clintcgatorlug meeting ==> http://www.gatorlug.org/node/30714:06
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RoAkSoAxitnet7: ping17:31
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maxolasersquadThat ... feeling ... when you merge in the wrong branch. :(18:18
maxolasersquadFortunately everything but the merge had been pushed to remote.  Fhew!18:19
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mhall119um...just bzr revert20:05
maxolasersquadmhall119: It was git.  I'm not sure how to revert an entire merge in git.20:12
mhall119with bzr, "merge" makes the change to your working set, but not to your history20:13
mhall119you have to commit the merge to make it part of the history20:13
jamaltadoes anyone know why jaunty's gone from us.archive.ubuntu.com?22:25
jamaltathis seems really weird, since hardy's still in there22:25
jamaltanvm, jaunty was eol22:58
jamaltahardy's the lts release22:58
jamaltasilly me :)22:58

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