rhin0anyone know how I flag a forum post SOLVED 19:54
rhin0The feature had been deactivated due to database corruptions issues with the plugin. After the devs rewrote the code, ubuntu-geek made it available again. You’ll find it under the Thread Tools menu. You can only mark your own threads as solved. The action can be reverted and the thread marked as unsolved.19:55
rhin0ok found out its on 'thread tools'19:56
rhin0was re this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1804840&highlight=issue+keyboard+mouse   <- I put in the message that someone who has access to ubuntu bugs can please update the bug listing (I am not registered) -- this is an ubuntu bug (bug # is in the post)19:58
rhin0its not a bug -- can be worked around 19:58
rhin0bug has been open since 200919:58

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