cjohnstondo be do be do00:15
cjohnstonmhall119: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/venues/United_States/13/update/   <-- try to edit that venue to show the state and see what happens for you please00:29
mhall119looks like it updated00:30
mhall119no errors00:30
cjohnstonTry to remove the , FL from the city00:30
mhall119takes me back to the form...00:32
mhall119no error, but obviously something went wrong00:32
cjohnstonthats the same issue i was having00:32
mhall119there's another Venue, same name, same street address, only "Tallahassee" instead of "Tallahassee, FL"00:34
cjohnstonmhall119: will {% ifequal url_base 'next_summit.name' %}current{% endifequal %} work?01:33
cjohnstonor not since it isnt going to know what next_summit.name is01:34
cjohnstonmhall119: where do you think today should go in the main nav01:46
mhall119hmmm, I forgot summit urls don't have a clean url heirarchy02:06
cjohnstonis there a wildcard?02:06
mhall119you'd have to change url_base to to add that02:07
cjohnstonand a with wouldnt work correct?02:07
cjohnstonwith next_summit.name as summit   {% ifequal url_base {{ summit }} %}02:08
cjohnstongot a new mp for you for summit ;-)02:08
mhall119too late, I'm working on LD now02:25
mhall119cjohnston: https://code.launchpad.net/~mhall119/loco-directory/setup-improvements/+merge/6832004:08
mhall119daker_: ^^ if you can take a look at that too, and try it out04:08
nigelbmhall119: you around?04:57
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coalwatermorning cjohnston11:18
cjohnstonhey coalwater11:18
cjohnstonYoBoY: ping11:31
YoBoYmorning cjohnston11:36
cjohnstonYoBoY: I'm going to work with hauts to convince you to learn python11:36
YoBoYwell i'm already convinced, the problem is not i don't want to, the problem is i don't have time to help :'(11:37
YoBoYi need a time dilatation machine :]11:37
cjohnstonme too11:38
cjohnstonyaili: Any idea on the eta of the new web guidelines?12:04
yailicjohnston: not really, sorry :( hopefully soon12:05
cjohnston:-) Thanks12:05
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mhall119cjohnston: did you get a chance to look at my LD setup-improvements MP?16:11
dakermhall119, have you seen my comment on it ?16:41
mhall119ok, easy fix16:43
mhall119I added python2.6 and python-virtualenv to the depends make target16:44
dakerand the second part ?16:44
mhall119looks like python2.6-dev is also needed, let me add that16:46
mhall119ok, added16:47
mhall119btw, make check currently doesn't pass all the tests, I know about that, those will be fixed in other MPs16:51
mhall119daker: did you make clean after the earlier failures?18:09
dakerhmm no18:09
mhall119try that, it looks like it's skipping the virtualenv setup, probably because a half-setup virtualenv directory was created earlier18:10
dakermhall119, what's the order of the commands ?18:10
mhall119"make clean" first, do get rid of any half-baked stuff18:11
mhall119then "make init" to setup your virtualenv and initialize the database18:12
mhall119from there you have a choice, you can "make test" to just run the test suite18:12
mhall119or "make run" to run the django server18:12
dakerok i am on the right way18:12
mhall119there's also 2 commands to load data, "make lp" pulls the team data only from launchpad, "make like" pulls live data from production18:12
mhall119sorry, "make live" not "make like"18:14
dakeri know ツ18:17
dakerit works18:17
dakerone more more  thing, for me the port 8000 is already used for another dev server, is there any way to passe the port using make like : make run 8800 or i need to do it manually mhall119 ?18:19
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mhall119daker_: I'll have to learn more about make to know19:45
dakercjohnston, what's the status of this https://code.launchpad.net/~chrisjohnston/loco-directory/remove-admin/+merge/63423 ?19:58
mhall119daker_: "Needs information", i'm not sure why we're removing it19:59

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