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RAOF(Sung to the tune of KAAAAAAAAAAAAHN!)05:03
brycehRAOF, bug 812665 seems to be due to some symlink of /usr/share/doc/xorg05:31
ubot4Launchpad bug 812665 in xorg (Ubuntu) "package xorg 1:7.6 7ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/share/doc/xorg', which is also in package xserver-xorg 1:7.6 7ubuntu2 (affects: 18) (dups: 13) (heat: 112)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81266505:31
RAOFbryceh: Ah.  I saw than on this morning's upgrade, but Jason didn't.05:32
RAOFSo I wasn't sure it wasn't a local issue.05:33
brycehyeah I noticed my graph spiked with a bunch of reports against xorg05:33
brycehlooks like a stealth bug...  doesn't crop up after you upload it, only on the upload after that ;-)05:35
brycehwhich may be why debian hasn't hit it - they haven't updated yet05:35
RAOFDo you know what's wrong, or would you like me to wrangle it?05:36
* RAOF wonders whether his git pull is going to finish at some point.05:37
brycehone nice thing though is I can see from the spread of bug reports, that some people still aren't getting xdiagnose installed for some reason05:39
brycehbut when they do have it, at least the apport hooks are working properly05:39
RAOFThat doesn't quite explain it, though?05:45
brycehyeah there's more commits05:45
brycehbut I think some sort of transition/conflicts is needed or something05:46
RAOFOoooh, sneaky!05:48
RAOFI think it's the space-saving auto-doc linker that's breaking things.05:48
brycehmaybe something needs added in xserver-xorg.postrm.in?05:49
brycehbbiab; hear a little man calling for a dada05:49
RAOFGo go!05:49
brycehspace-saving auto-doc linker ?05:55
brycehoh the deep pitti magic?05:56
brycehthat's a better explanation why debian doesn't have the bug...  ok, since I'm well outside eod would you mind following up with him to find a solution?05:57
RAOFDoing so right now in -desktop :{05:57
RAOFHave fun being dad!05:58
brycehboy, I tell you now that he can get out of his crib himself it ups the stakes quite a bit06:17
tjaaltonbryceh: not mad, just grumpy :) and now it seems i've no reason to get grumpy in the future, if i keep forgetting to push the changes myself, meh06:18
tjaaltoni'll check my laptop if it has the tree06:19
brycehtjaalton, also the xorg push from this morning broke stuff06:19
brycehactually, wasn't that push's fault, but the one before06:20
brycehor something... pitti and raof debugging it on ubuntu-desktop presently06:20
tjaaltonyeah i noticed06:21
RAOFtjaalton: git blames you for this, by the way :P06:21
tjaaltonRAOF: of course it does :)06:21
RAOFBut 2007-you.06:22
RAOFIn 2007 you added some foo to symlink the doc directories to x11-common.  Now, xserver-xorg wants to ship files in /usr/share/doc/xorg…06:23
tjaaltonI did that? sounds weird, but won't argue until i get to see the history myself :)06:24
RAOFMy thinking is that we let pkgbinarymangler handle the doc symlinking and drop that diff from Debian.  After the next LTS, 'cause we need to remove those symlinks in preinst.06:24
RAOF+ -- Timo Aaltonen <tepsipakki@ubuntu.com>  Sun, 28 Oct 2007 13:36:40 -0400 in 4ad13bf6 :)06:25
tjaaltonmaybe i just sponsored it06:25
RAOFIt's entirely possible.06:25
tjaaltonton of changes that day, probably just moving them to git from the previous version06:33
tjaaltonbryceh: doesn't look like my laptop has the current synaptics branch, so either wait two weeks or "break" it now :P06:35
tjaaltonand iMve no idea how to make my phone work as a bluetooth modem, it used to work at some point06:36
brycehtjaalton, ok; I ended up not having anything to upload at the moment anyway06:36
tjaaltonbryceh: ah, ok06:36
brycehtjaalton, looked like it only needed s/UNRELEASED/oneiric/06:36
RAOFIf you're trying it on oneiric, good luck!  Bluetooth is entirely borked for me.06:36
tjaaltonyeah, meh06:36
brycehtjaalton, I figure we gotta rule out chase's MT patches now before upstreaming input bugs, so I rolled up a ppa omitting those for folks to test.  we'll see how that goes.06:37
tjaaltonRAOF: indeed, natty was equally broken for me06:37
RAOFWhereas natty worked wonderfully for me.06:38
tjaaltonbryceh: nice06:38
RAOFFor both the magic touchpad, and bluetooth pairing with my phone.06:38
tjaaltonnice, gnome-shell hung while trying to pair them06:39
tjaaltonunity does't start06:39
tjaaltonoh it does06:44
tjaaltonha, 'apt-get install bluetooth-dun' on my phone, and now it works :)06:56
RAOFOn your phone?  What is this, an N900? :)06:57
tjaaltondoesn't do DUN ootb, which was a bit of a surprise06:58
brycehthinking about all the bugs lacking apport information because xdiagnose wasn't installed...19:06
jcristaukees: did you have any other pending X patches?19:06
jcristauah, the Xlib stuff.19:06
brycehI'm wondering if either xdiagnose needs to be a depends, or if the reporters simply hadn't upgraded since xdiagnose entered main.19:07
jcristaubut looks like that's being handled19:07
keesjcristau: yeah, I need to address the issues with that19:07
keesjcristau: I had an xhost change too that hasn't been committed, I don't think.19:07
jcristauright, just found that one19:07
kees(I had 3 patches: xclipboard, xhost, and the macro fix-up)19:08
jcristauTo git.freedesktop.org:/git/xorg/app/xhost19:09
jcristau   29215ba..24685cf  master -> master19:09
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mpoirierAll, I have a snowball board booting ubuntu and the graphics comes up with max resolution and color depth.  But i know for a fact the driver isn't reading the EDID. 21:43
mpoirierHow can X figure out the perfect graphic settings ?21:43
brycehmpoirier, more info plz21:53
mpoirierI'd like to but I'm very green when it comes to graphics.21:54
mpoirierI guess hte real question would be, how does X figure the best settings when booting ?21:55
jcristauit asks the monitor21:55
mpoirierdoesn't rely on the kernel for that ?21:56
mpoirierok, that's interesting. pls expand.21:56
brycehmpoirier, probably best if you hit google21:56
jcristauon kms that asking goes through the kernel21:56
mpoirierand what's the non-kernel way ?21:57
jcristauhw poking21:57
mpoirierjcristau: you mean trail and error ?21:57
jcristauessentially the same thing as the kms case except you're doing it in the userspace X driver instead21:58
mpoirierhumm... then it's must be using an i2c bus to read the edid.21:59
mpoirierjcristau: is this something you can confirm ?22:00
jcristauin many cases, yes.22:02
mpoirieris there another way ?22:03
mpoirierI'm insisting 'cause I know i2c0 is not configured and proven to be dead.22:04
mpoirieri2c0 is the bus hooked to the hdmi controller.22:04
jcristauon a laptop you can probe the bios instead22:06
jcristaufor hdmi probably not so much22:06
mpoirierand this board is running uboot.22:06
jcristaubut i'm pretty sure edid is mandatory on hdmi, so..22:06
mpoirierok, something somewhere is happening for sure...22:07
jcristauanyway.  read your driver's code?22:07
mpoirierI have :o)22:07
mpoirierand the ioctl returning fix and variable monitor info return bogus values.22:07
mpoirieryou've help me a lot.22:08
mpoirierI don't think you can do more.22:08
mpoirierjcristau: thanks for your time.22:08

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