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pooliebug search on launchpad itself seems to be fairly consistently timing out01:43
pooliebut not always01:43
pooliesorry i refeshed before getting the oops01:43
spivI sometimes wish I had a firefox extension that remembered the last 5 OOPSes I'd seen.01:51
spivI want to refresh with impunity (to get my work done) *and* take a peek at the OOPS report later to satisfy my curiosity about what broke.01:52
spiv(Well, by "sometimes" I mean "thought of that just now")01:52
lifelesspoolie: probably yes, search timeouts are sneaking back up the charts01:57
wgrantlifeless, poolie: But there were only two Product:+bugs timeouts yesterday..01:59
lifelesstag based searches will be problematic still01:59
pooliespiv, i was just wondering the other day about doing it on the server side03:36
head_victimI'm getting a few timeouts on translations just now as well03:44
head_victimNothing a few refreshes doesn't fix03:45
spivpoolie: but what if the OOPS-tracker OOPSes? :)03:49
pooliethanks bot04:19
brycehand of course, what if ubot5 oopses?07:39
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wgrantToyKeeper: Thanks.08:20
ToyKeeperFun issue...  resulted in 1 support ticket, 2 internal tickets, and 2 bugs.  :)08:22
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jmlI clicked "Build now" on https://code.launchpad.net/~testing-cabal/+recipe/testtools-daily and get what looks to be a JS alert saying "Server error, please contact an administrator"09:14
StevenKjml: It built the recipe successfully 48 seconds ago?09:19
StevenKFor Lucid at least09:20
jmlStevenK: yeah. doesn't change the fact that I got an error message and was told to consult an administrator.09:20
StevenKCan haz screenshot?09:20
wgrantjml: There was no OOPS ID?09:21
jmlwgrant, StevenK: http://people.canonical.com/~jml/recipe-build-now-consult-admin.png09:22
StevenKAnd it's *alert* ? WTF?09:22
jmlStevenK: that's what I said.09:22
StevenKRight, it returned something >= 50009:25
StevenK(From lib/lp/app/javascript/client.js)09:25
wgrantWithout an OOPS ID.09:25
wgrantAnd webapp requests return OOPS IDs as of yesterday.09:25
wgrantSo it probably didn't OOPS.09:25
StevenKSo it what, ISE'd instead? That's better? :-/09:26
ubot5Ubuntu bug 812783 in Launchpad itself "JS alert when requesting recipe build" [Undecided,New]09:30
wgrantFrom what I can see in the trace logs, it returned a 500.09:31
wgrantWhich should have been an OOPS.09:31
wgrantIndeed, it wasn an OOPS.09:32
wgrantwas an OOPS.09:32
wgrantjml: The recipe is still trying to build against Karmic.09:32
StevenKAh ha!09:32
StevenKAnd that throws an exception09:33
jmlwgrant: oh. that kind of sucks.09:33
wgrantBuildNotAllowedForDistro: A build against this distro is not allowed.09:33
wgrantThat's a lie, of course: the series is the problem.09:33
wgrantAnd it doesn't describe which series it is or why it's a problem.09:33
jml... and it doesn't give the user enough information to report back.09:33
jmlbtw, I'm not a member of the same teams that you are09:33
wgrantI know, or I would have asked you to get the OOPS ID from the ajax log.09:34
wgrantI grepped around in OOPSes and appserver traces.09:34
mantienawgrant: Hi, could you tell me is it launchpad recipe building bug or not? https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/16519309:34
wgrantmantiena: Have you tried bzr-builder locally?09:35
wgrantAh, yes.09:35
wgrantI can't look right now, as I need to make dinner. See if henninge can help, otherwise I will have a look in a few hours.09:36
mantienaYes, I've tried, but local bzr-builder doesn't like version number # bzr-builder format 0.3 deb-version {debupstream}{date}-0-{revno:packaging}09:37
mantienalocal bzr builder works only when I specify version number without variables, like # bzr-builder format 0.3 deb-version 1.809:37
mantienaplease answer there: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/16519309:37
mantienaI've unstable internet connection and often lost messages and get disconnected from IRC :(09:37
mantienawgrant: several hours ago I've changed original https://code.launchpad.net/~baltix/+recipe/irrlicht-svn  recipe to build from my personal irrrlicht branch, which actually is the same lp:~stk/stk/irrlicht branch, but with patched Makefile and without quilt patches in debian/patches09:39
mantienawgrant: henninge yesterday told me, that only you can help me with this recipe building problem. It would be nice to know if I can use original lp:~stk/stk/irrlicht branch and make quilt patches in debian/patches ir my separate packaging branch or I should use another technology with launchpad recipes09:41
* wgrant doesn't know very much about recipes.09:42
mantienawgrant: then who knows?09:43
wgrantThat is a very good question.09:43
mantienawgrant: If I don't answer you then please write there: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/16519309:47
mantienaI've *very* unstable internet connection and often lose messages and get disconnected from IRC :(09:47
mantienaI don't know if you see all the messages I've wrote to IRC and vice verse :)09:47
bigjoolsmantiena: see if you can find jelmer on #bzr, he might be able to help09:50
pooliemantiena: hi there , i see it09:50
mantienabigjools: thanks09:51
pooliei would guess it hhs to do with patches being committed applied when they shouldn't be09:51
mantienapoolie: sorry, I don't understand what you see :(09:51
pooliei see your question09:52
pooliei don't know a fix off hand09:52
mantienahi jelmer09:53
jelmerhi mantiena09:54
mantienajelmer: bigjools told me, that you can help with this launchpad recipe bug: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/16519309:54
jelmermantiena: I think Riddell was just looking at answering that one09:55
mantienajelmer: Riddel will write answer at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/165193 ?09:56
jelmermantiena: I think so09:56
mantienajelmer: ok, I just restored original recipe which cause problem, described https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/16519309:59
jelmermantiena: what bzr-builder version are you running locally?09:59
mantienajelmer:  dpkg -s bzr-builder |grep Ver10:00
mantienaVersion: 0.6+bzr139+0.0ubuntu51~lucid110:00
jelmermantiena: does "debian/rules clean" perhaps touch one of the files?10:01
mantienajelmer: which files?10:02
jelmermantiena: the files involved in the quilt patches10:03
mantienajelmer: AFAIK debian/rules clean doesn't touch any files in debian/patches - debian/rules clean section has only few lines:10:06
mantiena unpatch10:06
mantiena dh_testdir10:06
mantiena dh_testroot10:06
mantiena rm -rf html10:06
mantiena $(MAKE) -C source/Irrlicht clean10:06
mantiena dh_clean10:06
wgrantErm, unpatch?10:06
wgrantbzr-builder/3.0 (quilt) do that for you.10:07
jelmermantiena: yeah, unpatch is most likely the culprit10:07
mantienawgrant: I just copied debian folder from original debian irrlicht package :)10:08
mantienajelmer: btw, when I uploaded patched sources (with already appled quilt patches, then launchpad recipe failed too, but with very strange error, see https://launchpadlibrarian.net/75436123/buildlog.txt.gz10:11
mantienaRetrieving 'lp:~baltix/+junk/irrlicht-test' to put at '/home/buildd/build-e448bd6a152da0c689ba50a12f130f389b95c050/chroot-autobuild/home/buildd/work/tree/recipe-{debupstream}20110718-0~{revno}'.10:11
mantienaApplying quilt patches10:11
mantienaFile series fully applied, ends at patch debian/link-against-needed-libs.diff10:11
mantienabzr: ERROR: Failed to apply quilt patches10:11
jelmermantiena: that is a known issue with the bzr-builder currently deployed on launchpad10:14
jelmerit will fail if there are some patches that are not in the series file10:14
mantienajelmer: there was only one patch, which was in the series file :) I've found one bugreport, which was fixed about a month ago, wait a minute10:15
mantienajelmer:  https://launchpadlibrarian.net/75436123/buildlog.txt.gz is because of this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/727299 ???10:17
ubot5Ubuntu bug 727299 in Baltix "accept quilt returning "2" as success" [Undecided,New]10:17
jelmermantiena:right, that was the bug I had in mind too10:18
mantienaMaybe someone knows when newly created import branch https://code.launchpad.net/~stk/stk/1.7.2 will be ready for use (code will be imported from SVN) ?10:54
mantienaCan you speed-up the import of newly created import branch https://code.launchpad.net/~stk/stk/1.7.2 ?11:04
spivmantiena: I've approved the import, it's started now11:13
spivmantiena: you can monitor the progress at https://code.launchpad.net/~stk/stk/0.7.211:13
mantienaspiv: thank you very much. Btw, should we remove old 0.7.2 branch from launchpad ASAP or you have enouch gigabytes ?11:21
nigelboh yay, is loggerhead down?11:27
wgrantnigelb: Works for me.11:33
dpmhi henninge, could you give me a hand with https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/165307 ?11:33
marvin2Hi, I have a local version of the branch lp:original-code; I need the some specific changes made to a fork of that branch located at lp:forked-code. What is the most efficient way for me to incorporate those specific changes to my local bzr repo?11:35
wgrantIn your local branch of lp:original-code, just 'bzr merge lp:forked-code'11:37
wgrantOr do you just want a subset of the changes in lp:forked-code?11:38
nigelbwgrant: yeah, refresh worked.11:39
henningedpm: I don't see an obvious answer to that question.11:40
henningedpm: some are shared and some aren't, so we'd have to look at what is different with those11:41
dpmhenninge, where do you see that some are shared?11:41
henningedpm: well, at least they have the same translation on both sides.11:41
marvin2wgrant: Yeah, just a subset of the changes in lp:forked-code.11:42
henningedpm: the second one (Ne_xt) here: https://translations.launchpad.net/checkbox/trunk/+pots/checkbox/sl/+translate11:42
henningedpm: but I was just heading out. As I said, not a quick solution.11:42
marvin2wgrant: I'd like to stick to lp:original-code, while incorporating changes from lp:forked-code(s) from time to time. I know I'll have to handle merges from lp:original-code.11:43
henningedpm: I think somebody needs to take some time and look at the whole sharing issue, fix known bugs and see if there are more hidden.11:43
dpmhenninge, ok, but don't you think the ones not shared it's just because they've not been marked to be shared somehow? I tried to export Ubuntu translations and import them upstream, as you guys told me some days ago to do as a workaround, but that did not work, since only the template, but not the translations were imported from the tarball. Could that be the real problem?11:44
henningeoh right, forgot that11:44
henningedpm: the translations are in the queue11:44
dpmhenninge, oh, then perhaps it's not an issue at all, so they are just waiting to get imported?11:45
henningedpm: I just approved the template an hour ago, so the approver has probably not picked up on the translations yet.11:46
henningedpm: why is tere a second template in the project?11:46
henningedpm: nm, I have to run. Yeah, you should wait for these to get imported and see what's going on then.11:47
henningeadeuring: your turn ;-)11:47
dpmhenninge, I don't know, I think the developers put some of the translations exported from their test templates (not pot templates) in a separate POT template11:47
dpmbut shouldn't have to do anything with this, I think11:48
henningedpm: yeah, I don't think either. Let's wait.11:49
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adeuringhenninge-lunch: ok12:08
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ryehello, people, is it possible to force unsubscribe the user from a bug report, his e-mail autoresponder is extremely eager to talk to launchpad notification service, bug #56459612:41
ubot5Error: Launchpad bug 564596 could not be found12:41
ryewell, the bug is private12:41
faganHey, when someone has an auto responder on their mail and it bounces back and forth too much what does lp do?12:42
faganIt seems like the bug got deleted but I thought id ask12:43
* fagan always seems to have weird questions for this channel12:43
ryefagan, last notification sent was at July 19, 2011 3:21 - 20 minutes ago12:45
ryeif one more comes in then we'll be flooding the bug reporting until... august 712:46
faganrye: yeah thats right12:46
ryefagan, yeah, annother one @ Tuesday, July 19, 2011 3:36 PM12:48
faganrye: yeah so just now12:48
faganReally annoying auto reponders are so dumb12:49
faganOh it doesnt delete the page I just opened the page in chrome and wasnt logged in12:51
faganOk lp people could you remove the reporter of this bug from the subscription thing please https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/56459612:52
ubot5Error: ubuntu bug 564596 not found12:52
ryefagan, well, it should set flag to not send message to Precedence: bulk and Precedence: list12:52
ryefagan, i have already asked this, nobody from lp team is here apparently12:52
faganah ok12:52
wgrantI only see one reply there.12:52
faganwgrant: well its spamming the email I dont really know why there isnt a reply12:53
wgrantIt's the dedupe logic.12:53
wgrantadeuring: Hi.12:54
adeuringwgrant: yes?12:54
wgrantadeuring: Could you follow up on the above?12:54
faganwgrant: if there is dedupe logic could we stop the emails from being sent out too?12:54
wgrantI suspect we should suspend the user and email them.12:54
* adeuring starts reading..12:54
wgrantBut it is late here.12:54
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* fagan hates infinite loops :)12:55
adeuringfagan: could you give me again the bug number? 564594 seems to be wrong12:56
wgrantAh, of course, you can't see it.12:56
wgrantThe user is dmkaplan12:56
faganadeuring: its private12:56
adeuringfagan: ah... can you subscribe me?12:57
faganis adeuring your lp nick?12:57
adeuringfagan: yes.12:57
faganadeuring: done12:57
Phoenix87i'm seeking developers for a couple of projects. Is this the right place to ask for?13:02
benjiPhoenix87: not really.  What kinds of projects are they?  Maybe you'll get lucky and find someone here or we can point you to a place where those types hang out.13:04
adeuringfagan: fixed13:06
ryeadeuring, thanks!13:07
adeuringthanks to gnuoy!13:07
faganadeuring: thanks :)13:07
Phoenix87benji, any suggestions for good places where to ask?13:08
benjifor pyGtkPlot I wonder if there is a scientific python SIG or similar; the python list would also be good for either I would think13:09
benjiif you haven't announced them you could also do that on python-announce and include a blurb asking for contributors13:09
benjithere's always #python too13:09
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Phoenix87benji, thank you :D13:15
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deryckadeuring, hey, I'll take IRC now.15:34
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adeuringderyck: cool, thanks!15:34
deryckadeuring, I meant to take it at the top of the hour.  Sorry.15:36
gustoneg1olaunchpad uses openID, right?16:58
deryckgustoneg1o, we're a provider not a consumer.16:58
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gustoneg1oderyck: hmm, does that mean my openID that I use for lp will not work elsewhere?16:59
deryckgustoneg1o, no, you're lp open id will work elsewhere.  You can't log into lp with another open id.16:59
gustoneg1oderyck: thanks.  I'm just trying it out for the first time...seems the other site I'm trying to log into is broken then.17:01
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dupondjeDo some people have permissions to remove comments from a bug?20:30
dupondjehttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/flashplugin-nonfree/+bug/326555 => See last comment For Example20:31
ubot5Ubuntu bug 326555 in flashplugin-nonfree (Ubuntu) "Please package flashplugin 64bit" [Wishlist,Triaged]20:31
micahgdupondje: I'd suggest filing a questions against launchpad20:32
deryckdupondje, I can hide it if it's spam.  let me look.20:32
deryckdupondje, I hid the comment20:34
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