didrocksgood morning05:07
FloatingGoathi I love unity05:48
thumperFloatingGoat: cool, I like it too :)06:59
thumperhi didrocks06:59
didrockshey thumper!06:59
MacSlowhey there everybody07:14
didrocksgood morning MacSlow07:25
MacSlowsalut didrocks07:28
om26ercould someone point me to how to install unity somewhere local (from source)08:03
JohanSJAom26er: what distro you are on?08:20
om26erJohanSJA, Oneiric08:20
JohanSJAom26er: I am not sure about that, haven't tried that yet. But I guess Unity is installed by default. Or I maybe wrong?08:23
om26erJohanSJA, i want to test a bug fix from a patch, it is ofcourse installed08:24
JohanSJAom26er: then I couldn't help you on that. I am sure others can.08:25
om26eri applied the patch to source, did cmake now i dont want to 'sudo make install' as that would kind of make my install a little broken for further updates, won't it?08:26
njpatel_didrocks, bschaefer has put up a patch (branch) for xapian at https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity-2d/+bug/745243 which adds support to xapian for CJK!08:58
ubot5Ubuntu bug 745243 in software-center (Ubuntu) "[dash] wrong search result of Unity in Chinese" [High,Triaged]08:58
didrocksnjpatel_: really! that's awesome :-)08:59
njpatel_didrocks, any chance we could get it into a ppa or ubuntu so we can test with unity-2d /cc Kaleo agateau08:59
didrocksnjpatel_: sure, pushing that in the ubuntu-desktop ppa08:59
njpatel_didrocks, indeed, bschaefer has been working on it over the past month or so08:59
njpatel_didrocks, sweet!08:59
didrocksnjpatel_: I can imagine, so xapian for application name searches, isn't it?09:00
njpatel_didrocks, yeah ,files/apps/software-centre stuff, it effects all our stuff09:00
Kaleonjpatel_: I'm up for the meeting :)09:00
Kaleodidrocks: CJK!!!!! YAY!09:00
didrocksnjpatel_: files? how come? there is no zg patch?09:01
njpatel_Kaleo, could be reschedule for say tomorrow morning so we can go over the code I hope to push today?09:01
bschaefernjpatel: It was only for Xapian as of now. I havent looked at zg yet09:01
njpatel_Kaleo, also iv'e got food poisoning and am not feeling great atm :(09:01
Kaleonjpatel_: I will be in Millbank tomorrow09:02
Kaleonjpatel_: maybe you can come over? :)09:03
Kaleonjpatel_: if you are recovered..09:03
Kaleonjpatel_: I hope you get better soon09:03
njpatel_Kaleo, oh, good idea, I can try if I feel better ,definitely!09:04
njpatel_Kaleo, how long are you in millbank for?09:04
njpatel_well, in London09:04
Kaleonjpatel_: I will be there tomorrow and Thursday09:05
njpatel_Kaleo, okay, good to know09:05
njpatel_i can't do thurs so hopefully tomorrow09:05
* njpatel_ hopes the pills start working soon09:05
Kaleonjpatel_: fingers crossed09:05
didrocksbschaefer: if you screw up my xapian database, I know where you live! :)09:05
bschaeferdidrocks: That is far for you, but I tested it on a fresh Xapian branch so that should give you some comfort.09:06
didrocksbschaefer: never underestimate my anger :-)09:07
bschaeferdidrock: that's good advice haha09:07
didrockssee, njpatel_ knows about it ^ :-)09:07
njpatel_I do I do. Me bribes didrocks with more drinks at next UDS09:08
njpatel_er, /me*09:08
om26erdidrocks, latest compiz update problem, starting compiz make xorg use 100cpu :/09:21
didrocksom26er: just at startup? I'm starting it here and have no issue09:21
om26erdidrocks, yes session does not start at all, in unity-2d sessions starting compiz makes system unusable. switched to vt and top says xorg 102% cpu usage09:22
om26er*tty ;)09:22
didrocksom26er: hum… I imagine, you didn't make any partial upgrade?09:23
didrocksom26er: can I have the traces of the startup from the tty?09:23
om26erdidrocks, dist-upgrade, it removed unity though09:23
didrocksom26er: seems you didn't wait for the new unity then, but that doesn't explain the 100% CPU :)09:24
om26erdidrocks, i installed unity myself from debs (-0ubuntu5)09:26
om26erbut the problem it seems is compiz09:26
didrocksom26er: you don't have any output from tty1?09:27
om26erdidrocks, nothing bad I think, last line is starting unity-window-decorator09:28
njpatel_om26er, other things can make compiz use 100% CPU, any other programs hung or anything? for me banshee keeps doing that09:28
didrocksom26er: so, everything starting without any error, it "just" then try to draw something and hang at 100% of CPU09:28
om26erchanged to gtk-window-decorator in ccsm as well, no change.09:32
didrockshum… what can happen… smspillaz, any idea? ^09:33
didrocksom26er: here, I relaunch compiz numerous time, reboot and no issue :/09:33
didrocksbschaefer: I get a undefined reerence with your patch09:35
didrockshey hicham09:35
hichamhi didrocks09:35
didrocksbschaefer: I guess it's a missing LDADD09:36
hichamdidrocks: when gsettings backend for compizconfig is planned ?09:37
didrocksbschaefer: if you want to have a look: http://paste.ubuntu.com/647139/09:37
didrockshicham: there is something experimental ready, but should come in 2 weeks normally09:38
hichamdidrocks: can you point me to it ?09:39
didrockshicham: no need to package it right now, it's clearly not tested enough, should be somewhere in launchpad09:39
didrockshicham: looking for "compiz gsettings" in launchpad just gave me the link: https://launchpad.net/compiz-compizconfig-gsettings/0.9.509:40
hichamdidrocks: i hope that it will be better than gconf :)09:40
didrocksstill the issue on upgrade, but no insane copy anymore09:40
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bschaeferdidrocks: hmm that's weird,09:42
bschaeferdidrocks: did you run the ./bootstrap in the main folder?09:42
didrocksbschaefer: no, I just took our current package, add your patch and build09:43
didrocksbschaefer: oh nevermind, surely my fault :)09:43
didrocksdidn't run autoreconf09:43
bschaeferdidrocks: ok, cause I was kinda worried since I hadn't seen that error before haha09:44
om26er_Kaleo, Hi! why is the unity-2d launcher tile background white?09:47
didrocksom26er_: heh, now you are forced to debug unity-2d? :)09:48
didrocksI would love someone else confirming the 100% CPU, really can't get it there09:48
om26er_didrocks, nah just something didnt look nice ;)09:49
om26er_didrocks, i am going to try it on my netbook and see if the issue happens there as well09:49
hichamI don't have 100 % CPU :)09:49
didrocksom26er_: oh, that would be nice! :)09:49
Kaleoom26er_: this is a bug in packaging that was fixed a few days back09:50
didrockshicham: do you have the latest compiz? I don't think so ;-)09:50
hichamdidrocks: I have
didrockshicham: oh ok! :-)09:50
Kaleoom26er_: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/80920509:50
ubot5Ubuntu bug 809205 in unity-2d "[launcher] Tiles background is white/grey instead of the color of the icon (oneiric only)" [Critical,Fix committed]09:50
didrocksright, the pkgbinarymangler convert09:51
om26er_Kaleo, so i have to build to get the fix or is there a simpler workaround ?09:51
didrocksom26er_: you have to rebuild it, the images are corrupted09:51
om26er_aww :/09:52
didrocksom26er_: or wait for next release (next week)09:52
Kaleoom26er_: use the daily ppa09:53
Kaleoom26er_: https://launchpad.net/~unity-2d-team/+archive/unity-2d-daily09:53
om26er_Kaleo, thank you :-)09:53
Kaleoom26er_: you are welcome :)09:53
Kaleoom26er_: thanks for the bug reporting09:53
om26er_that ;-)09:54
om26er_didrocks, why is there no active unity daily ppa?09:55
didrocksom26er_: because nobody has the time to maintain them10:00
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meborcHi all. Anyone active at the moment?12:21
meborcAs I was told, the current implementation of multiple monitors and top-bar and indicators is the "intended" way12:22
meborcmeaning that I have top-bar and indicator area on both screens12:22
meborcthis is a major showstopper for me12:22
meborcI use Ubuntu in an office environment and having bars on both screens hinders my productivity12:23
meborcI understand that a desicion has been made, BUT maybe there is a way to make an option in some obscure configuration file to allow disabling of the bar on the secondary screen12:23
jjardonmpt: Hello, Id like to suggest a change in the design of Power preferences in the GNOME control center: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Power. I filled a bug to discuss this and the people seems to agree: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-control-center/+bug/812394 Could you take a look?12:24
ubot5Ubuntu bug 812394 in gnome-control-center (Ubuntu) "Disable suspend/hibernate options when they are not supported" [Wishlist,New]12:24
meborcany ideas on the current situation with multiple monitors???12:24
mptJohnLea, hi, if you're around, can you remind me where that Suspend/Hibernate decision is documented?12:29
mptjjardon, it wasn't my idea, so I'm the wrong person12:35
mpt... to reconsider it12:35
mptjjardon, especially since I haven't read any description of the evidence considered12:36
jbichasince we're talking about power, apparently the specification is for the power menu to always show instead of only when charging12:39
jbichaas in previous releases?12:39
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jjardontedg: just released a new indicator-power tarball with some fixes: https://launchpad.net/indicator-power/trunk/0.413:10
jjardonkenvandine: if you have some free time ^ ;)13:13
kenvandinejjardon, will do!13:13
jjardontedg: ping13:25
tedgjjardon, Hey, cool.13:26
tedgjjardon, I was thinking we should change the apport hook to pull the upower infor that pitti suggested.13:26
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jjardontedg: upower --dump ?13:27
tedgjjardon, Yes13:27
jjardontedg: sure,  Should I fille a bug against apport?13:28
tedgjjardon, No, it's something each package can do.13:28
tedgjjardon, Each package can install a small Python script that gets executed when there are bugs in that package.13:29
seb128don't bother with packaging, get somebody from distro to do it13:29
seb128it's not worth for you to spend an hour to read about that, it's trivial for a packager to do13:29
tedgseb128, Yes, but we're talking about inserting an apport hook here.13:29
seb128well, seems it seems better to have a packager do it than to have jjardon spend an hour reading about packaging13:30
tedgseb128, I'm just about to convince k-e-n-v-a-n-d-i-n-e to do it, but be quiet, we're sneaking up on him.13:30
tedgkenvandine, Would you mind adding a quick apport hook to indicator-power when you upload it to grab "upower --dump" on bugs please?13:31
mptjjardon, I followed up on the bug report13:32
seb128tedg, should bug #812728 be assigned to ronoc?13:32
ubot5Launchpad bug 812728 in indicator-session (Ubuntu) "Displaying user name in panel is pointless and wastes space." [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81272813:32
seb128tedg, the title needs to be updated, it basically the "the menu is not working" bug13:32
tedgseb128, Yeah, he's looking into it, but we can assign it.13:33
tedgseb128, I'll do it.13:33
seb128btw the indicator work in unity greeter and has a menu13:33
seb128so it's something in the unity session or with compiz...13:34
tedgseb128, Yeah, it works in the loader too.  He was going to start chasing down unity-panel-service.13:34
mptjbicha, yes. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Power#Power_settings13:34
kenvandinetedg, will do13:35
tedgkenvandine, Thanks!13:35
jjardonmpt: thanks13:35
mptjbicha, I didn't know the default was different in previous Ubuntu versions.13:35
seb128tedg, other bug noticed: the session indicator stopped turning red on restart required13:35
tedgseb128, Yeah, we're just reshuffling...  that'll get back.13:35
jbichampt: the Gnome default is to always show when a battery is present, but Ubuntu has overridden that since apparently 200613:36
jbichato hide when the battery is fully charged13:36
mptjbicha, so you could say we've seen the error of our ways? :-)13:37
jbichampt: it's been this way so long, seeing a battery indicator when I'm fully charged worries me as I think I must have come unplugged13:38
seb128it's also a bit annoying when you use a docked laptop as a desktop config13:39
seb128but that's maybe because we don't have a "running on ac" icon13:40
jo-erlendI wonder if the battery indicator could have some sort of warning when you've been plugged into a power source for a long time, since that damages most batteries. Many users aren't aware of that, I think.14:10
jo-erlendjust a thought.14:12
jjardonseb128: we have, a running on ac icon should be shown if you are in ac14:13
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seb128jjardon, so it's buggy for me14:16
seb128jjardon, but I run 0.3, I will try again with 0.4 and let you know14:16
seb128jjardon, upower --dump says "on-battery: no" "is-docked: yes"14:17
jjardonseb128: yeah, Its a known bug in 0.314:19
jjardonshould be fixed in 0.414:20
jjardonmpt, tedg: upstream made insensitive any sleep actions the hardware cannot do: http://git.gnome.org/browse/gnome-control-center/commit/?id=4f08a32570490f837e7c6909b095d2b44f4c05ee14:21
tedgjjardon, That's a gain, but we also want the user to be able to set that value somehow.  As upower only gets that from the kernel, and the kernel doesn't always know.14:23
tedgjjardon, I wonder, with root, if we could actually set that.14:23
jjardontedg: sorry, I do not understand, set what?14:25
jjardontedg: libgnome-control-center doesnt exist anymore14:30
jjardontedg: seems that datetime depend on it14:31
tedgjjardon, Yeah, I'm not sure what distro is doing there.  seb128?14:32
tedgAre you back porting libgnome-control-center?14:32
tedgCan we just stay on a sane version that has the lib?14:33
seb128tedg, jjardon: the lib is not dropped, they dropped only the files to build with it right?14:34
seb128ie .pc and includes14:34
seb128we will distro patch those back in since that's what bastien suggested to do on d-d-l for distribution14:34
jjardonseb128: yeah14:35
tedgseb128, Okay, sounds good.14:35
seb128we need those for at least deja-dup and indicator-datetime14:35
tedgAnd I guess in the future we'll just have to build our own control center if we want to it be modular :-(14:35
seb128tedg, why?14:35
jjardonTHis is  the commit: http://git.gnome.org/browse/gnome-control-center/commit/?id=606b6fd88d52268b4e7720e18035fe947df030cb14:35
seb128jjardon, we will revert that in Ubuntu yes14:36
tedgseb128, Because I'm guessing they'll continue to make it harder to be modular.14:36
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tedgseb128, It's kinda their stated goal.14:36
seb128tedg, let's see when we get there, I think we can get away with reverting that commit for this cycle14:37
tedgseb128, Sure, for this cycle.  I was thinking further out.14:38
seb128well, let's see14:38
jjardonI'd say complain now in ddl if you think you should do it14:39
tedgjjardon, Because me complaining on DDL has worked in the past? ;-)14:40
seb128jjardon, there was an endless discussion about that already a month ago14:41
smspillazohai racarr14:42
seb128jjardon, in follow up of the backup feature email14:42
mptjjardon, good. So it would be extremely useful to have data on how many false positives and false negatives that code has.14:44
mptjjardon, is that something that never existed before, or is it something that the old gnome-power-manager did and got lost in the porting to g-c-c?14:48
tedgmpt, I think if you talk to OEM they'd say that it's not very accurate at all.14:48
jjardonmpt: they are using the new upower api: http://upower.freedesktop.org/docs/UPower-up-client.html#up-client-get-can-suspend14:49
tedgmpt, Though they're targeting "suspends 100 times" not "suspends once" which is what most enthusiasts calculate based on.14:49
tedgjjardon, That API has been there a while, we use it in the session menu currently.  If you disable your swap, suspend gets removed from the menu.14:50
tedgSorry, hibernate.14:50
jjardonmpt:  you can never suspend if CanSuspend comes back FALSE15:19
jjardonbut CanSuspend doesn't verify it works, so the kernel could stilll suck15:20
jjardontedg: Could be posible to use the upstream datetime panel?15:24
tedgjjardon, I don't believe it had all the features we needed.15:27
tedgjjardon, But it was much further away in 2.32 than 3.015:28
tedgjjardon, mterry did that work, so probably best to talk to him about his thoughts there.15:28
mterryjjardon, what's the question about the upstream datetime panel?15:29
Trevinhotedg: https://bugs.launchpad.net/libindicator/+bug/812933 ;)15:29
ubot5Ubuntu bug 812933 in unity (Ubuntu) "Secondary activate (i.e. middle click) support for indicators advanced usage" [Undecided,Fix committed]15:29
jjardonmterry: I wonder if we can use the upstream one.15:32
tedgTrevinho, I think there was some concern expressed by mpt on providing middle click to app indicators.15:32
tedgTrevinho, In that it was non-obvious and worried that app authors would hide important features there.15:32
mterryjjardon, it's difficult.  so there are a couple things we share in common (the map data itself, setting time and ntp use), but everything else (all the clock controls, our geonames lookup code, and the layout of controls itself) is different and non-upstreamable (I've asked about geonames, they weren't interested).  So we could have a giant patch to them or just keep our separate one15:34
mterryjjardon, so far it seems easier to just keep our separate one.  The map data is supposed to be split out into a separate library by GNOME at some point, so we can share that again15:35
mterryThe other shared points (time/ntp) are just dbus calls to gnome-settings-daemon, so not worth bending over backwards to share15:35
Trevinhotedg: I know... However the main work has been done for indicator-sound, that is accepted for this15:36
Trevinhotedg: unfortunately as I've written there, we can't easily control the app authors via the APIs....15:37
Trevinhohowever for indicator-sound (and other "private" indicators) this should be fine15:37
Trevinhoand for libappindicator based indicators... I don't think that we can't limit too much the authors... If something is badly designed by them ubuntu isn't affected directly.15:39
TrevinhoHowever everything excluding indicator-application and libappindicator should be fine according what mpt wrote in bug #60986015:40
ubot5Launchpad bug 609860 in indicator-sound (Ubuntu) "mute/unmute sound when user clicks on sound applet using scroll button or middle mouse button" [Wishlist,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60986015:40
tedgTrevinho, Yeah, so I'd have to say I'm generally thumbs down about the app-indicator stuff.  I agree with mpt there.  I think it'll be too easy to abuse.15:43
tedgTrevinho, But let's try to land the others.  I'll try to review them today or tomorrow.15:43
Trevinhook, thank you15:45
Trevinhotedg: about the indicator-messages, I thought about hide the notifications... However while it's easy (and I've done that) to disable the "active icon", we easly can't just hide the notificaitons menu items until libindicator doesn't allow to mark a new menu-item as "notification" or such15:47
TrevinhoI thought about doing something like that, but I'd prefer not do do unwanted code :P15:47
Trevinhountil it's approved...15:48
tedgTrevinho, Yeah, so we've talked about making that a menu item as well.  So that's definitely desired.  The key is that each app needs to have a toggle so that when it has a new alert that gets picked up.15:51
tedgTrevinho, So as long as it has a middle click *and* the menu item, I think it's reasonable.15:52
tedgTrevinho, I wonder if we could do that same thing with the appindicator API.  Provide a way to specify which menu item gets activated on middle click.  If you hide it, middle click gets disabled :-)15:53
TrevinhoI thought to that too15:53
Trevinhotedg: but if you use complex menu items I don't know if you can do that too15:53
tedgTrevinho, We'd just send the "activate" signal, and they could do what they want with it.15:54
Trevinhofor example, using ido menu items... If a sub-sub-sub item activates something that the middle click would run...15:54
jjardonmterry: I didnt mean to upstream code from Ubuntu panel, but use the upstream one instead. Is that possible?15:54
tedgTrevinho, I think it'd be the app author's job to figure out what happens in that case.  We'd send "activate" on that item.15:54
TrevinhoThat was my idea too, reading the concerns about this thing15:55
mterryjjardon, I understood.  I was explaining why we have such a large delta.  And we could either distro-patch that delta in or keep a separate panel.  Separate panel is less work in both short term and long term, so that's the plan of record15:55
Trevinhobut I didn't try to implement that as I was not sure how it would have worked15:55
TrevinhoI'll give a try to that so.15:55
TrevinhoWhile about the indicator-messaging, do you agree with me that if an app flags a menu item with a "notification" mark, then that can be hidden when we do the "hide notification" thing (via menuitem or middle click)?15:56
TrevinhoOr do you prefer another implementation...?15:57
tedgTrevinho, Yeah, so it needs to mark all the ones at that instant as seen.  Just so if a new one comes in (or that one gets updated) the alert is shown again.15:58
Trevinhotedg: yes, but the ones hidden shouldn't be shown again...16:01
tedgTrevinho, Unless they're updated.16:01
Trevinhoof course16:01
tedgTrevinho, They should still be in the menu though.16:01
TrevinhoOk, I'll give a look to both things...16:01
tedgTrevinho, Just not lighting the top icon.16:01
tedgTrevinho, Cool, thanks!16:01
Trevinhotedg: oh... Wait... Maybe I've misunderstood what you meant... I would have marked (by the calling app) a menu item as "notification", so that indicator-messages was able to hide what was just a notification... Do you say instead that the indicator-messages should only inform the caller that it should hide his notifications and that the indicator will only change his icon (+ a11y text)?16:04
jjardonmterry: Are there bug reports / mailing list threads about trying to upstream some of the Ubuntu panel?16:05
tedgTrevinho, I think that the only user visible effect should be the panel icon changing.  Internally it's more complex.16:07
mterryjjardon, yeah, in gnomecc-list, the "Map Library" thread (active in Feb, April, May) http://mail.gnome.org/archives/gnomecc-list/16:08
jjardonmterry: thanks16:08
Trevinhotedg: that is easy to do and is already in my branch (https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/indicator-messages/clear-notifications-on-secondary-activate), but that is not enough to me...16:10
Trevinhotedg: if an application has flagged one of its own menu items as "notification", then it's easy for us to hide them16:10
Trevinhomaybe notifying the app too, but that is not directly needed16:11
Trevinhotedg: of course we need the application support, but that is something that can arrive,...16:11
tedgTrevinho, Then you end up in the situation where you can't undo.  For instance if there's a notification of a chat, how would you get to that chat window?  The items aren't bothering anyone, I think leaving them in the menu is fine.16:11
Trevinho(and default applications such as gwibber and empathy can easily adapt)16:12
Trevinhomhmh, I thought that that was up to the application16:12
Trevinhohowever if just hiding the active icon is enough, than it's already done16:13
tedgTrevinho, I think so.  Ah, cool.16:13
tedgTrevinho, I guess I need to make a menu item to do that as well.16:13
TrevinhoYes I'll do that16:14
tedgTrevinho, Cool16:14
TrevinhoBut i didn't introduce too many things as I thought that it was too simple :P16:14
calbertodbarth: hey!16:19
Trevinhotedg: do you want the menu-item to be in the indicator side or in the server side?16:30
tedgTrevinho, I think it'd have to be on the service side, otherwise you have to merge menus, ewww :-)16:36
jonodidrocks, not sure if know, but Unity is not starting in Oneiric16:41
jonounity-panel-service is not found16:41
didrocksjono: did you make a full upgrade? do you have the latest unity with latest compiz,16:41
jonoand some other files in /home/jono/.compiz are not found16:41
jonodidrocks, I just did a dist-upgrade16:41
andyrockjorge around?16:41
andyrockjcastro, ^^^16:41
tedgjono, We've decided to cater more to advanced users.  You have to write it yourself on login.  Show you're 1337 enough.16:42
jcastroandyrock: hi!16:42
didrocksjono: can you try to run "unity" and post the output there?16:42
jonotedg, lol16:42
jonodidrocks, I ran unity --reset -v and took a photo16:42
andyrockjcastro, this bug has been already solved in trunk https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/75037516:42
ubot5Ubuntu bug 750375 in unity "Dash - Cursor navigation allows the user to keep scrolling down indefinitely " [Medium,Triaged]16:42
jonodidrocks, it said unity-panel-service: no process found16:43
didrocksjono: this one isn't important, what else?16:43
jonodidrocks, and the following could not stat():16:43
andyrockjcastro, should we marks it as fixex-commit16:43
jcastroandyrock: ok, set!16:43
jcastrooh, I thought you were asking me to set it fix committed16:43
didrocksjono: seems you have some packages uninstalled, did you look at the package it wanted to remove?16:43
jono /home/jono/.compiz-1/plugins/libcore.so16:43
jono /home/jono/.compiz-1/plugins/libccp.so16:43
jono /usr/lib/compiz/libcore.so16:44
jonothats it16:44
didrocksjono: hum, no unity should be enough to avoiding the noise of home one :)16:44
didrocksjono: ls -l /usr/lib/compiz/libcore.so ?16:44
jonodidrocks, it didnt say anything was held back or removed16:44
jonojono@forge:~$ ls -l /usr/lib/compiz/libcore.so16:44
jonols: cannot access /usr/lib/compiz/libcore.so: No such file or directory16:44
didrocksjono: weird, people here updated without any issue since this morning16:44
andyrockjcastro, i'm asking you if set it as fix-committed is good :)16:44
didrocksjono: can you go to tty1, unity 2>&1 > ~/log16:45
didrocksthen, go to tty716:45
jcastroandyrock: yes, setting it fixed committed is good16:45
didrocksonce it's really stalled16:45
didrockstty1, ctrl + C and pastebin the output?16:45
jcastroandyrock: though in bzr you can do bzr commit --fixes 123456 and it'll do all that for you16:45
andyrockjcastro, cool :) but i think jay solved it with his last commit16:46
* jcastro nods16:46
Trevinhotedg: well, adding it in the indicator-side works well by the way... :P16:47
Trevinhotedg: And... I'd add it as the latest item...16:47
Trevinho(after a separator)16:47
andyrockjcastro, maybe remove it from unity-community-hackers? so the list of bug assigned to uch is cleaner16:49
jcastroandyrock: well, if I do it that way we can't keep track of which ones the team has fixed.16:50
Trevinhotedg: directly in the get_menu function I meant... However if you want a cleaner implementation I'll put it in the server...16:50
jcastrooh dumb, LP keeps committed bugs on the +assignedbugs list16:51
jcastroandyrock: oh, when they do a release and close it out it'll get removed16:51
andyrockjcastro, ok ok16:51
jonodidrocks, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/647453/16:55
jonosorry for the delay, my system got pretty wedged16:55
didrocksjono: hum, is it the end?16:56
jonodidrocks, thats everything in the log file16:56
APIdidrocks, btw, I have tested last compiz, and it is working16:58
APII mean that NO_GAIL and NO_AT_BRIDGE stuff16:58
APIalthough something weird, I suppose that it is general, if I open the dash, I can't close it pressing Esc16:58
didrocksAPI: nice! :-)16:59
didrocksjono is not so lucky16:59
didrocksAPI: hum, the dash was working well here, I'll have a look16:59
jonodidrocks, any idea how I fix this?16:59
didrocksjono: I would love first to know what happens, it should show all plugin loading which you don't have apparently17:00
didrocksjono: apt-cache policy compiz-plugins-default17:00
didrocksjono: apt-cache policy unity17:00
didrocksjono: apt-cache policy compiz17:00
didrocksjono: apt-cache policy libcompizconfig017:00
didrocks(just to ensure everything is installed)17:00
didrocksand the cherry on the top: apt-cache policy compizconfig-backend-gconf17:01
didrocksjono: you should have installed for everything and 4.2.0-0ubuntu5 for unity17:01
APIdidrocks, btw, I think that the branch related to this bug  https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/810033 was also integrated on last release17:02
ubot5Ubuntu bug 810033 in unity "Accessibility support not initialized on Oneiric" [Undecided,Fix committed]17:02
APIshould I close is as Fix released?17:02
didrocksAPI: there was no unity release yet (Thursday is next), just ensure it's set to next milestone17:02
jonounity: 4.2.0-0ubuntu517:02
jonocompiz: 1:
APIdidrocks, ok thanks17:03
APIdidrocks, but I can't edit the milestone on that bug17:03
jonodidrocks, looks like I am up to date17:04
jonodidrocks, when you asked me to run the log command, Unity did reset correctly, but Unity 2d was running17:04
didrocksjono: indeed, can we have a look tomorrow? desrt will certainly kill me if he can't eat Lyon's food :-) at least you have unity-2d right now17:05
jonodidrocks, of course :-)17:05
jonothanks, pal!17:05
didrocksjono: just ping me tomorrow morning, I'll do that first thing17:05
jonothanks didrocks!17:05
jonosorry for keeping you, I didn't realize17:05
didrocks(didn't hear about other case in 10 hours, so I'm quite confident ;))17:05
didrocksjono: no worry! :-)17:05
andyrockwith unity in trunk launcher doesn't works well... mabye focus problem!17:34
andyrockknow problem?17:35
kenvandineseb128, today't indicator-power release has a build depends on gnome-settings-daemon-dev 3.1.417:49
kenvandinedo you know when that is coming? i thought end of the month..17:49
seb128kenvandine, in 2 weeks17:49
seb128but we can try to talk to rodrigo about getting a snapshot or a tarball before that if needed17:50
kenvandinemight be nice to be able to test that17:50
seb128would the new requirement be easy to distro patch out for now?17:50
kenvandinei can look to see if the g-p-m code is still in there17:52
kenvandineit would be nice to test it with the new interface though17:52
seb128well g-s-d or g-p-m should be similar, it might just be a dbus service renaming?17:52
seb128well I guess you will not get g-s-d updated today17:52
seb128but maybe tomorrow17:52
seb128so if you want to push the new indicator today you could revert17:52
kenvandineno rush...17:52
seb128otherwise I will talk to rodrigo_ about it tomorrow17:53
kenvandinejust noticed it depended on a yet to be released dep :)17:53
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RAOFDBO: So, would you like a formal bug for ‘compiz alt-tab is unacceptably slow under CPU load’? :)23:54

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