EgyParadoxhowa elbot elbrens dah beylog kol 7aga?10:27
thelinuxer1hey man10:32
thelinuxer1yes it does10:32
thelinuxer1EgyParadox: sorry asdak eih kol 7aga ?10:32
EgyParadoxkol7aga betet2al mesh elmeetings bas10:33
thelinuxer1aiwa el mafrood10:34
EgyParadoxah ya3ni ana belzat akhod bali ana ba2ool eh :D10:42
thelinuxer1kol 7aga10:42
EgyParadoxelmohem enta 3amel eh?10:43
thelinuxer1EgyParadox: tamam el7l, enta eih el a7'bar ?10:48
EgyParadoxana el7amdolelah10:48
* EgyParadox brb dist-upgrade10:57
* EgyParadox release-upgrade*11:01
EgyParadoxthelinuxer2: howa feeh kam thelinuxer belzabt ? :D13:14
thelinuxer2el connetion zay el zeft we kol shewaya ba disconnect we acconnect13:18
thelinuxer2we kol mara beyedeeny esm gedeed 3ashan ely ablo already taken13:18
EgyParadoxento akeed elisp beta3ko ya linkdsl ya linkdsl13:29
Neo31Hello world :)13:53
sarhanhello guys :D13:53
Neo31hello a3Dman EgyParadox kim0|vacation Remoun sharno :)13:54
ubuntiste-msakniHello everybody13:55
EgyParadoxNeo31 sarhan13:55
Neo31how are you EgyParadox ?13:55
Neo31ahla ubuntiste-msakni13:55
Neo31dead walk here :p13:57
sarhanEgyParadox: we are your neighbours13:57
sarhanfrom ubuntu tunisia :D13:57
EgyParadoxoh welcome :D13:57
Neo31what's up here EgyParadox :)13:58
sarhancan you give us some tea? me and Neo31 ubuntiste-msakni13:58
Neo31hhh sarhan :p13:58
ubuntiste-msakni:D hey EgyParadox13:59
EgyParadoxLOL I thought we are the the only people who say hhhhh13:59
Neo31I do too13:59
Neo31but most tunisans use mdr and some french abv13:59
sarhanwe use hhh too :P13:59
sarhanmost tunisians use it14:00
Neo31I think hhh is international14:00
Neo31everybody lough the same way right!14:00
ubuntiste-msakniEgyParadox, what's up in egypt & u-eg??14:00
ubuntiste-msakniyodhorni innés ilko ocuupé, ké a7na fadhine chghol Neo31 w sarhan14:01
EgyParadoxwhat is up in egypt is actually alot but about ubuntu-eg I didn't attend the last meeting so i dont know :D14:01
Neo31ok :)14:02
ubuntiste-msakniok :)14:02
sarhanEgyParadox: andkom elkasba3 fi mesr?14:02
EgyParadoxanglais si'l vous plais14:02
Neo31they have maydan etta7rir sarhan14:02
sarhanyes i forgot it :D14:03
EgyParadoxWhat about ubuntu tunisia ?14:03
EgyParadoxbtw What is your channel?14:03
Neo31we are preparing a new management team14:03
Neo31and I guess there will be a lot of news next months :)14:04
sarhanwe will ban all rcd members :D14:04
Neo31lool sarhan14:04
sarhanmauve bel anglais?14:04
Neo31yep sarhan14:05
Neo31purple I think14:05
sarhanEgyParadox: purple :D14:05
Neo31EgyParadox he refers to the former political party14:07
Neo31in tunisia14:07
ubuntiste-msakniEgyParadox, I see that you're preparing for the UGJ.. If we organize a UGJ in Tunisia we will do a broadcast between the two LoCo14:09
EgyParadoxohhh ok14:09
ubuntiste-msakniwhat are you thinking about this EgyParadox Neo31 sarhan ??14:09
Neo31nice idea ubuntiste-msakni :)14:09
sarhanubuntiste-msakni: oui pourquoi pas14:09
sarhanon doit commencer à préparer l'event dès la fin de ce mois :)14:10
EgyParadoxbroadcast between ubuntu-eg and ubuntu-tn?14:10
ubuntiste-msakni+1 sarhan14:10
ubuntiste-msakniyes EgyParadox .. what are you thinking about the idea?14:11
sarhanubuntiste-msakni: c'est dèjà dans le todo list14:11
Neo31ubuntiste-msakni we should start planning for that first and make an official proposal to their loco14:11
ubuntiste-msakninormalement oui, inclus dans la partie events14:11
Neo31till now we have nothing planned yet14:11
EgyParadoxubuntu tunisia members thelinuxer is our team leader14:12
Neo31hello thelinuxer :)14:12
ubuntiste-msaknihey thelinuxer :D14:13
thelinuxerNeo31: ubuntiste-msakni Hey guys :)14:13
sarhanhello thelinuxer :)14:13
sarhanhow many ubuntu members in egypt?14:13
thelinuxerhi sarhan :)14:13
thelinuxerI didn't know it was the inspection day today :D14:13
Neo31this is not an inspection thelinuxer ;)14:14
thelinuxerwe have about 20 active members14:14
sarhanthelinuxer: it isn't :)14:14
Neo31just a visit14:14
thelinuxerand others only active on the mailing list14:14
Neo31we are just simple membres14:14
thelinuxerYeah I know I was just kidding :D14:15
Neo31thelinuxer you will prepare for UGJ this year right?14:15
thelinuxeryes isA14:15
thelinuxerwe already have the event created and the team knows about it14:15
thelinuxerhope it will be better than our last attemp ...14:15
thelinuxercan we help with anything ?14:17
Neo31well as far as I know there wasn't an UGJ before in tuisia14:17
sarhansome coffee or tea14:17
Neo31and it is on your todo list for this year14:17
sarhanNeo31: our :D14:17
thelinuxerlol, np14:18
Neo31ubuntiste-msakni had an idea of a cooperation between our two loco teams (something like boardcasting or something like that)14:19
Neo31We will start working on it soon and I will contact you when things get clear and we feel we are ready for it :)14:19
Neo31I will send an official request on your mailing list inchalah14:19
thelinuxersure, absolutely perfect. Either send it directly to me or the mailing list14:20
thelinuxerboth of our teams will benefit from working together isA14:20
Neo31thank you thelinuxer :) and thanks to ubuntiste-msakni for the idea :)14:21
thelinuxerand thanks to all of you guys, looking forward to this ...14:22
ubuntiste-msakniYou're welcome chief :D I hope that we can prepare for the UGJ before 11.0914:22
thelinuxerubuntiste-msakni: isA we will :)14:23
Neo31we must ubuntiste-msakni14:23
Neo31it's not just hope :p14:23
ubuntiste-msakniyou're right Neo31 :D14:24
ubuntiste-msakniI like the channel guys, I add it to my favorite list :D14:26
thelinuxerubuntiste-msakni: lool, that's cool may be we will have someone to chat here at last :D14:26
* EgyParadox added #ubuntu-tn to his fav channels 14:30
thelinuxersorry got disconnected, i have been suffering from these disconnections since last week :(14:34
EgyParadoxI think collaborations will benefit both teams, we should do this a lot14:37
thelinuxerof course14:37
ubuntiste-msaknisure :)14:39
EgyParadoxHow many members are in the Tunisian team?14:41
ubuntiste-msakniemmmmmm.. I'n not sure.. for know there is may be 15 active members who login to the channel when they found a free time..14:44
ubuntiste-msaknisarhan, Neo31 have you an idea about this?14:45
Neo31i guess it maybe more ubuntiste-msakni14:45
Neo31not sure abt the channel14:46
sarhanbetween 20 and 3014:46
Neo31I guess the average is from 4 to 15 members available on the channel, and it may be more during reunions and activities on the chan14:46
EgyParadoxOfficially we have a lot of members (on launchpad) but not all of them are active14:46
Neo31yep, up to 30 something like that14:47
Neo31on launchpad we have ant 12514:47
Neo31on the mailing list I think nizarus may confirm the number14:47
Neo31and on fb we have 700- members14:47
* Neo31 is very hungry, should have launch14:49
* ubuntiste-msakni too :(14:49
lubotu3The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal14:54
Neo31EgyParadox alternate = no gui14:54
Neo31just a screen with blue, white and red colors14:55
EgyParadoxyea I know I just wanted to know more about it14:55
Neo31it uses ncurses so it is stillc ool14:55
EgyParadoxonly for geeks :P14:55
Neo31hh, geeks would go for kernel compliation and stuff like that14:56
Neo31that is the easiest thing a geek can do14:56
EgyParadoxThat means I am not a geek, I never tried to compile the kernel yet I know how to do it theoretically14:58
=== ubuntiste-msakni is now known as elacheche_anis
Neo31same here EgyParadox ;) my cpu will crash if I do some intense work on it for long hours, I need better hardware15:05
elacheche_anisméla fik 3lya mén jarrabich Neo31 :p15:06
Neo31it will crash in just 30 minutes :(15:06
sarhanelacheche_anis: Neo31 3ala chneya ta7kiou?15:06
Neo31what elacheche_anis ?15:06
Neo31<EgyParadox> That means I am not a geek, I never tried to compile the kernel yet I know how to do it theoretically15:06
Neo31sarhan nhar elkoll ycompili, sa7a lik15:07
elacheche_anisI try to compile the kernel Neo31 or not :p15:07
Neo31why not elacheche_anis ?15:08
sarhan2 hours to compile the kernel --'15:08
sarhani try it :D15:08
Neo31I can't pass 30 minutes15:08
sarhanwith 100% cpu activity :D15:09
Neo31I will need a room with a good air conditioner to compile for more than 30 minutes15:09
elacheche_anislooooool sarhan :)15:09
Neo31or may be limiting cpu frequency may help15:09
Neo31not sure15:09
Neo315alini nkammal ftouri15:09
sarhanNeo31: you need to overclock your cpu not decrease the frequency :D15:09
sarhanNeo31: fech tekel?15:10
thelinuxer1I used to compile the kernel back in my slackware days, now I am just lazy ..15:14
Neo31makarouna bel djaj sarhan :p15:20
Neo31hayya je go15:20
Neo31see ya later15:20
elacheche_anisme too.. I will go home (finally) :D15:20
elacheche_anissee you later EgyParadox and thelinuxer1.. It was nice to meet you :D15:21
thelinuxer1bye guys15:21
thelinuxer1elacheche_anis: nice meeting u too :)15:21
OsamaMongyany body there ?19:45
OsamaMongyI want to know it there is some one from the embedded linux group ?19:46
EgyParadoxwell, I am not one of them.19:46
OsamaMongyhmmm  so do you know me  ??? :)19:49
EgyParadoxsadly no19:50
Neo31hello OsamaMongy19:53
Neo31i am not from embedded linux group19:54
OsamaMongydon worry :)19:54
OsamaMongyguys I'm Osama Mongy thats all for now :)19:54
Neo31why are you asking for someone from that group19:54
Neo31and don't they have and irc channel?19:55
OsamaMongyI wanted to know if there is another meeting soon or not19:55
Neo31hh, everybody is welcome here OsamaMongy :)19:55
OsamaMongyand i thought this IRC channel is for the rest of the teem19:55
Neo31ah ok19:55
Neo31I am just a visitor here, may be EgyParadox can help19:55
Neo31or someone else19:56
OsamaMongyactually it's my first time to the irc channel but i attend meetings19:56
OsamaMongyahh i think i'm the one that says welcome now :)19:56
Neo31yep :)19:56
OsamaMongyso I didn't know your name ?19:57
OsamaMongywelcome Ahmed19:57
Neo31thx :)19:57
OsamaMongyand thanks for your reply :)19:57
Neo31np ;)19:57
Neo31I though it maybe something I can help with19:57
OsamaMongymany thanks :) if you are interesting you can attend the next meeting :)19:59
EgyParadoxNeo31:is from the tunisian LoCo team19:59
OsamaMongysorry interested :)19:59
OsamaMongywow this is so nice :)19:59
Neo31when will be your next meeting?20:01

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