alex_mayorgaHi! Just got bug 81260200:08
ubot4alex_mayorga: Bug 812602 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/812602 is private00:08
alex_mayorgaanything else I can provide?00:09
ohsixwhere can i get eyes on this? i had no luck undoing the rats nest https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-power-manager/+bug/80227604:22
ubot4Launchpad bug 802276 in gnome-power-manager (Ubuntu) "brightness adjust 3 steps from hard (Fn) keys (affects: 1) (heat: 158)" [Undecided,New]04:23
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stef31is it an english room ?15:26
stef31do you know the french room for bug on ubuntu ?15:28
pedro_ubuntu-fr ?15:29
stef31it's for specialy bug on ubuntu too ?15:29
davmor2stef31: possibly not but they can certainly help you with bugs15:30
stef31ok , i'll test to explain my bug . if i understand , i'll go to ubuntu-fr15:31
stef31my graphic card is nvidia 6200, and drivers actived but not used ...15:32
stef31and often , when i switch on my computer , resolution is really bad : 640 x 480 max15:34
stef31i had delete and install an other time drivers15:34
stef31but , bug always is here15:35
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pedro_Folks if you're part of the ubuntu-bugcontrol, could you please give us input on the application of the canonical-server team ?16:12
hggdhmine is there already16:14
charlie-tcaI did too, didn't I?16:15
hggdhyes sir, you did :-)16:16
hggdhactually, we already have the votes, but I would really love to have more community input16:16
* charlie-tca thinks it is "apathy"16:17
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SWATwhere should I preferbly file a bugreport/fix about a bluez issue (initscript) in Ubuntu (Debian unstable has a newer/fixed version)?20:32
micahgSWAT: what's your goal?20:33
SWATmicahg: getting proper a fix for Natty20:33
micahgSWAT: you'll want to file a bug against bluez then describing the issue w/a test case, we'll need a patch for natty, oneiric would have to get the fix first though20:34
SWATmicahg: oneiric will probably have it already, since it will use updated packages from upstream. I'm running Debian unstable on another machine20:37
micahgSWAT: ah, ok, is the fix upstream?20:37
SWATin bluez-4.94 it is ;-)20:38
micahg!sru | SWAT20:38
ubot4SWAT: Stable Release Update information is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates20:38
SWATbasically bluetooth does not work due to an incorrect initscript, and the fix is really simple20:39
dtchenSWAT: if you can file the bug and point out the patch now, I can do the SRU legwork and upload it to natty-proposed20:39
micahgso, oneiric has 4.94, so we're good on that front, go ahead and file a bug w/a test case and a link to the upstream commit that fixes it if you have it20:39
seb128it's not likely that bluetooth doesn't work and that didn't get noticed20:40
seb128it's rather it's buggy in some cases right?20:40
SWATseb128: I was also suprised, but I tested with the LXDE natty install. Actually my dad noticed the bug, since bluetooth didn't work anymore after the upgrade.20:42
SWATdon't have other systems with natty _and_ bluetooth20:42
seb128well, I use bluetooth every week and it works fine on natty and oneiric20:42
SWATdtchen: reading now20:42
seb128but I don't use LXDE20:42
seb128the init script is hacked in ubuntu as well btw so it's likely that "new versions" will not fix it for you20:43
seb128i.e I don't think we changed the init script between natty and oneiric20:43
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SWATseb128: hmmm, okay. In my case (upgraded to natty and gnome to lxde) the default init script didn't work, but a simple 'start-stop-daemon --start --quiet --oknodo --pidfile /var/run/bluetoothd.pid --exec $DAEMON' worked fine.20:50
seb128SWAT, did you find an error in the init script?20:50
SWATseb128: yes, the 'start' command did not work, although it indicated it did.20:53
SWATI fixed it for him, so basically I just wanted to fix/report for others. I don't think people should nag about FLOSS software, if they don't contribute (or try to)20:54
seb128SWAT, best to open a bug describing your issue and what you did, I'm not sure what is wrong right now but I know bluetooth work under GNOME or unity for others20:54
SWATseb128: alright, thanks for the info. Since this is a downstream issue, where should I preferbly post it?20:56
seb128SWAT, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bluez/+filebug20:58
SWATdtchen: will post a regular bug report first, but thanks for the headsup20:58
SWATseb128: thanks!20:58
seb128thank you!20:58
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greg-gok, where is the bug report for Unity where it complains about windows going all the ef over the place when you go from dual monitor to single? :)21:17
dtchen4 more reviewed and uploaded for Patch Pilot.22:02
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RenatoSilvaubuntu-bug audio after asking some questions is running indefinitely, what do I do?23:08
RenatoSilvaI ran it because of this: http://pastie.org/2239582. The onboard audio is selected as default output. However, the front audio (headphone) only starts working after I "stimulate" it by plugging in some connector in the onboard hear jack. Doesn't happen in Windows, there the problem is different.23:13
RenatoSilvaif someone can help, /memo me please23:30

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