endzeitis there a ppa or official repo with gnome-shell-extensions ?   i'm very much enjoying oneiric on my dedicated testing machine, but i wanted to muck about with gnome-shell as well as unity.02:10
saptarshighoshhi everybody06:14
saptarshighoshanyone here????09:59
charlie-tcaGood morning13:55
jibelGood morning charlie-tca13:56
charlie-tcaweird bug I got, huh?13:56
jibelcharlie-tca, I tried to reproduce your bug 81234213:56
ubot4Launchpad bug 812342 in debian-installer (Ubuntu) "Lucid 10.04.3 Encrypted Install fails to install Ubuntu (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81234213:56
jibelbut failed13:56
charlie-tcaI can't even get it to remove the existing OS, so, apparently, it is doing nothing for the hour of installing13:57
jibelIf there is an unencrypted swap partition on disk 1 then the installer refuses to add an LVM encrypted partition on disk 213:57
jibel(which doesn't happen in Oneiric BTW)13:57
charlie-tcaI have manually tell it to not use the existing swap files13:57
charlie-tcas/have/have to13:58
jibelcharlie-tca, oh, that's probably why. I can reproduce a slightly similar issue if there is an encrypted lvm on the other disk13:58
charlie-tcaI have had users report this strange thing to me, and told them try again. Normally it doesn't fail the second time.13:59
jibelafter the installation only the new install can be loaded13:59
charlie-tcaI can't load the new install13:59
jibelthe other is not overwritten but is lost because it can't be decrypted13:59
charlie-tcaAccording to grub, and booting, it just doesn't exist13:59
jibelcharlie-tca, yeah probably because you set the partition manually it behaves differently13:59
jibelcharlie-tca, indeed grub can't 'see' it, it is encrypted14:00
charlie-tcabut shouldn't it have over-written the existing install on the drive?14:00
charlie-tcaI can still boot to the install that was therer before14:00
charlie-tcaand I am telling it to use the entire drive space for the encrypted install14:01
jibelcharlie-tca, I think I have the missing bit of information to reproduce the problem14:02
charlie-tcaGood luck14:02
jibelHey all,16:43
jibelLatest candidates for Ubuntu 10.04.3 are on the tracker.16:43
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skaetKubuntu Alternate 10.04.3 images are on the tracker now as well.17:23
chadadavisHas anyone tried server yet? I'm getting "no kernel modules found" both for amd64 and i38617:24
charlie-tcachadadavis: will try it in VBox17:30
charlie-tcachadadavis: verified, no kernel modules found, server and alternate images17:34
chadadavischarlie-tca, still installs, but without e.g. network, so pretty serious.17:35
jibelchadadavis, confirmed17:35
jibelcjwatson, ^17:35
charlie-tcaalternate images for ubuntu give the same error17:35
chadadavischarlie-tca, didn't seem to affect desktop17:35
charlie-tcaserver and alternate both use d-i, maybe that is why?17:36
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jibelthat affects d-i based images17:36
chadadavischarlie-tca, that's what I was assuming.17:36
skaetjibel, chadadavis - is there a bug number I can point to?17:36
jibelfiling one with the logs17:37
chadadavisskaet, not from me. Thanks, jibel.17:37
skaetthanks jibel, chadadavis17:43
skaetthanks charlie-tca17:43
skaetbtw:  Kubuntu Desktop 10.04.3 images posted17:43
charlie-tcasyncing them now17:43
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charlie-tcaKubuntu alternate images use d-i, too?17:54
* skaet is hoping charlie-tca is not seeing the same thing there too.... 17:55
charlie-tcayes, actually, I did17:56
charlie-tcano kernel modules found17:56
skaetinfinity, ^^  see backscroll for history of problem.17:56
skaetcharlie-tca, drat.  was hoping that a respin would solve things.17:56
skaetthanks for confirming that it won't.17:56
charlie-tcabut you are welcome17:57
skaetno apologies - MUCH better to know now.17:57
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infinityskaet: No promises about finding the issue in a timely fashion, but I'm grabbing images and poking.18:11
infinityskaet: Oh, wait, are these images based on -proposed, or did we get all the kernel bits into -updates/-security?18:20
* infinity goes to look.18:21
skaetinfinity,  these images should all be based on -updates/-security.18:23
skaetjibel,  ubuntu DVD now posted (20110719.2)18:45
infinityskaet: I might see the problem, but I'm not entirely sure what the resolution is.  It seems to involve a publishing mishap with soyuz.18:47
skaetinfinity,  good to know.   Let me know if I can do anything to help.18:49
infinitySo, I'm digging around for "soyuz publishing bugs" here, trying to decide why by-hand packages aren't getting copied from -proposed to -updates.18:52
infinityAnd I realise that we have *documentation* that states it doesn't work, and gives directions on how to bypass the publisher and mangle it all by hand.18:52
infinityskaet: Fixing in a short while here.18:53
infinityskaet: Not sure if this fix alone will fix your images, but it's a start. :)18:53
skaetLet me know when its good to retrigger the builds.18:54
infinityYeah.  On a side note, have we had any update-manager updates in this point release cycle too?18:54
infinityI'll check.18:54
infinityCause they suffer from the same misfeature.  Well, lack of feature.18:55
chadadavisskaet, the new DVD has the same kernel module problem under the debian-installer. But, it seems fine under the 2.6.35 kernel.19:16
skaetchadadavis, thanks for flagging.   will mark it for rebuild then as well.19:17
infinityYeah, anything d-i-based will need a respin.19:18
infinityI'm just trying to decide if my changes will fix this, or if I need to do something else.  Respinning might be the path of least resistance in sorting that out, though. :/19:18
skaetinifinity,  let me know if you want to or want me to kick off ubuntu alternate to test the hypothesis19:19
skaetUbuntu DVD marked for rebuild now19:22
infinityskaet: Just making sure we have mirror propagation...19:28
skaetinfinity:  +1 :)19:28
jibelinfinity, no update-manager update in this release, last update was in december19:39
infinityjibel: Yeah, though that version was never copied from -proposed to -updates either.  I've fixed that now.19:41
jibelinfinity, does it mean that u-m 1:0.134.11 was not in 10.04.2 either ?19:43
infinityjibel: Not the downloadable tarball bits, no.19:44
infinity(ie: the stuff found at http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/lucid-updates/main/dist-upgrader-all/ )19:44
infinityNo idea if there were fixes to the dist-upgrader payload, but if there were, no one was seeing them.19:45
infinityskaet: Want to re-spin server CDs as a test-case (since that's what I have here already :P)19:55
infinityskaet: I have a theory that things might work now.  Maybe.19:55
skaetinfinity,  okie.  kicking it off now.19:56
jibelskaet, wubi is broken20:08
skaetjibel,  ack.  Lets get a bug in, and flag it for ev and cjwatson.20:11
jibelfiling now20:11
skaetjibel, ubuntu-server images posted (hopefully with d-i resolved).20:21
skaetinfinity, jibel,  if one of you can tell me that it solves the problem,  I'll start the others off.20:21
jibelskaet, syncing20:22
infinityjibel: Keener.20:22
jibelanyone knows magic runes to force hardy to upgrade to 10.04.3 instead of insisting on 10.04.2 ?20:26
jibelmvo help20:26
jibelthere are days, you'd better go fishing.20:27
jibelinfinity, skaet ubuntu-server looks better20:29
jibelat least it passes the previous failure20:29
infinityjibel: \o/20:29
infinityGlad I could help.20:30
skaetjibel,  infinity - thanks!!!   ok,  I'll start off the rest.20:30
infinityskaet: If you're making a point-release checklist (or updating a current one), you might want an "if newDebianInstaller || newUpdateManager { pokeArchiveAdmins.msg("by-hand processing from -proposed to -updates"); }20:32
jibelskaet, infinity: installation OK20:32
jibelinfinity, Thanks!20:32
skaetinfinity,  yup,  we need to update the current one with this.20:33
jibelhggdh, new server ISOs are ready. I canceled previous run and launch another one.20:34
infinityskaet: The actual process is well-documented ( https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArchiveAdministration#Special_case:_debian-installer_updates ), so just need to add the poke to your workflow.20:34
* skaet nods20:35
infinity(Well, or make sure we don't forget to do it when we do the pocket copy...)20:35
infinityBut redundant poking is nice.20:35
skaetor at least not too annoying compared with late respins ;)20:36
hggdhjibel: on the look20:41
skaetjibel,  rebuilds started in order Ubuntu DVD, ubuntu alternate, kubuntu alternate.20:42
hggdhjibel: after we finish this, I will install my fixes for the kernel selection20:42
hggdhdon't want to confuse things ;-)20:42
jibelhggdh, yes please :)20:46
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* skaet heading out for a bit, back later.21:04
charlie-tcacrashed Kubuntu Desktop 64 doing OEM install, it crashed at the start of End User Creation22:01
charlie-tcapulling the logs for the report22:02
charlie-tcahm, downloading debug packages went from 1.5 minutes to 45 minutes now22:03
jibelnew Ubuntu DVD posted to the tracker22:14
jibelcharlie-tca, how does it crash, segfault or something else ?22:22
charlie-tcapython 2.6 segfault22:23
charlie-tcaand... it refuses to file the report22:24
charlie-tcaI have to try it later, tired now.22:25
jibelUbuntu Alternate 20110719.2 are published on the tracker22:25
jibelcharlie-tca, I'm trying it there quickly and will visit my bed.22:26
charlie-tcaI will run the OEM install again in a couple of hours.22:26
charlie-tcaMaybe I did something wrong22:27
jibela python segfault is rarely an expected behavior, I doubt you did something wrong.22:28
hggdhjibel: transcribing now22:30
jibelcharlie-tca, it doesn't crash here. You did something wrong ;-)22:37
charlie-tcasee above :)22:38
charlie-tcaI will run another install later. Maybe I have to hand copy the files if it crashes, since it is just before going to the install screen for the end user22:38
jibelKubuntu Alternate 20110719.3 published.22:42
jibelhggdh, thanks for updating server tests.22:44
jibelany uec testing planned for 10.04.3 ?22:44
jibelec2 I mean22:45
jibelnow, since compiz finds my system's memory yummy and ate most of it, it means it is time to say good night everyone!22:49
hggdhjibel_: both22:57
hggdhjibel_: running UEC test, and prearing to run ec2 tests22:58

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