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antiheroargh, dependencies for unity are broken08:23
antiheroIt depends supposedly on compiz-core-abiversion-2011032208:26
antiherobut this doesn't exist ?!08:26
jbichaantihero: just be patient, a new unity & a new compiz were just pushed an hour or so ago, they take some time to build :-)08:33
antiherojbicha: Ah fair enough, I guess I just updated at the wrong time.08:36
antiheroIs there a page to check?08:36
jbichaantihero: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity click the triangle next to the Oneiric version08:37
jbichaand then after building, it takes a bit to show up in the repository08:38
antiheroIs there any way to tell when it might work?08:46
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Test_"No Root File System" is a message I keep getting. " Please correct this on the partition menu."  I have Ubutu installed on a partition--E:/.   How do I add a root file?14:58
dr_willise? you did a wubi install?14:59
Test_No I used another partition app--that I got from www.partition-tool.com15:01
dr_willisno idea what that does. if it installed to 'e:' and not a linux partion. then   it would need to set up some things in windows15:03
dr_willisi reccomend doing a normal install to a linux partition.15:04
dr_willisor using virtualbox if you cant repartition15:04
Test_Dr.  are you saying that a linux partition is someething different than other patitions on the hard-drive?15:07
dr_willisTest_:  you have partions that use the linux filesystems.. those do not show up as e: f: or other letters in windows15:08
dr_willissaying you installed linux to 'e:' is either wrong. or you used somthing like wubi to put a special setup on e:15:10
Test_Ok, I guess its back to the drawing board--Guess I'll try to delete the partition I made and start over again--thanks for your help15:11
dr_williswhat did you make exactly?15:11
Test_I'm ot sure anymore--seems like I have done so many things everything is a blur15:14
dr_willishave some una lloccated space on the hd. boot the install cd. tell it to use the unallocated space.15:15
dr_willisand why are you using the alpha release?15:15
Test_Don't know why I using alpha--my son-in-law gave it to me.  Dr. thanks again--I'm sure I'll be back15:18
dr_willisgo get the non alpha version15:21
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BluesKajhow to create a URL link in a text editor ?15:25
charlie-tcaThat actually works without copying it to firefox?15:26
dr_willisa desktop icon thats a url shortcut you mean?15:26
BluesKajno a url in gedit or kate that will open the browser at the url page, dr_willis ...is there such a device/addon ?15:27
BluesKajin a textfile15:28
dr_willisyou mean click on a link in gedit, that launches the browser. like you often see in irc clients?15:28
dr_willis http://google.com15:28
BluesKajyup, you got it15:28
dr_willisthats a editor feature.  so it depends. ;)15:29
BluesKajbeena searchin' everywhichaway15:29
dr_willisnever needed it in a text editor.15:29
charlie-tcasince they are text editors, using no markup, I don't think it can done, but there might be a plugin somewhere for that.15:29
dr_willisthers clibpoard manager tools that can safe a few steps i guess. copy, select the manager ifon, launch the url15:30
dr_willisin vi, and right terminal, you can do it. ;)15:31
dr_willisgeany prob.  can also.15:31
dr_willisand id bet emacs has 100 ways to do it. ;)15:31
BluesKajI keep 'buntu  info in a text file for reference and it would be neat to have quick link to a url rather that opening a browser and searching thru numerous bookmarks , which should be sorted and edited of course ...something I may get around to someday :)15:32
dr_willisopen the file in the browser..15:32
dr_willisor bookmark it in the browser15:32
BluesKajdr_willis, that's too much work emacs etc, rather use a lazy way if you get my drift15:33
dr_willisstart using delicious.com to store bookmarks also. ;) or  a similer site15:33
dr_willishteres browser extensions to make non link texts become links.15:34
BluesKajquote :  rather than opening a browser and searching thru numerous bookmarks15:34
dr_willisopening an editor and searching is better?  i dont see any gain15:34
dr_willisdelicious and tags ... its all about tags....15:35
charlie-tcaBluesKaj: I use Tomboy for that kind of stuff, it lets me use those links15:35
BluesKajdr_willis, charlie-tca I have a text file sitting in the panel that refer to for commands etc , just thought it would be cool to have some important page links there , is all15:37
charlie-tcaIf you do find a gedit plugin, let me know. I run into the same issue15:38
charlie-tcaand gedit is smaller than Tomboy for Xubuntu15:39
Test_Dr. Willis Hello again15:55
Test_Dr. you gave me good advise and it seems to be loading15:56
dr_willisBluesKaj:  if you put the notes in tomboy notes. it does what you want i think15:58
dr_williswork time. byeee. bbl.15:59
V_hiya guys16:42
V_I have a slight issue with ubuntu 10.0416:42
V_I get the login screen16:42
V_*put in credentials16:42
charlie-tca10.04 support is in #ubuntu16:42
V_and get the login screen again ....16:43
V_oh right.16:43
charlie-tcaThis is support for Oneiric only16:43
V_damn. I tried that channel, but ironically, the client is flooding the chat with user status so it's kind of hard for anyone to see when someone asks a question16:43
charlie-tcawho's client?16:45
V_well the webclient16:45
charlie-tcaso, you are seeing a lot of users logging in and out?16:46
V_there's a constant stream of : x quit and y joined and the questions qre lost in there16:46
V_I assume everyone sees those16:46
PiciI believe  the webchat has a thing to disable that in the options.16:46
charlie-tcaThere are a lot of users in there, yes. But questions still get seen16:46
V_ok, though I already tried to no avail. thanks anyway guys :). appreciate it. :)16:47
BluesKajI'm used to parts and joins , put it in a lighter coloured font and it's not so bothersome but still readable16:48
pfarrell_hi! has something changed with the packaging of petsc on oneiric? I have a launchpad builder set up for my project; yesterday it worked, and today it failed: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/75526959/buildlog_ubuntu-oneiric-amd64.libadjoint_0.1-0~244~oneiric1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz16:58
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Andre_GondimIs there any problem with usb access at oneiric. I can't access my usb flash drive about 2 days18:30
pfarrell_hi! has something changed with the packaging of petsc on oneiric? I have a launchpad builder set up for my project; yesterday it worked, and today it failed: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/75526959/buildlog_ubuntu-oneiric-amd64.libadjoint_0.1-0~244~oneiric1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz18:46
jakempThe wireless on my lenovo T420 is unusable; it's using realtec wireless, Is there a fix in the works for this?18:49
micahgpfarrell_: during the dev release, you can expect archive build skew18:58
jakempI have a small problem with my touchpad as well, Since I moved to 11.10, It lags whenever I try and use it after stopping to type or something. The eraser mouse in the keypad does not have this lag, though.19:02
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