dholbachgood morning06:47
nigelbhey dholbach06:47
dholbachhi nigelb06:48
jussipopey: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D07:08
jussicupcakes!! :D07:09
jussipopey: I want cupcakes :(07:26
dpmmorning all07:37
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jussiawww, presidents cat died...09:45
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dholbachmhall119, which license does lp:ubuntu-website/light-django-theme use?12:20
cjohnstondholbach: dont use that theme12:22
cjohnstondholbach: ubuntu-community-webthemes/light-django-theme12:22
cjohnstonI need to delete the old ones12:22
cjohnstondholbach: according to https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-community-webthemes  GNU GPL v212:23
dholbachI'll see how much updating we have to do12:23
dholbachthanks cjohnston12:24
jcastrocjohnston: do you have a link to the lp api that we use to import blueprints?12:57
cjohnstonjcastro: not off the top of my head13:05
cjohnstonim not good with api stuff13:05
cjohnstonmhall119: nigelb ^13:05
cjohnstonjcastro: did you see the RT?13:09
jcastrowhich one?13:23
jcastrothe theme one?13:23
nigelbjcastro: getting the API, just a sec13:33
nigelbjcastro: https://launchpad.net/sprints/uds-o/+temp-meeting-export13:35
jcastrothanks nigel13:45
nigelbjcastro: Your wishlist bugs fro sponsorship, do you want it done this time?13:53
jcastrowhich ones?13:53
jcastrohmm, ask daniel, he's doing sponsorship this time13:53
jcastrodholbach: ^13:53
nigelbThe one about showing ubuntu members, the one about shwoing if they've attended UDS's before13:53
dholbachthat'd be nice, yes13:54
nigelbjcastro: oh, good. So, its not you, who'll be shooting us :P13:54
nigelbdholbach: There's some change with how SSO works, we're having a call with stuartm this week or next (I think), only after that we can figure out how its going to pan out.13:54
dholbachthanks for looking into it13:54
* nigelb was voluntold to me summit project manager13:55
dholbachhey jono14:45
jonohey dholbach14:47
czajkowskiI think I need a drink15:00
rrnwexecgives Laura an Ubuntini.15:00
czajkowskimake it a large one please15:01
rrnwexeca double shot of crown royal in that for you ;)15:01
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pleia2jono, jcastro - I'm pretty swamped with work and I learned late last night that randall isn't around to make sure these sessions go smoothly, can one of you at least keep an eye on the classroom sessions?16:03
pleia2I'm pingable, but can't watch intently16:03
jonopleia2, no worries, we will keep an eye on it16:03
* nigelb will also be only pingable this week.16:03
pleia2thanks :)16:04
jonothanks, pleia2!16:04
nigelbjcastro: We should write UDS-P, everywhere as "UDS :-P"16:27
dholbachalright my friends - I call it a day - see you all tomorrow16:43
jcastropopey: man17:34
popeyjcastro: ?17:35
jcastrothe forums thing17:36
jcastro"We never could get around any raw evidence that the Archives were actually breaking stuff."17:37
jcastroLord, grant me patience.17:38
jcastropopey: hold me17:38
popeyi read the reply in the car on the way home17:39
popeywell, read the first few lines17:39
jcastroI'm not going to respond anymore, as long as the unindexing happens17:39
jcastroit will just lead to pain17:39
huatsjust a silly question18:17
huatsbut I am about to give a talk on the community week18:17
huatsand I have never used lernid :)18:17
huatsdoes anyone can explain me the basics ?18:17
huatsand btw do I need to use it for that ?18:17
pleia2lernid is not for instructors, you can't even type in the -classroom channel with it18:17
huatspleia2, that was my feeling18:18
huatspleia2, ok then it is simpler :)18:18
pleia2all you need to know about is classbot: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Classroom/ClassBot#Instructor_Commands18:18
huatspleia2, I have seen it18:18
pleia2then you should be set :)18:18
huatspleia2, thanks18:18
pleia2feel free to join #ubuntu-classroom-backstage during your session if you have questions (that's where the classroom team hangs out)18:18
pleia2otherwise you just need to join #ubuntu-classroom for your class, and #ubuntu-classroom-chat to see questions and discussion18:19
huatsthen I am all set :)18:19
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* huats is giving the first talk in the community week without noone listening :)19:22
czajkowskihuats: I'm sure they are19:30
pleia2people read the logs too (it's the middle of the work day where I am)19:32
czajkowskiand it's late in EU19:33
czajkowskinever a good time19:33
czajkowskijust ran out to get food before Loco council meeting or I'd be a grump19:33
czajkowskibut seeing as we have no agenda19:34
czajkowskiand no teams19:34
czajkowskiit should be a short and peaceful meeting19:34
huatsczajkowski,indeed :)19:34
czajkowskipaultag: ping20:00
czajkowskipopey: paultag huats  council meeting20:01
huatsI am connected czajkowski20:01
paultagjust joined20:22
czajkowskimeeting over20:22
paultagthat's lame20:23
czajkowskipaultag: no agenda20:23
paultagsorry, I was on my way home from work20:23
paultagAh, cool20:23
mhall119think outside the beanbox man!20:30
paultagmhall119: :)20:35
paultagmhall119: dude, tell me ag.pault does not look a little bit like as.phalt20:35
mhall119it does, yes20:36
mhall119so don't use it20:36
mhall119stick it to the man20:36
mhall119also, make all your members public20:37
mhall119and only accept Objects as method args20:37
paultag20:37 < mhall119> also, make all your members public20:37
paultagI only have one ;)20:37
paultagand it's more protected then private right now (zing!)20:37
paultagwait, hold on20:38
paultagprotected would mean that only your children could use it20:38
paultagthat's messed up20:38
mhall119no, protected means anything in the package namespace can access it20:39
paultagmhall119: not in C++ IIRC20:40
mhall119when did we switch to talking about C__?20:40
mhall119C++ even20:40
mhall119darn sticky shift20:40
paultagOh, right. Let me look up Java20:40
paultagsince i'm not sure20:40
paultagyeah you're right for Java20:41
paultaggood to know :)20:41
duanedesignpaultag: !21:00
duanedesignoh how I miss you on a more regular basis :\ But I know it is because of all the great things you are doing21:01
paultagduanedesign: hey man :)21:01
paultagduanedesign: I'm usually on IRC, my friend :)21:01
paultagduanedesign: How's things?21:01
duanedesignpaultag: been rocking it at my new job at Canonical21:02
paultagduanedesign: yar, I saw that21:02
paultagduanedesign: congrats, btw21:02
duanedesignso i ahve been a little less available myself.21:03
duanedesignpaultag: ha, i am sure i told you already :P21:03
paultagno, actually :)21:03
paultagsaw it on LinkedIN21:03
paultagduanedesign: How's the BT?21:03
duanedesignpaultag: you staerted some new place, yes?21:03
paultagduanedesign: yeah, Boston College21:03
paultagworking on some cool stuff, old system migratons and stuff21:03
paultagget to work on some F/OSS tools21:03
duanedesignpaultag: betwen me you and the logged channel21:03
duanedesignpaultag: it is teetering on faultering. I am worried21:04
paultagduanedesign: identifying that is critical. Is the team aware?21:04
duanedesignpaultag: I think the amount the know is limited. I think it is a good point21:05
duanedesignencourage people to step up21:05
duanedesignpaultag: also i wanted to try an talk to maybe jono for a short time and get some possible insight21:06
paultagduanedesign: well, the team has gone from established community members / hackers → helping people become established21:06
paultagduanedesign: which is a) more work, and b) not assuring new members21:07
duanedesignpaultag: the team hasso much potentia;21:07
duanedesigni do not want it to fade away. I think it can serve a vital resource in the community that is needed21:07
duanedesignpaultag: might look at cprofitts sandbox for revamping the tam and see what you think21:08
paultagduanedesign: well, it's changed function from a team that helps beginners with Ubuntu to helping people start to contribute to Ubuntu -- which is more work for less return21:08
duanedesigni think strong leadership is what is required21:08
paultagduanedesign: yeah, I'll do that21:08
paultagduanedesign: I think core members are needed, there's no core that hacks regularly21:08
duanedesignpaultag: talk of changing name..I am not sure if that would do more then bad21:09
paultagnames are just that21:09
duanedesignthe members are soo enthusiastic it just seems to be a bottleneck getting them involved21:10
duanedesignand keepin up the participation21:10
duanedesignpaultag: anyway i wont flood the channel. Maybe we can manage a talk sometime21:11
paultagduanedesign: yeah for sure. I've always got time for UBT21:11
paultagthat was my baby for 3 years21:11
duanedesignI know I owe all my current progress to that team and its members21:11
duanedesignpaultag: off-topic21:12
duanedesignpaultag: have you heard of Critters Buggin?21:12
paultagduanedesign: have not, what is it?21:12
duanedesignpaultag: some awsome music with members from Texas and Seatle21:13
duanedesignpaultag: reminds me of stuff you like I might share it with you.21:13
paultagduanedesign: sweeet, what's the genre?21:13
paultagduanedesign: heck yeah21:13
duanedesignpaultag:  you use Ubuntu One. I could share a folder :)21:14
paultagduanedesign: sure :)21:14
paultagduanedesign: I'd not get it for a few days, my netbook's Debian and my Ubuntu machine's down the cape21:14
paultagduanedesign: but yeah, for sure!21:14
duanedesignpaultag: psychedelic, jazz, rock, with a littlr electronica and mega effects on sax and such21:15
paultagduanedesign: sounds right up my ally21:15
duanedesignpaultag:  i am puttin a couple track on people.ubuntu.comfor you21:22
paultagduanedesign: thanks :321:22
jcastrojono: I'm about to spin Mariner21:22
jonojcastro, wise21:22
jcastroJOIN ME.21:22
jcastrothis is how you finish off work days folks21:23
jcastrooh god, this is horrible21:29
jonojcastro, lol21:29
jcastrois this what your soundtrack in life is?21:30
jonojcastro, ugh, no21:30
duanedesignpaultag: bah, i have not converted the yet to mp321:30
duanedesignpaultag: how about Sigur Ros?21:31
* AlanBell wonders if jcastro is kicking in the back seat21:31
paultagduanedesign: never heard of that either :)21:32
jonojcastro, lame this song21:32
jcastroI did21:32
jcastrogod, 4 more minutes of this21:32
jonoI did too21:33
AlanBell"We're very sorry, but while we would love to let you in and rock out with us, we need to currently restrict turntable access to only the United States due to licensing constraints"21:33
duanedesignpaultag: OK  AWESOME.  I have liked all the tunes you turned me on too. Just want to return a bit21:35
jcastroit's payback for spotify!21:35
popeysaw that coming21:35
jcastrojono: it just doesn't end, this song.21:35
paultagduanedesign: thanks man!!21:35
jcastrojono: so this is black metal eh?21:36
jonojcastro, this really sucks21:36
jonojcastro, yep, I hate black metal21:36
jcastroman, it was totally awesome until this guy21:36
duanedesignpaultag: the Sigur Ros in mp3 so be copied fairly quickly. Ill spend some time this week puttin some others I wanted you to hear in MP321:36
paultagduanedesign: :D21:37
paultagduanedesign: thanks so much, man21:37
duanedesignpaultag: if you will be here for 10 -15 minutes i will have a grab bag21:47
paultagduanedesign: sure :)21:47
jonojcastro, that was lame21:59
jcastroeverything was fine except for that guy21:59
jcastro(I went back to "Metal FTW!")21:59
jcastrojono: I'm more sad about sitting through that ridiculous song22:00
jonojcastro, yep22:00
jonoI am just gonna stick with my own music22:00
jonoand get back to my preso22:00
jcastrodinner here, ttyl22:00
jononearly done :-)22:00
duanedesignjono: ok with out further ado22:15
duanedesignpaultag: with out further ado22:15
paultagduanedesign: :)22:16
duanedesignpaultag: i will PM it to you. let me know if you do not get it22:17
duanedesignpaultag: got some other nicr estuff i am wikking to jet other preview. I ust need to convret ti m322:19
paultagduanedesign: :)22:19
duanedesignpaultag: kind of a mix22:19
paultagduanedesign: yeah np :)22:19
duanedesignpaultag: let me know so I can get an idea in the future what you link22:20
paultagduanedesign: sure!22:20
duanedesignok U1 work22:20
jcastrojames_w: around?22:34
jcastrojames_w: show emma this pls: http://www.thinkpads.com/2011/07/19/new-thinkpad-x121e-released/22:35

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