bachidey ho12:03
gary_posterhodey hi12:04
gary_posterbac benji danilos gmb: hi all.  I might be just a hair late for call, but I might not.  will try for "not".  If I make it, call in about 312:26
* gary_poster does not see benji or danilos on Skype but wil try anyway12:33
benjidanilos: it still needs some work, but I'd like verification that I've done the right thing; the dev data should give you a good idea of what it does: lp:~benji/launchpad/bug-73476512:47
danilosbenji, cool, I'm taking a look12:47
* gmb remembers that lunch needs to happen, lunches12:55
* danilos patiently waits for 'make' to complete :/13:01
danilosbenji, it looks good, but a few comments: 1. edit link is not feature flagged whereas +sharing-details page is 2. it would be nice to show the link to the template on the other side, and a productseries description (eg. "evolution/trunk" or "ubuntu/hoary/evolution") instead of just "Shared" — I'd only keep the edit icon pointing to the +sharing-details page13:06
danilosbenji, 3. it says "Shared" even when there is no template on the "other side" with the same name (though, I haven't been clear about that myself, so not your fault)13:07
benjiok, I understand 3, I think13:10
benjire. 1: so you're saying that my TODO about controlling the presense of that column via the feature flag is needed?13:10
danilosbenji, re 1, I find it minor, the feature flag probably needs to be removed anyway, so if there's a bug for removing the feature flag, I think you are good13:12
benjire. 2: I don't understand; the edit link doesn't point to +sharing-details.13:12
benjik, I'll look for such a bug13:12
danilosre 2, I thought of the edit icon in the sharing column13:12
danilosre 3, basically, if you look at https://translations.launchpad.dev/ubuntu/hoary/+source/evolution/+sharing-details only evolution-2.2 template is listed as "shared" (others are either "only in upstream" or "only in Ubuntu")13:13
benjiright, the Edit link doesn't point to +sharing-detials, so I thought that'd be the most logical place for the sharing column to point13:13
benji3: gotcha13:14
danilosbenji, regarding the edit link, I think we can follow the usual pattern we have in LP: list what it is [sharing with] and then offer an edit icon right next to it to "change it"13:15
danilosre 3, we should probably reuse the labels as well (i.e. "shared", "only in Ubuntu", "only in upstream", and your "not shared")13:15
benjiI lost the bubble somewhere.  Are you proposing that I change the current "Edit" link to something else?13:17
danilosbenji, no, I am strictly talking about the "Sharing" column13:17
danilosbenji, basically, for evolution-2.2 line on https://translations.launchpad.dev/ubuntu/hoary/+templates it should be something like <a href="/evolution/trunk/+pots/evolution-2.2">evolution/trunk</a> <a class="sprite edit" href=".../+sharing-details"></a>13:18
danilos(or something like that)13:18
benjiok, I think I understand13:19
danilosbenji, also, I think it'd make sense to move the "Sharing" column after the "Template name"13:19
benjieasy enough13:19
benjithanks for the help13:21
danilosbenji, you are welcome13:21
danilosbenji, if you want to play with the performance aspect of it, you may want to create a bunch of POTemplate objects in ubuntu to see what times you get with your changes13:22
benjiSince it's only using data already available (and building links using string operations) I don't expect any impact on speed, but given that this page has performance challanges in general, I guess it's a good idea.13:24
danilosbenji, oh, that sounds good13:43
danilosbenji, do note that some properties might be executing queries (and actually, most likely are)13:44
danilosbenji, fwiw, in my simple tests, query count goes up from 29 to 50 on https://translations.launchpad.dev/ubuntu/hoary/+templates (checked using "view source", and that's for only 6 templates on the page: it's likely not going to scale with 1300)13:50
benjidanilos: darn; I'll have to investigate that.  Any idea if I should make it do what we discussed earlier first or optimize queries first?13:51
benjiIt strikes me that either has pitfalls and we might not be able to get the functionality we want without materially increasing the queries.13:52
danilosbenji, I think you should get it working first14:18
benjidanilos: yeah, that was my instinct too; although I am worried about getting it fast enough, but I'm sure it'll work out in the end14:19
danilosbenji, yeah, I am sure it will14:20
gary_postergmb, I am about to have a branch ready for you for the bug we talked about (bug 777874).  Do you think you'll be around long enough to review it if it is ready within 10 or 15 minutes?14:59
_mup_Bug #777874: If multiple reports on new bug, mark it confirmed <bug-lifecycle> <bugs> <escalated> <ubuntu-platform> <Launchpad itself:In Progress by gary> <Ubuntu:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/777874 >14:59
gmbgary_poster: Definitely.14:59
gary_posteryay! :-)14:59
gary_postergmb, 24 minutes later, actually: https://code.launchpad.net/~gary/launchpad/bug777874/+merge/6840615:23
gmbgary_poster: Yep, wfm.15:24
gary_postercool thanks15:24
* danilos -> out15:50
gmbgary_poster: Minor bit of nitpickery: why "maybeConfirm()" rather than "autoConfirm()"?16:20
gmbLazy developer alert: "maybe" sounds kinda wishy-washy and would make me have to go and read the docs / code to fidn out what it did, whereas autoConfirm() is pretty unambiguous.16:21
gary_postergmb: because it doesn't necessarily confirm, and "auto" doesn't convey that to me.  I don't feel strongly about it though; happy to switch if you like.16:21
gmbgary_poster: Fair point.16:22
gmbSo leave it as it is. It was just a thought.16:22
gmbmaybe...() does just fine :)16:25
gary_posterk :-)16:28
gmbgary_poster: Approved. I wish there was a better way of marking blocks for removal when feature flags are stripped out, but that's a thoroughly separate problem.16:30
gary_postercool thanks gmb.  Yeah, I figured having something at all was new to me, and better than nothing.16:30
gary_posterBut yeah, not ideal. :-/16:30
gmbYeah, I'd rather have something than nothing, so it works for me. I'm sure that we can come up with a complicated solution for it at the next Thunderdome ;)16:31
gary_posterhey benji, I was looking at bug 812335.  It looks like one of those "if you know what you are doing, the fix is < 10 lines and the branch with tests is < 100" things.  I think I can bumble along but I'll need a pre-imp and a reviewer who can confidently evaluate what I've bumbled through.16:35
gary_posterDid you get enough context that you feel you can provide either or both of those, or should I look for somebody else (flacoste or abentley)?16:35
* gary_poster runs and makes a sandwich to eat through lunch, 'cause he has to go to the bank during "lunch"16:36
gary_posterback in 516:36
benjigary_poster: I don't know enough about how to implement the fix to be of much help, but I might know enough to get you started in the right direction16:37
gary_poster"making a sandwich" became "mixing a new jar of peanut butter."16:52
benjiyou're a regular George Washington Carver16:57
benjiI recently discovered that most of the world considers peanut butter to be a vile concoction.16:57
benjiI can't believe I spelled "concoction" right.16:58
gary_posterbenji, really?  Do they eat vegemite instead?17:00
benjiabout as many eat vegemite as peanut butter; they're somewhat similar in that one group (generally) likes it and everyone else thinks they're crazy17:01
* gary_poster goes to bank now, he thinks17:37
bacgary_poster: have you finished your high finances?18:27
bacbenji: did you make the new card we talked about re: private branches?18:30
bacoh, nm, i see gary_poster grabbed it18:31
benjibac: yep18:31
benjibac: hmm, but I don't see it there now...18:31
benjibac: Gary's doing it.18:32
benjibac: right18:32
gary_posterbac, I'm back now18:36
bacgary_poster: hi, i was just embarking on looking for a bug.  open to suggestions if you have any, otherwise i'll just pick18:37
gary_posterbac, pick what you will but two different ideas18:39
gary_posterbac, one: escalated Translations bug 78868518:40
_mup_Bug #788685: Enable translating selected Ubuntu universe packages in Launchpad <escalated> <oem-services> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> <OEM Priority Project:Invalid> <Ubuntu Translations:Triaged> <pkgbinarymangler (Ubuntu):Fix Released by pitti> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/788685 >18:40
gary_posterbac, two: there are a number of really easy critical JS bugs from our old feature.  You could do those and bring our critical bug count down relatively quickly.  Looking for specific ones...18:40
gary_posterbug 799900 probably easy18:41
bacgary_poster: the latter sounds more reasonable.  i'd not want to start the translation one without first talking to danilos18:41
_mup_Bug #799900: No display name truncation in subscriber list <regression> <story-better-bug-notification> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/799900 >18:41
gary_posterbug 799901 probably easy18:41
_mup_Bug #799901: "subscribed by" omitted from the title of links in subscriber list <regression> <story-better-bug-notification> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/799901 >18:41
bacok, i'll get cracking on those18:41
gary_posterbug 783595 harder but of interest to you18:42
_mup_Bug #783595: JS controls for bug subscription are hard to use with screen readers <regression> <story-better-bug-notification> <Launchpad itself:Triaged by yellow> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/783595 >18:42
gary_posterbac, if you work in that area, you might or might not be able to close these as fly-bys: bug 799910 , bug 799903 , bug 79991618:44
_mup_Bug #799910: Subscribing yourself in the bug subscriber list is broken <story-better-bug-notification> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/799910 >18:44
_mup_Bug #799903: Subscribing someone to bug who is already subscribed at a lower level lies <story-better-bug-notification> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/799903 >18:44
_mup_Bug #799916: "Maybe notified" section of subscriber list is confusing to experts <story-better-bug-notification> <ui> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/799916 >18:44
gary_posterup to you18:44
bacwill look.  thanks!18:44
bacgary_poster: have you had your talk with francois yet?18:45
gary_posterno monsieur bac18:45
gary_posternon, i should say18:45
bacgary_poster: did you ever try to get your $100 voucher from delta due to our ATL-DUB adventure?19:10
gary_posterbac, no.  you?19:10
baci did but it wasn't there.  had a protracted email exchange with someone who didn't read english.  she eventually gave me my $100 but said i didn't deserve it since i didn't have status19:11
bacso i was just curious if they credited anyone like they said they would19:11
gary_posterbac, bah! :-( yeah, I generally regard that kind of stuff as marketing lies tbh.  I suppose I should give it a whirl19:12
bacit's either on your account or not.  worth looking.19:12
gary_posterit's hard to feel like I want to spend the energy with stuff like that though19:12
gary_posteroh ok19:12
bachey gary_poster, is the gist of bug 799900 to just truncate the displayname at 20 characters?  No ellipsis or anything?  I don't recall the old behavior19:50
_mup_Bug #799900: No display name truncation in subscriber list <regression> <story-better-bug-notification> <Launchpad itself:In Progress by bac> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/799900 >19:50
gary_posterI don't know19:51
baccleavering is done, so i'm moving on unless we want it fancier19:51
gary_postercool bac19:52
gary_posterbac flacoste suggests trying to convince deryck to give you approval for bug 810128 since Aaron is out for a week19:53
_mup_Bug #810128: Expose a LaunchpadView's JSON for refreshing <thunderdome> <Launchpad itself:In Progress by bac> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/810128 >19:53
bacgary_poster: what do you mean by approval?19:53
bacyou mean to land his branch that i'm dependent upon?19:54
baci'm unsure what the state of it is19:54
baci've emailed aaron for clarification.  he's gone but checking in so i'll wait to see if he answers his email.  /me felt bad doing it19:55
gary_posterbac, oic19:55

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