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KM0201anybody smart around?07:04
KM0201bueller...?   bueller?...07:07
JainAmberlxpanel just crashed when I logged into lubuntu 11.0411:45
JainAmberAll icons appear weird on lxpanel11:45
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pmatulisis there a decent calendar that displays the time of different timezones?  i used it quite a bit in standard Ubuntu13:01
bioterrorpmatulis, nope. if you dont want to pull vanilla buntus stuff ;)13:08
pmatulisbioterror: gah!13:08
bioterrorbut you can easily calculate timezones ;)13:09
pmatulisbioterror: i always get mixed up  :D13:09
pmatulisbioterror: i work with people in many timezones, then we change to DST, and so on13:09
KM0201anybody around, i have a rather obscure question/minor bug.15:01
saganbyteHI there16:28
saganbyteIs there some way I can add the terminal icon in the bottom panel next the browser icons?16:28
saganbyteIs there some way I can add the terminal icon in the bottom panel next the browser icons?16:28
saganbyteopps, sorry for the double entry16:29
KM0201saganbyte: of course16:32
KM0201right click panel,16:32
KM0201add remove items16:32
KM0201then highlight application launch bar (the one right next to menu)16:33
KM0201choose Edit...16:33
KM0201then use the next window, to add the terminal16:33
saganbyteKM0201, thank you so much :)16:33
KM0201np. :)16:34
KM0201saganbyte: once you add icons there, you can highlight them, and use the up/down buttons, to put them in the order you want16:36
KM0201bioterror: u around?16:54
saganbyteKM0201, oh cool :)16:55
bioterrorKM0201, now I am16:59
KM0201got a weird one. (not a major issue.. just.. strange)16:59
bioterrorwhat kind of16:59
KM0201i installed nautilus, mainly so i could use the nautilus-samba extension, to easily share folders... i rarely launch nautilus and actually use it17:00
KM0201now last night, i launched nautilus, to set up a share,17:00
bioterrorwhy oh why17:00
KM0201it set up, and everything went fine, so i closed nautilus/and the terminal17:00
bioterroryou can just add stuff to smb.conf and that's it17:00
KM0201where is smb.conf?17:00
bioterrorunder /etc/17:01
KM0201anyway, the whole point... after i close nautilus, my terminal is always brown.17:01
KM0201i don't have have smb.conf17:01
KM0201under .etc17:02
KM0201oh wait17:02
KM0201i found it17:02
bioterrorlook into /etc/samba/17:02
bioterrorthat easy17:03
bioterroradd just that kind of lines at the end of smb.conf, restart your samba and enjoy your shares17:04
KM0201if its that easy, i'm just gonna nuke nautilus then17:04
bioterrorit is that easy17:04
KM0201if it was really that simple, i'm gonna kick myself.17:08
KM0201gonna go to another pc and test real quick17:08
bioterrorkick twice, one from me for installing nautilus ;)17:09
KM0201doesn't seem to work17:13
KM0201i get a "failed to mount share" on the other machine17:13
KM0201it sees my laptop though17:13
KM0201and smbd is running17:13
bioterrordid you restart samba?17:14
bioterrorand did you change sad157 to your own username? ;)17:14
KM0201yes, and yes17:15
bioterrorcomment force group ;)17:16
KM0201gimme a sec17:16
KM0201bioterror: curious, what would commenting forcegroup do?17:17
KM0201getting readyt o see if it worked17:18
bioterrorit does not force that group17:19
KM0201bioterror: that worked.... now, only question... what would i change to make it prompt for a password?17:22
bioterroryou can remove user too :D17:22
KM0201oof course.17:23
KM0201hmm, even after commenting out the user, it still doesn't ask for the password17:26
bioterrorcomment mask's too17:27
KM0201oh ok17:27
KM0201that makes sense17:27
bioterrorand restart samba17:27
bioterrorI dont want passwords on my local lan ;)17:28
KM0201that didn't work either though17:36
bioterrorstrip more stuff from it ;)17:36
KM0201when i commented out mask, it doesn't let me see any files in the shared folder17:38
KM0201bioterror: you see anything else i could try to make it ask for a password17:48
bioterrordont force user?17:49
KM0201ok, lemme try that, i thought i tried that a minute ago though17:50
bioterrortake public off17:51
bioterrorthen it wont ask for passwords17:51
KM0201no, i WANT it to ask for passwords17:51
bioterrorthat's what I ment17:51
bioterrorpublic = yes   === guest ok17:52
KM0201hmm, ok..17:52
KM0201so just change it to No, right?17:52
bioterrorcomment it off17:53
AmberJMy lxpanel crashed some hours ago...17:53
AmberJAll icons were looking weird...17:53
AmberJThis has happened 3rd time in last couple of weeks...17:53
AmberJAre there any log files to look for some info?17:54
bioterroryou can look for Xorg.0.log17:54
KM0201bioterror: when i remove public, it doesn't even show the folder under the machine17:55
KM0201thats what it done last time i tried it to.17:55
bioterrorshould show as you have browsable17:56
KM0201wel,l now the folder is there, but when i click it, it says "Permission Denied"17:56
KM0201doesn't make any sense17:57
KM0201no.. don't remember17:57
bioterrorofcourse it does17:57
bioterrorsmbpasswd -a ken17:57
KM0201why would you assume "of course it does" because my user/group is commented out?17:57
bioterrorput your password ;)17:58
AmberJbioterror, unfortunately, I rebooted my machine several times after the incident...So, neither Xorg.0.log nor Xorg.0.log.old are of any use now...17:58
KM0201bioterror: lol17:59
KM0201bioterror: still permission denied18:01
KM0201doesn't even ask for a username password18:01
bioterrorrestarted service?18:01
KM0201i probably need to remove all those other comments.18:01
KM0201bioterror: i dunno, i cannot get it to ask for my password18:29
haryvI was told lubuntu is a ligher verson of ubuntu. I want it to run zoneminder, a open source dvr, asterisk voip phone app and mysql.19:15
KM0201haryv: ok?19:16
KM0201so install lubuntu and let it run it19:16
haryvhow active is this channel most of the day?19:17
KM0201haryv: more active at night19:22
KM0201haryv: if you can set up that stuff in Ubuntu, you shouldn't have any trouble doing it in Lubuntu.19:23
haryvNever used either one.19:25
haryvI started using linux when it was slackware in the mid to late 90s. its come along way in the open souce world19:25
haryvbut I just got tired of the missing dependacies and its associated time consuming problem of looking for them19:27
KM0201well, if you use the package manager, those days are over19:29
KM0201sounds like you might be compiling a few things from source, so you might still have some headaches there19:30
bioterrorreplace slapt-get with apt-get ;)19:33
bioterrorKM0201, go without credentials ;919:33
KM0201bioterror: i wish i could, i just don't like the idea of that19:33
bioterrorno problem behind NAT ;)19:34
KM0201i'm behind a NAT.. but. mi just don't like it.19:34
KM0201i'll figure i tout.19:35
haryvbeen using apt-get cvn yum rpm for years.19:36
haryvbut not to much interesting the linux end of things much anymore. I make real money doing automotive repairs and anything technical in nature.19:36
bioterrorfix my car :D19:36
haryvbio, is it defered maintence? suden failure? or emissions issues?19:37
bioterroraround 2000RPM I get single cylinder misfire error code19:37
KM0201that doesn't sound good.19:37
KM0201what kind of car19:37
haryvmake,mode,year,submode,engine size ?19:37
haryvcould be a floating spring.19:38
bioterrorSAAB 9-5 2.2TiD (opel/vauxhall Y22DTR) ;)19:38
haryverr valve19:38
bioterrorit's probably that valve which has hoses to turbo and hmm19:38
bioterrorwhat's that word in english19:38
bioterrorlow pressure pump or something like that at the end of othe engine19:39
bioterrorharyv, 200319:39
bioterrorif I remove hose from one of those places, no problems around 2000RPM19:39
bioterrorso I'm going to take my car for inspection and get rid of disel ;)19:39
haryvOr, could be poor ignition spark. Anytime the rpms on a engine increase on a vehicle, if the spark is weak to begin with, then it will not fire at higher rpms.19:39
haryvget a scope of the secondary at 2000 rpms or better19:40
bioterrorI'll just leave that car for someone elses trouble ;)19:40
KM0201man this is driving me crazy19:40
KM0201there has to be a way to do this,19:40
haryvAlso, vacume transducer on the intake and hooked to a scope. If the valve is floating, it will show as a momintary drop in vacume on that one particular cylinder at 2000 rpms.19:41
bioterrorI was going to check injectors, but I need to remove camshaft on stuff19:41
bioterrorand stuff19:41
bioterrorI decided not to go that way :D19:41
haryvfuel pressure drop on that one injector. again pressure transducer on fuel rail and one on crankshaft position sensor will show fuel volume drop if the injector flow is low, indicating fuel restriction.19:42
haryvbio, the days of "looking" at a car part when it comes to troubeshooting are long gone.19:43
bioterrorI have WIS and EPC and stuff ;)19:44
haryvFor example, I have a $5,000 snapon scanner that can do most test. What I like about it is the bidirectional control. It can shift the transmission while in drive. It can check the flow rate index inside the transmission indicating the wear rate of the automatic clutch disk. It can energize the abs pump, disable the fuel injectors and so on.19:44
bioterrorTech II costs with software around that much :D19:45
haryvI know19:45
haryvbut TechII is only for GM19:45
haryvbut it is factory scanner.19:45
haryvIt can graph all sensors19:47
haryvdo relearns19:47
haryvreprogram keys for ford19:47
bioterrordoes that device work on almsot every car if you have OBDII?19:47
haryvfrom 1982-2010 ODBI/ODBII and possibly can bus http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhbQrHGgWAc19:50
bioterrorit's a shame that OBDII is so slow19:51
haryvI have noticed that on my unit19:51
haryvbut, you can record a movie for analasys on the desktop pc.19:52
haryvlubunto very slow to download19:53
KM0201i like using reverse connections20:27
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SWATanyone willing to verify/check a very simple lubuntu 11.04 + bluetooth (bluez) bug? ( https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bluez/+bug/813167 )21:20
ubot5Ubuntu bug 813167 in bluez (Ubuntu) "bluetoothd can not be started" [Undecided,New]21:20
haryvmust be a faster place for downloads21:29
HackerIIhuh, there is a god22:19
HackerIIok, bbl22:20

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