superflymorning sakhi06:09
Kilosmorning superfly and others07:14
morgsmorning *07:15
KilosMaaz, coffee on07:23
* Maaz puts the kettle on07:23
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!07:27
KilosMaaz, ty07:27
MaazEnjoy Kilos07:27
Kiloslo scar[w] morgs 07:58
Kiloslo Squirm 07:59
Kilosbbl gonna experiment on another drive07:59
superflyhi ki08:08
morgsMaaz: tell Kilos hi08:09
Maazmorgs: Got it, I'll tell Kilos on freenode08:09
|3o|31Why would one want two HDMI inputs on a monitor? Would they both come from the same graphics card? Does it improve image quality?09:18
Squirm2hello there Kilos09:24
=== Squirm2 is now known as Squirm
Kiloslo brother to Squirm 09:25
KilosSquirm, is it just as cold the at night as here09:25
Kilosmorning inetpro 09:26
Kilosoh ya Squirm are you gonna sit in on the LPI classes09:27
kbmonkeydag hello o/09:37
Squirmwhat LPI classes?09:41
Squirmand last night wasn't that cold09:41
Kiloshi kbmonkey 09:41
Kiloskbmonkey,  and nuvolari  are gonna give classes here09:42
kbmonkeyand Kilos will be our test subject =D09:43
Kiloskbmonkey, give him the link to get the book please09:45
kbmonkeyokay the link is http://www.linuxcertification.co.za/lpi-study-manual09:45
KilosMaaz, LPI manual09:52
Kilosthere now maaz has it for future refs09:53
KilosMaaz, LPI manual09:57
Kiloskbmonkey, ^^09:57
inetproKilos: hi11:06
Kilos-what is the correct command to get back to desktop after c+a+F2 please11:44
Kilos-i tried sudo gdm start and it told me its bailing out11:44
=== Kilos- is now known as kilos
kilossomething with init in i think11:45
superflykilos: ctrl+alt+f711:49
kilosty superfly 11:54
kbmonkeygot back to your desktop okay kilos ?11:56
kilosi will try it again hust now11:57
kbmonkeysjoe i have email backlog again, see a few ubuntu list mails unread :p11:57
kilospulled the plug last time11:57
=== sdehaan_ is now known as sdehaan
kilosyay ctrl+alt+F7 works like a charm12:12
kilosYay. langjan has xchat installed12:33
kiloswhether it is gonna work remains to be seen12:40
kiloshi Langjan 12:53
kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za12:54
Langjanhi kilos12:54
kiloslooks like we having some success hey Langjan 12:54
LangjanYou certainly are a kanniedood!12:55
kilosis everything working now Langjan 13:01
LangjanHavent checked, will get back to yuo but seems like you think it will be...13:02
kbmonkeywelcome back Langjan 13:05
Langjanthanks kbmonkey, looks like all is well thanks to kilos and you, have just been able to install some new packages. 13:06
kbmonkeyyou have? kilos what did you do, you fixed it!13:07
kbmonkeymooi so XD13:07
kiloswe went c+a+f213:08
kilosthen sudo dpkg --configure -a13:08
kilosoh and he should have aptitude now too13:19
kilosnow i cant remember if gparted has to be installed in maverick or if its already there13:20
* kilos does a jig13:20
Langjanyes you had me start with aptitude13:21
kilosgood now if you want to install stuff13:23
kilossudo aptitude install package13:24
kilosand with  older stuff that might be a bit updated13:24
kilossudo aptitude reinstall package13:24
kilosalso dont forget to untick the check for updates in update manager13:25
kbmonkeyi don't know if gparted is on maverick,13:25
kbmonkeymaybe also uncheck the option for partial updates13:25
kbmonkeyif there is such an option?13:25
kilosi dont think so13:31
kilosit normally only asks that if you lose connection while updating13:31
=== scar[w]_ is now known as scar[w]
* scar[w] pokes highvoltage13:39
kilosLangjan, as in sudo aptitude install gparted13:45
kilosgparted is a patitioning tool so you can make a storage partition for backups and saving your packages you have downloaded13:46
kiloslol lo highvoltage 13:47
highvoltagehello kilos and scar[w] :)13:47
highvoltagescar[w]: ctwug scar?13:48
scar[w]jip jip13:48
scar[w]ek wou se ekt gister 'n matroos gewaar op een van jou accounts13:49
scar[w]het gelyk asof jy besig was om 'n baie mooi email te tik13:51
highvoltage'n matroos?13:52
kilosa sailor13:58
scar[w]ja iemand het daar gepraat van voort *** en sulke goed13:58
kilosmusta been lotsa swearing13:58
highvoltagescar[w]: aaah :)14:18
kiloslo nlsthzn queery 15:24
queeryhi oom kilos 15:25
kilosim not a oom anymore Langjan is the new oom15:25
kiloshee hee15:25
nlsthznHey uncle kilos ... two toppies are better than none :D15:26
LangjanLekker om 'n toppie te wees, kilos, are you saying I should no longer use update manager?15:27
kilosyou can just to do the settings untick and then  let it update15:28
kilosLangjan, but in future you will update when it suits you15:29
nlsthznSo is ucle Langjan's PC working now?15:29
kilosi am sure because update manager couldnt get past the broken package to install 15:30
kilosnlsthzn, yip15:30
kilosand other packages couldnt be install because update manager was running without being able to do anything that was the problem15:31
nlsthznWell I am glad you guys got it sorted out... way to go :D15:33
kilosLangjan, updte manager does your linux kernel updates and all the security updayes very lekker15:33
kiloshehe i am glad too because maverick rocks and i dont like to see peeps struggling with it15:34
* kilos loves maverick15:34
nlsthznThe meerkat is allright :)15:35
kilosMaaz, maverick ++15:36
nlsthznMaverick has a few issues that they should have addressed IMO... Like upgrading the software store to have paid for apps...15:37
kiloswell nlsthzn suggest that to the powers that be and hear what they say15:37
kilosif i could get vodacom as friendly  as maverick i would be very happy15:38
nlsthznOh... they know... but the policies will not allow it... 12.04 it will be rectified15:39
kilosMaaz, coffee on15:40
* Maaz puts the kettle on15:40
queeryMaaz, coffee please15:40
Maazqueery: Done15:40
nlsthznMaaz: tea please15:43
MaazEverybody here drinks coffee or goes thirsty15:43
MaazCoffee's ready for kilos and queery!15:44
kilosMaaz, dankie man15:44
MaazGroot plesier my vriend15:44
queeryMaaz, botsnack15:45
Maazqueery: :-)15:45
kilosMaaz, whats for supper15:58
MaazA nice thick homemade  oxtail and vegetable soup for starters and then Spaghetti bolognese15:58
kiloswhat yuck?16:00
kiloshey hot soup does down well in cold weather16:01
kiloswe like 2' c tonight16:02
kilosi dunno how to make a degrees sing16:02
nlsthznI always just right degC16:04
kilosMaaz, arab supper16:05
MaazCamel steaks and dates16:05
kilosi wonder why all ibids only make coffee16:08
scar[w]I also prefer natty if I'm running full opensource, maverick over natty if I have any proprietary software especially 3d drivers16:11
scar[w]bye everyone hope you have a nice weekend!16:11
=== kilos is now known as Kilos
scar[w]*also maverick16:12
Kiloscheers scar[w] 16:12
Kilossee ya monday16:13
scar[w]cya Kilos16:13
Kiloshee hee16:22
Kilosnlsthzn, ^^16:22
nlsthznI don't like dates... or camels for supper... congrats on the degree uncle Kilos :)16:23
Kiloshold down ctrl+shift and type in ub016:24
nlsthznCool... I knew the Windows Office keys for special characters but not anything in Linux... Cool17:09
tumbleweednlsthzn: it's actually really easy in linux: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compose_Key17:15
nlsthznMy keyboard doesn't have such a key17:17
tumbleweedyou can configure it to have one17:21
tumbleweedcheck your keyboard settings17:21
Kilosthats all the windows key is good for. making a compose key17:28
KilosLangjan, we also have a small afrikaans channel17:31
Kilosyou type in /j #ubuntu-afr or add it in there by favourite channels by adding a , after #ubuntu-za17:32
Langjandoes it help, ons afrikaners kan mos nie saamstaan nie...17:34
Kilosdis hoekom die kanaal klyn is17:34
Kiloswe use it when this channel is kinda busy17:35
nlsthznI like to use the windows key to launch the thingy in natty that makes me run applications... (all the new terminolgy makes my head spin)17:41
LangjanKilos where do I type in /j #ubuntu-afr? 17:52
Kiloshere jan17:53
Kiloseish here Langjan 17:53
tumbleweednlsthzn: that's what the left windows key is for :)17:58
nlsthzntumbleweed: my lappy has but one of those keys :p17:59
tumbleweednlsthzn: also, there are other spare keys, like the right alt key, or caps lock17:59
nlsthzn/join #ubuntu-afr17:59
Tonberrythe menu key17:59
nlsthznLangjan: ^^17:59
Kilosnight all. sleep tight and warm18:38
Kilosnlsthzn, sleep cool18:38
nlsthznKilos: night18:38
nlsthznCheers for a while... but in the imortal words of some guy: "I'll be back!"19:09
* nuvolari gives up19:26
nuvolarimy mom wil never be able to search my name on a mobile phone.19:26

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