hyperairthis is strange09:23
hyperairall of a sudden my disable backlight key stops working completely09:23
hyperairand now after ~5 days of uptime, my screen just blacks out completely09:24
* hyperair wonders if xorg-edgers is at fault09:24
ricotztseliot, hello, you may like to update the nvidia driver there is a new release available http://de.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86_64/275.19/NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-275.19-no-compat32.run http://de.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/275.19/NVIDIA-Linux-x86-275.19.run14:43
tseliotricotz: is it the stable release?14:45
ricotztseliot, yes, http://www.nvidia.de/object/linux-display-ia32-275.19-driver-de.html14:45
tseliotricotz: ok then, I'll update the driver. Thanks for the news14:46
ricotzgreat, thank you14:47
ricotzi may upload 280.04 to edgers14:47
bjsniderthere's a flash fix. i'm going to put this in x-updates14:50
tseliotbjsnider: wait, just don't use my code in Natty, as we don't have multi-arch support in natty14:53
bjsniderdon't worry. i am using the correct build scripts14:56
bjsnidertseliot, did you ever talk to nvidia about the behaviour of the driver when it encounters the preinstall script?15:01
tseliotbjsnider: yep, and I suggested a way to make sure that whatever the installer installs doesn't conflict with our packages15:01
tseliotbut it will require changes to the installer15:02
bjsniderto the nvidia-installer?15:02
tseliotand I'm waiting for their feekback15:02
bjsnideri see15:02
tseliotso that we can have distro hooks which make it use a certain installation path and even install alternatives15:03
tseliotso that, for example, we can switch between our packages and whatever the nvidia-installer installs without effort15:03
sithlord48i have a problem w/ the newest intel driver for 11.04 (xcrack ppa) version. i have black backgrounds on some labels and checkbox text, the most noticeable are dolphin's places bar and teh kdm login screen15:48
Sarvattyay, got x-backports working on amd64. can't believe I forgot debian/libdrm-dev.links..18:48
Sarvatt10 hour queue for the libdrm build though before I can upload mesa/x-x-v-intel, ugh18:49
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
bjsniderwe need more ppa builders20:57
ricotz+1 =)21:04
bjsnideri mean some people, like rictoz for example, send 300 packages per day in for building.21:06
ricotzmhh :\ -- 8 packages ;)21:09
ricotzand i am not building mozilla or chromium :P21:10
bjsniderit's all the fault of the mozilla team and fta?21:10
ricotzthese builds are taking quite long, so yeah -- but of course there are quite less builders as usual21:12

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