wrstcool Unit193 very cool00:03
Unit193First time for a somewhat lockdown, I just used gufw for internet limit :P00:11
wrstcool Unit19300:14
orangeninjahey any of you guys using irssi?02:52
Unit193orangeninja: Yeah, a few of us02:57
orangeninjaon a new install of xubuntu when I try to run it it says my TERM is not set.... I think iremember reading somewhere the commands to set it....03:06
Unit193orangeninja: What version of Xubuntu? I remember this in 10.10... http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=9953890&postcount=8 will fix it03:11
orangeninjathat did it brother!!! thanks03:15
Unit193I don't have a brother, only two sisters03:16
orangeninjaback in irssi! thanks Unit193 !03:20
Unit193orangeninja: Sure! Mine almost isn't irssi with the config I have set it up with :P03:22
orangeninjapost a screen shot of it.... I love looking at cool irssi configs. I am just not good enough to mess with that yet...03:25
Unit193It's just scripts and it isn't cool :P It's more a GUI than irssi.  I'm installing 10.10 now to see if it will happen again03:27
Unit193I can still give it if you REALLY want it (Here is my terminal when I open it http://ubuntuone.com/p/11MJ/ )03:30
orangeninjalooks good man, I like it03:34
orangeninjaoh it is up to you. you dont have to show me....lol.03:36
Unit193I'll give it, I'll just black out a few things ;)03:37
orangeninjaUnit193: it is cool. I like it..... I  started into linux by looking at the cool desktop screens...l.lol04:19
Unit193It gives me -1 geek cred ;)04:20
cyberangerorangeninja: and some of us are fimmilar with irssi, while using another client now04:20
* cyberanger 's irc client is telnet ;-)04:21
orangeninjalol cyberanger , what does that look like?04:21
orangeninjaohh your telneted into your chat from the internet right?04:22
Unit193I would love to try and connect with telnet, I would guess it would be a little harder04:22
cyberangerorangeninja: I was only joking about using telnet as an irc client04:22
cyberangerbut I do ssh into my server to use weechat04:22
Unit193BestBot lists it as a client04:23
cyberanger(which looks very much like irssi, just newer features irssi lacks & a user list on the right side)04:23
orangeninjalol one the reasons I was wanting to get a linux desktop was to run 24/7 and use my droid phone to chat with yall while i am away...04:23
cyberangerUnit193: yeah, understanding THAT MUCH about IRC is harder04:23
cyberangerWoot, ahead of expectations perhaps11:49
cyberangerI might have my live system for those intrested tonight11:49
cyberangerif not now ;-)11:49
wrstcool cyberanger I'm interested12:04
cyberangerwell, one hiccup in it, some part of the bootup is snagged12:08
wrstwell booting up is rather important :P12:33
cyberangerwrst: yeah, I thought so15:07
wrstbut other than that :)15:08
Xpistosyeah, i have my headless vbox working now15:34
oriasnow I want pizza >_<17:09
cyberangerorias: good programmer food, slide a twenty under the door, slide the pizza under the door18:04
Juzzythe hardest part about telnet irc18:09
Juzzyis you have to reply to the server's PING's back with the number they pass18:09
Juzzywithin a little bit, else you get disconnected18:10
Juzzyback in 2001-ish days when I wrote alot of mirc scripting18:10
Juzzyi wrote a http server etc, but i also made a whole headless ircbot18:11
Juzzykindof fun writting an irc client from a irc client18:11
Juzzynot nearly as ironic as the keygen i wrote for mirc using the mirc scripting language18:11

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