superflymorning sakhi05:58
Symmetriahaha so like, I was cranking some music this morning, so my neighbor comes knocking on the door and I'm like, shit, he's come to moan at me about the volume, so I open the door and he's like, mannnn I aint heard that shit in years, can I get a copy?!05:59
nuvolarikbmonkey: ping06:07
nuvolarimorning everyone06:10
superflymorning nuvolari06:29
nuvolariKilos: môre oom07:20
Kilosmore nuvolari  het jy gewen?07:20
Kiloshi superfly 07:21
superflyhi Kilos07:21
nuvolariKilos: nee oom, ek sal vanaand weer probeer07:21
nuvolarididn't have enough time and it got late07:21
Kilosyes when pc goes slow like that it takes forever to find an fix a prob07:22
Kiloswas always easier to format and reinstall07:22
Kilosmorning MxG 07:23
MxGgood morning07:23
nuvolariexactly oom Kilos 07:28
nuvolaribut I need to back up my dad's data07:28
Kilosnuvolari, did you get what i said last night above add/removing07:29
Kilosoh ok07:29
* nuvolari checks07:39
Kiloshi Tonberry 07:40
nuvolariKilos: oh, to find the app and remove that?07:40
nuvolariKilos: ja nee oom... dis 'n mission, cursor moves 100px then freezes for ~8 seconds07:41
Kiloshi professorX 07:43
professorXHi guys...Missed yesterdays IRC meeting07:43
nuvolariMaaz: ask kbmonkey whether his openbox also runs high CPU cycles07:44
Maaznuvolari: Got it, I'll ask kbmonkey on freenode07:44
KilosprofessorX, dont you get mails from our lists07:48
Maazkbmonkey: By the way, nuvolari on freenode told me "ask kbmonkey whether his openbox also runs high CPU cycles" 4 minutes and 13 seconds ago07:48
kbmonkeynope nuvolari it runs very low actually07:49
Kiloshi kbmonkey 07:49
kbmonkeyhello Kilos!07:50
* kbmonkey is drinking a banana smoothie07:50
kbmonkeyhi there professorX 07:51
kbmonkeyfor interest there are minutes of the meet at http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2011-07-18-17-35-25.html07:52
kbmonkeyMaaz, tell nuvolari for uptime of 9 days, average cpu usage for openbox sits at 0% (ps -o '%cpu' -C openbox)07:59
Maazkbmonkey: Got it, I'll tell nuvolari on freenode07:59
kbmonkeylove dilbert :)08:00
inetprogood morning08:05
Kilosmorning inetpro 08:05
kbmonkeyhi inetpro 08:05
inetproheh Kilos08:05
inetprokbmonkey: thanks for the link to the minutes08:05
inetprohi kbmonkey08:05
* inetpro noticed some very interesting new nicknames during the meeting08:06
inetproseems like some guys are seriously lost :-)08:07
Kilosand never found08:07
kbmonkeyapie wasnt there though08:08
Kiloshe is not a nag apie08:08
kbmonkeytime to get back to my task list. play nicely now :]08:11
Kilosya ya08:12
superflybah, he left08:57
superflyMaaz: tell kbmonkey what's your username on ubuntu-za.org ?08:57
Maazsuperfly: Righto, I'll tell kbmonkey on freenode08:57
joshua__hi people :)12:18
nuvolarihi jo<tab>13:03
Maaznuvolari: By the way, kbmonkey on freenode told me "tell nuvolari for uptime of 9 days, average cpu usage for openbox sits at 0% (ps -o '%cpu' -C openbox)" 5 hours, 3 minutes and 33 seconds ago13:03
* nuvolari shakes head.13:03
nuvolaripeople that quit after 1 breath13:03
nuvolariMaaz: tell kbmonkey thanks. Any issues when setting up? I still have the issue :-/13:04
Maaznuvolari: Sure, I'll tell kbmonkey on freenode13:04
apieI installed Openbox as the default with the distro so there was no setup issues nuvolari 13:09
apiedoes it run with a constant high cpu %?13:09
apieand is this on Ubuntu?13:10
apieHave a poke around this bug report, it's incomplete, perhaps they could use the info - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/74687513:12
apiealso check what is in your .config/openbox/autostart.sh file, if a subprocess might be an issue13:13
Symmetriaits really quite amazing what percentage of connects to mirror.ac.za are sourceforge and mozilla combined13:47
Symmetriaholy crap, does no one at stellenbosch do ANY work13:50
SymmetriaI just looked at the number of facebook.com dns queries coming through on a per second basis13:50
Symmetria13 queries a second outta stellenbosch for facebook.com and sub hosts13:51
queerySymmetria, remember everyone just got back from holiday14:28
queerymost of them did not have internet at home14:29
queeryand is to dumb to use there phones14:29
drubinSymmetria: holy cow.. and clients generally cache dns queries ;/ holy cow!14:43
Symmetriaheh the number of dns queries we do per second to stuff like mirror.ac.za is also pretty damn scary14:45
Symmetriamirror.ac.za takes 50 to 60 hits a second at the moment14:45
Symmetriaand peaks at 200 hits a second when mozilla does a release14:46
Kiloshey Symmetria 14:46
KilosMaaz, coffee on14:46
* Maaz flips the salt-timer14:46
KilosMaaz, move it14:49
MaazDon't rush me Kilos . Making decent coffee is an art14:49
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!14:50
KilosMaaz, ty14:50
MaazEnjoy Kilos14:50
queeryMaaz, botsnack14:55
Maazqueery: :-)14:55
=== apie is now known as kbmonkey
Kilosdag apie 15:00
kbmonkeyMaaz, coffee please15:00
Maazkbmonkey: There isn't a pot on15:00
Maazkbmonkey: By the way, superfly on freenode told me "tell kbmonkey what's your username on ubuntu-za.org ?" 6 hours, 2 minutes and 31 seconds ago15:00
Maazkbmonkey: By the way, nuvolari on freenode told me "tell kbmonkey thanks. Any issues when setting up? I still have the issue :-/" 1 hour, 55 minutes and 57 seconds ago15:00
Kilosblerry ding is weg met die vrugte15:00
kbmonkeyhe he15:00
kbmonkeyis nuvolari around?15:01
Kilosping him15:03
kbmonkeyMaaz, coffee on15:03
* Maaz flips the salt-timer15:03
Kilosor poke him15:03
Kiloswith a sharp stick15:04
KilosMaaz, coffee please15:04
MaazKilos: Sure15:04
MaazCoffee's ready for kbmonkey and Kilos!15:07
KilosMaaz, dankie man15:08
MaazGroot plesier my vriend15:08
kbmonkeyha ha sure I'll try that Kilos 15:08
kbmonkeythanks Maaz 15:08
kbmonkeyMaaz, dankie my vriend15:08
Maazkbmonkey: Sorry...15:08
kbmonkeyhy like nie apies vandag nie15:08
Kilosek dink daai thunderbird prob is reg15:09
Kilosaptitude reinstall 15:09
kbmonkeythunderbird probleem?15:12
Kilosdaai een van langjan15:13
Kilosmet die snaakse karacters wat gedooi het15:14
Kilosdie ballie kry bietjie swaar. kinders is daar vir die week om te groet voor hulle vertrek os toe15:15
kbmonkeyoh ja? moet seker lekker wees om bietjie met die family te wees15:16
queery_not again15:23
=== queery_ is now known as queery
Symmetriayou got disconnected? thats odd15:23
Symmetriasince you're on the same network as I am 15:23
Symmetriaand I stayed stable15:23
queeryno I swiched from wifi to wired15:25
queeryhehe and there was a VPN involved15:25
Symmetriaaaahh ok :) was worried for a second :P15:25
queeryhehe sorry ;-P15:26
Symmetriabecause nothing showed up on my alert system15:26
queeryhehe thanx for taking care of us15:26
queeryoh btw apparently its a major hack to get mirrors.ac.za for free for us15:26
queeryor sosaid IT today15:26
Symmetria*snort* Im not gonna comment on that setup at sun15:28
Symmetriabilling students for bandwidth based on volume has always been something I've been rather opposed to 15:28
queeryso are we15:28
queerybelieve me15:28
Symmetriaheh, you know how many times I get asked if we charge universities by volume15:29
Symmetriaand the answer is always the same, no no and no 15:29
queerybut they are scared they wont be able to pay you15:29
queeryI know15:29
Symmetriaheh, dude, the thing is, if they cut the price they'd have higher usage and pull the same revenue 15:29
Symmetriaand the after hours traffic on the graphs clearly shows this15:29
Symmetriathe cut rate traffic at stellenbosch is *WAY* higher than the during hours traffic15:29
queerythey are also scared the firewall wont handle it15:30
queerythey don't want massive traffic during the day15:30
queerybut yea15:31
queeryany way15:31
queerylet me get back to work15:31
Symmetriaqueery LOL, they have soooo much capacity available 15:47
Symmetriathey may as well use it15:47
queerySymmetria, ok that wasn't me16:18
queerySymmetria, if they let every student pay R35/month they can give us uncaped ;-P 16:48
queeryand that would mean that the staff don't have to pay for ne16:48
queerycan you throttle torrenting at your end?16:52
Symmetriawe could yes, though we'd resist doing so16:53
SymmetriaI dont believe in throttling :P 16:53
queeryI ment only for our traffic16:54
queerybut to keep us from overwelming the network16:54
Symmetriadude, you have so much free capacity16:54
Symmetriait would be hard to overwhelm it16:54
Symmetriaand charge everyone 50 bux instead of 35 and get double the international16:54
queeryhaha you don't know students16:54
Symmetriaqueery you know that wits doesnt block that shit?16:54
Symmetriaand doesnt charge and doesnt quota :P16:55
queerybut how does there billing work?16:55
Symmetriathey dont charge 16:55
Symmetriaat all16:55
queeryso free for all16:55
Symmetriaand their bandwidth graphs are pretty healthy16:55
queerydo they have the same kinda line as we have16:55
Symmetriaheh, doesnt matter, they still arent using as much capacity as is available on your line16:56
Symmetriadude, stellenbosch has a gigabit circuit in there, and like, 150+ meg of international, look at their utilization16:56
queeryI know16:56
queeryquestion is if our firewall would be able to handle that kind of traffic16:57
queerybut they are looking at new ones16:57
queerythen agaiin16:57
SymmetriaLOL, upgrade the damn thing 16:57
queeryif there is no billing the firewall would not have that big an issue16:57
Symmetriaif it WONT handle, wtf is going to happen when we install the 10G link?16:57
queerymy point exactly16:57
Tonberrythey are putting the buying of a new firewall through their entire bureaucratic process16:58
Tonberryso it could take years...16:58
queeryalso true16:59
queerybut take off the builling and this firewall would do fine16:59
queerydon't you think?16:59
Symmetriaheh, I doubt it, thats a very old firewall17:00
Symmetriaheh, dude, that firewall was designed to handle things way before the gigabit era17:00
Tonberryit wont survive 10g17:00
Tonberrybut without billing it should be fine on 117:00
Tonberryi think17:01
Tonberryit suvived 600mb17:01
Tonberrythen again17:01
Tonberrywho knows17:01
queeryis wits al aan die gang?17:01
queerywhat was there peak Symmetria 17:02
Symmetriaheh in tests I've done through wits firewall we've hit over a gig17:05
Symmetriathe normally peak at around 500 - 600 17:05
Symmetriaheh, wits traffic itself on the circuit *COULD* go as high as 10gig, but I've never actually seen them use more than around 500 - 600 at peak usage 17:06
queeryTonberry, whats our peak17:06
Symmetria(we have a backbone node at wits, so *TECHNICALLY* there is like, 50 gig of bandwidth into the wits server room, but we only hand off a single 10G to wits itself)17:07
Tonberryhavn't checked in a while17:07
Symmetriaactually, lemme check how much bandwidth actually runs into wits 17:07
queerywhat 50 gig!17:07
Symmetria*hrm* there are 140gig worth of interfaces on the wits router that are up, 2 of which are internal 10G links, so 120gig 17:08
Symmetriaon the core router 17:08
Symmetriathough you can discount half of those for client shit, so probably around 50gig of actual backbone bandwidth17:08
* queery faints17:08
Symmetriaheh, pretoria has another 30gig17:09
Symmetriacapetown has 40 or 5017:09
Symmetriaport elizabeth has 2017:09
Symmetriadurban has 4017:09
Symmetriaeast london has 2017:09
Symmetriabloemfontein has 2017:09
queeryso wtf don't the varsity want us to do this?17:09
queerystarting a survey17:10
queeryI swear17:10
Symmetriaqueery hehe in total aggregate circuit capacity on the network17:10
queeryok after my thesis17:10
Symmetriawith all client circuits and backbone circuits combined17:10
Symmetriawe're pushing around 400 - 500 gigabit/second 17:10
Symmetriainfact we may have already passed the half a terabit mark17:10
queeryand internationally?17:10
Symmetria:p and from early next year we'll go from 10G international to 20G international17:10
Symmetriaand that will expand by 2014 to 50 gig international 17:11
* queery is so pissed that he is finishing his degree this year17:11
Symmetria(infact if I succeed, it will go way beyond 50, but 50 by 2014 or 2015 is pretty much guaranteed)17:11
Symmetriaqueery heh, have I ever shown you the speed I can transfer single files from london to .za at?17:11
queeryyou have not17:11
Symmetriathis is a 1gig test file17:13
Symmetriaof uncompressable data17:13
Symmetriatsunami> get test.zzz17:13
SymmetriaTransfer complete. Flushing to disk and signaling server to stop...17:13
SymmetriaPC performance figure : 0 packets dropped (if high this indicates receiving PC overload)17:13
SymmetriaTransfer duration     : 10.86 seconds17:13
SymmetriaFinal file rate       : 761.99 Mbps17:13
* queery faints again17:14
SymmetriaLOL and thats only using 7% of the international capacity17:14
queerythere goes the pidgin test theory17:14
Symmetriaheh, if I do that using ram disks17:14
Symmetriainstead of harddrives 17:14
SymmetriaTransfer duration     : 6.61 seconds17:14
SymmetriaFinal file rate       : 1250.69 Mbps17:14
Symmetriaqueery LOL wait, will show u other incredibleness17:15
queeryI have to work17:15
Symmetriapeople often go, thats just on your backbone17:15
Symmetriawatch this...17:15
Symmetriahold :) its transferring something quick17:16
queeryis your network gay, i'd like to marry it...17:16
Symmetriaaalston@ub-server-2:~/temp$ wget -4 -O /dev/null ftp://ftp.belnet.be/debian-cd/
Symmetria2011-07-19 19:17:26 (53.8 MB/s) - `/dev/null' saved [679886848]17:17
Symmetriathats straight off the internet :P17:17
Symmetriaand thats using less than 0.1% of the capacity on our internet circuits 17:17
Symmetriaheh in actual capacity to the internet we have a total of 70gig and thats expanding  to 80 shortly17:18
Symmetriaif I add up all the peering/transit circuits17:18
Symmetriaqueery heh, the TENET network has the *ONLY* single aggregated 10gig circuit into africa at the moment as far as I know, unless someone turned up one recently17:18
SymmetriaI.S/Neotel/Mweb etc, are all running 2.5gig or multiple 2.5gig circuits17:18
queeryso that's a no on the marriage 17:19
SymmetriaMTZ-UB1#show interfaces pos3/0/017:19
SymmetriaPOS3/0/0 is up, line protocol is up  (APS working - active)17:19
Symmetria  Hardware is Packet over Sonet17:19
Symmetria  Description: STM64 Durban -> London | SEACOM  LN4/MTZ/64C/001/M | protection17:19
Symmetria  MTU 9216 bytes, BW 9584000 Kbit, DLY 100 usec,17:19
Symmetriaheh direct circuit to London17:19
Symmetria 30 second input rate 1305078000 bits/sec, 155860 packets/sec17:20
Symmetria  30 second output rate 607534000 bits/sec, 118130 packets/sec17:20
Symmetriaat 13% utilization :P17:20
queeryisn't it going to wast17:20
Symmetria     19792932660 packets input, 20902806879257 bytes, 0 no buffer17:20
Symmetria:P someone work that out in gigabytes17:20
Symmetriasince last counter reset17:20
Symmetriaqueery heh, its bought as a single once off capex purchase, we dont pay anything if we use it or dont use it17:20
queerywith people like the varsity not using it to its full capacity17:20
Symmetriaheh its doing around 19 terabytes of data a day :P17:21
BarcoThat's a few libraries for you ;)17:21
Symmetriaqueery heh, the thing is, there are economics involved, the universities pay for international bandwidth on a per megabit/second/month basis because we have to recover the cost of what we paid fo that circuit17:21
Symmetriaqueery heh, I can give you other scary stats :P17:22
Symmetriaour network to our varsities from our local serving system (NOT coming over the international line) serves 7 terabytes a day of youtube :P17:22
Symmetriaactually, I lie, its about 11 terabytes a day17:22
queerybut some of that is already cached17:23
Symmetriaheh, we run at between 70 and 150 hits a second to mirror.ac.za 17:23
Symmetriaqueery heh, its still an INSANE amount of youtube :P17:23
queeryit is17:23
queeryok I have 40 min to do 2 days worth of work17:23
Symmetriaqueery not to mention that around 11% of total web urls browsed end in facebook.com17:23
Symmetriadunno how much that amounts to in traffic, but not much17:24
Symmetriathere are more hits to facebook.com though than to google.com17:24
queerywell before facebook it was porn17:24
Symmetriaqueery LOL I refuse to run the porn stats :P17:24
Symmetriabecause Im scared of what I would find :P17:24
queeryit's less than facebook17:24
queeryI can assure you17:24
Symmetriaheh maybe in hits17:24
SymmetriaIm not so sure in traffic volumes :P[17:25
Symmetriafacebook isnt bandwidth heavy, porn is :P17:25
queeryoh true17:25
queeryyou'd know ;P17:25
Symmetriahahaha no I have beetter things to use bandwidth for17:25
Symmetriawho needs porn, go make your own17:25
Symmetriaanyway Im off to read books and chill :) later man17:26
queeryI was talking about that litle porn site of yours ;P17:26
Symmetriadude if I ran a porn site17:26
SymmetriaI'd be driving an aston martin17:26
Symmetriainstead of a bmw17:26
queeryyou would have the best speed?17:26
SymmetriaI have expensive car tastes17:26
Symmetria:P later man 17:26
highvoltageSymmetria: wow that makes you so unique!17:28
Symmetriahighvoltage lol no what makes me a little more unique is that I have no impulse control and keep spending 2 much bloody money buying cars lol and then wondering why Im broke :P17:29
highvoltageyeah the rest of the world obviously has very good control and don't overspend at all.17:31
Kilosevening all17:32
superflyKilos: hiya17:32
Kilosone question. i am using xchat. will having 4 channels open here use more data than only one?17:33
Kilosthe connection to freenode used over a meg this morning. all else was closed17:35
Kilosmaybe is weechat lighter17:35
superflyKilos: no, all IRC clients will use the same amount of data17:36
Kilosty superfly 17:36
superflyKilos: but having more than one channel will use more data too17:36
Symmetriadepends how busy those channels are as well17:37
Kilosi tried to get jedirc on the fone but it opened a normal website and that sucks on a fone17:37
SymmetriaI mean, 10 channels where hardly anyone says anything is gonna use very little data17:37
Symmetria5 very busy channels (like trivia channels) can actually use a fair bit17:37
Kilosright i will close others17:37
Symmetriamy irc logs over the last 2 years are something like 45gig big 17:38
Symmetriakilos, its still negligable amounts of data17:38
Symmetrianothing thats going to really have any effect on anything17:38
Barcoany ubuntu talk scheduled in the house tonight?17:38
Symmetriaheh, kilos put it this way, running an efnet irc server with 65k users on the network uses less than 3mbit/second of constant bandwidth17:38
Kilosty Symmetria but it all adds up17:38
Kiloshi Barco do you need help?17:38
Symmetriainfact it normally sits at about half a megabit/second17:39
superflySymmetria: when you've someone like Kilos who lives on other people's donations, every KB counts17:39
BarcoI need help with ltsp on Edubuntu 17:39
superflyBarco: highvoltage knows a bit about that17:39
KilosBarco, state your problem and someone will help you17:40
Symmetriakilos, lol, I'm in almost 80 channels across 7 different networks, and only doing 45gig in 3 years, thats 1.25gigs a month, if you divide that by 20 to get to 4 channels you're using 62.5meg a month, and thats if you're in some very very busy channels :)17:40
Symmetriasuperfly true, but I doubt those 4 channels are eating more than 20 or 30 meg a month :)17:40
BarcoNeed help getting terminals customised 17:40
Barcowant to get rid of unity and add a default homepage to Firefox(loaded as local app)17:41
Kiloslol. Symmetria  there can be noone chatting here but iftop shows the freenode connection using data all the time17:42
Barcoinformation I found on the web is quite sketchy - any good command reference anyone can recommend?17:43
KilosBarco, just be patient someone who knows what you need to do will help as soon as they get a chance17:43
Kilosbut welcome to ubuntu-za17:43
Symmetriakilo, you will pick up more background traffic on the internet than freenode idle traffic :P17:44
BarcoThanx Kilos, I will do. 17:44
KilosSymmetria, is there a way to stop the background traffic and just get whats going in and out here17:46
Kilosthats only a few K's a day17:47
highvoltageBarco: howdy17:48
BarcoHi, Highvoltage17:49
highvoltageBarco: if you want classic desktop instead of unity for ltsp you can put this in your lts.conf file:17:49
highvoltageLDM_XSESSION="gnome-session --session=classic-gnome"17:49
highvoltageBarco: for firefox, chech /etc/mozilla-firefox/pref/firefox.js, you can set system-wide firefox settings there17:50
highvoltageBarco: you could get the LTSP manual here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ltsp/files/Docs-Admin-Guide/LTSPManual.pdf/download17:51
BarcoThanx for your advice! first time I see the manual17:52
BarcoAny advice on optimising performance on clients? Network seems to drag. 17:54
Barcorunning 1GB server lan and 100mbps on clients but some seem sluggish 17:55
highvoltageBarco: yep, somewhere int he manual it should say something about LDM_DIRECTX17:57
highvoltageBarco: enabling that greatly increases performance17:57
Barcothat's great I'll go read the manual before asking more about ltsp  ;)18:01
Barcothanks Highvoltage18:01
highvoltageBarco: feel free to ask anytime. the manual should be pretty comprehensive though. there's also an #edubuntu and #ltsp channel you could use18:03
Barcobeen on the ltsp channel - not much activity there. might have been there wrong time. 18:05
Barcowhen will the edubuntu&ltsp channels have a meet like this. 18:06
KilosBarco, you can join those channels from here18:06
Kilos type in /j ltsp18:07
Kilosand the #edubuntu channels has 28 peepps there right now18:09
Kilosyou will most likely find someone online there at any time18:09
BarcoI'll load up a bigger browser using blackberry now18:10
Kilossorry thats should be /j #ltsp18:10
Kiloseish sorry man18:10
Kilosnight everyone. sleep tight18:46
nuvolarilo everyone18:51
nuvolarikbmonkey: ping18:51
nuvolariooh, all of a sudden my cpu usage is down \o/18:54

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