jhernandezhi all!12:21
jhernandezI'm looking for a packaged version of firefox 4.1 for maverick, and I can't find it12:23
chrisccoulsonjhernandez, there isn't one. firefox 5 is available for maverick (and also the current beta)12:34
jhernandezchrisccoulson: ok, thanks12:53
jhernandezso, I'll need to package it for my needs12:53
jhernandezI'm building a distro, which is going to be used as a public computer, with specific webapps12:55
jhernandezthese webapps aren't fully compatible with firefox512:55
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chrisccoulsonanyone here running maverick who wants to test the stuff on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/FirefoxUpgradeChecklist/6.0 ?13:16
jhernandezchrisccoulson: I have another question, is there a firefox 4.1 release tarball?13:18
chrisccoulsondo you mean firefox 4.0.1?13:19
jhernandezi looked at ftp.mozilla.org, but I can only see 4.0.x series13:20
jhernandezno, they told me about 4.1, but, this is not a real version, they're probably using firefox 4.0.113:21
jhernandezthanks again!13:26
micahgjhernandez: please keep in mind that 4.0.1 has known security issues15:18
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