* JonathanD does a little dance.00:09
rmg51about time you posted something about fosscon00:11
JonathanDI know.00:11
teddy-dbearI thought you were broken00:12
JonathanDSee ya all in a few hours.02:59
jthanSure thing02:59
jthanSorry :-p03:00
jthanI just don't know what you're referring to03:00
JonathanDjthan: That I'll be back on here at 5 ish, thats all :)03:00
JonathanD18 to go.03:01
JonathanDthats it, we need more chairs.03:01
jthanAnyone else awake?03:28
jthanIf I didn't know any better I'd think you were lying to me03:33
rmg51morning JonathanD09:39
JonathanDStill 12209:48
rmg51you forgot the day countdown :-D09:51
JonathanDoh yes09:51
JonathanD5 days09:52
InHisNameJonathanD: if you have 140 chairs, you might get away with registering 160-170 and still not need to add any chairs due to no-shows.  Then if 133 really show up, it will look really full.09:52
JonathanDInHisName: there are only 70 chairs in each speaking area.09:53
JonathanDEven 120 will be VERY full.09:53
JonathanDCome one, come all to basekamp tonight to discuss it! ;)09:53
ChinnoDog morning12:37
rmg51morning ChinnoDog12:38
JonathanDMorning v2.13:06
ChinnoDogv2? I must be using a beta release13:09
andrewdarn bug, we'll have to reboot JonathanD again13:09
SamuraiAlbaGood bacon to all!13:10
x_hochiBisjeKTexting While Walking Is Now a Crime in Philadelphia http://ow.ly/5HWTd13:13
PennBotTitle: Texting While Walking Is Now a Crime in Philadelphia (at ow.ly)13:13
ChinnoDogI am forseeing a new market for head up displays13:21
JonathanDhow bout being on the phone while walking?13:22
ChinnoDogOr chewing gum while walking13:22
ChinnoDogPlaying video games while walking?13:22
ChinnoDogMight as well outlaw having your hands above your waist while walking and be done with it13:23
JonathanDhow bout we just outlaw walking?13:24
ChinnoDogThat would really be nipping this problem in the bud13:25
JonathanD"text while they walk without looking ahead."13:25
JonathanDthats not so bad.13:25
JonathanDif applied as written there13:25
ChinnoDogSo, android powered head up display? Who is going to make one?13:25
ChinnoDogMy phone already has an hdmi port13:26
ChinnoDogchorded keyboard can probably be implemented on screen so no other hardware needed besides display13:27
ChinnoDogMaking the cause illegal is kind of silly but I'm willing to play the game.13:30
ChinnoDogI would prefer that sanding in the street staring into traffic is illegal, but hey, whatever13:30
jedijfthat's actually very legal; called pedestrian right of way13:42
ChinnoDogSo, what are we making laws about then? hehe13:44
ChinnoDogLets just reduce the penalty for hitting a pedestrian that is not watching traffic13:44
JonathanDTo -$5013:47
ChinnoDogI can't agree with that. I'm occasionally an offender. haha13:48
ChinnoDogWhat amazes me is that after I put my phone down at the street corner and start crossing at the crosswalk when I have the right of way the people turning towards me get angry when I am looking at my phone. wtf?13:49
ChinnoDogI'm not going to move any faster or slower whether I'm looking at my phone, looking at them, or chatting with a friend13:50
JonathanDthinkgeek is sending stuff to fosscon.13:50
ChinnoDoghi lamalex14:52
andrewJonathanD: You forgot the / again16:02
ChinnoDogJonathanD: what are you counting?16:20
JonathanDfosscon regs16:20
ChinnoDogah. ic16:20
ChinnoDogIs there a projected number?16:20
JonathanDwe're going to sell out, almost for sure16:21
JonathanDwhich would be 14016:21
rmg51which means I can't come at the last moment16:29
JonathanDunless you bring a camping chair.16:29
teddy-dbearwhat about me?16:30
JonathanDYou can sit on the floor.16:30
teddy-dbearnot on your lap?16:30
JonathanDI'll be standing.16:30
teddy-dbearthat's ok,you can just hold me :-D16:31
teddy-dbearnow all I need is a way to get there16:32
JonathanDrmg51 should bring you.16:32
rmg51I still can't be sure about making it :P16:37
waltmanJonathanD: there might be some walk-ups, too, of course.16:48
JonathanDI hope they bring chairs.16:49
waltmanJonathanD: I'm assuming some percentage of attendees will be in the hallway track at any given time.16:49
rmg51andrew: fix PennBot19:40
ChinnoDogPennBot must be on a coffee break19:47
andrewwhy did you break him?19:54
rmg51it's all JonathanD's fault :-D19:54
andrewwow... that log was flying by fast19:55
andrewall dead now19:56
* andrew is giving it a few minutes to clear things up19:57
JonathanD9 left.20:37
andrew9 IRC windows?20:38
JonathanDfosscon spots.20:39
jedijfget the 'sold-out' banner ready! great job JonathanD20:43
JonathanDI just got a batch of funding. Going to see if I can secure more seats instead.20:44
JonathanDnot a LOT more because we're going to be packed as it is, but a few.20:44
rmg51@seen PennBot23:59

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