pchosiright. finally testing out oneiric in a real install00:01
pchosihm, the gtk3 theme really is *very* basic (and partially really bad)00:03
* pchosi slaps ochosi for not trying harder yet00:04
charlie-tca64bit Xubuntu Desktop image refuses to start the installer02:34
charlie-tcafirst image in a week02:34
charlie-tcaI will tackle it tomorrow, too late tonight02:35
dtchenyeah, I need to head offline myself02:35
charlie-tcaGlad to see you once in a while again02:35
Unit193Without being rude, who was he?02:36
charlie-tcadtchen - a long time ago was the audio trouble-shooter for Ubuntu02:39
charlie-tcaProbably one of the best people in open source on audio stuff02:40
Unit193Wow... Didn't know that! Any idea why he hangs around here (Not that I care, I'm just wondering!)02:41
charlie-tcaalso was a kernel developer for a few years, I think.02:41
charlie-tcaHe likes us02:41
* charlie-tca shrugs02:41
micahgnice guy :)02:41
charlie-tcaI don't really know, but I like having him around02:41
charlie-tcaXubuntu i386 desktop images also fail to start the installer02:42
charlie-tcamicahg: you aware we are very oversize again?02:45
charlie-tca(includes all images, alternate and desktop)02:46
charlie-tcawell, I got to go get some sleep/rest tonight. See all you good people tomorrow!02:50
* micahg saw the size...03:03
astraljavaYeah, Dan (dtchen) is one of the fellows who are helpful wherever they appear. :)05:28
* Unit193 will learn to hide in the corner when important people show up05:48
astraljavaUnit193: Haha! No, that's not how it goes. You get vocal, ask questions etc. That's how the wisdom is passed on. :)06:21
astraljavaHmm, did anyone else test alternate installs? I'm puzzled, because on the test spreadsheet, there's an entry that says "does not allow entry of password or selection of session"06:36
astraljavaIt works for me, though.06:36
Unit193My sister was doing a lot of college stuff and I couldn't really do it06:39
astraljavaSure no prob, just wanted some confirmation. But I marked my results in the sheet, I'll ask charlie when he comes in.06:41
charlie-tcaGood morning14:13
micahghi charlie-tca 15:13
micahgI saw the oversizedness, will try to look at it next week15:13
charlie-tcaIt probably won't matter, we still have no usable destkop session15:20
micahgright, until the option to override the lightdm config at install time happens15:22
charlie-tcayes, and we have about 4 more bugs on hold for that15:24
charlie-tcaI am pushing that in the release team meeting, too15:26
charlie-tcatest here too?22:15
astraljavaI will test tomorrow, way too exhausted now. :D22:32
astraljavaWell, actually today, as it's way past midnight already.22:32
charlie-tcaThanks for testing yesterday/early today22:34
charlie-tcaI am glad you got it to work22:34
astraljavacharlie-tca: Yeah, wondered what that was all about. So you couldn't log in at all using the alternate?22:48
charlie-tcanope, I got locked into a lightdm loop22:48
astraljavacharlie-tca: I just hit Other..., presented my username, chose session Xubuntu, typed my password, and in I went.22:48
charlie-tcaeverytime I click on my user name, it looped22:48
charlie-tcaI didn't try Other, just my user22:48
astraljavaYeah, that won't work.22:49
micahgcharlie-tca: probably bug 80989022:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 809890 in lightdm (Ubuntu) "lightdm-example-gtk-greeter crashed with SIGSEGV in __strcmp_ssse3()" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80989022:49
charlie-tcaFortunately, it doesn't affect this system22:49
charlie-tcaLet's get our applications together for sponsorship to Orlando for UDS! 22:52
* micahg hopes to see you all there22:53
dtchenlikely won't be there but deployed again22:53
charlie-tcaOh, man22:54
* Unit193 also won't be there22:54
charlie-tcaWell, work comes first22:54
* micahg wishes dtchen well22:54
* charlie-tca will apply, and be thinking of dtchen22:55
astraljavaI'd love to be there, but I doubt I get sponsoring anywhere.22:55
charlie-tcayou are an important tester, also a big part of UbuntuStudio. You have a good chance if you apply22:56
astraljavaWell if you and Scott could praise me to death, then maybe. :D23:04
dtchenI'm happy to toss in my rec.23:05
Unit193astraljava: I'm sure you could make it with UbuntuStudio AND Xubuntu :)23:06
dtchenalso, if you haven't been before, that's a point step23:07
Unit193I would think it would be mostly for devs anyway...23:07
astraljavaDan, seriously? Cool! Thanks a bunch!23:08
astraljavaNo, I never went before.23:08
dtchenUnit193: it's a development-focused (daytime, at least :-) conference, but it isn't mostly for developers. There's a healthy contingent of non-developers from the wider Ubuntu community represented.23:09
Unit193Thank you. I know someone that has gone as a non-dev, but I thought it was mostly, guess I'm wrong again :)23:12
micahgUnit193: it's for requirements gathering, the devs come to moderate some of the discussion, but non-dev input is welcome and desired23:16
charlie-tcaum, I am not a developer...23:20
charlie-tcaI am not a coder or packager, either23:20
micahgcharlie-tca: you're a project lead :)23:20
charlie-tcaWell, there is that23:21
charlie-tcaBut I have gone twice as qa, instead23:21
micahgk, that's important input too23:21
micahgit's all important23:21
charlie-tcaI agree. You have to blow your own horn in Ubuntu to be noticed and get things done23:22
Unit193Don't you also do accessability?23:22
charlie-tcawell, yeah23:23
charlie-tcaI guess I do23:23
charlie-tcaI forget about a lot of stuff, sometimes23:23
Unit193There is also the age factor :P23:25
charlie-tcahm, forgot that too, huh?23:27
Unit193*I wouldn't get a sponsor because of it23:29
dtchenyou'd have to be younger than 17.23:29
Unit193Well, I'll be 18 by the time the images are fixed...23:29
micahgright, sense was sponsored last year to orlando23:30
micahgmr_pouit: I'll take the xfce4-indicator-plugin merge unless you want to do it23:32
micahgmr_pouit: I can also take the libdesktop-agnostic merge23:33

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