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dholbachgood morning06:47
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ubot4Factoid 'loco-council' not found14:45
ubot4lococouncil is The Loco Council is itnet7, czajkowski, paultag, huats, leogg, popey - they are there to help, just ask! :) You can send them an email at loco-council@lists.ubuntu.com14:45
czajkowskimhall119: are you here to add to my woes14:46
czajkowskihuats: leogg are also here 14:46
mhall119czajkowski: hopefully to ease them14:46
leoggI'm here14:46
mhall119is there's a side channel we can use?14:46
mhall119I would just like input from the council before I send my reply to the ML14:47
huatshello mhall11914:47
czajkowskimhall119: see invite 14:47
czajkowskioh joy more mail :/14:48
AlanBellLEP#2 seems to be a topic of considerable discussion today15:14
czajkowskiAlanBell: indeed15:52
* AlanBell declines to comment15:52
mhall119AlanBell: smart man15:53
AlanBellI am learning15:53
jonomhall119, Ronnie1, any more progress on the LTD front-end?17:31
jonofor the blogging17:31
Ronnie1jono: not here, i hope mhall119 did combine both work17:32
Ronnie1but didnt see any commits from mhall119 on this17:32
mhall119not yet, focused on summit and LD setup the past few days, I haven't had the time to commit to integrating the feeds ui18:04
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YoBoYhi cvillaco_ 18:44
cvillaco_Hi YoBoY, thanks for the response.  18:46
YoBoYyou are welcome :) what we can do for you ?18:46
cvillaco_i linked here trying to find out about loco teams, im curious about finding out if there is one in my area.18:47
czajkowskicvillaco_: http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/18:47
cvillaco_i'm confused by the site18:48
czajkowskicvillaco_: where are you from ?18:48
cvillaco_i see a canada team, and a vancouver team18:48
czajkowskithat site lists all the loco teams 18:48
cvillaco_thunder bay ontario18:48
czajkowskicvillaco_: yes18:48
cvillaco_i ddint see a toronto team and i couldnt imagine there wouldnt be one there18:48
czajkowskicvillaco_: we're working on a renaming standard 18:48
czajkowskicvillaco_: at present there isn't 18:48
czajkowskiunless you want to set up one :) 18:49
cvillaco_I would prefer a support role i think.18:49
YoBoYcvillaco_: canada is a great and large country, it's why you can find more than one team. Start to look at the canadian team and ask in their forum or irc channel18:50
czajkowskicvillaco_: why not join both irc channels and get to know the people18:50
czajkowskiand go from there 18:50
cvillaco_ok, thanks for the advice.18:51
cvillaco_i will stop by the irc channels for Canada and Vancouver this week and at least say hi and hang out.18:53
cvillaco_I am surprised there is no local toronto team, there are so many adroid developers and event there.18:53
dscasselcvillaco_: You're welcome to drop by. :)18:53
cvillaco_it is in a way a commercial open source center.18:54
dscasselThere are groups sort of doing things in Toronto, but getting a group leader or something to do any sort of organizing is hard.18:55
dscasselcvillaco_: The guys at FreeGeek Toronto have talked to me about holding Ubuntu events.18:55
dscasselBut they're focused on resurrecting Ontario Linux Fest at the moment.18:55
dscasselThere were Maverick and Natty release parties in Toronto. And the occasional Ubuntu Hour.18:55
dscasselcvillaco_: As for Thunder Bay, I know there are a few Ubuntu people there.  They need someone like you to bring them together. :)18:56
cvillaco_thanks for the kind words.18:58
cvillaco_toronto is a ways from here.18:58
dscasselcvillaco_: Yeah, I know. I'm in Waterloo, ON. :)18:59
cvillaco_it is cool to hear something may spark in this neck of the woods.18:59
cvillaco_nice to meet you dscassel!18:59
dscasselcvillaco_: All it takes is somebody like you to start up an Ubuntu Hour (http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Hour) or throw a release party. :)19:00
dscasselNice to meet you too.  I'm usually in here or #ubuntu-ca if you have questions.  I may be afk, but I'll get back to you eventually. :)19:01
cvillaco_a release party for 11.10 may be a good idea19:04
cvillaco_dscassel when is a good time to connect with the Canada loco chat?19:20
czajkowskicvillaco_: there is also the hacker space there and hypatia from Ubuntu women involved in it 19:28
dscasselcvillaco_: Any time!  Although we have our monthly IRC meeting on the second Tuesday of the month. That's when the channel's most active.20:12
dscasselczajkowski: hypatia's moved to Ottawa, and will likely be moving to Seattle sometime in the next year. :(20:12
dscasselczajkowski: genii_around organized the Natty release party. :)20:14
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cvillaco_ok, i'll keep that in mind, how do i connect to the canada channel?20:17
cvillaco_or team20:18
dscasselcvillaco_: http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-ca has all the links.20:20
dscasselOn irc, /join #ubuntu-ca20:20
cvillaco_thanks for the support20:21
dscasselNo problem. Hope to see you around. :)20:21
cvillaco_cool, hope to chill with some other ubuntu fans! :-)20:22
cvillaco_i'll keep in touch and maybe some info can get passed around about thunder bay20:23
cvillaco_im sure ppl around here could be down for meet and greet or a release party or something20:24
dscasselcvillaco_: Yeah, absolutely. 20:26
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