ali1234"who is louise boat?"00:46
HazRPGmorning \o04:57
HazRPGMartijnVdS: How's it going?05:04
MartijnVdSgood, but I'm up way too early :)05:04
HazRPGsame really ^_^05:49
GreenDanceHi, could someone tell me please, what is the replacement for nfs-user-server06:47
MartijnVdSGreenDance: nfs-kernel-server - support for NFS kernel server06:48
GreenDanceThanks MartijnVdS06:48
MartijnVdSit's faster too06:48
j0nrmorning folks (to any unfortunate enough to already be half an hour into work)06:52
TheOpenSourcerermorning all06:52
MooDoomorning all06:53
GreenDancemorning all06:53
popeymorning all07:00
MartijnVdSall, morning07:01
DJonesMorning folks07:01
popeyanyone else got a cupcake in their chrome browser today?07:06
MooDoonot me07:11
MooDoopopey, mutiple profiles turned on?  apparently it's default icon when they are07:16
MooDooas you've discovered yourself by your facebook post :D07:19
AlanBellpopey: http://www.ghacks.net/2011/07/19/google-chrome-cupcake-icon/07:28
AlanBellso don't delete the default profile seems good advice07:28
AlanBellwhat an odd icon for them to choose07:29
ApacheukAlanBell: Its Google, whats odd for normal people is the norm for Google :)07:30
dwatkinsnice icon07:34
dwatkinshi daubers07:35
dwatkinsI'm surprised the cupcake can't be disabled, however.07:36
MooDoohi daubers07:36
daubersWhy would you disable a cupcake? Just _eat_ it!07:37
MooDoowhy did i think of michael jackson after that last sentence?07:37
popeyI need to order some RAM for my Eee 900's07:40
popeyone has 512MB, one has 1GB, they run a bit slow07:40
daubersI need to clean/reformat my eee07:41
daubersmake it ready for OU stuffs07:41
MooDoodaubers, what course you doing?07:42
daubersMooDoo: TU100, it's the first part of the CS degree07:42
daubersNeed to put in for one of the maths ones too07:42
popeyyay, ordered07:47
* bigcalm consideres himself quite ordered07:47
hooverMorning all07:56
MooDoomorning hoover07:57
* MooDoo upgraged to oneiric last night :D07:57
popeyPro-tip: Don't ssh to the kids laptops and run "apt-get install" something when they're out of sight. They both just shut the lids, suspending them.08:06
popeyHopefully it will just carry on when they open the lid later08:06
hooveryay! a new lugradio episode ;-D08:13
MooDooit's been a long time coming :D08:14
oimonpopey: what's running on the eee 900 right now?08:14
popeyoimon: Ubuntu 11.0408:15
hooverI only deleted their RSS last year or so ;-)08:15
oimonif i remember correct, the 900 has the same processor as the 70108:15
popeyit does08:15
popeybut the 701 is underclocked to 600MHz08:15
oimonwould be perfect for chrome os , if it worked :(08:15
popeythe 900 runs at 900MHz08:15
oimonrunning lubuntu at the mo, but distros have never stayed more than 3-6 months on it08:16
bigcalmUpdating base-files. Reboot required?08:18
* dwatkins sends BT a long e-mail describing the fact his broadband stopped working when he prepared to run their broadband speed test08:20
* bigcalm continues then :)08:20
bigcalmI wonder when dabs will ship my ssd08:23
oimoni got mine in 1 day from dabs, even with the economy shipping :D08:25
dwatkinsWhat size SSDs are you people getting? I'm curious as to where the sweet-spot for price vs capacity is08:27
bigcalmLuck of the draw. I've had shipping sped up in the past from different suppliers. No rush for me though. I won't have time to install it until next month sometime08:27
bigcalmI went for a 60gb for £79.9908:27
oimongot a 128gb samsung one08:28
oimonfor a colleague08:28
* dwatkins will do some comparative research08:32
dwatkinsdid y'all get them from Amazon?08:32
dwatkinsI'll compare with scan.co.uk also as they're good for some things08:33
bigcalmI would have bought from Amazon, but the price was fluctuating and then went over the Dabs.com price08:33
gordi have 64gb ones, i use hard-drives for storage and honestly 32gb will do you fine for ubuntu without storage08:33
bigcalmYay for Invisible Hand plugin for web browsers08:33
oimonooerr sounds a bit pervy08:33
bigcalmI think popey introducted me to it08:34
oimonwhat's the catch with it?08:36
oimonah ok: If you buy a product after clicking on the button in an InvisibleHand notification, the retailer or seller pays us a small commissio08:36
oimonmight check it out08:36
dwatkinsalso, check out quidco - you get the commission through them instead of someone else08:37
oimonmy quota at work is full so i'm checking some directories...amazed to find my wine directory is 500MB! i only use it for word viewer08:41
MooDoomorning HarryHaaren08:46
dwatkinsoimon: can't you use googledocs instead?08:54
dwatkins...or abiword08:54
popeypeople actually use word viewer08:55
DavieyI thought word viewer was one of the few reasons mst-corefonts could be distributed.08:58
lubotu3Here I am, brain the size of a planet and they ask me to respond to factoid requests. Call that job satisfaction? Because I don't.09:02
oimonword viewer is handy to see if an openoffice doc is viewed ok in ms office09:03
oimonit's my only way to find out, and rather handy09:04
oimonsince i share docs with office using colleagues regularly09:04
hippychickKiller Ferret on the Loose!!!09:31
=== denny- is now known as denny
directhexhippychick, is it a cute killer ferret?09:46
hippychickdirecthex, yes very much so :)09:59
hippychickdirecthex, he is 8 weeks old so he is still learning the world10:00
directhexthis is where someone says they smell, and you describe it as a "pleasing musk"10:01
davmor2morning all10:02
* davmor2 prods czajkowski 10:02
bigcalmdirecthex: I was about to say that the females tend not to smell. But then read that it's a he10:04
czajkowskidavmor2: oi10:06
* davmor2 prods czajkowski again for oi-ing ;)10:12
davmor2czajkowski: sorry I'm in a good mood :P10:14
czajkowskioh joy10:14
hippychickthe females dont smell as bad as the males10:14
hippychickbut a neutered male smells about as bad as a female10:15
hippychickunfortunatly with him being only 8 weeks he cannot be neutered yet, so he does smell10:15
davmor2ah ferrets10:15
czajkowskigod I was looking for some context there10:16
dwatkinsWe got rats this weekend, I'm hoping they don't smell too bad.10:16
hippychickwe got our 4th fuzzie Friday night10:17
hippychickdwatkins, oly loves rats, so dont tell him!10:17
popeyhello hippychick10:17
* dwatkins remains quiet ;)10:17
hippychickhi popey \o/10:17
* popey wonders when we're going to have a Google+ Ubuntu-UK Hangout-a-thon10:18
* Laney strips off10:19
JGJoneswell it take one to start a hangout :)10:19
* JGJones watch a tumbleweed rolling past....I don't think anyone's taking your offer up Laney.10:20
Laneythis is one of the saddest days of my life :(10:20
czajkowskiI never tire of that10:21
Laneythat's weird10:21
Laneyif you view the image the tumbleweed blows in the other direction10:21
JGJonesMy recommendation is to do it wearing a mankini, you'll get more success that way Laney :)10:22
JGJonespopey - heh...do you have  a page for every meme going? :)10:22
bigcalmI did something silly with popey's tumbleweed: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bigcuthy/5863158335/in/photostream10:23
Laneynice theme10:26
Davieypopey: horizontal flip eh?10:27
Davieyvery snazy.10:27
gordhorizontal flip? what kind of sorcery is this?!10:28
popeyDaviey: people complained the tumbleweed tumbled the wrong way10:29
Davieypopey: i feel conned.10:29
gordits official. the internet will complain about anything10:30
JGJonesVery true :)10:30
=== webpigeon_laptop is now known as Guest8035
hippychicklol, just as you said that popey my ferret fell off the sofa...11:22
popeyhippychick: Beware his noodly appendage!11:23
davmor2gord: Oh no they won't and how dare you insinuate that they would :D11:30
daevi love ferrets! i have two polecats :p11:31
davmor2bigcalm: calm I'd say yay and get all excited only it won't play in my browser flippin flash I got 64bit 11beta and it still says I need to install the latest version11:31
hippychickdaev, we have a silver mixed Hob, a sandy Hob, a polecat Jill, and a 8 week old polecat hob11:34
daevbeta's do tend to be buggy. the time lost by correcting an unstable version is probably never balanced by that gained of 64bit flash over 32flash11:35
daevI think one of my Hobs might have some mixed as his eyes are black but reflect red opposed to the normal sea green colour.11:36
hippychickour Sandy has black or red eyes depending on how much light is in the room, i always say it depends on what mood he is in :P11:36
daevmy jill had silver fur until she was spade :( they are both wonderful though11:36
daevhahaha that's funny11:37
hippychickour Jill isnt too well, at the moment, had to rush her to the vets, though she should be fine after a course of antibiotics11:38
daevi recently lost a hob to a respitory desiese. It was a cryin share because he was a proper funny ferret. a bit dappy and a big alcoholic. but he was PURE muscle. there was no scruff on his nech and larger albinos who visited once couldnt dominate him and he protected all the others of my group. amazing to watch how social they are11:40
hippychickwe have to have the kit in the living room with us for the moment, the other 3 have grouped together and they are not letting him in11:41
hippychickhaving to introduce them slowly11:41
daevit can be a tedium at times. but the rewards of having a happy family are unmatched by any other pet i've found. and i've had dogs, tortoises, birds, hedgehogs, fish, mice, snakes, and many more. ferrets just win. the smell however is an unfortunate equilibrium11:45
hippychicki dont really notice the smell too much11:48
hippychicki found my parents dogg smelt more11:48
hooverany slowaris buffs around?11:55
hoovernever mind, just googled the question ;-)11:55
dwatkinspatchlevel fun?12:07
MooDooanother quiet day in the trenches12:36
* davmor2 fires some mortars in MooDoo general direction to liven his day up a little12:40
MooDoodavmor2, why thank you kind sir, it's so boring i can't even be bothered to abuse czajkowski12:41
davmor2czajkowski: make his day abuse him a little12:41
* bigcalm returns to haunt you all12:49
* czajkowski sends davmor2 and MooDoo to the naughty step12:50
MooDoo.me rebels as my 2 year old does on a daily basis......NO!12:50
Davieybah, the naughty step is where all the cool people hang out.  Like the kitchen at a party.12:51
czajkowskiDaviey: your spot is well and truly etched there12:52
MooDoodents in the step where your bum is usually sat :)12:54
davmor2Daviey: come join the cool kids12:55
* Daviey has the realisation that they let anyone onto these steps now.12:56
davmor2Daviey: you're right czajkowski let you on it :P12:57
davmor2Daviey: Sorry couldn't resist ;)12:59
MooDooczajkowski, come be naughty and join us13:00
czajkowskiI'm good!13:00
MooDooczajkowski, pah rubbish13:00
davmor2czajkowski: you're never good so you may as well come and be trouble on the step you know you want too13:02
czajkowskiyou can't prove it so I am :)13:02
* MooDoo looks at his note pad and tries to find some dirt on czajkowski 13:02
gordif you ask me, #u-uk is the definition of the naughty step.13:03
davmor2gord: +113:03
* MooDoo joins #naughtystep lol13:03
* davmor2 joins #naughtystep too13:13
* davmor2 taunts czajkowski from the safety of #naughtystep13:15
oimonwhat's the best full diagnostic test of a system? already run memtest...13:26
BigRedSmigrate a popular website onto it?13:27
oimonmaybe glxgears for 5 hours,13:27
BigRedSwhat're you testing for?13:27
davmor2oimon: what's wrong with the system13:27
oimonnothing i hope, but wanna make sure all systems are functinoing13:27
oimoncould run some stress tests for a few hours13:27
oimonbonnie is good idea for IO, maybe i'll run geekbench for few hrs13:28
oimonneed to learn how to use the phoronix suite13:28
davmor2oimon: http://www.overclockers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=48649513:28
oimondavmor2: sweeet, test suite live!13:29
oimonmerci buckets13:29
davmor2oimon: I've had a look there is only mockery in this bucket, there is no mercy ;)13:30
* oimon produces another bucket13:30
oimonstress test live can go on my multiboot usb stick13:31
MooDoopopey, registereed13:44
AlanBellhe is great, but I think I have seen him enough now13:44
oimonsurely the message is rather similar each time13:44
Laneyhah, they got that arranged13:45
MooDoonever seen him so it's a good opportunity13:45
AlanBellsimilar, but not the same, he adds and removes random stuff, generally more esoteric random political opinions get added13:45
Laneylocal too13:45
popeyWe (podcast) got a mail from someone to promote it13:46
* popey notes that the mail was sent to nobody, but probably BCC'ed a number of people13:46
popeyand starts with "I love your podcast"13:46
popeyso I suspect it was spammed out to a number of shows13:46
oimoni love $podcast13:46
popeywhich makes me even less inclined to read it out13:46
oimonspodcast is a good name for a geek show!13:46
popeytempted to send a snarky reply13:48
oimonmaybe he/she really does love all the podcasts they sent it to13:48
JGJonesAm wondering...does Unity come with some sort of a search - beagle or tracker?14:03
davmor2JGJones: comes with zeitgiest14:06
JGJoneszeitgiest's more of a event-tracking thing isn't it?14:06
gordit tracks everything14:06
JGJonesrather than a desktop search like tracker14:06
JGJonesgord - I'm looking for a document which I can remember some of the content...zeitgiest's not finding it14:07
davmor2JGJones: Nope covers everything14:07
gordthe idea is eventually that if you copy a file, or download a file or whatever, if a file gets on your system zeitguist will know about it, so rather than crawling all your files, eating up your battery life and cpu, it just knows because it gets told when the file first appears14:08
davmor2JGJones: are you using the files lens or the dash?14:08
JGJonesah...well the document haven't been opened for quite some time, long before I upgraded to unity14:08
JGJonesso prior to zeitgiest14:08
JGJonesdavmor2, files lens14:09
jpdsFunnily, document stuff has nothing to do with a "time spirit".14:10
oimonjust converted another user to ubuntu :D15:24
MooDoowooyoo....i'm still working on the wife, and the next time i've got to fix the parents/sisters laptop from a virus, they are having it :D15:25
oimonthe speed of the usb install is a winner, shame it sometimes needs pro intervention on the install side by side with vista option15:25
oimoni think they will mainly be using ubuntu since the vista was not behaving logically15:26
jimmieHey lads dont suppose anyone has two minutes to help me work through a wee problem do they?15:28
oimonsoftware centre is a massive win15:28
oimon!info texmaker15:28
lubotu3texmaker (source: texmaker): cross-platform LaTeX editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.2.1-1ubuntu1 (natty), package size 875 kB, installed size 2136 kB15:28
dwatkinsWhat's up, jimmie?15:28
oimon!info texmaker lucid15:28
lubotu3texmaker (source: texmaker): cross-platform LaTeX editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.9.9-2 (lucid), package size 760 kB, installed size 1948 kB15:28
BigRedSjimmie: probably. What's your actual question?15:30
^aDaMHi guys I am trying to watch a film and it feeezes an repeats the sound of the movie an I have to press the 'reset button' on the tower, also when I leave a few downloads on the go it seems to restart its self at random times an it ends up on Windows XP as that is the default OS in the GRUB Menu! :/15:33
^aDaMCan anyone explain to me why it is doing this? Ive updated Ubuntu an it still crashes.15:34
brobostigon^aDaM: sounds like pulseaudio is sucking resources, open htop in a terminal. and see what is going on.15:35
brobostigon^aDaM: change the players output to something else than pulseaudio, and try again/15:35
popeyif its restarting when doing downloads it could be a hardware issue15:35
popeyoverheating or perhaps memory failure15:35
brobostigontrue, i was just thinking about the sound.15:36
^aDaMI knew it would be that ill give it ago brobostigon.15:37
^aDaMCheers popey!15:38
brobostigon^aDaM: also consider what popey said, aswell, for the other issue.15:38
^aDaM-PCHi guy15:42
jimmieGah sorry guys stuff stopped working15:43
brobostigonlinus is on google+15:43
^aDaM-PCbrobostigon: When I install htop I get this message.. I did an update then tryed again and its not working still :/15:43
^aDaM-PCPastebin of Terminal: http://pastebin.com/AcPAqFiM15:43
jimmieBasically im trying to follow: http://www.ubunturoot.com/2011/05/how-to-installcompile-elementary.html15:44
oimonbrobostigon: he tends to say jerk-y things in the past..not as bad as sabdfl's twitter feed though :-o15:44
^aDaM-PCDose anyone know how I could get my fan to full speed on my Graphics Card? I forgot how to do it, forgot the commands and stuff as I have not been using computers for a while :D15:44
jimmieBut, this happens:15:45
jimmieimmie@jimmie-PC:/$ bzr branch lp:~cldx3000/slingshot/experimental15:45
jimmieYou have not informed bzr of your Launchpad ID, and you must do this to15:45
jimmiewrite to Launchpad or access private data.  See "bzr help launchpad-login".15:45
jimmiebzr: ERROR: Permission denied: "/experimental": [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/experimental'15:45
jimmieEven when i login it says that15:45
brobostigonoimon: ok, interesting.15:45
brobostigon^aDaM-PC: that means the hashes dont match, between the package, and the package list.15:46
jimmieand harps on about getting umpteen other things, none of which are necessary according to the guide15:46
^aDaM-PCbrobostigon: Oh right..15:46
oimonbrobostigon: if he (linus) writes exclusively about linux i'd add him though15:46
brobostigon^aDaM-PC: not a clue myself how to fix it, find someone with more apt experience than me,. sorry/15:47
brobostigonoimon: ok, interesting,i will subscribe and see what i think.15:47
oimonhehe i might put him in my ubuntu fans circle15:48
jpdsjimmie: why are you branching that into your / folder?15:49
jpdsjimmie: And not saying, your home directory?15:49
jpdsjimmie: Do in the terminal: cd; bzr branch lp:~cldx3000/slingshot/experimental15:49
jimmieIt appears to be doing something15:51
jimmieYou beautiful man15:51
popeyjpds is indeed a beautiful lady.15:52
ubuntuuk-planet[Iain Cuthbertson] Downloading SoundCloud Playlists - http://www.myrant.net/2011/07/19/downloading-soundcloud-playlists/16:13
bigcalmOh, I forgot I'm part of the planet16:21
MezWell, not going to be able to sleep tonight! Just been told I'm up on a hiring committee today (US time) - so next 8 hours I'll know...16:23
MartijnVdSMez: good luck16:29
MezMartijnVdS: cheers!16:31
* MartijnVdS got something very "lekker" for the Books and Butties meetup :)16:32
=== Guest8035 is now known as webpigeon
MartijnVdShttp://www.lotusbakeries.nl/lotus/view.php?page_id=670 :)16:33
=== OmNomDeBonBon is now known as RaycisCharles
bigcalmGoogle translate is funny16:35
bigcalmStuur deze ingevulde briefkaart samen met de originele kassabon op naar;Lotus Speculoos Euro-ActieAntwoordnummer 11856200 VB Maastricht(postzegel niet nodig)Actievoorwaarden:16:35
bigcalmSend this completed postcard together with the original receipt up to, Lotus Speculoos Euro Action Antwoordnummer one thousand one hundred eighty-five six thousand two hundred VB Maastricht (postage required) Terms and Conditions:16:35
MartijnVdSbigcalm: there's supposed to be a space between 1185 and 620016:36
MartijnVdSor a newline actually16:36
bigcalmI'm sure there was, google translate is a mess at times though :)16:36
bigcalmAmused that it converted digits to words16:37
MartijnVdSthat's a bit weird, yes :)16:37
popeyevening all17:35
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=== cking is now known as cking-afk
AzelphurIs there such thing as a printer you can get to use once every never?18:24
AzelphurSomething cheap that I can use to print something off maybe once a month without it ceasing up due to lack of use18:24
hippychickAzelphur, not sure if you find one let me know :)18:24
Azelphurhehe :p18:25
hippychickAzelphur, i alway use the one at work for the odd things i need to print18:25
GreenDanceHi, there's a website I'm trying to find, I've lost it, basically the website offers a repo as the website owner builds the latest apache and php, does anyone know the url to the website please?18:25
gingAzelphur: that has never happened to me with any printer and i never use a printer as regularly as once a month18:32
shaunomy last printer stopped working when moss started growing in & on it :/18:34
gingshauno: did you take it to a field and beat it with a baseball bat listening to rap music ?18:34
shaunonah.  I just left it in the garage when we moved18:34
shauno(it was a dumb dotmatrix.  it didn't require beating.  very obedient :)18:35
Azelphurso, cheap and cheerful Ubuntu compatible printers? :P18:36
Azelphurpreferably color, but it doesn't need to be fast18:36
MartijnVdSAzelphur: I have a CP1515n from HP and I love it18:44
MartijnVdSAzelphur: will probably last me ~15 years ;)18:44
Azelphurseems a bit beefy18:52
popeymy boss has a nice wireless colour laser18:53
popeyhe got sick of doing printing now and then, and the ink drying out between18:53
Azelphurah, lasers don't have any drying out problems?18:53
Azelphurso I guess I'm looking for a cheap laser18:53
MartijnVdStoner is dry already :)18:54
popeyi got rid of a laser recently18:54
MartijnVdSmine even does IPv618:54
popeyi had the same toner in it for about 5 years18:54
MartijnVdSMy old laser printer was a second-hand HP Laserjet 5 from the mid-90s18:54
popeyyeah, mine was 2nd hand too18:54
popeybought a toner off ebay18:54
MartijnVdSit died after moving twice (too many bumps, I guess), after 12 years of service18:54
Azelphurpopey: getting fed up with forgetting to renew my giffgaff goodybags, think I'll knock up some python to do it :)18:56
Azelphurdoes this interest you?18:56
popeyi dont use my giffgaff18:56
* popey looks around for the sim18:56
Azelphurhehe, giffgaff is my main provider18:57
Azelphursuits me nicely the allowance of minutes is more than I'll use and I love my unlimited internet :P18:57
* MartijnVdS shakes his fist at oneiric18:58
Hornetunlimited internet, wutwut?19:04
AzelphurHornet: yea, giffgaff do unlimited (no FUP) internet/texts + 250 minutes for £10/mo19:06
Azelphurthey do tiered plans for more minutes too19:06
Azelphurnot allowed to tether, but I tether anyway19:06
Azelphuronce did 5GB in a day and got no hassle, not that I'd recommend trying that XD19:07
AlanBellbasically an O2 sim card19:14
AzelphurHornet: if you wanna get it lemme refer you :D19:15
Rafz^Has anyone got a moment to give me some advice on installing an application?19:30
Azelphur!ask | Rafz^19:31
lubotu3Rafz^: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)19:31
AlanBellAzelphur: refer me up :)19:31
AzelphurAlanBell: http://giffgaff.com/orders/affiliate/azelphur :D19:31
Rafz^OK: I want to use ventrilo to speak to some friends. I have found a program called Mangler that works on ubuntu. I have downloaded the program from this web site: http://www.mangler.org/download/ and have extracted the files onto my desktop. I have then followed these steps: 1. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mangler/mangler19:33
Rafz^2. sudo apt-get update19:33
Rafz^3. sudo apt-get install mangler. I am getting an error message on the final step. What am I doing wrong?19:33
AzelphurRafz^: pastebin the error19:33
Azelphur!pastebin | Rafz^19:33
lubotu3Rafz^: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:33
AzelphurRafz^: also, is there no way you and your friends can use mumble instead? it's better in just about every way xD19:34
AlanBellAzelphur: ordered19:35
AzelphurAlanBell: :D19:35
AzelphurAlanBell: what you going for, the £10 plan?19:35
Rafz^I have a new error now: http://paste.ubuntu.com/647571/19:36
Azelphurnever seen that one before, googling about :p19:37
AzelphurRafz^: what about mumble though? it's better :P19:37
AlanBellAzelphur: dunno really, probably the £5 one, it isn't for me19:38
AzelphurAlanBell: ah, lots of texts then :)19:38
Rafz^Not possible for me to get 40-50 other people to install mumble just because I use ubuntu ^_^19:38
AzelphurRafz^: *shrug* maybe get them to install it because it's a better codec that uses less bandwith, has an osd and positional audio for gaming19:38
Azelphurmy wow guild uses it, as do most guilds with half an ounce of sense now :p19:38
Azelphurit probably uses less resources than vent does, too19:39
Rafz^But it's not my call, I just want to join a vent, many vents. It's not used for one guild or one game it's used for 10-20 servers.19:39
Azelphurfair enough :)19:39
Rafz^And I agree mumble is better, I use it.19:40
AzelphurRafz^: try sudo add-apt-repository -f ppa:mangler/mangler19:41
Azelphurwithout the try, haha19:43
Rafz^lol try :p19:43
Rafz^just saw it19:43
Rafz^any good?19:48
StevenRAlanBell: ping?20:18
Duser18Whats an ubuntu20:44
bigcalm_lappy486A distribution of Linux based upon Debian20:44
lubotu3Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com20:45
Duser18what do I do with it20:45
bigcalm_lappy486It's an computer operating system.20:46
bigcalm_lappy486Consider it an alternative to Microsoft Windows20:46
Duser18There is an alternative to windows?20:46
Duser18How much does it cost?!20:46
bigcalm_lappy486There are several20:46
bigcalm_lappy486Ubuntu is free20:46
Duser18What is the catch!?20:47
bigcalm_lappy486Which is also the case for many Linux distributions20:47
Duser18I AM SKEPTICAL20:47
bigcalm_lappy486Not everything in life has to cost money20:48
lubotu3freedom is important. Ubuntu is as free as we can make it, which means mostly free software. See http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/licensing20:49
Duser18This is amazing20:49
Duser18Why havent I heard of it before20:49
bigcalm_lappy486Never too late to experience something new :)20:50
Duser18I will tell all my friends20:51
Duser18I only have 5 friends20:51
Duser18but then they will tell there friends20:51
Duser18and there friends20:51
* TheOpenSourcerer things someone was rather taking the piss.20:53
bigcalm_lappy486I need to put a post-it on my laptop: Do not feed the trolls20:53
popeychrome os is a bit nice20:54
bigcalm_lappy486Might put it on my eeepc 1000 some day20:54
popeyi just tested it on an eee 1001 ☺20:55
popeysorry, 100820:55
bigcalm_lappy486Did it take much effort?20:56
popeyi booted off a usb stick20:56
popeyusing the hexxeh daily20:56
popeyso no20:56
bigcalm_lappy486I wonder if the wifi will use N20:59
bigcalm_lappy486Is there support for N in Linux yet?21:00
* StevenR wonders when the approval application has to be done by21:03
ali1234ok my android phone... on the indicator bar or whatever, it has the double circular arrows like when ubuntu needs to be rebooted. what does it mean?21:08
ali1234i have to reboot my phone?21:08
bigcalm_lappy486It's syncing?21:09
bigcalm_lappy486ali1234: what you see is an indication that it is re-syncing with Google21:10
bigcalm_lappy486You're welcome21:10
bigcalm_lappy486Not had the phone for long?21:10
ali1234couple of days21:10
popeythinking about putting an SSD and 2GB in my Eee 1008HA21:12
popeygive it a bit of a new lease of life21:12
dogmatic69evening all21:16
directhexpopey: i could use some ssds, if you're buying21:16
* dogmatic69 is also looking at ssd's21:16
popeymaybe just a small one for a netbook21:17
hamitronI saw a nice 30Gb one for £5521:17
dogmatic69i was thinking a small one for OS only21:17
popeyno room for more than one in this netbook :D21:17
hamitrononly SATA II though21:17
* StevenR needs more NAS-like storage21:17
hamitronanyone have any of these 5900rpm drives21:19
hamitronjsut wondered if they are fast enough to make use of USB 3.021:20
hamitronand how good they are in practise21:20
dogmatic69hamitron: 111MB/s21:29
dogmatic69usb3 ~= 5 Gbit/21:29
dogmatic69so, no :D21:30
hamitronusb2 is 480mbit21:30
hamitronso I'm guessing no point in the USB 3.0 unless I get a high speed drive21:30
dogmatic69hamitron: that 'green' drive sounds like it runs like intel redy boost or what ever it is21:30
dogmatic69like mobile chips... idles at 5k, and jumps to 7k on opps21:31
dogmatic69ssd would be more 'green' i should think21:31
hamitronbut I want 2Tb of storage21:31
hamitronand on a small budget21:31
dogmatic69you can buy a 3T for under 100 bucks21:32
hamitrontbh, it is only data storage21:32
dogmatic69got 4x 3T's at work for synology box21:32
dogmatic69raid 5 and all that21:32
hamitron3Tb seem a little too much, last I looked21:33
hamitronalso worried about working with my BIOS?21:33
dogmatic69was about 600 for 4x drives + synology iirc21:33
hamitronI could live with 1Tb realistically21:34
hamitronso 3Tb would be wasted for what it is intended21:34
dogmatic69you can always use more21:34
hamitronofc, but this USB drive will probably die quickly21:35
hamitronI guess I should get 2 drives, 1 for storage, other for moving around and performance21:35
hamitronbe nice to get an esata and usb3 external drive, ssd21:36
hamitronbut I am maybe jumping the gun a little21:36
hamitronhave to wait till something decent comes out21:36
hamitron120 ;/21:37
dogmatic69ok, 120.. the 2TB is 11021:38
hamitronmore the price I like21:39
dogmatic69nice, i was looking at 4x of something like that for the /home/* /usr etc21:40
dogmatic69and ssd for OS21:40
hamitronI have seperate storage on my NAS21:40
dogmatic69raid 6, hot swop... would not like to loose my mc guy :P21:40
hamitronthis drive is for random crap21:40
dogmatic69well, you want it blistering fast to get things quick... also huge21:41
hamitronanother option21:42
hamitron"another gadget"..... not just a hdd21:42
hamitronand it comes in different colours \o/21:42
hamitronI'm sounding like a Mac user now :/21:43
hamitronI'd just be happier if it had esata also21:44
dogmatic692x the price for a pretty cover :P21:45
hamitronwell worth it ;)21:45
hamitronit is, considering I could move it around easy21:45
AlanBell"SuperSpeed USB" what is that??21:46
AlanBellmarketing name for USB 3.0 apparently21:47
AlanBelldunno why people in marketing want to simplify things to a point that I am confused and have to look it up21:48
dogmatic69hamitron: is that ebuyer good? i seem to remember popey complaining about them21:48
AlanBellsame for all that WUXVGA crap they do for monitor resolutions21:48
macoyeah what DOES that junk mean?21:48
AlanBellI don't think it is formally defined, so they are not lying if they get it wrong21:50
hamitrondogmatic69: I order from them at least twice a month21:50
popeydogmatic69: I dont complain about ebuyer21:50
AlanBellI guess someone in marketing looked at a spec saying 1366x768 and decided they didn't have sufficient fingers and toes to work out sums so big21:51
hamitronpopey doesn't complain? :-o21:51
popeyI do21:51
popeyjust not about ebuyer21:51
popeyebuyer are awesome21:51
dogmatic69could have been someone else21:51
hamitronwidescreen monitors seem so small :/21:52
hamitronyou pay for loads of width that can't be used21:52
AlanBellyeah, they should be called shortscreen monitors21:53
* popey much prefers widescreen21:53
hamitronI remember the point where tft got to 1280x102421:53
hamitronand it just worked for me21:53
popeyresolution of the devil21:53
hamitron1600x1200 is better ofc21:53
popey1920x1080 is even betterer21:54
AlanBellbest laptop screen I had was 1600x120021:54
hamitronI prefer 1200 ehight21:54
hamitronmy laptops are 1600x120021:54
AlanBell2024x1152 on my desktop monitor now, and 1366x768 on the laptop21:54
hamitron1366x768 seems to be popular21:55
hamitronbut it drags me back to 1024x76821:55
hamitrona time when we had a better resolution for stuff.... but not enough21:56
hamitronI suspect I will suffer with no widescreen in the future21:56
hamitronas software adapts to the extra width21:57
ali1234a time when designers cared about every pixel21:57
ali1234instead of just "draw a squigle and anti-alias it"21:57
hamitronthis one: http://www.ebuyer.com/product/22099721:59
hamitronbut need more space21:59
hamitronreckon I may have to just get a case and seperate drive to go in it22:02
hamitronor I could delete stuff I don't need22:08
hamitronmaybe the best idea22:08
daledone that and then downloaded same stuff again .....22:08
dalei need to do the same thing ..... buy bigger22:09
hamitronit is certainly a risk22:09
dogmatic69ebyer is 200 bucks cheaper than amazon, and for slightly better stuff22:09
* dogmatic69 retracts previous slander22:09
dalemost of the things i had could be downloaded again it's just the time and annoyance of that one thing you thought u'd never use agagin22:09
popeyif any of you have askubuntu accounts22:09
popeypls upvote that advert22:09
dogmatic69which one, just to be sure?22:10
dogmatic69it opened on two22:10
popeyglobal jam22:10
popeyneeds 6 to get in the advert rotation22:10
dogmatic69up to 3 now22:12
popeythank you22:12
ali1234wait, what?22:12
ali1234i am confused by that whole page?22:12
* hamitron is just confused and gave up trying to understand22:12
popeyits a page on which you can add your own advert22:13
popeywhich will appear on askubuntu.com22:13
popeybut only the adverts that get >6 votes will go in the advert rotation22:13
popeyif you go to http://askubuntu.com/ and look half way down on the right you may see an active advert22:14
ali1234adblock blocks it22:15
ali1234i just see a white space22:15
dogmatic69would something like this have any problems on ubuntu? http://jsfiddle.net/sf4rc/22:17
dogmatic69excuse the link, best site i could think of for simple cut paste table22:17
hamitronI'd get a better SSD22:19
hamitron90 quid gets one twice as fast22:19
hamitronand twice as big22:19
hamitronmonster machine man :/22:19
ali1234what is that website?22:20
ali1234it looks cool22:21
ali1234that computer will have no problems running ubuntu22:21
ali1234but you won't get anything like the full performance from that graphics card22:22
ali1234i would get a cheaper gpu and an extra 8gb ram instead22:22
ali1234you might get sound issues with the HDA22:25
dogmatic69ali1234: 2x cards is mostly for 4x screens22:38
dogmatic69that is 4x 4gig ram, no 8gig ram chips i can find22:38
dogmatic69only 4x ddr3 slots22:38
dogmatic69hamitron: you thinking something like http://www.ebuyer.com/product/26823922:40
ali1234oh ok then22:40
dogmatic69ali1234: but the mobo can take 4x 8gigs... when the arrive22:41
ali123416 is enough for now22:42
dogmatic69the mobo on amazon i was looking at had 6x with a max of 2422:43
dogmatic69dont know why that one is not on ebyer, but seems like it was an older model22:44
hamitrondogmatic69: that is the one22:44
dogmatic69how about some handy input on cpu choice?22:44
hamitronwhat you do with it?22:45
hamitronI've heard hyperthreading can slow down gaming22:45
dogmatic69loads of windows always open, ssh'ed into 10+ servers all day22:45
hamitronminecraft is not my idea of intensive gaming though22:45
dogmatic69on ubuntu its about as intense as it gets :P22:46
dogmatic69mc pushes my q8200 quad core temp through the roof22:46
dogmatic69will go from 40'c to 75'c in minutes22:46
hamitronI'm still using 2 core cpu22:46
hamitronI don't hammer it so much22:47
dogmatic69current load average is 0.04 :)22:47
hamitronif I compiled a lot of big apps, I may consider 4+ cores22:47
hamitronbut only if I needed it done fast22:47
dogmatic69now 0.222:47
dogmatic69just by opening mc22:47
hamitronmc runs fine on a single core cpu though22:48
dogmatic69dont think it uses multi cores22:48
dogmatic69but chrome with 50+ tabs on the other screen is22:49
hamitronI have chrome and firefox both loaded with that many tabs22:49
hamitronon an i322:49
hamitronmemory is my main problem22:49
hamitronI'd probably get an i5 or some quick AMD cpu22:50
hamitronif I was building a full sized comp22:51
hamitronbut the i7 is maybe worth it22:51
hamitrondunno :/22:51
TenKTechto me the one thing that by itself makes the most difference is hard drive read/write speed22:52
dogmatic69230 for 3.4gh 8mb cache22:52
hamitron65 quid saving for the i522:52
dogmatic69from running aws clouds, cpu > ram22:52
dogmatic691 core, 1.8gig ram is slower than 4 core, 256mb ram22:53
hamitronmy cpu of choice: http://www.ebuyer.com/product/25159722:54
hamitronbut I am a tight bastard22:54
hamitronthe i7 will be nicer22:55
hamitronI am sort of regretting getting an AMD motherboard now22:59
hamitron(I got one for a crossfire setup)23:00
dogmatic69i got sli on mine currently. new mobo will support both23:03
dogmatic69but i think sli is better? its just too much techno talk23:03
dogmatic69sales stuf23:03
hamitronreason I went AMD, didn't seem to be an intel board at the time with it, for a decent price23:03
hamitronI believe sli is better, yes23:03
hamitronbut that build is getting funded by bitcoin mining23:04
hamitronso had to get AMD cards23:04
dogmatic69sli not working with bitcoin?23:05
hamitronnvidia cards are not as good as amd cards for it23:05
dogmatic69would them two gfx 560's be good for mining?23:05
hamitronnvidia cards are not worth mining with now :/23:05
dogmatic69they are the factory overclocked ones, which are *much* faster than the stock ones23:06
hamitronI stopped my GTS450 overclocked one from mining weeks ago23:06
dogmatic69i had a 512mb GT OC which was faster than the 1024 std (exact same card, just more ram + not overclocked)23:06
dogmatic69waisting time?23:07
hamitronit got bitcoins, sure..... but the electricity it was using was worth more23:07
dogmatic69i see23:07
dogmatic69at 150$ each?23:07
dogmatic69must be a power hog23:08
dogmatic69what is one bc worth23:09
dogmatic69close enough :D23:09
dogmatic69pc upto 1.8k now :S23:09
hamitronthe GTS450 got about 0.02 bitcoin per day23:09
dogmatic69and the amd?23:09
hamitronI have 2 x 587023:10
hamitronthey are getting 0.4 per day23:10
dogmatic69about the same price range23:10
dogmatic69as the 560 gtx23:10
dogmatic69ram/cpu has no effect on this mining?23:11
hamitronthe 560 gtx producing similar number of bitcoins per unit of power, as the gts450 iirc23:11
hamitroncpu and ram have no effect23:11
hamitrontbh, the days of huge profits are now over for now23:12
hamitrondunno if they will ever return23:13
hamitronbut I've cashed in, got a free comp and a bit of extra cash23:13
hamitronbtc mining is hardly something to consider now23:14
hamitronwhen buying a new comp23:14
ali1234ati graphics still doesn't work properly if you actually want to look at the output23:15
hamitronali1234: what you expect? a graphics card to display stuff? :-o23:16
ali1234luckily no23:16
hamitronI'm a little up in the air with what I am doing atm with my comp stuff23:17
hamitrongot this mining rig with 2 graphics cards, and a motherboard that suites a lab bench, more than a gaming pc23:17
hamitronsort of tempted to never install it in a case23:18
hamitronit has ports forever more23:18
dogmatic69who said they are running water cooled?23:18
dogmatic69interested in going this route so i can sleep while dl'ing stuff23:19
dogmatic69something like this any good http://www.ebuyer.com/product/17930223:19
hamitrontbh, I find intel cpu VERY good at saving power23:19
hamitronyou are intending to pimp it out totally? :-o23:20
dogmatic69whole measures... :)23:21
hamitronyou need the i7 over the i5 then23:21
dogmatic69dont want to upgrade for a few years23:21
dogmatic69the i7 is in the cart :)23:21
hamitronI like the look of them sealed water coolers for the cpu23:21
dogmatic69ebyer seems to only have 2 kits that will work23:24
hamitronyou run linux?23:24
dogmatic69ubuntu 10.10 currently23:24
dogmatic69might introduce another ssd for windows23:25
dogmatic69dual boot23:25
hamitronis SLI good on linux?23:25
hamitronah, so you will be gaming on windows?23:25
* hamitron does23:25
hamitronno need to be shy!23:25
dogmatic69not a huge gammer, but crysis2 looks awesome23:26
dogmatic69got sc2 around also23:26
hamitrontbh, I'd get some cheaper graphics cards23:26
dogmatic69mostly minecraft23:26
dogmatic69that is not a very expensive one imo23:26
WorMzyMinecraft works fine on Linux23:26
hamitrongts450 are only £7523:26
WorMzyAssuming you have graphics drivers installed23:26
hamitronmy gaming rig is a single gts450 and it can run F1 2010 on high settings wonderful23:27
hamitronDIRT 3 also23:27
dogmatic69but that is 128bit vs 256bit23:28
dogmatic69afaik that is a big difference23:29
hamitronI don't worry about bits, only fps23:29
hamitronreally does depend on if you have money to burn, and how serious gamer you are23:30
WorMzyThe game designer?23:35
WorMzyWrong channel23:36
popeyhow can I find out the power usage of a hdd?23:36
popeyST9160310AS s;ec23:36
popeyST9160310AS s;ec23:36
popeyST9160310AS specifically23:36
hamitronis there a max current on the label?23:37
popeyits inside the computer23:37
popeyhttp://support.dell.com/support/edocs/storage/r180608/specs.htm aha!23:37
dogmatic69popey: http://www.hdsentinel.com/storageinfo_details.php?lang=en&model=SEAGATE%20ST9160310AS23:38
popeyso around 2W?23:38
dogmatic691.3A for spin up23:38
popeythe SSD I am looking at is 2W23:39
popeyjust making sure I'm not going to kill the battery switching to ssd23:39
dogmatic69google does not do amps -> watts23:39
dogmatic69ssd should be lower23:39
dogmatic69hdd is always using power, ssd should only on read/write23:40
dogmatic69in theory23:40
hamitronthat hdd uses a lot of power off the 5V rail?23:40
dogmatic69looks like 1300ma is 6w23:40
popeythats the ssd I am comparing it to23:41
hamitronyeh, but won't the SSD use 12V?23:41
popeyOS Required: Linux, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows XP 64-bit Edition, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit Edition, Microsoft Windows Vista (32/64 bits)23:41
popeyLinux first, like that23:41
dogmatic69watts = 1.3 x voltage23:41
WorMzyWhere it belongs23:41
popeyAlphabetical I'm sure, but still fun23:41
hamitronpopey: imo, power will be fine23:43
hamitroneven if the 2W is on the 12V, rather than the 5V the hdd is, it is really low power23:43
popeyhope it fits23:44
popeyit's 10mm, the original one is 9mm :D23:44
hamitronso long as there is a 12V line23:44
dogmatic69popey: is it a std ssd or performance one?23:44
popeynothing special23:44
hamitronit is over priced23:45
dogmatic69should be lower then, according to wiki sdt ssd's are about 1/2 to 1/3 lighter on juice23:45
dogmatic69but power ones are 2x heavier ...23:45
dogmatic69im out23:46
popeyyeah, nn23:46
dogmatic69thanks hamitron and co for advice :)23:46
hamitronpopey: what psu the machine got?23:46
dogmatic69hope things are not out dated by the time i dust my card off and checkout in the next few weeks23:46
popeya brick23:46
popeyits a laptop23:46
hamitronno specs? :/23:46
* popey grabs it23:47
popeyjeez, my eyesight23:47
dogmatic69ebyer fail : "Password cannot be longer than 12 characters"23:48
hamitronI guess the motherboard has bits to consider also23:48
popey40W apparently23:49
hamitronthis is a netbook? ;/23:49
popey19V @ 2.1A23:49
hamitronmy laptop puts more power than that through my pride and joy23:49
hamitronI'd just try it tbh23:50
ali1234that sounds really wrong23:50
* hamitron notes that popey 's netbook will leave all his comps behind23:51
popeyits wifeys23:51
popeynot mine23:51
hamitronthat makes it worse23:51
popeyheh, she never uses it now23:52
popeythat's why I'm souping it up and getting it back23:52
popeyits got xp on it too, so that's going to go23:52
popeyshe used it for work23:52
popeybut has changed jobs to a place where she wont need it23:52
hamitronwell, let me know if you sell the old hdd23:53
* popey looks around at some hard disks23:53
* StevenR has an awesome little 1.8"/120GB disk for rescues/etc 23:53
popey☺ sweet23:54
hamitronI fancy having a little drive, USB 3.023:54
hamitronI guess USB 2.0 would be fine too23:55
StevenRpopey: I used a KVM-VM to boot from an iso and install on the USB disk, passed through as a "SCSI" disk to the VM :)23:55
hamitronI only keep saying 3.0 because I wanna use my new ports ><23:55
popeythats handy23:55
StevenRthough it works fine with a real machine, took it into work and used a server in the lab to boot it to make sure23:55
hamitronwhat is performance like?23:56
StevenRit's ok. running it as a VM kinda sucked23:57
StevenRbut natively, it's just a usb2 disk, so it's pretty slick.23:57
StevenRit's... lower-end laptop quick I guess.23:57
StevenR(modern lower end)23:58
hamitronk :)23:58
hamitronI love the idea of it23:58
StevenRit's portable. and runs off one usb port23:58
hamitronjsut I am often too lazy to reboot my main comp23:58
hamitronso not sure how often I'd use such a toy23:58
StevenRno wierdo "dual-A/mini-B" cable :)23:58

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