Neo31hello world! :)13:36
Neo31hello ariabbas ongolaBoy swell :)13:38
ubuntiste-msaknihey guys :D13:38
Neo31how are you :)13:38
ubuntiste-msakniNeo31, we need to put this ligne in the channel topic: Please observe the Ubuntu Code of Conduct / Veuillez observer le code de conduite d'Ubuntu. Thank you / merci!13:39
ubuntiste-msaknihey swell13:39
Neo31ok ubuntiste-msakni we will vote for that in next reunion :)13:39
ubuntiste-msakniok :D13:39
Neo31what's up in your loco team swell ?13:39
ubuntiste-msaknilook at this guys: http://stallman.eventbrite.com/13:41
Neo31I'll go if you cover my travel cost ubuntiste-msakni :p13:43
Neo31swell tu parle pas anglais?13:43
swellsi si13:43
swelleverything's fine in our loco team13:44
Neo31we are just visiting here :p13:44
ubuntiste-msakniI'm not a millionaire Neo31 :p13:44
Neo31we are just a loco team like you, not an approval board or something like that :p13:44
ubuntiste-msakniswell, we're from the Tunisian team :D13:45
swelland what's up there?13:45
Neo31we have a new management comity there13:46
Neo31new plans13:46
Neo31it will result of a lot of news for next months I hope13:46
sarhanbonjour tout le monde13:46
sarhanping ariabbas Neo31 ongolaBoy sarhan ubuntiste-msakni13:47
Neo31pong sarhan13:47
Neo31I remember ongolaBoy from last visit, but he seems away :)13:47
Neo31anyway, what's up here swell, is there some interesting activity?13:48
sarhanti ahom ne3sin akther mena13:49
Neo31hh, yep. there is only swell. and he seems a little busy :p13:50
swelllast saturday there was a release party for Natty Narwhal here13:50
Neo31cool :)13:50
Neo31swell is gone. the channel is ours hhh :p13:56
* ongolaBoy voit que ses amis de tunisie se marrent dans le salon... :D14:06
sarhanongolaBoy: salut :D14:06
sarhanca va bien depuis le temps?14:06
ongolaBoyça va assez bien.. pas évident de gérer la communauté mais ça va14:07
sarhansinon quoi de nouveau pour la communauté?14:07
Neo31hey ongolaBoy :)14:07
ongolaBoypas grand chose...14:07
Neo31how are you?14:07
ongolaBoyNeo31: I'm fine14:07
ongolaBoycertains membres sont un peu débordés ces derniers mois14:08
ongolaBoyet malheureusement ça se ressent dans toute la communauté14:08
ongolaBoyen fait on n'a pas encore compris le travail en groupe mais j'ai espoir que ça s'améliorera14:08
Neo31same problem in tunisia ongolaBoy14:08
Neo31but we are fixing it :)14:09
Neo31I hope it works fine :)14:09
ubuntiste-msaknihey ongolaBoy :D14:10
Neo31hey ongolaBoy :)14:10
Neo31a visitor from egypt this time :)14:10
ongolaBoyI have stuff to do right now... so don't bother if i will not reply quickly14:10
Neo31no problem ongolaBoy :)14:10
sarhanongolaBoy: good luck :)14:10
ongolaBoyok.. glad to meet u there all of u :)14:10
=== ubuntiste-msakni is now known as elacheche_anis

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