infoturtlemornin all11:04
infoturtleare we not having an IRC meeting tomorrow?11:05
moylanhi airurando20:51
airurandohey moylan20:53
moylanstill looking for the software. haven't given up on you.20:53
airurandomoylan I truly appreciate it20:54
moylanno worries.  this sort of things happens to all of us.  i like to be prepared for when it next happens to me20:54
airurandohaving you to talk to the other night to first figure out what I'd done and then to be told of the the slim chance of recovery meant alot20:55
moylani found the company who supplied the software when it happened to me about 12 years ago.  they sold out to symantec in 2004 or thereabouts.  and they killed it off.  so i have to find someone else i trust.20:56
airurandoa friend at work recommended http://www.easeus.com/20:58
airurandosaid he used it once and it saved him20:58
airurandowhat do you think20:58
moylanthat looks like the real deal.  most searches i found was bogus software.  that looks ok.  proper unformat option which is what is needed to try and rescue your data.21:00
moylanalso it specifically mentions vista which did strange things to ntfs21:01
moylani'd say give it a shot21:02
airurandowill I start with the downloadable demo?21:02
moylancan't hurt.  just make sure it doesn't write to the external usb drive21:02
airurandowill do21:03
airurandoI'm knackered after work so I'll give it a go tomorrow.21:03
moylanif you want me to hang around that's cool or if you want to do it some other time let me know as i'm keen to hear if it works21:03
airurandoI'll let you know how I get on21:04
airurandoyou going to be at the meeting tomorrow night?21:04
moylanwhch meeting?21:04
airurandomonthly IRC21:04
moylanirc should be ok with me.21:04
moylanplaying with a samsung galaxy tab 7 at the mo.  great fun!21:05
moylanfor me at least better than the ipad.  not perfect though.21:08

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