cjohnstoncoalwater: I need to get some clarification on the design guidelines00:41
cjohnstonbut your design doesnt match the rest of the site00:41
cjohnstondaker_: any chance you could take a look at the second comment on your irc nick mp?00:41
coalwatercjohnston, could you explain here or in the bug what's wrong/missing03:42
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mhall119cjohnston: nigelb: what would you think of me creating a Makefile for loco-directory and summit, to do things like setup a virtualenv and get all dependent branches?14:39
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mhall119cjohnston, nigelb: staurtm wants to have a conference call with us next week to make sure the SSO deployment isn't going to break LD and summit15:41
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nigelbmhall119: I'm cool with that. Just pick a time and I'll be there.19:17
nigelbdaker_ / mhall119 / cjohnston: Oh god, so true http://lucumr.pocoo.org/2011/7/15/eppur-si-muove/19:48
nigelb(its about timezones)19:48
dakermhall119, yeah that would be good then we can just make a formula from it19:50
mhall119daker: that's what we do in loco-directory already19:53
dakeryou mean the INSTALL file ?19:54
mhall119I mean  in the database19:55
mhall119storing times in UTC19:55
mhall119what were you referring to?19:55
dakeri mean the makefile19:56
mhall119oh, ok19:56
mhall119we don't have anything like that yet19:56
mhall119but I recently did it for an ISD project, and it worked pretty well19:56
cjohnstoncoalwater: the grey does not match the grey for the rest of the site as a starter22:27
coalwaterit doesn't ? i got the hex code from firebug, from another class22:28
coalwaterok, could u sum all the problems on the bug, and i'll work on it22:28
cjohnstoncoalwater: for now thats all I have.. IIRC it was too dark of a grey.. I dont have it up right now.. use the same code as what is on the "What is the LoCo Team Directory" http://loco.ubuntu.com/about/22:30
coalwaterok, just updated the branch22:35
coalwaterguess i used the footer grey22:36
coalwaterdon't remember22:36
cjohnstonmhall119: do we have any update on getting django updated?22:36
cjohnstonmhall119: or nigelb any chance one of you can do the reviews of my branches so we can try to get an update pushed please22:37
nigelbNot today.22:37
coalwatercjohnston, if you get any other comments it would be better if you let me know soon before the new week starts, have a project which is a bit tight on schedule at work :D22:37
cjohnstondaker_: daker, which ever you are, any chance you can do a couple review on my MPs please to help me get a release otu23:08
dakercjohnston, it's 00:19 i am going to sleep, i'll look at them tomorrow23:19
mhall119cjohnston: asking IS about django was on my list for today, but I got caught having to fix ISD stuff23:20
cjohnstong'nite daker... when you get a chance, check your mail on your branches23:21
cjohnstonmhall119: ok23:21
cjohnstonmhall119: I'm stuck waiting on you for a release :-P23:21
mhall119I know, I know23:21
cjohnstondid you see the review?23:22
mhall119my code or my review?23:22
cjohnstonyour code23:22
mhall119no, didn't see the review email23:23
cjohnstonI reviewed your MP23:24

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