-php-not-working <- Update from Yesterday.19:06
brouschso it's solved? i can run my php in python now?19:09
nullspacegah, I know Joy division really beok new ground but the lead singer just sounds like he is no even trying19:10
nullspaceinstead I'll just listen to the smiths19:11
* rick_h_ smacks forehead19:17
rick_h_Blazeix: ty, made my afternoon: https://twitter.com/#!/wafuqua/status/9194920623486156819:18
rick_h_I can completely see myself in this situtation19:18
rick_h_situation that is19:18
Blazeixhaha, yeah, it was amazing19:19
rick_h_"render damn you!!!!"19:20
rick_h_"I am, I am..."19:20
Blazeixwe tried zooming out 6 or 7 times, but you need to zoom out ~25 times19:20
rick_h_I was chasing an html thing like that where the labels weren't showing on some JS generated images19:20
rick_h_just happened the default text was white on a white background19:20
nullspacerick_h_: walked away yesterday and never noticed if you replied to the $.proxy comment19:23
nullspacekeeping context is good19:29
rick_h_ok, what's the deal?19:30
nullspacekeeps your objects in context19:31
nullspaceI guess I'm just finding it really useful19:31
rick_h_right, sorry feel like I missed this discussion19:31
nullspaceactually we are having it right now19:32
rick_h_ah, I've not had to use it really.19:32
rick_h_I tend to try to use events, callbacks, and pass what I need19:32
rick_h_I guess I'd do something more like using the extra params in an event trigger instead19:32
rick_h_and try to encapsulate that19:32
nullspaceI do to but sometimes this is just easier19:33
nullspaceI made a jQuery pun19:33
nullspaceerr an object oriented pun19:34
snap-lJeez, sf.net is hiring like mad21:19
snap-lUnfortunately I can't get to their site. ;)21:19
snap-lI have had more people follow me on Google Plus that I don't know than on Twitter. ;)21:49

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