[03:05] Anyone from the enGB have some insight on playlist, play list or play-list ? [03:11] I'm not engligh, but I'm fairly certain "-" is generally avoided. [03:11] *english [03:21] geirha: Cheers, I'm searching archives and other places but finding nothing conclusive. [03:22] Yeah, I think both playlist and play list are correct, but the en_GB team probably prefers one over the other. [07:37] morning all [07:40] good morning dpm [07:41] good morning from me too [07:42] @dpm: i will be very busy till the weekend so i won't be able to do any import queue reviewing till then [07:42] hi trijntje [07:43] hey andrejz, good morning. No worries, thanks for letting me know [08:02] dpm, hi! [08:03] Gwaihir, hey, hey, how's it going in France? :) [08:03] pretty good, thanks! :) [08:03] dpm, a quick one: there are two desktop_libkipi.pot to be imported, I just imported the newer one, should i delete the older one? [08:05] Gwaihir, ah, thanks. I should have mentioned that, sorry: in general, it's best to just approve the old one, and then let LP auto-approve the newer one. But yeah, if you've approved the new one you can delete the old one [08:05] oh... ok, good to know :) [08:05] thanks dpm [08:08] well, thank you for helping! [08:11] dpm, happy to help! :) [08:11] so, the General sheet of the docs is all done [08:14] Gwaihir, wow, that's awesome [08:14] good work! [08:15] thanks dpm! [09:37] dpm, i just noticed all new kde templates have a priority of 0 [09:37] maybe we can ask for a massive template priority change once all kde pot files have been imported [09:38] andrejz, yes, but we don't need to ask. Remember we have the script to change priorities now, so we just need to define the priorities in a spreadsheet, export as cvs and run the script [09:39] but I would wait until all the KDE templates have been fixed [09:39] oh, right. I forgot about that one. yeah that script is really cool :) [09:39] :) [11:34] andrejz, this should take care of your question re: sharing in the checkbox template -> https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/165307 [11:36] thanks, dpm :) === henninge is now known as henninge-lunch === henninge-lunch is now known as henninge