evugh, I'm getting a UnicodeDecodeError, but somehow only when the code in question is run inside ubiquity09:51
cjwatsonev: it's too late for 10.04.3, but could you do an SRU for bug 606134, please?09:51
ubot2Launchpad bug 606134 in ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu "ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu package has outdated translations in Ubuntu 10.04.1" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60613409:51
cjwatsonyou assigned it to yourself last year09:51
evfor 10.04.4?09:51
evokay, will do09:52
evsure thing09:52
* cjwatson is moving unfixed 10.04.3 bugs to 10.04.4 and noticed it09:52
evcurrent fun: http://paste.ubuntu.com/647180/ and http://paste.ubuntu.com/647181/10:40
cjwatsonv.decode('utf-8') ?10:50
cjwatsonmaybe , 'ignore'10:51
evsure, v.decode works, but I'm just baffled as to how there is any difference in behavior at all between the two programs10:52
evthat is, what on earth is making pygtk work there :)10:52
cjwatsonyeah, I can't see explicit decoding happening in any relevant part of pygtk10:58
cjwatsonbut could be looking in the wrong place10:58
cjwatsonwoo.  first stage of multiarch Packages/Translations enhancements to LP landing ...11:04
bdmurraycjwatson: I was looking at critical foundations bugs and discovered bug 562706 and was trying to figure what was wrong and if it is still relevant15:00
ubot2Launchpad bug 562706 in tasksel "On i386, selecting the ubuntu studio packages fails to install" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56270615:00
cjwatsonLaunchpad doesn't know about ubuntustudio15:04
cjwatsonwe probably ought to fix that15:05
bdmurraycjwatson: could elaborate a wee bit?15:06
cjwatsondone in the bug15:06
cjwatsonpushing an LP branch for it now15:09
bdmurraycjwatson: got it thanks15:09
bdmurrayadditionally yesterday I'd mentioned memtest and redirecting some bugs to grub15:10
cjwatsonI saw and replied15:10
bdmurrayI had an apport branch merged for this but was wondering if there were more checks to be made15:10
cjwatson("yes please" or words to that effect)15:10
bdmurrayspecifically the 'grub_errors' list15:10
cjwatsonmaybe postrm.d as well as postinst.d15:13
cjwatsonI suspect for other things you know better than me what's showing up in bugs :-)15:13
cjwatsonyou could probably ditch "error" from the last one; anything grub-probe whines about is likely to be a grub2 bug15:14
bdmurraysounds good thanks15:14
cjwatsonoh, and also, the grub-probe case should be a grub2 bug even if update-grub is provided by grub15:14
CIA-37ubiquity: evand * r4775 pygi/ (gui/gtk/stepLanguage.ui ubiquity/plugins/ubi-language.py):15:16
CIA-37ubiquity: * Port Language GtkBuilder file to GTK+3.15:16
CIA-37ubiquity: * Move language page sizing hacks to GTK+3.15:16
CIA-37ubiquity: * Fix unicode handling in ubi-language.15:16
CIA-37ubiquity: evand * r4776 pygi/ubiquity/frontend/gtk_components/keyboard_query.py: The resizable propery now sets whether a window's size can be modified.15:18
bdmurraylooking at existing bugs I don't see any with postrm.d and zz-update-grub15:22
cjwatsonpossibly not - it is possible though15:23
bdmurrayokay, its easy enough to add15:23
cjwatsonas both scripts exist15:23
kyleNHi, I have a question about oem-config. specifically, even though I have fully preseeded my custom image to zh_CN, and oem-config does launch in zh_CN, three of the four notification applets are still in English, even though LANGUAGE is zh_CN locale is same, and zh-hans language packs are installed.16:03
kyleNafter oem-config runs, the applets display in zh_CN. so somehow they are not picking up the locale until oem-config is completed.16:03
kyleNibus notification applet IS in zh_CN16:04
kyleNnetwork-manager-applet, sound, and session are the three applets strangely in English16:05
superm1the panel and those first three applets get started before zh_CN is applied to the environment I think16:07
kyleNsuperm1, yes16:08
superm1ibus applet gets started later on after the U/I begins to come up16:08
superm1and afte the preseed has been picked up16:08
kyleNsuperm1, so how do I preseed the panel to use my locale of choice?16:08
superm1well i don't think there is a way right now16:09
superm1a potential solution might be having ubiquity-dm try to read the the preseeded locale and set it up before it starts up the panel16:09
kyleNsuperm1, I don't think I need the panel. can I hide it?16:09
superm1sure, just dpkg-divert it out of the way and it won't cause a problem16:09
kyleNsuperm1,I need the panel later, just not now. is there a gconf or other setting to hide it? i can reset it to show perhaps on first user login16:10
superm1the ubiquity panel is not the same as the unity panel16:10
superm1/usr/lib/ubiquity/panel is the ubiquity panel16:10
kyleNok, that's a good lead superm1. thx16:11
kyleNsuperm1, this looks like a panel bug to me. do you agree?16:14
superm1it's a deficiency yes16:15
superm1since it's spawned outside of the ubiquity process i'm not sure there is an easy interface to update the environment of those widgets16:15
kyleNok. I'll look into filing a deficiency :)16:15
kyleNsuperm1, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/81298816:33
ubot2Ubuntu bug 812988 in ubiquity "panel does not pick up preseeded locale/translation" [Undecided,New]16:33
superm1kyleN, does this fix the issue maybe? http://paste.ubuntu.com/647435/16:40
kyleNsuperm1, I will check that after lunch and let you know. and thanks!16:42
superm1ok cool, if not, then it's probably more involved and ev might have some ideas16:43
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cornwallHi, is this the place for discussing and asking design ideas?17:02
charlie-tcaThat is usually #ayatana, but it might be a closed channel17:07
kyleNsuperm1, I added that text to /etc/oem-config, rebooted and it worked :) Except that ibus no longer shows in panel.17:11
kyleNsorry, to /etc/init/oem-config17:11
superm1what triggers ibus launching?17:11
kyleNsuperm1, that may be sunspots and will do a more proper test17:11
kyleNsuperm1, I will try diverting the upstart file and install this one via another pkg. I'll reinstall the image, drop to tty before oem-config, install my pkg, reboot, and see what happens17:13
kyleNsuperm1, as to what triggers ibus. there are xinput variables: /etc/X11/xinit/xinput.d/ibus17:19
cornwallcharlie-tca: I was asking that regarding ubiquity17:26
kyleNsuperm1, now that I think of it, since this is a conf file, i probably do not even need to divert, just install into place, eh?17:28
ev\o/ http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/wubi/current/17:32
evcjwatson: I added a bin/cron.wubi for that.  Hacking it into bin/cron.daily-live,build-image-set,etc seemed like I'd be mostly #if 0'ing it for a very small bit of code, so I hope that's okay.17:36
evI can refactor if it's going to be an issue17:36
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kyleNsuperm1, i was wrong about the divert not being necessary :)17:42
stefanw_i did a clean re-install of 10.04 and now I am getting ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): eth1: link is not ready17:58
stefanw_think it has something to do with the fact that we declined DHCP on install and am trying to get Static to work17:58
james_whi, I'm getting "checksum mismatches" trying to write both natty and oneiric usb with usb-creator, any tips on debugging why?18:30
james_wah, I should try oneiric directly too18:32
james_wthat seemed to work better, it's booting the live image now18:38
james_wI'm happy to debug if that's desired18:38
james_woh, this is a natty host by the way18:39
superm1kyleN, hmm so any luck then after a full test with divert?18:39
kyleNsuperm1, it worked, but still I have a minor panel issue. no ibus and theme seems wrong. I am going for a more proper test though: install package at image build time rather than interrupting oem-config > tty > install pkg with dpkg > reboot18:40
superm1the wrong theme tends to happen when changing languages previously too18:40
kyleNsuperm1, the wrong theme is that the panel is white, except where the notifications are, which is black18:40
superm1that happened while ibus spawned previously i thought18:41
superm1is ibus maybe spawning and then crashing or so?18:41
kyleNpossibly. ibus-daemon certainly should spawn18:41
kyleNsuperm1, maybe ibus-daemon is not even being spawned properly any more. how can I tell if it ever ran?18:44
superm1i'm not sure really18:45
superm1does it log to syslog or anything?18:45
kyleNi've looked and have not found18:45
kyleNsuperm1, the language-selector's ImSwitch.py module does it, for one18:54
kyleNsuperm1, via the im-switch command18:55
kyleNsuperm1, and ubiquity does it via (src pkg): ubiquity/im_switch.py18:56
superm1kyleN, ah right so that's exactly it.  the LANG in os.environ matches what was preseeded so the im_switch.start_im() wouldn't get called19:01
kyleNsuperm1, so to get back to the start, why is the preseeded locale not being picked up?19:02
superm1ubiquity-dm spawns the X session, followed by the panel, followed by the ubiquity process19:02
kyleNI suppose one could put a call to debconf into the code to get it19:02
superm1the ubiquity process is what reads the preseeded locale19:02
superm1so LANG hasn't been set by the time the panel is spawned.19:03
kyleNcan ubiquity-dm read the preseed?19:03
superm1yes, but you achieved the same thing by reading /etc/default/locale in the upstart job19:04
kyleNwell, except it doesn't quite work yet.19:04
superm1I guess another way to solve it would be to unset LANG from the environment before ubiquity itself starts then19:04
superm1that or modify the logic in ubiquity/i18n.py to start_im() on more situations19:04
superm1ev, have you followed all above?  which way would you lean?19:05
kyleNsuperm1, before that, can you check this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/647540/19:05
kyleNthere is an extra line in there that you didn't have but oem-config.conf did19:06
kyleN >/var/run/oem-config.upstarted19:06
kyleNseems find but I don't quite get a script line starting with ">"19:06
superm1in oneiric that line is gone because of the /run transition19:06
superm1i made the patch from trunk19:06
kyleNso you think it is not a problem?19:06
superm1not related to this no19:07
kyleNsuperm1, I don't think we want to modify ubiquity to start_im() on more situations. that is, IM should only start for proper langs19:08
kyleNI would prefer a conf file solution so i don't need to patch ubiquity.19:09
superm1well i think you'll need to patch ubiquity until this is properly fixed, i don't see the whole thing being fixable in files in /etc19:09
kyleNok. not a big problem19:09
kyleNin this case, it is for a Chinese-only image. so if I could modify ubiquity to always start IM, that would not be a problem19:10
superm1then ubiquity/i18n.py is where start_im() is spawned it looks, so just change that logic19:11
kyleNstill, there would be the theme issue19:11
kyleNthe panel theme19:11
superm1that's been around a while, i don't think there is a solution for it yet19:11
superm1maybe this whole thing would just be easier in your situation if you just didn't use the panel during oem-config19:12
kyleNi'd rather have the panel theme slightly wrong and have IM19:12
kyleNthat is a possibility19:12
kyleNhowever it removes session. so user cannot reboot19:12
kyleNand network admin19:13
superm1should the IM start on basically any non en_US language?19:14
superm1it seems to me that calling start_im on any non en_US language should be safe19:17
kyleNin this image, there is only english and chinese/S. and english is really just for testing. so I would be willing to always start IM19:18
kyleNin the more general case (ubuntu), I don't think IM should start for all non-english langs19:19
superm1well i'm talking more for the general case19:19
kyleNso im is simply not appropriate for non-english.19:19
kyleNfor *all* non-english19:19
superm1it looks like there is some logic to block it from starting in im_switch.py except in certain cases19:20
superm1so for your case go ahead and just start it by modifying that logic, for the general case this will have to be investigated a little bit more19:20
kyleNsuperm1, first it is killed, then started if conditions merit19:21
superm1it looks like it hunts for a conf file for LANG in /etc/X11/xinit/xinput.d first19:22
superm1if it doesn't find one it won't spawn19:22
kyleNi will see if that conf file exists at the right time. If not, I can add one via another config pkg19:24
superm1so i think this would be the solution then:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/647559/19:24
kyleNbefore looking at your suggestion, there are conf files in /etc/X11/xinit/xinput.d/ zh_CN amoung others. there is no "en" though.19:27
superm1yeah it looks like it won't spawn on any language unless it's in that directory19:29
kyleNperhaps it is ok to hide the panel :)19:34
kyleNnow I am thinking i may not need the IM during oem-config19:35
kyleNso the panel and apps are translated during oem config. but no IM. IM can only be used to enter Name anyway. this may not be required for Chinese users. If so, this would be a viable solutoin19:36
kyleN(panel and apps translated via your first suggestion, superm1, and thank you very much for that)19:36
superm1ok sure no problem19:37
superm1i'll add my proposed diff to that bug and wait for feedback from ev or cjwatson on which way they lean19:38
kyleNsuperm1, I am not sure why when I export LANG and LOCALE per your suggestion, then IM doesn't launch, whereas it did launch previously. Do you know why?19:47
superm1yeah, it's because of that logic in ubiquity/i18n.py where it checks if LANG was previously set19:47
superm1and that's why the diff in the second part of my suggestion should resolve that potentially19:48
kyleNok. I'll check that.19:48
kyleNsuperm1, by modifying i18n.py, i can have my cake and pie: im starts, panel applets in chinse.20:06
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