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[]9876098[]Is the graphical partitioning tool in the installed in version 6.06 a full-fledged partitioning tool, or do I need to use something else to prepare my partitions for installation?02:34
[]9876098[]Whoops, installed should be installer; that was a typo02:35
charlie-tcaum, 6.06 is real old, and not supported any longer02:36
charlie-tcaI can't remember, but it should have the standard partitioning tool02:37
charlie-tca[]9876098[]: I would highly recommend doing a fresh installation with a supported version02:39
[]9876098[]I would use a later version, but my computer's over a decade old.02:39
[]9876098[]So the partitioning tool supports pretty much any operation I would need to do- moving, resizing, and formatting?02:42
charlie-tcait should02:42
charlie-tcaI don't know how reliable it is now02:43
charlie-tcaI use Xubuntu 10.04 on my old computer, from the late 90's02:43
charlie-tcap4, 1.5Ghz, with a whole 1gb of ram now that I upgraded it from 256mb02:44
charlie-tcastill has a couple of ISA slots02:44
Unit193I run an *ubuntu on my 500MHz with 512M ram (some of that is taken for video)02:44
[]9876098[]Mine is a Pentium III with 600mHz processor and 288MB RAM. I'm kind of worried that it would run sluggishly; that's why I'm considering installing an old version.02:46
charlie-tcasounds like a candidate to try Lubuntu instead02:47
ubottulubuntu is a project to create a derivative of Ubuntu using the LXDE desktop environment. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu . /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.02:47
charlie-tcaIt would be very slow with a current Xubuntu version02:47
[]9876098[]Thanks, I'll check out Lubuntu and see if that would work.02:49
raginkestrelDoes anyone know if there is a keyboard shortcut to lock the screen on xscreensaver?03:25
Unit193raginkestrel: It's Ctrl+alt+del03:26
Unit193Errr... It is for me anywho...03:28
Mandrewgood morning07:55
Mandrewwhat do i need to install to get global menu working in xubuntu?07:55
ochosiMandrew: i guess you'd need the gnome2globalmenu-plugin08:04
ochosii read somewhere recently that it works again with xfce08:04
ochosi(v. 0.7.9 broke xfce-panel support)08:04
Mandrewok so i dont need to install gnome panel then?08:05
ochosinope, theoretically it should work with the globalmenu-plugin08:06
ochosibut you have to find a place to get packages08:07
ochosithink the ppa is rather outdated08:07
ochosi(i guess you'd need v. 0.7.10)08:07
ochosialternatively you could try v. 0.7.8, that once worked for me, but not with all apps, so i dropped it again08:07
Mandrewso maybe its better for me to drop xubuntu and try to mod ubuntu to work on my netbook :S08:09
Mandrewi dislike unity strongly thats why i want to get this working08:09
ochosisuit yourself08:10
Mandrewim really torn here :(08:11
ochosiwhy is the globalmenu so crucial?08:12
Mandrewit helps me use as much screen property as i can on my netbook08:13
ochosidunno, you could just as well use a 1px theme for xfwm4 and use keyboard shortcuts to close, resize and minimize windows08:14
Mandrewinstead you having one panel on the top and two on a active window ill inly have one08:14
ochosithat gives you approx as much space as the menubar takes08:14
Mandrewcould be something08:14
ochosiyou can move the panel to the left, set it to show icons only for open windows08:14
ochosiyou don't need a top panel imo08:15
Mandrewok i give that a go08:16
ochosiit's definitely easier/quicker to try that than to switch to unity ;)08:16
Mandrewi would use the desktop version and purge unity08:18
Mandrewthe desktop version already have gnome menu installed08:18
Mandrewbut i wanted something bit lighter then gnome and was hoping i could get everything working in xubuntu08:19
Mandrewand there is a lot of stuff that is preinstalled that i really like with xubuntu too08:20
Sysiochosi: does that plugin ned to be used through xfapplet? or is it indicator or something10:43
ochosiSysi: it's a native plugin for the xfce-panel iirc11:44
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aroelandHello, can I ask questions about installing Xubuntu here?13:25
knomelet me think.. this is the xubuntu support channel... yes13:26
aroelandJust making sure...13:26
aroelandI have a question about setting up LDAP.13:26
aroelandI've been using a guide on the internet to set up the LDAP client, and it worked fine on Debian. When I try this on Xubuntu though it is not working. After installing libnss-ldap I get an error message.13:29
aroelandThe message is: update-rc.d: warning: libnss-ldap start runlevel arguments (2 3 4 5) do not match LSB Default-Start values (none)13:32
GridCubefar to advanced for me13:49
aroelandfor me too :-(13:54
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Sysi#ubuntu or #ubuntu-server propably would know more13:56
Sysithat sounds like issue with inits, maybe packaging is just bad13:57
Sysimy friend set up xubuntu 10.04 ldap clients, I think he had some problems with upstart and possibly PAM13:58
aroelandOK, thanks for the tip, I will try #ubuntu-server and #ubuntu.13:59
Sysidon't crosspost13:59
aroelandOKM :-)14:01
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras14:24
Lovehappensi m having some problems with my webcam i can not watch or invite :(14:24
Lovehappenscan any one suggest me a software for yahoo chat ?14:24
TheSheepLovehappens: pidgin14:25
Lovehappensit does not support webcam14:25
Lovehappensdoes it ?14:25
Lovehappensand voice ?14:26
TheSheepLovehappens: as far as I know it doesn't14:26
Lovehappensi m looking for something for voice and webcam for yahoo14:26
TheSheepLovehappens: I usually use the google video chat14:26
LovehappensKopete and empathy r not working14:26
TheSheepLovehappens: but of course it's not for yahoo14:26
TheSheepLovehappens: I think their protocol is closed so it's hard to write a client that could use it14:27
TheSheepLovehappens: I might be wrong though14:27
Lovehappenswhere should i look for help ?14:28
Lovehappensi went in #ubuntu14:28
Lovehappensbut they did not :(14:28
TheSheepyahoo support might know something...14:28
Lovehappensi m on ubuntu14:29
Lovehappensyahoo does not supports linux does they ?14:29
TheSheepno idea, you can always ask14:29
TheSheepand demand that they do14:29
TheSheepif enough people will, maybe they will think about it14:30
Lovehappensthey should do it14:30
Lovehappensbut it seems they r blind14:30
TheSheepwell, ask them14:30
Lovehappensi ll14:31
TheSheepand maybe they already have something14:31
TheSheepor they started something and will let you in on a beta14:31
Lovehappensbut right now i m concerned with my webcam problem14:31
TheSheepdoes it work in cheeze?14:31
Lovehappensyes it does14:31
Lovehappenseven in skype14:31
Lovehappensbut in yahoo it does not :(14:32
TheSheepapparently pidgin doesn't support it14:32
Lovehappensyes u r right14:32
ubottuempathy is the default instant messaging and video client for GNOME. Since Karmic, it has been the default client in Ubuntu, replacing !pidgin14:33
Lovehappensin empathy the call and video tab r not highlighted i cant click on them14:34
Lovehappensyou can say they r not enabled yet :(14:34
ubottuempathy is the default instant messaging and video client for GNOME. Since Karmic, it has been the default client in Ubuntu, replacing !pidgin14:36
Lovehappens!ubottu empathy does not supports webcam14:36
ubottuLovehappens: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:36
Lovehappens!ubottu than i must say you are not helping me.14:36
ubottuLovehappens: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:36
charlie-tcahm, yahoo won't support linux, but you expect linux to be able to support Yahoo?14:36
charlie-tcaubottu is a robot, it is not a person14:37
Lovehappensi know that14:37
Lovehappensyes i would love that if linux supports that awfull software too14:37
charlie-tcaThen perhaps messgeing it in private would be better14:37
Lovehappensbut yahoo should do that14:37
charlie-tcaThen please ask yahoo for help with it. That will at least make them aware that you need it.14:38
Lovehappensi ll ask them14:38
Lovehappensbut as i allready said right now i m looking for an alternative for yahoo on linux14:38
Lovehappenscan u help me in this regards ?14:39
charlie-tcaDoesn't seem to be one that works14:39
charlie-tcaIf yahoo won't allow anyone to see what the code is, it is very hard to do anything to make it work.14:39
Lovehappensi do agree with you14:40
Lovehappensbut there might be an alternative software for that is nt it ?14:40
charlie-tcaempathy, pidgin, xchat doesn't use voice and cam, what is left?14:41
charlie-tcaYour choices are a little limited by what you want. It must use webcam for picture and voice. There really aren't a lot of choices, then14:42
Lovehappensin empathy they r not working14:43
Lovehappensm i missing some plugins ?14:43
charlie-tcaand how would I know that? I don't even have a webcam14:43
Lovehappenswhere should i look for help for that any ideas ?14:44
charlie-tcaI would try #ubuntu, where there are many more users than here14:44
Lovehappensthere are14:44
Lovehappensbut they did not helped14:45
Lovehappenslet me try again14:45
Lovehappensthanks for ur help14:45
LovehappensStay Blessed14:45
nullpoetMy dell laptop hangs as soon as power chord is removed!14:57
nullpoetAnybody aware of solution to this ?14:58
charlie-tcanew battery?14:59
nullpoetYeah u can say.. its a new laptop14:59
nullpoetIt wont boot on battery15:02
nullpoeton unplugging the power cable it instantly freezes15:02
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derpadongHey guys16:53
derpadonganyone aive?16:56
derpadonggr, arch hates my TV display17:06
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noipDoes xubuntu let you install codecs during install?17:38
GridCubei don't think so17:43
GridCubenoip: wait do you mean to listen to music while you install and stuff?17:45
GridCubethen you can install them temporarly and then again once the installation ends on the installed system17:46
noipTo be specific, I'm referring to the new option in Natty to let people install optional codecs during the installation process. Does xubuntu have that same option?17:46
GridCubei do not know, charlie-tca might know tho17:46
noipI know one can install the codecs after installation of the OS, but I was wondering if xubuntu had that same option made available during installation.17:47
noipI'm watching a video on youtube that covers the install of xubuntu to find out.17:47
GridCubei usually install it whit the alternate cd so i don't know of fancy things :P17:48
noipGridCube, A lot of these distro reviews on youtube aren't very good.17:48
GridCubeoh, we need people to make them :P you could make one if you want17:49
noipI plan to start making some at some point. I'm going to do it differently than the way these video are done.17:50
noipWell, I didn't see the option to install codecs. So, I guess it's not included during the install.17:52
GridCubei have never heard of such option, but then again i just install xubu :P17:54
noipGridCube, it's a very convenient option now included in ubuntu 11.04. Makes installing codecs super easy.17:56
GridCube:) i guess it should18:00
Khazamon1oany one know anything about xorg.conf i have been trying to make my virtual screen size larger but xorg.conf doesnt wanna listen18:20
Khazamon1ocan anyone help?18:21
trudyhi, anyone fancy offering some help?19:32
aatkJust ask the question, people will respond if they know the answer/are there19:33
trudyok, sorry19:34
aatkDon't need to be sorry, just a friendly tip19:34
trudyi have xubuntu11.04.  the update manager did updates last night.  Now the pc wont boot, unless i go to previous version of xubuntu in grub menu19:34
trudysuggestions please?19:35
aatkany error messages?19:35
charlie-tcaboot in recovery mode from the grub menu, when the recovery menu comes up, choose fix files19:35
charlie-tcawhen it finishes, restart the computer19:36
trudynothing, just blank screen... when i switch the pc on, i get the usual post, then blank screen, then hard drive activity stops and it just sits there till i hit reset19:36
trudytried that charlie....still wont boot after restart.19:37
charlie-tcathe blank screen is before the grub menu?19:37
trudyno, its after the cursor dissappears and xubuntu starts to load but stops after about 5 seconds19:38
charlie-tcalet it sit for about 5 minutes, and see if it does stop or it continues19:38
trudydid that...well, went to make a coffee and came back to the blank screen19:39
charlie-tcaalso, edit grub menu using a one time edit to remove quiet splash, ctrl x to boot and see if there are any error messages when it stops19:39
trudyok.....i will defo try this....im new to linux command prompt stuff but ok with gui stuff.19:40
trudythanks for help19:40
charlie-tcaat the grub menu, hit e to edit the line, cursor down to the line with 'quiet splash' at the end, remove them, and hit ctrl X to boot19:40
trudyok.....i'll go do that now.....thanks loads19:41
charlie-tcathen we need to know the exact error it gives when it quits19:41
trudyno worries, ill grab pen and paper19:42
trudycheers, back soon19:42
moxyrmaybe booting with nomodeset to exclude graphics update failure19:43
moxyrah too late19:43
* moxyr needs to learn to type quicker19:43
charlie-tcaLet's get the messages he gets and see19:44
charlie-tcamany times, just removing quiet splash lets it boot19:44
charlie-tcabesides, I always that part19:47
charlie-tcabesides, I always forget that part19:48
charlie-tcahm, wonder if they have an encrypted /home causing issues?19:54
Khazamon1oanyone know how to make an xorg.conf file20:18
charlie-tcaKhazamon1o: haven't done it in a long time, but here is some help with it - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/KernelModeSetting20:23
trudyhi ppl.  would you believe its boot up normal now?!?!?!....20:23
charlie-tcayes, trudy20:23
trudythanks for your help earelier charlie.20:23
trudywhen it plays up again, ill do the splash screen thing and will come for advice.20:23
trudymany thanks20:24
charlie-tcaOkay, you are welcome20:24
raginkestrelDoes anyone know if there is a keyboard shortcut to lock the screen in xscreensaver?21:57
Unit193ctrl+alt+del does it for me anyway21:58
Unit193Menu > Settings > Settings Manager > Keyboard > Application Shortcuts21:59
raginkestrelDoh!  Thanks.  Considering that I am coming from Windows, I should have tried that. lol22:00
Unit193That would bring up Task Manager in windows22:01
Unit193Anywho, anything else? And no problem!22:02
raginkestrelYou are right Window key + L locks the screen in Windows.  Thank you for your help.  I have been able to everything else on my own.22:03
raginkestrelLoving Ubuntu on my netbook and xubuntu on an old laptop.22:03
vieq__Hello, one question is xubuntu produced by Canonical like Ubuntu and kUbuntu or Not?22:04
GridCubeyep canonical22:04
Unit193vieq__: What do you mean by "produced"?22:05
vieq__thanks any way.22:05
vieq__Unit193: well, I was reading this http://crunchbanglinux.org/forums/post/130006/#p13000622:05
Unit193Xubuntu is made by the Xubuntu devs and they use feedback from the community. As I know it, Canonical doesn't "make" it, Xubuntu just uses the ISO build system and Ubuntu as the base22:09
GridCubeyes i think thats about the same22:09
GridCubexubuntu people do stuff changing the canonical stuff and adding their own22:10
beardygnomenot exactly22:10
beardygnomecanonical produce ubuntu22:10
beardygnomewhich is a base system + apps + unity22:10
Unit193Canonical sponsers/gives money to Ubuntu the community22:11
beardygnomethe xubuntu devs take the base system, add apps (some the same, some different) and adds the xfce desktop22:11
beardygnomeis anyone else getting everything twice here?22:11
vieq__beardygnome: kinda22:13
charlie-tcayou get two lines the same each line?22:14
vieq__but at least I got the whole picture22:14
beardygnomecharlie-tca: yes22:14
vieq__so that makes xubuntu a better ubuntu+de22:14
beardygnomevieq__: depends how you define "better"22:15
beardygnomei find it is more suited to how i want to use my pc than ubuntu22:15
vieq__beardygnome: well, functionality out of the box instead of instant breakages22:15
vieq__how about that?22:15
beardygnomei've never had a problem using either straight out of the box to be honest22:15
charlie-tcabeardygnome: what chat client22:15
beardygnomecharlie-tca: empathy22:16
vieq__to sum it all both xubuntu & ubuntu have the same base?22:16
beardygnomeit only happens in this room, not in xubuntu-dev / -offtopic22:16
charlie-tcasome kind of echo turned on here?22:16
beardygnomevieq__: yes, they use the same base22:17
vieq__I haz no idea of what you guys are complaining about.22:17
vieq__beardygnome: very well then.22:17
beardygnomecharlie-tca: i'll trying leaving and coming back in22:17
charlie-tcaokay, you made22:17
beardygnomethat seems to have fixed it22:17
charlie-tcathat was three lines22:18
charlie-tcavieq__: Ubuntu builds first, then Xubuntu takes what they have, removes some stuff, adds other stuff, and keeps some stuff22:18
beardygnomevieq__: are you running a linux distro atm?22:19
charlie-tca(simply put, anyway)22:19
vieq__charlie-tca: I like the idea of defining every anonymous thing as *stuff* :D22:19
vieq__beardygnome: yes.22:19
charlie-tcait's all open for you to examine, if you want to22:19
beardygnomewhat are running?22:19
vieq__currently Fuduntu which as it's author describes Fedora + Ubuntu's Idea *sigh*22:20
vieq__I was bored and I was like ... what the hell...know that kinda attitude?22:20
vieq__on a usual day I am running OpenBSD so ....   :)22:20
charlie-tcavieq__: here is the latest build, showing what we removed and what we added, if you really want to know: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/cd-build-logs/xubuntu/oneiric/daily-live-20110715.log22:21
vieq__last time I used Ubuntu was like 7.10 I think.22:21
beardygnomei've not seen fuduntu, so i can't comment on how different / similar it would be to xubuntu22:21
beardygnomewhat de does it use?22:22
vieq__it's basically Fedora (Gnome 2.x) plus AWN and Ailurus22:23
vieq__that's all!22:23
vieq__currently it's using Fedora14 as base and adds some stuff to it via fuduntu repo22:23
beardygnomeso what ideas does it take from ubuntu?22:24
vieq__not exactly D:, I can tell you the pros and cons if you like.22:24
vieq__simplicity and ready-ness for the use.22:24
vieq__mostly selective choice of apps and that's all22:24
vieq__for instance he choose Ailurus to manage most of the quirks a user might do with a fresh install on the run.22:25
beardygnomeso he's aiming for an rpm-based distro for new linux users?22:25
vieq__he used Jupiter app, which is supposed to give you multiple choice for running modes when you haz fuduntu on a laptop22:26
vieq__beardygnome: yub22:26
vieq__charlie-tca: that's a darn LONG log.22:26
GridCubethats what... nevermind22:27
vieq__GridCube: if you're commenting on my English-FU then my friend you made an excellent choice by not continuing to.22:28
vieq__I am not a native English speaker :)22:28
GridCube(it was actually a very unapropiated joke)22:29
vieq__GridCube: ah, unfortunately I would not be able to stay much longer to talk more about it.22:30
vieq__it's time to blackout!, sorry heh.....have a sleep22:30
GridCubeand im a spañis speaker myself :P22:30
vieq__Good night every one and thanks all.22:30
beardygnomegood night vieq__22:30
charlie-tcavieq__: that's why I didn't try to give all the details, I said simply put, we add and remove "stuff"22:30
vieq__how do you say good night in Spanish?22:30
vieq__charlie-tca: I am illuminated now :D22:31
charlie-tcaCome back anytime22:31
vieq__sure thing.22:31
vieq__laterz all22:31
annaHi, I am running Xubuntu 11.04 on a IBM T42.  I am a total linux noob (first day on Linux).  When I leave the laptop unattended, the screen becomes black and I cannot get it back to normal.  What should I do?  Thanks22:43
charlie-tcamoving mouse, hitting space, nothing will work?22:44
GridCubemaybe pressing the power button once?22:44
charlie-tcago to Menu -> Settings -> power manager, check what it is set for22:45
annayes, i tried all of the above but the screen seems locked22:45
charlie-tcaMost likely it suspends in about 15 minutes22:45
charlie-tcaand not all computers can handle that.22:45
annaok, that sounds like that might be the problem.22:45
annaMy hard-core Linux hubbie sent me here to try to figure this out on my own. (I suspect he knows that that is the real problem:))22:46
charlie-tcajust open power manager, change it to never suspend/hibernate22:47
annaI changed power manager to suspend "never"22:47
charlie-tcaThat will probably fix it22:47
GridCube:) that should do it22:47
annaok, thats what I did. Thanks!22:47
annaI hope that fixes the problem.22:48
charlie-tcaYou are welcome22:48
annaI much appreciate the input.22:48
annathank you and good bye!22:49

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