* thumper mashed up a cmake rule to build the html file00:26
thumperthat works00:26
snailthumper: if you're using xsltproc, you probably already have xmllint installed. you may want to run 'xmllint --noout' on your input XML to make sure that it really is XML.00:36
thumpersnail: emacs tells me it is valid :)00:36
snailvalid for which version of XML?00:37
thumper1.0 :)00:38
chrismsnzanybody here use a tiling window manager?01:50
snaildoes an xconsole with a dozen tabs count?01:52
chiltschrismsnz: I use XMonad, though I used to use ion3 and awesome01:54
chiltsXMonad rocks :)01:54
chrismsnzchilts: excellent01:55
chrismsnzchilts: I like xmonad (especially the way it handles multiple monitors) but I don't feel like learning haskell01:55
chiltsme either, I just hacked together a XMonad config over the course of a couple of days and now I don't touch it at all01:55
chiltsam glad I don't have to know more about it :)01:56
chrismsnzall other tiling wm's seem to handle multiple monitors in some braindead way (i.e. treated as teh same screen for multiple desktops, or worse, has a set of desktops for each screen)01:56
chrismsnzdoes ion3 work like xmonad?01:56
chiltswell, apart from the fact that it's a tiling window manager :-p01:56
chiltsthey all have their slight differences01:56
chiltsion3 has the notion of 'tabbing' built in, XMonad doesn't01:57
chiltsit also has a scratch area, which I miss terribly (but I'm used to not having it now)01:57
chiltswhereas XMonad doesn't have a crazy developer who doesn't like Debian and therefore became unsupported :)01:57
chilts(that was the main reason I switched, since then I considered ion3 to have a limited life)01:58
chrismsnziirc, I threw out ion3 after their window traversal controls were one-off the usual vim keybindings02:00
chrismsnzi.e. hjkl instead of jkl;02:00
chiltsvim is hjkl :)02:01
chrismsnzi meant it the other way around, ion3 was jkl;02:02
chrismsnzchilts: if you get a spare sec can you pastebin/gist your xmonad config so i can have a geeze02:06
chiltsyep, one moment please caller02:09
chrismsnzchilts: thanks mate, no rush02:10
chiltschrismsnz: http://paste.dollyfish.net.nz/d9a007.txt02:10
chiltsthe things I added differently are 'command-s' for 'ssh to a server', an extra tile layout and 'command-shift-l' to turn the screensaver on02:11
chiltshave fun :)02:12
chrismsnzit actually looks fairly tidy and understandable02:13
chrismsnzthank you sir02:13
chiltsno worries02:15
chiltsmwhudson: mind if I head across now? I'll be there in about 15 mins or so04:26
mwhudsonchilts: now is good04:26
chiltssweet, thanks, see you soon04:26
mwhudsonchilts: i was actually thinking about bunking off early, so earlier is better than later :)04:26
chiltsif you want me to, I can come along another time?04:27
mwhudsonno, now-ish is fine04:27
* chilts &04:27
chrismsnzAnybody here use an sms gateway they can recommend?21:31
thumperchrismsnz: not me, sorry21:43
snailchrismsnz: i seem to recall that ours changed recently. an independent got bought out by one of the big two21:48
snaili think we're still looking for a solution21:48
chrismsnzsnail: Ok, we're looking at wiring up our nagios install to one and trying to avoid pagerduty22:02
ibeardsleeare you talking about a self hosted one or a hosted by someone else?22:04
chrismsnzI'm looking for a way to send text messages via our nagios monitoring system22:05
ibeardsleeso selfhosted then22:05
chrismsnzconnecting directly to vodafone's SMSC as a vendor seems like overkill22:05
chrismsnzso a middleman is not out of the question22:06
ibeardsleeCatalyst use ERMS .. although I can't find mention to it beyond the Catalyst internal network22:12
chrismsnzibeardslee: thanks for that - interesting22:12
chrismsnzI wonder if we're able to use a 3g modem in our colo22:13
chrismsnzi'm guessing not22:13
ibeardsleeahh yeah that could be the killer22:13
ibeardsleewe've tried that previously, the answer has pretty much been 'policy says no'22:14
ibeardsleea combination of extra interference and no phones in the server room22:15
chrismsnzI wonder if anybody I worked with at vodafone messaging is still there22:17
chrismsnzmost of them went to 2deg22:17
chrismsnzso maybe i'll ask them >:)22:19
chiltsmorning :)22:41
chiltsnew lappy this morning, though I still can't get the wireless working22:41
chiltsrecompiled a rt5390sta driver for it, still no giggles22:41
ajmitchyou have the misfortune of having a ralink chipset?22:44
chiltsyeah, but it seems lots of people managed to get it to work22:47
chiltsI've tried a few different settings in some make.cfg too, but still no joy22:47
chiltsnext time, I think I'll get a Zareason or something like that22:48
mwhudsonanyone know of a git kernel mirror that's in nz?23:32
mwhudsonor at least vaguely net close23:32
ojwbseems likely there'll be on in .au at least23:35
ojwbbut I don't know of anything23:35
ibeardsleejust checking if we do23:35
ibeardsleewe do host a kernel mirror .. don't know if that's a git mirror23:36
mwhudsoni'm getting decent rates to the git.kernel.org i guess23:39
mwhudsoni'm just impatient23:39
ojwbyou need lazy-git!23:40
ojwbhmm, I wonder if it would work to simply fetch the files on demand23:41
thumperhey, what's happening in here23:41
ojwbyou could probably just use some sort of LD_PRELOAD or fuse hack23:41
thumpertoo much talking23:41
ojwbplease miss, they started it23:41
ajmitchthumper: sorry, we'll be quiet23:41
ibeardsleemwhudson: "Actually, no, just a subset."23:42
mwhudsonibeardslee: ok, thanks for looking23:43
ajmitchI imagine that a full git mirror could take quite a bit more space & bandwidth to maintain23:43
ajmitchprobably not much compared to distro mirrors though23:44
mwhudsoni think a fair bit of cpu too23:44
mwhudsongit clone is harder on a server than 'GET /... HTTP/1.0'23:44
mwhudsonaiui anyway23:45
ojwbyou should be able to rsync a git repo though, provided you aren't modifying it locally, shouldn't you?23:47
ojwboh, you mean harder by clients on the mirror23:47

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