wrsthey chris458502:14
Unit193Howdy wrst , chris458502:24
Unit193wrst: Did you ever get a chance to try Tomato?02:25
wrstno Unit193 haven't yet I will sometime going to pick up a spare router sometime soon02:37
Unit193wrst: Cool, didn't mean to haggle ;)  And sweet on the spare router that can handle it!02:38
cyberangerUnit193: he's using ddwrt now, it's much better02:44
cyberangerbut tomato is more simplistic, something you'd give a family member02:45
Unit193cyberanger: I know what he's using, but I like Tomato better :)02:45
wrstha ha cyberanger actually simplistic might work better for me02:45
Unit193Tomato has great b/w tracking and nice SSH access (keyfile and I can disable pass)02:45
wrstdd-wrt does way more than i need02:45
cyberangerUnit193: well, I've used both, but I like my own02:45
cyberangersupports alot of dial up modems & celluar cards ;-)02:46
wrstgoodnight all, Unit193 I will give you a report on that when I get a chance02:47
cyberangernight wrst02:47
cyberangerUnit193: that celluar data was shown last june, I was chatting over slow nextel iden link (at boost mobile rate)02:48
Unit193wrst: Have a good night!02:48
Unit193I have no use for that as I am using a Linksys router as a router :P02:49
cyberangeronly time I was down, was no signal (this time, I've got three cards, t-moobile, sprint & nextel, I should be covered ;-)02:49
cyberangerUnit193: true, but I've got more support for that in ddwrt (just not as much as my own setup on full hardware)02:51
Unit193I've got RSS working just fine in ze bot! (Not that you care :P )04:03
chris4585hey wrst04:04
wrsta belated howdy chris4585 :)11:41
vychunehey cyberanger you here?18:58
vychunewell i ask the whole chan19:00
vychunei have a laptop that will not turn on, the client has beeen to multiple stores and shops trying to get it to turn on nothing has worked19:01
vychunei think the power supply is bad19:01
vychuneshe was using it and it ust conked out on her19:02
wrstvychune: i've known of some laptopls that the switch goes bad in, that a possibility?19:15
vychunethe swicth as in the power button?19:16
wrstyeah that's it :)19:16
* wrst never uses the right/correct word19:16
vychunebut wouldnt it have stayed on?19:16
wrstif you use the shut down from your OS you aren't using the power buttong19:21
wrstjust a thought vychune i'm not a hardware repair person but have seen that19:21
vychunethanks for your help!19:22
vychuneill look into that19:22
wrstbut vychune I would think that checking voltoges would be the place to start19:22
Unit193There are power supply testers and you can also test it with a paperclip :P19:22
wrstUnit193: you sound like my type of guy :)19:24
Unit193wrst: I may be! I've done that one once. The power supply worked, but didn't give enough power19:25
wrstUnit193: does a laptop have a powersupply?19:25
* wrst should read the link before looking stupid :)19:26
wrstUnit193: i mean an internal power supply19:26
Unit193Wow I'm stupid... Not exactly.19:26
wrstUnit193: good to know19:28
wrston that link19:28
Unit193wrst: REALLY make sure you get the correct one!!19:29
vychuneunless you like extra crispy19:34
cyberangerhey everyone23:40
Unit193cyberanger: Howdy! (If I'm part of everyone ;) )23:41
cyberangerif [ $Unit193 != AI ]; then; echo hey Unit193 ; fi23:43
cyberangerif [ $Unit193 != AI ]; then; echo you sre a part of everyone ; else bots don't count ; fi23:43
Unit193Speaking of bots, I love mine :)  He even tells me callerid!!23:45
Unit193Er... Who is calling the house23:46
cyberangerthat's good, I want to do that with byobu applet23:47
Unit193I just use tail :P23:48
cyberangerwhat method do you use for that23:49
cyberangerI've not done that on a landline in a long time, the project I used is now dead23:49
Unit193I follow a log file created by yac23:49
Unit193Your method would work better23:50
cyberangerI've used asterisk lately23:50
cyberangerUnit193: my current method now hasn't been done with a landline23:51
Unit193cyberanger: Mine uses wine :P NCID should work too thought23:53
cyberangerwas about to ask if it was wine23:53
Unit193I have it on startup :P23:54
cyberangerI have it purged, vodka or soda, no wine ;-)23:56
Unit193Eh? No whiskey?23:57

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