bazhang!ot | GeekMan12200:00
ubottuGeekMan122: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:00
usr13GeekMan122: That's not ALL it's for.00:00
xN_did you get that bazhang00:00
bazhangGeekMan122, please stop with all the commentary00:00
SkaperenDr_Willis: I simply did a straight install to the target device ... which can be a flash drive or hard drive, sata, sas, scsi, ide, usb, firewire, etc00:00
bazhangxN_, I could not read it, too spread out00:00
brightsparkusr13, GeekMan122, no mine worked and sometime does but it isn,t reliable.  let me check hibernate and my swap is 2 GB00:01
SkaperenDr_Willis: which is why I'm looking at syslinux because grub2 has problems with it00:01
xN_ok ill type it in full00:01
ElectronDoes anyone use Minitube in here?00:02
GeekMan122what kinda computer if its like a mac or somthing i have guide for ibookg4's took me forever to fix the kinks00:02
bazhangElectron, whats the real question00:03
Electronbazhang, downloaded a freakin video and i have no idea where it goes00:03
* antigravedad is away: Estoy ocupado00:04
Electronbazhang, I see no downloads folder or anything in the faq about it..00:04
qinElectron: ls .mini* ?00:04
bazhang!away > antigravedad00:04
ubottuantigravedad, please see my private message00:04
Electronqin, that doesn't show anything00:04
GeekMan122:( i will use forums or camp out googling my problem more00:05
xN_I am running fluxbox on ubuntu 11.04 I am wondering how to add the notification area to the toolbar (volume icon etc.) and also ubuntu software center will show the GUI but it will not install the selected program when i click "install"00:05
brightspark_usr13, GeekMan122, hibernate didn't work00:05
computeronfireHi, can anyone help me  with reading my lm-sensors output?00:05
Electronbazhang, So does anyone use minitube was part of the real question00:05
GeekMan122... mabybe it was hibernate that fails on me althe time gtg though00:05
qinElectron: then use iotop or inotify to monitor it, maybe /tmp ?00:05
bazhangElectron, certainly, but better to ask the entire question, unless you want to poll the entire channel for who uses it00:06
JoAnneThraxOkay...I just went through the entire upgrading process, and I still seem to be (according to lsb_release -a) in Karmic...why is this, and what does it take for me to get to a not-EOL version of ubuntu?00:06
brightspark_usr13, GeekMan122, as with sleep the screen went black but the computer continued to run and heat up very much very fast.00:06
Electronbazhang, Well apparently no one does anyway.00:06
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qinElectron: locate minitube may help00:06
computeronfirehttp://pastebin.com/iWrvXtNS  What does the alarm mean?00:07
bazhangElectron, you are trying to save youtube videos, is that correct?00:07
brightspark_usr13, so I had to reboot to protect my equipment and sleep started working again but I don't feel like the problem is properly resolved.00:07
xN_better bazhang?00:07
ActionParsnip!away > xindzz`off00:07
ubottuxindzz`off, please see my private message00:07
Electronbazhang, Yes, it has a download function.  It downloaded..no clue where it says it too00:08
noipIs there any way to speed up updates in Ubuntu? I'm getting < 15 kB/s00:08
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bazhangElectron, I certainly dont use it, but rather download them and convert them as I watch with the firefox addon. seems more convoluted with minitube00:09
bazhangnoip, switch servers in synaptic package manager, try that first00:09
ActionParsnipnoip: use apt-fast :)00:10
computeronfirenoip: Stop the update or wait till it completes, then open synaptic and go to Settings>REpositories>Download From00:10
computeronfireApt-fast of course00:10
ActionParsnipnoip: pulls downloads a tonne faster00:10
noipActionParsnip - computeronfire - bashang -- thanks all!00:11
computeronfireAnyone know what this alarm means in my sensors output?   http://pastebin.com/iWrvXtNS00:11
Coreycomputeronfire: It means one of your voltages hit a threshold.00:12
computeronfireCorey: Is that bad?00:12
CoreyLikely not good.00:12
computeronfireCorey: What part do I replace? Mobo?00:13
al_nz1how do you wipe the partition table of a disk?00:14
eagleserver fdisk /mbr00:14
JoAnneThraxthe lsb_release -a gives these results:   No LSB modules are available.    Distributor ID: Ubuntu     Description:    Ubuntu 9.10    Release:        9.10    Codename:       karmic00:14
JoAnneThraxThis confuses me, because I upgraded this AM from jaunty, changed the sources to the EOL sources for karmic, and upgraded again...and it spent an hour or two churning through all that.00:15
CaptWhoany special reason that you can't download the iso for 10.10?00:16
al_nz1eagleserver: sudo fdisk /mbr /dev/sdb?00:16
mecheesehi. my problem is that my x.org file does not exist and my monitor is saying "signal out of range". on lucid00:16
al_nz1didnt work00:16
dlimecheese, you mean xorg.conf ?00:17
CaptWhoyou want xorg.conf?00:17
mecheesedli yes00:17
JoAnneThraxCaptWho: I haven't tried, though if it's a large ISO I have very limited disk space available...00:17
CaptWhohave to specially install that from the shell00:17
mecheesexorg.conf is missing dli00:17
JoAnneThraxCan I do an upgrade by downloading the iso?00:17
CaptWhobut you have to shut down X first00:17
bazhangJoAnneThrax, from karmic?00:17
ActionParsnipJoAnneThrax: you'll need the alternate ISO00:18
dlimecheese, you don't need xorg.conf nowadays00:18
mecheeseCaptWho are you talking to me?00:18
JoAnneThraxbazhang: Apparently I'm still in Karmic...which is confusing me because I thought the last two hours were an upgrade from Karmic...00:18
mecheesedli what do I need then?00:18
dlimecheese, if you want to tweak something, do only that part in /etc/xorg.conf.d/00:18
mecheesedli I'd like to have my monitor work.00:18
cg2916i discovered something weird00:18
Electronbazhang, Which firefox addon?00:19
cg2916Dr_Willis, when I use Pen Drive Linux tools to treat Lubuntu like Ubuntu, it works, but if Itreat it as "Other", it doesn't work00:19
dlimecheese, like modes?00:19
jkoudysOn the default install of the latest ubuntu: Can I map my mouse to work like on a mac, e.g. my left + right buttons both send the first click button, but ctrl+click is a right click?00:19
CaptWhothat was just a random question, JoAnneThrax00:19
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/LucidUpgrades JoAnneThrax00:19
mecheesedli before I have made a xorg.conf and edited it to get it to work. as instructed by people in this chat.00:20
bazhangElectron, video download helper, I'll find the link if you wish00:20
dlimecheese, pastebin your working xorg.conf00:20
JoAnneThraxbazhang: My sources.list, no doubt, needs an upgrade from the Karmic EOL repositories anyway...but that whole thing this morning about setting the prompt in etc/update-manager/release-upgrades to LTS I thought was intended to address this...00:20
ActionParsnipjkoudys: I'd imagine so, would take some work00:20
bazhangJoAnneThrax, check the link I just gave you00:20
jkoudysActionParsnip: tips on where to start?00:20
ActionParsnipjkoudys: not something I've done but I can imagine its possible00:20
CaptWhoi was irritated because i had to download 10.04 and create an iso and now i'm upgrading00:21
ActionParsnipjkoudys: look into xmodmap is all I can suggest00:21
mecheesedli my xorg.conf does not exist for my hd install with nvidia. I'm using a dvd lucid to talk on here with no nvidia.00:21
jkoudysActionParsnip: okay I'll check that, thanks00:21
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* antigravedad is back (gone 00:17:48)00:21
JoAnneThraxbazhang: Okay, thanks, I'm looking at it now...do I need to adjust my sources.list?00:21
ActionParsnip!away > derp|gone00:21
ubottuderp|gone, please see my private message00:21
dlimecheese, nvidia, sorry, I don't touch nvidia myself, can not help00:22
bazhangmecheese, out of range means you chose a higher res than allowable by your card or dont have the correct driver for that res00:22
cg2916Dr_Willis, when I use Pen Drive Linux tools to treat Lubuntu like Ubuntu, it works, but if Itreat it as "Other", it doesn't work00:22
Dr_Williscg2916,  makes sence to me...00:22
ActionParsnipcg2916: lubuntu is ubuntu, just with a different default app set00:23
Dr_Willistheres just to many variations in how these distros work.00:23
cg2916If I treat is as Ubuntu will it mess stuff up00:23
mecheesebazhang I have ran into this problem before. my resolution is very high for my monitor and I have used this card to make very high res with it.00:23
bazhangUpgrade from 9.10 to 10.04 LTSNetwork Upgrade for Ubuntu Desktops (Recommended) JoAnneThrax read below that00:23
JoAnneThraxbazhang: Okay...there's already a snag: I don't understand Step 1: "Start System/Administration/Software Sources"  I'm not running kde/gnome00:23
Dr_Williscg2916,  lubuntu is ubuntu...00:23
cg2916ALSO it says install Ubuntu instead of Install Lubuntu, and it says I need 10.2 gb instead of 5.700:23
bazhangJoAnneThrax, then do the server one00:23
Dr_Williscg2916,  i dont trust any of those #'s00:23
ActionParsnipcg2916: ive seen that on the mailing list00:24
mecheesebazhang I need to figure out how I fixed it before and record it lol00:24
cg2916ActionParsnip, what mailing list00:24
bazhangmecheese, log in , recovery mode, install the drivers, reduce the res just in case, reboot00:24
JoAnneThraxbazhang: Okay, thanks.  Technically I'm running kubuntu, but with WindowMaker...00:24
Dr_Willisneed 10.2 gb...  need it to do what>? just boot? edit  text files... :)00:24
ActionParsnipcg2916: yeah the needed space, cant remember the solution, or if one even exists00:24
Dr_WillisI need much more then 10.2 gb to do that stuff i normally do...00:24
ActionParsnipcg2916: the lubuntu mailing list00:25
bazhangJoAnneThrax, the steps for server are right there, need help with those?00:25
* Dr_Willis looks at his 7+gb of wallpaper collection...00:25
mecheesebazhang that seems like a novel thing to do. I still think that there is something that I can do to get the high resolution I want. I've had it before with lucid.00:26
bazhangfamicube64, support issue?00:26
JoAnneThraxbazhang: No, I think I have it, as long as the Prompt thing is supposed to be normal...thanks!00:26
famicube64was referring to  Dr_Willis's comment00:26
SkaperenDr_Willis: you do a wallpaper slide show or such?00:26
bazhangmecheese, that can be worked on post install of drivers.00:26
bazhang!ot | famicube6400:27
ubottufamicube64: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:27
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famicube64No shit?00:27
Dr_WillisSkaperen,  just a collection ive accumulated over the years.   there are some neat wallpaper changer/slideshow tools out in the repoistories.  and i saw a neat tool to let you generate your own gnome wallpaper slideshows the other day.00:28
SkaperenDr_Willis: and I thought I was bad with 533 MB of wallpapers00:28
mecheesebazhang the drivers are already installed.00:28
jewoodallActionParsnip: your first advice resolved my challenges. Updating fixed things. I can now hand my ex-wife back her computer, new operating system installed, and never see her again. thank you.00:28
bazhangmecheese, which ones, and what card, how were they installed00:28
ActionParsnipjewoodall: np bro00:29
noipI'm having a serious problem with my internet connectivity. Running Ubuntu 11.04, everything working great until I turned on my laptop today. Lookup, requests, etc are taking forever in firefox/chrome/chromium. Updates were downloading at < 20 kB/s, then out of nowhere shot up to 300 kB/s. Any advice on this issue. I just installed all updates. Don't know what to do.00:29
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ActionParsnipjewoodall: thanks for the thank too :)00:29
ActionParsnipnoip: are you connecting via wired or wireless?00:29
Dr_Willisnoip,  it sprang up to normal just by itself then fell back down?00:29
sappierI have a question about installing polipo   -    I screwed something up when following some website to turn tor off from auto start, so I decided to reinstall everything00:30
sappiernow polipo will not install00:30
noipActionParsnip: wireless00:30
mecheesebazhang ah hah. I found the xorg.conf. I was looking in the wrong place duh.00:30
ActionParsnipnoip: what is the wireless chip?00:30
noipDr_Willis - It went up by itself, and the updates finished, and I just restarted.00:30
noipActionParsnip, Can you remind me of the command to pull up that info?00:31
Dr_Willisnoip,  you got any other pcs on the same network? could be some weirdness with the isp.  or some local wireless interfearance..00:31
mecheesebazhang can I paste it. remind me how to I do it nonintrusively?00:31
TrentonAdamsI just installed ubuntu 11.04 on my new machine.  It's an i7 3.4GHz with Vertex 3 hard drive.  Everything except for the user interface are SUPER snappy.  Even my keyboard typing has delays in it very badly.  Any ideas?00:31
ActionParsnipnoip: sudo lshw -C network00:31
Dr_WillisTrentonAdams,  your video card is what? you did insstall any needed drivers for the video chipset?00:32
ActionParsnipTrentonAdams: what video chip?00:32
noipDr_Willis, I have my desktop wired in. It's running windows 7 and internet is working fine.00:32
TrentonAdamsDr_Willis: nVidia GTX46000:32
mecheeseany one know how to get the xorg.conf to work with a monitor that says "signal out of range"00:32
sappierCould I get some help installing polipo?00:32
ActionParsnipTrentonAdams: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install nvidia-current00:32
ActionParsnipsappier: sudo apt-get install polipo00:33
bazhangsappier, sudo apt-get install polipo00:33
Dr_Willisnoip,  an interesting test would be to run the wire to the problem pc. and see if it speeds up.. that would narrow it down to a Wireless driver issue i think..00:33
TrentonAdamsDr_Willis: It asked to install them, I said yes, the nvidia settings are installed, but the "Additional Drivers" program says it's activated but not currently in use00:33
sappieractionparsnip I have, but it doesn't install any folders00:33
jewoodallI'm out, thanks everyone.00:33
sappierit shows that it's installed00:33
Dr_WillisTrentonAdams,  then thats the issue. :)00:33
noipDr_Willis, Oh, duh. I didn't think of that.00:33
sappierbut there is nothing there00:33
Dr_WillisTrentonAdams,  you did reboot after you installed them>?00:33
ActionParsnipsappier: do you have /etc/polipo/config00:33
sappierI'm sorry, it does install the folder, but no files in the folder00:33
ActionParsnipsappier: it runs as a service00:33
sappierI have /etc/polipo00:33
sappierand that's it00:33
sappierno files in it, or in the init.d folder00:34
ActionParsnipsappier: try:   sudo apt-get --reinstall install polipo00:34
TrentonAdamsDr_Willis: So how do you make it "in use", there doesn't appear to be an option.00:34
ActionParsnipnoip: what is the chip? the product line will tell you the chip?00:34
noipActionParsnip, Centrino Wireless-N 100000:34
mecheesei have been messing with this for a while. I hope some one can help.00:34
Dr_WillisTrentonAdams,  did you reboot after you installed them?  that may be all it takes..00:34
TrentonAdamsDr_Willis: yep00:35
TrentonAdamsDr_Willis: I'm removing now, I'll try again00:35
Dr_WillisTrentonAdams,  ive sene some simile rquestions on askubuntu.com00:35
Dr_Willisi dont think you want to remove them..00:35
Dr_Willisive neverhad the issue. so never read the fix's00:35
ActionParsnipnoip: is it in an acer system?00:35
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Polipo sappier00:36
noipActionParsnip, No, HP dm400:36
TrentonAdamsDr_Willis: I'm rebooting again, we'll see what happens.00:36
JoAnneThraxHow much free space should I need for this upgrade to Lucid?00:36
Dr_WillisTrentonAdams,  several questions with similer problem --> http://askubuntu.com/search?q=nvidia+installed+but+not+in+use00:36
bazhangJoAnneThrax, how much do you have00:37
JoAnneThraxbazhang: 1.1G00:37
ActionParsnipnoip: try: sudo rmmod iwlagn; sudo modprobe iwlagn 11n_disable=000:37
bazhangJoAnneThrax, what does the installer say it needs00:37
ActionParsnipnoip: failing that change it to sudo modprobe iwlagn 11n_disable=100:37
JoAnneThraxIt hasn't said.00:37
ActionParsnipnoip: see which is faster00:37
bazhangJoAnneThrax, at some point you'll need to expand that nonetheless00:38
JoAnneThraxI see.00:38
ActionParsnipnoip: actually, just use the 1 option, seems to make it good00:38
bazhangJoAnneThrax, up to you when that is.00:38
Guest90287Hello guys, I'm having a problem getting logged into my Ubuntu laptop. It appears that I have forgotten my password and a couple of weeks ago I took a few stabs at changing my password, but I think I made more of a mess than anything. I'm on another PC and I'm more than willing to follow direction if anyone can offer help.00:38
sappieractionparsnip - It completed but still no files in the folder00:38
ActionParsnipnoip: run: gksudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/iwlagn.conf     and add: options iwlagn 11n_disable50=1 11n_disable=100:38
bazhang!password > Guest9028700:38
ubottuGuest90287, please see my private message00:39
ActionParsnipsappier: if you run:  dpkg -l | grep polipo     is there any output?00:39
mecheesemy xorg.conf file has the Driver "nvidia" line but doesn't use any parameters00:39
sappierbazhang - I have installed it, and reinstalled it, and just re installed it again per action's command, and there are still no config files00:39
noipActionParsnip, ok.00:39
bazhangsappier, and you read the link I just gave you00:39
sappierbazhang Now to edit the polipo config file. This is found in /etc/polipo/config, and by default is the only file there to configure. THERE IS NO CONFIG FILE THERE00:40
sappieryour link is useless00:40
FloodBot1sappier: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:40
Guest90287bazhang I tried !password and it returned -bash: !password: event not found00:40
bazhangsappier, lose the caps and the attitude00:40
sappierI just told you that there was no files in the folder after attempting to reinstall it several times bazhang00:41
ActionParsnipsappier: can you reply to my query please00:41
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword Guest9028700:41
noipActionParsnip, That command creates a new file?00:41
noipActionParsnip, That first command didn't seem to help.00:42
sappieractionparsnip: i  polipo a small, caching web proxy00:42
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sappieractionparsnip, I have put my own config file in there, but I know that there were others before, and it still doesn't work00:42
wayneLooking for a usenet server that is highly recommended00:43
ActionParsnipsappier: then: sudo apt-get --purge remove polipo00:43
sappiersudo /etc/init.d/polipo restart00:43
sappiersudo: /etc/init.d/polipo: command not found00:43
pooltablehow ot installed vmware?00:43
wayne--- walked in on sappier discussion ---00:43
pooltablei have vbox00:43
waynevbox rox00:44
wayneI have vbox too00:44
ActionParsnip!vmware | pooltable00:44
ubottupooltable: VMWare is not available in the Ubuntu repositories. Consider using !QEmu or !VirtualBox as alternatives. Instructions for installing VMWare manually are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware00:44
ActionParsnipwayne: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=141764100:44
waynemuch better than vmware cause it's free and very reliable. Thanks ActionParsnip.00:44
pooltablehow do i convert vmware image to vbox ?00:44
noipActionParsnip, Dr_Willis -- The strange thing about my wireless speed issue is that it seems to have come out of nowhere.00:45
Pavlzi got a problem with ubuntu00:45
Pavlzthere is not anymmore the trash00:45
sappieractionparsnip, now just apt-get install polipo or --reinstall install polipo?00:45
wayneActionParsnip, that was a FANTASTIC link.00:45
noipActionParsnip, You look crazy busy. I just wanted to ask what that line in the config file does?00:45
ActionParsnipwayne: np00:46
JoAnneThraxWould it be a mistake to do a "sudo apt-get clean" while the "sudo do-release-upgrade" is currently running?00:46
Pavlzi used the richt button of the mouse and searched the trash, i clicked on it, but nothing happen00:46
ActionParsnipnoip: stops it using N speed, those chips seem to have issue with N speed under Linux00:46
ActionParsnipsappier: either is fine00:46
Pavlzhow can i clean the trash by command line ?00:46
Pavlzit is full00:47
noipActionParsnip, well, it didn't help. still very slow.00:47
ActionParsnipnoip: it keeps trying to use N speed and fails, adding that option will make it use G and will ironically be faster00:47
Pavlzcan anyone help me ?00:47
noipActionParsnip, -- I tried it, it didn't help.00:47
tucemiuxis it possible to put a "shutdown" icon in unity?00:47
ActionParsnipnoip: did you reboot after adding the text to the file?00:47
pooltablewhere can i find info on installed mac os on vbox?00:48
Pavlzin which directory is the trash ?00:48
sappieractionparsnip: Thank you! one last question, why didn't "sudo apt-get remove" work but "purge remove" did?00:48
noipActionParsnip, No, didn't know I had to reboot. It doesn't make sense that that would be the problem because N has been working fine up until I turned on my laptop today.00:49
ActionParsnipsappier: purge also removes the residual configs00:49
ActionParsnipnoip: yeah then the option will be applied to the module00:49
wayneActionParsnip, not looking for a free server, looking for a binary server.00:49
ActionParsnipnoip: it's worth exploring00:49
noipActionParsnip, Unless maybe some update I installed yesterday didn't get set until I restarted my laptop today.00:49
wayneActionParsnip, willing to pay if need be. I pay for Netflix, why not a Usenet server?00:50
ActionParsnipwayne: not something I know of, I just found the link00:50
pooltablewayne what do you wish to watch on netflix and where at like computer?00:51
bazhangJoAnneThrax, yes, dont do it00:53
jj_rpooltable: I am pretty sure Virtualbox supports vmdk files so you should be ale to use an existing VMWare vdisk. Backup first00:54
bazhangpooltable, is this connected to ubuntu support in some way?00:54
Guest90287banzhang: I tried to follow the directions of the link you sent me and I managed to get the Recovery Menu opened. Is that where I need to be?00:54
JoAnneThraxbazhang: Thanks.  I thought it seemed like a bad idea.  I'll wait until after the upgrade...which looks like it'll take 8 hours just to download (apparently not using all my bandwidth for the download)00:54
TrentonAdamsDr_Willis: yeah, I uninstalled and re-installed.  It works now, but it simply lies to me and tells me that the driver is activated but not in use.00:54
TrentonAdamsDoes anyone know who to make unity not put my file menus at the top?  I want them in the application window.00:55
noipActionParsnip, Rebooted. That didn't seem to work. Still slow. Takes 3-5 seconds just to send a receive request, and then loads for 3-10 seconds.00:55
pooltablejjr ok thanks00:56
bazhangTrentonAdams, does not seem possible as far as I can tell (currently), but you can get the unity bar running with the classic traditional gnome menus etc00:56
noipActionParsnip, So, how can I reverse that setting in the config file?00:56
TrentonAdamsah, never mind, I'm still convinced unity sucks00:56
JoAnneThraxWhat, prey tell, does LTS stand for?00:56
Guest90287Long Term Support00:56
JoAnneThraxAh.  I see.00:56
noipActionParsnip, never mind, I'm re-editing that config file now. I'll just delete the line, but not the file.00:56
bazhangJoAnneThrax, long term support 3 years desktop, 5 years server00:56
ActionParsnipnoip: yes, just delete the text from the file00:56
ActionParsnipnoip: if the file is now empty, you can delete the file00:57
JoAnneThraxSo that is why the upgrade is to Lucid and not Natty or Maverick?00:57
noipActionParsnip, btw. I just noticed I've been getting this error in the command line when trying to edit that file. Attempting to set the permissions of `/root/.local/share/recently-used.xbel', but failed: No such file or directo...00:57
pooltablewhat if you want to run after 3 years how do you get help support?00:57
ActionParsnipJoAnneThrax: you need to upgrade to the next release, or the next LTS if you are at LTS currently00:58
bazhangJoAnneThrax, no, you need to go step by step, for the upgrades, unless it is LTS to LTS which can jump over those00:58
ActionParsnipnoip: you could create the file to supress the message00:58
bazhangpooltable, you dont get any security upgrades.00:59
noipCan I use nano instead? Would that help?00:59
noipActionParsnip, Should i just use nano?00:59
bazhangpooltable, and it becomes unsupported, so no help here either.00:59
ActionParsnipnoip: sure00:59
noipActionParsnip, The file has already been created.01:01
pooltablebazhang if Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS what is the next version and will it have the unity thing with it ?01:01
JoAnneThraxWell, by the time the LTS for Lucid is over...I'll have it downloaded and installed :)01:01
bazhangpooltable, 12.0401:01
noipActionParsnip, Any other ideas?01:02
pooltablebazhang so about ever 2 years?01:02
noipActionParsnip, It's possible that it's my wireless on my router, but I sort of doubt that.01:03
JasonOHello. Can someone please help me with a problem? I am trying to install Samba but received an error. Here is the Terminal output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/644456/01:03
Takyoji[laptop]Having difficulty installing onto a RAID 1; I believe it's hardware RAID rather than FakeRAID: http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/AMD_AM2/M2NSLI_Deluxe/#specifications01:03
waynepooltable, I wish to be able to download mainstream movies and such01:04
pooltablewayne there are ways to do that i am not sure if i can say here with out breaking the ruls01:05
noipActionParsnip, I was so happy with 11.04, and now this happened.01:05
pooltablewayne PM me01:05
bazhang!ot | pooltable01:05
ubottupooltable: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:05
pooltablejust answer wany question01:06
JoAnneThraxWell, this won't be done until 4 or 5AM.  That means I have time for a sandwich.01:06
JoAnneThraxAnd four or five movies.01:06
JasonOHello. Can someone please help me with a problem? I am trying to install Samba but received an error. Here is the Terminal output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/644456/01:06
Takyoji[laptop]Is it even possible to install to have the OS installation on a FakeRAID?01:07
pooltablenoip i like 11.04 minus the unity01:07
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto Takyoji[laptop]01:07
bazhangpooltable, you've been asked to stop the chit chat here.01:08
pooltablejoannethrax what will be done ?01:08
waynejust did, pooltable01:08
noippooltable - I like unity overall.01:08
JoAnneThraxpooltable: My download of the Lucid upgrade.01:08
bazhangpooltable, ----> #ubuntu-offtopic for chat01:08
Guest90287bazhang, I tried The Standard Way to reset my password and it told me the password updated successfully, but after running the "init 2" it ran a few lines of code, asked my login and passwd, ran a few lines of code then I got keyctl_search: rewuired key not available ....Perhaps try the interactive 'ecryptfs-mount-private' ....to run a command as (user "root") use "sudo <command>" ......See "man sudo_root" for details.01:09
bazhangGuest90287, you forgot the password for your encrypted hdd? or simply your sudo login password01:10
Guest90287bazhang, I guess I've forgotten both. Grrr, I feel foolish01:11
Guest90287My hdd is not encrypted that I'm aware of01:11
pooltablejoannetrax wow like my upgrade to 11.04 took a long time01:12
bazhang'ecryptfs-mount-private'   Guest90287 that error looks like it01:12
noipActionParsnip, I'll run an OpenSuse live CD to see if it's something w/ Ubuntu.01:12
Guest90287I changed my password a while back and then I've not tried booting this computer in a good while01:12
Guest90287bazhang, is there a cure?01:13
maujhsnWant to install this release! How do I do it? http://ppa.launchpad.net/sunab/kdenlive-svn/ubuntu/dists/lucid/01:13
bazhangmaujhsn, are you on lucid?01:13
JoAnneThraxpooltable: Yeah, it's only using about a quarter of my bandwidth for the download...which is a little inconvenient, but I'll survive...01:13
maujhsnbazhang Yes01:13
bazhangmaujhsn, so add the ppa and update, then install01:14
pooltablejoannethax why so little use more at night when you sleep?01:14
noipActionParsnip, sorry if I was bothering you. Peace.01:14
JoAnneThraxpooltable: I have no idea why it's using so little.  It's not at my end.01:15
pooltablejoannethrax i see01:15
bazhangJoAnneThrax, pooltable please continue this chat in the #ubuntu-offtopic channel, thanks.01:16
maujhsnbazhang The PPA is installed how do I install this gpg from http://ppa.launchpad.net/sunab/kdenlive-svn/ubuntu/dists/lucid/Release.gpg01:16
bazhangmaujhsn, the instructions are there, are they not? on the ppa main page?01:17
Guest90287bazhang, do I have any quality options to my issue?01:17
byroncoughlinanybody have problems with the kernel01:17
maujhsnbazhang NO!01:17
munderwoHi all. I need to simulate load on ubuntu. Is there a way to slow the CPU down, or otherwise create load?01:17
bazhangbyroncoughlin, byroncoughlin from a PPA?01:18
maujhsnbazhang take a look at the link!01:18
byroncoughlinInstalled on update01:18
bazhangbyroncoughlin, you're using 11.10 then?01:19
byroncoughlinbazhang yes currently running 3.0.301:20
bazhangbyroncoughlin, ah okay, discussion and support for that is in #ubuntu+101:20
byroncoughlinbazhang thanks01:20
bazhangGuest90287, if you encrypted your hdd and forgot the pass, thats not good.01:21
bazhangGuest90287, hopefully you have a full set of backups of all data01:21
Guest90287I highly doubt I encrypted it01:21
rebuKeHey, I'm trying to install Ubuntu 11.04 and I'm having some toruble01:21
rebuKeI tried both USB and DVD install and they both hang on the first screen where it asks me if I want 3rd party applications01:22
Guest90287I think it has to do with sudo login password01:22
rebuKeIf I install Ubuntu 10.04 and upgrade with the dist-upgrade tool will that be like a half-assed upgrade? Should I troubleshoot my current problem or what's up? Anyone have any fixes01:23
edbianrebuKe: Don't worry, it's whole-assed01:23
edbianrebuKe: What is your current problem?01:23
Guest90287bazhang, I'm 100% certain that I didn't encrypt my hdd01:23
bazhangrebuKe, did you md5 the iso01:23
rebuKeedbian: As of right now, I try USB and DVD installation for 11.04. It hangs on the first install screen- the one where it asks me if I want to install 3rd party codecs and update while installing01:24
rebuKeedbian: no matter what options i pick/don't pick it hangs01:24
rebuKebazhang: yes01:24
edbianrebuKe: Try running the installer from the terminal (it's called ubiquity) that way you'll see some errors hopefully when it hangs.01:24
bazhangrebuKe, and did the disk integrity check as well. what about bootoptions, which ones did you try and use01:25
edbianrebuKe: Is the liveUSB online when you get to that point?01:25
DILacpi off?01:25
rebuKeedbian: yes, I managed to get to google and try to search around01:25
Guest90287I tried changing my password a few weeks ago and it got late. I remember changing the stuff mentioned in Step 5 of the link you sent ...5. Go to the very end of the line, change the ro to rw and add init=/bin/bash01:25
Guest90287press enter, then press b to boot your system.01:25
rebuKebazhang: I didn't mess with any bootoptions01:25
bazhangrebuKe, worth a look then01:25
bazhang!bootoptions | rebuKe01:25
ubotturebuKe: For a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions See also !nomodeset.01:25
bazhangrebuKe, if that fails then try the alternate installer01:26
rebuKebazhang: It's weird, honestly. Like, whenever a new Ubuntu release drops I always have trouble installing it. I inevitibly have to upgrade from a past release. It happened with 10.10 and 9.1001:26
edbianrebuKe: ok..  So try running ubiquity in the term01:26
edbianrebuKe: That's not weird.  That's Ubuntu01:27
rebuKeedbian: will do, thanks. also thank you @bazhang01:27
edbianrebuKe: sure01:27
StepNjumphi edbian, did you get my offline message?01:28
edbianStepNjump: no... how do I get those?01:28
StepNjumpI don't know01:28
bazhangedbian, memoserv01:29
edbianStepNjump: What did it say?01:29
edbianStepNjump: Read it01:29
StepNjumpYou were logged off. I wrote something like/msg nickname send message01:29
StepNjumpLet me see01:29
edbianStepNjump: That's very interesting.  So it was stuck off in linux but it worked in windows?01:29
edbianStepNjump: I found it01:30
edbianbazhang: thanks01:30
cjsI've just upgraded from 10.10 to 11.04, and it seems to have broken my desktop environment. When I logged in the first time, it said something about not having hardware capable of running Unity, and I should chose something before logging in. I can't seem to do that; the only options before login are a menu for access preferences (keyboard changes, etc.) and a menu to suspend/shut down/etc. As well, it's now coming up not in fvwm over gnome, as 10.101:30
cjs0 was configured, but with something that looks like metacity and nautilus, neither of which I want to run.01:30
cjsSo how do I fix this?01:30
StepNjumpedbian: msg NickServ INFO nickname01:30
StepNjumpOh so you read it01:30
edbianStepNjump: I read it01:30
edbiancjs: reading...01:30
edbiancjs: Click your name, then look at session at the bottom.  It doesn't show up until you click your name.01:31
Guest90287bazhang, I found the line of code I had changed a couple of weeks back. It is the.... init=/bin/bash .....line. I changed it according to the info you first sent and hit Ctrl+x to reboot. That brought me to root@(none):/#01:31
edbiancjs: We can probably get unity working too btw01:31
StepNjumpedbian, yes, I just went in Windoz to see if the hardware was working in there and it did. When I came back to linux, it started working right away upon boot up. edbian01:31
cjsWhat is unity?01:31
edbianStepNjump: I bet you can get it to get stuck in Linux everytime but pressing Fn + F3, am I right?01:31
edbiancjs: unity is a new interface built at Ubuntu01:32
edbiancjs: Looks like this: http://itmanagement.earthweb.com/img/2010/05/ubuntu-unity.png01:32
StepNjumpwell, Fn F3 didnt work in ubuntu until I rebooted and had gone to windoze first01:32
edbianStepNjump: Maybe ifconfig wlan0 down will get it stuck01:33
Guest90287bazhang, now I need to make sure I understand what I need to do with the following instructions. ....6. Type in passwd username ....I feel ignorant, but should I type the password I set a little bit earlier and then SPACE my old username (I never changed my username).01:33
StepNjumpas soon as I came back in Linux, I tried rfkill event and could clearly see that now it would work fine, even the led started working again. Didnt have to do anything at the term level to get it back up and running. Windows somehow fixed it. Its kind of embarrassing to say01:34
bazhangGuest90287, yes01:34
StepNjumpebdian yep maybe01:34
edbianStepNjump: curious01:34
cjsedbian: Hm. That seems to be going the wrong direction. :-) What I'm looking for looks more like this: http://www.cynic.net/misc/cjs-desktop.png01:34
PinGuys my computer is stuck, "warning : unresponsive script" popup01:35
edbiancjs: Do you have the DE installed? (whatever it is?_01:35
cjsedbian: So the main thing I need to do is a) banish nautilus, or whatever the new file manager is, and b) run fvwm rather than whatever the new window manager is.01:35
edbiancjs: How did you upgrade? Did you have fvwm installed previous to this upgrade?01:35
cjsedbian: DE? Yes. I run gnome with fvwm on it. The config all works under 8.04 and 8.10.01:35
usr13StepNjump: Trust me, windows didn't fix anything.01:35
Guest90287bazhang ....should I use sudo to start that line off or something? It told me my password was No Command.01:36
StepNjumpebdian.. but I learned from all of this so I changed my /etc/network/interfaces to auto wlan1 instead of auto lo that was the default. Now it boots up using my Belkin wifi dongle as the default. Good stuff01:36
edbiancjs: Desktop Environment = DE.  How did you upgrade to 11.04 ?01:36
cjsedbian: Yup, updated a working 10.04 system to 10.10, which worked, and then to 11.04, which is where it stopped.01:36
StepNjumplol usr13.. ok let's call it ... a somewhat of a boost01:36
edbianStepNjump: You need auto lo and you can add auto wlan0 if you want.01:36
cjsFor the upgrade, I got a dialogue box offering it when I first booted 10.10.01:36
StepNjumpI need both?01:37
StepNjumpauto lo AND auto wlan1?01:37
edbiancjs: Log out, click your name, look at the bottom for session, try the other sessions offered, log in.01:37
cjsI guess my frst question is, there used to be options on the login screen at one point way back when to choose different environments to start after you log in. are those just permanently gone now?01:37
edbianStepNjump: You only NEED auto lo   auto wlan0 (or wlan1) is optional01:37
cjsOh, it's *after* you click your name!01:37
usr13cjs: NO01:37
cjsThat's nailed me before.01:37
edbiancjs: You have to click you rname01:37
edbiancjs: yes01:37
StepNjumpshould I have both at the same time edbian?01:37
edbianStepNjump: that's fine (on different lines of course)01:38
pooltablehow to make a new folder in applications ?01:38
edbianpooltable: System -> Preferences -> Menu Editor01:38
LordDeltaGreetings, anyone know enough about the gnome-keyring to know why pidgin/gwibber/NetworkManager have been locked out of my credentials?01:38
cjsedbian: Ok, ubuntu classic seems to do the same thing....give me the exact same UI even.01:38
edbianpooltable: or maybe it's called main menu01:38
noipActionParsnip, I booted into OpenSuse 11.4 and my internet connectivity was super fast again. So, it's a problem with Ubuntu 11.04 updates or something.01:39
edbiancjs: If you tried to log into unity and it said 'hardware not good enough' it would have dumped you to Ubuntu classic.01:39
edbiancjs: What else was listed?  Your crazy gnome + fvwm  ?01:39
Guest90287bazhang, maybe it's the actual PHRASE passwd and then my username? ....These are the steps leading up to that part. Your system will boot up to a passwordless root shell.01:39
Guest902876. Type in passwd username01:39
Guest902877. Set your password.01:39
Guest902878. Type in reboot01:39
FloodBot1Guest90287: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:39
edbianoh god01:39
StepNjumpedbian, the reason i did all this mess is just to ensure the RF transceiver is far away from me (RF exposure). I have a USB cable that distances my Wifi dongle away from me because RF KillS01:39
pooltableedbian main menu is the one what do i do from there ?01:39
cjsedbian: That was never listed; I modified the standard gnome to use a different wm and not start nautilus.01:40
edbianStepNjump: I don't think Wifi signals from dongle are nearly strong enough to be significant01:40
StepNjumprfkillS.. do you get it?01:40
edbianpooltable: hang on lemme look01:40
edbiancjs: I think you might have to re-modify gnome01:40
pooltableedbian ok01:40
edbianStepNjump: yes, hilarious01:40
StepNjumpedbian.. oh.. not sure about that. It gives me a tummy ache myself when my built in wifi is on in my netbook. Not kidding...01:40
=== derp is now known as derp|gone
cjsedbian: Yes, that's what I'm guessing....01:41
edbianpooltable: click Applications on the left side.  Click new Menu on the right side.01:41
noipDr_Willis, I had the question earlier about my internet wireless internet connectivity slowing way down today. I booted into OpenSuse 11.4 a minute ago, and my internet was running fine. It appears to be an Ubuntu problem of some sort. Any other suggestions?01:41
StepNjumpedbian here's a good document used in the field http://transition.fcc.gov/Bureaus/Engineering_Technology/Documents/bulletins/oet65/oet65b.pdf01:41
edbiancjs: sorry! :(01:41
edbianStepNjump: Really01:41
cjsedbian: So, is gconftool still the preferred command line tool for changing the gconf database? We still use the gconf database for configuration, right?01:41
cjsedbian: It happens. :-)01:42
TrentonAdamsThe sluggish typing is back.  I don't think it's the graphics card.  But it certainly is a HORRIBLE experience.  Again 11.04 with ubuntu classic, I don't know what to do.  My system is EXTREMELY fast.  It boots in 3 seconds.01:42
edbiancjs: yes and yes and yes01:42
edbianTrentonAdams: Do you have a wireless keyboard?01:42
TrentonAdamsedbian: no, USB keyboard01:42
StepNjumpedbian, well as a ham radio operator, Im kind of sensitized to the subject01:42
mrdebTrentonAdams: gconf editor turn off vsync01:42
edbianTrentonAdams: then IDK01:42
mrdebi can help u01:42
edbianStepNjump: That is interesting but we're very offtopic01:42
TrentonAdamsmrdeb: where abouts in there?01:42
edbianmrdeb: What has that got to do with sluggish typing?01:42
StepNjumpsure... sorry01:43
LordDelta...nvm, looks like I figured out how to...ameliorate my problem. Though I have no clue why my keyring keeps on doing this to me.01:43
edbianStepNjump: it's ok :)01:43
LordDeltaKeeps on locking me out of my wireless network.01:43
mrdebyou go into gconf-editor and then desktop, compiz, plugins, unity or install compiz settings and changes vsync. also look up speeding up ubuntu 110401:43
LordDeltaI'm starting to wonder if I need to change my laptop passwd, maybe someone's hacking it. >_<01:43
TrentonAdamsmrdeb: I don't have compiz installed I don't think, I'm using ubuntu-classic01:43
pooltableedbian ok i did a test folder entill i get it to work i check mark test folder then done but then it does not show up am i missing some thing?01:43
mrdebubuntu classic has compiz installed it has effects01:44
pooltableI'm using ubuntu-classic01:44
mecheesehi. I'm back. please don't ask me to reboot into safemode.01:44
edbianpooltable: Oh that's an old rather annoying bug.  Try logging out and then back in.01:44
edbianpooltable: Even mine does that and I use Debian!  I'm not sure why it happens.01:44
TrentonAdamsmrdeb: it doesn't show in desktop01:44
TrentonAdamsmrdeb: in the geconf-editor01:45
mrdebwell install compiz-settings01:45
pooltableedbian i see01:45
mecheesehow can i update xorg.conf to use nvidia drivers?01:45
TrentonAdamsmrdeb: it's in app->compiz01:45
cjsedbian: So, desktop.gnome.session.required_components.windowmanager is just "gnome-wm", which is what I used to use. Is the WINDOW_MANAGER environment variable no longer honoured? Do you know what the replacement is?01:46
TrentonAdamsmrdeb: oh, yeah, no compiz settings manager installed01:46
edbianpooltable: also, something needs to be in it!01:46
edbiancjs: Not a clue my friend01:46
mecheeseif only I could use my monitor with my ubuntu01:46
pooltableedbian ok i see how to i sort out sound a -z?01:46
edbianpooltable: pardon me?01:47
DJJeff|Laptopis there a channel I can join to ask questions about wine?01:47
mecheesemy monitor tells me no to seeing graphics01:47
cjsedbian: So I guess you also wouldn't know what I need to do to stop nautilus from starting, then?01:47
edbiancjs: nope :(01:47
pooltableedbian i have listen installed but like it ti be in abc order01:47
TrentonAdamsmrdeb: I can't find that setting in gconf-editor, after install compiz-settings-manager01:48
noipActionParsnip, Are you still around?01:48
edbianpooltable: They are in alpha order in the sub menus already01:48
mecheesedpkg-reconfigure for xorg is driving me mad01:48
pooltabledjjeff #wine i think01:48
mikelissIs there an easy way to reset audio on an 11.04 machine?01:48
cjsedbian: Ah! http://spidey01.blogspot.com/2011/05/using-custom-window-manager-with-gnome.html01:49
pooltableedbian not mine how do i fix it01:49
BDRSo hey, I managed to unfuck things by forcing boot from CD and now I'm using a working copy of Ubuntu again!01:49
BDR(was apparently not enough to change boot priority)01:49
edbiancjs: horry01:49
BDRHi. I know, I was away for a while.01:49
mecheesehelp me with my monitor that says no graphics01:49
edbianpooltable: IDK?  move them up and down using hte arrows in main menu editor gui01:49
mecheesenot even a terminal01:50
WhyFiCould I ask a question please?01:50
edbianWhyFi: hi01:50
pooltableedbian IDK?01:50
edbianBDR: horray01:50
BDRSo now I am where I was before things got screwed up *really* nastily: trying to configure a wireless adapter that's not Linux compatible by default.01:50
edbianpooltable: IDK means I don't Know01:50
mecheesei search the internet and find nothing that helps01:50
noipMy wireless internet is running crazy slow after I started up my laptop today. No speed issues with Windows 7, or OpenSuse. Chrome/Chromium/FIrefox all running crazy slow in 11.04. I tried turning of wireless N and that didn't help. Any other suggestions?01:50
edbianBDR: I think I can help but you need to catch me up01:50
pooltableedbian i see01:50
edbianpooltable: :)01:50
mecheeseif I can get my monitor going i can see graphics01:51
pooltableedbian why does it do that ?01:51
BDRedbian: Sure. It's an Intersil 3886, and it didn't show up on a test my friend had me administer with console magic.01:51
mecheesenvidia is installed and my monitor is saying no01:51
edbianpooltable: I do not know01:52
TrentonAdamsmrdeb: Also, the only thing the gconf-editor can find that's called "sync" is tomboy related stuff, nothing to do with vsync01:52
BDRIt's not autodetected by Linux either; it claimed it could not access the Internet despite the light on the adapter saying it was on and working.01:52
pooltableedbian do i still need to log in and out to save where i move it ?01:52
WhyFiI'm having a bit of a problem with my Ubuntu 11.04... My computer has two hard drives, one of them containing Windows 7. Just today I installed Ubuntu 11.04 on the other drive. It runs perfectly fine except for the fact that I have to go to the BIOS boot device selector to get it to work, as the dual boot selection prompt does not appear (if I let the PC boot normally, it will boot as Windows 7)01:53
edbianpooltable: Shoulding have to...01:53
mikelissIs there an easy way to reset audio on an 11.04 machine?01:53
edbianBDR: reading...01:53
pooltableedbian ok01:53
edbianBDR: Does it show up in sudo lspci -k ?01:53
q_hey thes is q whats up01:53
edbianhi q01:54
q_hey edbian01:54
mecheesehello. does any one want to help with my hi-res monitor not showing graphics01:54
WhyFiI'm trying to get this problem solved because it's annoying to have to go to the BIOS every time I want to boot up my Ubuntu...01:54
q_hey edbian do you watch anime or japineys anime01:54
edbianNo and this is offtopic01:54
bazhang!ot | q_01:54
ubottuq_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:54
q_my bad whats the topic01:55
mecheesewhy does dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg not do anything in lucid01:55
edbianWhyFi: Tell the bios to boot the other hdd first and save the setting01:55
bazhangq_ ubuntu support01:55
edbianq_: ubutnu support01:55
TrentonAdamsmrdeb: be right back, seeing if it will get fixed.01:55
TrentonAdamsmrdeb: logging out01:55
WhyFiSure, I could do that, but then I have to go to the bios selector to manually boot Win 7...01:55
mrdebok TrentonAdams good luck01:55
pooltableedbian it work thanks01:55
edbianpooltable: awesome01:56
WhyFiWhat I would like is to get the dual boot selector working properly as I once managed with Ubuntu 9.1001:56
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
edbianWhyFi: Doesn't the grub show both?01:56
mecheeseholy moly. I just want to see graphics.01:56
edbianWhyFi: Boot Ubuntu, run sudo update-grub  make sure it lists both OSs01:56
mrdebis ubuntu 9.1 still supported01:56
edbianBDR: YOu there?01:56
bazhang!9.10 | mrdeb01:56
ubottumrdeb: Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) was the eleventh release of Ubuntu. !End-Of-Life on April 29th 2011, see http://goo.gl/UUTAB for details.01:56
BDRedbian: I was checking the output01:57
mrdebare there any major problems with 9.1 if its notsupported now. i prefer it over the new ubunuts01:57
edbianBDR: sorry to interrupt.  You can put it in paste.ubuntu.com if you want me to read01:57
mecheesedoes any one know how to fix a monitor not showing graphics. just let me know. I'll wait if you can help.01:57
WhyFiIt does state "Found Windows 7 (loader) on /dev/sdb1"01:57
bazhangmrdeb, no security updates, ever. not supported here either.01:57
BDRedbian: I'm not chatting from that computer unfortunately.01:57
pooltablemecheese  what does it say use past bit if it it long or image01:57
edbianWhyFi: Then when you boot Ubuntu's hdd it should give you the option to start windows :)01:57
q_i sqwed up my bios what do i do replays the motherboard or re sader a bios chip01:57
edbianBDR: Is the target machine online at alll?01:57
BDRIf I were I wouldn't have any trouble browsing. :(01:57
mrdebi mean majro problems01:58
WhyFiOh, I get it...01:58
BDRIt is not.01:58
bazhangq_, ##hardware01:58
edbianWhyFi: There ya go!01:58
mrdebif you are careful yo udont need security updates01:58
WhyFiBecause I told it to install the bootloader in the hard drive that has Ubuntu01:58
edbianBDR: It is not online?01:58
kfpndcthere was a site which u paste your lspci output and it says what are your hardware does any ne knows what is the site?01:58
MrPPSmrdeb: Only if you're not online01:58
BDRIt is not possible to go online with the computer.01:58
WhyFiSo it will only work if that hard drive is in 1st priority on the BIOS it seems01:58
bazhangmrdeb, its offtopic here, not support and very unwise to never have security.01:58
q_what boot loader did you use man01:58
mecheesepooltable not sure what you mean. there's just a blank screen with the notice: signal out of range01:58
WhyFiThanks very much01:58
bazhangkfpndc, paste.ubuntu.com01:58
BDRI'm chatting from another, the one that is actually hooked in to the modem I'm trying to use wirelessly.01:58
edbianBDR: Please use my name like I'm doing for you.01:58
mrdebisnt this past and present ubuntu support01:59
BDRedbian: sorry01:59
edbianBDR: That's ok :)01:59
MrPPSmrdeb: present + supported versions only01:59
edbianWhyFi: Sure dawg01:59
bazhangmrdeb, up to a point. not for that one, no01:59
mrdebwhy isnt ubuntu a rolling release01:59
q_any of yal watch japanese anime01:59
mecheesepooltable oh paste bin01:59
bazhangmrdeb, take chat to #ubuntu-offtopic please01:59
TrentonAdamsmrdeb: When I logout and back in, it seems to work again for awhile.01:59
TrentonAdamsmrdeb: would that vsync thing affect that?01:59
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BDRedbian: to sum, it's not online, and this is from a computer that is using the modem I want to also use on the other one.01:59
pooltablemecheese  Input signal out of range is this more to the point?02:00
mrdebTrentonAdams: yes02:00
will1Hi. Is anyone able to tell me how to clear "Most Frequently Used" in "Applications"?02:00
edbianBDR: excellent :)  (I think you mean router instead of modem)02:00
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kfpndcbazhang: i am pretty sure it was more than a pastebin02:00
mrdebTrentonAdams: there is asecond setting that helps too02:00
pooltablemecheese  what the name type brand of grafix card?02:00
sroy2Hi - is there a way on ubuntu to see if a peice of hardware is recognized / has drivers? (specifically I have a dell m65 with a cac reader - it worked in windows but I just installed natty)02:00
TrentonAdamsmrdeb: Well, I found the setting in the compize manager itself, so hopelly that works.  It's the sync to vblank thing, right?02:00
edbiansroy2: sudo lspci -k02:00
edbiansroy2: I have no idea what a cac is :)02:01
mecheesepooltable nvidia02:01
sroy2edbian: common access card02:01
pooltablemecheese  nvidia what ?02:01
edbiansroy2: neat02:01
BDRedbian: as for the test, I did not find the device but I did find the device associated with network when I run "sudo lshw -C network".02:01
will1anyone know a way to clear "Most Frequently Used"?02:02
BDRs/device associated/driver02:02
pooltablemecheese  lucky you i have ati card took days to get it to work right02:02
kfpndcan online site you paste the output of lspci and it tell u what hardware is in your computer02:02
kfpndcwhat is  it???????????????????02:02
BDRedbian: 21:02] <BDR> s/device associated/driver02:02
LincMiiAnyone here familiar with ubuntu web servers?02:02
bazhangkfpndc, thats not really ubuntu specific02:02
edbianBDR: I see.  CAn you run rfkill list  ?02:03
pooltablekfpndc what the url ?02:03
mecheesepooltable how can i see what nvidia type it is with out opening the computer box?02:03
bazhangLincMii, whats the real question02:03
q_hey yal herd of thes song its in japinese its calld tori no uta02:03
kfpndcpooltable: I am looking for that02:03
edbianq_: Chat in #ubuntu-offtopic02:03
bazhangq_, last warning. stay on topic02:03
edbiansroy2: I see a cardbus bridge in there that has a driver.  Is that it?02:03
TrentonAdamsmrdeb: the nvidia site has WAAAAY newer drivers, can I use those somehow?02:04
bazhangLincMii, ask here please02:04
pooltablemecheese  ok do you have the box manual or even off the wall like nvidia x 5000 exaplme02:04
BDRedbian: I typed that in but I got no response at the terminal.02:04
BDRedbian: (like if I had just pressed return)02:04
LincMiiOops, I'm running Ubuntu Server virtually right now and I'm having trouble with permissions. My var/www/ is accessible just fine. But when I add a directory I receive permission issues (via the host)02:04
bazhangLincMii, in channel not via PM please02:05
edbianBDR: REally?  What version is this?  11.04 ?02:05
jrib!permission > LincMii02:05
ubottuLincMii, please see my private message02:05
BDRedbian: yep02:05
BDR"rfkill list" does nothing02:05
mecheesepooltable I believe it's x something. darn it.02:05
edbianBDR: That's bad.  It doesn't show up in sudo lspci -k ?02:05
LincMiiThank you everyone02:05
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions02:06
sroy2edbian:  yes it is, so it should be working - I just need to get software to work with it I suppose02:06
mecheesepooltable I think it's geforce02:06
FloodBot1makeapaper: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:06
jribmakeapaper: stop please02:06
pooltablemecheese  ok how old ?02:06
edbiansroy2: I think so yes02:07
WhyFiHmm... I think I have another problem... I tried switching the boot order on the hard drives... Now my monitor blacks out for some seconds with a message saying "Input Signal Out of Range" and then when the image comes back, it loaded the Ubuntu login screen02:07
mecheesepooltable early 201002:07
edbianWhyFi: mmmm  There is a way to fix that...02:07
[THC]AcidRaini need help configuring 2 monitoes02:08
edbianWhat's that thing called, plymouth?02:08
BDRedbian: the only "rfkill list" I can find in the output so far is my use of that command02:08
pooltablemecheese  http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us what one?02:08
[THC]AcidRainone a tv. 1 a comp screen02:08
pooltablemecheese  sorry02:08
bazhang!xrandr > [THC]AcidRain02:08
ubottu[THC]AcidRain, please see my private message02:08
edbianBDR: no no,  You're looking for the card listed in the output of sudo lspci -k    sudo rfkill list is supposed to show if the kill switch for the wifi is on02:09
[THC]AcidRainwell i already have that02:09
[THC]AcidRainits not detecting the 2nd one. ive had it setup before just like this02:09
[THC]AcidRainnow years later i try to run it, and its a no go02:09
bazhang[THC]AcidRain, so tell us the errors from randr02:09
[THC]AcidRainno errors02:09
noipMy wireless internet is running crazy slow after I started up my laptop today. No speed issues with Windows 7, or OpenSuse. Chrome/Chromium/FIrefox all running crazy slow in 11.04. I tried turning of wireless N and that didn't help. Any other suggestions?02:10
pooltablemecheese  sorry how are you see this but no grafix ?02:10
WhyFiI bet that during the time when my image is gone is when GRUB asks me to select the OS... except I can't see anything to select...02:10
edbianWhyFi: Yes.02:10
mecheesepooltable works without nvidia. dvd ubuntu without nvidia02:10
pooltablemecheese  ok i see02:11
BDRedbian: that came to me after, so i searched for intersil 3886, intersil and 2wire and nothing02:11
pooltablemecheese  dam  not sure where to start with out knowing model02:11
edbianBDR: What came to you?  I'm very confused right now.02:11
BDRedbian: Searching for the card as opposed to "rfkill"02:12
edbianWhyFi: I think you need to configure plymouth.  Plymouth is the graphical red dots you usually see when Ubuntu boots.  Although I thought grub came before that.02:12
edbianWhyFi: Try booting while pressing shift to try to get into the grub menu02:12
BDRedbian: I searched for "2wire", "intersil", and "intersil 3886" and found nada.02:12
edbianBDR: sudo rfkill list     says nothing right?02:12
edbianBDR: Well here is a very relevent page: http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/p54?highlight=%28Intersil%29|%283886%2902:13
BDRedbian: Yep. It's just like I pressed enter.02:13
edbianBDR: ok, what about sudo lspci -k   does it list the card in there?  (I know it's long)02:13
mecheesepooltable GeForce 705002:13
WhyFiOk, I will try that, thanks02:14
mecheesepooltable looked up emachines 2010 in google images lol02:14
pooltablemecheese 32 or 6402:14
pooltablemecheese i can try to send you the new driver if you have a way to save it flash drive example02:15
bob_Question... apparently my hardware is not good enough for Ubuntu Unity... Is there a way to determine what part of my hardware failed?02:15
edbianbob_: Almost definitely the video card.  That's what causes that error.  It can usually be fixed by switching drivers.02:16
bob_So just update the drivers then?02:16
sistem!ping me02:16
sistemYah..cuma lag 1.020 detik..02:16
edbianbob_: Try using a different one.02:16
* sistem off.. -==((assalaamu'alaikum warohmatullaahi wabarokaatuh))==-02:16
bob_cool, will do, thanks a bunch02:16
robin0800bob_, it says that if you have to install graphic card drivers02:16
edbianbob_: sure02:16
ffreitasQuestion: has anybody experience sound card click noises after upgrading to 11.04?02:17
pooltablemecheese resolution is set too high try making it smaller see if that works02:17
thanhbinhcan y halp me?02:17
thanhbinhcan y help me?02:17
WhyFiHmm... It didn't work, although I saw my PC's busy light reacting to me pressing shift... So it probably means shift did something, I just couldn't see it02:18
bazhangthanhbinh, need an actual question02:18
nraoHi there getting erorr PTY allocation request failed on channel 0 while sshing to localhost02:18
mecheesepooltable installed already02:18
pooltablebob same thing here old card02:18
pooltablemecheese resolution is set too high try making it smaller see if that works02:18
bob_Yeah, it may be the card itself, it is a bit old02:19
thanhbinhcan I install autodesk maya on linux?02:19
bob_so if the drivers dont work, I will upgrade it02:19
bazhangthanhbinh, windows applications?02:19
bazhang!appdb | thanhbinh check here02:19
ubottuthanhbinh check here: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help02:19
edbianWhyFi: Look at /etc/default/grub and change settings so you're more sure it will show up.  Such as GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT02:20
pooltablebob i wish my card so old have to fine the driver at all02:20
thanhbinhno wine02:20
bazhangthanhbinh, /join #winehq02:20
thanhbinhwine cant02:20
bazhangthanhbinh, then no02:20
edbianWhyFi: REad this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub202:20
mecheesepooltable how do I change the resolution02:20
ffreitasI'm having problems with sound card on hp pavillion after upgrading to Unity 11.0402:20
bob_What is the best way to find updated video card drivers for linux?02:20
thanhbinhIt not working02:21
edbianbob_: Tell me what card you have and I'll just tell you.02:21
bazhangbob_, additional drivers tool02:21
pooltablemecheese display settings02:21
bazhangthanhbinh, if not wine, then no go.02:21
mecheesepooltable how do I use that02:21
bob_that is easier said than done, not sure what is in this box.  this is one of my old boxes.02:21
pooltablemecheese system - monator settinge-display settings02:21
Quagmirebazhang, I'm not sure if I stayed muted after my accidental flood or not, but I'm trying to fix my ICEauthority problem.02:21
QuagmireI have 3 errors that are left to resolve02:22
bob_Let me open the case and see if I can tell02:22
edbianbob_: sudo lspci -k will list the card02:22
pooltablemecheese system - prefferences-monator settinge-display settings02:22
bob_or that sounds easier :)02:22
mecheesepooltable I'm using a dvd to view this02:22
edbianbob_: :)02:22
bob_GeForce4 MX 440 AGP02:23
mecheesepooltable my monitor is hi-res any ways02:23
edbianbob_: nvidia02:23
edbianbob_: What driver did it say you're using?02:23
saddishwasherhi, is there a way to disable complex passwords in 11.04?02:24
thanhbinhit not work02:24
bazhangthanhbinh, no what. did you check the wine db, yes or no.02:24
jribsaddishwasher: what do you mean exactly?02:24
pooltablemecheese look here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=141237702:24
mecheesepooltable sorry I am being obstinate :(02:24
szaledbian, bob_: for the GF4 to run with the proprietary nVidia driver, it needs the legady nvidia-9602:25
edbianbob_: That's the open source one.  If you search 'nvidia' in synaptic you'll see a list of like 20 packages with drivers in them.  I have no idea which is right for you card. I think the description for each says02:25
edbianszal: legady ?02:25
szal*buntu still has it, other distros have dropped it02:25
thanhbinhThe file '/media/FE827634827520F/Download/3ds.Max2011.x86.aotudeskmax2011/setup.exe02:25
szaledbian: yes, legacy02:25
bazhangedbian, legacy02:25
bob_cool, so I can use synaptic to update the card?02:25
bazhangthanhbinh, this is the wrong channel for that.02:26
thanhbinhis not marked as executable02:26
bazhangthanhbinh, as I have told you02:26
bazhang#winehq thanhbinh02:26
edbianbob_: yep02:26
edbianbob_: Get the 96 one or whatever apparently02:26
mecheesepooltable how will this help? I am using one user and the xorg.conf file content posted means nothing to me.02:26
thanhbinhBlocked: wine start/unix02:26
robin0800bob_, check additional drivers first02:27
bob_Is Synaptic the same thing as the Software Center?02:27
mecheesepooltable well two. me and root.02:27
szalbob_: 'sudo apt-get install nvidia-96 && sudo nvidia-xconfig', then reboot02:27
edbianbob_: no02:27
pooltablemecheese sorry i am trying02:27
edbianbob_: software center is simplified version of synaptic02:27
bob_gotcha, because it didnt find nearly as many02:27
mecheesepooltable it's ok02:27
bob_let me try that sudo command02:27
pooltabledid you do what SZAL just say ?02:27
pooltablemecheese 'sudo apt-get install nvidia-96 && sudo nvidia-xconfig', then reboot02:28
edbianbob_: That command just installs the driver.  avoids synaptic entirely02:28
szalpooltable: does mecheese have the same old card?02:28
mecheesepooltable ok is this an earlier version of the driver02:28
pooltablemecheese  ok when did it work right ?02:28
bobweaverso I have installed kde on top of 10.10 and would like to make it so there is no gnome session manager anymore02:29
mecheesepooltable before reinstall of ubuntu02:29
mecheesepooltable it's a long story02:29
bobweaveris there a way to do this02:29
bob_that sudo command didnt work, I will check synaptic02:29
bazhangbobweaver, want to remove gnome entirely? or just gdm02:29
pooltablemecheese  ok waht it 10.10 ?02:29
edbianbobweaver: sudo apt-get purge gdm02:29
pooltablemecheese  ok was it 10.1002:29
* bobweaver off to vbox02:29
edbianbobweaver: sure02:30
BDR[21:13] <edbian> BDR: ok, what about sudo lspci -k   does it list the card in there?  (I know it's long) <- I don't see ISL3886 in there02:30
bob_:) Okay, how do I open synaptic :)02:30
pooltablemecheese  ok long way get vbox installed 10.4 see if it work right then upgrade to 10.1002:30
robin0800bob_, check additional drivers first02:30
bob_in the software center?02:31
pooltablemecheese  or reinstall 10.0402:31
edbianBDR: Is it a dongle or a wifi card that you stick in the motherboard?02:31
bob_There are two of them02:31
hanasakiwhat is the status of gnome3 support?02:31
bazhanghanasaki, not supported in 11.0402:31
BDRedbian: It's a USB dongle.02:31
pooltablehanassaki in 11.1002:31
edbianBDR: ahhh, sudo lsusb    ?02:32
szalmecheese: unless you've been told already -> to identify your graphics card, run 'lspci -v' on the terminal and look for the buzzword 'VGA', it will also tell you what driver it is currently running on02:32
edbianBDR: should be shorter02:32
mecheeseargh. ok pooltable I will reinstall would you believe for the 5th time in two weeks02:32
[snake]I've got the most recent nvidia driver, and the 3d works great and all, but everything is blurryish..02:33
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TrentonAdamswhen my microphone only shows up in the command line alsamixer, and not in ubuntu volume control settings, is there anything I can do about that?  And also, my microphone seems come through to my speakers, but I can't actually record off of it, what can I do?02:33
BDRedbian: It's bus 003: device 002 ID: 1630:000502:33
mecheeseah ha GeForce 6150SE nForce 43002:33
pooltablemecheese  wow sorry maybe it may be the card it self02:33
szalmecheese: what driver?02:34
BDRedbian: (make that bus 1 and device 402:34
edbianBDR: sudo iwlist scan  ?02:34
szalmecheese: to install nVidia driver -> 'sudo apt-get install nvidia-current && sudo nvidia-xconfig', then reboot..   if you still have issues then, please come back here02:35
BDRlo and eth0 don't support scanning02:35
=== dfgas-coding is now known as dfgas
pooltablemecheese  did you deep clean you your computer power it down take ever thing out blow it out compress air reinstall ever thing run computer see it runs before trying to re installed02:35
BDRedbian: [21:35] <BDR> lo and eth0 don't support scanning02:35
saddishwasherjrib, I'm trying to set a short/simple password but I get a bash reply 'Bad: new password is too simple', I'm trying to turn this off so I can make my password whatever I want02:35
edbianBDR: mmm02:35
jribsaddishwasher: read about pam02:35
bazhangpooltable, thats not good advice02:35
ActionParsnipTrentonAdams: is it part of a laptop?02:35
edbianBDR: lsmod | grep p5402:36
saddishwasherjrib, security really isn't an issue, its an un-networked computer and I'm the only user02:36
pooltablebazhang well what do you offer02:36
bazhangpooltable, just dont answer if you dont know02:36
saddishwasherjrib, pam in what context?02:36
chriswrwhats the most effective way to scan my system for viruses?02:36
ActionParsnipsaddishwasher: you could run:  sudo -i     then run:  passwd foo    (change foo to your username)02:36
[snake]I've got the most recent nvidia driver, and the 3d works great and all, but everything is blurryish..02:36
mecheesepooltable no cleaning.02:36
pooltablebazhang true02:36
[THC]AcidRainXlib:  extension "RANDR" missing on display ":0.0".02:36
bazhangchriswr, your ubuntu system?02:37
chriswrbazhang, yes02:37
jribsaddishwasher: http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/libs/pam/02:37
bazhangmecheese, please follow szal 's advice02:37
BDRedbian: I found p54usb and p54common02:37
mecheesebazhang ok02:37
bazhangchriswr, no need for that with ubuntu02:37
mecheeseoff to see the wizard02:37
=== AndIrc is now known as Guest608
edbianBDR: good sign.  I think we're missing firmware: http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/p54#firmware02:37
edbianBDR: and the link there doesn't work02:38
chriswrbazhang, i do a lot of downloading off of the wifi at the church cause i have dial up at home and i transfer the files to a windows computer and i want to make sure theyre all same02:38
bob_So I am installing Additional Drivers from the Software Center, taking quite a while.  is this just installing drivers for my devices, or is it just downloading a ton of drivers that I wont be using?02:38
saddishwasherActionParsnip, so the issue wasn't that it was too simple, it was that I wasn't root when changing it02:38
BDRedbian: Yeah02:38
TrentonAdamsActionParsnip: No, I'm using a desktop02:38
bazhangchriswr, clamav then02:38
pooltablemecheese  well i not sure how to offer more help or guides but i try02:38
edbianBDR: I'm sure there is a package.  We just have to figure out which it is.02:38
TrentonAdamsActionParsnip: it is an integrated intel audio card02:38
TrentonAdamsI have an asus board with P67 chipset02:39
chriswrbazhang, clamav? is that a terminal command?02:39
ActionParsnipsaddishwasher: root can do as it pleases. users can reset their own paswords but I believe root can set it to anything02:39
ActionParsnipTrentonAdams: is it a branded pc?02:39
saddishwasherActionParsnip, nice, thanks for the help02:39
ActionParsnipchriswr: clamtk is a gui for clamav02:39
chriswrActionParsnip, alright thnx02:40
bob_Okay, the install of the Additional Drivers, now how do I get the specific driver downloaded?  or would it have done that?02:40
chriswri also have another question , i cant seem to empty my trash bin02:40
edbianBDR: YOu still there?  Don't give up on me now!! :D02:40
[THC]AcidRainok. it is now detecting both screens02:40
[snake]I've got the most recent nvidia driver, and the 3d works great and all, but everything is blurryish.. I'm on Ubuntu 10.04 x86_6402:40
[THC]AcidRainbut my "tv" screen... the display is off by like 2 inches02:40
[THC]AcidRaini have it set to absolute. and the position is the width of the first screen02:41
TrentonAdamsActionParsnip: no, it's a custom system02:41
BDRedbian: http://daemonizer.de/prism54/prism54-fw/fw-usb/ <- ?02:41
pooltablehelp with this http://paste.ubuntu.com/644492/02:41
ejosnake: are you connected via VGA or digital connection to the monitor?02:41
edbianBDR: Looks good!02:41
[snake]ejo,  vga02:41
ejothere's your problem then... vga is analog, it's blurry if you're used to digital02:41
szal[snake]: CRT or flat panel?02:41
edbianBDR: wait!02:41
edbianThink I found a package...02:42
ejoit may be able to be sharpened up using just the monitor controls...02:42
[snake]szal, flat02:42
BDRedbian: ?02:42
ejowhew, at least it's a panel02:42
pooltablesnake is there a way to turn off 3d and then it will not be so blurry02:42
edbianBDR: http://packages.ubuntu.com/natty/linux-wlan-ng-firmware02:42
mohammed52Hi I am trying to use my computer as a NFS or NAS how can i do that?02:42
edbianBDR: I think you can just sudo apt-get install linux-wlan-ng-firmware02:42
chriswranyone know why 4 items in my trash bin wont delete and others will?02:42
bazhang!nfs > mohammed5202:42
ubottumohammed52, please see my private message02:42
szal[snake]: get a digital cable to connect your monitor (provided both your monitor and graphics card have digital connectors)02:43
pooltablehfs nas ?02:43
edbianBDR: There is also this: http://packages.ubuntu.com/natty/linux-wlan-ng which suggests we install this package: prism2-usb-firmware-installer02:43
ubottunfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.02:43
[snake]szal, if I go and search digital monitor cable is google going to bring me results that are relevant.02:43
bazhang[snake], hdmi cable02:44
szaleither that, or DVI02:44
[snake]alright... but without the driver it's not blurry anyways.02:44
bazhangpooltable, /msg ubottu02:44
edbianBDR: Just install those two packages.  (I searched prism54 you can too in synaptic)02:44
bazhang[snake], what about turning off the blur feature in ccsm02:44
[snake]bazhang, nope, I turned off everything, made no difference.02:45
edbianBDR: You there?02:45
pooltableis there a cable that goes computer to hdmi ?02:45
BDR[21:42] <edbian> BDR: I think you can just sudo apt-get install linux-wlan-ng-firmware <- E: Unable to locate linux-wlan-ng-firmware package02:45
edbianBDR: Are you using natty?02:46
BDRedbian: I am using what the computer told me it could use - it could not for whatever reason use Unity so it's using Classic.02:46
edbianBDR: Turn on the universe repo in System -> Admin -> Software Sources02:46
chriswris there a way i can hide some files that are in my trash bin since they wont delete?02:47
edbianBDR: natty is the release, it refers to version 11.04   unity is the DE that you can't load :)02:47
bazhangedbian, thats in synaptic now02:47
edbianbazhang: ?02:47
edbianbazhang: the package?02:47
bob_Okay, it looks like i need synaptic.  How do I open it now, only thing I seem to be able to get is software center02:47
bazhangedbian, no software sources. its in synaptic now02:47
edbianbazhang: t's cause he doesn't have universe enabled I think02:47
edbianbazhang: Oh thanks02:47
edbianBDR: Find software sources in synaptic02:47
edbianI have no idea where it is in there02:48
FloodBot1edbian: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:48
[snake]you know, it's not that bad, I'm kindof used to it already... I'll just use it until I can invest in an hd monitor.02:48
mohammed52what does configuring a portmap not to bind loopback mean02:48
pooltableUbuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal)02:48
* edbian types at the speed of light02:48
[THC]AcidRainshould i set my monitors up as twinview?02:49
BDRedbian: I see software center and software properties02:49
[THC]AcidRainor separate x screen?02:49
edbianBDR: Look for synaptic02:49
BDRedbian: no software sources02:49
edbianBDR: it's in there apparently02:50
mohammed52does anyone know what loopback means02:50
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.02:50
BDRedbian: I am looking in the synaptic package manager, that package isn't there02:50
szalhm, that's pretty surely not the meaning we want here02:50
bazhangszal, yeah, not02:51
bazhangmohammed52, lo in the ifconfig02:51
edbianBDR: look for software sources in synaptic02:51
BDRedbian: unless it's not a package in which case i need further guidance02:51
bazhangmohammed52, explain exactly what you are trying to do02:52
edbianBDR: you have to find software sources first in synaptic02:52
hjalforDoes anybody know how to you install install Flash in Lubuntu?02:52
robin0800edbian, think synaptic calls them repositories02:52
bazhanghjalfor, same as in ubuntu02:53
edbianrobin0800: oh yeah?02:53
mohammed52bazhang i am trying to install a nas but the manual i am going by is telling me to not bind loopback but i want to be able to access my files from the web so should i do that?02:53
pooltablehard ware question looking to prv 2 show a once any one suggest a card that can do that?02:53
hjalforhow is that?02:53
edbianBDR: we need to turn on the universe repo02:53
bazhang##hardware pooltable02:53
bazhang!flash | hjalfor02:53
ubottuhjalfor: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash02:53
hjalforOkay, thanks :}02:54
xibalba_hey all, i have a very silly question02:54
xibalba_but how can i tell if a cable if plugged into my eth interface?02:54
Wulfxibalba_: ip link show dev eth3702:54
xibalba_in bsd ifconfig shows Active02:54
Wulfor miitool02:54
BDRedbian: is 'software sources' something I can find with the search? If it's not then you'll have to tell me how to find them.02:54
xibalba_oh dude02:54
xibalba_i've been doing tcpdump -i ethX to see if there is traffic02:55
Wulfxibalba_: eth0: <NO-CARRIER,BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP>   NO-CARRIER means no cable02:55
szalWulf: eth37?02:55
xibalba_yep just tested02:55
mohammed52bazhang i am using this http://www.ubuntugeek.com/nfs-server-and-client-configuration-in-ubuntu.html02:55
Wulfszal: if you have many cards :)02:55
xibalba_szal , he has alot of NICs02:55
BDRedbian: because i used search and typed in 'software' at the synaptic package manager main thingy and got nothing that looked like 'software sources'.02:55
edbianBDR: 'software sources' is not what we're looking for and it's not a package.02:55
edbianBDR: I'm trying to get the Universe repo turned on.  We have to do it using synaptic, I do now know where it is in there.02:56
bazhangBDR, you check the tab, marking which software sources you wish to use.02:56
edbianbazhang: Thank you! :D02:56
bazhangBDR, in synaptic package manager.02:56
xibalba_ok wulf, one other question if you dont mind02:56
xibalba_i'm trying to create fail-over nic bonding, how should i tell if the nics are the same chipset02:57
xibalba_i have 2 nics, with 2 ports each02:57
xibalba_i guess the mac should e one off?02:57
xibalba_and they are one off :)02:57
bob_it looks like I have the updated drivers installed, but they don't show for my video card.  Is there something I need to do to tell my vid card to use the new driver?02:57
* xibalba_ is excited to setup nic bonding :)02:58
edbianbob_: purge the neavou package and restart.  You can use sudo lspci -k   to see which driver is being used02:58
szalbob_: relevant passage of 'lspci -v' please (everything that exceeds one line to pastebin please)02:58
szalbob_: btw, did you reboot?02:59
bob_will try02:59
bob_not yet02:59
bob_should I do that first?02:59
szalbob_: then do that first02:59
FloodBot1bob_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:59
edbianBDR: I'm afraid I have to go now!  I am very sure about the solution I found.  You need to look at package 1 and 3 in this list: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=natty&section=all&arch=any&searchon=all&keywords=prism5403:00
BDRedbian: I will search for those.03:01
edbianBDR: good luck sir!03:01
BDRedbian: 'linux-wlan' does not show up when I search for it03:01
edbianBDR: You need to turn on the Universe repo first. Then they will show up.03:02
BDRedbian: I have not a clue how to do that.03:02
edbianBDR: I don't know how to on Ubuntu 11.04  other people here know how. bazhang described to you how.03:02
bazhangBDR, after you check the appropriate checkboxes for the software repositories, then hit reload03:02
BDRbazhang: How do I figure out what the appropriate checkboxes are?03:03
bazhangBDR, would a command line method be easier for you?03:03
edbianbazhang: thank you :)03:03
edbianI wish I could help more!03:03
BDRbazhang: I can follow a command line method to the letter but I have a feeling it's not going to be any more satisfactory.03:04
BDRbazhang: before I do I will guess - if I check the checkbox for a package, it will show the software sources?03:04
szalBDR: you basically need a text editor & remove a handful of # characters, then refresh package sources, that's about it03:04
bazhangBDR, well if you cannot find software in synaptic package manager, the tabs, then there's really no way to guide you. look a t the tabs. main universe, restricted etc and check them03:05
xibalba_hey guys i created some bond groups under /etc/networking/interfces but they dont seeem to be taking03:06
* szal has never used any of the graphical package management methods on a Debian-like system03:06
xibalba_i followed thispage here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBonding03:06
xibalba_on 10.0403:06
xibalba_do i need ifenslave on 10.04 too?03:07
xibalba_doesn't look like it03:07
semarjtI got this question here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=11048950#post11048950 it is making me crazy03:08
bazhangBDR, you have checked the menu for repositories? and that brings up another interface? and you look at the tabs there, checking the respective ones?03:08
BDRbazhang: 'the tabs' confuse me a bit only because nowhere do I see anything that says 'software sources' - what I can see is stuff like "All/Base Platform/Communications/etc." which looks like a category search thing, "Sections/Status/Origin/etc." which is not what was mentioned at all, and the list of packages that can be searched through.03:08
xibalba_if i pastebin my interfaces file would one of you guys take a look?03:09
mohammed52how do i install a batch file03:09
bazhangBDR, there is no software sources. I never mentioned that, that was from an earlier version of ubuntu. now it is done in synaptic package manager03:09
BDRbazhang: okay, repositories I found.03:10
bazhangBDR, then click it.03:10
bazhangBDR, then look for the respective software sources, also known as "repos" or software repositories, where ubuntu installs its software from. then close it, and hit reload.03:11
BDRbazhang: i did, it now has 'software sources' up.03:11
xibalba_can someone take a look at this and let me know where i may have gone wron03:11
pitlimitI have a 64-bit operating system and want to install a 64-bit Ubuntu LTS version. The OS download page says that the 32-bit system is "recommended"03:12
xibalba_i restarted the machine after saving03:12
xibalba_and there is no bond0 interface03:12
xibalba_i tried ifup bond003:12
xibalba_no dice03:12
pitlimitI just want to make sure I"m making the right decision by installing the 64-bit version03:12
FloodBot1xibalba_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:12
xibalba_oh sorry03:12
tauntaunNewbie question: Do email clients each have their own particular file formats, and if yes, how do I commit to one?03:12
bazhangBDR, check the ones marked main universe restricted and so on. you may also wish to go to tab marked other software and select canonical partners, to install the java browser plugin for firefox03:12
tauntaunOf course I've googled around...I'm really wondering if it's easy to convert between formats if I need to change clients.03:13
mohammed52does anyone know how to install run a .bat file03:13
xibalba_Wulf , have you done nic bonding? i'm sure you have could you take a look03:13
mohammed52install or run*03:13
xibalba_i'm at the datacenter now trying to get this to work, unfortuantely didn't have time to test in the lab03:13
pitlimitI have a 64-bit operating system and want to install a 64-bit Ubuntu LTS version. The OS download page says that the 32-bit system is "recommended" Is there any reason I should not install the 64-bit version?03:14
szaltauntaun: most clients can use maildir and/or mbox, so choose either one & you're gtg in most cases..  maildir = every mail is its own file, accounts are organized in directories; mbox = every mail account's content is saved as one file03:14
Wulfxibalba_: I have. But I'm busy atm.03:14
bazhangpitlimit, poorly worded page. install 64bit03:14
Blue1pitlimit: I am currently running 10.10 (not an lts) 64 bit with no issue03:14
tertl3pitlimit, i would go with 64bit03:14
xibalba_i shall keep on googling03:14
pitlimitthanks tertl303:14
tauntaunszal: thanks, that helps.03:14
yagooxibalba_, google.com/linux03:15
tertl3pitlimit, np03:15
* tauntaun will probably go with 'maildir'...03:15
xibalba_http://paste.ubuntu.com/644502/ , i've got it here. i'm reading right from hte ubuntu docs03:15
Blue1pitlimit: well one - firefox 4 does NOT run on my system.  but ff 3.X worked fine, and the ff 6.X beta works fine.03:15
ActionParsnippitlimit: The Lucid desktop support ends at the same time as Natty desktop does, the later kernels and such may help support your hardware better03:16
[THC]AcidRaini have 2 separate monitors setup. on my second monitor, it cuts off about 1000px why?03:16
pitlimitActionParsnip: is 10.04 LTS?03:16
pitlimitActionParsnip: is 10.04 LTS Lucid?03:17
TheEvilPhoenixpitlimit:  yes03:17
BDRbazhang: W: Failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com...03:17
TheEvilPhoenixpitlimit:  10.04 LTS == Lucid03:17
pitlimitAre you suggesting ActionParsnip that I should download the latest version rather than Lucid if I want better performance from 64-bit?03:17
bazhangBDR, you reloaded first, correct?03:17
yagooxibalba_, use allow-hotplug ethX, use only 1 "auto" line, eg: "auto lo eth0 eth1"03:17
BDRbazhang: yes03:17
ActionParsnippitlimit: yes the next will be 12.0403:18
BDRbazhang: on reload that was the message i got03:18
pooltablepitmit i have fire fox 5.01 works fine03:18
BDRbazhang: (one per package failure)03:18
szal!tab | pooltable03:18
ubottupooltable: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.03:18
pitlimithm ok... so to be clear, Natty will potentially perform better on a 64-bit OS than Lucid03:19
bazhangBDR, check your internet is working, then switch servers, also in synaptic package manager, if it is.03:19
xibalba_yagoo, trying that now thanks03:19
[THC]AcidRainanyone help me>03:19
celthunder[THC]AcidRain: do yo uhave an offset of 100px set?03:19
celthunderer 1000px03:19
xibalba_yagoo, how should i restart hte network? w/out restarting the box ?03:19
[THC]AcidRaini dont even see where to do that?03:19
BDRbazhang: that's the problem, the only way i can use the internet is through a wireless connection, and the wireless adapter is what i use to see it.03:19
RatPackSopraguys I have seen my problem with (ICEauthority) discussed on a bunch of forums and it appears that I have found a guy that has narrowed down how it is happening, but I'm not sure how to get logged in to confirm if every file in my Home folder is owned by me and not some other user.03:19
celthunderxibalba_: /etc/init.d/networking restart03:19
[THC]AcidRainif you mean on the absolute positioning?03:19
xibalba_i found init.network-interface03:20
BDRbazhang: no wireless adapter firmware = no internet03:20
[THC]AcidRaini tried to set that to be off. but it wouldnt let me03:20
xibalba_nope, didn't work03:20
BDRbazhang: the comp i'm using now is not the comp i'm working on03:20
yagooxibalba_, post?03:20
xibalba_damn i think the documentation is incorrect, i can't find a man page for it either03:20
celthunder[THC]AcidRain: uhm what'd it say ?03:21
xibalba_i checked man 5interfaces03:21
xibalba_amdn man ifconfig03:21
yagooxibalba_, man interfaces03:21
xibalba_not much info on it03:21
[THC]AcidRainhang on03:21
yagooxibalba_, NM should be set to no in the default config file as well03:21
bazhangBDR, I understand that, try to switch servers nonetheless. pastebin the output if you are able03:21
szalRatPackSopra: if all else fails, use a live CD03:21
xibalba_NM = ?03:21
=== Auriel_ is now known as Auriel
[THC]AcidRaincelthunder: its just doing some weird things. like its disabling the main monitor and enabling the 2nd one only03:22
[THC]AcidRainits all a little messed up now03:22
szalxibalba_: NetworkManager03:22
xibalba_oh ok03:22
xibalba_i dont think its installed03:22
ActionParsnippitlimit: i'd go for Natty personally03:23
mrk1does anyone know what packages i need to share files with my network?03:23
xibalba_i dont see it in service --statusall03:23
ActionParsnipmrk1: samba, an ftp server or openssh-server03:23
BDRbazhang: W: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com...03:23
yagooxibalba_, u have /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf this file?03:23
xibalba_this is what i have now http://paste.ubuntu.com/644507/03:23
xibalba_yagoo, i will check03:23
bazhangBDR, please close synaptic package manager03:24
xibalba_yagoo, that is a negative03:24
yagooxibalba_, does it appear under ifconfig -a ?03:24
mrk1thanks actionparsnip03:24
xibalba_bond0 ?03:24
yagooxibalba_, that file just wondering may be substituted from debian.. trying to see if there needs to be an NM set03:24
xibalba_only eth0/1/2/3 and lo appear in ifconfig -a03:24
xibalba_i installed server 10.04 LTS03:24
BDRbazhang: closed03:24
xibalba_for a box in my data center, where i currently am03:25
xibalba_it's loud and windy :/03:25
RatPackSopraszal, good idea, but what should I do when it finishes booting up?03:25
bazhangBDR, from the terminal :   sudo apt-get update03:25
xibalba_there has got to be something silly i'm missing here03:25
xibalba_no frggin clue what though yet03:25
yagooxibalba_, anything with NM in /etc/default/NetworkManager ?03:25
[THC]AcidRaincelthunder: should i set it up as twinview, or separate x screen?03:25
xibalba_yagoo, checking03:26
BDRbazhang: still failed03:26
yagooxibalba_, ok Disabling NetworkManager03:26
xibalba_yagoo, nothing03:26
yagooxibalba_, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkManager (Disabling Network Manager)03:26
bazhangBDR, also from the terminal: ping www.google.com03:26
xibalba_isn't that for desktoponly ?03:26
yagooxibalba_, if use the interfaces file.. you disable the NetworkManager (NetworkManager means end-users can change network icon settings)03:26
BDRping: unknown host www.google.com03:27
xibalba_yagoo, i'm on a server no GUI, no x-windows03:27
xibalba_no icon03:27
BDRbazhang: ping: unknown host www.google.com03:27
bazhangBDR, so you dont have an internet connection, or its a dns issue03:27
yagooxibalba_, dunno if NM default still applies03:27
[THC]AcidRainhow do i restart x?03:27
RatPackSoprahey guys, I booted from a live CD I had sitting around and maybe this is a crazy question, but is it possible to fix my installed version by reinstalling from the live CD?03:27
xibalba_NM is not on this system03:27
szalRatPackSopra: if you have one user on your machine, its user ID (uid) is 1000, if you have more than one user, you need to know your user's uid, then you can look at the directory listing ('ls -lRn /home/yourUserName > ls-lR.txt' <- that will save the directory listing as a text file)03:27
xibalba_man why is this documentation not more detailed, or point to a manual page03:28
szalRatPackSopra: what do you mean by 'fix'?03:28
BDRbazhang: Brilliant deduction! the lack of connection was what I was trying to solve. :P03:28
yagooxibalba_, if eth0/1/2/3 lo appear with ifconfig -a.. then your hardware is working03:28
xibalba_is it bond-slaves or bond_slaves03:28
bazhangBDR, why are you trying to update a system without an internet connection03:28
xibalba_there is no bond information03:28
xibalba_and no ip set on the bond003:29
xibalba_or bond03:29
yagooxibalba_, btw there should be bond docs on that..03:29
BDRbazhang: I'm not sure, I thought you were trying to help me fix my usb adapter so it'd work.03:29
yagooxibalba_, did u try apt-cache search bond|grep doc ?03:29
RatPackSopraszal, well I have only had one user ever set up on this laptop. As far as fix, I mean I reinstall without wiping everything out that is currently on the hdd?03:29
szalRatPackSopra: what's the actual issue?03:29
BDRbazhang: cause i mean that was my original problem in the first place03:29
xibalba_no, but i will now03:29
bazhangBDR, you want to get the drivers on a non-internet connected device through that same device? an ethernet cable is required here. until it can be fixed03:30
yagooxibalba_, this the enslave package?03:30
xibalba_only chemistry bonds03:30
xibalba_no, i'm not using enslave. didn't think i needed to for 10.0403:30
yagooxibalba_, what are you using for the bond devices ?03:30
RatPackSopraI'm getting an ICEauthority issue along with a problem with the configuation server and a missing nautilus folder03:30
yagooxibalba_, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBonding03:31
RatPackSopraread the bottom part of the blog post and the comments03:31
xibalba_yagoo, read that03:31
BDRbazhang: No, I was not of that impression. I don't know why edbian thought I could just start using the device, but I thought maybe he knew more than I did.03:31
xibalba_yagoo, been reading //help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBonding thats how i got started03:31
hanasakihow do I turn off the list of users in gdm?03:32
xibalba_yagoo, i'm using eth0/1 for bond0 and eth2/3 for bond103:32
LMhi, how to recover partitions using grub 2?03:32
bazhangBDR, an ethernet connection will be required then, yes03:32
szalRatPackSopra: "Page not found"03:32
BDRbazhang: my solution was "use ndiswrapper and a CD with the right drivers on it to fix things".03:32
xibalba_i thought this was going to be simple03:32
BDRbazhang: is that not a viable solution?03:32
celthunder[THC]AcidRain: most likely twinview03:32
celthunder[THC]AcidRain: sorry went afk for a bit03:32
RatPackSopraadd and l to the end of htm ....sorry03:33
yagooxibalba_, u have typos in your config.. do it slowly.03:33
bazhangBDR, ndiswrapper is the very last resort03:33
zykotick9hanasaki, edit /etc/gdm3/greeter.gconf-defaults uncomment/change line to "/apps/gdm/simple-greeter/disable_user_list true"03:33
xibalba_really? where i must be so blind to it03:33
xibalba_i just got new glasses too! :(*03:33
BDRbazhang: what, is it going to make my computer explode? bear in mind I don't have ethernet so when you say that's needed we're talking a non-free solution.03:33
xibalba_oh that was a typo on pastebind, it's bond-slave in my config03:33
xibalba_should it be bond_slace?03:33
hanasakizykotick9:  there is no such dir or file?  just /etc/gdm/.....03:34
yagoonot according to http://paste.ubuntu.com/644507/03:34
BDRbazhang: (also one that won't be available until the product ships)03:34
zykotick9hanasaki, sorry, wrong irc channel.  not sure what the path is for ubuntu.  my bad.03:34
bazhangBDR, whats the exact chipset again?03:34
yagooxibalba_, it's also bond-slaves, not bond_slave03:34
BDRbazhang: Intersil 3886.03:34
hanasakizykotick9:  what are you running?03:34
BDRWhich there was a site link for from edbian.03:34
zykotick9hanasaki, doesn't matter03:34
xibalba_and bond_mode or bond-mode03:35
BDRI *was* in the process of getting that stuff and taking it to my computer when all of a sudden he started talking about trying to download it straight from my computer.03:35
BDRbazhang: [22:35] <BDR> I *was* in the process of getting that stuff and taking it to my computer when all of a sudden he started talking about trying to download it straight from the computer I'm working on03:36
xibalba_is there anything else you have to do or just add the interface entries?03:36
bazhanghttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-firmware-nonfree/+bug/509265 BDR03:37
ubottuUbuntu bug 509265 in linux-firmware-nonfree (Ubuntu Lucid) "Internal wireless not detected: ISL3890/ISL3886 chipset" [Low,Fix released]03:37
bazhangBDR, please read that page for the fix03:37
=== xindzz`off is now known as xindz
yagooxibalba_, did u try /etc/init.d/networking restart ?03:38
yagooxibalba_, sometimes the route table is not updated properly.. there's a flush command for it03:38
xibalba_these guys are suggesting a whole other config syntax http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=156083703:38
xibalba_yes i did restart the box and network03:38
xibalba_no i'm not even trying IP yet03:38
xibalba_my other colleague is bringing up IP right now03:38
xibalba_he's finishing out the pfSense routers03:38
yagooxibalba_, it says cat /proc/net/bonding/bond003:39
=== Anomaly is now known as Guest78621
bazhanghttp://packages.ubuntu.com/natty/linux-firmware-nonfree BDR03:39
xibalba_proc/net/bonding doesn't exist03:39
zykotick9if anyone is interested, as hanasaki seems to have left - that "/apps/gdm/simple-greeter/disable_user_list true" is in gconf-editor on Ubuntu03:39
raginkestrelDoes anyone know if there is a keyboard shortcut to lock the screen in xscreensaver?03:39
xibalba_do i need to adjust something with the loader.conf ?03:39
xibalba_to get it working, i just dont get it. the docs say its so simple03:39
xibalba_especially on 10.04 w/out enslave03:39
yagooxibalba_, dunno.. maybe theres a bond module that needs to be loaded? (lsmod |grep bond)03:40
bazhangBDR, there are other choices if you are not on natty, and after such great length of troubleshooting I have lost track of what you are running03:40
yagooxibalba_, (modprobe bonding)03:40
xibalba_check out that post03:40
BDRbazhang: It's natty, no worries.03:40
yagooxibalba_, did u load the bonding module?03:41
RatPackSoprawell guys is there a way to just reinstall over a current installation without killing my data?03:41
BDRbazhang: writing the CD now03:41
xibalba_yagoo, what is it ?03:41
bazhanghttp://packages.ubuntu.com/natty/all/linux-firmware-nonfree/download  BDR  since you need to do sneakernet this is the page you want03:41
xibalba_maybe you do need ifenslave enven though you dont need to conf it in neworking/interfaces03:41
xibalba_i haven't installed it yet03:41
yagooxibalba_, bond0 bond1 are devices.. they need a driver for them.. (if they're not built in the kernel.. they have be loaded)03:42
BDRbazhang: thanks, i found the page already though.03:42
yagooxibalba_, modprobe bonding03:42
bazhangBDR, download the deb transfer to usb stick via working computer -----> walk over to non-working, double click the deb file03:42
yagooxibalba_, lsmod |grep bonding ..  if it worked then u dont have to retype this on any reboot afterwards03:42
xibalba_aren't they virtual devices?03:42
xibalba_they're not hardware03:42
xibalba_it's grouping hardware logicallt03:42
bazhangBDR, you're welcome03:42
yagooxibalba_, yeah.. but even virtual devices need modules too..03:42
odixhow do i format a hard drive in linux command line, no filesystem ?03:43
yagooxibalba_, lo is virtual loopback device as well03:43
xibalba_how have you set it up?03:43
odixjust wipe the whole thing and add the boot fla03:43
xibalba_where should i enable it then?03:43
xibalba_i'm unsure03:43
yagooxibalba_, ????? I gave the command twice.. I'm hoping this is the standard for loading the bonding device..03:43
odixi cant find it online everything talks about partition and adding a filesystem, i just want a blank hard drive like you just bought it from stor03:43
xibalba_lsmod showed nothing03:44
yagooxibalba_, dmesg |grep bond  shows anything?03:44
yagooxibalba_, find /lib/modules |grep -i bond03:44
odixhow do i format a hard drive to raw ?03:45
yagooodix, sounds like your girlfriend might find out about ur dirty porn collection03:46
odixhaha no03:46
xibalba_does anyone have a working example?03:46
xibalba_on 10.04.203:46
rwwyagoo: That's not appropriate for this channel.03:47
symptomodix scrub03:47
yagooxibalba_, anything listed with the last command i gave?03:47
yagooodix, anything with /dev/zero is very dangerous use it wisely03:47
xibalba_this day has been horrid thus far03:47
symptomdd if=/dev/random of=/03:47
xibalba_12 hours in this data center, ugh03:47
symptomI always get them backwards03:47
symptomactualy dd if=/dev/random of=/dev/sda03:48
symptombut you need to mount the harddrive separate from a running system..... probably03:48
xibalba_yagoo, i figured it out03:48
rwwsymptom: that's likely to be extremely slow. You probably mean /dev/urandom :)03:49
yagooxibalba_, are you on ubuntu or not?03:49
xibalba_i didn't have alias bond0 bonding in my /etc/modproe.d/bonding.conf03:49
xibalba_yes, 10.04.203:49
symptomrww, sure03:49
xibalba_told you03:49
xibalba_however i need 2 bonds03:49
xibalba_i think i need to adjust, that two liner didn't work03:49
yagoorww, you got that wrong again.. :p03:49
RatPackSopraabout fixing a messed up ubuntu install with a live cd of the same version? Can it be done easily?03:49
* yagoo says /dev/random is slower than /dev/zero03:49
xibalba_yagoo, how would i setup bonding.conf if i wanted 2 bond groups?03:49
symptomcat /dev/urandom hehe03:50
rwwyagoo: /dev/random is also slower than /dev/urandom.03:50
xibalba_i have 4 NICs total03:50
yagooxibalba_, u need the bonding device.03:50
xibalba_i added to my bonding.conf , alias bond0 bonding \n alias bond1 bonding03:50
xibalba_but it only showed bond003:50
xibalba_not bond103:50
yagooxibalba_, I'm asking about the device.03:50
yagooxibalba_, "file /lib/modules"03:50
yagooxibalba_, what does that say?03:50
yagooxibalba_, then run the find line i gave..03:51
xibalba_i loaded the bond module03:51
xibalba_but it's only working for one bond03:51
yagooxibalba_, what does "modinfo bonding" say ?03:52
apporcI copied my kvm images from one machine to another , but found that i was unable to use them.03:52
yagooxibalba_, the version..03:52
xibalba_oh, 3.5.003:52
apporcI surfed the net and found maybe it is because of apparmor , so can anyone tell me how to update apparmor profile .03:53
yagooxibalba_, check /proc to probe the max bonds allowed.. there's also a param to the module if the limit is 1.03:53
xibalba_oh really?03:53
apporcThanks in advance03:53
xibalba_yagoo where under /proc ?03:53
yagooxibalba_, not sure if u can tell--> cat /proc/net/bonding/bond003:54
xibalba_yagoo, got it, had to bring th interface up first03:55
xibalba_it doesn't say a max03:55
yagooxibalba_, so your problem primarily probably was you forgot to load the bonding the device..03:55
xibalba_yagoo, stupid me03:55
yagooxibalba_, now try testing it03:55
xibalba_bond1 isn't showing up, i dont see where to adjust the max bonds03:56
yagooxibalba_, u probably don't want auto on eth0.. maybe u want to fix the Hwaddress to eth0/1/2/303:56
xibalba_i switched them all to static, so every lines reads = iface ethX inet static03:56
yagooxibalba_, how many bonds are listed in /proc/net/bonding ?03:56
xibalba_just 1, bond003:56
xibalba_there should be a bond1 too03:56
PinGuys my Update Manager says " The package information was last updated 11 days ago presst he Check button below to check for new software updates,"  when i click check i get a popup window saying " failed to down load repository information - check your internet connection" when  i click details it says  "W:Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/team-xbmc/ppa/ubuntu/dists/natty/main/source/Sources  404  Not Found03:57
Pin, W:Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/team-xbmc/ppa/ubuntu/dists/natty/main/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found03:57
Pin, E:Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead."03:57
yagooxibalba_, so the MACAddress for eth1/2/3 should be typed in interfaces as well..03:57
xibalba_oh, it doesn't pull the hardware?03:57
yagooxibalba_, eth0 can change for different hardware...03:57
xibalba_i dont see it in the doc page03:57
yagooxibalba_, Macaddress would prevent it from changing03:57
xibalba_any thoughts on why bond1 isn't showing /03:58
yagooxibalba_, it may change... so to be 100% u can set the macaddress for each eth0/1/2/3 and take eth0/1/2/3 out of the auto line (use eth0/1/2/3 in allow-hotplug eth0)03:58
xibalba_how come the second bond1 wont show03:59
xibalba_fiddle sticks03:59
yagooxibalba_, ps aux|grep -i mana03:59
yagooxibalba_, cat /proc/net/bonding/bond0 shows the proper interfacas?04:00
yagooxibalba_, what's the MII Status ?04:01
xibalba_no bond0 is showing load-balancing04:01
xibalba_i selected bond_mode 1 for fail-over04:02
xibalba_mii status is down? what is that04:02
yagooxibalba_, also check the MAcAddresses to see if they're correct with the physical. As i said if u reboot the machine the eth0 may change.. so use macaddress setteing in the interfaces file04:02
yagooxibalba_, mii is for data-link layer..04:02
KagomeSdoes anybody else not have programs load on Natty Narwhal?04:03
yagooxibalba_, basically if its working mii-status should say the very least it's up.. even if the ip address is wrong.04:03
xibalba_everytime i run 'service networking restart' it says "unknown instance"04:03
xibalba_yagoo, could you pastebin me an example on where ot put the HW addresses?04:03
KagomeSMany programs "start" but all I get is a title bar in black or gray and then the rest of the window is completely white04:04
KagomeSnot even a scrollbar04:04
KagomeSno menu04:04
KagomeSnothing like that04:04
xibalba_it's still saying load balancing, yagoo04:04
yagooxibalba_, did u specify miimon or arp_interval?04:04
KagomeSdid somebody send me something?  I had a popup window come up, but it suddenly disappeared04:04
xibalba_no i did not04:04
xibalba_just the basics04:04
yagooxibalba_, see the warning.. do rmmod bonding.. then modprobe bonding.. read any warnings...04:04
xibalba_i just wnat the asic set first04:05
xibalba_rmmod, nothing04:05
=== xindz is now known as xindzz`off
xibalba_modprobe, nothing04:05
yagooxibalba_, now modprobe04:05
StepNjumpCould anyone suggest me a good alternative to itunes for ubuntu that would allow me to search new podcasts such as in searching the itunes store04:05
yagooxibalba_, so hten its fine..04:05
xibalba_is it because i dont have enslave installed yet?04:06
xibalba_i run 'enslave' and get noting04:06
ActionParsnipStepNjump: amarok or banshee, the itunes store is only access04:06
ActionParsnipaccessible with itunes04:06
yagooxibalba_, now because u get the bonding listed  under proc04:06
yagooxibalba_, i mean "no because..."04:06
xibalba_you going to be around for a bit ?04:07
xibalba_i need to go for a smoke04:07
xibalba_been here 12 hours04:07
StepNjumpok ActionParsnip... that's too bad. I think Amarok though only runs in kde right?04:07
yagooxibalba_, are you reading any documentation?04:07
yagooxibalba_, apparently u're making mistakes everywhere..04:08
xibalba_yagoo, yes i've read alot of docs04:08
xibalba_and thanks :(04:08
yagooxibalba_, do you know what "bond-mode 1" is for?04:08
xibalba_fail over04:09
ActionParsnipStepNjump: you can install any KDE app under Gnome and it will run. You wil pull in a tonne of Qt libs as dependencies but it certainly isn't ONLY for kde04:09
synackfinhow do I make ssh by default enable X11 forwarding for a certain server?04:09
yagooxibalba_, do you get any Macaddresses for eth0/1 for bon0 ?04:09
kaligulahay alguien ahi?04:09
yagoosynackfin, -XY04:09
szal!es | kaligula04:09
ubottukaligula: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.04:09
xibalba_not yet, i thought you were going to pastebin me an example04:09
synackfinyahoo: is there any way to enable it at the config file level?04:10
ActionParsnipStepNjump: you do know that itunes may run in wine..04:10
ActionParsnipStepNjump: check the appdb04:10
yagoosynackfin, dunno.. maybe..04:10
yagoosynackfin, for server it has to be enabled of course04:10
ActionParsnipStepNjump: if you had a decent mp3 player, you wouldn't have this grief :)04:10
yagooxibalba_, dude.. the example is on that wiki page04:11
yagoo(i mean this one https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBonding)04:11
KagomeSsigh . . . nevermind04:11
xibalba_not under the 10.04 and newer section...04:12
[THC]AcidRainok so if i showed everyone my config file for x, does anyone think they can tell me where my problem is?04:12
xibalba_yagoo, i still dont get why bond1 isn't show up04:13
StepNjumplol true actionparsnip04:13
StepNjumpok have to go to bed.. the no-see-ums bugs are all over the place. They are attracted by the computer screen04:13
* StepNjump night04:14
yagooxibalba_, get bond0 to work04:14
xibalba_haha i got ch04:15
yagooxibalba_, apparently you don't know what macaddress is.. i asked u 3 times for the output for this.. good luck04:15
[THC]AcidRainhttp://pastebin.com/qygbNMS8 = my x server config. issue: both monitors are detected.  monitor 1, which is a tv, has the last, roughly 1000px, cut off.04:16
xibalba_i do, hang on buddy04:16
xibalba_im in a tiny cramped colo with a burning hot laptop04:16
xibalba_and i've been here 12 hours04:16
=== DaGeek247 is now known as annoying
xibalba_well this might explain it04:16
xibalba_i did an ifdown / ifup on bond0 and ifconfig bond0 is showing the MAC ADD as 00:00:00:00:00:0004:17
xibalba_yagoo, those examples dont show the mac address in every one, are you certain its required?04:17
xibalba_ifconfig shows bond0 but nothing under /proc/net/bonding04:18
yagooxibalba_, the slave interfaces have mac addresses.04:18
yagoothis is from the wikipage04:18
yagooAll u need to say is Y or N.04:19
[THC]AcidRaincan anyone help me? :(04:19
=== annoying is now known as DaGeek247
yagoo[THC]AcidRain, what do you mean?04:19
xibalba_from this page https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBonding04:19
yagooxibalba_, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MAC_addresses04:19
xibalba_lol, dont be  like that04:19
[THC]AcidRaini have 2 monitors set up. both are detected and showing my background. i have it setup as 2 separate x screens04:20
yagoo[THC]AcidRain, as xinerama?04:20
[THC]AcidRainon the 2nd screen. or screen 1, its like the resolution is started 1000 pixels to the left... which is improperly cutting off the 1000 pixles to the right that should be there04:20
[THC]AcidRainyagoo: yes04:20
yagoo[THC]AcidRain, u may need to use the dpi property for each screen in the x config file04:21
[THC]AcidRainwhat is that?04:21
[THC]AcidRaini have a nvidia x server settings gui.  its pretty much setting everything up for me04:23
kbotHi guys. New to Ubuntu. Been reading up on commands and how to work the terminal. Can anybody suggest some good projects for learning more? Thanks!04:23
[THC]AcidRainit even has a little picture of what they SHOULD look like. but its way off :/04:23
ActionParsnipkbot: I'd just use the OS and overcome hurdles as you meet them04:23
ActionParsnip!manual | kbot04:24
ubottukbot: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/04:24
pitlimitI'm sorry... but 11.04... the layout ... is pretty terrible04:24
ActionParsnippitlimit: you can use ubuntu classic04:24
pitlimithow do i change it, action?04:24
yagoo[THC]AcidRain, perhaps this may help (pretty sure it will) https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Xorg#Setting_DPI_manually04:25
ActionParsnippitlimit: unity2D will replace classic in Oneiric04:25
ActionParsnip!classic | pitlimit04:25
ubottupitlimit: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".04:25
pitlimitActionParsnip: what is Oneiric04:25
ejoOneiric Ocelot is the one after Natty Narwhal04:25
pitlimitwhen will that be released?04:26
ejoto be followed by Pissed-Off Penguin04:26
ejoat last!!04:26
ejo(no idea, sorry)04:26
pitlimitActionParsnip: can you tell me what Ubuntu Class (no effects) Is?04:27
rwwpitlimit: October04:27
[THC]AcidRainyagoo: so this is saying i should add these lines under the section of the monitor1?04:27
[THC]AcidRainwhich is the monitor that is having these problems04:28
yagoo[THC]AcidRain, calculate your displaysize values...04:28
jimubao_has anyone had exp with moving site from one host to another ?04:28
yagoo[THC]AcidRain, the monitor not giving the correct output.. try using displaysize for the videocard setting04:28
[THC]AcidRainhmmm.... yagoo, this has to do with resolution and screen size04:30
[THC]AcidRainwhich is not my issue...04:30
[THC]AcidRainbut do you think that doing this will still fix it?04:30
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=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest46819
pitlimitI hope Oneiric has the option to choose classic04:31
pitlimitUsing Unity... makes me feel ... ashamed for using Ubuntu04:31
yagoo[THC]AcidRain, try the DisplaySize , not the Option "DPI" thingy..04:31
ActionParsnippitlimit: not sure04:32
ActionParsnippitlimit: it uses unity2d04:32
pitlimitActionParsnip: if I have to use this bubbly windows stuff... I'll have to change OSes04:32
vivanovin what directory are downloaded files for installed packages kept?04:32
ActionParsnippitlimit: classic willl be gone04:32
pitlimitActionParsnip: that's pretty terrible04:33
ActionParsnippitlimit: why not just change DE?04:33
[THC]AcidRainyagoo, so let me make sure this is correct, if my resolution is claimed to be 1366, i plug this in04:33
ActionParsnippitlimit: there are more desktops than gnome you know04:33
[THC]AcidRainwhich returns 305.6752804:33
bob_I am back :)  No luck on the drivers.  When I mark to d/l the nvidia 96 driver it marks with a warning and it won't install.  Any ideas?04:34
yagoo[THC]AcidRain, what's the screen res? 1400x900 ?04:34
stunts513Could someone help me with a problem I'm revisiting with ubuntu on my laptop04:34
ActionParsnip!details | stunts51304:34
ubottustunts513: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."04:34
[THC]AcidRainits 1366x76804:34
stunts513Ok if I try to boot from the cd I have to force acpi since my pc is ghat old, and then when it starts booting the graphics card goes way outta the refresh rate of any standard monitor04:35
stunts513And any typos are from me being on iPod04:35
ActionParsnipstunts513: add the boot option: nomodeset04:35
bob_For info on my video card, I have nVidia GeForce 4 MX 440 AGP.  The nouveau driver is currently installed.04:36
yagoo[THC]AcidRain, i forget the formula.. probably /25 ..04:36
stunts513Ok, il try that, I'm revisiting it because I had to use debian and when I upgraded Tyne distro I crashed the os so I figured I'd try a reformat with ubuntu again04:37
ActionParsnipbob_: try:  sudo apt-get install nvidia-9604:37
[THC]AcidRainecho 'scale=5;(13.3/1509)*1280*25.4' | bc04:37
ActionParsnipbob_: what is output?04:37
yagoo[THC]AcidRain, good u do some homework :p..04:37
yagoo[THC]AcidRain, had to do a displaysize in an xorg a long time ago..04:37
[THC]AcidRainyagoo: pm04:38
bob_Says that some packages could not be installed.  There are packages with unmet dependencies: xorg-video-abi-8.0 but it is not installable.04:38
bob_Also depends on xserver-xorg-core but it is not going to be installed04:38
ActionParsnipbob_: are there any bugs reported which say the same?04:39
bob_Says E: Broken packages at the end04:40
bob_but I dont see anything about bugs04:40
ActionParsnipbob_: check the reported bugs on launchpad04:40
bob_oh, ok04:40
bob_k, no bugs that have similar errors04:44
[THC]AcidRainyagoo: fail :(04:46
[THC]AcidRainXlib:  extension "RANDR" missing on display ":0.0".04:47
stunts513Btw remind me, wich ubuntu is for pc's with crappy specs, kubuntu or xubuntu04:48
rwwstunts513: lubuntu04:48
stunts513O thanks04:49
`blackmk4is there a way to move all folders from subdirectories to the current working directory?04:49
SshaArchitecture:        i686 = ubuntu 64 bits | 32 bits04:49
stunts513My pc Is so ancient it has a 300MHz processor04:49
`blackmk4i686 isn't 64bit04:50
rwwSsha: if that was a question, 32-bit04:50
SshaOk thanks04:51
`blackmk4how do i recursively mv files to the cwd04:52
bob_Okay, I did ubuntu-bug nvidia-96 to collect info on the bug, and it appears that because I attempted to install nvidia drivers from nvidia.com it messed it up.  It wants me to uninstall those drivers.  How do I do that?  THe install from nvidia.com failed btw.04:54
ActionParsnipSsha: x86_64 == 64bit04:54
MK4hi, im trying to install ubuntu 10.04.2 from USB. when I reboot my computer with the USB in, it says: "unknown keyword in configuration file: gfxboot" then it tries over and over again to boot: "boot: vesamanu.c32: not a COM32R image" it says that over and over again! Help??04:57
Captainkrtekhave an Ubuntu server, copied it's id_rsa.pub to my Debian server's authorized_keys, I can ping the box from Ubuntu --> Debian box but I can't ssh, it times out.04:57
Correnanyone know why when you run "cp * /target/dir" in a directory with subdirectories returns 1 instead of 0?04:57
CaptainkrtekI can ssh fine from my laptop04:57
Captainkrtekany idea?04:58
=== bobbyd_ is now known as bobbyd
rwwCorren: probably because it complains about not copying directories04:58
Correnyea, but how do you ignore that error?04:58
rww"I couldn't copy these files you asked me to copy, have an error number"04:58
Correnwithout having to specifiy every file04:58
rwwCorren: Do you want it to copy directories?05:00
Correnand I don't want it to error05:00
bobweaverHi there I am back I could not get gdm to delete05:00
bobweaverI will explain what I am trying to do05:00
`blackmk4how do i recursively mv files to the current directory05:00
`blackmk4ie. go through all the subfolders05:01
`blackmk4and move the folders to the current directory05:01
bobweaverI installed ubuntu 10.10 about 6months ago and then put kde in it to now I want to make it so I can not sign into ubuntu-desktop edition I have tried to delete gdm then after that I try to log out and05:02
bobweaverit kills my login screen so I try to reboot and it starts ubuqity arghhhh05:03
eubeyanyone have any experience setting up iptables on a webserver? I've got my server pretty much configured running ISPConfig3, and but I don't knwo the right iptables settings to allow ftp to work right? Right now its failing at "retrieving directory listing"05:03
ActionParsnip`blackmk4: i'd ask in #bash too05:03
bobweaverno one knows how to get rid of gnome2 and just have kde installed05:04
ActionParsnipbob_: if you use gnome apps you will need gnome installed05:04
Captainkrtekanyone good with ssh? having a weird timeout issue05:05
ActionParsnip!details | Captainkrtek05:05
ubottuCaptainkrtek: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."05:05
CaptainkrtekActionParsnip, I posted it above05:05
Captainkrtekhave an Ubuntu server, copied it's id_rsa.pub to my Debian server's authorized_keys, I can ping the box from Ubuntu --> Debian box but I can't ssh, it times out.05:05
bobweaverActionParsnip, all I want to do is to make it so there is no option to use the session Ubuntu-desktop05:05
solid_liqCaptainkrtek, check your firewall05:06
Captainkrteksolid_liq, I can ssh fine from another box05:06
solid_liqCaptainkrtek, into the same box?05:06
solid_liqrouting issue then05:06
Captainkrtekit can ping, access it via http, etc.05:06
Captainkrtekjust timesout on ssh05:06
solid_liqsshd has permanently blocked the box you're trying from05:06
solid_liqcheck its block list05:06
Captainkrtekhappen to know where the block list is by chance?05:07
solid_liqnope, I forget05:07
Captainkrtekill try that, thanks05:07
solid_liqit's been a few years since I've seen that issue05:07
yagooCaptainkrtek, ssh is port2205:07
CaptainkrtekI know05:07
solid_liqsure thing05:07
Captainkrtek I moved to a different port for security05:07
Captainkrtekbut can ssh fine to that port05:07
kubanci sit possible to see your ubuntu one folder in internet browser?05:08
ActionParsnipbobweaver: i have a link but the page is slow05:08
yagookubanc, file:// ?05:09
ActionParsnipbobweaver: does that help: http://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=6&ved=0CEoQFjAF&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.streamreader.org%2Faskubuntu%2Fquestions%2F28800%2Fcant-remove-ubuntu-desktop-from-dropdown-menu-on-logon-screen&ei=WcsfTpPuHIWr8AOS46mpAw&usg=AFQjCNGTI8Z0jKQslU2F_HUsBbBUZ3sBAg05:09
Captainkrteksolid_liq, hmm can't find it, dont know why it'd block it, it's a brand new server, only a few hours old05:09
ActionParsnipbobweaver: stupid google poisoning the lnks :(05:09
yagookubanc, file:// means it's local.. it's not being serviced to anyone but localhost05:09
kubancyagoo, no no, if i would like to see my ubuntu one folder from windows machine or any other machine...05:09
solid_liqCaptainkrtek, try from a different user on the source box05:10
kubancyagoo, so lets say, i would go to play www.ubuntu.one, then login to my folder and could download my files?05:10
yagookubanc, then ask urself.. how? sftp:// smb:// http:// ftp:// ?05:10
yagoo[THC]AcidRain, no?05:10
[THC]AcidRainthat was even more of a fail.05:10
[THC]AcidRainwouldnt let me boot, said graphics settings was too low05:10
yagoo[THC]AcidRain, round up 1 number for each value05:10
=== com64th is now known as com64
yagoo[THC]AcidRain, do u know how to use mcedit ? (aptitude install mc) .. it's an easy text editor in console05:11
p_resyagoo: or use nano05:11
Captainkrteksolid_liq, timesout as well :/05:11
[THC]AcidRainman idk. i believe im goign to have to venture off on my own05:11
* yagoo thinks mcedit is the best text editor05:11
[THC]AcidRaini like using gedit05:11
freedom"We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive" and for this reason i want a vpn for ubuntu05:12
yagoo[THC]AcidRain, to restore just cp a.bak.0 a05:12
yagoo[THC]AcidRain, just keep an original copy.. no need to reedit..05:12
solid_liqCaptainkrtek, can you successfully ssh into different machines from that source machine?05:12
kubancyagoo, i'm not asking about thah, can i access my ubuntu one account over www?05:12
yagoo[THC]AcidRain, if it fails that bad.. try adding DisplaySize for both monitors..05:12
yagoo[THC]AcidRain, did u try that?05:12
yagookubanc, www is http://05:13
p_resor if you use emacs it automatically keeps a backup of everything you edit05:13
yagookubanc, maybe you want webdav05:13
p_resrenames it to ~foobar05:13
yagookubanc, a webdav extension to apache maybe05:13
freedom"We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive" and for this reason i want a vpn for ubuntu05:14
ActionParsnip!repeat | freedom05:14
ubottufreedom: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/05:14
yagooCaptainkrtek, port 22 needs to be opened in the firewall.. ssh uses port 2205:14
ActionParsnipyagoo: the port can be changed in config05:14
Captainkrtekyagoo, im using a different port, trust me that is not the issue05:14
yagooif he types ssh with a port number.. by default its port 2205:15
yagoowithout a portnumber->port 2205:15
Captainkrtekyagoo, Im using ssh -p portnumber05:15
yagooCaptainkrtek, so..?05:15
CaptainkrtekI know a good bit about ssh, this is just an odd issue05:15
yagooCaptainkrtek, what number u using?05:15
yagooCaptainkrtek... so fix the firewall for inletting that #05:15
Captainkrtekit uses it fine..05:16
CaptainkrtekI can ssh to the box from another machine using that port05:16
CaptainkrtekI have a server, im trying to ssh from it to another server, doing that it times out. from my laptop it does not timeout ssh'ing to either box05:16
Captainkrtekusing the same exact commands05:16
yagooCaptainkrtek, probably a NAT issue05:16
solid_liqCaptainkrtek, you should ask in ##linux05:17
yagooCaptainkrtek, is this client not ssh'ing properly in the same 192.x.x.x network?05:17
Captainkrtekits not local05:17
Captainkrtekthanks solid_liq05:17
yagooCaptainkrtek, so it's probably ur NAT box not allowing that port forwarding in05:17
Captainkrtekill see05:17
yagooCaptainkrtek, that's more complicating to fix05:18
yagooCaptainkrtek, ur ssh server needs to be on a fixed internal address05:18
freedomin my computer i have 2 os ubuntu 11.04 and linux mint 11.04 and linux mint is fabulous  is faster  and more easy linux mint is the future ubuntu is dead05:18
ActionParsnipfreedom: mint is offtopic here05:19
CeleronCEI have a question05:23
Darael!ask | CeleronCE05:23
ubottuCeleronCE: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:23
CeleronCEWhy doesn't the CTRL X and Y work when saving?05:23
DaraelCeleronCE: Um, what?  Cut and redo?  In what program would this be?05:23
* solid_liq rolls his eyes05:24
DaraelCeleronCE: Ah.  That makes a little more sense.  One moment.05:24
ActionParsnipCeleronCE: strange, works here05:26
[THC]AcidRainit appears that no matter what setting i do. it is forcing twinview05:26
ActionParsnipCeleronCE: what is the output of: lsb_release -d05:26
CeleronCEYeah, used to work for me but it suddenly stopped working.05:26
DaraelCeleronCE: Perhaps because it doesn't make sense to quit while in the process of saving (they want you to cancel the save first, to make sure that's what you want), or to scroll the page (you should have checked before saving).05:26
DaraelCeleronCE: I can only assume I have misunderstood.  ActionParsnip is known to be much more competent than me anyway.  Good luck.05:27
ActionParsnipDarael: really. wow :)05:27
ActionParsnipCeleronCE: does CTRL+O save the file ok?05:28
CeleronCELet me try.05:28
ActionParsnipCeleronCE: http://linux.goeszen.com/nano-editor-keyboard-shortcuts.html05:29
ScottR4I have a very dumb question that is only marginally related to ubuntu, but I figure someone in here will know: When your computer is doing serious processing and makes that rattling noise that's common on most computers, what exactly is making that noise?05:29
ActionParsnipScottR4: the hard drive usually05:29
ScottR4ActionParsnip: thanks. I thought as much, just wasn't sure why anything was getting written to it during some actions05:30
ScottR4ActionParsnip: you work with 'em so long and you never think to ask about the basic stuff ;)05:30
Guestis gnome working in ubuntu, or it still breaks the system up?05:30
ActionParsnipGuest: works fine here05:31
lintuxguest: youtube you can search 11.04 with gnome 305:32
balaji_if i install one app in a partition. can i use the same app from some other distro?05:32
GuestActionParsnip: did you compile it or got it from a PPA?05:33
mrk1there is a file that i cannot delete on my computer because it is locked how can i delete it05:33
balaji_mrk1:check the permission05:34
mrk1balaji yea it says that nobody is the owner05:34
mrk1and so i have no permission05:35
introublewhich is better fs. ext3 or ext405:35
balaji_mrk1: "sudo su" then try to delete the file05:35
eubeyI can't seem to find the conf file for pure-ftpd. I've searched /etc/pure-ftpd.conf and its not there. I'm trying to find it to set the TLS ports so I can set them in my iptables as well. Any ideas?05:36
mrk1balaji i am not familiar with the cli what would the command be05:37
balaji_mrk1: where is the file that is to be deleted?05:38
[THC]AcidRainok... so who all knew that every vizio tv has an auto screen adjust that trys to adjust to the video input but fails?05:38
[THC]AcidRaincause i did a manual adjust, and my screens are beautiful together <305:38
ActionParsnipGuest: GNOME is default in Ubuntu05:38
emeubey: says here it does not read any conf file -- http://download.pureftpd.org/pub/pure-ftpd/doc/README.Configuration-File05:39
mrk1home mohammed Downloads05:39
GuestActionParsnip: I MEAN GNOME 305:39
ActionParsnipeubey: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureFTP05:39
emeubey: it says "Unlike many daemons, Pure-FTPd doesn't read any configuration file (but for05:39
emLDAP and SQL). Instead, it uses command-line options."05:39
ActionParsnipGuest: you only said Gnome. Kill the caps too please05:40
ActionParsnipGuest: I can't possibly GUESS what you mean, can I?05:40
rww!gnome3 | Guest05:40
ubottuGuest: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.05:40
balaji_open terminal. type "sudo su", you will be asked to enter password. then "cd /home/mohammed/Downloads" then "rm filename" (all commands should be entered without quotes)05:40
ActionParsnipGuest: it's not stable in anything natty or before. Gnome3 is default in Oneiric05:41
rwwand it's not stable there either :305:41
bobweaverActionParsnip, I got it05:41
bobweaverActionParsnip, Yess05:41
ActionParsnipbobweaver: got what?05:42
mrk1balaji thank you05:42
ActionParsniprww: indeed ;)05:42
mrk1i am really a novice.. sorry05:42
introublewhich is better fs. ext3 or ext4?05:42
rwwintrouble: depends what you're using it for. In general, ext4.05:42
balaji_mrk1: try to read some beginners guide :)05:43
introublewhich is better fs. ext3 or ext4?05:43
ActionParsnipintrouble: in what respect?05:43
ActionParsnipintrouble: "better" is a wide area05:43
=== AndIrc is now known as Guest70495
mrk1yup that is what i am doing on my other workstation05:43
introubleActionParsnip stable. error free, secure05:44
introublewhich is better fs. ext3 or ext4? stable. error free, secure and other features?05:44
ActionParsnipintrouble: both do security equally well. both are stable and both are definately free05:46
introubleActionParsnip whats the difference05:46
Daraelintrouble: Well, ext3 has had longer to prove its stability.  In security terms I understand them to be equal.  I understand the error rates to be similarly low.  Ext4, however, has features.  It's the next version, after all, even if it's a "stopgap" on the way to btrfs.05:47
rwwintrouble: ext4 is newer and faster.05:48
[THC]AcidRainwhy do some of my screensavers not work?05:48
[THC]AcidRaini just installed the eternal screen saver, and it doesnt work either05:48
fsdggshow do i know which driver is currently being used for my graphics card?05:48
introubleDarael rww , ext3 has had longer to prove its stability.  What do you mean by this . and rww i heard there are some features that are not dealt in ext4 . like error checking. dont know. iam new05:49
[THC]AcidRainlol@satanic edition of ubuntu05:49
DamnSoGoodhello, i'm on ubuntu10.10, my netbook is Acer AO ZG5 with a 8gb SSD, i notice that it is always freezing randomly, i think it is because of my hard drive.. what ca i do to improve the performance of my HD in ubuntu?05:50
Daraelintrouble: Error-checking most certainly is present in ext4.  Ext3, being the version before, has been around for longer and has thus had longer to prove itself stable.05:50
rwwintrouble: If you're new, then just use what Ubuntu uses by default: ext4. It's default for a reason.05:50
Daraelintrouble: Ext4 is generally better than ext3 for the majority of purposes.05:50
introubleDarael rww ok.05:50
HackNewtonDamnSoGood, run hdd dignostic utility to view is there any problem05:51
DamnSoGoodwhat is that app?05:51
introubleDarael rww thanks !05:51
HackNewtonDamnSoGood, you can use Smartmontools05:52
DaraelDamnSoGood: The SMART Data box, reached from the program "Disk Utility", has an option to start a drive self-check.  That's as good a place as any to start.  Alternatively, do what HackNewton suggests.05:52
andrewh192hey, i got a question for ya guys..05:52
dli314159Hello, everybody. I am trying to remove libusb++. However, apt-get remove libusb++ doesn't work since plus signs have special meaning to apt-get remove. Any advice? Thanks.05:52
Darael!ask | andrewh19205:52
ubottuandrewh192: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:52
introubleDarael rww i just LOVE linux. its just 2 problems. one all and majority of worlds apps are for windows. you can find any and you can find veriety. 2. its gives less command as compared to linux but windows is easy (click click thing). if i have to read and configure linux configs . i get head aches.05:53
andrewh192how do i copy remote files to another remote location via ftp?05:53
DamnSoGoodok thanks dudes :D05:53
Daraelintrouble: Apps are made for Windows in many cases, it's true.  You might want to think about searching for what you want to do, rather than the program you're used to using to do it.  That, in my experience, tends to get better results.05:54
HackNewtonandrewh192, there are many remote computing utilities available Ubuntu also have one which comes with installation05:54
pikkiehi all05:54
andrewh192HackNewton: what would that be?05:54
HackNewtonhi pikkie05:55
pikkiei am in need of solving a network related problem with ubuntu server and windows vista laptop05:55
Daraelintrouble: As for "click click thing", software installs are definitely easier in the Debian family, such as Ubuntu (because of the repository system) and the only time I've had to mess with config files was when playing with server software that assumes a certain level of willingness to do so.05:55
HackNewtonandrewh192, there is remote desktop functionalitiey05:55
Darael!ask | pikkie05:55
ubottupikkie: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:55
pikkiesorry ubotto,, new here05:56
andrewh192HackNewton: ok.. I think that would be great, but i am actually tryin to just move files on a ftp server to another site.05:56
introubleDarael no . not just installs. configs. too.05:56
HackNewtonandrewh192, use filezilla then05:56
Daraelintrouble: Hence my /other/ comment, about config files.05:56
Zimm3rIs there anyway to decrease the time the alt tab window takes to appear05:56
HackNewtonandrewh192, its easy and fast05:56
pikkiei can create new folders on the server share but not rename it05:56
andrewh192will it allow me to use the source directory as a remote directory?05:56
andrewh192as well as the destination directory05:57
HackNewtonandrewh192, yes05:57
andrewh192HackNewton: i am using barftp and it only shows my local files, and so that's why i ask if it was possible05:57
andrewh192bareftp rather05:57
[THC]AcidRainit works fine05:58
introubleDarael ok.05:58
ActionParsnipintrouble: i'd use ext4 it is the default fs in ubuntu05:58
HackNewtonandrewh192, you can do it in filezilla but use server version05:58
introubleDarael i hope it supports ntfs and fat32 . read and writ.05:58
introubleDarael ubuntu i mean05:59
Daraelintrouble: It has done for years, without issue.05:59
Zimm3rintrouble: ya ubuntu supports ntfs and fat32 just used it today and yesterday a bunch05:59
introubleDarael ya. last time i used to use kubuntu. it had no ntfs write freature.05:59
introubleZimm3r ok05:59
Daraelintrouble: That must have been some time ago; ntfs writeable has been around since at least Hardy, which was three years ago.06:00
Daraelfsdggs: Pull up the Log File Viewer and look at Xorg.0.log - the info on what driver is in use is in there.06:00
emext4 supports nano-second timestamps.06:00
andrewh192HackNewton: so that version... i went to Ubuntu Software Center and searched for it.06:00
rwwIt's been around since a while before Hardy, if memory serves.06:00
andrewh192HackNewton: there is just one "version" there. or should i download it from the website manually?06:00
rwwI suspect user error ;)06:00
DaraelI thought so, but was only certain for Hardy.06:00
emwriting to ntfs was not depndable in Feisty06:00
rghoseaudacity 1.3.12-beta repeatedly getting hung when copying stereo data from 1 track to another in the same project in ubuntu 10.10... any help ?06:00
HackNewtonandrewh192, download from website that will ease you06:00
Zimm3rI think like 4 years ago i had some problems with ntfs but not anymore06:00
introubleDarael ya. iam a old user. but i had gaps in my linux passion. go into busines. got married. never used computers since then06:01
andrewh192HackNewton: ok, and there should be one marked as a server version correct?06:01
HackNewtonandrewh192, yes you will see it06:01
andrewh192HackNewton: ok.. thanx06:01
Daraelintrouble: Well, good for you for coming back.  You will notice that an awful lot has moved on quite a lot since you last looked.06:01
andrewh192HackNewton: i found it.. says its only for windows06:02
emintrouble: there's no more xorg.conf by default06:02
introubleDarael ok06:02
emintrouble: and the audio stack is now more convoluted.06:02
introubleem aaahh.. ya. i remember . i usually messed with xorg.conf.   so what is the replacement06:03
HackNewtonandrewh192, hmm i just cheacked ok i will find solution for you just hang over here06:03
andrewh192HackNewton: ok.. thanx06:03
emintrouble: if you find someone who knows please tell me06:03
Daraelintrouble: You can place overrides in an xorg.conf that you create, but most of the config gets autogenerated on the fly for X these days.06:03
emDarael: how is it getting auto-generated?06:04
introubleDarael hm. ic. so what is the xorg.conf replaced by?/06:04
andrewh192HackNewton: i would think there would be a way to do it via a terminal window06:04
Daraelem: The X server does it on the fly.  I'm not familiar with the mechanism.06:04
rwwintrouble: Autodetection. If you need to use xorg.conf, make an xorg.conf and it'll read it.06:04
andrewh192HackNewton: it might not be the prettiest, but i would thnk there would be some command or something that might allow that to happen06:04
introublerww ic.06:05
introubleem <rww> introuble: Autodetection. If you need to use xorg.conf, make an xorg.conf and it'll read it.06:05
emI think it was HAL but now HAL has also been replaced. I think xorg was replaced by something obscure and magical that few understand and then that obscure thing was replaced with something more mysterious yet.06:05
HackNewtonandrewh192, may be better ask here06:05
pikkieHackNewon would you know why i cannot rename files on ubuntu server share?06:05
rwwem: Xorg hasn't been replaced by anything.06:05
Daraelem: xorg is still there.  AFAIK it will continue to be there until and unless we move to Wayland.06:05
emrww: it isn't there.06:05
emNo it isnt there unless you make one.06:05
rwwem: Are you talking about xorg.conf?06:05
HackNewtonHay guys anyone knows commands fors for transfering files over ftp server06:05
Daraelem: You may no longer have a /etc/X11/xorg.conf but that's because the X server autodetects config.  It still reads xorg.conf if it's present.06:06
HackNewtonpikkie, can you tell your problem in detail please i was not attending06:06
andrewh192em: was wondering how that might work06:06
emDarael: between Hardy and Intrepid it changed. Even if you do make your own xorg.conf it no longer works the same way as it used to.06:07
saliakI'm using a shell script to call a program.  one of my arguments is a string (so ./foo -a "blah blah blah").  how would i include that in a shell script variable?  my specific issue is at http://pastebin.com/vbWNtWny  for some reason the first one doesn't work06:07
pikkieHackNewton i can create new folders on ubuntu server share but not rename them and i need to do that. only from one laptop in the office.06:07
andrewh192em: or what command that would be... because i am having trouble with uploading stuff to another site and its rather large, and i already have most of what i need on another server..06:07
pikkieit runs vista06:07
introublerww Darael the install crashed. kubuntu06:07
pikkieon the laptop06:07
andrewh192em: was wondering if there was a way i could get the two servers to connect to each other, me being the mid-point, and i could just transfer it that way..06:07
HackNewtonpikkie, did you share ownership with other users ?06:08
Daraelem: I've been using xorg.conf for several releases since Hardy on my desktop (NVidia binary drivers, doncha know) and I assure you, I haven't encountered any major changes to its function beyond less and less of it being necessary.06:08
HackNewtonandrewh192, there is a command named ftp try to use it06:08
pikkiethe share belongs to nobody:nogroup and everybody else can read write and execute in that share06:08
DefectzHello, is this the correct channel for help with ubuntu Server?06:09
rwwDefectz: Here or #ubuntu-server are fine.06:09
Defectzok, thanks06:09
emDarael: with Hardy I was able to put in some settings in xorg.conf that made my logitech marble mouse rollerball mouse have the ability to scroll and then in intrepid, when you put the exact same thing into xorg.conf nothing happened.06:09
HackNewtonpikkie, okay. can you please tell which command you are using to rename your file06:09
Daraelem: So X was updated.  This happens, in software.  The fact that directives for one mouse changed their function does not imply, as you appear to be suggesting, that the entirety of xorg.conf changed the way it works.06:10
HackNewtonandrewh192, seems like ftp command can be used for your requirement06:10
pikkieHackNewton, i am trying to do the renaming of the file from a Vista pc over the network. not on the server directly.06:10
emDarael: You have convinced me that you are correct.06:11
andrewh192HackNewton: ok, so i am looking at a website that goes over the commands and stuff, but was wondering if u could give me like a example of the command line that i would use06:12
andrewh192to connect to the first server06:12
emNevertheless my Logitech Marble Mouse Rollerball was never fully functional ever again after that.06:12
HackNewtonpikkie, yes there is problem you can not change the file . means you dont have write permission if you dont directly connect to server you have only readonly permission even if you have created it ! so you have to connect to server first to access it06:14
=== rewt`` is now known as rewt
DefectzHello all, so I have a question about Ubuntu server, I Downloaded ubuntu Server 64 bit v11.04 and i burned it onto a dvd-r disk to install on my other computer. So it says to put in the cd, restart your computer, and follow the instructions on my screen. I did this but there is no instructions only something saying Solinux 4.01, copyright ect. What do i do now?06:15
emDefectz: trololol06:15
HackNewtonandrewh192, will i never used that command but will try to use it06:16
pikkieHackNewton, when i first connected to the server share i was asked for the passwd, and then ticked the save passwd block. Now it does not ask for the passwd although the share is accessible, and i cannot disconnect to re-enter the passwd. there is no option for that. how do i disconnect, it is not a mapped drive that i can do that. it appears under the network space06:16
andrewh192HackNewton: i sorta got it figured out06:16
Defectzcan no one help me?06:16
andrewh192HackNewton: its going to take i think a little hit and miss to figure it out more06:16
andrewh192Defectz: i am willing to help ya, but i bet i prolly don't know what ur gonna want help with..06:17
WulfDefectz: "solinux"?06:17
rwwWulf: probably isolinux06:17
HackNewtonwell if you want i can send you email about whole information regarding ftp command06:17
WulfDefectz: make a screenshot (with your digicam)06:17
Wulfrww: hmm. I thought about syslinux06:17
DefectzIts one line06:17
Defectzon a screen06:18
Defectzsimilar to cmd prompt06:18
rwwWulf: or that. I forget which one Ubuntu ISOs use.06:18
WulfDefectz: maybe something went wrong during install. Can you install again?06:19
pikkiedoes anybody else have a solution that i can try since HackNewton left06:19
emoh i thought this guy was making up a story to troll us06:20
Defectzwulf: should i just hold the power button and force the computer off? Any key i press doesnt do anything06:20
WulfDefectz: yeah06:20
bobweaverWulf, can you do a ctrl_alt_f2 then a sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart06:21
Wulfbobweaver: no.06:22
bobweaverWulf, ctrl+alt+f2 nothing ?06:23
bobweaverthen sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart06:23
Wulfbobweaver: why should I do that?06:26
bobweaverif you are frozen up un-freeze you and drop you to the cli06:27
bobweaverwolf, if you are frozen up un-freeze you and drop you to the cli06:28
Wulfbut nothing's frozen up here.06:28
bobweaverWulf, I missread I am sorry06:28
bobweaverok so I mad a live dvd of my system but after install it brings me to grub and shows my old partition is there a way to stop this ?06:31
=== AnneGilles123 is now known as christovery
Defectzhey, im currently in the setup of ubuntu server and its asking me to select which network interface i want to use, i have a wireless usb adapter that it detects but it requires software to use, is it still ok to use that one?06:38
WulfDefectz: do you also have wired?06:38
Wulfthen you'll have to use wireless I guess06:39
Wulfor you install everything from cdrom and add wireless later06:39
Defectzcan i change to lan?06:39
ActionParsnipDefectz: sure06:40
Defectzit failed to work06:41
Defectzshould i just resort to the other one06:41
sunshine1wish ubuntu had a gorgeous 3d interface06:47
sunshine1unity is so boring06:47
talntidUnity is boring, I agree06:48
DefectzHey, so im at a part in the installation were it wants me to select a partioning method, there is some guided methods and a manual, which guided one should i do?06:48
sunshine1i mean why do people try to simplify things06:48
sunshine1human beings are getting smarter06:48
rwwI'm not sure that's true.06:48
sunshine1they think we are perplexed by gnome?06:48
sunshine1at the cost of doability06:49
rwwBut anyways, #ubuntu is the technical support channel for Ubuntu. We use #ubuntu-offtopic for other discussion, like this one ;)06:49
DefectzCould anyone help me out?06:50
sunshine1@Defectz: d u hav windows?06:50
=== davidm_ is now known as Guest50188
sunshine1then is the ubuntu the 11.04 version06:50
Defectzyes 64 bit06:51
sunshine1so you have an option,install along with windows automatically,right?06:51
sunshine1or do u want a specific partition size06:51
Defectzwell i dont see the option to install with windows06:52
sunshine1fine,lets do manually06:52
rhin0installing a kde application (with all the dependencies) such as ksnapshot won't give me any system overhead unless I actually run it?  -- kde applications install with a zillion dependencies06:52
sunshine1u r having this chat on ur installing system,rt??06:53
Defectztwo seperate computers06:53
sunshine1so will you be able to do it alongside,coz i dont remember exactly wat the options were,i need u to tell me06:53
rwwrhin0: depends on the dependencies, but generally correct06:53
introublerww Darael my isntallation is stuck since 30mins at 19% wiping swap space for security . do i need to wory?06:54
rwwintrouble: no. wiping space takes a while.06:54
rhin0I just don't want to bloat my system rww --- generally correct and 'depends' isn't good enough I will seek another app rather than a kde one06:54
* rww shrugs06:54
introublerww its on 19% . 30mins..06:55
Defectzthere are 5 options, manual guided using entire disk, guided using entire disk and setup lvm , entire disk and setup encrypted lvm and guided using scs1 , partion #1 and something else06:56
introubleHackNewton hello there06:56
rhin0applicaitons/accessories/take screenshot does it anyway rww (avoiding kde)06:56
introublerww the picture is not changing either06:57
HackNewtoncan anyone tell where is files located for login screen ?06:57
introublerww how do i know its runing06:57
rwwintrouble: because your hard disk is doing things and making fun noises, presumably06:57
introublerww i also see a graphical error at the blue background06:58
introublerww ok . how much should i wait more06:59
HackNewtoncan anyone tell where are files located for login screen ?06:59
geirhaHackNewton: The question is a bit vague. What do you need them for?07:00
HackNewtongeirha, i need to tweak them07:00
rzx237how to change php max upload size setting on ubuntu? tryied on lighttpd and apache php.ini with no luck.07:00
geirhaHackNewton: Ah, then you probably want to look in /etc/gdm/07:01
HackNewtonrzx237, the php file upload size is not depend on os07:01
Spartanii117does anyone know where i can get some advances pulseaudio help?07:01
rzx237HackNewton: so?07:01
HackNewtonrzx237, you can control max file upload in php.ini file07:01
=== expl01t is now known as eXpl01t
HackNewtongeirha, thanks07:02
rzx237I edit it to "upload_max_filesize = 128M"07:02
introublemy isntallation is stuck since 30mins at 19% wiping swap space for security . do i need to wory?07:02
rzx237HackNewton: but still cannot upload 200KB image.07:02
HackNewtonrzx237, i dont think php support that much big size07:03
HackNewtonrzx237, for more info on php files upload go to #php07:03
rzx237HackNewton: I see that from xampp windows default install :)07:03
citricsquidJust installed Ubuntu 11.04. I have a file cod_lnxded, I execute with "./cod_lnxded", for some reason it says: "-bash: ./cod_lnxded: No such file or directory". I can edit the file, it definitely exists. I have tried chmod 777 and chmod +x, any ideas why it won't find it? Thx. Paste of stat output http://paste.ubuntu.com/644599/07:03
rzx237thanks but07:03
HackNewtonrzx237, i know but this is ubuntu only channel (BTW am active on php  too)07:04
geirhacitricsquid: Did you install 64-bit ubuntu, and that binary is 32-bit?07:04
citricsquidgeirha: it works fine on 64bit centos, so I don't think that could be it. I'll try and check.07:04
geirhacitricsquid: run this:  file ./cod_lnxded /bin/bash07:05
geirhacitricsquid: You likely need to install ia32-libs07:05
citricsquid"./cod_lnxded: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (GNU/Linux), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.0.0, stripped"07:06
citricsquidgeirha: okay, running now. Thank you :)07:06
citricsquidgeirha: hurrah! It worked, thank you very much :-)07:06
geirhacitricsquid: Great :)07:07
introublecome onn peaple..... answer me07:08
HackNewtonintrouble , whats your problem please ?07:09
introubleHackNewton my isntallation is stuck since 30mins at 19% wiping swap space for security . do i need to wory?07:10
HackNewtonintrouble, and you are installing ... ?07:10
introubleHackNewton yes07:11
HackNewtonintrouble,i mean  are you installing ubuntu ? or other application ?07:11
introubleHackNewton kubuntu07:12
benonsoftwareAnyone know a good name for Ubuntu 18.0407:12
IledenHi! I'm experiencing a weird problem. My computer loses its network connection after random amount (~20min) of inactivity, and any user activity (even moving mouse) brings it back up. This is problematic because I'm trying to do a long network file transfer on it... Any ideas what might be causing this OR how to hack around the problem, by e.g. mimicking user behaviour with a script or something like that?07:12
HackNewtonintrouble, hmm .... try to wait for another 15 mins ... if it continue .. then its not so big reason to worry !07:13
HackNewtonintrouble, just abort installation ... DO NOT RESTART YOUR COMPUTER .... just abort it07:14
introubleHackNewton there is no abort button07:14
kubanchellow! if i have my client computer turned off, and i would like to send out of office reply, i probably need to setup automatic reply on mail server?07:15
HackNewtonintrouble, there must be cancle button somewhere07:15
introubleHackNewton no there isnt07:15
Trond--Which simple videomaking program can I add a picture to and a mp3 file and save as avi?07:16
HackNewtonintrouble, then there only one option left wait for a time and use restart button on your computer and try to install again after some time07:16
HackNewtonintrouble, hope you have backed up your data07:17
introublei have07:17
introublei mean theres no dat a07:17
HackNewtonintrouble, then there is no reason to worry07:17
bhaveshIf I am making a linux shell script how can I give command to terminal? like $ echo "sudo update-grub2" or $ sudo update-grub2 ?07:18
introublewastage of time is sometime more costly than wastage of data. and sometimes viceversa07:18
HackNewtonintrouble, yes but if you dont have other option you may have to waste both07:19
Zimm3rIs there anyway to decrease the time the alt tab window takes to appear07:19
aksyahbahi guys, quick question.. how to conference mode using webchat?07:19
kubanchellow! if i have my client computer turned off, and i would like to send out of office reply, i probably need to setup automatic reply on mail server?07:20
HackNewtonbhavesh, sudo update-grub2 after you made it executable07:20
introubleHackNewton yup07:20
jvgelikernel panic on Natty with AMD Fusion and ATI radeon HD 6310. anyone having the same issues?07:22
HackNewtonkernel panic ?07:22
sgo11hi, I rsynced from my local partition to an external partition. both are ext4. Then I did "du -s" in both directories. my local directory shows 5493312. my external directory shows 5493264. they are not the same. does it mean there are some differences btw my original dir and backup? thanks.07:22
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jvgeliHackNewton: let me rephrase. I am having lock ups with a blinking caps lock key.07:24
HackNewtonafternoon Kaco07:25
HackNewtonah !07:25
HackNewtonjvgeli, is this problem occurs consistanly ?07:25
jvgeliHackNewton: yes, regularlay. It couldbe the gflrx07:26
jvgeliHackNewton: AMD Fusion is relatively new, support could be buggy07:26
HackNewtonjvgeli, i suggest you to use LST version07:27
jvgeliHackNewton: used the opensource drivers but it is simply worse. fglrx makes my desktop usable07:28
HackNewtonjvgeli, okay ATI have some problems with UBUNTU now a days may that stuck  you07:29
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bazhang!away > Lomex_off07:30
ubottuLomex_off, please see my private message07:30
HackNewtonBye gyes have   a nice Ubuntu time :D07:30
tobiassjostenDoes anyone know how to remove the invisible 1px column from Unity? When I put my mouse there and try to scroll it doesn't work, like if Unity  eating the signal.07:33
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o0o0!away > o0o007:41
ubottuo0o0, please see my private message07:41
workflowhow to install this package http://packages.ubuntu.com/en/lucid/libavahi-compat-libdnssd1 ?07:41
bazhangsudo apt-get install libavahi-compat-libdnssd1   workflow07:43
=== sweat is now known as Guest43952
workflowbazhang, not work :(  E: Package libavahi-compat-libdnssd1 has no installation candidate07:43
bazhangworkflow, what version of ubuntu07:44
workflowbazhang, ubuntu-10.04.2-server-amd64.iso07:44
workflowbazhang, it's name "lucid"07:45
Wouter_Hi all :)07:45
bazhanghttp://packages.ubuntu.com/en/lucid/amd64/libavahi-compat-libdnssd1/download  workflow  make sure you have the correct repos enabled07:46
workflowbazhang how to know what repos must be enabled?07:47
bazhangworkflow, sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list and remove the # from in front of the security updates repo, then save, update sources.list and try again07:48
LegendCEOAnyone here know if the current ubuntu kernel supports the triple core AMD phenom processor?07:48
workflowbazhang, in my case /etc/apt/sources.list just empty, where to get this list?07:49
Wouter_I don't really know what the correct procedure here is, so i hope i wont offend anyone with this: I was wondering if anyone could help me with a ubuntu issue, i'm fairly capable at linux but this has me bogling a little bit. I have a Nvidia Mediashield Raid array in my Asrock ION mobo, been using it with 2 x 2TB in mirror raid. I accidentally killed one of the drives with an failed OpenElec instalation (wanted to try it) and now my ra07:50
FishFaceLegendCEO: How current? I installed 10.10 in January and upgraded to 11.04 after that.07:50
Wouter_When i set my raid array to 'Rebuild' it said that i should boot in to an OS capable of rebuilding, i thought for sure that ubuntu would be fine with it. But now when it boots it goes directly to a busy box , and the recovery console show's that it cant find /dev/randomsymbolsattatchedtomyraidarray.07:50
Wouter_Any idea how i can rebuild my raid ?07:50
ikoniaWouter_: fakeraid, you're just onto a downer from the start07:51
LegendCEOFishFace.  I haven't installed one yet.  Wanted to be sure first.  I'll be downloading the 11.04 x64 build.07:51
FishFaceLegendCEO: Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) 8250e Triple-Core Processor,  MMX,  3DNow (3 CPUs), ~1.9GHz07:51
Wouter_@ikonia thanks :)07:51
ikoniaWouter_: has the array ever worked wth Linux07:51
Wouter_@ikonia yes, perfectly07:51
ikoniaWouter_: which versions of Linux07:51
Wouter_@ikonia 11.0407:52
LegendCEOAnd it is using all cores?  Works for me!07:52
Wouter_@ikonia 64bit07:52
ikoniaWouter_: ok - so what happened to stop it working07:52
IledenWouter_: btw that's is the correct procedure for asking a question here - just asking it.07:52
FishFaceLegendCEO: Yep :)07:52
LegendCEOBeautiful!  I07:52
LegendCEO'll head over and get it.  Thanks!07:52
FishFaceNo prob07:52
LegendCEOYou da man!  (or woman, as the case may be)07:53
Wouter_@ikonia I tried installing a different linux distribution together with ubuntu and it killed one of the drives, totally reformatted, installer was still in beta apparently07:53
LegendCEONever been on irc before.  This is interesting.07:53
ikoniaWouter_: ok, so your raid array will have been corrupted on both mirrors07:53
Wouter_@ikonia I was expecting there to be a next option "select your partition" but no.. it just started formatting the first drive, awsome -.-07:53
LegendCEOOk, I'm off to go download.  thanks for the help!07:54
ikoniaWouter_: your raid array data has been ruined then07:54
Wouter_@ikonia i booted into a linux distro and it said one of the drives is still full of data tho07:54
Wouter_@ikonia live cd07:54
ikoniaWouter_: I'm sure it is, but your meta data will have been destroyed07:55
ikoniaWouter_: (or changed to represent the ruined data to be more exact)07:55
Wouter_@ikonia aha, so reformat and start over?07:55
ikoniaWouter_: pretty much, I would strongly advise you against using fake raid, but that is your decision07:55
Wouter_@ikonia i'm using the Nvidia bios raid, is that considered fakeraid?07:56
ikoniaWouter_: yes07:56
Wouter_@ikonia i was thinking of installing windows 7 onto an usb drive and installing the nvraid tool to rebuild the raid array, but that seems prity pointless now then ?07:56
aumis there any php room07:57
csdserverwhat would be the format of a bash script that touch's a file, then saves sequential commands to a file?07:57
ikoniaWouter_: in my opinion, yes, but your of course welcome to try it07:57
ikoniaaum: ##php07:57
ikoniacsdserver: try in ##bash for scripting help07:57
ikoniacsdserver: but basically it would be just that, touch a file then redirect subsiquent commands to that file07:57
Wouter_@ikonia hm bah07:58
ikoniacsdserver: look at the commands "script" and "tee"07:58
aumthank you07:58
llutz_csdserver: or simply use "script"07:58
llutz_oops, to slow07:58
csdserverthank you =)07:58
Wouter_@ikonia fakeraid seems quite pointless, i got the second drive to avoid these things :P07:58
ikoniaWouter_: fully agree07:58
=== graingert_ is now known as graingert
Wouter_@ikonia so; get a decent raid controller.07:59
Wouter_@ikonia or use the both drives seperate and backup them regularely07:59
aumthere is no one in ##php and ##bash07:59
workflowhey someone show u /etc/apt/sources.list please07:59
graingertikonia, get a IBM Storwise v700007:59
ikoniaWouter_: if you're just using Linux you could investigate software raid whic his excellent07:59
ikoniaaum: yes there is07:59
ikoniaWouter_: or, of course you can buy a true hardware raid card07:59
sgo11hi, if both directories have the exact same contents and in the same type of partition, by using du -s in the same OS (same PC, run in same time). Will the results of du in the two dir be difference? is this possible?08:00
Wouter_@ikonia: software raid sounds good08:00
ikoniaWouter_: it's excellent if you're just using linux08:00
ikoniasgo11: then can differ slightly08:01
Wouter_@ikonia Only linux on that machine, mediacentre.08:01
sgo11ikonia, yeah, that is what I got. one is 5493312. and another one is 5493264. why?08:01
ikoniaWouter_: software raid will be a really good option for you08:01
Wouter_@ikonia thank you for all the help, i'll find some how-to on that :)08:02
ikoniasgo11: depends where the files are positioned in terms of blocks on the disk, there can be a very slight difference08:02
sgo11ikonia, basically, I used rsync to backup my directory. the results show different size. I am just afraid if I miss anything.08:02
sgo11ikonia, one is in my local harddrive. another one is in external harddrive connected through usb. both are ext4.08:03
ikoniasgo11: so the two directories are 1.) source 2.) rsync - not two identical copies, but an rsync copy08:03
IledenHi! I'm trying to do a long SMB to SMB network transfer on a computer running xubuntu, but I'm experiencing a VERY weird problem. My computer loses its network connection after random amount (~20min) of inactivity, and any user activity (even moving mouse) brings it instantly back up. Any ideas what might be causing this OR how to hack around the problem? (Mimicking user behaviour with xdotool didn't seem to work.)08:03
ikoniasgo11: are both hard disks using the same sector and block size ?08:03
sgo11ikonia, i have no ideas. how to check? I created them with ubuntu parition tools.08:03
IledenAslo, there doesn't seem to be any BIOS option related to this.08:03
Wouter_@ikonia; small question, any idea how i could combine that with an XBMC live build ? Install the xbmc live on one drive and install the software raid later, let the bios just see it as 2 drives?08:03
ikoniaWouter_: hang on - is this for ubuntu ?08:04
sgo11ikonia, one is created during ubuntu installation. another one is created by gparted. I didn't change any options.08:04
ikoniasgo11: quick answer, do a "du -h" on both directories are they the same08:04
Wouter_@ikonia yes08:04
ikoniaWouter_: Wouter_ then why are you talking about xmbc live which is it's own OS08:05
sgo11ikonia, yeah. du -sh will show 5.3G. they are only slightly different.08:05
Wouter_@ikonia, i'm not using the xbmc build but a build based on ubuntu :)08:05
Wouter_@ikonia from xbmcfreak.nl08:06
zonemahi all.. anyone who can tell me how to change the color in konsole "jacob@desktop:~/map" and not the output of konsole?08:06
ikoniaWouter_: ok - so it's not actually ubuntu, it's it's own build based on ubuntu08:06
tk`can someone help me setup kdump on ubuntu08:07
Wouter_@ikonia kind of ubuntu without the windowmanager to keep it lightweight (just an 1.6 atom with vdpau)08:07
ikoniasgo11: how slightly in du -hs08:07
ikoniaWouter_: I suggest you contact them for support then as I don't support peoples custom ubuntu distros08:07
icerootwhat is the common way to encrypt a raid1 (md0). encrypting sda1 and sdb1 and then build the raid? or build md0 and then encrypt md0? what is better for performance and when a disc is failing? is encrypting md0 the better way?08:07
tk`i have compiled the kernel with required config. some reason kdump doesnt start on panic08:07
ikoniaiceroot: the encyption should be done on the filesystem - not the device08:07
ikoniatk`: we don't support custom kernels08:08
sgo11ikonia, I mean du -sh will show the same size. but du -s will show slightly different result as what I posted.08:08
tk`i meant i hv to enable kexec etc for kdump08:08
ikoniasgo11: then I'd be content it works08:08
r_avalonzonema: best i can tell you is to go to edit>preferences>colors and just start testing which color goes where08:08
Wouter_@ikonia seems fair, but i'll try it in ubuntu first :)08:08
ikoniatk`: we don't support custom kernels08:08
icerootikonia: so you mean md0?08:08
ikoniaiceroot: yes08:08
Wouter_@ikonia anyway thanks =)08:08
ikoniaiceroot: you can do it on devices, but on my experience that is a bad idea08:08
icerootikonia: so mdadm is syncing the crypted fs to both devices08:08
tk`so u mean cant talk about it here?08:09
zonemar_avalon: okay, i will try that way08:09
ikoniaiceroot: well, no, as if you're "using it" it's unencypted08:09
=== Cain` is now known as Cain
ikoniaiceroot: it's only encypted when you're not using it, so if someone tried to use it without the encyption key it would be garbage08:09
sgo11ikonia, thanks. but why are the sizes different? low level stuff? :)08:09
ikoniasgo11: yes, as I suggest slightly different block sizes, head sizes etc etc.08:09
ikoniasgo11: it's quite unusual these days but can happen08:10
tk`is there an ubuntu kernel irc channel?08:10
icerootikonia: ok, so in the first step i will build my sw-raid1 and after then i will encrypt md0. thank you08:10
sgo11ikonia, ok. sure. thanks.08:10
ikoniaiceroot: in my opinion, I think that's a good config08:11
whowantstolivefohi people, is there anyone knows how to install oracle jinitiator to ubuntu ? for firefox i need this plugin and i cant display pages where i want to use... please help08:11
icerootikonia: i hope so. its an intel atom with 2 external usb drives which will be the raid1. i hope the performance will be ok on that setup08:11
ikoniawhowantstolivefo: http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B12166_01/web/B10470_01/appa.htm08:12
ikoniaiceroot: usb + raid mirror = bottleneck08:12
icerootikonia: i would be happy about 20MByte/s (with no raid/encrypt its about 33MByte/s)08:12
icerootikonia: yes08:12
ikoniaiceroot: I'm sure you'll get acceptale throughput though08:12
icerootikonia: but hardware-raid is to expensive and (e)sata is not possible on that board08:13
reachingperfectii would like to confirm that in ubuntu 11.10 the desktop envornment will be gnome3 or will it officially support gnome308:13
whowantstolivefoikonia:  supported configurations A. Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP: <<< so i cant use this page in linux ?08:13
ikoniawhowantstolivefo: ask Oracle, it's their product08:13
ikoniawhowantstolivefo: http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B12166_01/web/B10470_01/basics.htm#101090908:14
whowantstolivefoikonia:  thanks08:15
reachingperfectii would like to confirm that in ubuntu 11.10 the desktop envornment will be gnome3 or will it officially support gnome308:15
ikoniareachingperfecti: try in #ubuntu+1 and check the topic08:15
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defsworkcan you tell do-release-upgrade to upgrade to kalmic (from jaunty) and not try to go to lucid (which isn't supported)08:35
csdserverhmm is there something i can do to edit window title bar displaying and desktop layout? i don't like the stuff on the side like that.08:36
introubleis www.w3schools.com authenticated and helpful for learning any thing like php ? if yes. why http://w3fools.com/ exists ?08:40
dydubuntu keep saying "no space left on device"08:40
csdserverwhat does gparted say about it?08:41
Sunny_AKhello evryone!08:41
csdserverlast ? @ dyd08:41
dydlet me say a bit of story08:42
dydi had ubuntu installed with wubi on a 40gb hd08:42
dydsoon hd became too small, so i used dd to make a copy on a 160 gb hd08:42
dydthen i resized it to use all 160 gb08:43
creekcsdserver : when you start your machine, the first screen will be your user name. Click on this. The next screen will be for you to enter your password. At the bottom of the screen you will see your options. Click on Ubuntu and your choices will be displayed. Click on Ubuntu class, and then enter your password and your desktop should be as you like.08:43
dydbut something's wrong, it acts like if it's empty08:43
dydcdserver: that's the story :)08:43
dydcsdserver: that's the story08:44
xiuziso cool08:44
dydcsdserver: it acts like if it's full*08:45
phaxwhich service on 10.0.4 distro runs pdftotext and what is it trying to do (at startup)08:47
csdserverwhere and when are you getting the messages? on boot? does the disk spin and bios pick up?08:47
csdserver(thanks creek)08:48
dydcsdserver: when i save files on desktop for example, or when i open opera it says it can't save bookmarks, thinks like that08:48
dyd*things like that08:48
dydcsdserver: now it worked, but it's random08:48
dydcsdserver: btw sometimes it says that disk space is running low08:49
dydgparted looks fine08:49
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llutz_dyd: "df -h /"08:49
dyduse 100% :(08:49
=== Bubba is now known as Guest54349
=== Guest54349 is now known as Kaco
dydllutz_: /dev/loop0             19G   19G 1000K 100% /08:50
selami_yakalayri write a one line bash (script) to start chromium as different user agent. but script is not working. the script is :   chromium-browser --user-agent="Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 10.0; Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/6.0)" can someone help me plase ?08:52
gob_bluthhi, for ubuntu 10.04 LTS, how do i set the domiainname? domainname returns (none) and hostname --fqdn doesn't give a dns either? is it /etc/domainname ?08:52
plouffequick question: I downloaded sumatra pdf reader and tried to run using "Wine Program Loader", and it warns me that the file is not marked as executable. Should that bother me at all, and should Ubuntu even display that message?08:54
icerootgob_bluth: /etc/hosts08:54
iceroot!host | gob_bluth08:54
iceroot!hosts | gob_bluth08:55
gob_bluthiceroot it's there08:55
icerootgob_bluth: also /etc/hostname08:55
gob_bluth192.168.100.230 puppet puppet.mydom.local08:55
gob_bluth /etc/hostname is 'puppet'08:55
iceroot!hostname | gob_bluth08:55
plouffeit says it may be dangerous to run that file because it has no executable bit, really?08:55
ubottugob_bluth: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hosts to include BOTH the old and new hostname and then change /etc/hostname to the new one. WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.08:55
eraggoplouffe: you need to set runnable flag for the file to run it. chmod u+x filename08:56
plouffeeraggo, that makes it less dangerous? It's run by wine anyway08:57
eraggodid it run ok without setting runnable bit?08:57
csdserverdyd why is it running in loop0? net storage?08:57
plouffeI changed the bit08:58
plouffeno it didn't run without08:58
dydcsdserver: i have no idea08:58
eraggoplouffe: afaik wine requires each software to be runnable :/08:59
dydcsdserver: i don't even know what is loop008:59
dydcsdserver: now i've used  rm -rf * and it cleared about 50%08:59
llutz_csdserver: using loopX seems to be the way wubi works08:59
dydcsdserver: how can i make that thing bigger?09:00
introublemy kubuntu isntallation is stuck since 30mins at 19% wiping swap space for security . and if it goes to 23% it gives an installer crash.09:00
dydcsdserver: oh shit. it removed all my files on desktop...09:00
dydcsdserver: i have nothing on my desktop. jesus09:01
eraggodyd: where did you runned rm -rf *09:01
csdservernow would be time for a fresh install09:02
dyderaggo: on my console09:02
llutz_and no wubi this time09:02
introublecsdserver done that many times09:02
eraggodyd: home dir?09:02
dyderaggo: totally erased09:02
dyderaggo: have no idea, i just typed  rm -rf *09:03
llutz_dyd: what did you expect "rm -rf *" to do?09:03
dydllutz_ was reading here: http://forums.cpanel.net/f189/dev-loop0-tmp-100-full-154501.html09:03
ikoniadyd: are you using ubuntu ?09:03
dydYou can remove the files alternatively whilst you manage a mount:09:03
dyd rm -rf *09:03
dyd That should remove everything in the TMP file, you can always manage a CRONTAB -E command to delete the files of this directory, the TMP will eventually fill up and this is a possible solution to size increase.09:03
dydoh yea i got it09:04
dydi'm a fucking retard09:04
dydi was in home and removed all from there09:04
eraggodyd: you didnt cd to it?09:04
dydand i had to move in tmp directory before doing that command09:04
llutz_learning the hard way09:04
dydso lol09:04
dydwell, at least my loop0 now it's half empty09:04
ikoniadyd: control the language09:04
Calinoulol? for that?09:05
new_ubuntu_userHi! Can some one help me with nvidia proprietary drivers? I do 'apt-get install nvidia-current', after reboot loaded nouveau :( nvidia-detector say 'None'09:05
dydikonia: ok09:05
ikoniadyd: are you using ubuntu yes/no ?09:05
afsffaon ubuntu 11.04 with unity, my dual monitor setting is not staying permanent after reboot. I am using propietary ati fglrx drivers and set the dual monitor setup in ati catalyst gui09:05
dydikonia: yes09:05
ikoniadyd: why are you looking at cpannel forums then ? as cpannel is not built for ubuntu09:05
new_ubuntu_usermy ubuntu is 10.0409:05
dydikonia: i was on google looking for a solution on that loop0 thing09:06
dydthank god i have the other hd with my datas on it09:06
dydi moved on new hd just a couple of days ago09:06
csdserverit wasn't a problem i was just asking for clarification on what it was doing =)09:06
NetBookuserhi, guys09:08
NetBookuserI have a problem with the installation of airmon-ng, can anyone help me?09:08
=== onats_ is now known as onats
introublehow to know which is my swap partitions and how to format i t09:09
afsffahow to make my ati catalyst dual screen settings permanent ? my 2nd monitor goes always back to "mirrored" mode after reboot09:10
llutz_introuble: sudo blkid | grep swap        then "sudo mkswap /dev/sdXY"09:10
introublellutz i dont want to make swap. i want to format it09:11
llutz_introuble: define "format"09:11
introublellutz actually in kubuntu installation. data wiping of swap is giving error.09:11
csdservernew_ubuntu_user,  in 10.04 try this http://www.ubuntugeek.com/howto-install-nvidia-drivers-manually-on-ubuntu-10-04-lucid-lynx.html09:11
introublellutz the same meaning that of format when you check format button while installing kubuntu.09:12
introublellutz FORMAT... dont you know09:12
llutz_introuble: sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdXY bs=4k09:12
new_ubuntu_usercsdserver: thank you09:13
introublellutz iam using lived cd and i want to format swap of hd.  sudo blkid | grep swap will give different results i think. somehting /dev/ramzswap009:13
llutz_introuble: what does that command actually give you?09:14
introublellutz ok. tell me how to format /dev/sda6 and make it swap09:15
wildcard-hey all, i have an ubuntu test system in vmware but i gave it little too less space i noticed, now i enlarged the hdd in vmware and want to extend the partiotion with gparted. but i cant extend it since the swap is at the end of the partition. will it cause problems when i delete the extendet swap partiotion, then resize the root and add the swap again at the end ?09:15
llutz_introuble: sudo blkid | grep swap        then "sudo mkswap /dev/sdXY"09:15
introublellutz will that formate it too?09:16
llutz_introuble: "sudo mkswap /dev/sda6" in your case. btw: you don't "format" anything since ages, you might create filesystems or a swap-signature in this case09:16
introublellutz why do you think iam getting errors at 23% of wiping swap data. repeatedly09:18
llutz_introuble: diskerror? no idea09:19
skarufuewildcard-: just make a swap file for the time when you have to delete you swap09:19
introublellutz hmm. what can i do to correct disk erors09:19
=== manzamanna is now known as Guest52813
llutz_introuble: sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda6 bs=4k            if you are sure, /dev/sda6 it the correct drive.09:20
skarufuewildcard-: you need to follow a-d of this guide: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-add-a-swap-file-howto/. and then when you are done just swapoff swapfile and deletes it09:21
introublellutz what will it do ?09:21
llutz_introuble: overwrite that with zeros09:22
=== Wally1 is now known as Wally
introublePici u there?09:22
wildcard-skarufue, im using gparted live cd, do i need to do this anyway ?09:23
introublellutz .09:23
skarufuewildcard-: no then you can just resize. but you will need to change the fstab in your installed system to point to the new swap09:25
skarufuewildcard-: for that you just mount your / drive into your livecd and then you want to edit /etc/fstab09:25
skarufuewildcard-: then you look for a line like this: UUID=d9942c12-e674-4fa7-ba54-8d71ed702b2c none            swap    sw              0       0. and just replace the UUID=rtgseftgs part with the  path to your new swap partition09:28
stethoHi - Anyone know where I can get support on ircd-hybrid (installed on Ubuntu)? I have installed it and it seems to work fine - with one exception. Even with one room and one user trying to get a room list results in "server load too heavy" message. /list works fine09:28
skarufuewildcard-: oh beware thoug you actually want to edid /wherever/root/is/mounted/etc/fstab09:29
omegaphihi folks please help! When I start my ubuntu I am getting the grub prompt only? I am on a dual boot machine, What do I do? Please help :(09:29
skarufueomegaphi: well. you will basically need to tell grub on which drive your kernel is and what initrd image to use09:31
omegaphiskarufue : How do I find it out?09:32
omegaphiskarufue : Earlier everything was perfect, don't know what cause this grub thing :(09:32
skarufueomegaphi: likely you either reinstalled windows or updated ubuntu09:33
omegaphiNo, I did nothing like that, as far as I remember09:33
omegaphibut anyway, is there any way to restore?09:34
skarufueomegaphi: doesnt really matter though. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows09:34
skarufueomegaphi: the livecd way is probably easiest09:34
omegaphiskarufue : My CD drive doesn't work :(09:34
skarufueomegaphi: well no worries09:35
skarufueomegaphi: did you install your ubuntu from the windows installer?09:35
wildcard-skarufue, ok thx, i will have a try, i created a clone of the machine so nothing can go wrong hehe09:35
omegaphiskarufue : I installed via WUBI09:35
skarufueomegaphi well that complicates shit09:36
omegaphioh :(09:36
affafshey. how can I open up the system settings gui or the login screen gui from an empty X session. I went to login settings to change logiin type as "user defined" and now I'm logging in to empty X with no unity or any bars to operate with. I need to get to the login gui to change the setting to ubuntu09:36
llutz_affafs: alt-sysrq-k09:37
tanyouliangoh,my god09:37
omegaphiskarufue : Currently I have a ubuntu 10 installed as main OS, over it I have windows 7 and over windows 7 I have ubuntu 11(wubi)09:37
jribaffafs: just renaming ~/.dmrc should be enough09:37
jribaffafs: or just change it back at the login screen09:38
skarufueomegaphi: so which grub doesnt work anymoer?09:38
omegaphiskarufue : the ubuntu 11 one09:38
skarufueomegaphi: give this a try: http://www.omaregan.com/?p=60809:39
omegaphiskarufue :trying this: Restarting my system brb09:43
cjsWhat's the recommended command-line tool for encoding MP3 files?09:46
workflowcjs may be ffmpeg09:47
llutz_cjs: lame09:47
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tanyouliangIt's very strong09:49
cjsHm. I think I'll go with ffmpeg, since eventually I'll need that for other stuff, too.09:49
WallyWait.. nvm09:49
omegaphiskarufue : that didn't help :'(09:51
geraud_when I put this line GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="acpi=off splash" in the file /etc/deflaut /grub my wireless doesn't work anymore09:54
spoekHi guys! im fairly new to ubuntu, and have encountered a problem. googling did not help me out, even though many ppl have fixed this problem before me. I connect to a windows computer on my network via places > connect to server.. > windows share > and then the ip09:54
geraud_I Need this line to fix problem of black screen/brightness09:54
spoeki get the shared folders up, but when i try to enter any folder i get "Failed to mount Windows share"09:55
geraud_someone can help me?09:55
spoekanyone who can help? would be much appretiated.09:55
wildcard-skarufue, how exatley do i need to replace the UUID= bypath ?09:57
wildcard-skarufue, so i replace "uuid=1232526124616" simply by "uuid=/dev/sda1" for example ?10:03
Starman83I recently noticed that USB media which I plug into my ubuntu system will not get mounted automatically and I think it all comes down to a dbus problem: http://paste.ubuntu.com/644686/10:06
Starman83Any ideas?10:06
Starman83This happens if I try to stop and start dbus10:06
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dydguys, i was trying a new fresh installation of ubuntu but it says no root file system is defined...10:11
=== system is now known as Guest5693
karthick87I am not able to join my ubuntu machine to windows domain.Can anyone help?10:12
introublein what programing languages. the software developer retains the source coda and customer cannot access it to modify the applications. and in what languages it is possible to make the source code from an compiled application.            for those 2 questions i think php is not one of them. you give the application that means you give the code.   what are others?10:13
UbuntuNewYou cant do what :P?10:13
UbuntuNewHello to everyone :).I am curently installing ubuntu and it has stucked at copying files... any help can i take any actions to solve that?10:14
Starman83UbuntuNew: Try the "check disk" option in the boot menu, see if it gives any errors10:15
UbuntuNewHes but am i supposed to close the installation?10:15
UbuntuNewand if yes HOW ?10:16
=== mint is now known as Guest98800
Starman83UbuntuNew: well how long have you been waiting for it to complete?10:16
pacnumber1i was stuck in copying once and found out that my network was wrongly configured (bad dhcp)10:16
UbuntuNew1hour+ and hard disk activity is almost 010:17
pacnumber1ctrl+alt+f1 should give you a command prompt10:17
UbuntuNewhard disk activity stoped after copying files progress bar was filled10:17
=== samba is now known as Guest89035
Laurencebi, i want to install qtcreator >4.7 on lucid10:18
Laurencebcan anyone help?10:18
introuble what languages can be reverse engineared?10:18
Starman83UbuntuNew: Do you have any important data on that machine?10:18
nettezzaumanahi there10:19
nettezzaumanais anyone using Vuze/azureus ? i can't find there must-to-have feature: `stop once download finished'10:19
nettezzaumanais it there?10:19
LMenable x11 in edubuntu?10:21
Fudgecan android be ran in ubuntu10:21
nettezzaumanaFudge: http://www.usethefuckinggoogle.com/?cx=partner-pub-7949889933715117%3A7178591449&cof=FORID%3A10&ie=UTF-8&q=run+android+in+ubuntu#108810:22
popeynettezzaumana: that's not appropriate for this channel10:23
cjsDo I need any sort of separate codecs package for ffmpeg? I'm getting a "no code found" error when I try to convert flac to MP3: http://pastebin.com/3y83GWvR10:23
popeycjs: install libmp3lame10:25
cjsThere's no package specifically with that name; I do have libmp3lame0.10:27
popeycjs: thats the one10:28
omegaphihi, can I have ubuntu live CD in USB drive? My CD drive doesn't work :(10:28
popey!usb omegaphi10:28
cjsYup, that's already installed.10:28
popey!usb | omegaphi10:28
ubottuomegaphi: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent10:28
omegaphipopey , I don't want to install ubuntu, I want to save my files from a corrupted installation of ubuntu10:29
popeyomegaphi: see the second link10:29
popeyomegaphi: you can use tools like unetbootin to make a bootable usb stick10:29
omegaphipopey , ok , so would it work like a ubuntu live cd?10:29
popeyyes omegaphi10:30
spacebug-omegaphi: or just:          dd if=/location/to/ubuntu-cd.iso of=/dev/xxx bs=1M         (where xxx= your usbstick)10:31
Fudgesdk does10:32
ShikhinI use Wubi, and now, suddenly root.disk is missing.10:34
ShikhinAnd it isn't even present in found.00010:34
ShikhinPlease help.10:34
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FRIED_BRAINHello! I need some hellp here. I'm trying to install ubuntu server 11.04 on a HP Proliant  winth 3 HD on RAID 0. The grub always fails to install maybe beacause de RAID 0. What can I do to solve this problem? Any idea?10:37
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=== deem is now known as Socke
introubleok. what about obfuscation, how to secure java code. or php code even  ?10:41
nettezzaumanaFRIED_BRAIN: omg .. go to google and type "hp proliant raid grub fails"10:42
FRIED_BRAINdone that for HOURS10:42
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Starman83Does anybody have a clue why my dbus-daemon won't accept system-bus messages? (connection refused)10:43
cjspopey: It was libavcodec-extra-52 that I needed.10:43
=== kaffeetierchen is now known as deem
FRIED_BRAINnettezzaumana: ... I've been doing that for hours... I'm here crawling10:44
chombeeHey, anyone know where I can find out about USB surfsticks/dongles that are Ubuntu compatible?10:45
nettezzaumanaFRIED_BRAIN: how it fails ?10:45
popeycjs: ahh! of course10:45
dragoneyei have a rougue window that i want to know the PID of, im using xwininfo and get the WIN_ID ..  how can i get the PID of that program spawning that window?10:45
FRIED_BRAINnettezzaumana:  on booting it goes unknow system: grub rescue>10:45
nettezzaumanaFRIED_BRAIN: omg, second hit in google .. after clear installation boot off a live system (knoppix, slackware ..) and fix grub by reinstalling it10:46
FRIED_BRAINnettezzaumana: I've tried to restore that... in many ways even using recatux... nothing works10:47
nettezzaumanaFRIED_BRAIN: which raid controller ?10:48
PinGuys , Im using Ubuntu 11.04 in ubuntu clasic mode and i enabled Desktop Cube and Rotate cube. but my cube is not even a cube its a flat desktop is two sides. How can I get more sides? I want a cube! http://i.imgur.com/11mDH.jpg10:48
FRIED_BRAINnettezzaumana: Its on board of the Proliant ML 150 G610:49
nettezzaumanaFRIED_BRAIN: are you using default grub 2* or previous 1.96 ?10:50
FRIED_BRAINnettezzaumana: default Grub2...10:51
jem777Pin, set the count of your workspaces to more than 210:51
Pinjem777 where do i change that?10:52
nettezzaumanaFRIED_BRAIN: then try standard grub .. download for example supergrub live usb (it's small, about 15MB) and install grub from there10:52
nettezzaumanaFRIED_BRAIN: or lilo should work10:52
jem777Pin, right-click on the workspace-icon (on the lower panel) and select preferences10:53
Pinjem777 im on ubuntu classic10:54
FRIED_BRAINnettezzaumana: Lilo seems to be a good solution... going to try it!10:54
nettezzaumanaFRIED_BRAIN: also depends on where you installed grub, if to MBR or to /boot partition10:54
Laurencebhow can i add the repo for the next version of ubuntu?10:54
Laurencebi need openscenegraph >2.8, which isnt in the lucid repo10:54
nettezzaumanai remind some issues with grub in MBR on hw raid arrays10:54
nettezzaumanaFRIED_BRAIN: try first standard good'n'old grub 1.9610:55
nettezzaumanaand install it to /boot partition10:55
FRIED_BRAINnettezzaumana: OK! then I'll come here to tell you how is may brain...10:55
FRIED_BRAIN*my brain10:56
nettezzaumanaFRIED_BRAIN: no, i have to leave to avoid mind damage .. you could find me in #solaris or #openindiana if you'd leave me /msg10:56
galigaili:fred_brain: you can try this method http://askubuntu.com/questions/6025/grub-always-fails-to-install-furthest-i-get-is-grub-prompt10:56
nettezzaumanaFRIED_BRAIN: i'm just pure visitor here10:56
=== TaNgO is now known as Infernet
nettezzaumanaadieu !!10:58
FRIED_BRAINnettezzaumana: ok! thanks... if you have facebook... look for eduardoramos.pt10:58
cipher__My resolution is completely messed up, nvidia has my screen set to the correct 1440/900 however everything is much too big11:00
Infernethello all11:00
cipher__like 2x the size it previously was11:00
Infernetfrom Argentina11:00
cipher__at a minimum11:00
PinGuys, Why does my desktop cube look like this? http://i.imgur.com/7BSmh.jpg  How do i make it look like a cube?11:00
jamis_swhnever i try to install something in ubuntu 11.04 i get following error Reading package lists... Error! E: Encountered a section with no Package: header E: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/in.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_natty_main_binary-i386_Packages E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.11:00
wallyhi everobody from Poland11:01
jamis_scan some1 pls help?11:01
Infernethi wally11:01
Juozas!ask | jamis_s11:01
ubottujamis_s: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:01
cipher__<ubottu> jamis_s: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:02
cipher__lol oops?11:02
cipher__buffer issue11:02
cipher__My resolution is set to 1440x900 on my display via nvidia however everything is appearing much to large. this is after playing a game in fullscreen in wine, after rebooting as well11:02
omegaphihi , I have a corrupted ubuntu on my system and I want to save a particular folder from it. How do I do using a livecd?11:03
cipher__lol english is a prereq11:03
orwells-iphoneCan't you boot up any live distro and just navigate the filesystem ?11:03
galigailijamis_s:sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/* -vf   sudo apt-get update11:04
Infernetorwells-iphone, yes11:04
PinGuys, Something is wrong with my desktop cube. http://i.imgur.com/7BSmh.jpg  How do i make it look like a cube?11:05
jamis_sPin : in your desktop cube settings change fron inside the cube to outside .. i dont remember where exactly you get this option but in cube settings in compiz11:06
Infernetomegaphi: just put the cd and boot from him11:06
cipher__Does anyone know how i can change my dpi settings or vPPI?11:07
wallycomparison dropbox vs ubuntu ONE cloud from practical point of view. Ubuntu ONE seems to be slow11:07
omegaphiInfernet: I have ubuntu 10 and over it I have windows 7 and over windows I have ubuntu 11which is corrupted, how do I navigate to this?11:07
antonio__what is the spanish channel?11:07
Pinjamis_s this is fresh install of ubuntu i never changed it? I dont see that option in desktop cube nor rotate cube in compiz11:07
SuBmUnDoPin, Ubuntu software center, search for compiz and install11:08
Infernetantonio__: hola11:08
cipher__What makes you think there is one? ubuntu-es11:08
PinSuBmUnDo i have it11:08
cipher__vi a #ubuntu-es11:08
jamis_sPin : go in advanced settings in compiz then desktop cube11:08
antonio__how to write private messages?11:08
Infernetomegaphi: boot from the live cd, that's it11:08
jamis_sare you using 10.10 or 11.04?11:08
Infernetantonio__: /query nick msg11:09
cipher__this is such a useless support channel, over the years of being on here, NEVER have I had an answer11:09
SuBmUnDoPin, install ccsm11:09
PinSuBmUnDo I have ccsm11:09
Pinwhat next11:09
s7rcipher__ this sucks11:09
PinI have CCSM open11:09
s7rcipher__ consider buying paid software to get 24x7 dedicated support11:10
cipher__I consider #debian11:10
cipher__it's not as is ubuntu did anything other than rebrand linux anyway11:10
cipher__(thank you for doing so)11:11
mgolischthey did?11:11
PinSuBmUnDo what do i do now?11:11
Iledencipher__: well that's the finest trolling belittling statement of the year :)11:11
vikhi guys jus wanted to know is it possible to move files from ms dos to ubuntu machine11:11
mgolischthey reband linux?11:11
vikthrough command11:11
Rouse$ sudo grub-install --root-directory=./ /dev/sdb511:12
Rousewhen i giv this m getting errors11:12
Rouse/usr/sbin/grub- setup: warn: Attempting to install GRUB to a partition instead of the MBR.  This is a BAD idea..11:12
Rouse/usr/sbin/grub- setup: warn: Embedding is not possible.  GRUB can only be installed in this setup by using blocklists.  However, blocklists are UNRELIABLE and their use is discouraged..11:12
Rouse/usr/sbin/grub- setup: error: if you really want blocklists, use --force.11:12
FloodBot1Rouse: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:12
SuBmUnDoPin, http://www.ehow.com/how_2257535_get-rotating-cube-ubuntu.html11:13
Infernetupdate / install grub211:13
Iledencipher__: and as far as anecdotes go: over the years of being here, OFTEN have I had an answer that was actually helpful.11:13
cipher__We have had very different experiences.11:14
Pinthat doesnt explain how to fix the cube11:14
Rousepls look into it11:14
Iledenabekat: just go ahead and ask your question.11:14
abekathow do i list the users of this channel? i use the irssi client in ubuntu11:15
tomodachiabekat: /names11:15
vikhow to copy files from ms dos to linux11:15
Rousehello anyone come across that11:16
SuBmUnDoPin, http://www.kombitz.com/2006/11/02/compiz-key-combinations-list/11:16
tomodachivik: linux supports fat16, and fat32 , just copy the stuff to some medium then linux can read it11:16
x1for building webpages what do people recommend bluefish or ...?11:16
vik@tomodachi can u give example11:16
vikhow do i move sample.txt11:16
tomodachivik: how to copy things in msdos is not the right place to ask im afraid11:17
Pinnope, doesnt work either11:17
tomodachithis is an ubuntu hcanne11:17
Pinbad links11:17
Pinlinks doesnt have solution11:17
tomodachivik: but xcopy sample.txt a: should work11:17
tomodachior just copy (the xcopy command came in windows dos i thing)11:17
Rousewhats up ?11:18
vik@tomodachi thanks im new to linux im sorry if my question was irrelevant11:19
tomodachivik: np hope i could help you11:19
SuperLagWhy does using Natty in classic mode look like a Gnome UI from 10 years ago?11:20
SuperLagthe previous version of Ubuntu didn't look this bad11:20
SuperLagwhat gives?11:20
MK``is the top panel grey with low-res icons?11:20
SuperLagMK``: yeah11:20
szalSuperLag: Gnome 2 is almost that old11:21
MK``that's a bug, it's not loading your theme11:21
MK``that's the default GTK+ theme11:21
SuperLagszal: but I'm using the default UI with 10.10, and it's interface is even better than Natty in classic mode11:21
DaraelSuperLag: It looks just like Maverick did to me.  That sounds like your gnome-settings-daemon isn't running.  I don't know why that's happened, but it should be fixed if you open the appearences dialog.11:21
SuperLagDarael: I just opened Appearance and selected Ambiance, and the body of the windows changed, but the top menu bar looks the same. I'll see how it works when I restart the UI11:24
Dr_WillisRouse: at least summarize the paste11:24
SuperLagSecond question... other than doing rm -rf /var/cache/apt/archives/ and apt-get autoclean... is there anything you guys would recommend for saving space on an Ubuntu install? (this is a VM on a laptop, 12GB space total)11:25
MK``SuperLag I have the same issue, I can't seem to fix it. Whenever I restart, it's seemingly 50/50 whether it loads my theme or not.11:25
SuperLagMK``: hmm...11:25
SuperLaglet me change that.... I see a mistake11:26
SuperLagSecond question... other than doing rm -rf /var/cache/apt/archives/* and apt-get autoclean... is there anything you guys would recommend for saving space on an Ubuntu install? (this is a VM on a laptop, 12GB space total)11:26
Dr_WillisMK``: seen posts on askubuntu.com about it11:26
AMethysthow's it going ya'll?11:26
MK``yeah I checked. Nothing seemed to help me. I've had a ton of aesthetic problems since I upgraded heh. However, performance is mostly up11:26
Dr_WillisSuperLag:  be carefull with that rm command11:27
SuperLagMK``: for what it's worth... mine is a clean install. No upgrading here.11:27
AMethystrm -rf /11:27
SuperLagDr_Willis: I knew what I meant, just missed the * on the end. That's why I corrected it. :)11:27
DaraelSuperLag: You don't need to rm /var/cache/apt/archives - just apt-get clean instead of apt-get autoclean.  Other than that, there's a tool you can use to bzip your executables to make them smaller... if I can remember what it is.11:27
MK``Ahh. I assumed it was due to some broken config when I upgraded11:27
Dr_WillisSuperLag: id just use the apt commands11:27
SuperLagDr_Willis: I found localepurge, as well. Got rid of the extra language files11:28
Dr_WillisSuperLag: not any manual rm commands11:28
AMethystwhere do i get a channel list for freenode?11:29
jamis_sPing : you still there?11:29
DaraelAMethyst: Said list is /massive/, but on most IRC clients you could /list11:29
AMethystah duh thanks it's been a while :)11:29
SuperLagAMethyst: if you do /list, you'll likely get kicked off the network, for a flood. But there's an /alis, or something like it, with helps.11:29
DaraelAMethyst: If you're looking for a channel, look at alis: /msg alis list <pattern>11:30
SuperLagAMethyst: yeah, what Darael said! ^^^11:30
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu*11:30
AMethystanyone going to linuxcon?11:30
SuperLagwow, this UI is horrid :/11:30
SuperLagmaybe I should have stuck with Maverick on the laptop :)11:31
Dr_Willisso change it. :)11:31
=== TaNgO is now known as Infernet
ubottuThe default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".11:31
jami_sPing : you still there?11:31
SuperLagDr_Willis: This is a laptop that caps at 4GB of RAM, and doesn't have the juice for Unity. I'm also running Ubuntu in a VM, in this case.11:32
Wouter_i'm using the live cd to install ubuntu with a software raid configuration, everything is partitioned as i want it at the moment (also checked with gparted) and i have a partition on both disks with the flag boot_grub (2x 2TB by the way) but at the step 'installing grub' and 'installing lilo' i get the message that the setup failed. I've searched on 20 forum's for an awnser b ut i cant figure out why, anyone any idea ?=)11:32
DaraelDr_Willis: SuperLag was mostly complaining about classic in Natty having issues with the theming failing.11:32
Dr_Willisunity disent work right for me on my desktop11:33
DaraelWouter_: For software raid, you'd have an easier time using the alternate cd.  Unfortunately I can't actually suggest a fix, but I thought I'd get that suggestion out of the way.11:33
SuperLagDarael: Dr_Willis: after enabling Ambiance, this looks like a mutation of Ubuntu and Fedora.11:33
Wouter_@Darael thanks for the tip anyway :)11:33
Dr_Willisi always cistomize my themes.11:34
DaraelSuperLag: Talking of Classic: You won't be able to use Gnome2 from Oneiric in any case: It's Gnome3, with what that implies: Gnome Shell.11:34
Infernetkubuntu, a very nice distro11:34
SuperLagDarael: I thought it was Unity or nothing?11:35
DaraelSuperLag: Nope, Gnome3 is to be available.  Admittedly last time I tried it on my Oneiric box gnome-shell wouldn't start, but I understand that's fixed now.  There's probably a different bug breaking it - that's alpha releases for you.11:36
Wouter_q:Does ubuntu need an /boot partition for the grub to be installed in software raid?11:37
DaraelSuperLag: It may be the case that only Unity is installed by default, but Gnome3 was definitely to be supported.  And even if it wasn't, it'd be in the repos.  They're good like that.11:37
=== RobinJK is now known as RobinJ
IledenOk now this is getting awful crazy! my computer seems to HALT EVERYTHING at random interval (10-40min) to wait for any user activity... I kept a script running on terminal, increasing a number every 1 minute, and at the time the computer dropped off the network, the script ALSO halted, and resumed after i moved the mouse. Any idea whatsoever what this could be? I'm flabbergasted!11:37
SuperLagthat doesn't sound like a software issue at all11:38
SuperLagthat's just my $.0211:38
dliDarael, it's fixed for 3.0 series, or only in 3.2?11:38
IledenSuperLag: yeah... thats the weirdest problem I've seen! Also, I found no bios options relevant to that.11:39
Wouter_@Darael Is the alternate cd the text based installer? im using that one..11:39
Daraeldli: I haven't a clue.  It's been a few days since I booted my Oneiric box.11:39
_etHi, just wondering if I can safely remove the contents of /usr/share/locale except "en" ..11:39
SuperLag_et: apt-get install localepurge11:40
_etSuperLag: Localepurge does not remove all of them for some reason11:40
_etSuperLag: I even tried bleachbit11:40
DaraelWouter_: It is, yes.  I misunderstood because you said the live CD which is the one with a desktop session.11:41
Wouter_@Darael thanks11:41
SuperLagwhat the... UGH11:41
SuperLagRestarted the VM, and it looks like the theming is fine, but then it reverts to this ugly crap!11:42
SuperLagI'm afraid of what 11.10 will bring, if this is the direction things are going.11:43
dliSuperLag, it's still linux(unix-like), so always choices for users11:44
vikapithere is no conventional /var/log/messages in ubuntu/kubuntu??/11:46
vikapiwat is the alternative that we have there instead..11:46
Wouter_Anyone here can help me with installing grub on a software raid ?11:46
andaxi'm looking for a way to link my phone to a laptop so I can accept/decline incoming calls from the computer. ( like in a car ) What is the name of this feature? I cannot google because I don't know how this is called :) Please someone tell me the name of this feature.11:48
=== LouisJB_ is now known as LouisJB
SuperLagandax: I'd look into Google Voice, and forward your phone to your Google Voice number.11:49
introublei am geting installer crash error at 23% or wiping swap area while i install kubuntu repeatidly on 23%. i have changes the swap partition and resized it too but its still on 23%. help?11:49
SuperLagandax: and when a Google Voice call comes in, you have the ability to accept/reject it from your computer11:49
DinkHow would you view what flags/option a binary was compiled with?11:49
andaxSuperLag: that's not what I'm looking for. I'd like to use a bluetooth link. The same way when I'm in the car I can accept decline calls from the built in stereo.11:50
andaxsorry for not being specific11:50
andaxeven the name of this thing/feature/whatever would help11:51
eagleserverintrouble, sounds like a bad iso11:51
andaxwhat to type in google basically :)11:51
introubleeagleserver i have check the iso at kubuntu startup11:52
eagleserverintrouble, is it a standalone installation?11:53
varunvyasHi all, When I am trying to set executable bit on files in usb-hdd , it's not setting , any help will be appriciated.11:55
omegaphiI have ubuntu installed via wubi, and thw windows is over another ubuntu installation. Both ubuntus have different versions. How do I access the ubuntu(wubi one) with the live CD?11:55
omegaphiplease help ^^ :(11:55
introubleeagleserver live cd11:56
introublehow to check swap for disk erros and auto fix11:57
=== Wally|away is now known as Wally
varunvyasHi all, When I am trying to set executable bit on files in usb-hdd , it's not setting , any help will be appriciated.11:58
_etSuperLag: Purged and reinstalled localepurge.. It works somehow! Thanks!11:59
SuperLag_et: my pleasure11:59
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VectorXhi, i am outputing utf8 chars in a term  eg http://pastebin.com/X3E3jcrn why are the column delimiter |'s are all over the place ?12:01
VectorXhow can i fix this ?12:02
VectorXterm is set to utf812:02
Wouter_Anyone here can help me with installing grub on a software raid ?12:02
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto12:02
rdpateVectorX: whatever program that is, is adding the | based on bytes rather than displayed length12:03
Dr_Willisvarunvyas:  what fs is the hd using12:03
VectorXrdpate its mysql12:03
Wouter_@ubottu, i followed all of those, install went fine, it's not installing the grub12:03
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots12:03
varunvyaslet me chck Dr_wills12:04
rdpateVectorX: either mysql has a setting to make it do the right thing, or I expect it will be difficult to change12:04
varunvyasmsdos is fileystem Dr_willis12:04
antiheroIs there a way to have all my PPAs automatically update to the latest available dist (oneiric in my case), if it is available?12:05
rdpateVectorX: there are different frontends to interact with mysql, if it's a big problem12:05
VectorXrdpate i am trying to use the term so i can copy the output as text easily12:05
Picichombee: I'd ask your question again, and if you don't get an answer you may want to wait until later when this channel is more busy or  try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/12:05
bazhangantihero, #ubuntu+1 for oneiric support12:05
shaducould anyone help me with getting the theme selector for gnome 3 working?12:06
antiherobazhang: It's kind of applicable for any modern Ubuntu, though.12:06
VectorXrdpate using a front end would just increase the work, ie exporting to a file and then copying whats in that to another single file etc12:06
bazhangshadu, since thats not supported here, no12:06
bazhang!gnome3 | shadu12:06
ubottushadu: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.12:06
m_anyone know how to run python .py in apache12:07
shadumeh, anywhere else i could go ask then? i tried several site methods.. but they dont work >.<12:07
Dr_Willisvarunvyas: thats whyyoucant do it then12:08
bazhangshadu, the PPA maintainer. contact them12:08
Picim_: look into mod_python.  (a2enmod python) its use is out of scope for this channel though, try #httpd for more support.12:08
pentesterWhat is the default password for Blackbuntu?12:09
chewyguys, is there a way to retreive a video in a web page?12:09
bazhangpentester, thats not a valid distribution12:09
bazhangchewy, sure firefox video download helper addon for many12:09
pentesterI installed it on usb, so...12:09
bazhangchewy, or did you mean apple trailers12:09
bazhangpentester, its a derivate, and not supported here12:10
popeypentester: we don't support unofficial derivatives here. perhaps the people who made blackbuntu have a channel12:10
chewybazhang, i mean some documentaries12:10
pentesterok, ty12:10
bazhangchewy, what format? embedded or non12:10
chewyhttp://watchdocumentary.tv/home-documentary/  example12:10
popeypentester: they have a forum.. http://board.blackbuntu.com/12:10
bazhangchewy, the video download helper works on that page, for instance12:11
chewybazhang, i use chrome ... but ok, i keep that in mind.12:12
dydhow can i check how much space left i have on loop0?12:12
dydthe usage percentage12:12
Picidyd: does df not tell you that?12:13
prt1990oh really12:14
prt1990kldfsjaljiopjalkgnjah vkdahkvnsjhernlfhghkanueitr12:14
prt1990dslfnkjthvndbdgilafahgkjh ioh akdfhahcs jhuif akjfgaeroaho12:14
bazhangprt1990, english please12:14
prt1990wass up?12:15
bazhangprt1990, ubuntu support question?12:15
m_Any reason why I cannot send to chanel in #httpd12:15
bazhangm_ you're not registered probably12:15
dydPici: yes, df was what i was looking for :)12:16
Daraelm_: It may be set +m, for example, which would require you to be voiced.  Or possibly you aren't registered.12:16
Darael!register | m_12:16
ubottum_: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode12:16
bazhangm_, join #freenode to do so12:16
whiteshen666hello all12:16
whiteshen666i come from INDONESIAN :)12:16
Daraelwhiteshen666: Sorry to be unpleasant, but that's offtopic.  This is a support channel.  If you want to chat, take it to #ubuntu-offtopic.12:17
whiteshen666oh im sorry12:17
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SinarSheblI'm planning to buy a sony vaio c series laptop.. but I'm worried about the dual display card issue. does it work fine on ubunu or what ?12:20
bazhangSinarShebl, is that optimus? or the hybrid intel12:22
=== LouisJB_ is now known as LouisJB
bazhangSinarShebl, ie, what are the two cards12:22
Wouter_I have mounted my software raid in the Ubuntu Live CD and i'm trying to install Grub to one of the drives. (sudo grub-install /dev/sda) gives me : (/usr/bin/grub-probe : error : cannot stat 'aufs'). Anyone can help me with this ?12:22
SinarSheblbazhang: ATI , Intel12:23
vikapiWouter_: shouldn't it be /dev/md0..im not sure though12:24
Wouter_@vikapi i did that too, same error12:24
bazhangSinarShebl, conflicting reports on that one, some have reported that catalyst 11.6 *does* work with the ati card, while others are having issues with card not being recognized12:24
Wouter_@vikapi but i think the grub should be on the physical drive12:25
Wouter_seeing as thats what the bios see's12:25
Wouter_on both drives actually12:25
SinarSheblwell, is it possible to disable this feature ??12:25
bazhangSinarShebl, only use the one card? ati/intel which12:26
SinarSheblI mean at the worst case ?12:26
bazhangSinarShebl, of course, thats the main issue. presently12:26
SinarSheblmmm how ?12:26
vikapiWouter, will this help?? http://lists.us.dell.com/pipermail/linux-poweredge/2003-July/008898.html12:27
bazhangSinarShebl, could you ask a complete sentence, please; I'm entirely clear on your meaning.12:27
bazhangerr not12:27
noipHow can I see a list of recently updated packages? I'm pretty sure it was an update from two days ago that has completely messed up my internet connection12:28
blinkybhi. please browsing on ubuntu is becoming extremely slow! what is that all about? i checked ram, nothing wrong. last week it was just fine. help please.12:28
Wouter_@vikapi ah, i had forgotten about that one, looked at it when i started this problem.. 7 hours ago -.-12:28
SinarSheblI mean the display card is expected to switch automatically on need12:28
bluewulfon my level - wiz12:28
SinarSheblhow could I disable this feature if it didn't work well?12:28
bluewulfvery cool12:28
Dr_WillisSinarShebl:  that feature is a work in progress on linux and ubuntu. its just too new12:30
Picinoip: There is a log of all installed packages in /var/log/dpkg.log12:30
noipPici, does it show updates or just when I installed packages?12:30
Wouter_@vikapi thats for when grub is allready isntalled tho..12:30
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1736101 SinarShebl here's a recent post on that12:30
Wouter_@vikapi i've tried boot-repair (gui tool) aswell, but it says : no os found12:31
SinarSheblDr_willis: so if I bought a new laptop would this be a problem for me or I should wait ?12:31
noipPici, I'm looking at that log file. Why does it show dates from next week?12:32
Dr_WillisSinarShebl:  its too new a feature to even predict. do you really need the 2 video stuff?  brand new 'things' are always going to be less supported. but a laptop thats been out for 6mo. should work well.12:33
Wouter_I have mounted my software raid in the Ubuntu Live CD and i'm trying to install Grub to one of the drives. (sudo grub-install /dev/sda) gives me : (/usr/bin/grub-probe : error : cannot stat 'aufs'). Anyone can help me with this ?12:33
SinarSheblDr_williis: actually I don't need it, but it's possible to disable it ?12:35
Dr_WillisSinarShebl:  no idea12:35
holyguyverI need to kill -9 synaptic, how do I find it's ID?12:35
bazhangSinarShebl, did you read the post I linked you?12:35
Wouter_Or: Anyone know how to set up grub to an software raid?12:35
Dr_WillisSinarShebl:  eventually it should work. but that may be 6mo from now12:36
Dr_Willisthe whole 2 gpu idea. just seems a bit of a cludge.12:36
SinarSheblbazhang: I had already read it12:36
Adam__I am having this error when I try to log onto ubutnu Error: cannot find GRLDR in all drive. CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart12:37
bazhangAdam__, a wubi install?12:38
s7rwhat is the difference between ubuntu server and desktop?12:39
aeon-ltds7r: no gui12:39
blinkybhi. please browsing on ubuntu is becoming extremely slow! what is that all about? i checked ram, nothing wrong. last week it was just fine. help please.12:39
Dr_WillisSinarShebl:   for myself. i wont buy a laptop with ati video at all...12:39
aeon-ltds7r: server is just a barebones desktop version, with no gui applications but pretty much the same set of basic applications (cli)12:39
tomodachiblinkyb: firefox usually is slow in linux, try google chrome12:40
Dr_Willisdifferent default kernel i think also12:40
aeon-ltdblinkyb: every site?12:40
blinkybaeon-ltd, yes, every site. i never had that problem last week!12:41
aeon-ltdtomodachi: i concur, rendering times are only ms out, not large enough usually12:41
aeon-ltdblinkyb: do you have windows to check it's linux only?12:41
blinkybaeon-ltd, what do you mean?12:41
tomodachiif its the initial load time of a page12:41
tomodachiit can be your dns12:41
tomodachitry switching or enabling a caching local dns12:41
BluesKajHi all12:41
odiumwhat is oneiric?12:42
Adam__bazhang, yes12:42
aeon-ltdblinkyb: can you boot into windows, then use a browser to check it's slow there too12:42
tomodachiodium: next release of ubuntu12:42
blinkybaeon-ltd, am just running linux here.12:42
odiumif I'm using 11.4 but downloading the kernel to compile should I get oneiric or natty?12:42
aeon-ltdblinkyb: check if your internet speed supplied hasn't changed either http://www.speedtest.net/12:42
Dr_Willisodium: why are you messing with the kernel ata all?12:43
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=455078&page=2 Adam__ here's a thread on that, mixed results12:43
AlexDevilLXHi all12:43
odiumare you kidding me?12:43
BluesKaj!oneiric | odium12:43
ubottuodium: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+112:43
odiumit's a bloat?!12:43
ubottuThe core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)12:43
odiumit's linux12:43
odiumlinux <> bloat12:43
Dr_Willisvague terms bloat..12:43
odiumok Dr. Willis, I am patching it12:44
bazhangodium, actual ubuntu support question?12:44
odiumso it will use a logitech unifying receiver12:44
blinkybaeon-ltd, http://www.speedtest.net/result/1386750899.png12:44
odiumbazhang, no, I was curious about onieric or whatever12:45
Dr_Willishmm. those universial usb dongle for mice/keybord?  mine works  here.12:45
odiumand you tell me not to compile my own kernel12:45
odiumok, I have one, how do I make ubuntu not update my kernel automatically?12:45
Dr_Willisi asked why.. go do what you want12:45
odiumif I'm using git to maintain a current release12:45
ubottupinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto12:45
aeon-ltdblinkyb: wireless?12:46
BluesKajbloat odium , what's bloat in this day and age of mulitigig RAM and terbyte HDDS and qudcore processors12:46
blinkybaeon-ltd, wireless. as I told you, never had a problem last week. one more thing, sometimes i use my brother's laptop, which runs ubuntu 10.04 as well, browsing is faster to the point where you can feel the difference.12:47
aeon-ltdblinkyb: anything backgrounding? such as downloads, torrents?12:48
Dr_Willisblinkyb:  as a test try a live cd. see if its faster/slower/same12:48
blinkybaeon-ltd, nothing. just browsing the internet in multiple tabs12:48
Dr_Willisblinkyb:  as a test try a different distro livecd.  for all we know the neighbors microwave could be causeing interfearance12:49
aeon-ltdblinkyb: i'd go with Dr_Willis's plan or tomodachi's idea of different browser or reinstall firefox; not much to do if nothing siginificant changed12:49
Dr_Willisthe airwaves are getting croweded12:49
Dr_Willistry different channel on router also. most like to default to the same channels it seems12:50
AlexDevilLXCan i ask questions here?12:53
BluesKajAlexDevilLX, as kaway12:53
bazhangAlexDevilLX, about ubuntu, sure12:53
AlexDevilLXBecause i was banned on Russian Ubuntu Chanel for asking12:54
blinkybDr_Willis & aeon-ltd, I'm now using Chromuim Web Browser and it is WAY TOO FAST! Still I prefer firefox, is there anyway I could speed that up?12:54
AlexDevilLXSo anyway, I have recently installed Ubuntu and what things i should learn?12:55
bazhang!manual | AlexDevilLX12:55
ubottuAlexDevilLX: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/12:55
bazhang!wiki | AlexDevilLX12:55
ubottuAlexDevilLX: http://wiki.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu development documentation wiki. If you are looking for system help, please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community - the Ubuntu community documentation.12:55
bazhangAlexDevilLX, look at those first12:55
AlexDevilLXThanks anyway12:56
AlexDevilLXBut why i was banned on ru?12:56
bazhangAlexDevilLX, ask in #ubuntu-irc12:56
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tmcgrathanyone know the command to remove all non-hidden files recursivly without removing the folders?12:59
=== nome is now known as NotBG
AlexDevilLXCan i hide who joined/leaved room?13:01
bazhangAlexDevilLX, what client13:01
AlexDevilLXbazhang: pidgin13:01
bazhangAlexDevilLX, never used pidgin sorry, you may also ask in #pidgin13:02
* szal doesn't consider Pidgin a legitimate IRC client13:02
AlexDevilLXbazhang: ***szal doesn't consider Pidgin a legitimate IRC client How did he make that?13:02
bazhangAlexDevilLX, with /me  but not something we like in a busy channel like this13:03
ortsvorstehertmcgrath, a rm * will do this in your actual directory. if you want to remove recursively, you can do it manually.13:03
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szalbazhang: atm it's far from busy here :P -- that was different 10 hours or so ago13:03
ortsvorstehertmcgrath, how many subdiretorys do you have?13:03
tmcgrathortsvorsteher: thousands13:04
tmcgraththis will take me forever to do one at a time13:04
ortsvorstehertmcgrath, and you only need to remove the files in it?13:04
=== NotBG is now known as |anlzh_CN
tmcgrathortsvorsteher: yes13:05
AlexDevilLXA little offtop, but is mac using bash?13:06
ortsvorstehertmcgrath, may you try it with an while loop... and an recursively list.13:07
bazhang!ot | AlexDevilLX13:07
ubottuAlexDevilLX: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:07
AlexDevilLXOk, i'll move there13:08
tmcgrathortsvorsteher: yeah I had a feeling I was going to have to script this... guess I'll have to dust off my bash scripting skills (which are very dusty indeed)13:08
ortsvorstehertmcgrath, i just made a easy start for this script, i will paste it, hope it helps13:09
=== |anlzh_CN is now known as Ianlzh_cn
ortsvorstehertmcgrath, something like this http://paste.ubuntu.com/644760 may helps you...13:11
tmcgrathortsvorsteher: awesome, thanks!13:12
ortsvorstehertmcgrath, wrong! http://paste.ubuntu.com/644762 this one may would work.13:12
=== Ianlzh_cn is now known as notBG
mikecwhy do i get the fallowing after two weeks of upgrading to natty. "NO WUBILDR"13:12
[diablo]good afternoon ... guys I have a laptop with 11.04 on, which I bring to work... is there a profile switcher for locations, as currently I keep having to go to Systems -> Preferences -> Proxy , blah blah13:13
[diablo]want to quick switch13:13
ortsvorstehertmcgrath, just try by the awk section to use apostrophes. like it is, it doesn't work. but may it helps you as a starter! have fun :)13:14
tmcgrathortsvorsteher: ok, thanks again13:15
AlexDevilLXCan i run evolution like daemon?13:15
barfapt-get install makeinfo ncurses13:16
barfDoes not work, did anyone rename them?13:16
szalbarf: define 'does not work'?13:18
freshonehow do i play gta vice city in ubuntu? i have paly on linux i put the install cd  play on linux shows the gta vice city icon but game does not start when do i put the 2nd play cd13:18
barfdoes not exist13:18
barfin the repo13:18
barfHowever is refered to in a howto13:18
AlexDevilLXfreshone: Use Wine13:18
freshonehow do i start the game gta vice city?13:18
AlexDevilLXfreshone: Install Wine, then setup vice city13:19
freshonei have wine  can you take me through it13:19
szalbarf: in what howto?13:19
freshonestep by step13:19
freshonewine is installed13:19
AlexDevilLXfreshone: aah, two cds13:19
barfhttp://psl1ght.dashhacks.com/lesson01/linux/index.php box 113:19
AlexDevilLXfreshone: It's rather difficult13:19
szal!appdb | freshone13:19
ubottufreshone: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help13:19
barfszal: I need the one that matches: libncurses5-dev13:20
AlexDevilLXWhy people use conky instead of putting inciators on panel13:20
freshonesee i installed wine  now play on linux shows a vice city GTa icon i want to proceed further13:21
th0rAlexDevilLX: those panel indicators can present an appreciate load to the system13:21
Dr_Willisconky is more configurable and has been zaround for ages13:21
freshonethe options it gives are: confifure wine registry editor13:21
AlexDevilLXth0r: You mean CPU load?13:21
bazhangfreshone, /j #winehq for particular apps13:22
triplehello guys. i can't get my sound workin on 11.04 - have been using very old release (6.xx) for many years besides windows. m-audio delta 2496 not working, not recognized - no clue where to start13:22
th0rAlexDevilLX: cpu, memory, swap sometimes. The idea is that the system monitor itself should be as invisible as possible.13:22
Dr_WillisAlexDevilLX:  not everyone uses gnome also. conly works with most every wm out.13:22
szalbarf: poke the author and tell them to also clear up typos13:22
barfDid that already, but no answer yet, would like to get the thing going13:22
AlexDevilLXI see13:23
andrej4kHello, can anybody help me resqueing my borked partition table? parted can't see anything but fdisk and testdisk still see it (also kubuntu live cd)13:23
szalbarf: and while you're at it, tell them that the pkg install part can be put on one line ;)13:23
freshoneplease guide what needs to be done13:23
bazhangfreshone, not here13:23
AlexDevilLXI have 4 GB RAM can i bevare using swap13:23
bazhangfreshone, #winehq as we have said13:23
szalAlexDevilLX: beware?13:24
AlexDevilLXfreshone: Try Youtube tutorials13:24
th0rAlexDevilLX: you might also look at gkrellm as an alternative13:24
freshoneso i go on a web site? wine?hq13:24
Dr_WillisAlexDevilLX:  system will use swap if needed. dont worry about it13:24
sudeephi, i have dell studio 15 and ubuntu natty narhewal installed, my sound is not working at all, kindly help me in this13:24
bazhangfreshone, -------->   /join #winehq   <---- join that channel13:24
BluesKajtriple, open a terminal and type alsamixer , set the volumes there . make sure none are Muted MM13:24
AlexDevilLXDr_Willis: I didnt make SWAP file and disk13:25
bazhangsudeep, checked alsamixer is not muted anywhere?13:25
mgjheh, sad and funny that so much work has gone into audio.... pulsaudio, gstreamer, etc etc, but people still rely on alsamixer =)13:25
sipiorAlexDevilLX: you'll want at least a swap file, if not a dedicated partition.13:25
Dr_WillisAlexDevilLX:  hope you dont plan on suspending to disk either..13:25
barfszal: what can be put on one line?13:26
sudeepbazhang , ok i will check13:26
barfI but everything but  makeinfo ncurses on one line and it appeared to install just fine.13:26
BluesKajmgj, pulseaudio is ahinderance to audio settings in alot of cases , some consider it redunadant and not progressive at all13:26
szalbarf: exactly13:26
AlexDevilLXSWAP = pagefile in Windows?13:26
sipiorAlexDevilLX: yes, more or less.13:27
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info13:27
TheTonguehow do I stop gcc from crashing so much13:27
AlexDevilLXsipior: Dr_Willis: Thanks13:27
TheTongueits always giving a segv when it gets somewhere and always at different spots13:28
Dr_Willisi mwould start with a memtest TheTongue13:29
andrej4kno one here who i used to partition tables?13:29
AlexDevilLXWhats XEN?13:29
AlexDevilLXin boot13:29
AlexDevilLXand Linux_20?13:29
bazhangAlexDevilLX, there are not really ubuntu specific questions.13:30
ubottuXEN is a virtual machine monitor for x86 that supports execution of multiple guest operating systems with unprecedented levels of performance and resource isolation. Information on installing it for Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Xen13:31
barf$ ls /usr/bin/makeinfo13:31
barf /usr/bin/makeinfo13:31
AlexDevilLXbut it's placed in /boot/grub13:31
bazhangandrej4k, whats the real question13:31
bazhangAlexDevilLX, then ask a specific question.13:31
AlexDevilLXWhats linux_20 in boot13:32
bazhangAlexDevilLX, why is that important to you13:32
Mandrewhi how do i purge unity from 11.04?13:32
AlexDevilLXbazhang: because i'm learning linux ;)_13:33
bazhangMandrew, installing the gnome 3 session for natty will do that13:33
bazhangAlexDevilLX, then ask ##linux13:33
AlexDevilLXbazhang: ok13:33
Mandrewbazhang,  i really dont want to have gnom3 on it13:33
bazhangMandrew, no idea why you need to purge it then, just choose classic if you dont like it13:34
AlexDevilLXbazhang purge command is full deleting of something?13:35
andrej4kbazhang: Well, XP borked my partition table, parted doesn't see any partition, fdisk and testdisk do. How can I correect the situation?13:35
Mandrewbazhang, i just dont really want it in the distro taking up space13:35
AlexDevilLXbazhang: package manager?13:35
bazhangAlexDevilLX, he meant get rid of, not purge in apt-get meaning13:35
AlexDevilLXandrej4k, restore grub13:35
AlexDevilLXMandrew: Use Classic Ubuntu, it's cool13:36
andrej4kAlexDeviLX: you think, just bu restoring grub the partition will be ok?13:36
sudeepbazhang , how to check whether alsamixer is muted or not ?13:36
bazhangsudeep, look where the sliders are, at the bottom or the top, experiment with them13:37
surfdueHello, how do I configure my server to actually backspace, tab, etc when I send it. Instead of showing ^H^H13:38
andrej4kbtw: if I try to install grub from the live cd it says "cannot stat aufs"13:38
BluesKaj!grub | andrej4k13:38
ubottuandrej4k: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)13:38
Dr_Willissurfdue:  i recall ages ago a backspace/delete howto at tldp.org13:38
AlexDevilLXWhats os prober13:38
surfdueDr_Willis, I believe its a config flag for ssh, but I may be wrong.13:39
=== karthik is now known as Guest94421
zimnyxI got dir that contains symlinks to other dirs. Whan I do `tar cfh dir.tar dir/' dir.tar contains only those dereferenced symlink dirs but there is no files inside. Can I make tar dereference symlink dirs recursively ?13:39
Dr_Willis!grub2 | AlexDevilLX13:39
ubottuAlexDevilLX: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)13:39
bazhangAlexDevilLX, something used with grub213:39
AlexDevilLXIt s used to boot my windows xp13:40
Lovehappensi m new on ubuntu and my webcam is not working with kopete :(13:40
bazhang!webcam | Lovehappens check here first13:41
ubottuLovehappens check here first: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras13:41
surfdueDr_Willis, any ideas?13:42
Dr_Willissurfdue:  on what13:43
andrej4kreinstalling grub won't help for me.13:43
andrej4kIt's not the lost grub13:43
surfdueDr_Willis, how to fix this ^[[A and ^H junk.13:43
andrej4kit's the whole partition table that is borked.13:43
Dr_Willisyou did check that tldp guide?13:43
andrej4k"/usr/sbin/grub-probe: Error: cannot stat `aufs'."13:44
andrej4kGrub and parted don't see any partitions.13:44
Dr_Williscould be specific to your ssh client also13:44
surfdueDr_Willis, I believe it has to do with term-color13:44
sipiorsurfdue: what is the result of "echo $TERM"?13:45
sipiorsurfdue: also, try "stty sane"13:45
samineru"rsync -rvzD --del /home/rob/music/newmusic/ .gvfs/iPhone/Music/" is deleting and recopying files that are already there, what am I doing wrong?13:45
BluesKajandrej4k, so what are looking to rescue , if anything?13:46
andrej4kI have much data on the disk. that's the problem.13:46
andrej4kI'm trying to rescue the table.13:46
zimnyxI was wriong about tar. It oes what I expected.13:47
seppihi every body13:47
andrej4kfdisk and testdisk see the partition table.13:47
spacebug-samineru: I'm just using -avz --delete src dst13:47
BluesKajandrej4k, can yo see the data from the ubuntu -live cd ?13:47
andrej4kLive cd sees it.13:47
andrej4ktestdisk and fdisk also13:47
andrej4kgrub and parted don#t see anything13:47
surfduesipior, xterm-color13:48
surfduesipior, I am on a mac, using terminal it works on all my other servers mostly Centos/Debian13:48
surfdueThis one is configured strangely13:48
AlexDevilLXCheese records videos from webcam in HD>13:48
Dr_Willisif the cam is hd. i think so13:48
samineruspacebug: -a preserves a lot of unnecessary metadata, I'd prefer not to use it. Though that may be causing it to see them as different files...that might be it!13:49
surfduesipior, whats happening is it is showing the ^H but it does actually backspace, example when I do TAB it does not show the tab result but it does actually perform the tab.13:49
Dr_Willistry it and see?13:49
sipiorsurfdue: make sure the appropriate entries are checked in the "Advanced" tab of the Terminal.app config.13:49
BluesKajgrub is gone due to your windows install . andrej4k  , but the data is still there then  i think a grub restore will make it accessible13:49
andrej4kI tried it, but grub-probe tells me, that it doesn't ssee any file system.13:50
=== hugo is now known as Guest76469
BluesKajgrub probe ?13:50
andrej4kgrub-probe tells me always an error when I try to reinstall it.13:51
Dr_Williswhat is grub probe?13:51
andrej4ka grub2 program afaik13:51
surfduesipior, fixed it I needed to set my mac term to xterm-color13:51
Dr_Willisnever heard of,  or used it.13:51
andrej4kubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo grub-install /dev/sdb13:52
andrej4k/usr/sbin/grub-probe: Error: cannot stat `aufs'.13:52
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)13:52
kickarhey guys I am getting this error:  PHP Fatal error:  Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 383098285 bytes) in ..13:52
andrej4kThis comes when I try it.13:52
kickarcan someone help me to solve it?13:52
andrej4kI'm following the instruction there. ;)13:52
ralliasumm... I have an interesting issue...13:52
andrej4kAnd get my error.13:52
surfduesipior, nope actually I did that and its still not working13:52
Dr_Willisandrej4k: you are doing this from a live cd?13:52
ralliasI have a full partition, and the trash refuses to empty... how do I fix this?13:52
surfduesipior, def. something on the ubuntu server, perhaps on my username13:52
jribrallias: what happens when you try?13:52
sipiorsurfdue: i also use Terminal.app, and connect to ubuntu boxes just fine.13:53
ralliasjrib: The file operations window opens for a few seconds then closes13:53
=== samba is now known as Guest79849
jribrallias: tried just using the terminal to delete the files in trash?13:53
ralliaswhats the hidden folder for the trash?13:53
ubottuYour GUI file manager's Trash folder is located at ~/.local/share/Trash/ for files moved to trash from your hard disk and .../.Trash-userid/ on external devices for files moved to trash from the device.13:53
andrej4kIt was an example. I actually use parameters. But the error is the same.13:53
andrej4k"sudo grub-install --boot-directory=/media/0d104aff-ec8c-44c8-b811-92b993823444/boot /dev/sdb13:54
andrej4kThis is what I use. Exactly like told by the guide.13:54
Dr_Willisandrej4k:  that /media/path is correct?13:55
andrej4kDoublechecked this.13:55
jribandrej4k: what filesystem?13:55
ralliaswow... I had 1.1 gb of stuff in the trash?13:55
andrej4kGrub ist just a subproblem for me.13:55
=== remi_ is now known as r3mi
andrej4kjrib: several partitions. all linux stuff on ext3.13:56
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
ralliaser wait... 2.9 gb...13:56
jribandrej4k: the filesystem that you are trying to install grub to13:56
Dr_Willisyou could try chrooting in and using update-grub13:56
andrej4kI'm trying to install it into mbr. :>13:56
ralliaswell, at least now I can do my w413:56
andrej4kI tried the chrooting already.13:56
jribandrej4k: what filesystems are on the partitions on sdb...13:57
=== phoque_uni is now known as phoque
andrej4kntfs, ext3, swap and extended (with several logical partitions)13:57
Dr_Willisaufs sounds like a fs type. but ive never seen that one befor13:57
=== boy0123 is now known as HuZilla
jribandrej4k: apt-cache policy grub-pc, what version is installed?13:58
jribandrej4k: full version please13:58
andrej4kAnd I'm still sure that it's not a problem in grub but in the borked partition table.13:58
Dr_Willissounds like grub is seeing the part. as aufs and not an ext413:59
jribandrej4k: review https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/70300913:59
ubottuUbuntu bug 703009 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "grub-probe: error: cannot stat `aufs'." [Undecided,Confirmed]13:59
ronqbchi, how can i import the backuped bookmarks from win 7? i mean in ff14:01
edbianronqbc: In windows 7 have you saved the bookmarks in a file yet?14:01
jribandrej4k: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/700910 has some interesting discussion as well14:01
Wouter_Hi there. Just installed ubuntu with the alternate installer. partitioned beforehand with gparted. Software raid with two disks. using Ms table, installed the Grub this time. The pc can boot now to the harddrive but it only boots to the grub, nothing after that. any ideas ? i tried boot-repair but it says: no os found14:01
ubottuUbuntu bug 700910 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "Unable to install GRUB2 to the same device as contains aufs in natty" [Undecided,Expired]14:01
ronqbcedbian, yes i've it14:02
ralliasronqbc in the bookmarks menu, there's an option show all bookmarks14:02
ralliasopen that up, at the top is "Import and Backup"14:02
edbianronqbc: Did you mount the windows 7 partition?14:02
ronqbcrallias, edbian i couldnt import it here on ubuntu14:03
ronqbcwhat version of flash player do i need? i can't install it14:03
edbianronqbc: Did you mount the windows7 partition?14:03
ralliasronqbc did you bork your windows installation or no?14:03
edbianronqbc: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree (but one thing at a time!)14:03
ronqbcrallias, bork?14:03
ronqbcedbian,  no14:03
edbianbork = ruin14:03
ralliasronqbc technical star trek lingua14:03
edbianronqbc: no to what?14:03
ralliasronqbc is the win7 partition still on drive?14:03
ronqbcedbian, is the the official flash player? can't i just install it from the browser?14:04
* edbian doesn't want to overwhelm...14:04
bazhangronqbc, install from repos as edbian suggests14:04
edbianronqbc: It's actually much easier to install it using the command I gave.14:04
ronqbcedbian, win 7 par not mounted14:04
ronqbcrallias, on drive14:04
ralliasronqbc I recommend xmarks14:04
edbianronqbc: And better because the package manager will keep it up do date for you.14:04
edbianrallias: Why is xmarks necessary for this?14:05
ralliasedbian reliability14:05
ralliasedbian the file formats aren't 100% the same.14:05
ronqbcrallias, for importing?14:05
Wouter_Anyone knowlegable about Software Raid and/or Grub ?14:05
ronqbcrallias, is it an easy tool?14:05
r3miHi dos anybody know guake? and how to change the width of it?14:05
szaledbian: flashplugin-nonfree is deprecated, the pkg only still exists for backwards compatibility..  use flashplugin-installer instead14:05
ralliasronqbc very14:05
Lovehappenscan any one tell me which software should i use for webcam chat with my friends who r using yahoo14:05
Wouter_@lovehappens digsby14:06
ralliasronqbc compatibility with IE, Chrome, Chromium, Firefox, and I think opera14:06
edbianronqbc: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer14:06
edbianszal: thanks14:06
ronqbcrallias, can't find xmarks in the manager14:06
ralliasronqbc its an extension14:07
ralliasyou need to install on windows to push then linux to pull14:07
=== zkriesse_ is now known as Guest31717
ronqbcedbian, but i've already started the command of flash install that you gave before14:07
ronqbci see14:07
ralliasronqbc unless you're in the mood for some fun hoolabalooza14:07
rallias(whcih isn't much, but its a bit complex)14:07
ronqbcrallias, what's tgat?14:08
edbianronqbc: you can remove that old package like this: sudo apt-get purge flashplugin-nonfree  but I think even if you left it there it wouldn't do any harm but take up space.14:08
ralliasronqbc I'm assuming your british?14:08
ronqbcrallias, israeli14:09
ralliasronqbc do you know the partition that windows is on?14:09
Lovehappensi m on ubuntu fellow14:09
Lovehappensdigsby is for windows14:09
Lovehappensisnt it ?14:10
ronqbchow can i activate the ati graphic driver?14:10
szal!ati | ronqbc14:10
ubotturonqbc: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto14:10
ronqbcrallias, sure. i've the file on ubuntu already14:10
aeon-ltdLovehappens: on the site they have mac and linux versions too14:10
ralliaslovehappens: I'm sure you'll find pidgin and empathy capable14:10
ralliasronqbc can you import it?14:10
ronqbcwait. they say i need to restart.14:10
sudeepbazhang, yes i tried with alsa mixer but sounds not working, now youtube videos are playing very fast14:10
Wouter_I installed the OS (ubuntu, alternate cd) made a software raid, it installed fine but now i start to the Grub, any ideas? I think the grub cannot find the kernel (wich is on the array)14:10
Lovehappensin pidgin and empathy my cam does not works14:11
fjorgynnHi can I14:11
ronqbcrallias, well, i need to try it a bit later.14:11
ralliasWouter_ Boot into a live cd and do the grub scan...14:11
Wouter_@rallias how do i do the grub scan ?14:11
Lovehappensdigsby is coming14:11
Lovehappenssoon for14:11
LovehappensMac and Linux!14:11
LovehappensThank you for your interest in14:11
Lovehappensdigsby for Mac and Linux!14:11
FloodBot1Lovehappens: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:12
LovehappensYou'll be informed as soon as it's ready.14:12
rallias@Wouter_ Give me a minnute I'll find the link14:12
Wouter_@rallias thanks14:13
fjorgynnwhat's the "view menu" shortcut key in xfce?14:13
Wouter_@lovehappens that's strange.. im sure i used it on linux14:13
ralliasWouter_ https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows#Overwriting the Master Boot Record14:13
rallias(COPY THE WHOLE LINK)14:13
=== Sergevg is now known as svg
Wouter_thank you :)14:13
ralliasWouter_ Yep14:14
ralliasWouter_ It SHOULD detect... I'm not 100% sure tho... I don't know anything about software raids14:14
ronqbchow can i paste a printed screen? just gimp?14:14
aeon-ltdronqbc: what? if you use the screenshot utility (or use scrot in a terminal) it will save to a jpg or png on your desktop14:15
edbianronqbc: You can install gpaint which is a lot like ms paint.  Or you the screenshot utility that comes with ubuntu14:15
aeon-ltdronqbc: then you can upload that to something like imageshack or other site14:15
Wouter_@rallias after i boot in the live cd i get a partition availible wich i called boot, but theres only one map called Lost & Found on it14:15
bazhangronqbc, imagebin you mean?14:15
ralliasWouter_ Look under /dev/mapper14:15
ronqbcedbian, gpaint can easily crop?14:16
ronqbci've just found that i can save the screenshot directly. i forgot of this option14:16
edbianronqbc: IDK.14:16
edbianronqbc: yes, use the screenshot utility14:16
fishermanany know about honeyd honeyview14:16
ronqbcdoes ubuntu one highly reliable?14:17
bazhangfisherman, whats that14:17
bazhangronqbc, sure14:17
Wouter_@rallias i only see control.txt14:17
Wouter_@rallias i can see my Array too however14:17
Wouter_@rallias but i cant mount it, i need mdma for it , doesnt come with the live cd14:17
ronqbcdo i need to be afraid to leave keepassx open because of hackers?14:17
Wouter_but im sure that would mount fine and i'd find /boot on it14:18
ralliaswouter_ sudo apt-get install mdma?14:18
ronqbchow can i show desktop? isn't there a button?14:18
Wouter_where is grub supposed to be? i think it's on the mbr but not accesable on the array or something14:18
=== YDdraigGoch is now known as WelshDragon
ronqbci want to share with you my desktop appearence14:19
ralliasronbc its prt screen14:19
Wouter_rallias: ill try that, thanks :)14:19
=== xindzz`off is now known as xindz
ralliaswouter_ :D14:19
madpropsWouter_, you need mdma?14:19
ronqbcthanks all14:20
ronqbci've other things to say but soon.14:20
ralliasHas anyone else had troubles with flash blatently ignoring the volume controls?14:22
hu5hi need help with rtorrent, why cant i talk in #rtorrent? It says "Cannot send to channel"14:22
ronqbccan you see it? is it good? http://imageshack.us/f/718/screenshotaw.png/14:22
sudokillhu5h, what do you nee dhelp on14:23
mgjhu5h, i dont know that channel, perhaps you need to be registered?14:23
DJoneshu5h: You might need to have a registered nick & be identified to freenode to use that channel14:23
hu5hsudokill: i want to move an incomplete torrent because the disk has run out.14:23
DJones!register | hu5h14:23
ubottuhu5h: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode14:23
dbuHi, WIth a natty box I'm getting lots of "Some index files failed to download" on `sudo apt-get update` and I can't run sudo apt-get upgrade is this usual, and how do I fix it?14:24
sudokillhu5h, just stop the torrrent and move the file14:24
hu5hmgj: ok, thanks. ill check that.14:24
ronqbchow does ununtu works without a properiety graphic driver? is it bad with out it?14:24
sudokillronqbc, its not bad just not as good for 3d14:24
hu5hsudokill: aah, and set a new download path? gotcha. thanks :)14:24
compdocronqbc, sometimes its better, and sometimes the opensource one is better14:24
hu5hDJones: i see, thanks. ill try to register my nick.14:25
BluesKajronqbc, depends on the graphics card make14:26
sudeephi all , i have studio 15 and natty installed, my sound is not working, please help14:26
BluesKajronqbc, some proprietary nvidia drivers don't work despite nvidia's recommendations14:27
sudeephi all , i have studio 15 and natty installed, my sound is not working, please help14:29
bazhangsudeep, whats studio 1514:30
vikapiusing kmail.i want to GPG sign a mail and while tryin to send without askin for passprhase, it says bad passphrase.14:30
vikapiany idea how to prompt for a passphrase?14:30
sudeepbazhang , dell studio 15 laptop14:30
bazhangvikapi, how did you create the keys14:30
=== expl01t is now known as eXpl01t
depeszhi. which package should I install to have support for editing remote files (scp:// ...) ?14:32
ronqbchow can i untick some files while adding a torrent?14:32
bazhangronqbc, which client14:32
depeszi just reinstalled system, installed vim, but it doesn't let me work on those files.14:32
ronqbcbazhang, transsmition14:33
Dr_Willisi never noticed vim could do scp:// type urls14:33
Dr_Willistheres always sshfs14:33
bazhangronqbc, right before you add, a window will come up, uncheck there14:34
lotutuhello all, how can I run vim in perl?14:35
ronqbcbazhang, can14:35
Dr_Willislotutu:  clarify what you mean14:35
ronqbcbazhang, can't i untick them all?14:35
=== Timic_ is now known as Timic
bazhangronqbc, that would mean not getting anything in the torrent, so why bother14:36
lotutuDr_Willis: I want to use vim in a perl script, with `vim $filename`, but it says output is not to a terminal14:36
antiheroHow do I find outif a package is being downloaded from the right PPA?14:37
Dr_Willislotutu:  theres prob. a proper way to  start a child process that way. ive not done perl in years14:38
ronqbcbazhang, i want one file14:38
ronqbcfrom 20014:38
Dr_Willisso..  unselect the rest?14:38
ronqbclisten. idon't know how to play many mp3 folders at once.14:38
ronqbcDr_Willis, it's lot's of files14:38
Dr_Willisronqbc: i drag/drop the dirs to  my media players playlist14:39
lotutuDr_Willis: thanks14:39
Dr_Willisronqbc:  i recall a select/all/uneslet all..14:39
sktn07please view the image http://imagebin.org/163253   what is red line indicates here?14:39
chaddyronqbc: music123 -r /path/to/dir1/ /path/to/dir2/ /&c/&c/14:40
ingoive got some trouble with my 1tb usb hard drive, wonder if anybody can help :)14:40
Dr_Willisnot on gnome so cant run transmission right now to check.14:40
harshnAny trick to escape from 4GB limit of Remastersys/ISO Standard?14:44
harshnEven Multiple of DVD's thing will do for me14:44
Nearbywhy if i select on empathy -> No, I just wanna see computers nearby...it does not allow me to Follow, just to close?14:44
harshnAny trick to escape from 4GB limit of Remastersys/ISO Standard? Even Multiple of DVD's thing will do for me14:45
LosT_egwhere am i 0_o14:45
Nearbyhelp plz14:46
tucemiuxoops sorry14:46
tucemiux!ask| Nearby14:46
harshnAny trick to escape from 4GB limit of Remastersys/ISO Standard? Even Multiple of ISO's will do for me14:46
ubottuNearby: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)14:46
Dr_WillisLosT_eg: ubuntu support14:46
LosT_egnothing about anime? :(14:46
harshnAny trick to escape from 4GB limit of Remastersys/ISO Standard? Even Multiple of ISO's will be fine, if possible?14:48
harshnAny trick to escape from 4GB limit of Remastersys/ISO Standard? Even Multiple of ISO's will be fine, if possible?14:49
tucemiuxharshn: what does that have to do with ubuntu?14:49
Dr_Willisif we all say no.....14:50
Dr_Willisyou are making a 6gb live dvd?14:51
harshnmore than 4 GB for sure14:51
ronqbchow can i make xchat to make a sound on each messaege directed to me?14:51
ubottuInterested in remastering the Ubuntu !LiveCD or !Alternate installer? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization - Or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility14:52
ronqbcwhen i delete messages from gmail with evolution will it archived or deleted?14:52
Dr_Willisronqbc: check its homepage/settings and scripts14:52
BluesKajharshn, maybe if you told us what you're trying to do ...it'sdifficult to read minds ...even for us14:52
Dr_Willisronqbc: try it with a  test message and see.14:53
ronqbcDr_Willis, is it simple to script it?14:54
harshnokk, I have remastered my system several times. I know how to do it. I keep on making ISO's as soon as I feel "Ok its time to make one more due to addition of enough amount of softwares"... This time it has become more than 4GB14:54
dfgashow do i extract a folder out of a whole zip file in term?14:54
ronqbcis there an sound enhancmening program for ubuntu?14:54
qinronqbc: There is also #xchat channel14:54
dpis console-kit-daemon necessary for a single-user system?14:55
kickarhey guys, can someone help me install ioncube loader?14:55
ronqbcqin, did tit14:56
Dr_Williswhats ioncube       kickar14:56
onatshey guys14:56
harshnSince this time its more than 4GB and I dont feel like removing some softwares because I want each of them... Remastersys shows exceeeding the 4GB error mssg14:56
dlidp, I sometimes set policies all yes for polkit14:56
Dan_Ewhat is a good program to view and transfer photos from a cd14:57
onatswhen mass deploying ubuntu on a corporate environment, what are the things / tools that i need to have to manage these well?14:57
dpdli: eh?14:57
dliDan_E, I use shotwell from gnome14:57
dlidp, it's quite brutal though, if you want it14:57
Dan_Eseems that program cant see my cd drive?14:58
dliDan_E, you mount cd first :(14:58
Dr_Willispoint it to /media/whatever14:58
dpdli: I'm not sure I understand what you're telling me14:58
harshni am quitting.. will be back soon with precise problem statement14:58
dlidp, do you get 'Not authorized" error?14:58
dpdli: I think you're confusing my question... I want to know if console-kit-daemon is necessary in a single-user system14:59
dliDan_E, mounting should be auto for cd, if not, try something like: udisks --mount /dev/sr014:59
Dan_Ethank you14:59
tucemiuxonats: looks like you havent done it before in windows, here's a good thread that shows you how to do unattended ubuntu instals: http://www.debuntu.org/how-to-unattended-ubuntu-network-install15:00
fernando-DFboa tarde15:00
onatstucemiux, thanks for this.15:00
bazhang!br | fernando-DF15:00
ubottufernando-DF: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.15:00
tucemiux!es | tucemiux15:01
ubottutucemiux, please see my private message15:01
AlexDevilLXIs there CCleaner for Ubuntu?15:02
szalAlexDevilLX: what would you need it for?15:02
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obert_heh AlexDevilLX wut?:)15:02
surfdueanyone firmiliar with webmin?15:02
AlexDevilLXClean Cookies and other trash15:03
bazhang!webmin > surfdue15:03
ubottusurfdue, please see my private message15:03
bob_Hello, I need some help with my video card drivers.  I have the GeForce4 MX 440 AGP 8x and currently have the nouveau drivers installed.  I unsuccessfully attempted to install drivers from nvidia.com and now when I attempt to install the nvidia-96 package from synaptic, it fails.  It indicates I need to uninstall the nvidia.com drivers.  But I don't know how.15:03
ronqbchow can i enable system beeps? for xchat alerts15:03
obert_AlexDevilLX: linux is not Windows15:03
surfduebazhang, agreed. It doesnt utilize the official php5 module from aptitude.15:03
obert_AlexDevilLX: you dont need to defrag and many other things15:04
AlexDevilLXSo how to clean trash like cookies15:04
PiciAlexDevilLX: Use your web browser's preferences to do that15:04
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BluesKajbob_, did you try the nvidia recommended driver in sys>admin>additional drivers ?15:05
nullpoetMy dell laptop running ubuntu 10.04 instantly freezes on removing power cable..15:06
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nullpoetCan anyone suggest some solution ?15:06
the_holstarI lost my grub file after installation of windows.15:06
the_holstarI want to restore grub,15:06
the_holstarmy linux partation is still there15:06
BluesKaj!grub > the_holstar15:06
ubottuthe_holstar, please see my private message15:06
dlithe_holstar, boot livecd, and restore grub there15:06
ronqbchow can i enable system beeps? for xchat alerts15:07
the_holstarokay cool15:07
the_holstarty fellas15:07
obert_!pm > ubottu15:07
ubottuobert_, please see my private message15:07
sudokillronqbc, xchat uses asound15:07
sudokilland few other generic sounds15:07
obert_like fff-fffart?15:08
ronqbcsudokill, but i don't know how to enable them. can you assist? how can someone enter my screen to do it for me?15:08
BluesKajronqbc, ask in #xchat15:08
sudokillronqbc, in the options under sounds you can use sound ifles15:08
Dr_Willisxchat homepage has some good docs at one time15:09
ronqbcsudokill, send me again15:09
sudeepUbuntu 11.04, on dell studio 15 laptop, no sound problem, if some one could suggest something ?15:09
AlexDevilLXPici: Thx15:09
ronqbcsudokill, i don't know what tro choose15:09
nullpoetMy dell laptop running ubuntu 10.04 instantly freezes on removing power cable.. Any suggestions ??15:09
cg2916I have found something weird. When I use UNETBootin or I use Pen Drive Linux with it being determined as "Other", it give me the Can't Find Medium w/ Live File System", but if it's determined as Lubuntu, it goes to the "Preparing to install" screen, but freezes there15:09
sudokillronqbc, i just use a beep sound for when my nick is highlighted15:09
Dr_Willissudeep:  check the forums for that exact make laptop yet?15:09
ronqbcsudokill, my beeps not working15:09
sudokillbecause you have no sound file15:09
ronqbcsudokill, i don't see the sound file you sent me15:10
sudokillronqbc, you havent accepted it. its just a 5kb wav15:10
ronqbcsudokill, i don't know how to choose that it will beep upon message for me15:11
ronqbci did15:11
sudeepDr_Willis yes i googled , but couldnt find solution, i think this is a known issue , is there some kind of procedure to fix this up ?15:11
sudokillronqbc, settings preferences sound, choose channel msg highligh and browse for the osund file to use it15:11
Dr_Willissudeep: try the alpha release. it may be fixed in it. if you are lucky.15:12
ronqbcsomeone told me that: ronqbc: the system beep in Ubuntu used to be in System > Preferences > Sound, don't know where it is now but i can't ffind the option15:12
sudeepDr_Willis, hmm ok15:12
Dr_Willissudeep:  if it does work. then that would imply a newer alsa version might be the fix15:12
Dr_Willissudeep:  if it dont work  there . be sure to file a bug.15:13
sudeepDr_Willis , ok i will try reinstalling alsa mixer15:13
sudeepDr_Willis thank u15:13
cg2916Dr_WIllis I have found something weird. When I use UNETBootin or I use Pen Drive Linux with it being determined as "Other", it give me the Can't Find Medium w/ Live File System", but if it's determined as Lubuntu, it goes to the "Preparing to install" screen, but freezes there15:13
AskWizardHow can i become official member of Ubuntu Team??15:13
Dr_Willissudeep:  has sound ever  worked15:13
ronqbcsudokill, i don't know why i could accept the file. can you email me it?15:13
bob_BlueKaj, I did not.  Do I do that through the software center, or elsewhere?15:13
dlinullpoet, does it run smoothly on battery, and plugging in15:13
Dr_Willis!motu | AskWizard15:13
ubottuAskWizard: motu is short for Masters of the Universe. The brave souls who maintain the packages in the Universe section of Ubuntu. See  http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU15:13
billy2007hi i cant seem to unmount my usb flash drive it wasnt in the pc i restarted and then it became a drive?15:14
nullpoet@dli yeah15:14
sudeepDr_Willis yes it used to work when i installed 11.04 but dont know how, someday it stopped working15:14
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nullpoetdli: yeah15:14
stacie_hi all15:14
zeldaHi, I am running 11.04 with unity. When I drag a windows title bar down, so that the window becomes smaller. But in the process the title bar disappears. What could be the issue?15:14
billy2007when i try to unmount i get /sbin/umount.udisks: no device for /media/: No such device15:15
dlinullpoet, first thing to check would the power manager, instruct it to do nothing when unplugging15:15
Dr_Williszelda:  titlebars on all windows vanish?15:15
dlibilly2007, can you do sudo umount ?15:15
zeldaDr_Willis: Yes as soon as O drag any window the title bar vanishes.15:16
Dr_Willisbilly2007: sounds like it may not have a  proper label also.15:16
BluesKajbob_, ijn the panel , sys>admin>additional drivers15:16
dydi have ubuntu 10.10... do i really need to move to 11.4?15:16
Dr_Williszelda:  compiz  is crashing it seems15:16
billy2007dli do i need to give it a directory and no its got no name just a weird square box15:16
dlibilly2007, either by mount point, or device15:17
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Dr_Willisbilly2007:  use the /dev/devicename method not /media/name15:17
Dr_Willisbilly2007:  look at mount command output15:17
bob_BluesKaj, just tried that it failed15:17
zeldaDr_Willis: Right now I have important windows open, is there a way I could resolve this without doing a restart?15:17
bob_SystemError: installArchives() failed15:18
Dr_Williszelda:  alt f2, run   compiz --replace15:18
Dr_Williszelda:  or metacity --replace15:18
billy2007how would i rename a flash dirve called 15:18
ikoniabilly2007: please show me the output of the command "uname -a"15:18
zeldaDr_Willis: Thanks!15:18
Dr_Willisbilly2007:  gparted can do it15:18
BluesKajbob_, failed , .what happened?15:19
Picidyd: No, you don't need to uprade now.  10.10 will supported until April 2012.15:19
billy2007ikonia, Linux billy-Aspire-1640Z 2.6.38-8-generic #42-Ubuntu SMP Mon Apr 11 03:31:50 UTC 2011 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux15:19
nullpoetdli: awesome!!15:19
ikoniabilly2007: what is it you are actually trying to achieve ?15:19
billy2007Dr_Willis, whats gparted15:19
AskWizardThanks Dr_Willis15:19
Dr_Willisbilly2007:  a program15:20
Dr_Willis!info gparted15:20
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bob_It detected that I needed to activate the experimental nvidia drivers, but then when I did, it just displayed that error above.  SystemError: installArchives() failed15:20
ubottugparted (source: gparted): GNOME partition editor. In component main, is optional. Version 0.7.0-1ubuntu1 (natty), package size 487 kB, installed size 1632 kB15:20
szalbob_: run 'sudo nvidia-installer --uninstall' to uninstall the blob from nvidia.com, then follow the instructions I gave you yesterday15:20
dlinullpoet, you can also do as user: udisks --unmount foo_device, if it's automount by user, udisks --mount15:20
billy2007ikonia, my flash drive name changed to that weird square symbol after formating it and i cant seem to change it15:20
Dr_Willisbilly2007:  what filesystem is it?15:20
sudokillronqbc, anyway im off15:20
ikoniabilly2007: the eay to way to manage it is, as Dr_Willis suggested, install the tool "gparted" it's a very simple gui tool15:21
billy2007Dr_Willis, surely theres a way to change the name with the basic install15:21
bob_szal, hey there!  I let me try the uninstall.15:21
BluesKajbob_, switch to a tty (ctrl-alt-f2), log in, then type "jockey-text -a" and press enter15:21
Dr_Willistakes me 20 sec to chnge it via gparted15:21
Dr_Willisor less...15:21
ikoniabilly2007: there are many ways but the easy way would be to install the gparted gui, it's straight forward and self explanitory15:21
billy2007Dr_Willis, a usb flash drive is how the computer reconizes it but its an sd card in a usb dongle15:22
Dr_Willisgparted is worth learning about15:22
billy2007ikonia, Dr_Willis  ill check it out15:22
Dr_Willisbilly2007:  what filesystem is on it? ext2/3/4  vfat? ntfs15:22
ronqbcthanks sudokill15:22
billy2007Dr_Willis, i havnt got the slightest clue15:22
Dr_Willishow did you format it?15:23
surfdueWillis, are you really a Doctor?15:23
* Dr_Willis is a dr of love...15:23
billy2007kde partition manager or gnome partition manager15:24
billy2007by clicking format in the live usb creator15:24
bob_szal, that uninstall sudo command did not work15:25
szalbob_: define "did not work"15:25
bob_nvidia-installer: command not found15:25
szalbob_: iow, you already uninstalled it or deleted it some other way15:26
bob_szal, let me give some additional details.  I followed the instructions from last night and the nvidia-96 was failing still.  I went to record the bug and followed the instructions to run the ubuntu-bug on nvidia-96.  That told me it failed because of the attempt from nvidia.com drivers.15:27
bob_szal, if it helps, the driver I attempted to run was: NVIDIA-Linux-x86-275.09.07.run15:28
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szalbob_: that won't work w/ your card15:28
bob_szal, nor did it :)15:29
bob_szal, but would the uninstall statement you gave me uninstall that one as well, or do I need a diff. command?15:29
zeroXtenlo... any idea what happened to /dev/audio? Sound works happily in Natty15:31
ogdany advanced  c programmers here?15:32
rhin0ogd try ##c++15:33
ogd@rhin0 thanks15:33
rhin0ogd that channel is a festering hive of geeks15:33
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bob_szal, would it be easier to just reinstall ubuntu and try additional drivers first?15:36
bob_it is brand new install, so wouldnt be losing anything15:36
dydis there a way to use old graphical settings in ubuntu 11.4?.15:36
BluesKajbob_, try this it might work for you,  switch to a tty (ctrl-alt-f2), log in, then type "jockey-text -a" and press enterht work for you,15:36
AaronMTIs anyone running into an issue where gdm crashes after logging in and the entire theme turns grey. Is there a fix? Workaround? Is this known?15:36
Pici!classic | dyd15:36
ubottudyd: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".15:36
bob_BluesKaj, I did try that, let me get you what it said15:36
dydPici: thanks15:36
bob_BluesKaj, I typed that and it nothing appeared to happen.  What was that supposed to do?15:37
bob_No messages, nothing.15:37
BluesKajbob_, ok hang on , i have another suggestion15:37
rumianomHi all, i have problem with Ubuntu and I can't determine what causes System Crash. There is nothing in logs. Could someone help me?15:38
szalbob_: then reinstall, better than trying to clean up the mess you made..  and don't bother w/ the Additional drivers GUI, instead run the terminal cmd I gave you, i.e. 'sudo apt-get install nvidia-96 && sudo nvidia-xconfig', after that is finished, reboot (remember that, reboot!)15:38
imprinthow do I take screenshots?15:38
szalimprint: most probably by pressing PrtScr on the keyboard15:38
bob_szal, yeah I may do that unless BluesKaj has another idea.  I did try the command last night, but I think it was too late by then15:39
BluesKajbob_, http://pastebin.com/QAabKYiy15:39
bob_BluesKaj, I will try, brb15:39
BluesKajszal, are you sure the nvidia 96 is the right driver ?15:39
dydwhen i try to backup my emails from evolution it says "The folder contents could not be displayed, operation not supported". what's wrong?15:39
cg2916Dr_Willis I have found something weird. When I use UNETBootin or I use Pen Drive Linux with it being determined as "Other", it give me the Can't Find Medium w/ Live File System", but if it's determined as Lubuntu, it goes to the "Preparing to install" screen, but freezes there15:40
bob_BluesKaj, back, it failed on the sudo aptitude install nvidia-current statement15:43
bob_invalid command15:43
dydok i had just to ignore that msg15:43
zeroXtengoogle is failing me too =(15:44
bob_BluesKaj, brb, going to try one other thing15:45
BluesKajbob_, yeah , that shold ave read apt-get instaed of aptitude15:45
bob_BluesKaj, that is exactly what I was going to try :)15:45
bob_BluesKaj, brb15:45
dholbachLast day of UDW (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek) starting in 15 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom15:46
flashunihey all, does anyone know what user /etc/rc.local is run as?15:47
szalBluesKaj: the current nVidia driver doesn't support the GeForce 4 series15:47
JasonOHello. Can someone please help me with  a problem?15:49
llutzflashuni: root15:49
bob_BluesKaj, that seemed to install correctly15:49
AlexDevilLXOk how to put smaba15:50
flashunillutz: Thanks15:50
bob_BluesKaj, should I now reboot?  sudo lspci -k still indicates the wrong drivers are installed.15:50
BluesKajszal, nvidia-current means the driver that fits a particular card , I have 2 nvidia current drvers on differen cards and they aren.t the same15:50
BluesKajbob_, yes15:50
bob_BluesKaj, however, it does say that the nvidia-current is now a kernel module, that is new15:50
bob_BluesKaj, and when I reboot, do I need to do anything special to indicate that I want to use unity?15:51
szalJasonO: followed the given suggestion already?15:51
szalBluesKaj: please expand15:52
JasonOszal: I wasn't given a suggestion.15:52
BluesKajbob ,dunno ..i'm on kde15:52
bob_BluesKaj, all good, thanks for help, will be back in a bit after a reboot.  crossing fingers15:53
BluesKajbobbyd, me too :)15:53
szalJasonO: yes, you were, read the output you pasted15:53
xanguaJasonO: E: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages (or specify a solution).15:53
JasonOxangua: Oh, yes of course, I tried it. No luck.15:54
JasonOszal: I tried it but it did not work.15:56
szalJasonO: define "did not work"15:56
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic15:56
bob_BluesKaj, http://pastebin.com/qHFGZTNH15:58
JasonOszal: B/c apt-get -f install gave me this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/644853/15:59
i2iotDoes anyone ever convert DVD to divx in Ubuntu or know a program that will do this?15:59
vibhavJasonO, use "sudo" before the commands16:00
AlexDevilLXHi all i have samba problem16:00
AlexDevilLXi have eth0 to connect to internet and pci eth1 to share files16:00
i2iotNevermind, I think I finally found something16:01
AlexDevilLXSo i tried to edit eth1 ip manually, but it was locked16:01
AlexDevilLXSo i deleted it and how to restore it?16:01
Phr3d13i know this isn't the place for this but has anyone gotten pcsx2 0.9.8 running on ubuntu 11.04 amd64?16:01
JasonOvibhav: It gave me the same output. E: Unable to lock directory /var/cache/apt/archives/16:02
BluesKajbob_, sudo apt-cache policy nvidia-current .. pastebin the output pls16:02
Phr3d13JasonO, do you have synaptics pagkage manager open or software center?16:02
bob_BluesKaj, http://pastebin.com/tcKgp7x616:03
JasonOPhr3d13: yeah, sorry, forgot. :(16:03
vibhavJasonO, Try a reboot16:03
szalbob_: please use paste.ubuntu.com :)16:04
Piciszal: Why?16:04
JasonOvibhav: It seems to be working.16:04
oscamhi there16:04
=== oscam is now known as orgaZmo
BluesKajbob_, excellent , you have the driver installed..hope it's working ok16:05
orgaZmothere we go16:05
szalPici: or at least something other than pastebin.com (too much advertising & an occasional captcha)16:05
orgaZmoi have some questions16:05
orgaZmoim new to unix-world and i have just installed irssi @ my ubuntu server 11.0416:05
surfdueanyone know a good bnc host16:05
szalsurfdue: -> #ubuntu-offtopic16:06
philuk2000Hi, I had to reinstall my host machine that had wubi, i still have the virtual disks but do not know how to reattach set up - Help ! :D16:06
orgaZmobut are there any grafical irc client to install into ubuntu server 11.04 ?16:06
john___I am having some troubles with the boot in a macbook: for some reason the first three times I boot I can not see the relft16:06
philuk2000orgaZmo, xchat16:06
john___in the forth one I can, maybe I mess it up with the mbr?16:06
philuk2000orgaZmo, weechat16:06
szalorgaZmo: do you even have a graphical environment on the server?16:07
orgaZmothx.. can i uce xchat with terminal? so i can get it grafical?16:07
freshoneiam using wine to play GTA Vice city16:07
philuk2000anyway back to my original question, how can I get my wubi back up and running :(16:07
freshoneit is installed16:07
orgaZmoszal: i have only terminal.. no grafical enviroment16:08
szalorgaZmo: then forget about a graphical IRC client16:08
orgaZmookey.. thx szal16:09
john___I am having some troubles with the boot in a macbook: for some reason the first three times I boot I can not see the relft16:09
john___in the forth one I can, maybe I mess it up with the mbr?16:09
orgaZmothen i have to use this irssi16:09
freshonebut when i start the screen becomes black and all fonts increase in size and game does not start itsays un handled exception : c0000005 at address 006013f216:09
szalorgaZmo: either that, or Weechat, or ircII (if that is still available)16:09
orgaZmothx in advance all of ya!16:09
orgaZmocya alaters.. bye bye mates!16:09
philuk2000please help! I really need to get my ubuntu back up and running :(16:10
AlexDevilLXHow to rescan wierd connections16:10
Baltazaarphiluk2000, what's the problem?16:11
bob_BluesKaj, so that should be it?  So now I need to request help for how to get into unity :)16:11
freshoneiam using wine to play GTA vice city but it does not start it says unhandled exeption16:12
bob_szal, do you happen to know how I tell Ubuntu to start in Unity?  I have the updated driver installed, but it is still going to default.16:12
freshoneplease tell me how to start the game?16:12
xangua!appdb | already check there freshone ¿16:12
ubottualready check there freshone ¿: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help16:12
Baltazaarfreshone, have you tried starting it from a prompt, to see what happens?16:12
bob_BluesKaj, and many thanks for helping me with the driver, I appreciate the patience and the help.  You too szal.16:13
freshonehow to prompt16:13
zeroXtenanyone know how to get /dev/audio on ubuntu natty?16:13
AlexDevilLXHow to rescan all connections?16:13
philuk2000Baltazaar, I had ubuntu on my pc installed through Wubi, my host machine failed but the ubuntu disks were backed up on another partition. I have have reinstalled my host machine (winxp) and wish to reconnect/setup wubi with the existing ubuntu files16:13
Baltazaarwell, start it from console, freshone16:13
Baltazaarphiluk2000, oh.. never used wubi16:14
philuk2000Baltazaar, :D thanks anyway :D16:14
freshoneit says unhandled exception: c0000005 at address 006013f216:14
l1nuxmanwhy doesn't ubuntu have chkconfig installed by default?16:14
Baltazaarfreshone, oh... That could be anything! Impossible to diagnose from that info16:15
dbuggerhello guys. Im using natty on a dual screen and I was wondering how could I swap the default screen (the one with the sidebar)16:15
l1nuxmanIt says that i have to download it16:15
rhin0dbugger i've looked at this -- I'm not sure you can -- maybe by playing around with the xconfiguration file you can16:15
dbuggerrhin0, that sucks :(16:16
bjhaidhi, I tampered with a certain application and my windows are messed up, windows key doesnt work for my shortcuts any longer, i use ubuntu 11.0416:17
freshonewhen i start wine and click on vice city icon the screen goes black and then all icon appear large16:17
antiherognome-desktop-environment won't install because python-gnomeapplet isn't in my repos16:17
rhin0like I say -- have looked at it on and off for a while -- after a while you just get used to it -- stuff sort of settles down -- like I say -- there is a default configuration file for x can't for the life of me remember what its called -- its not there by default - needs generating -- you can maybe switch it by analysing that (I haven't) -- its not that straightforward though to play around with a configuration flat file for X16:17
freshonethe game does not start16:17
freshoneplease help16:18
freshonewhen i start wine and click on vice city icon the screen goes black and then all icon appear large16:18
=== darek is now known as Guest46302
Baltazaarfreshone, it is impossible to help you, when all you have is bits of memory addresses and a general "Something went wrong" error message...16:19
Phr3d_13freshone, do you have all the requirements for the game installed?16:19
Baltazaarfreshone, try asking in a wine channel16:19
freshonehow does one go into the wine channel16:20
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu16:20
rhin0  type "/j #winehq" freshone16:20
Baltazaartry searching for wine in the irc channel list16:20
dbuggerrhin0, well, im not exactly linux savvy :D16:20
dbuggerI doubt I could manage :d16:21
ziikutvWhen i go on youtube the flash player doesnt show up.. that usually happens if i have two websites open that both use a flash content.. why is that16:21
SockPantsi'm using metacity. the file browser has messed up and isn't responding, i'd like to know how to kill it and restart it16:25
SockPantswithout logging out16:25
BaltazaarSockPants, is it not Nautilus you use as a file browser?16:25
SockPantsBaltazaar: i don't know, the default one16:25
rhin0my set up may be different I don't have two ports the same dbugger -- try swapping monitors / port / screen series about in the monitor preferences tool16:26
BaltazaarSockPants, just do a sudo killall nautilus or killall <name of browser>16:26
rhin0physically swapping monitors about dbugger16:26
Spamiclesdoes anyone know the command for comparing two documents and the output gives you a + or a - next to the line to tell you if it was in one document but not the other? I thought it was diff but that doesn't give me the output I'm thinking of. Thanks!16:26
dbuggerrhin0, i cant, they are in the office and its a little "complicated"16:26
admgy22 can someone help me resolve a 502 - bad gateway error (I think it's very simple, like restarting uwsgi...I just killed that process, which started this).  but I'm a really bad sys admin!!  (this is a dev server).  Thanks..  (btw it's a bog-standard pylons setup)16:27
dbuggerI dont want to get in the details about it, but belive me, if it was possible, I would. Its clearly simplier to just move them :P16:27
SockPantsBaltazaar: thanks :)16:28
roastedIf I'm running an Ubuntu server with 2 NICs and DHCP-server, would both NICs hand out IPs?16:29
ikoniaroasted: you can configure DHCP to bind to one/many interfaces16:29
ikoniaroasted: be careful though if you are giving out different IP ranges as to that your nics are confiugred on16:29
Baltazaarroasted, you choose what nic to use in dhcpd.conf16:30
ikoniaroasted: it's not in dhcpd.conf it's actually an argument passed to dhcpd at startup16:31
roastedikonia, yeah that's what I'm thinking. I was going to have the server kick out one range on NIC1 and another range on NIC2, with each range being VLAN'd16:31
Baltazaarroasted, by default it listens to the first in your ethX list I think16:31
ikoniaroasted: so you'll need to define two ranges16:31
roastedikonia, I have two labs in question, each 30 systems, so I'd like to have NIC1 give out a certain range to Lab A and NIC2 to handle Lab B16:31
ikoniaBaltazaar: the default is it listens on all cards16:32
Baltazaarroasted, ikonia yes if that is what he wants16:32
ikoniaroasted: that should be quite straight forward16:32
Andy-at-homeguys, whats the software that produces the try\install menu when booting netbook edition? begins withs with a U16:32
roastedikonia, I was hoping it was, I just figured I'd ask since I never used a multi NIC ubuntu dhcp server.16:32
roastedikonia, would everything go into the dhcp config file?16:32
AlexDevilLXHi all here is a problem16:32
BaltazaarAndy-at-home, netbotin?16:32
Andy-at-homenah its something else16:33
ikoniaroasted: dhcpd despite being dumb will work out which address to give to which interface, eg: the 10.11 range will go out of the card with assigned to it, the 192.168 range will go out of the card with address16:33
Baltazaarroasted, tnx! ;-)16:33
AlexDevilLXOk no problem16:33
roastedikonia, oh nice. that's it? I didn't think it would default to the interface assigned into the same scope.16:33
roastedit makes sense now that I think about it though16:34
ikoniaroasted: exactly it can't hand out ranges different to what it's on if that makes sense16:34
roastedikonia, bingo. that sounds easy to do then.16:34
BaltazaarAndy-at-home, oh :P16:34
Andy-at-homesomeone should mention that if its install and someone has used universal usb creator that the menu is redundant16:34
ikoniaroasted: two ranges defined inthe config, you're done (pretyt much)16:34
roastedikonia, now, I actually have 4 NICs on this server. I KNOW 1 gigabit NIC would serve 30 clients based on my current setup. Think it'd be worth it to bond the 4 NICs into some sort of redundancy, 2 per lab?16:35
Andy-at-homewith persistance anyway16:35
roastedikonia, so my default idea was 1 NIC per range/VLAN, but that leaves 2 NICs just kinda... sitting there unused, ya know?16:35
ikoniaroasted: a dhcp request is minute, you could server 1000's of clients on a 10meg card, no need to bond, you're just going to complicate things16:35
BaltazaarI've really come to enjoy the new Unity thing16:35
usermanageranyone here know any simple cron command that i can use to test out cron service ?16:35
roastedikonia, this is a thin client lab. not JUST a dhcp server.16:35
ikoniaroasted: there is no need to bond16:35
roastedikonia, it hands out IP addresses and the clients PXE boot to the server, pulling down LTSP images.16:36
roastedikonia, okay.16:36
Baltazaarroasted, how many clients do you have?16:36
roastedikonia, just wanted to make sure you got what I was doing, in case the bandwidth load of LTSP would warrant bonding.16:36
JR_wGnome question maybe someone here can answer:  On ArtistX live, how can one change the dark and unreadable (for me) windows on apps like dolphin to something lighter and easily readable?16:36
ikoniaroasted: for context I've just had 130 machines built on a 100meg card using pxe16:36
roastedBaltazaar, 60 minimal, upwards of 70 maybe16:36
roastedikonia, with LTSP?16:36
Baltazaarroasted, no problem then!16:36
surfdueJaws skipper: damn you roasted him!16:36
usermanageranyone here know any simple cron command that i can use to test out cron service ?16:36
ikoniaroasted: that used about %30 of the bandwidth, no not ltsp, a bit lighter, but just to give you context16:37
roastedusermanager, mkdir? touch file?16:37
usermanagerroasted what's that16:37
roastedikonia, I gotcha. But yeah I have 1 gigabit NIC serving 30 now, so branching upwards I know 2x would serve 60, etc. Like I said I just didn't want to miss out on an advantage I might gain from bonding in this situation.16:37
roastedusermanager, mkdir creates a directory, and touch creates a blank file.16:37
Baltazaarusermanager, commands! that shows you if anything happens16:37
ikoniaroasted: it will server over 30, I asure you16:37
ikoniaroasted: if's more likley your bottleneck will be at the switch rather than your card16:38
roastedusermanager, if you set crontab to mkdir /home/usermanager/test, it should create "test" directory in your home folder16:38
roastedikonia, yeah, I'm trying to organize things in the closet to be a little more practical, as I want the server/clients on the SAME switch.16:38
ikoniaroasted: there will be no advantage to bonding in this example16:38
roastedikonia, not only that, but the traffic will be vlan'd16:38
ikoniaroasted: keep it simple - 1 nic, 1 switch port16:38
roastedikonia, can you give me an example where I would benefit from bonding? I've never had a *need* for it, so I never used it.16:38
ikoniaroasted: you've tried to use it beoffore with terrible results16:39
roastedusermanager, it would just be a simple way to see if crontab is working :P16:39
roastedikonia, I was also using a guide with 8.10 :P16:39
ikoniabefore even16:39
usermanagerwhat's the full command that i should type ?16:39
ikoniaroasted: 8.10's a great release, just keep in mind it's totally dead now16:39
roastedikonia, I was reading more about it, and 10.04 was a new setup with bonding entirely.16:39
roastedikonia, no like I didn't realize the guide I Was using was FOR 8.10, I was using it for 10.1016:39
thunder1212hi, i am planning to buy ncomputing's x550 series desktop virtualization kit. is it ok ?16:39
Baltazaarusermanager, you have to configure the cron jobs in the crontab16:39
roastedikonia, I went back to the LTSP chat and spoke to the user who linked me to it, at which point they told me which distro they built the guide for. I had no idea prior.16:40
usermanagerjust type mkdir /home.......... ?16:40
ikoniaroasted: ahhh, I see,16:40
roastedikonia, I did more reading and 10.04 was very different with bonding than 8.10 was, which may have been where a lot of my issues were.16:40
ikonia!cron > usermanager16:40
ubottuusermanager, please see my private message16:40
roastedikonia, so that being said, it kind of re-vamped my confidence a little bit to give bonding another try - IF it's beneficial.16:40
ikoniaroasted it's actually not different at all, a few very minor differnces16:41
roastedikonia, yeah, there wasn't too much that was different, but enough that it made me wonder.16:41
roastedikonia, I mean last time I was trying to edit config files that didn't exist, etc.16:41
ikoniaroasted: honestly bonding hasn't changed in a long time16:41
roastedikonia, so what kind of setup would warrant it to be beneficial from bonding interfaces?16:41
Baltazaarusermanager, here is a page for you: http://aplawrence.com/BDD/bbcronbasics.html16:42
ikoniaroasted: it all depends on a lot of things, it's more a case of applying common sense and working out if you will benifit from it and wahat issues you'll got, eg: TCP packaet reponse to multiple nics16:43
roastedikonia, I see. a lot of the reading I do seems to suggest that bonding is beneficial if you want a "backup NIC". It came off as like, a server with 2 PSUs, one fails, other is there running to continue work.16:44
Baltazaarroasted, kindof16:44
roastedBaltazaar, well if that's the case, I can SSH in and swap which eth is in charge and be done with it in 2 minutes...16:44
roastedBaltazaar, not that I have true redundancy, but if that's the reasoning behind its existence, it seems like very little benefit.16:45
Baltazaarroasted, well, it gives you redundancy, plus aggregation16:46
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=== Xei_ is now known as Xei
scorpion19hi guys16:46
ikoniaroasted: sorry, had terrible lag there for a second16:46
roastedikonia, all good.16:46
ikoniaroasted: there are many benifits, the issue is how they apply to you and their value to your setup and overhead16:46
ikoniaroasted: eg: it can give you great performance increaes, or superb redundency, but it won't do anything if your network cards are not flooded, or your switch can't deal with a trunked interface, see what I mean16:47
roastedikonia, I see. So for my case, think it's a bit worthless? Or is it worthy to look into? After all, this server doesn't have to be up till Sept 1... so I can take my time reading if I need.16:47
roastedikonia, yeah.16:47
ikoniaeg: if you think 2 x 1GB card = 2gb traffic, you wo'nt see anything unless your system is hetting 1.1gb of constant use16:47
BaltazaarIt's tha same as trunking in a way16:47
roastedikonia, it's like upgrading to a gig network with a 100 meg network card. No benefit.16:48
Baltazaarroasted, Its the same as trunking in a way16:48
ikoniaroasted: in my view, it's worthless and will cause you headache16:48
roastedikonia, gotcha. I appreciate your time.16:48
ikoniaroasted: eg: your sending dhcp out of a bonded interface, the layer 2 responses going back to a virtual interface for the ack.....Hmmm do you want to be trouble shooting that for no reason ?16:48
roastedikonia, like I said, I know 1 will serve each lab beautifully, I just hate to see 2 unused NICs unless I truly don't need them.16:48
Baltazaarroasted, agree. shooting birds with a cannon in your case16:48
ikoniaroasted: that said if you've got a card that's flooded and slowing down your network....it's worth the effort, but I don't believ eyou have16:48
roastedikonia, haha, no, hardly :P16:49
ikoniaroasted: if you don't need the 2 nics, save them for later, you will use them in other ways, I assure you16:49
ikoniaroasted: you'll need one for a random private backup, or a test lan or $something - it always turns up16:49
roastedikonia, yeah, this serve has a lot of potential for upgrading. by upgrading I mean adding more to it.16:49
scorpion19are u talking about ccna or something like that?16:49
roastedikonia, it has a pair of six core procs and 24gb of RAM. quite a powerhouse for what I'm doing, so I'd like to expand on it a bit more.16:49
ikoniaroasted: a 3rd lan will be needed as $something wants to use it, or something, better to have "spare" rather than seeing them as wasted16:50
roastedikonia, good point.16:50
roastedikonia, I'll just stick to 1 NIC per vlan/lab16:50
ikoniaroasted: in seriousness, look at things such as backups, no point backing up the machine over the production lan and killing your clients16:50
roastedikonia, well, I don't know what I would need to back up in this case.16:50
ikoniaroasted: if possible patch one of the nicks into your backup infrastructure, and make backups go out of that one dedicated nic, thus not impacting your ltsp stuff16:50
dbuggerCan someone tell me how can I remove the splash screen from the grub? I want old fashioned dmesg16:50
ikoniaroasted: the server !!! if it breaks, you delete a file etc16:51
roastedikonia, this LTSP server is just a "host" that allow the clients to function in a cheaper fashion than traditional desktops16:51
roastedikonia, oh, I thought you meant nightly backups16:51
Baltazaarikonia, you know your networking. Network admin? I worked 10 years with various networking tasks16:51
roastedikonia, I make clonezilla images of the server itself, though16:51
ikoniaBaltazaar: I'm not a network specialist, no16:51
Baltazaarikonia, well, you know your stuff16:51
ikoniaroasted: you know what I'm saying though, there are plenty of uses that would benifit your network more than a bond for the sake of bonding16:51
ikoniaBaltazaar: thank you, I'm flattered16:52
roastedikonia, I back up the entire OS on a CZ image as well as the chroot for the thin client. It's all I need to get a new setup going within minutes.16:52
Baltazaarikonia, lol16:52
roastedikonia, I hear you.16:52
roastedikonia, I appreciate your time. you as well Baltazaar16:52
roastedmany beers are owed. :P16:52
billy2007Could not display "afc://2887176dfd7a09adf86c37d156430ddfeecb1c7e:3/". keep getting this error when i plug in my iphone?? any ideas google serves no suggestions16:52
Baltazaarroasted, swap the beer for a joint, and I'm in!16:53
=== remi_ is now known as r3mi
ikoniabilly2007: what are you plugging it into, a physical machine or a virtual machine16:53
billy2007ikonia, trying to use on vm but even when vbox is closed i get the error16:53
ikoniabilly2007: ok - so why are you trying to use it on a vm if you're closing vbox ?16:54
ikoniabilly2007: we had this whole conversation about using it with a VM yesterday16:54
billy2007ikonia, because theres no point having it open if im getting error messages from ubuntu about my iphone16:54
fdeiami have sparkleshare stable installed on natty from a ppa.  what i do not understand is how to host my own server on the same machine as the client.  can anyone who has used sparkleshare assist me  ?16:54
ikoniabilly2007: right, so you're using it with ubuntu - not a virtual machine then16:55
ikoniabilly2007: you know you need an application to see the data ?16:55
ikonia!iphone > billy200716:55
ubottubilly2007, please see my private message16:55
ikoniabilly2007: check out the link from ubottu16:55
billy2007ikonia, yes16:55
riyadHi pablo16:56
billy2007ikonia, i dont want to learn how to sync i already can i want to know what this error popping all all of a sudden is16:56
fdeiamhas anyone used a free alternative to dropbox that is very easy to get working ?16:56
pablohi riyad16:56
roastedfdeiam, dropbox isn't free?????16:56
ikoniabilly2007: it means it's seeing it as a USB disk and can't open it due to it's format/layout16:56
riyadwhat network we are in ?16:56
fdeiamroasted, only with limited space16:56
BaltazaarHey! this is a 1,5K channel, we don't have room for social gestures like hi and hey and stuff! ;-)16:56
ikoniafdeiam: that's not ontopic for #ubuntu16:56
ikoniafdeiam: this channels for ubuntu support16:57
xanguafdeiam: ubuntu one'¿16:57
fdeiami'm using ubuntu natty16:57
billy2007ikonia, but it trys to open pictures and music16:57
Baltazaarroasted, 2gb free16:57
xanguafdeiam: check omg!ubuntu! blog , i've seen some alternatives there16:57
fdeiamthanks xangua16:57
ikoniabilly2007: and fails no doubt16:57
ikoniafdeiam: doesn't matter what you're using, asking for advice on web services is nothing to do with ubuntu16:58
roastedBaltazaar, I thought he meant the app itself, not the space. space isn't going to be unlimited for everyone no matter where you go. :P16:58
fdeiamwell if those file sharing programs worked on ubuntu i would like to know how to get them working on natty.  my original question was how to get a sparkleshare server working on ubuntu natty where the client also resides on the same machine16:59
Baltazaarroasted, no, but then we do speak of both service and storage, and 2GB is free :-)16:59
Laurenceb_libopenscenegraph66: Depends: libjpeg62 (>= 6b1) but 6b-15ubuntu1 is to be installed16:59
Laurenceb_^what could cause that?16:59
billy2007ikonia, mounts it as an iphone and i can open files fine?17:00
ikoniabilly2007: really, I'm surprised by that17:00
linuxnoob5hey all17:01
linuxnoob5how do i gauge my acctual memory usage in linux? top says i only have 20MB free but it does not feel like it at all17:01
xangualinuxnoob5: on a termnal run : free17:02
Baltazaarlinuxnoob5, it is a difference between allocated RAM and used RAM17:02
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linuxnoob5xangua: same thing..17:02
linuxnoob5bazhang: oh?17:02
billy2007ikonia, it also makes up its own mind wether or not its plugged in17:02
linuxnoob5Baltazaar: so top/free is reporting allocated?17:02
BaltazaarThe key used figure to look at is the buffers/cache row used value linuxnoob517:04
BaltazaarThis is how much space your applications are currently using. linuxnoob517:04
linuxnoob5let me pastebin it17:04
linuxnoob5Baltazaar: http://pastebin.com/NUzEPWFk17:06
dydhave a nice weekend @ all17:08
hans123ich komm nicht mehr an meine Daten ran17:08
llutz!de | hans12317:08
ubottuhans123: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!17:08
hans123I cannot access my data anymore17:09
hans123I have a luks-encrypted /home which gets automatically mounted at boot17:09
Dr_Willisdetails please hans12317:09
mikeycgtoim trying to setup some keyboard shortcuts to run a script17:09
Baltazaarlinuxnoob5, your mem is just cached into disk sectors. try using -m too see the values in Megabytes. Check with the gui system monitor, which doesn't display the cache as used17:09
agreenbhmi've got an old dual-socket p3 server w/ 6 scsi drives in a raid 5 and 4gb of ram that's newly freed up.  what should i do with it?17:09
mikeycgtothe script is in /usr/lib/bin17:09
Dr_Willisheh. ok17:09
mikeycgtobut its not working17:09
mikeycgtoany ideas?17:09
hans123and when I installed Ubuntu I chose "encrypt home directory with user password" so /home/hans is additionally encrpted with ecryptfs17:10
Baltazaarlinuxnoob5, Actualy memory is not used by application, but it is used for disk caching17:10
Dr_Willismikeycgto:  you sure of that    path?17:10
hans123now I start the computer, login and get a few errors liek .ICE authory or -nautlisu not accessible. I can log in, do see default desktop and wallpaper, not my custom one17:10
hans123and in terminal I can cd /home17:11
coz_agreenbhm,     have fun with it,, I have a similar board laying around here   never wanted to hunt down dual sockt1  cpus17:11
mikeycgtoyeah i can up a shell and run the script just fine17:11
hans123but ls  says input output error17:11
Dr_Willismikeycgto:  run it from a terminal, any errors? how else    are you running it17:11
agreenbhmcoz_, what kind of fun?17:11
maverikhhi all, not sure if this is ubuntu seeting issue or samba server issue.  i have multiple static ip's withing the same subnet. i have a ubuntu + samba server running on x.x.x.1 some open shares.... it all works fine while im behind the gateway from my isp. i can see the shares via wins, xxxxxxx.com or by the ip directly................  if i go home i am unable to access the shares via ip or xxxxxxxx.com17:11
agreenbhmthat's what i'm trying to figure out17:11
linuxnoob5Baltazaar: sorry i dont understand.17:11
mikeycgtoerr sorry17:11
coz_agreenbhm,  i would certainly install linux   ,, play with w hat is possible with the configuration,, which video card?17:11
agreenbhmi thought "o, i'll put ubuntu server on there", but then thought: and then what...17:11
mikeycgtoi meant it was in /usr/local/bin17:11
agreenbhmbuilt in video17:12
linuxnoob5Baltazaar: theres FTP running so is it caching the loaded files? or?17:12
coz_agreenbhm,  do you know which built in?17:12
ubottuIf you are wondering why some tools report your system has very little free memory, have a look at http://www.linuxatemyram.com/ | A short primer on Linux memory management can be found here: http://sourcefrog.net/weblog/software/linux-kernel/free-mem.html17:12
agreenbhmno idea17:12
coz_agreenbhm,  intel   nvidia ??17:12
billy2007ikonia, if i try to connec iphone when in vbox it dosnt register on eithe ubuntu or windows17:12
=== surfdue is now known as surfsue
agreenbhmintel i'm sure17:12
ronqbcwhy does this happens? http://img845.imageshack.us/i/screenshotjz.png/17:12
mikeycgtoso i can run "spotify.rb PlayPause" and it works just fine17:12
coz_agreenbhm,  is it running at the moment?17:12
mikeycgto(simple ruby script for Dbus interaction to control spotify client)17:12
hans123also after decrypting the luks volume via live cd and mounting /dev/mapper/home to /mtn/home I did cp -a to backup my files and the entire /home/hans is about the size it should be but still all encrypted and I cannot decrypt that17:13
BluesKajagreenbhm, lspci | grep VGA17:13
agreenbhmthere's no OS17:13
Wouter_Does anyone know how to set up Grub2 in a software raid ?17:13
agreenbhmit's got a clean raid517:13
coz_agreenbhm, ah ok,, first thing I w ould do is install ubuntu,, or some flavor  and see what happens in terms of performance,, old hardware compatibility  et c17:13
mikeycgtoi can even edit the keyboard shortcut command to be "/usr/local/bin/spotify.rb PlayPause"17:13
hans123anyone has a hint for me?17:13
mikeycgtoand it still doesn't work :\17:13
agreenbhmi've got room on my VM hosts for testing, so this is more of an "f around b/c why not" box17:13
agreenbhmany way to start the ubuntu setup and then SSH into it to finish the setup?17:14
Baltazaarlinuxnoob5, well, that is possible. No worries about the ram. Your post shows  2035152 free17:14
agreenbhmi don't feel like sitting in the server room17:14
coz_agreenbhm,  understood,, my first thing would be to install ubuntu,, compare its performance on that older hardware,, go from there17:14
coz_agreenbhm,  turn it into a multimedia center  maybe17:14
BluesKajagreenbhm, does it have a cdrom drive or is it just a server box ?17:14
agreenbhmit's got a cd ro17:14
agreenbhm*cd rom17:14
Dr_Willismikeycgto:  make it run somthing like   xterm -e 'thecommand'     to see if it works in a launched terminal17:14
alketIm using Ubuntu desktop and I need to create a FTP connection how can I do that, thank you ?17:14
agreenbhmno multimedia; it's in the server room at work17:14
Baltazaarlinuxnoob5, and 2097080 swapped17:14
ronqbchow can i install skype? just from their wesite?17:14
ronqbcwhy does this happens? http://img845.imageshack.us/i/screenshotjz.png/17:14
coz_ronqbc,    http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/ppas/3417:15
Dr_Willisalket: insta ll a ftp server17:15
agreenbhmsweet, apparently u can install ubuntu server via ssh17:15
alketDr_Willis, which one ?17:15
mikeycgtoyes that works from a shell, let me try keyboard shortcut for it17:15
coz_ronqbc,  wait that's old17:15
Baltazaarlinuxnoob5, used by applications: 3991617:15
mikeycgtonope :\17:15
Dr_Willisalket:  any you like.. i sugggest learning ssh and forgeting ftp17:15
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billy2007i got my ipohne connectect to itunes through vbox but the vm slows right down more ram needed?17:15
coz_ronqbc,   here you go    http://ubuntuguide.net/install-skype-on-ubuntu-11-04-natty-narwhal-3264-bit17:15
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Baltazaarlinuxnoob5, it's just the way the kernel works with memory, so it's not lying there inefficient17:16
ghostcoreGood morning everybody!17:17
kxstevegoodmorning dr. nick!17:17
coz_ghostcore,  hey17:17
tertl3how can I kill gnome-screensaver?17:17
Dr_Willismikeycgto:  could be a quoteing issue also. make a script that calls the command with the option. to eliminate the spaces. perhaps17:17
coz_tertl3,  killall gnome-screensaver17:17
Baltazaartertl3, killall gnome-screensaver?17:17
mikeycgtowell i made the keyboard shortcut call "google-chrome wired.com" thinking maybe it was spaces17:17
mikeycgtobut that was fine17:17
mikeycgtoand worked as expected17:17
linuxnoob5Baltazaar: 2097xxx.. swapped? says im not using any swap..sorry just confused17:18
tertl3ok thanks guys17:18
billy2007i got my ipohne connectect to itunes through vbox but the vm slows right down more ram needed?17:18
Dr_Willismikeycgto:  i never use shortcuts like that. ;)17:18
ghostcorejust get an droid and ditch apple lol17:18
mikeycgtoyeah i was just testing it for spaces17:18
Baltazaarlinuxnoob5, that is the ammount of RAM cached into disk sectors, but the number you need to look at is 39916 it is the ammount used by your applications!17:19
ssbr_How do I get Python's unit test suite installed?17:20
ssbr_I have some code that depends on a module from the unit test suite. but even installing python-dev doesn't give me that :(17:20
GlooskepBuenos días México17:20
linuxnoob5Baltazaar: so it uses unused ram to cache files for faster loading? or?17:21
ghostcoreI gotta say I am loving 11.04 (after I gutted out the unity crap mind you) only thing left to do is theme this pig out17:21
Baltazaarlinuxnoob5, yes17:21
linuxnoob5Baltazaar: ah :P17:21
Mandrewhi this is not for ubuntu right?: # yum install scala.noarch17:22
xanguaMandrew: is not17:22
maverikhhi all, not sure if this is ubuntu seeting issue or samba server issue.  i have multiple static ip's withing the same subnet. i have a ubuntu + samba server running on x.x.x.1 some open shares.... it all works fine while im behind the gateway from my isp. i can see the shares via wins, xxxxxxx.com or by the ip directly................  if i go home i am unable to access the shares via ip or xxxxxxxx.com17:22
linuxnoob5Baltazaar: so -/+ buffers/cache is my line to watch :) thanks :)17:22
mikeycgtoyeah i even made the command "/usr/local/bin/spotify.rb" and its just not calling it all (modified the script to see if was even being called)17:22
Baltazaarlinuxnoob5, absolutely17:22
Mandrewyum is for?17:22
linuxnoob5Baltazaar: /me feels stupid17:23
xanguaMandrew: rpm17:23
Baltazaarlinuxnoob5, no problem :)17:23
linuxnoob5Baltazaar: thanks :)17:23
Mandrewok tnx xangua17:23
ronqbchow can i install skype? just from their wesite?17:24
ghostcoreanybody tested wow 4.2 on ubuntu 11.04 yet?17:24
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Jordan_U!wine | ghostcore17:24
ubottughostcore: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu17:24
ghostcoredownload the 32/64 bit deb package and double click17:24
ghostcoreatleast thats how I installed skype17:25
Baltazaarronqbc, you can find skype in the Ubuntu Partners repo17:26
ghostcoreThanx jordan but I was more interested in if any active users here have personally tested it I am aware of the appdb and ratings but I like more personal details17:26
=== poil is now known as rignvrugr_away
mikeycgtoyeah now i made it "/usr/local/bin/spotifyrb" and its still not getting called :(17:26
Baltazaarmikeycgto, why dont you make a soft link to where you want it?17:27
Wouter_Any idea how i can fix this ? root@ubuntu:~# grub-install /dev/md0 Probing devices to guess BIOS drives. This may take a long time. Could not find device for /boot: Not found or not a block device.17:27
mikeycgtowell i want it work as a keyboard cut. so i can bind my keyboards playpause, next and previous buttons17:28
Baltazaarmikeycgto, like ln -s /from/here /to/here17:28
mikeycgtoerr work as a keyboard shortcut i mean17:28
Baltazaarmikeycgto, oh, i misunderstood17:28
ronqbcBaltazaar, can you explain more?17:28
Dr_Willismikeycgto: you are using the full path?17:28
Dr_Williskey shortcut running it via xterm -e thecommand      works?17:29
Baltazaarronqbc, if you activate the ubuntu partners in your package manager, it is there17:29
makubi_Hi, I want to save my addressbook from evolution, but there is no 'addressbook'-folder in evolution, only 'mail'. Where does Ubuntu save contacts to? Using 11.04.17:30
ronqbcBaltazaar, how do i activate it?17:30
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Baltazaarronqbc, it's called Canonical Partners in synaptic->settings->repositories17:31
ssbr_How do I install the test suite for Python3?17:31
inanityjoin #nethack17:31
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mikeycgtothink it might be cause the scripts shebang is "#!/usr/bin/env ruby"17:32
maverikhhi all, not sure if this is ubuntu seeting issue or samba server issue... need some assistance17:32
ronqbcBaltazaar, tnx17:35
noipIs there a way to roll back updates?17:36
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ronqbchow can i further fix my low mic volume? i've already followed some instructions but it is pretty low.17:36
mrdebyou can fix it in gnome 3 which has higher volume17:36
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Wouter_Can anyone help me with Software Raid and Grub?17:38
Wouter_I can't get it to boot17:38
k1rkWouter_, I've always just had a separate OS drive when I do software RAID.17:39
Wouter_k1rk, is is possible to combine ?17:39
k1rkI've never figured out how to do it.17:40
Wouter_k1rk, if i do find /boot/grub/stage1 it says error 15: file not found17:40
Wouter_k1rk, when i boot the pc, i see grub. thats it17:40
k1rkGrub would have to be able to start mdadm to initialize the array before you could boot.17:40
k1rkAnd mdadm can't be stored on the array I don't think.17:40
Wouter_k1rk, yea the array is working fine in the live cd with mdadm17:40
noipIs there a way to roll back updates?17:41
Wouter_aha, so i should just partition it so the Linux partition is out of the mirror and only my storage (mediacenter) is in raid ?17:41
Wouter_@k1rk but then if my primary drive would die my linux install would die too..17:42
k1rkYeah Wouter_ my server's been running that way for a long time.17:42
k1rkI don't know of any way to do it. I'd be interested to find out if there was a good way.17:43
k1rkBut my server is running a really old 20GB IDE Maxtor drive for OS drive and it's still chugging 2 years later. :P