_marx_internalkernel: join the nc team on lp and i'll admin you00:05
_marx_anyone else interested in being team contact should reply to my team email00:06
_marx_100 geeks and everyone is too busy00:07
holsteini assumed everything was taken care of00:13
holsteingive it to me, amber or daniel00:13
holsteinOR BugeyeD00:13
internalkernel_marx_: ping... I was busy... what do you need from me to transfer? My launchpad ID: internalkernel   https://launchpad.net/~internalkernel00:17
holsteininternalkernel: im on the gig... but let me know if i can do anything00:19
holsteinhttps://launchpad.net/~mikeh789 if needed00:20
internalkernelcool, I should be around now that the little one is asleep...00:20
holsteini thought we were squared away?00:21
_marx_internalkernel: you aren't on the nc lp team00:25
_marx_lp and the new loco stuff00:25
internalkernelok... I think I can join via lp... or is there a better way?00:26
_marx_join on lp internalkernel00:26
_marx_i can add you too00:26
holstein_marx_: i thought you had the ability to do it all?00:27
_marx_now team contact is on loco.u something00:27
holsteini literally thought it was all good00:27
holsteini dont understand the issue? the tone?00:27
internalkernelsweet... I'm 10100:27
holstein_marx_: what do you need in addition to the information you have?00:27
_marx_the tone is me00:27
internalkernelIm all in _marx_ let me know if you need anything else...00:28
holsteini want to be clear that what i have been implying and assuming was, that you could just be busy for a while00:28
holsteinand less active as you need to be00:28
_marx_bad day, $36/day to get to work00:28
holsteinyou dont have to leave at all really00:28
_marx_no i'm not leaving just don't want to be team contact or own the lp page00:29
holstein_marx_: you need that email plugin that holds your outgoing messages for 24 hours ;)00:29
_marx_ha maybe so00:29
internalkernellol... nice00:29
internalkernelI could use that one too00:30
holsteinit would be handy00:30
holsteinan unsend button :)00:30
internalkernelyou're getting my hopes up00:30
_marx_unsend retract cool00:30
_marx_no just very high stress level00:30
_marx_the ends just don't meet00:31
holstein_marx_: you know where i am... if i can offer any low-stress interaction00:31
_marx_i go sit under the big maple tree and listen to the cicadas00:32
holsteinalright.. back to the gig... BBL00:32
internalkernelI joined the nc team... is that all that you needed?00:33
_marx_yep, minute or two you should get an email internalkernel00:33
internalkernelcool... thanks00:33
_marx_who's the jeff guy that expressed interest? anyone know?00:34
internalkernelwas that on the mailing list? maybe they are not in irc often?  no idea...00:35
_marx_yes mailing list on the jeff00:38
_marx_might be jeffrash don't know00:38
internalkernelgot the email, looks like that is sorted... thanks!00:44
_marx_afaik that's where team contact needs to be changed, maybe on wiki.....something too00:45
_marx_oh it's plural there too, hum00:47
internalkernelI think the team contact is still akgraner, right? That's on the wiki... I see the Email contact on the launchpad page, but that emails to everyone on the team... not just one person.00:47
* _marx_ not 100% up to date on team contacts seems to be wiki lp and loco.u.com00:49
_marx_the loco one isn't picking up changes to lp that i expected00:50
_marx_so i'm done for tonight.00:50
internalkernelaye... we'll get it sorted... no worries...00:55
_marx_internalkernel: yep03:08
jeffrash_marx_, what might be me?14:37
_marx_dreadpiratejeff at gmail dot com14:39
jeffrashoh, that's not me19:46
jeffrashI'm jsrash at gmail dot com19:47
* _marx_ main gmail is old; april 04 about 2 months after it launched20:07

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