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WaltherFISo, I heard that the background competition is up and running10:23
coz_ah there you go10:23
coz_WaltherFI,  I believe it is yes10:23
WaltherFII've got a nice photo in my macro set that i've been editing for a dozen of times to different degrees and ended up with high-contrast black and white10:25
WaltherFIbut what should the export resolution be?10:25
coz_WaltherFI,  well you could make it in the standard resolution formats10:25
coz_let me find the links  although the contest link is in the topic10:25
WaltherFIsomeone said that it should be 2560*1600, instead of for example 1920*108010:26
WaltherFIwhich is, 8:5 against 16:910:26
WaltherFIquite much limits how i should crop the photo10:26
coz_WaltherFI,   well if you upload the image to flickr for ubuntu   , and if it is picked,, the required resolutions will be givine to you10:27
coz_let me see if I have the flickr link for that in the mailing lists  hold on10:27
WaltherFIThat would have been my second question - where to post the image. Thank you very much10:28
coz_WaltherFI,  you can read through here while i search   http://design.canonical.com/2011/07/get-excited-and-make-things-wallpaper-edition/10:28
WaltherFIi've been an amateur photographer for around six years, as long as i've been a linuxist too, thought that maybe I could contribute in this way as i'm not that good in programming10:29
coz_WaltherFI,   here you go     http://www.flickr.com/groups/oneiric-wallpaper-submissions/10:30
WaltherFIThank you very much.10:30
coz_no problem10:30
coz_WaltherFI,  not sure if flickr  accepts large resolution on free account,, however  , I have not seen and issues in the past with my account10:31
WaltherFIso, it is compulsory to have a flickr account then?10:31
WaltherFIto even be able to submit10:31
coz_WaltherFI,   well I think it would help,, it's free   but check out there to see if it is requireing an existing account10:32
WaltherFIThere we go.12:04
coz_WaltherFI,  what name is it under?12:26
WaltherFImy own nick, it should be the first image12:28
WaltherFIthe chessboard high-contrast BW with bokeh12:28
coz_first image is howy the photographer12:28
WaltherFIstrange, for me, it is the second photo12:30
WaltherFIthat one anyway12:30
WaltherFIit's about a year old photo i've edited again and again12:30
coz_ah nice ;)12:30
WaltherFInever happy enough with it12:30
WaltherFIimho it has a nice story behind12:31
coz_I like the chess set :)12:31
WaltherFIsilver and brass set, with bone/wood board12:34
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palhmbsI'm having problems with text over graphics & researching the problem is proving difficult.23:14
palhmbscurrently this site imo looks pretty good - http://3sixtynz.com/ -- but the client doesn't like my paintbrush effect to make the text stand out,  so I've gotta give them some options to make it more effective....23:15

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