dmcglone1Hi All01:22
dmcglone1What ya doing?01:30
dmcglone1I'm so ready to head back to Ohio01:31
Cheri703waiting for stupid files to transfer that are taking FOREVER01:31
dmcglone1Large ones Cheri703?01:32
dmcglone1I created another fb accound and uploaded all the pictures I got so far. took 2 hours almost01:33
Cheri703fairly, and they're coming off of external hdd, over the network to other computer -_- and for some reason it has decided to go at 3.8 MB / second01:33
dmcglone1thats pretty darn slow01:33
Cheri703it was going faster earlier :/ and at this point, I don't want to restart it, as I've got 22 of 68gb already done01:34
dmcglone1is the network traffic high?01:36
Cheri703not really, I closed down as much as possible, and I'd think that it'd pick back up when possible01:37
dmcglone1Not much else to do now, but sleep.. ;-)01:39
Cheri703yeah -_- I'm even doing over wired network cable01:39
Cheri703when it was usb to local hdd, it was like 20+mb/s, but...not so much now01:39
dmcglone1usb is pretty fast01:42
dmcglone1I transfered a bunch of photos from an SD card to USB and it went fast. each photo was at least 3 - 4 MB01:43
* canthus13 yawns.01:44
Cheri703aaand then computer froze so I had to reboot -_-01:45
dmcglone1is the external HDD accessible?01:46
dmcglone1wake up canthus1301:46
Cheri703I'm doing it in smaller chunks now01:48
dmcglone1why not just hook up the external HDD to the compter your transferring to and eliminate the network01:49
* Unit193 has coffee01:49
* canthus13 pokes dmcglone1.01:50
* dmcglone1 is getting some cereal! :-)01:51
Cheri703usb 1.0 on that, so it'd probably be slower01:51
Cheri703it's ~6 now01:52
canthus131.0? Ew. it wouldn't work at all.. you'd need at least 1.1 to get an hd to work.01:54
dmcglone1dang how old is that computer? USB 2.0 has been around for a long long time01:54
Cheri703might be 1.101:54
Cheri703dunno, it's not 2.0 though01:54
* Unit193 has 1.101:55
Cheri703it's...at least 6 years old I think01:55
Cheri703I've had the computer longer than I've known my husband01:55
Cheri703well, I have had it for at least 6, I think it was a few years old at that point01:55
dmcglone1LOL that reminds me, Monday was my 20 year anniversary :-)01:56
Cheri703good ol' p401:56
Cheri703congrats dmcglone101:56
dmcglone1Thanks, we celebrated tonight at a place called Medival Times. It was a restaurant that was one of them stadiums where Knights would joust and sword fight and stuff01:58
dmcglone1It was nice01:58
Cheri703hehe, we went to the myrtle beach medieval times when we went to MB for band :)02:01
dmcglone1Cool. Same place we went this evening. Did you like it?02:03
Unit193Does anyone keep track of new Ubuntu Ohio members? Do they just join and ignore?02:03
dmcglone1brb gonna go smoke a cig. can't smoke in the condo, so I have to go out on the balcony :-/02:04
dmcglone1Unit193: I wondered that too02:09
dmcglone1well all, I'm out. I'll probably be back tomorrow evening before we head back saturday.02:13
dmcglone1g'night all02:13
Cheri703ugh, getting proper NAS is back up at the top of my want list02:51
Cheri703and a BIG hard drive02:51
Cheri703or two02:51
Cheri703or just a proper server I suppose02:59
canthus13Get three drives.03:14
canthus13then raid 'em.03:14
* Cheri703 hasn't done anything with raid yet03:16
canthus13Now's as good of a time as any to learn.03:46
Cheri703once I can afford new toys...that will not be for quite some time :/03:49
Cheri703if anyone sees dmcglone, can you have him pm me?16:59
Cheri703website question17:05
Unit193canthus13: Do you happen to know how to bind the SuperKey in irssi?18:57
canthus13Unit193: Umm.. nope. never tried it.18:58
Unit193I need more than 30bindings and I don't want to remove any...18:59

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