skyjumpersystem76 needs to go with the 3 button trackpad04:29
skyjumpernot sure how easy it'd be to give that up, switching from thinkpad04:30
ToyKeeperIf it has two buttons right next to each other, it's not too hard to press the crack between the buttons to middle-click by hitting both buttons simultaneously.07:29
ToyKeeperHowever, if it's designed like my netbook, as one continuous button surface with a rocker in the middle, pressing them at the same time is a pain.  :(07:31
joeyskyjumper: just email them about it15:09
joeyskyjumper: if they can build me a custom laptop (the original darter) they can put a 3 button mouse on something :-)15:09
FunnyLookinHatskyjumper, what up17:20
skyjumperwas that an auto-response17:21
skyjumperwas really quick17:21
FunnyLookinHatI'm a real person that really responds quickly... and then slowly.17:30
skyjumperyou should tell the system76 people to do a middle mouse button18:22
skyjumperthinkpad still does it, and is still useful in linux18:22
skyjumperthinkpad has it, rather18:23
FunnyLookinHatYeah it is useful...18:30
FunnyLookinHatBut I think they're going the Apple route... i.e. a multitouch trackpad with the best driver is ultimately better for most users.18:30
FunnyLookinHatI'd get rid of the middle mouse if I had consistent two-finger scrolling...18:30
skyjumperhmm, yeah, i might also18:30
FunnyLookinHatI have a Thinkpad too though18:30
skyjumperhope they don't "go apple" the same way ubuntu is trying to18:31
FunnyLookinHatI ultmately got it over a Sys76 because it had Optimus graphics... something I later realized would not work correctly - and I didn't need it.18:31
skyjumperi.e., abandon the entire concept of a linux power user18:31
skyjumperthe whole reason most of us use it18:31
FunnyLookinHatI'm not sure I know what you mean by "go apple" ?18:32
skyjumperremoving options, dumbing down interfaces18:32
FunnyLookinHatWell ultimately those are changes made by the Ubuntu dev council and Canonical18:32
FunnyLookinHatI'm still a Gnome 2 guy personally.18:32
FunnyLookinHatBut I think I'd switch if 11.04 wasn't so buggy w/ Unity on my current setup.18:33
skyjumperthey're also the new philosophy of Gnome 318:33
FunnyLookinHatNot much of a fan of Gnome 3 either.18:33
FunnyLookinHatThough I haven't really given either much effort.18:33
skyjumperi could rant about this for hours18:33
skyjumperbut in short, most of us just want a lot of control over the machine, without a lot of difficulty18:34
skyjumperand the open desktop deities don't seem to get that18:34
skyjumperi just associate the middle-button thing with having control18:35
FunnyLookinHatWell - then continue to purchase laptops with middle mouse buttons and configure everything to work correctly?  :D18:36
FunnyLookinHatThat's what I did.18:36
skyjumperor maybe try the two-finger thing18:36
FunnyLookinHatI used to have a mac18:49
FunnyLookinHatAnd two-finger was 10000x better.18:49
FunnyLookinHatUltimately, customizable multi-touch was the best thing.18:49
FunnyLookinHatI just never found a good enough driver for a touchpad on Linux to go with - though I've heard that the Sys76 touchpads are amazing.18:49
FunnyLookinHatThey pulled together a few community-developed drivers and got really great results.18:50
* ToyKeeper <3 the middle mouse button19:09
ToyKeeperI'd just be happy if they hadn't removed the coordinate calibration thing from the touchpad config tool.  My netbook is nigh-unusable if I enable touchpad scrolling, because it thinks the "edge" is the entire right half of the touchpad.19:11
ToyKeeper2-finger scrolling works on my thinkpad, but I never use it...  easier to move my thumb down to the right edge than to move my entire hand down to the touchpad.19:13
ToyKeeperPlus, it's a small thinkpad so there's barely enough room on the touchpad for two fingers.19:13
skyjumperToyKeeper: i didn't have much luck with the two-finger scrolling on thinkpad20:27
skyjumperscrolled way too fast and didn't detect the fingers accurately20:27

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