Error404NotFoundwhats spec do01:06
Neoncamouflagesuccess :)01:14
Error404NotFoundthat supposed to do something?01:15
NeoncamouflageYes, it tests whether or not my XChat is FUBAR'd like I thought. It was not. Nor is yours.01:15
Error404NotFoundi use pidgen lol01:17
Error404NotFoundit didnt do anything lol01:17
NeoncamouflageYou can use IRC through pidgen?01:18
NeoncamouflageI just use it for yahoo, never thought about IRC01:18
Error404NotFoundand msn aim yahoo01:18
NeoncamouflageWill have to look at that, see if it's better than XChat. If so, I may very well switch.01:18
stlsaintNeoncamouflage: YO01:23
NeoncamouflageHey stlsaint01:23
NeoncamouflageWant to thank you for the links you gave me, they've helped immensely. I'm still beyond lost for the most part but I'm learning far more than before.01:25
NeoncamouflageThe google videos are awesome01:26
stlsaintNeoncamouflage: cool glad i could help01:28
beaker8000A java program used to be able to connect to a server using ssl. Then after a java update a while back the program would no longer connect citing the error 'Login failed - Failed send NSMsg - java.net.SocketException: Socket closed'. Any ideas how to fix this?  I am running 10.0401:41
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mnewtonHey guys can you help me with some Joomla stuff?05:12
mnewtonI need help rewriting urls. I want this http://shshealth.site11.com/2011-06-27-03-16-42/introduction-to-course to go to this http://shshealth.site11.com/introduction-to-course05:13
mnewtonhow do i do this?05:14
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Elise001Has anyone seen Seidos recently?18:30
blahblahblahkeep getting error no 5: input/output error while installing18:32
blahblahblahsomeone help :(18:32
coalwaterblahblahblah, error with what18:42
blahblahblahcoalwater, with installing from disc.18:43
coalwatero u mean installing ubuntu ?18:43
coalwaterhm, maybe the disk is scratched or the data is corrupted18:43
blahblahblahit was a brand new disk18:44
coalwaterare u on an old ubuntu?18:44
coalwaterdifferent pc?18:44
blahblahblahno 11.0418:44
coalwateru trying to install oneiric ?18:44
blahblahblahwhats that18:45
coalwaterwhat are u trying to install18:45
blahblahblahtrying to intall 11.0418:45
blahblahblahhad windows18:45
coalwaterand what are u using right now, windows ?18:46
blahblahblahnow windows is gone, but for some reason after the ubuntu install crashes i can still use ubuntu?18:46
blahblahblahyeah had 718:46
coalwaterso windows is broken and ubuntu didn't install but ur using ubuntu ?18:47
blahblahblahhowever if i take the disc out, ubuntu wont load18:49
blahblahblahnothing loads18:49
coalwatero , you're on live cd mode18:52
coalwateru have an install icon on the top left right ?18:53
blahblahblahokay, and yeah18:55
coalwaterand when u try to install it fails in the middle?18:57
blahblahblahyeah pretty much everytime18:58
blahblahblahat the same spot18:58
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