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dodimarwoot woot06:40
Knightlustcurrently at work, i may not always be avaiable to queries, but just ping me if you need me06:48
scriptwarlockbusy ako, laro UT4 :)06:57
zakamemeeting in a couple06:58
zakameunreal tournament 4 I think07:00
scriptwarlockkaka adik07:00
scriptwarlockaw urban terror pala07:00
scriptwarlockhehehe poor mans cs07:01
zakameso anyways07:01
scriptwarlockmeron na kasi mga pinoys nakilaro07:01
scriptwarlockkk go zak07:01
dodimaralas tres na.. meeting na!!!!07:02
zakameoo :)07:02
zakameI'll keep this short07:02
zakameI just wanted to hear out some ideas for future ubuntu-ph activities07:02
scriptwarlocklike schools?07:03
zakamein particular short-term, doable ideas07:03
zakameyeah, I reckon this and the coming months are the season for many FOSS activities07:04
zakamewhat would you like to do with schools?07:04
scriptwarlockout reach, ads07:05
e1mersfd is coming up07:05
dodimardon't want to be negative, but there were a few ideas brought up sa forums before regarding that, but it died out..07:05
e1meractivities pre sfd?07:06
scriptwarlockwe can bring it back here in cebu di pa gaano ka active mga guys dito. but with the help of xome bros like elmer and aljoriz, possible.07:07
zakamedodimar: I guess we could hear those :)07:07
Knightlustsomeone needed speaker for a pangasinan event, i'll volunteer since - i believe - i'm closer to the venue07:07
zakameKnightlust: +107:08
zakamecan you send me the details so I can document07:09
zakamescriptwarlock: yep, maybe you can set something up like a demo07:10
scriptwarlockkk gagawin natin yan.. i have prepared some brochure layouts para sa mga studs and some tarps at speaker na lang kulang07:11
zakamee1mer: that sounds good, although I haven't spoken to this year's sfd organizers yet (i'm in the fb group though)07:11
kidsodateless_hello all07:12
zakamehi 07:12
Knightlustthere's 2 sfd events this year methinks. the one being organized by cp-union and the one being organized by 8layertech07:13
zakameI think just like last year07:13
Knightlustthat's this year07:14
scriptwarlockoh i remember erlee07:14
Knightlustrjian on cp-union, not sure though about 8layertech, but they've did email an SFD Song07:15
Knightlustyeah, just viewed the sfd-discuss ML, meric is organizing an sfd event07:16
zakameI'll get in touch with him07:18
scriptwarlockmay sked na ba para sa sfd?07:19
kidsodateless_i'm late, do we have links for flashback? what was the current topic? hehe07:19
zakameyeah let me recap07:19
zakamewe're currently discussing shor-term ideas for future ubuntu-ph events07:20
zakamethere's currently school outreach from scriptwarlock (needs a speaker,) a pangasinan event Knightlust will be attending, and SFD07:21
scriptwarlocki think erlee, aljoriz and waterboy can handle the talk07:21
scriptwarlockako bahala sa mga materials07:22
scriptwarlockzakame, what about the red cross trainers for ph they need ubuntu guys sino dapat ipadala mo dun.07:24
zakameyeah I saw yolynne looking for people off the fb group07:24
zakamether'e quite a few people already willing to volunteer07:25
Knightlusti'd love to do it, but the venue's a bit far from where i live, that's why i'll take the pangasinan event07:25
kidsodateless_scriptwarlock, sfd will fall on  sept. 17 07:26
Knightlustzakame: speaking of which, our lady of lourdes college at daet also needs a speaker for their Robotex event this August. will forward you the email07:26
scriptwarlockkidsodateless, copy07:26
zakameKnightlust: hmm I might go for that :)07:26
zakameso that's quite a few we have now :)  looking good07:29
zakameif we push through with the re-approval I may be able to request another batch of CDs07:29
kidsodateless_zakame, thanks for that, and wow sounds cool!. 07:29
scriptwarlocknice.. cd's sana aabot din yan dito :)07:30
zakamesince I have a single box left here (I sent a box to yolynne, then a few at the party here, and some more to requestors)07:30
zakameyeah I think if I can request now it might make it to SFD07:31
zakameor earlier07:31
kidsodateless_Team, how about organizing a SFD?ubuntu-ph will be the main organizer? venue will be set and 100+ participants are all set. :)  07:31
scriptwarlockzakame, padal ka rin sa cebu ng cd's ngayong oct release na lang yung oneiric07:31
zakamekidsodateless_: I guess we can do that next year :) ubuntu-ph doesn't have many resources at the moment (and we're pending re-approval)07:34
zakamescriptwarlock: will try to ;)07:34
zakameso let me list the ideas down again07:35
scriptwarlockzakame, 30pcs pwede na ty07:35
zakame1. scriptwarlock - outreach event in Cebu07:35
zakame2. Knightlust - event in Pangasinan07:35
zakame3. CPU/8Layer - SFD (reaching out)07:36
zakame4. ulinskie - Red Cross linux training (getting volunteers)07:36
zakame5. zakame - Robotex Daet event (tentative)07:37
waterboy0911what did I miss?07:37
scriptwarlockwaterboy0911, tanan haaha07:37
scriptwarlockwaterboy0911, backread na lang07:37
zakamelol it hasn't updated yet07:38
zakamebut it will be there shortly07:38
scriptwarlockzakame, where can we post the brochure layouts para makita at makorek ang mga pinaggagawa namin07:39
zakameI'll be putting it on the wiki anyhow, and minutes later on hte ML and FB07:39
zakamescriptwarlock: put it on the wiki as a subpage of the PhilippineTeam07:39
zakamethen discuss over ML/forums/FB07:39
scriptwarlockzakame, copy07:40
Terminuszakame: just mailed you the photos i mentioned before. you decide if they're useful.07:40
zakamewe'll probably have to run it against the UbuntuArtwork team too07:40
zakameTerminus: thanks!07:40
zakameso, moving on to next topic07:40
zakameWiki cleanup (and updating)07:41
zakameThe team wiki page is here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PhilippineTeam07:41
zakamewe obviously need to update the news and other pages07:42
zakameand maybe funnel stuff from ubuntu-ph.org (as currently the latter site is down)07:42
zakamewho can help out?  I'm thinking of also putting the news in a separate subpage07:44
waterboy0911creating current news will be great..  07:45
Knightlustzakame: just saw your g+ post, i the most recent backup of the u-ph.org07:46
Knightlustbut the db dump of the site needs re-downloading07:47
zakameehy ulinskie 07:47
zakameKnightlust: cool, let's get that as soon as we can get the site back up07:47
Knightlustgot it!07:48
zakameI can get us a VPS for it07:48
zakameI'll start with the /News subpage then, I can add this meeting as well as the recent natty events07:50
zakamebtw we also have a few press releases out07:50
zakameI'll probably also put some old subpages under PhilippineTeam/Archives07:52
zakamean freshen up a bit07:52
zakameoh btw07:53
zakamefor people speaking and organizing events: can you create a page of yourselves in the Ubuntu Wiki?  So I can track you in the News and events07:54
scriptwarlockyes nice07:54
zakameyou can document your Ubuntu experiences and contributions there07:54
zakameso eventually you can have a record you can show off to, for example if you want to become a Ubuntu Member ;)07:55
zakameso as for Wiki work I'll do some cleanup and reorganizing07:56
zakamebut for long term I'll need people to update it as events come and go07:57
Terminusnice to see you guys have the time to do ubuntu related stuff. =)07:57
zakameyeah :)07:58
waterboy0911the cebu team is currently undergoing plan for the next release party07:58
scriptwarlockwaterboy0911, kita na lang storya kay mga tagalegs na sila07:58
zakamewaterboy0911: we'd love to hear all about that!07:59
Terminusi'm thinking maintaining ubuntu-ph would be easier if there's a local ubuntu consultant blessed by canonical.07:59
zakameI reckon JeanAustinR is also planning one at Davao08:00
scriptwarlocksino si jeanaustin?08:00
zakameguy at twitter/g+08:01
waterboy0911I need to meen JeanAustinR I'll be in davao this week or next..08:01
kidsodateless_scriptwarlock, si zeroseven in forums :)08:01
zakameI think he's at the forums too ( I think that's where I fisrst saw him)08:01
scriptwarlockwaterboy0911, oi waterboy si loell meet him08:01
zakameoh therewego :)08:01
scriptwarlockkidsodateless, ah yo kmusta08:02
scriptwarlockwhere are we na sa topic08:04
zakameso I guess we got a lot of events to look forward!08:04
waterboy0911move along with the topic..08:04
waterboy0911hehehe :)08:04
zakamethe wiki08:04
scriptwarlockyeah the wiki will let our cebu secretariat do the typing and posting :)08:04
scriptwarlocksa space namin ha08:05
kidsodateless_scriptwarlock, okey lang naman :)08:06
zakamewe can revisit the wiki updating at a later meeting, right now it just needs news updating and reorganizing08:07
scriptwarlockzakame, organize lang namin ng maigi tong sa cebu and then we proceed sa skol plans atibapa08:07
zakamescriptwarlock: cool08:07
zakameso, that's it for the agenda, anything else?08:08
zakameI guess that's it then, thanks for coming guys :)08:09
waterboy0911hehehe school outreached had been a long plan goal sa cebu team08:09
scriptwarlockgonna go guys boss zak ty08:10
zakamethanks :)08:11
zakamewaterboy0911: what schools are you targeting?08:12
scriptwarlockwaterboy0911, kadto girls high :) hehehe08:13
waterboy0911zakame, first target girls highschool... pag maraming chix...  madali nalang ma kuha ang mga lalaki.. hahahaha08:15
waterboy0911zakame, mostly technical school.. from elem to college08:15
scriptwarlockpsst OT08:15
Knightlustgtg... home-bound08:19
zakamelol wut08:24
* kidsodateless_ continue sleeping08:36
arscariosusoh, so there has been a meeting earlier? :)09:05
Terminusarscariosus: yes. 2 hours ago.09:05
arscariosusjust came home from school :)09:06
arscariosussir zakame you know jesu petar maglutac? 09:10
zakamearscariosus: yep he's one of our devs here @$WORK09:26
zeroseven0183Good afternoon09:37
zeroseven0183Tama ba ang rinig ko na ngayon ang meeting?09:38
zeroseven0183Mamaya pa pala sa #ubuntu-meeting http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=180722809:41
arscariosuszakame, he's from our school. :)09:43
zeroseven0183kumpleto na yata ang team, futbol na 'to09:59
SamhainXIIISobra pa! Hahaha!10:00
SamhainXIIIDalawa na lang 11-a-side na.10:00
zeroseven0183Kumpleto na kasi dumating na ang istarr pleyer10:00
zakamearscariosus: awesome!10:01
zakamehey zeroseven0183 , yeah, 5am later10:01
zeroseven01839PM here?10:02
arscariosuszakame, yup, actually he was my classmate back in 2007 on our first programming class. too bad I had to stop and fro for three years haha10:02
arscariosus*and work10:02
zakamezeroseven0183: 5am PHT (9pm UTC)10:08
zeroseven0183Sorry hindi ko nabasa ng ayos. Ang aga naman nun10:09
zakameusually #ubuntu-meeting folks meet at those hours10:13
Terminusheh, same problem i have with my corp on eve online. ops are at 1900 UTC. >_<10:16
epalmay meeting pala dito.. puede maki-kinig? xD13:09
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* kidsodateless sipping coffee :)18:55
arscariosushow do I do that in IRC? :319:16
Knightlustso, i take it we go back to sleep?20:45
Knightlustoh well, since i'm done updating the approval page, might as well trace back my accomplishments and update my own wiki20:46
scriptwarlocktapos na ang meeting?20:46
Knightlustscriptwarlock: there was no meeting20:47
Knightlustnext month daw20:47
scriptwarlockhah tatapusin ko na lang to laro ko ut420:47
scriptwarlockmatulog na nga rin20:48
scriptwarlockbai ebrebadi20:48
arscariosusbye :)20:49
scriptwarlockkanina pa ako dun akala ko iaba yung time natin sa meeting 5am yun pala isa lang20:49
Knightlustako naman nagmamadali mag-update ng wiki20:50
scriptwarlockpagsabi kanina goodbye dahil daw walang agenda naks gusto ko sana hold eh yun na pala gudbye20:51
scriptwarlockna talaga naku naman tong mga puti ba yan?20:51
Knightlustzakame: got the sql dump, as well as the script20:51
Knightlusti'll send an email to rt requesting server space20:52
Knightluster... i'll check the wiki first, they might've changed process on loco site requests20:52
zakameI'm seriously pissed.21:06
zakameso I actually also need to update this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-locoteams/+bug/78466421:07
lubotu2Error: launchpad bug 784664 not found21:07
zakame(its a private bug for the re-approval)21:07
zakamethe council won't act until that bug is updated, heck they don't even look at their own Agenda wikipage anymore21:08
Knightlusthehehe, relax zakame. on the bright side, we can go back to bed and catch a few more zzz's21:11
zakameKnightlust: team will expire from locoteams-approved by tomorrow 2011-7-2121:28
Knightlustoh crap!21:30
zakameI've put a note about that on the bug21:32
zakameczajkowski removed our team from the agenda prior to the meeting!21:48
zakameok, posted that on the bug too21:53
kidsodatelessseems,like she deleted all proposal agendas21:53
zakameitnet7 is looking into it21:53
zakamekidsodateless: yeah, probably without reading21:54
zakameok, itnet7 says he'll review, given the confusing verbiage of the time, and extend the expiry while looking to review the application offline with the other council members22:04
Knightlustayt! ayt! ayt!22:18
Knightlustnice one!22:18
zakameyeah :)22:21

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