pleia2ok, we now have rt.ubuntu.com #17485 for getting a blog set up, we'll see what they say :)01:14
jledbetterFantastic :)01:31
hypatiathat was quick!15:59
pleia2quickest ever!15:59
hypatia:D :D :D15:59
Pendulumpleia2: I didn't know they were allowed to approve things that quickly ;-)16:14
pleia2Pendulum: me neither :) it took us weeks to get the xubuntu wordpress *staging* site set up16:16
pleia2but maybe since they've approved wordpress they've been working through a quick deployment process16:17
Pendulumis it a full moon?16:27
macopleia2: did 3 months pass and i missed it?16:28
MichelleQjledbetter: there's something obvious missing from that list.  The loco members need to 1) be told, and 2) tell their spouses that spouses are welcome.  I can't tell you how many of the wives/so's/girlfriends of our team said "I really didn't think I was invited".17:35
JanCand the same for husbands/boyfriends/children/parents/...? ;)   (in case they are not (yet) active in the loco, and if bringing them along makes it more likely that somebody comes to a loco event)17:57
pleia2of course, but we're talking about our "Best Practices For Attracting More Women To Your Team"17:58
pleia2(anyway spouse can be male or female)18:03
vishFlossie > https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-uk/2011-July/030750.html18:05
JanCpleia2: being allowed/encouraged to bring along somebody else might convince the woman/girl to come herself, in some cases, I think?18:10
pleia2JanC: of course everyone should be made welcome18:10
hypatiapleia2: omg!19:00
pleia2I am in love with the simplicity of the magnet (I got 25 of them)19:01
pleia2the post card could have been formatted better, since the dimensions of the image were made for the business card, but it works :)19:01
pleia2500 business cards, 100 post cards, 25 magnets cost me about $15 w/ shipping19:04
macoand $5 to upload image i think?19:04
pleia2I included that, technically the business cards were free (they send out deals for free stuff every 25 seconds)19:05
pleia2ok, before I let it into the wild properly, comments? http://blog.ubuntu-women.org/20:18
pleia2the idea of writing a theme and going through the process of getting it approved and installed kinda makes me want to crawl into a hole, so I'm inclined to stick with default until later20:19
pleia2(maybe next cycle :) we have wiki theme to finish!)20:19
pleia2also wondering whether we should keep comments enabled, I'm tempted to go with "everything gets moderated" because I don't want cruel/painful/triggery stuff showing up20:22
macois it wp?20:24
macowp has a "moderate a user's first comment then once they're approved let them through from then on" setting20:24
macoi think its even the default20:25
pleia2yeah, wp20:26
pleia2maco: want an account on it? I can set it up now20:26
pleia2which email address to use? and what username?20:27
macowe now have Akismet setup on the blog20:41
pleia2thanks maco!20:41
pleia2wanna check the comment settings for sanity?20:41
macoIf I ever leave, someone has to get a new API key though because i didn't choose the free option but if i'm not involved i'm not going to want to pay anymore either :P20:42
maco(it's "pay what you like" for non-business blogs)20:42
JanCpleia2: if you are looking for comments on the theme, the "header" part is way to high IMO (I'm pretty sure all content is out of view on a netbook?)21:29
JanCscratch that question mark, I had a look on my EEE 900 and the bottom of the screen is about halfway the black horizontal "menu bar"21:34
pleia2JanC: we're going to work on the theme next cycle21:41
pleia2we've got too much going on right now (and still have a wiki theme to complete!)21:42
valorieI like the theme as it is - simple22:44
pleia2there, the links are now the same orange as our logo23:11
pleia2can someone mail the list about UDS sponsorship opening up? I updated http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/UDS (as updated as it'll get for now)23:34
pleia2but I have to email the list about the blog, and I think people might get sick of hearing from me :)23:35
nigelbIs it just me or is sponsorship process really early this time?23:35
pleia2it's really early, yay!23:35
Cheri703that was something we asked about, so people could get visas and such23:35
pleia2I hear some people need to get VISAs and things23:35
* pleia2 nudges nigelb 23:35
pleia2Mr. I-got-my-visa-12-hours-before-my-flight23:35
nigelbpleia2: highvoltage has a better one. 2 to 3 hours before flight :D23:35
pleia2haha, wow23:36
Cheri703every time I see his sn, I have the chorus from this run through my head >.< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2a4gyJsY0mc23:37
Cheri703also, that video is insane23:39
* Cheri703 had never seen it before, sorry for inflicting it on you guys23:39
Cheri703for anyone reading the logs...sorry23:41
AlanBellI did some wordpress theme modifications for ubuntu-uk.org23:44

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