rmg51morning JonathanD09:50
rmg51how many days ;-)09:50
JonathanDEIGHT DAYS.09:51
JonathanDSound the alarm!09:51
JonathanDIt's always exciting every morning to wake up and see how many new registrations there are.09:51
teddy-dbearYAWN YAWN13:01
ChinnoDogyay for Starbucks14:10
rhpot1991yay for my own tea :)14:11
InHisNamegood morning JonathanD,   are you past one digit of registration?   More than two digits yet ?14:25
JonathanDInHisName: 105.14:26
InHisNameHow soon to hit 4 ?  Day # 3 ?  was last year > 999 ?14:27
JonathanDwe won't hit 4 :p14:31
JonathanDour space can't handle 1,000 people anyway.14:31
waltmanJonathanD: That seems like a good number.15:24
waltmanbig, but not too big.15:25
waltman(that's what she said)15:25
JonathanDwaltman: assuming they all show15:29
JonathanDsomeone told me 80% is normal for free events15:30
JonathanDI'd like to see 100 peeps actually show up, thats about perfect.15:30
JonathanDgot stuff from oreilly yesterday.15:30
JonathanDBuy one ebook, get one free.15:30
InHisNamenow for some 'free' time to read them all.15:31
JonathanDInHisName: these are promo codes.15:34
JonathanDTO give out at fosscon15:34
JonathanDa bucketload of them (I presume it's enough for everyone though I've not counted)15:34
InHisNameNow if you could hand out a bottle of five spare hours to add to my 24  so I could get more done in one of my days......     :-D15:37
ChinnoDogWith new fb groups format you can add other people to a group? hmm16:35
ChinnoDogIt doesn't even ask..16:36

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