ukuku_Ok, is there a way to get the latest stable version 4.x instead of 3.3 from repo?00:00
iceroot!backports | ukuku_00:00
ubottuukuku_: If new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging00:00
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ukuku_Iceroot, I appreciate. I will take you advice and follow the instructions. Thank you.00:01
ukuku_*I appreciate it.00:01
icerootukuku_: you are welcome00:01
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HaPK_PerCarI recently installed ubuntustudio 11.04 on this PC, but there's something bothering me... I don't know how to activate all the extra visual effects. tweaking things in ccms didn't work. can someone help me?00:03
ActionParsnipsanjid: please don't away like that in future. Thanks00:03
tucemiuxHaPK_PerCar: can you go to #ubuntustudio please ?00:03
ActionParsnipHaPK_PerCar: did you run:  compiz --replace00:03
aleb89KM0201: Thanks anyway !00:03
MagicJI need to see what an eMal client is not authenticating so I downloaded wireshark, it installed. The "interface list" is empty. Do I need to do something to make them visible00:04
KM0201aleb89: yeah, i'm not reallys ure on that one, weird problem00:04
Einderanyone know how to run dual head in 10.4 LTS?00:04
HaPK_PerCarActionParsnip, um no, let me try that00:04
ActionParsnip!dualhead | Einder00:04
ubottuEinder: Information about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama00:04
ActionParsnipHaPK_PerCar: that is assuming you have 3D accelleration in your video hardware00:05
HaPK_PerCarActionParsnip, it seemed to work, but ubuntustudio comes without unity, and it tries to load the unity profile00:07
tertl3eew, Unity00:07
ubottuInformation about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama00:11
ActionParsnipHaPK_PerCar: uncheck the unity plugin in ccsm00:11
alesanhi! how can I check if libssl-dev is installed in my system? I do not have administrative privileges00:13
ActionParsnipalesan: apt-cache policy libssl-dev00:14
edbianalesan: aptitude show libssl-dev00:14
ActionParsnipedbian: aptitude isn't in a default install, so will cause an error/confused user00:16
edbianActionParsnip: true :(00:17
ActionParsnip!test | L3niX00:17
ubottuL3niX: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use #test )00:17
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MagicJI need to see what an eMal client is not authenticating so I downloaded wireshark, it installed. The "interface list" is empty. Do I need to do something to make them visible00:22
edbianMagicJ: run wireshark as root00:22
JohnMnemonicwhy is there 2D accel. on Ubuntu 11.04 so lazy? I have Rad HD2600XT. Driver i think is not open, last from ATI.00:23
MagicJedbian: ty - will do - will report bak00:23
edbianJohnMnemonic: sudo lspci -k   what driver is listed for your device ?00:23
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MagicJedbian: ty so much - that was all that I needed00:24
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edbianMagicJ: sure00:25
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JohnMnemonicedbian,  fglrx00:25
edbianJohnMnemonic: That's the proprietary one.  There is also an open source one called 'radeon'  I'm not sure it will work better but I can show you how to use it instead00:26
JohnMnemonicwhat graphic card is good for linux, with good support?00:28
ActionParsnipJohnMnemonic: nvidia imho00:29
iceflatlineAgree, Nvidia.00:29
* edbian thinks radeon cards work fine00:30
JohnMnemonicX server on Ubuntu 11.04 with Radeon is very slow00:31
edbianJohnMnemonic: try using the radeon driver00:31
edbianNot sure it will help, just a thought00:31
fructoseI've installed the Sun JDK and would like to use it as default, but everything still seems to use OpenJDK. How do I switch?00:32
Picifructose: sudo update-java-alternatives00:33
JohnMnemonicok. tommorow. is that right choice 11.04? or better is 10.?00:33
gmachine_24I was here earlier asking how to move / expand partitions. I did what I thought was correct - but on reboot I get a message error: no such partition and the next line grub rescue > ... this is a dual-boot with Vista and Linux 10.04.LTS and I am on a live CD on the computer in question00:33
edbianJohnMnemonic: What are you asking?  11.04 is current.  10.04 is the latest LTS00:33
ParkerR10.* is bettery because no Unity00:34
ActionParsnipJohnMnemonic: natty is supported after maverick dies, you can boot to ubuntu classic and it will look like maverick00:34
edbiangmachine_24: I can help you update grub.  Mount you ubuntu partition (do you know how to do that?)00:34
Nobgul_ParkerR, unity can be turned off.00:34
fructosePici: Cool, thanks00:34
ActionParsnipParkerR: ubuntu classic is part of Natty, thus no unity00:34
ParkerRI know00:34
ActionParsnipParkerR: JohnMnemonic may also LIKE Unity...00:34
ParkerRIn Ubuntu classic there were some UI elements that didn't line up for me00:35
ActionParsnipParkerR: they may "line up" for the user..00:35
ParkerRWhy I dumped Ubuntu00:35
gmachine_24edbian, yes. but... I did a manual partition when I installed Ubuntu so I have a /boot, / , /home /swap and maybe one more00:35
fructosePici: Any idea why the Netbeans menus would look so ugly?00:35
ParkerRActionParsnip, Ok00:35
Nobgul_ParkerR, Just because you have issues with some thngs does nto mean other people will.00:35
edbiangmachine_24: mount /00:35
ParkerRI didn't say he would00:35
edbiangmachine_24: (and put it in a folder that is easy to type at the cli)00:35
ParkerRI was giving my opinion00:35
ActionParsnipParkerR: you never said that, you said it is better, there was no mention of opinion.00:36
ParkerROk. Sorry00:36
Nobgul_ParkerR, just so i understand, you are in a support channel for ubuntu, but yet you don't use ubuntu?  ParkerR, do you need pecific help related to ubuntu?00:37
ParkerRI help where I can00:37
Picifructose: sorry, I'm not sure00:37
gmachine_24edbian, ok, thanks. just to make sure I understand, you want me to create a read/writable folder in my live cd session ... and then mount the root partition to that.... is that correct?00:37
ActionParsnipParkerR: helping is good ;D00:37
edbiangmachine_24: yep!00:37
gmachine_24edbian, great. thanks again. give me a minute here00:38
JohnMnemonicbetter i'll go sleep. gd najt00:38
ParkerRI don't use it now but I used it from 9 to 11 so I have some experience in certain areas00:38
edbiangmachine_24: sure00:38
Dirusis there a way to make the minimal installer boot to ram?00:39
gmachine_24edbian - OK, I believe I am there00:40
gmachine_24should I cd into that directory?00:40
edbiangmachine_24: you don't have to cd to it00:40
gmachine_24edbian, ok, great. what next?00:40
edbiangmachine_24: We need to reinstall grub.  what hdd is the one you boot?  /dev/sda?00:40
ActionParsnipDirus: I thoughtit did..00:40
fructosePici: Thanks anyway00:40
gmachine_24edbian, yes, /dev/sda6 if it matters00:40
DirusActionParsnip: I guess I never tried taking the cd out, does it do it by default?00:41
gmachine_24edbian, but I think the boot partition is elsewhere00:41
edbiangmachine_24: Where did you mount your ubuntu /  on the live CD?  I need to ask all this to show you the command without errors :)00:41
ActionParsnipDirus: you will still need the CD in but the installer runs in RAM00:41
edbiangmachine_24: You have a separate boot?  Ooh I think I missed that :P00:41
DirusActionParsnip: oh that's not what I'm looking for00:42
Diruscan the livecd boot to ram?00:42
gmachine_24edbian, no problem. I understand. yeah, a separate boot. but here's something: when I start up gparted nothing has a label00:42
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Nobgul_Dirus, i don't think so00:42
edbiangmachine_24: Lables are not important.00:42
edbiangmachine_24: you can unmount /  I thought /boot was in it.  Mount /boot and tell me where you mount it please :)00:43
gmachine_24edbian, I mounted the / partition to ........... oh, ok hang on00:43
edbiangmachine_24: The command we need to run: sudo grub-install --boot-directory=/path/to/boot /dev/sda00:43
Diruswhat is casper? the word is used for other things and google doesn't return relevant results00:44
ActionParsnipDirus: you could make a small partition with the ISO on and grub booting to it. Kinda a lot of work though00:44
Dirusthe internet says it can be done with casper00:44
edbiangmachine_24: Sorry about the mistake!00:46
gmachine_24edbian, what should be in my boot directory?00:46
gmachine_24edbian, it's ok00:46
Nobgul_Dirus, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2566121/what-is-casper-rw-loop-file-and-why-do-i-need-it-to-make-saving-persistant-on-usb00:46
edbiangmachine_24: Umm, grub stuff is in there?  IDK exactly.00:46
DirusNobgul_: ah thanks, that sorta helps00:47
Dirusthis is what I found https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BootToRAM00:47
edbiangmachine_24: Here's what's in my /boot  http://paste.ubuntu.com/646906/00:47
edbiangmachine_24: It doesn't matter though.00:47
Dirusit says "Unnecessary on 11.04 LiveCD. Casper now includes a functioning toram option, which even works with the iso-scan/filename= option."00:47
gmachine_24edbian, ok, I found the boot directory. give me a minute to mount it00:47
Dirusbut I don't know how to enable that toram option00:47
edbiangmachine_24: It should be you /boot partition right? What do you mean you found it?00:47
gmachine_24I mean nothing is labeled except the swap folder00:48
edbiangmachine_24: ahhh, so is it /dev/sda3 or /dev/sda5 or 4?  yeah I got ya00:48
gmachine_24yes the boot is /dev/sda700:49
gmachine_24edbian, and it's mounted to ~/secondboot00:49
hammoommahhello all, i've made a 4gig partition on my hd, i want to set it up like a bootable usb drive, i tried copying all files off bootable usb and setting boot flag on but grub doesnt find it when i do a grub-mkconfig???00:50
edbiangmachine_24: sudo grub-install --boot-directory=/home/<you>/secondboot /dev/sda00:50
gmachine_24edbian, you're sure about this........... ? ;)00:50
edbiangmachine_24: yes00:50
hammoommahwouldnt you use grub-pc???00:50
edbiangmachine_24: It's going to write grub into the MBR of /dev/sda and it's going to point at your boot partition.  Assuming the boot partition is write it will work00:50
edbianhammoommah: Talking to me?00:51
gmachine_24edbian, ok, hang on.00:51
hammoommahhow do you tag people in these chat msg?00:51
edbianhammoommah: by typing there name like I'm doing to you00:51
edbianhammoommah: grub-pc is not a command I can find anywhere?00:52
gmachine_24edbian, the last /dev/sda . . . is supposed to be what?00:52
hammoommahedbian cools00:52
edbiangmachine_24: the hdd you boot00:52
edbiangmachine_24: not a partition so no number.  the actual drive00:52
edbianhammoommah: yes very00:52
gmachine_24edbian, ok, that's what I was checking.00:52
edbiangmachine_24: yep00:52
gmachine_24edbian and this is ok on a dual-boot with windows vista? I just want to make sure I don't foul something up00:53
tomgeorgewhere can I find help on IRC?00:53
edbiangmachine_24: It should work.  If it doesn't I am confident I can fix it.00:53
KM0201tomgeorge: what kind of help?...00:53
Nobgul_tomgeorge, for what00:53
edbiangmachine_24: worst case we'll have to write the grub menu by hand which I can do.00:53
gmachine_24edbian, thanks. don't mean to be a trial..... but you know, measure twice, cut once00:54
edbiangmachine_24: of course!  no worries :)00:54
tomgeorgewell I've been banned from some major IRC networks for using Tor00:54
edbiangmachine_24: You speak fluent english which means you're a joy to work with here.00:54
Nobgul_tomgeorge, then don't use tor.00:54
gmachine_24ok I know this is off topic but I'm watching the Yankees-Tampa Bay game at the Tropicana Field in St. pete (domed stadium) ............ and the power just went out00:54
tomgeorgeNobgul_, it isn't working00:55
tomgeorgeNobgul_, thing is I don't use Tor for IRC00:55
tomgeorgeonly for browsing00:55
Nobgul_tomgeorge, but on a more serious note, most irc networks have vhosts, so there is no real reason to use tor. But really this si a ubuntu help channel, you can try asking in #freenode someone there may help00:55
edbiangmachine_24: wow.  Is your grub installed?00:55
tomgeorgek thanx00:55
gmachine_24edbian, no. I got an error msg to wit: Unrecognized option `--boot-directory=/home/ubuntu/secondboot'00:57
edbiangmachine_24: what version of ubuntu are you running?00:58
edbiangmachine_24: ahhh, yes then it should be sudo grub-install --root-directory=/home/<you>/secondhdd /dev/sda00:58
edbiangmachine_24: They changed it (it's beyond annoying)00:58
gmachine_24......... and the game is suspended00:59
edbiangmachine_24: neat00:59
gmachine_24they're saying now that lightning hit the baseball stadium01:00
edbiangmachine_24: did you install grub?01:01
* edbian finds the lack of baseball amazing even more dull than actual baseball01:01
gmachine_24edbian, no I just got another error msg: mkdir: cannot create directory `/home/ubuntu/secondhdd/boot': No such file or directory01:01
edbiangmachine_24: mmmm, this is tricky cause you have a /boot partition01:02
gmachine_24edbian hang on01:02
gmachine_24edbian let me try this again01:02
edbianbut you did it right01:02
PolahHow can I set up Bluefish to open files in a new tab rather than a whole new instance of Bluefish?01:03
edbianThe only way I see to do it is to rename secondhdd to /boot01:03
gmachine_24edbian, ok, I got: Installation finished. No error reported.01:04
edbiangmachine_24: what did you run?01:04
edbiangmachine_24: how did you get it to work?01:04
gmachine_24edbian, you had labeled the directory ~/secondhdd when it's ~/secondboot01:05
gmachine_24edbian, I changed it and it seemed to work01:05
edbiangmachine_24: hopefully it worked!  :)  try to reboot01:05
ncfi1013i need some help...there is no sound on vlc youtube or amarok...and ive tried installing other video players and they dont work either...i uninstalled pulseaudio and nothing worked...i dont know what else to do...01:06
gmachine_24edbian, yeah. I'll be back either way. I would think a building filled with people getting struck by lighting would be pretty interesting ..... but I know being a digit head is a full time thing  AND I'M KIDDING01:06
edbianhumor appreciated01:06
Logan_!flash >Pilif12p01:08
ubottuPilif12p, please see my private message01:08
phuxwhich partitions should i encrypt on a laptop (so eventually somebody gets physical access to my machine)?01:10
Einderanyone running Ubuntu 10.4LTS with dual head separate x windows?01:10
Pilif12pLogan_: i'm not trying to install, i'm looking for a regression range in either flash or firefox.01:10
ActionParsnip!sound | ncfi101301:11
ubottuncfi1013: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.01:11
beaker8000A java program used to be able to connect to a server using ssl.  Then with a java update a while back the program would no longer connect citing the error 'Login failed - Failed send NSMsg - java.net.SocketException: Socket closed'.  Any ideas how to fix this?01:12
Alyssa_iptables -I input 2 -p tcp -m state --state NEW -m tcp --dport 21 -j ACCEPT returns iptables: No chain/target/match by that name. can anyone help me open port 21 with iptables01:12
danielokay I need some help01:13
Logan_!ask | daniel01:13
ubottudaniel: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:13
kevin_Does anyone know how to force YPbPr signal through VGA out port?01:14
Alyssa_i didnt know you could do that01:14
danielI am unable to boot the latest ubuntu version. It boots to a blinking cursor. I believe I hibernated it01:14
Alyssa_daniel: restart it01:15
danielI did01:15
danielI've restarted it multiple times. I've booted in recovery but no joy. Once it said that it was missing some file that I wasn't able to write down the name of01:16
danielIt was a bunch of random letters and numbers01:16
danielAlyssa_: Not trying to spam but any ideas?01:17
kevin_Anyone have experience with X11? Specifically monitor/tv detections?01:18
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dkjaqhi, i know this might be wreong channel, but i wantr to know where can i find more info on jailbreaking my ipad201:20
kevin_lol this is ubuntu forum... apple products are... beyond this01:21
fishscene_2greetings. I'm trying to set up a diskless workstation (thinclient) with Ubuntu 11.04 LTSP01:21
gmachine_24edbian, I have returned01:21
fishscene_2The server is running 64-bit, the thinclient is running 32-bit01:21
danielkevin_:  I think you mean below us01:21
danielkevin_:  *beneath01:22
fishscene_2When I log on from the thin client, the login screen goes away, the screen flashes, and I'm dumped back at login01:22
fishscene_2Is there any kind of log to figure out what might be going on?01:22
danielI'm unable to boot the latest version of ubuntu. It boots to a blinking cursor. Recovery mode gives no joy. I once saw an error that said missing file followed by a filename with random letters and numbers. Anyone with some ideas?01:23
kevin_daniel: reinstall?01:24
JohanSJAwhat is the easiest way to share file between two Ubuntu desktop in the same network?01:24
danielI'm trying to avoid that. I'm booted into a previous version atm, which works fine.01:24
danielkevin_: I'm trying to avoid that. I'm booted into a previous version atm, which works fine.01:25
kevin_JohanSJA: try samba01:25
JohanSJAkevin_: thanks. I always thought samba was a solution for network with Windows01:26
Infernetdaniel: then update did not install it, rigth?01:27
kevin_JohanSJA: if it doesn't work, http://thanhsiang.org/faqing/node/11401:27
JohanSJAkevin_: thanks for the links also.01:28
Lisa_Not related to ubuntu, but related to Debian, Does anyone know where I can find the latest Knoppix 64 bit version??01:29
danielInfernet: Maybe, but I thought the last updates I got were just minor ones01:29
[snake]how can I install a 32 bit app on a 64 bit machine with 64 bit os. it says "i386 wrong architecture"01:31
[snake]it's atlantis 2 for compiz01:31
Infernetdaniel: for various systems, the upgrade does involve some ""risks""01:31
Infernetdaniel: try reinstall it01:31
kevin_Does anyone know how to force YPbPr signal through VGA out port? I'm trying to use an old TV as secondary monitor... It has Component inputs and s-video. I have vga to Component cable. Any suggestions?01:32
danielInfernet: Is there a way to re-update. The previous version is working fine01:33
[snake]why do I always get ignored here...01:33
FamousAnyone ehre01:33
Lisa_Not related to ubuntu, but related to Debian, Does anyone know where I can find the latest Knoppix 64 bit version??01:33
kevin_im here01:34
sudokillLisa_, if it's not on their website then not sure if its any good01:34
dr_willis[snake]:  thers waya to do it. but thats all i know01:34
PiciLisa_: Try asking in #debian or ##linux01:34
infobitwhats up Famous01:34
Famousinfobit: What are the requirments of Ubuntu01:34
Infernetdaniel: i dont think so01:35
sudokillFamous, id say about 512mb ram minimum01:35
beaker8000A java program used to be able to connect to a server using ssl. Then after a java update a while back the program would no longer connect citing the error "Login failed - Failed send NSMsg - java.net.SocketException: Socket closed". Any ideas how to fix this?  Do I need to open the socket?  I am running 10.0401:35
infobitFamous, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements01:35
dr_willisFamous:  whats your sysyem specs?01:35
Famoussudokill: I have this let me get a link01:35
danielInfernet: Then is there a way to get it to make the version I'm in the latest version on my computer01:35
Famousupgraded to 1gb ram01:36
sudokillFamous, with 1gb ram itd be ok01:36
dr_willisFamous:  id say any new pc out should handle it01:36
infobitFamous, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements fallow this link u ll get all the info01:36
sudokillFamous, but id use something much lighter than unity / gnome01:36
sudokillxubuntu maybe01:36
* pappa_bear waves hi01:36
FamousWhat operating system should i use01:37
dr_willismoar ram is allways gooder01:37
pappa_bearQ?: anyone know how i can get my computer to stop going to the grub?01:37
sudokillFamous, try xubuntu i use it on my downstairs family comp, its still slow but much better than gnome or othe heavy de's01:37
sudokillpappa_bear, you cant, thats how it boots01:37
dr_willisFamous:  try ubuntu first01:37
[snake]I just... I just want some fish in my desktop cube.01:37
Famoussudokill: ok il try it01:37
chaddypappa_bear: hide grub, you mean?01:38
pappa_bearsudokill, ok, wrong context, i boot my mac with refit... yes that's what i mean01:38
FamousWate should i try xubuntu or ubuntu01:38
SuperMiguelwhats the best way to have dual screens in fluxbox? is it twinview? dualx? xinerama?01:38
sudokillpappa_bear, no idea01:38
sudokillFamous, you can try ubuntu but i think it'll be really slow on that comp01:38
infobitFamous, try Ubuntu01:38
JensitI prefer twinview01:38
sudokilleven xubuntu / lubuntu /etc anything will be slow tbh01:38
chaddypappa_bear: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/show-and-hide-the-grub-menu-on-ubuntu.html01:39
dr_willisSuperMiguel:  you want one wiiiidee desktop?01:39
pappa_bearchaddy, thanks01:39
sudokillbut personally i think xubuntu looks very nice so you're not missing out on eye candy01:39
chaddyno worries, pappa01:39
Famoussudokill: ill try xubuntu01:39
SuperMigueldr_willis, nah01:39
dr_willislubuntu is very nce rhese days also01:39
pappa_bearmy vote = Ub11.0401:39
dr_willisSuperMiguel:  so what do you want.01:40
Famoushey guys01:41
FamousDo i have to burn a disk01:41
Famouscan i just use a installer like ubuntu01:41
sudokillor usb01:41
Famousi has ubuntu before it was awesome01:42
Famousor usb?01:42
sudokillFamous, if you're installing it from windows you can just download it and mount the iso01:42
sudokilli think01:42
JensitSame install as ubuntu for lubuntu and xubuntu01:42
Famoussudokill: yea i was thinkign that lol01:42
sudokillFamous, normally you just burn the .iso to a cd/dvd then boot from that01:42
Famoussudokill: yea i know are you sure i could mount it?01:43
sudokillFamous, yea just use some iso mounter01:43
sudokillwincdemu is the best one ive ever used01:43
FamousDamean tools01:43
sudokillvery basic01:43
sudokillthats just bloat01:43
kevin_Does anyone know how to force YPbPr signal through VGA out port? I'm trying to use an old TV as secondary monitor... It has Component inputs and s-video. I have vga to Component cable. Any suggestions?01:44
SuperMigueldr_willis, i guess to have two screens, like have two browsers at the same time, or a browser and a programming program on the other screen01:44
JensitSuperMiguel, use twinview01:44
dr_willisSuperMiguel:  thats perficatly doable with a wide desktop. your use of the term 'screens' is not quiet proper.01:44
dr_willisSuperMiguel:  enable twinview and the wide desktop feature. and drag browser to monitor #2. and  other to #1.01:45
harisundDoes auto mounting of external hard disks and stuff only work when the GUI is running? Can't a headless machine auto mount external devices?01:45
sudokillharisund, it can01:45
dr_willisthere are some issues with dual monitor support and unity. but ive not messed with that yet.01:45
harisundsudokill: What should I enable for that to happen? Once I do a sudo stop gdm, plugging in my external hard disk has no effect, and I have to manually mount it01:46
dr_willisharisund:  theres automounting services you can install on a server.. but normally on a server. one is not just plugging in usb/flash/drives all the time.01:46
sudokill^ yea01:46
harisunddr_willis: Well, this is more like a small PC I have behind my desktop that I use as a back up and stuff, so I just plug in my usb disks01:46
dr_willisive seen servers with USB ports glued shut. :) for 'security'01:46
FamousTorrent downloading xubuntu right now :)01:47
harisunddr_willis: sudokill Would you happen to know what services those are?01:47
sudokillFamous, cool01:47
dr_willissearch the repos for auto mount, i forget thenames.. not used them in years...01:47
Famoussudokill: yup01:47
FamousHow is xubuntu never used it only ubuntu01:47
dr_willisi perfer lubuntu for a lite desktop.. and ubuntu for a normal desktop. :)01:47
sudokilldoes anyone know what the new system monitor app is called in xubuntu? its not gnome-system-monitor any more01:47
dr_willisxubuntu just annoyed me too much last i used it. :)01:48
sudokillboth are good01:48
sudokilli prefer lxde to xfce too01:48
Famousdr_willis thats what im thinking01:48
chaddyI say just throw E17 on top of ubuntu server and be done with it01:48
sudokillboth are pretty similar on resources though tbh01:48
fishscene_2I'm trying to set up a diskless workstation (thinclient) with LTSP. The server is running 11.04 64-bit and the thinclient is running 32-bit. When I log in, the screen flashes and I'm dumped back at the login screen. Selecting another session either yields the same result, or worse. Does anyone know how to even begin troubleshooting this?01:49
sudokillchaddy, whats the point in that? lol01:49
dr_willisfishscene_2:  try getting to the console. and using 'startx' to see if you get some error output. or check the /var/log/Xorg logs..01:50
fishscene_2How do I get to the console?01:50
Famousdr_willis is lubuntu same looking as ubuntu01:50
sudokillFamous, no its not01:50
Famoussudokill: Im getting conufsed witch to download witch is better01:51
Famouslubuntu or xubuntu01:51
sudokillFamous, theyre both light and will be good for your comp01:51
JensitXubuntu you can try out on your ubuntu system01:51
sudokillFamous, they just use different panels and file managers basically01:51
rypervenche2Famous: lubuntu is very light, xubuntu has more feature.01:51
JensitJust install the xubuntu metapackage and select xubuntu on the loginscreen01:52
pooltablehelp installed or use jpcsp-linux-x86?01:52
dr_willislubuntu is as about as light as you can get with the  core features most people would want.01:52
fishscene_2dr_willis: I have several log files, I checked Xorg.5.log and Xorg.0.log. At the end of both, there is a Fatal server error "no screens found"01:52
SpikestuffHi, I am trying to install Ubuntu on my laptop, it's currently running Windows Vista so I ran Wubi, and it successfully installed and rebooted, I selected Ubuntu from the Windows Boot Manager and it just says completing the installation and then does nothing.01:52
FamousO, downloading both01:52
SpikestuffThere is a countdown from 5 to 0 and then the screen idles. Any idea on what to do?01:52
dr_willisNight all.. bed time.01:53
sudokillFamous, ofc you can just boot both the livecds and see what one you like best lol01:53
pooltabledr wills look like i will go to lubuntu  when 11.10 comes out01:53
fishscene_2goodnight dr_willis01:53
sudokillSpikestuff, maybe try leaving it for a bit, ro does it die completely?01:53
=== DeviceZer0_AFK is now known as DeviceZer0
=== soreau_ is now known as soreau
DeviceZer0hello all. Im moving over from a previous install and im using the same home....how can i reset all settings so when i log into unity it gives me the default settings?01:54
Famoussudokill: thats what im planning on doing01:54
DeviceZer0i copied over all my old stuff...but when i logged in there was some rouge icons in the launcher and it was trying to use a old theme01:54
=== default is now known as Guest30833
SpikestuffThanks sudokill. One more question, am I able to do a full Ubuntu installation from the partial one when I finally get it all set up?01:55
sudokillSpikestuff, no01:55
sudokillSpikestuff, tbh if you're set on using ubuntu just do a clean install its cleaner and faster01:55
Famoushey is there a torrent for lubuntu01:55
k_szeI think I should find the cheapest pci-e (x16) graphics card that supports HDMI output. :/01:55
SpikestuffThat's what I originally planned on doing, but I can't access the BIOS since this laptop was given to me and the previous owner doesn't remember it. :/01:56
k_szed-sub on my philips LCD looks aweful.01:56
sudokillFamous, yes, any of them, transmisison rtorrent etc01:56
SpikestuffI tried exhausting all these possibilities to access the BIOS to change the boot order to read Ubuntu's ISO file from a disc although it didn't work.01:56
Mike9866I just bought a new laptop today, and put Ubuntu on it. For whatever reason, the fan is always on, even if I'm not doing anything. The laptop came with Windows 7, but this was not a problem on on it.01:56
Famoussudokill: i cant find a link01:56
sudokillSpikestuff, i know nothing about laptops, but if you can clear the cmos it clears the password01:56
sudokillFamous, sudo apt-get install transmission01:57
pooltablefamous here http://linuxtracker.org/index.php?page=torrents&category=56301:57
Famoussudokill: ...01:57
sudokillMIGHT be transmission-gtk but i think its just transmission01:57
Famousremeber rightn ow im useing xp01:57
SpikestuffThanks a bunch sudokill. :>01:57
Famousthanks pooltable01:57
pooltablei use qbittorrent01:57
Famouslol now no seeds haha01:58
pooltablefamous that the ubuntu al type list pick the one you want need01:58
pooltablefamous what one are you looking 4 ?01:59
DeviceZer0cant anyone tell me what the default theme is in 11.04?01:59
DeviceZer0im trying to revert somethings to default01:59
harisunddr_willis: sudokill there doesn't seem to be any such package that can automount ntfs files on the server02:00
pooltabledevice puple02:00
=== rypervenche2 is now known as rypervenche
Famouspooltable: nevermind02:00
sudokillharisund, try adding the drive to fstab02:00
sudokillharisund, o wait thats at boot02:00
pooltablefamous ok02:00
harisundsudokill: That kind of beats the purpose. I want to be able to randomly plug a USBstick, or my cell phone or my friends' cell phone and have the server auto mount it ... otherwise, I have to use dmesg, look up what the device was and manually mount it02:01
harisundIf nautilus is capable of doing it, the server should be too !02:01
sudokillnautilus has the stuff to automount when you click on it02:02
sudokillidk much about headless02:02
harisundWell, with nautilus the external disk just shows up on the desktop, and is mounted in /media02:03
celthunderharisund: look at devmon02:03
sudokillharisund, afaik it isnt mounted until you click it though02:03
celthunderharisund: devmon and udisks combined works pretty well for me02:03
harisundcelthunder: I see, thanks, I will take a look at those02:03
=== tum is now known as Guest50893
harisundcelthunder: apt-cache search devmon reveals nothing?02:04
=== beaker8000 is now known as beaker9000
=== Hackintech is now known as The_HackinT
celthunderharisund: it's a small script google it02:04
=== The_HackinT is now known as The_Hackin
=== The_Hackin is now known as The_HackinTech
celthunderharisund: ignorantguru i believe has it on his blog02:04
harisundoh all right thanks02:04
pooltableharisund here server http://www.ubuntu.com/download/server/download02:05
fishscene_2I'm trying to set up a diskless workstation (thinclient) with LTSP. The server is running 11.04 64-bit and the thinclient is running 32-bit. When I log in, the screen flashes a message, something about "Spurious response, last cmd = 0x9813475" and I'm dumped back at the login screen. Selecting another session either yields the same result, or worse. Does anyone know how to resolve?02:06
pooltablehelp getting a psp mue?02:07
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
Mike9866I bought a laptop today and installed Ubuntu on it. For some reason, the fan is always on, even when I'm not doing anything intensive. Can anyone help me solve this issue?02:08
JensitHad the same issue on my laptop... I reinstalled ubuntu and updated and everything went fine02:10
undecimIs the screensaver for unity still "gnome-screensaver"?02:11
Mike9866Jensit, you didn't make any changes aside from reinstalling Ubuntu?02:11
JensitNo changes02:11
JensitJust reinstalled and updated02:11
komo97hello everebody, me and a friend of mine are looking for a designer that is willing to help us in the graphic part of our own linux release, any help given would be trully appreciated02:13
Mike9866Jensit, sounds strange. I can't imagine how that would end up fixing the problem.02:13
Jensitme neither, but it worked02:14
rypervencheMike9866: Try checking to see if your BIOS needs updating.02:14
tripelb10.04 am I allowed to copy an iso file to a flash drive. I want to take my ubuntu iso and take it to a freinds because I cant burn here.02:14
Mike9866rypervenche, how can I check that?02:14
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
komo97hello everebody, me and a friend of mine are looking for a designer that is willing to help us in the graphic part of our own linux release, any help given would be trully appreciated02:15
JensitKomo97, any homepage?02:15
rypervencheMike9866: Check the website of the type of computer you have.02:15
tripelbrypervenche: how do you check if you bios needs updating.02:15
fishscene_2tripelb: of course! Burn away mate.02:15
komo97not yet were about to start the project02:16
acrkomo97 yet another ubuntu/debian based disro with nice wallpapers? >_<02:16
rypervencheMike9866: tripelb I had that problem on one of my Acer's. It would overheat because the computer couldn't properly read the temperature. The fan would not work.02:16
tripelbfishscene_2 I get an error, "Operation not supported by backend".  I dragged the file from one window to another.02:17
pooltablekomo97 any desktop pic?02:17
komo97acr: no we're making our own linux distro02:17
=== magn3ts_ is now known as magn3ts
=== zz_ng_ is now known as ng_
Loshkikomo97: are you sure the world needs another linux distro?02:17
acrkomo97, what package manager u use?02:18
tripelbkomo97: may I pm you to contact02:18
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:18
JensitKomo97, so you need logo and wallpapers and icons?02:18
tripelbI have to go and cannot copy my ubuntu iso file onto my flash drive that has 3.6 gigs free. -- I get an error: operation not supported by backend02:19
JensitLets change to ot chaane02:19
pooltableadd fluxbox built in http://fluxbox.org/screenshots/02:20
tripelbkomo97 ok I left you my email addy. I am an MFA. I am more interested in navigation and understanding than I am "pretty pictures"02:20
Pythonacr: about to start the project02:21
komo97tripelb thanks02:21
fishscene_2I'm trying to set up a diskless workstation (thinclient) with LTSP. The server is running 11.04 64-bit and the thinclient is running 32-bit. When I log in, the screen flashes a message, something about "Spurious response, last cmd = 0x9813475" and I'm dumped back at the login screen. Selecting another session either yields the same result, or worse. Does anyone know how to resolve?02:22
tripelbquestion How do I search my disk for the ubuntu iso file. (turns out that was the torrent file, duh) how to do it in terminal will sork for me. 1 hard drive, many files. Where did I put it?02:23
Roastedfishscene_2, what's your LTSP setup like? Can you elaborate more on how you have everything set up?02:23
YankDownUnderwhereis ubuntu-11.04-desktop => that should find the torrent or the iso (if you're using 11.04)02:24
qintripelb: find / -type f -name "*.iso", or faster: locate, how old is file02:24
tripelbqin ty02:25
PythonCould I PM you, tripelb, please ?02:25
tripelbpython, anyone ok to PM me.02:25
komo97python is my partner in this project02:25
fishscene_2Roasted: I have a simple setup. I have an LTSP Term 1720 thinclient from www.disklessworkstations.com. The server is running Ubuntu 11.04 64-bit and I followed instructions from here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP/LTSPQuickInstall (ltsp-build-client --arch i386) I then told my DHCP server to hand out the boot directory (dhcp-boot=/ltsp/i386/pxelinux.0,,
Roastedfishscene_2, what OS is your DHCP server02:26
fishscene_2Everything works perfectly fine until I actually type in my username and password. The screen turns black and a little message appears at the top: Spurious response, last cmd = 0x981347502:27
fishscene_2Roasted: ddwrt02:27
marios_manowarhi! i'm a 10.04LTS user and my question is: which are the reasons for deciding keep 2.6.32 kernel for the update 10.04.3?02:27
DeviceZer0can anyone tell me what the default theme is in 11.04?02:27
Roastedfishscene_2, did you update the client?02:27
DeviceZer0i cant seem to find out via google02:27
fishscene_2Roasted: update the client? the firmware on the thinclient?02:28
YankDownUnderDeviceZer0, I think the name of the default theme in 11.04 using Unity is called something like "You're going to have it look the way we WANT you to see it" and that's about it. ;)02:28
snaxE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1) // Does that mean apt didn't install my packages ?02:28
Roastedfishscene_2, hang on, let's rewind a little bit so I can understand your setup a bit more. Are you on a large network? Or is this a small network?02:28
MuggHello . . .02:29
qinDeviceZer0: Usually it is "Humanity"02:29
fishscene_2Roasted: Small network at home.02:29
fishscene_2Roasted: I'm working through some kinks before I test it on my larger network at work.02:29
Roastedfishscene_2, your LTSP server isn't running DHCP, i sit02:31
Roastedis it02:31
Roastedfishscene_2, you've never ran an update image command in terminal?02:31
fishscene_2Roasted: Previously, I had it loading the amd64 image, which did not work, so I switch to the 32-bit image and that boots just fine.02:31
fishscene_2Roasted: I'll give that a spin02:32
Roastedfishscene_2, I've never bothered with a 64bit image. I use 64 bit server with 32 bit clients myself.02:32
Roastedfishscene_2, I'm looking through my notes here. I've never ran into that exact problem, though.02:32
tripelbsuccess, re copying file to flash. copy and paste works.02:32
udduHi. I cannot watch the stream via browser. Wich plugin do I need to install?02:33
fishscene_2Roasted: I'm updating the images now. Do you use thinclients from disklessworkstations.com?02:33
wechatuddu: gnome-mplayer02:33
=== Auriel_ is now known as Auriel
wechatuddu: vlc is ok too02:33
Roastedfishscene_2, I do not. I integrated LTSP as a last-resort replacement for our failing windows thin clients. As a result, I just used some old Pentium 4 s ystems we had in storage to work as thin clients, by simply network booting them first in the BIOS instead of them booting to the HDD02:34
udduok how can I install vlc wechat ?02:34
udduI'm using chromium-browser02:34
HackerIIsudo apt-get install vlc02:34
pietro10Hi. I have a Mac OS X system volumne on a hard disk in a chasis I have connected, and I can't seem to access the files in my home directory's Music directory on that drive -- "Permission denied" is all I'm seeing in the terminal. Mount: "/dev/sdc2 on /media/Macintosh HD type hfsplus (rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=udisks)" How do I fix this? Thanks.02:34
=== jeffn is now known as jack553
[snake]yay!! i've got fish! now, if anyone needs help with that in the future, and I'm on... we'll be able to answer them... maybe.02:35
wechatuddu: http://www.opera.com/docs/linux/plugins/install/#mplayer02:35
wechatuddu: Russia02:35
HackerIIlol [snake]  you've been at it all day02:35
MuggHello, I am having trouble getting the wireless driver to work for a HP 1030nr netbook.  How can I resolve this issue?02:35
wechatuddu: for firefox use gnome-mplayer or vlc02:36
[snake]HackerII, yeah, I've been on it for a few days actually... I finally got it at 10:36pm here.02:36
HackerIIwhere was the link at02:36
fishscene_2Roasted: Yea, no change. Updated the images and restarted thinclient. Same problem.02:37
Roastedfishscene_2, what user are you logging in as02:37
[snake]for atlantis... I download a script... and It installed a bunch of things, and then it asked me a ton of plugins that I didn't want. and atlantis worked after I messed around a little bit.02:38
DasEi!wireless | Mugg02:38
ubottuMugg: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:38
=== ng_ is now known as zz_ng_
fishscene_2Roasted: I have 2. One that I use to log on to the server and one that I created brand-new. Both accounts yeild the same result02:38
HackerIIi had that fish thing a couple yrs back, cant remember where i got it at, thats ok,02:38
=== pwnus_ is now known as pwnus
Roastedfishscene_2, the user you're logging into the client as... is he currently logged in at the server?02:39
HackerIIhi DasEi02:39
fishscene_2Roasted: Nope.02:39
Roastedfishscene_2, do you have another router you could try just for process of elimination? (even though I don't believe that's the problem)02:39
SpikestuffI used Wubi to install 11.04 alongside Windows, when I rebooted after Wubi completed and chose Ubuntu from the Windows Boot Menu, a blank terminal-like screen came up saying Ubuntu was completing the installation, then it gave a countdown from 5 to 0.02:40
SpikestuffAfter that it stayed at 0, then left an underscore.02:40
SpikestuffAny idea on what to do?02:40
fishscene_2Roasted: Unfortunately, I do not. :(  However, I did not have any problems when I was using my 64-bit capabile machine 2 days ago.02:40
Roastedfishscene_2, what do you mean? were you using a 64 bit system as the client?02:41
wechatSpikestuff: No chances even to see a bash invitation? Press Alt+F1 / F2 or so.02:41
pietro10Hi. I have a Mac OS X system volumne on a hard disk in a chasis I have connected, and I can't seem to access the files in my home directory's Music directory on that drive -- "Permission denied" is all I'm seeing in the terminal. Mount: "/dev/sdc2 on /media/Macintosh HD type hfsplus (rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=udisks)" How do I fix this? Thanks.02:41
fishscene_2Roasted: Yes. I have 3 machines here. 1 server, 1 64-bit Windows machine, and 1 32-bit thinclient. When I PXE booted my windows machine, it did not have any problems at all.02:41
[snake]HackerII, here it is: http://ubuntuguide.net/compiz-experimental-plugins-updated-with-atlantis-and-3d-cube-model02:42
HackerIIthanks [snake]02:42
Roastedfishscene_2, do you have access to the LTSP server right now?02:42
SpikestuffNope, it's still idling. It gives me the option to press ESC for more boot options, I've tried this and ran Normal Mode only to show a terminal and Demo Mode, but it wouldn't fully load, it would just give me an infinite screen with the Ubuntu icon and loading dots.02:42
fishscene_2Roasted: I'll need to shuffle some cables, but yes.02:42
AndrewX192What's the best way to install Ubuntu 10.04 over an already setup mdadm/cryptsetup/LVM Linux install?02:42
Roastedfishscene_2, I'm curious what's in /opt/ltsp02:42
AndrewX192I want to preserve /home, and my other datastores02:43
fishscene_2I have: "amd64" "i386" and "images"02:43
Roastedfishscene_2, I wonder if your client is somehow pulling the amd64 image02:43
Roastedfishscene_2, do you need the 64 bit image any longer?02:43
DasEi!upgrade| AndrewX19202:43
ubottuAndrewX192: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade02:43
ConfidentialWhat are we allowed to chat concerning?02:44
AndrewX192DasEi: I am not upgrading Ubuntu, I am moving from Gentoo to Ubuntu.02:44
wechatSpikestuff: during dots can u press alt+f1? What are harware and memory on box?02:44
fishscene_2Roasted: I can just rebuild it if I do. Shall I "sudo rm -rf /opt/ltsp/amd64"?02:44
wechatAndrewX192: Why?02:44
Roastedfishscene_2, not quite yet. there was an option to put in lts.conf which would force the clients to use a specific image, but I'm having difficulty finding it... still looking though02:44
DasEiAndrewX192: then you won't go other than backup and reinstall02:44
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:45
AndrewX192wechat: QT Creator, and the WebOS SDK have problems running on Gentoo02:45
snaxthere is no linux-headers-`uname -r` # in apt-get.  Is it ok to get headers of a newer version that uname -r ?02:45
fishscene_2My DHCP server is telling the client to pull the 32-bit image. My client won't boot with the 64-bit image.02:45
Roastedfishscene_2, however, you might be able to just rename the amd64 folder to something else.02:45
Roastedfishscene_2, hmmmm02:45
wechatAndrewX192: Oh work, I understand02:45
DasEisnax: there is, and other version doesn't do :02:45
ubottuTo install the Linux (kernel) headers, open a terminal and: sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r) To install headers for libraries, you need the accompanying -dev packages02:45
Roastedfishscene_2, the thing is, I wonder if LTSP is confused, internally from the DHCP server itself.02:45
Roastedfishscene_2, did you set up an lts.conf file?02:46
SpikestuffI will give that a try next time I boot it, wechat. I am currently using the laptop in question now. If I do that key stroke, what can I expect to happen?02:46
Roastedfishscene_2, also, what version of Ubuntu is your LTSP setup02:46
SpikestuffI am fetching my system specs now.02:46
fishscene_2Roasted: Nope, where is that?02:46
marios_manowarDoes anyone know why 2.6.32 is decided for the 10.04.3 update?02:46
fishscene_2Roasted: 11.0402:46
wechatSpikestuff: command line02:46
Roastedfishscene_2, it's not because of unity, is it?02:46
snaxDasEi: that line doesn't work.02:46
snaxE: Unable to locate package linux-headers-
Roastedfishscene_2, lts.conf is a file you create/edit in /var/lib/blah/blah/blah. It's a way to control the way LTSP interacts with the clients.02:46
fishscene_2Roasted: I've tried almost all of the different logon sessions. They all fail or invert my screen02:47
SpikestuffAnd what do I do once I am at the command line?02:47
wechatSpikestuff: incorrect installation, bad hardware support or something maybe02:47
DasEisnax : sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r) ? on which kerenl ?02:47
Roastedfishscene_2, I'd be very curious to see what happens to the client if you rename amd64 to something else.02:47
fishscene_2ok standbye..02:47
snaxDasEi: uname -r says --->
fishscene_2I *hate* ubuntuforums.org.02:48
DasEisnax: ah, smp kernel, might be, are the sources enabled for it ?02:48
snaxDasEi: I didn't install linux with an internet connection.  I just used a CD.02:48
wechatSpikestuff: try the true install it's only needed 10 GB02:48
Roastedfishscene_2, not sure why? I sure like that site :P02:48
wechatfishscene_2: why hate?02:48
fishscene_2I have to create an account to view anything. It's stupid annoying02:48
DasEisnax: so update sources list and run a full update, re-try02:48
snaxDasEi: How can I tell if the sources are "enabled" for it.  ?02:48
snaxI ran apt-get update02:49
Roastedfishscene_2, my account auto-logs in. I use it so frequently, I can't imagine using ubuntu without it02:49
DasEisnax : sudo apt-get install pastebinit && pastebinit /etc/apt/sources.list02:49
DasEisnax: give resulting url here02:49
wechatfishscene_2: I've noticed that's a new feature -- to see all with account. Is it a new change couse i didn't see in past?02:50
fishscene_2I have no idea. I never save passwords, otherwise I forgot them. But when I'm tackling problems and looking for a quick-how-to, the last thing I need is to log in every time because I closed my browser for a reboot or what-not.02:51
DasEisnax: your apt is borked ;02:52
DasEisnax: sudo apt-get install --fix-missing02:52
fishscene_2Anyway, I renamed /opt/ltsp/amd64 to amd64-old. I confirmed the PXE was booting from the /ltsp/i386 folder on the PXE bootrom.02:52
fishscene_2Same problem.02:52
Roastedno dice?02:52
Pythonban Guest8225302:52
Guest82253•‡•Python•‡• u cant02:52
Roastedfishscene_2, what was the exact error again?02:52
fishscene_2hda-intel: spurious response 0x0:0x0, last cmd=0x00000002:53
wechatsnax: locales?02:53
fishscene_2The 0x's change all the time.02:53
snaxwechat: shouldn't ubuntu work out of the box?02:53
snaxwhat are locales ?02:53
FloodBot1Guest82253: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:53
DasEisnax: sudo dpkg --configure -a02:53
Python!ops Guest8225302:53
DasEi!ops | Guest8225302:53
ubottuGuest82253: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!02:53
fishscene_2I was checking out this forum: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/536699, Several people have VIA chipsets who are having this problem. I've also tried the suggestions, such as disabling the Audio in the BIOS and increasing the AGP aperature size.02:54
wechatsnax: sudo aptitude -f -s install02:54
ubottuUbuntu bug 536699 in Linux ""hda-intel spurious response" messages and intermittent GDM startup with Intel D945GCLF Motherboard" [Medium,Confirmed]02:54
fishscene_2Increasing Aperature size yields the error "ok" and I'm dumped back to the login screen02:54
Roastedfishscene_2, I'll be honest, I'm at a loss. However, I've talked to the actual owner of disklessworkstations, and I know he works closely with the LTSP staff to choose compatible gear.02:54
h00k!abr Guest8225302:54
fishscene_2Disabling Audio yeilds a blank-black screen and then dumps me to the login screen02:54
Roastedfishscene_2, however, a lot of LTSP devs hang out in #LTSP. They're often in different time zones, however they are EXTREMELY helpful.02:55
fishscene_2I didn't know there was a channel for that. I'll check it out!02:55
snaxwechat: I don't know aptitutde, nor do I care to learn it.  The question is why isn't apt working out of the box.02:55
student_cd lr02:55
wechatsnax: locale -a02:55
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fishscene_2Thanks mate. diskless workstations.com seems to be an excellent place, I just would rather not eat up a support line at home.02:56
snaxDasEi: dpkg --configure -a says  --> http://pastebin.com/FKiFgkyU02:56
wechatsnax: show the `dpkg -l | grep locales`02:56
DasEisnax: the paste wasn't exactly what I wanted, give resulting url : pastebinit /etc/apt/sources.list02:56
wechatsnax: apt-get doesn't work?02:56
snax`dpkg -l | grep locales`  stalls02:57
snaxDasEi: sorry it wasn't emmiting a url02:57
snaxwhere do I get this url.  from stdout ?02:58
DasEisnax: yes, tty02:58
DasEisnax: anyway, for now remove cups until issue is solved, check by a test what else would be removed :02:59
DasEisnax: sudo apt-get remove --purge cups --dry-run02:59
zrutyWhat program can I use to test webcam functions?02:59
snaxok I ran apt-get remove cups.  how does that get my headers ?02:59
DasEisnax: did it suggest to remove anymore than cups ?03:00
qinzruty: cheese, camorama, mplayer, vlc.03:00
DasEisnax: is there a reason for backports enabled ?03:00
puxtunHi all!03:01
zrutyqin: Thanks!03:01
snaxcups and foo2zjs were all taht were giving me problems.03:01
wechatsnax: what is with locales?03:01
DasEisnax: to to more than cups ?03:01
dsnydersHI all!  My Thunderbird install claims to be, but the Mozilla website has Thunderbird at version 5.  Is this normal?03:01
snaxwechat: I don't even know what locales are.  I just put the linux disk in and clicked install.03:01
wechatsnax: reconfigure them03:01
DasEisnax: no* to more than cups ?*03:01
qin!info thunderbird03:02
ubottuthunderbird (source: thunderbird): mail/news client with RSS and integrated spam filter support. In component main, is optional. Version 3.1.11+build2+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.11.04.1 (natty), package size 10705 kB, installed size 29612 kB03:02
snaxDasEi: sorry?  what does that mean?03:02
qindsnyders: ^^^03:02
DasEisnax: did the test removal suggest removing more than just cups ?03:03
q_a_z_steveHow do I go about setting up a linux server with the ability of providing a network boot option to clients on the LAN?03:03
snaxDasEi: no03:03
DasEisnax: sudo apt-get remove --purge cups03:03
snaxI removed backports becuase https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/Atheros recomended I uncomment everything.03:03
puxtunq_a_z_steve, look for "ltsp server"03:03
dsnydersqin, so I should be at Version 3.1.11?03:03
DasEisnax:gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list03:03
qindsnyders: Do you use 11.04?03:04
MuggWhat is the version name of ubuntu 11.04?03:04
wechatsnax: sudo dpkg --configure cups03:04
qin!11.04 > Mugg03:04
ubottuMugg, please see my private message03:04
OerHeks   q_a_z_steve you want pxe boot https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Desktop/PXE03:04
DasEisnax: line 38,39 put a # in front of that lines (http://paste.ubuntu.com/646958/)03:04
wechatsnax: sources.list doesn't matter there03:04
dsnydersqin, my About Ubuntu says 9.1003:05
DasEisnax: save file, close gedit03:05
DasEisnax: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade03:05
wechatsnax: you have to finish installation of cups and the second package or force remove them or configure locales (languages)03:05
qindsnyders: It is !End-of-Life, upgrade to get support.03:06
snaxwechat: You mean linux isn't dones installing?03:06
snaxthis is a fresh installation btw.03:06
q_a_z_stevepuxtun OerHeks thanks guys, I googled and was definitely overwhelmed.03:06
wechatsnax: packages for _dpkg_ are not finally_ installed03:07
zrutyqin: Perfect! Thanks again!03:09
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qinzruty: Anytime, mate.03:10
SausagezHey im having some problems with Kbuntu..03:10
Pythonwhat do you hate on Ubuntu (not trolling just opinions)03:10
Sausagezi cannot find a service using sudo..03:10
qin!ot > Python03:11
ubottuPython, please see my private message03:11
qinSausagez: What service?03:11
SausagezI want to Cube out my Desktop03:12
Sausagez<--- Linux Newb03:12
SausagezHence Kbuntu03:12
DasEisnax: still error about foomatic ?03:12
wechatsnax: ?03:12
SausagezANd i heard Centos is good.03:13
wechatSausagez: and hard with no music support03:13
Poindexter_Centos is Red Hat.03:13
qinSausagez: Beryl is fork of compiz, and not sure it is developed on its own, install ccsm03:13
SausagezOh ok03:13
kinheadsmy mouse pad is glitching badly, it keeps right clicking when i tap the touch pad, but it is only supposed to left click and it is clicking randomly, do i have to just use my wired mouse?03:14
Poindexter_Don't waste your breath on Centos.03:15
alazare619how can i make xubuntu a server os ie a ftp / webserver03:15
puxtunalazare619, very easy. run "sudo tasksel" and just install what you needed03:16
puxtunalazare619, ftp is "sudo apt-get install proftpd"03:17
kinheadsmy mouse pad is glitching badly, it keeps right clicking when i tap the touch pad, but it is only supposed to left click and it is clicking randomly, do i have to just use my wired mouse?03:17
kinheadsplease just tell me something03:17
alazare619thanks puxtun03:17
Polahpuxtun, alazare619: There's a lot of FTP programs out there. Not just proftpd03:17
pp7how do you adjust the touchpad sensitivity?  not cursor movement but how sensitive it is to touch?03:17
SausagezSo is ccsm a service i have to sudo it ?03:18
HackerIISausagez   compiz for kubuntu  thats what it is03:18
qinalazare619: There is help for LAMP (web-server) on help.ubuntu.com, you should read it to know how to configure apache and gang.03:18
SausagezOk so how do i install it ?03:19
HackerIIlook in kpackage manager03:19
snaxok so I installed mplayer and emacs with out dpkg errors.  But I still need linux headers.03:19
qinSausagez: No, it is manager (of plugins) of compiz03:19
Sausagezok kool03:19
snaxDasEi & wechat ^03:19
kinheadsmy mouse pad is glitching badly, it keeps right clicking when i tap the touch pad, but it is only supposed to left click and it is clicking randomly, do i have to just use my wired mouse?03:20
kinheadsat least say "you're srewed"03:20
wechatsnax: here03:20
HackerIIlol your not, its just there isn't some one here to help with that specific problem03:21
SausagezOk installing03:21
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alazare619in taskel whats considered the fileserver and webserver?03:21
alazare619im using xubuntu03:21
HackerIISausagez  also, make sure you install compiz-settings-manager03:22
alazare619so is it basic ubuntu server?03:22
DasEisnax: sudo apt-get install linux-image-generic  linux-headers-$(uname -r)03:22
qinkinheads: Patience, but /var/log/... kern.log syslog and messages may help, as changing configuration of pad (left-handed) to see what will happend.03:22
Sausagezthats whats installing now03:22
Sausagezthere is something else i need to install also ?03:22
qin!lamp | alazare61903:23
ubottualazare619: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)03:23
kinheadsqin, not sure how to get those outputs, and i have tried switching the pad :) thanks been coming here a few days03:23
wechatDasie: headers-$`uname -r`03:23
HackerIIyou in then Sausagez  , just take some time to learn it, you'll get the hang of it, also, if you want, install fusion-icon, once its installed, you can find settings easier from there.03:23
SausagezThe following packages have unmet dependencies:03:23
Sausagezsimple-ccsm: Depends: python-compizconfig (>= 0.8.2) but it is not going to be installed03:23
SausagezDepends: compizconfig-settings-manager (>= 0.8.2) but it is not going to be installed03:23
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qinkinheads: cd /var/log and tail -f <choosen_log> (Ctrl-c to escape)03:24
qinSausagez: How did you install it?03:24
Sausagezit stopped03:25
Sausagezand gave me that error message03:25
SausagezA package dependency could not be found.03:26
SausagezMore information is available in the detailed report.03:26
qinSausagez: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install simple-ccsm03:26
kinheadshow do i copy paste03:26
viiwhy does acpi=off fix my touch pad issues ??03:26
qinkinheads: In terminal: Shift-Ctrl-c/v03:27
SausagezSome packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have03:27
Sausagezrequested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable03:27
Sausagezdistribution that some required packages have not yet been created03:27
Sausagezor been moved out of Incoming.03:27
SausagezThe following information may help to resolve the situation:03:27
kinheadsin xchat03:27
FloodBot1Sausagez: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:27
Sausagezoops sorry03:27
kinheadsi cant copy in xchat03:27
SausagezThe following packages have unmet dependencies:03:28
Sausagez simple-ccsm : Depends: python-compizconfig (>= 0.8.2) but it is not going to be installed03:28
SausagezDepends: compizconfig-settings-manager (>= 0.8.2) but it is not going to be installed03:28
SausagezE: Broken packages03:28
qinSausagez: Did you get any errs from update? try: sudo apt-get install -f && sudo apt-get autoremove03:29
qinkinheads: No idea, does hightlight and middle-click work?03:30
SausagezRemoving linux-headers-2.6.38-8-generic ...03:30
kinheadsqin nope03:30
michael12311i have ubuntu server install, and i would like to stream my mpeg2(.mpg) movies over the internet to my school. what server application(or anything for that matter) would do this? i think it would need to be compressed.03:30
qinkinheads: hm... /j #xchat ?03:30
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Sausagezok done03:31
Sausageznow reinstall the updates ?03:31
qinmichael12311: nc, mplayer, vlc, or more complex, webserver03:31
qinSausagez: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade03:32
snaxDasEi: I was able to install linux-image-generic but no luck on linux-headers-$(uname -r)03:32
snaxE: Unable to locate package linux-headers-
snaxE: Couldn't find any package by regex 'linux-headers-'03:32
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DasEisnax: did the generic header install ?03:33
michael12311qin: any suggestions on compressing it?03:33
michael12311qin: preferably in place, so i don't have extra files lying around03:33
funkyHatpp7: use synclient to edit EdgeMotionMinZ or EdgeMotionMaxZ03:34
snaxDasEi: you mean linux-image-generic? yes.03:34
Sausagezok done qin03:34
qinmichael12311: Compressing? ffmpeg and mencoder can do a lot, but rather not on fly.03:34
Sausagezwhat next ?03:34
DasEisnax: got to reboot to use latest kernel w headers; close / save apps, sudo reboot, there you are03:35
qinSausagez: Do you have synaptic?03:35
snaxDasEi: oh right.  brb.03:35
michael12311qin: i just don't know if my internet connection will support a 6gb(total) stream03:35
qinSausagez: sudo apt-get install simple-ccsm03:36
alazare619whats the guide to lamp?03:36
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)03:36
charleyhellow, im trying to change permissions on a .exe file, im doing "chmod +x fliepath/filename" but it wont work, anything im doing wrong???03:36
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qinmichael12311: Mirrors, or cheap vps?03:36
Sausagezsame error03:36
Sausagezand it gives me the same error for synaptic03:36
michael12311qin: self hosted at my house. i would like to stream to my school.03:37
SausagezThe following packages have unmet dependencies:03:37
Sausagez simple-ccsm : Depends: python-compizconfig (>= 0.8.2) but it is not going to be installed03:37
Sausagez               Depends: compizconfig-settings-manager (>= 0.8.2) but it is not going to be installed03:37
SuperMiguelcharley, u trying to run it?03:37
DasEicharley: not needed for a wine file, rather own it to regular user btw. but in a path with write-permissions03:37
qinSausagez: paste.ubuntu.com?03:37
SuperMiguelcharley, just wine it03:37
charleySuperMiguel,  it says something about the execute bit03:38
SuperMiguelcharley, u did wine <file path>03:38
Sausagezsaying broken packages03:39
charleySuperMiguel, it works that way, but id like to just double click it03:39
androidbruceanyone care to help me with my fstab, i want it to mount my media drive to /media/files/ and I want it r/w for all users03:40
qinmichael12311: What upstream? There is many free webhostings with php, so easy to set proper steam, you need 100kbps for each connection and average video quality.03:40
qinSausagez: In synaptic, fix broken03:40
michael12311qin: i am happy with a 1mb upstream from the house to the school. won't mpeg2 take more than 100kbps?03:41
Sausagezi dont have it03:41
Sausagezit wont install03:41
cyphacan I highlight with the keyboard alone?03:42
qinmichael12311: 1 mega bit? It is 130 kile byte.03:42
michael12311qin: yes 1 mbit/s. i've read that you need more like 2-4mbit/s for mpeg 203:43
charleyhellow, im trying to change permissions on a .exe file, im doing "chmod +x fliepath/filename" but it wont work, anything im doing wrong???03:44
DasEicharley: not needed for a wine file, rather own it to regular user btw. put in a path with write-permissions03:44
Sausagezok synaptic is installing qin03:45
DasEicharley: mkdir ~/wineEXE03:45
Sausagezok done03:45
charleyDasEi, will I have to move the file?03:46
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DasEicharley: cp /Path/toYour/exe/whatever.exe  ~/wineEXE && chown $USER ~/wineEXE/whatever.exe03:47
radenhow can i move the gnome launcher ?03:47
qinmichael12311: It is hard to provide high quality stream on home connection, best bet is to reduce quality, or get server with good connection.03:49
DoinkleHi.  Is there any way to modify Evince presets?  I would like to be able to have .PNG as a default format to save images.  Thanks!03:49
qinSausagez: Just open ccsm as user and use plugins you like.03:49
Sausagezhow ?03:50
michael12311qin: i will look into convert/stream. vlc might be able to do what i'm looking for. i just want to keep this accessible to only me and be somewhat easy to open up a movie whenever i feel like it. that way i can watch it wherever instead of having to throw it on an external03:50
qinSausagez: Menu? Alt-F2 and ccsm?03:50
michael12311qin: thanks03:50
komo97hello, im here to survey, would any of you like to take it, it wont take long03:50
komo97make a survey*03:50
DasEi!ot > komo9703:51
ubottukomo97, please see my private message03:51
qinmichael12311: then you would be better with gzip and ssh03:51
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OerHekskomo97 this is the Ubuntu support channel, join #ubuntu-offtopic for survey and opinions03:51
michael12311qin: i would have to wait for the download to watch it though?03:52
Sausagezqin:  would it be my Graphics card ?03:52
Sausagezresolution ?03:53
qinmichael12311: Not really, since you can open file in mplayer and vlc while downloading.03:53
michael12311qin: i'll try it out! thanks03:54
routerHi. I did a fresh install of Ubuntu 11.04 and it only boots on every other attempt.... i select ubuntu from the bootloader and all that happens is that it gets stuck on a purple screen.... please help!03:54
qinSausagez: Em? Why graphic card?03:54
qinrouter: fsck? boot to grub (hold shift), press "e", and remove "splash" option, and boot.03:56
routerqin: I'll try that03:56
routerqin: what is fsck?03:57
aarcaneso I'm looking at an overview page on launchpad for a project..  how do I obtain the source .deb and build it ?03:57
qinrouter: dmseg, and other logs in /var/log may help to figure whats wrong.03:57
snaxDasEi: how can I remove the generic headers.  I forgot to mention that I was working from a chroot.  I think i should use te orignal ones03:57
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updatedoes anyone here use vimperator for firefox on ubuntu?03:59
snaxactually I'll just keep generic03:59
radenunity launcher cannot be moved ??? for real ???03:59
updateand found that it makes firefox very slow03:59
radenAre we living in a windows world again ?03:59
routerqin: also, I left my computer and came to find it locked and had to restart the computer because it would not unlock03:59
andreahola a todos!!!03:59
snaxlinux-headers-`uname -r` is finally installing03:59
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DasEisnax: are you using a powerpc ? else generic should be default , as there seem to be no smp-headers04:00
DasEisnax: be fine then04:00
Guest12168hola a todos!!!04:00
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.04:00
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omarhola a todos!!04:00
Doinkleraden, apparently it can04:00
updatewhy is vimperator making me browser so slow????04:01
Doinkleupdate, this is ubuntu support not firefox :/04:01
omarConsulta: tengo problemas con el receptor de señal de internet inalámbrica, a veces capta y muchas no, ahora estoy con una antena usb04:01
qinrouter: That may be few reasons.04:01
omarquiero arreglar eso, pero no se hacerlo04:02
qinrouter: Not reloaded modules, ram leak, overheating, etc04:02
qinrouter: Log are first to check, just after update/upgrade.04:03
omarsorry, i dnot english, sorry, a other chanel, thanks04:03
radenDoinkle, How can it  ?04:03
Doinkleraden, google:  how to move unity launcher04:05
qinUnity channel have to be vary sad place.04:06
smwAnyone know how to make linux use a certain resolution for the virtual terminals? vga=ask is "no longer supported". I have the box hooked up to a tv which will take very few resolutions and which is known to work at 1280x720 @ 60Hz04:06
smwit also works at whatever resolution grub is working so I can change boot parameters04:07
qinsmw: farmebuffer? setupcon? I like this how to: http://goo.gl/CWI2F that for ati/nvidia, but can be used anyway.04:10
DoinkleHi.  Is there any way to modify Evince presets?  I would like to be able to have .PNG as a default format to save images.  Thanks!04:10
alazare619im trying to install a fileserver FTP and SMB any ideas how to on xubuntu i looked in taskel but no beano04:10
smwqin, I need to do it at boot. I am unable to get a terminal on the screen04:11
qinsmw: How it boot with "text"?04:12
aku_i want indonesia channel04:12
AranelAfter a filesystem check, now I lost my basket notes, all plasma related settings and kdewallet passwords. Where they are located and how can I bring them back?04:12
Jordan_U!id | aku_04:12
ubottuaku_: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia04:12
gynxwah ada yg dari Indo04:12
qinalazare619: sudo apt-get install ftp-server04:14
smwqin, id doesn't boot with text. All I see is the grub menu04:14
p_resanyone here use wicd ?04:15
smwqin, I want to modify the kernel parameters so I can boot it04:15
TrfsrfrIs a download for 10.10 still available somewhere?04:15
xangua!anyone | p_res04:15
ubottup_res: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.04:15
xanguaTrfsrfr: yes04:15
fraxis there a particular filesystem that works best for a /var partition?04:15
xanguagoogle ubuntu 10.10 download04:16
p_resthat is the rea question. does anyone in here use wicd ?04:16
p_ressimple question04:16
puxtunfrax, reiserfs04:17
Trfsrfrxangua, thank you. I am thinking 11.04 is very buggy. Would you agree? Also - I am a rookie to linux.04:17
Jordan_Upuxtun: frax: I wouldn't recommend reiserfs for any use at this point. It's been in decline since Hans was convicted.04:18
qinsmw: What about some safe vga=771 or 773 ?04:18
p_resok here's my question. how do i see what dns servers my system in using?04:18
puxtunp_res, /etc/resolv.conf04:18
smwqin, afaik it only accepts 480p or 720p04:19
Jordan_Ufrax: I would personally go with ext4. It performs well for most workloads, is reliable, and is well supported.04:19
p_resthank you puxtun. ;-)04:19
p_resthat's what i wanted.04:19
smwqin, currently I am looking into typing blindly into the terminal :-)04:19
fraxJordan_U: alright, I'll go with that. Thanks04:19
Jordan_Ufrax: You're welcome.04:19
xanguaTrfsrfr: there is also Long Term Support 10.04 , 3 years of support and you can upgrade directly to the next LTS 12.0404:19
Doinklep_res, i used to use it, dont anymore04:20
xanguaTrfsrfr: otherwise you will need to upgrade to 11.04, 11.10, 12.0404:20
p_resDoinkle: no worries mate.04:21
Trfsrfrxangua, are you recommending a newb like me use a a LTS version?04:21
xanguaTrfsrfr: only if you don't wanna go thru 11.0404:21
coconutzhey. i got a assembla svn repo and i want to make cron job to push every day a version of it to my machine, i should use svn checkout myrepo.com ?04:22
xanguaTrfsrfr: you can neither stick to 10.10 for ever, only one year and a half support04:22
lucascastrodoes someone know about the problem with mouse on ubuntu? the mouse  stops working.04:22
Trfsrfrxangua, 11.04 is pretty much all I know. But I find it buggy..I lose things, web pages arent visible until I'm restarting, the taskbar changes at random...04:23
dstufftI'm having an issue. Compiz keeps locking up my computer and I have to ctrl alt f4 and kill -9 compiz to get a responsive desktop again (and then I Have to reboot because killing it messes things up majorly)04:23
lucascastroand I need to remove de module(rmmod) and get the modole up (modprobe) and so the mouse come back to work.04:23
dstufftit's using 100% cpu when I have to kill it04:24
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nit-witdstufft, how are you confirming that compiz is the problem?04:26
dstufftnit-wit: top shows compiz is using 100% cpu whenever my desktop locks up, and if I kill -9 compiz responsiveness is restored04:27
dstufftit's not immediate04:27
dstufftit's seemingly random when it starts to happen, but once it happens the only thing that restores responsiveness is killing compiz or rebooting04:28
zoLevDotComrebooting is better04:29
dstufftwell yea, because not having compiz sucks, but rebooting is a bad fix too :p04:29
karexlucascastro: i don't know your problem, but my mouse has the problem with power04:31
dstufftit's probably something I did when I installed it. Not sure what though D:04:31
karexlucascastro: i mean usb autosuspend04:31
lucascastroKarex: but did you need reload the module to it come back to work?04:32
karexlucascastro: no, I only need to plug it out and in again :)04:33
lucascastrokarex: I see... I'll take a look on devices log to try to find out what is happening.04:34
dbrunsif I have 32 bit ubuntu with PAE kernal, why am I only showing 4GB of memory when I have 8GB installed?04:34
quiescensis it actually booting the pae kernel?04:35
dbrunsquiescens, not sure how to find that out.. its a standard install of ubuntu 11.0404:35
Jordan_Udbruns: What is the output of uname -m ?04:35
dbrunsJordan_U, i68604:36
dbrunsJordan_U, did you mean uname -v?     #46-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jun 28 16:54:49 UTC 201104:36
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Jordan_Udbruns: Can you pastebin your /boot/grub/grub.cfg ?04:37
dstufftnow my entire computer is hardcore lagging,though this time it's Xorg and it's chewing up 68% cpu atm04:37
quiescensuname -a might show04:37
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dbrunsJordan_U, http://pastebin.com/aRwC32y304:38
Jordan_Udbruns: Well, it looks like you only have PAE kernels, so you should be using PAE.04:39
dbrunsJordan_U, yeah.. thats what I was thinking :-)04:40
alazare619whats a good ftp server for xubuntu?04:41
dbrunsJordan_U, yet.. free -m shows only 4GB...  windows 7 recognizes all 8GB and the post screen shows 8GB04:41
Jordan_Udbruns: Do you get any output from "grep -i -o PAE /proc/cpuinfo | head -1" ?04:41
divyeshIs there any way in v4l2 to display webcam raw buffer in a window by native way, without using getframe and display on window, something like directshow04:42
dbrunsJordan_U, yes04:42
Jordan_Udbruns: No idea why it isn't working then :(04:43
dbrunsAny reason not to use the 64 Bit kernal now?   its been many years since I used a linux desktop.. I use linux servers daily though04:43
Mike9866My new laptop fan is constantly running, even when it does need to. Can anyone help?04:44
Mike9866does not need to*04:44
Durananyone out there familiar with compiling alephone for Ubuntu? I've tried other methods, but nothing works out04:44
hvafaenhey anyone know why rsyslogd likes to spin up all my drives once a day? kinda annoying04:46
hvafaenthe message i get in syslog is : rsyslogd was HUPed, type 'lightweight'.04:47
acrhvafaen may be HUPed by logrotate04:48
syclopseHi, I am new to SDL so can anybody tell me how to display the raw buffer containing image data on the SDL_Surface.?04:48
hvafaenacr: could that be why it wants to start all my drives at the same time?04:48
hvafaendont really need any of the logs so if possible i could disable it04:49
acrhvafaen this happen on clients or server?04:51
hvafaenits a server install... only terminal .. i use it as a fileserver04:51
hvafaenslightly annoying when 14 drives spin up at the same time=P vibrations!04:51
acrhvafaen it's is raid?04:52
=== ghost is now known as Guest8521
hvafaensingle drives only04:53
=== Guest8521 is now known as jghost
acrhvafaen and where mounted?04:54
hvafaenin my home folder04:54
hvafaenlol ops04:54
lorddeltaExcuse me. Is there a proper way to enable unicode support for ubuntu? I'm running 11.04, and I can't get ᴥ to display properly (\u1d25)05:01
Jordan_Ulorddelta: What is it supposed to be?05:02
lorddeltaIts a "Latin letter ain"05:02
pyroscopelorddelta: you need a font that supports the unicode level at hand05:02
vehemothwhere are you trying to get it to display?05:02
aarcaneafter I build packages using apt-get -b source packagename, where do I find the resultant .deb(s) ?05:02
lorddeltavehemoth: just in plain gtk windows05:02
lorddeltapyroscope: where would I go to change the system font?05:03
syclopseHi, I am new to SDL so can anybody tell me how to display the raw buffer containing image data on the SDL_Surface.?05:03
vehemothright click on desktop05:03
lorddeltavehemoth: e.g. this pidgin window, gedit, etc.05:03
vehemothright click on desktop, what options are there?05:03
aarcanesyclopse, try #sdl or #yourlanguage05:04
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade05:04
Durandoes anyone know how to compile code? trying to put together an open source game05:04
syclopsethank you05:04
jeff__hi guys05:07
jeff__i can't ping or dig my server from internet, only from lan05:07
WindowsMojaveI love netsplits05:07
xangua!compile | Duran05:07
ubottuDuran: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)05:07
jeff__any hint? can't ping my server, neither dig it05:09
lorddeltavehemoth: sorry, I don't seem to have a "desktop" what's more I tried using gconf to "show_desktop" and a bunch of stuff crasehd.05:09
vehemothyou don't have a desktop? as in it's command line?05:11
lorddeltavehemoth: not quite, I have wallpaper etc.05:13
lorddeltavehemoth: no icons05:13
Chipzzzjeff__: You can't ping from outside a LAN to a server inside but you can dig it if you set up port forwarding on the router05:14
jeff__can't ping or dig05:14
lorddeltavehemoth: if it helps any I believe I have gtk3 on here, but I'm running gnome-panel/ubuntu session.05:15
Chipzzzyou should be able to dig if you set up port forwarding on the router... nothing you do will enable ping, though05:15
vehemothlordelta: try System->Preferences->Appearance05:15
lorddeltavehemoth: nice pop-up box telling me gnome-appearance-properties is not a command05:16
syclopseis there any way to display raw buffer to window using v4l2.?05:16
lorddeltavehemoth: maybe gnome-tweak tool?05:16
Chipzzzjeff__: you have to dig the ip of the router, btw05:16
vehemothlorddelta: you could try that05:17
lorddeltavehemoth: I've got default font, document font, monospace font, window title font...05:17
lorddeltavehemoth: right, unless you have any recommendations for solid unicode supported fonts I guess I'll play around here.05:17
lorddeltavehemoth: thnx05:17
vehemothlorddelta: that's alright :)05:18
jeff__Chipzzz, try to dig or
mnewtonHey guys can you help me with some Joomla stuff?05:21
mnewton I need help rewriting urls. I want this http://shshealth.site11.com/2011-06-27-03-16-42/introduction-to-course to go to this http://shshealth.site11.com/introduction-to-course05:21
mnewton how do i do this?05:21
FloodBot1mnewton: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:21
mnewtonHey guys can you help me with some Joomla stuff?05:22
mnewton I need help rewriting urls. I want this http://shshealth.site11.com/2011-06-27-03-16-42/introduction-to-course to go to this http://shshealth.site11.com/introduction-to-course05:22
mnewton how do i do this?05:22
jeff__kick him :(05:22
Chipzzzjeff__: they both work05:23
Chipzzzmnewton: try at #joomla05:24
alazare619im installing proftp whats it better to run it as05:25
alazare619or standalone?05:25
mnewtonChipzzz, I tried - no one is listening05:25
seangroveIf I can ping google/archive.ubuntu.com etc., and I can ssh out from my machine, but I can't do apt-get update, what does this suggest besides iptables?05:25
dpb_seangrove: what do you get from apt-get update?05:26
Chipzzzmnewton: you'll have to wait until morning... it's considered rude to ask things that far off-topic here05:26
seangrovedpb_: http://pastie.org/223550905:27
jamesbond2alazare619: depends on how much traffic and ftp sessions05:27
alazare619well not often05:28
alazare619once a few weeks05:28
alazare619just around the house between phone and pc05:28
dpb_and can you ping any of the names/IPs listed?05:28
jamesbond2for low traffic/ftp sessions use inetd05:28
alazare619got an android phone id like to transfer music to over wifi05:28
seangroveI can ping all of them05:28
alazare619and for some reason samba blows over to android phones idk why05:29
jamesbond2for high traffic use standalone05:29
dpb_I'm having trouble contacting us-east-1.ec2.archive.ubuntu.com... (over http)05:30
seangroveI believe you have to be inside of the ec2 network05:30
dpb_The others are working fine for me05:31
dpb_K figured it was something like that05:31
Chipzzzdpb_ server is down... I can't ping it05:31
seangroveIt seems to curl decently inside05:31
=== pwnus_ is now known as pwnus
dpb_K, so you have tested http, not just ping, I'm getting from that statement. :)05:31
alazare619i got a odd fealing my modem is restarting cause of excessive udp sessions when torrenting ne ideas how to limit udp activity with torrents?05:32
seangroveWell, it's a bit complicated05:32
seangroveI'm using lxc, and from the host, I can apt-get update just fine, and curl works05:32
seangrovefrom inside of the container, I can ping, but can't seem to get any http traffic out05:32
Chipzzzit connects but does not return data to wget and a web browser does not show any response05:36
JoAnneThraxHi, everyone.  Is there a Lucid package that has nm-applet contained?05:36
dpb_I've googled it, but am unfamiliar with lxc practically.  Sounds like you could have some kind of iptables mess going on as you first stated.  I'm not going to be much help, sorry. :(05:37
ChipzzzJoAnneThorax: it's in  network-manager-gnome05:39
d_atharva_Hi.....I got aquestion in my mind....Whydoes ubuntu does not include plugins like mp3,rar etc. (which I have to download each time after its installation). Is there any reason for it ?05:39
JoAnneThraxChipzzz: Gracias.05:40
Chipzzzde nada05:40
alazare619flash mp3 rar etc05:41
alazare619are all non-free05:41
alazare619there license doesnt make them free to include05:41
alazare619thus you have to get them from the source ie lame mp3 win rar and adobe flash05:41
alazare619pretty much there eula reads like this05:41
KM0201d_atharva_: if you pay attention while installing... since like 10.04 i think.. there's a box that says "click here if you wish to download/install nonfree multimedia codecs" (basicallyt hats what it says)05:42
KM0201if you're not checking that box.. ou only have yourself to blame05:42
alazare619it is free to use but without written consent by the creator you may not incorporate these into your own software05:42
KM0201d_atharva_: beyond that, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restrictd-extras   will install just about everything you need, w/o scouring the internnet to install them.05:43
d_atharva_<alazare619> : So these plugins should also not be  in remastered ubuntu's like zorin etc.....(Which are installed in it)...So do they have licence of giving it with their remastered product ?05:45
alazare619to be honest d_atharva_ i have no idea05:46
alazare619im guessing they have some kind of agreement05:46
alazare619or they remake it like debian does under there own name05:46
alazare619debian uses iceweasel wich is the same as ff05:46
alazare619they might do similar05:46
jvgeliI am running Natty on a laptop, but whenever I boot on Battery Natty freezes on the log in screen. The odd thing is when I boot windows first, reboot then log in to Natty it goes through. Already tried downgrading pm_util to lucid version, didnt work.05:52
alazare619how do you quit with xchat with a reason?05:52
nit-witalazare619, right click-setings prefernces05:54
gechmogHi, I'm running 10.04 and I needed to repair a some boot files, and I just inserted my live cd, how do I get to 'recovery mode'?05:57
gechmogAll I see is 'Try ubuntu'05:58
gechmog and 'install'05:58
Lasersgechmog: Alternate CD, broooo.05:58
gechmogLasers: I downloaded the wrong one? D:05:59
Jordan_Ugechmog: What problem are you having with "boot files"?05:59
Lasersgechmog: LiveCD is for LiveCD. :(06:00
nit-witgechmog, are you trying to reload grub to boot?06:00
Lasers!recovery | gechmog06:00
ubottugechmog: To rescue a broken system, boot the alternate install CD and select "Rescue a broken system"06:00
gechmogCan I have a link to the alternate install cd download page? :D06:00
Lasersgechmog: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/natty/release/06:01
Jordan_Ugechmog: You don't need the alternate CD to fix things, it just makes it easier.06:01
Jordan_Ugechmog: What problem are you having with "boot files"?06:01
gechmognit-wit: Jordan_U : Basically I installed an update and then when I restarted I get thrown into some type of shell.  It has (something-here) and I can't do anyhting.06:01
sureshI have problem in wireless for hp g42?06:01
gechmogLasers: Thank you so much ^.^06:01
Lasersgechmog: You probably should answer Jordan_U's question about your issues with "boot files"06:02
gechmogJordan_U: It basically says 'can't locate /init/' -- I can check real fast if you'd like and read you the message?06:03
nit-witgechmog, is this a wubi install?06:03
sureshI have problem in wireless for hp g42?  plz help06:03
jvgeliI am running Natty on a laptop, but whenever I boot on Battery Natty freezes on the log in screen. The odd thing is when I boot windows first, reboot then log in to Natty it goes through. Already tried downgrading pm_util to lucid version, didnt work.06:04
gechmognit-wit: No, this is just a recovery I need to make06:04
nit-witgechmog, personally I and I suspect others would like to see the boot script run.   http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/06:06
nit-witgechmog, this script will give you a text file of what is where to pastebin.06:06
gechmognit-wit: Okay.06:08
nit-witgechmog, you also clear up whether you want the OS running or recovering stuff from it as well.06:08
JohanSJAhi, what do it means by 'compose' key in this tutorial? https://help.ubuntu.com/11.04/ubuntu-help/tips-specialchars.html06:12
JohanSJAwhich key is it referring to?06:12
JohanSJAi know that 'windows' is referred as 'meta' or 'super' key sometimes06:12
JohanSJAso what is a 'compose' key?06:12
gechmognit-wit: I am also trying to get the OS running, so that I can get my data... I hope.06:13
nit-witgechmog, thanks for clearing that up, the script should get us the info we need.06:14
ChipzzzJohanSJA: It combines multiple keystrokes similar to windows' alt-numpad sequesces except that it adds things like acutes and backquotes on top of letters06:14
JohanSJAChipzzz: thanks06:16
gechmognit-wit: So, I am on my laptop now, and the infected comp has no networking ability, after I recover and all is working and I run that script, would you still get what you need? :S06:16
gechmogpoor choice of word on my part06:17
nit-witgechmog, I suggested the script as it is a unknown as to what has happened, it is for getting you back in with the correct fix.06:18
=== pepito is now known as pepito141
NielsMknhey guys06:18
JohanSJAI am trying to install Ubuntu on a totally new laptop. During the installation stage, I started thinking about the disk partitioning issue. Should I go for 'Default - use all' (which results in one large / partition and 4GB swap) or 'Manual partitioning (10GB for /, 4GB for swap, rest for /home)?06:18
gechmogoh ok06:18
laserbledHi, anyone using wink here - I cant get to install it - it says 2 packages missing - installed it but still says the same06:18
NielsMknis it possible to upgrade from ubuntu 32 bit to 64 bit?06:18
pepito141can anyone help a noob with a version selection?06:19
alazare619NielsMkn,  as far as i know thats impossible without alot of work06:19
JohanSJAI have been using the 'manual partitioning' so far but I am wondering if it really worth effort to manually partitioning them.06:19
NielsMknand its impossible to run 64 bit apps on 32 bit ones :(06:19
wildbat1JohanSJA: i will go for manual06:19
pepito141i just inherited an alienware i7 and want to replace vista with 11.04 but should i choose 64 bit?06:20
NielsMknpepito you must be having more than 4 GB RAM06:20
NielsMknso you should definetely go for 64 bit06:20
pepito141ok.  thanks,  i will check now06:20
nit-witJohanSJA, that is sort of a personal preference really. What do you want?06:21
JohanSJAwildbat1: I have been told that separating / and /home would be ideal but confused why Ubuntu didn't use that as their default06:21
ChipzzzJohanSJA: I usually use a relatively small partition for the system (/), a swap disk 1 or 2 times the size of ram, and the rest /home06:21
RenatoSilvais there any way to get  the ip of an interface using the name contained in /etc/network/interfaces rather than what pops up into ifconfig?06:21
pepito141NielsMkn - i have exactly 4gb ram.  enough? or go with 32bit?06:21
wildbat1JohanSJA: there is many thing Ubuntu / other OS should do but that don't, like windows ~ it won't have D: by default ~06:22
NielsMknGo with 64 bit06:22
JohanSJAnit-wit: Just try to understand why Ubuntu didn't use a better partitioning scheme for Default. And why separating / and /home is a more ideal situation?06:22
NielsMkn32 bit will allow you to only use 3 GB RAM, 1 GB will be wasted06:22
Jordan_URenatoSilva: What do you mean by "using the name contained in /etc/network/interfaces"? What is wrong with ifconfig?06:22
pepito141ok thanks.  logging off and starting the d/l!  cant wait!06:23
nit-witJohanSJA, better is a subjective.;)06:23
NielsMknGood Luck :)06:23
=== wildbat1 is now known as wildbat
JohanSJAnit-wit: perhaps it is.06:23
DefTonecan someone help me please...i haven't used ubuntu in a few years06:23
vehemothNielsMKn: 64bit uses around twice as much ram06:23
ChipzzzJohanSJA: if you trash your kernel, restoring it is easier/safer if it is on its own disk... /home is protected06:23
JohanSJAChipzzz: I normally allocate around 10GB for / and 2xram for swap and rest for /home06:23
nit-witJohanSJA, I use the one partition, I have evrything off the computer it is full of OS's mainly.06:24
alazare619i really wish i would of made my home directory its own partition...06:24
NielsMknvehemoth, you sure?06:24
gechmognit-wit: I guess I should have been more clear (sorry), but i have no networking what so ever to download your script, so I also have no ability to paste it on pastebin as well. :(06:24
NielsMknI was using 10.10 64 bit before this06:24
ChipzzzJohanSJA: that sounds about right06:24
gechmogI'm in a BusyBox with the whole (initramfs) thing06:24
nit-witgechmog, how are you talking to us now?06:24
DefTonei have a crappy toshiba netbook that has windows 7 starter on it. i loaded ubuntu netbook remix from usb and am trying to recover my files by copying them to a 500gb flash drive06:24
NielsMknand I had no such ram hogging issues06:24
Jordan_Uvehemoth: NielsMkn: 64 bit does not use even close to twice as much RAM. Pointers are twice as large but pointers are only a small fraction of data stored in RAM.06:24
blagaccording to this page, ktechlab has been 'superseded' https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/natty/i386/ktechlab/0.3.7-9ubuntu1 , can anybody tell why or with what package?06:24
gechmogI can't even mount a usb device.06:24
ejvfor the majority, the community clearly thought that the default of combining root and home is satisfactory. devoting /home to a seperate partition does allow you to thoroughly trash your installation without impacting your personal files (in most cases)06:24
gechmognit-wit: I'm on my laptop now.06:24
NielsMknThanks for clearing that Jordan_U :)06:25
nit-witgechmog, can you boot a live cd on the infected computer and plug a usb into it.06:25
Jordan_UNielsMkn: You're welcome.06:25
gechmognit-wit: My desktop is what is having the problem, but after scowering the forums it seems all I need is a alternate cd as you so kindly linked to me. :D06:25
JohanSJAChipzzz: ya. Just wondering if this is a more recommended way of partitioning a new drive when Ubuntu just go with 1 partition06:25
gechmognit-wit: sure06:25
alazare619i have to say tho xubuntus ram usage is not that much less then gnome it is definetly faster and snappier06:26
alazare619the boot is slow as hell tho for some reason idk why compared to gnome the boot is wayyyy slower06:26
alazare619but once loaded its waaaaaay snappier06:26
DefTonenit-wit: is there a way to look in a windows partition and get my music and videos?06:26
NielsMknwell I am all for ubuntu classic06:26
alazare619i can tell this case i can actually play html5 videos ow06:26
alazare619and now06:26
nit-witgechmog, I doubt the alt cd is the answer to be honest it is probably simpler then that. Use the thumb to transfer the script download to the bad computer, on the live desktop=cd booted, then transfer it back to the laptop, and paste it here.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/06:27
JohanSJADefTone: you should be able to access your windows partition easily in Ubuntu06:27
RenatoSilvaJordan_U: I mean exactly as stated, imagine an interface is called dsl-provider in interfaces file, but pops up as ppp0 in ifconfig because pppoe is stupid06:28
DefTonehow so JohanSJA ?06:28
RenatoSilvaJordan_U: so I need to hook an interface through what's in interfaces file06:29
DefTonei can see it in disk utility.....is there a way to open it up and copy files to a flash drive?06:29
JohanSJADefTone: you are in your Ubuntu right now? Just find it in your Nautilus.06:29
JohanSJAyou should have all your drive listed at the sidebar of nautilus (file manager)06:30
RenatoSilvaJordan_U: just like ifup/down does. In the example, it'd be ifup/down dsl-proviver BUUUUT ifconfig ppp0!06:30
onatshey guys, where is the applications, system in the 11.04 version?06:30
ChipzzzDefTone: you probaby have to 'mount' it... see 'man mount'06:30
onatsits a big change against previous versions06:30
DefTonehow do i get to nautilus?06:30
DefTonei'm on netbook remix....ugh06:31
DefTonei think i'm kinda limited....darn06:31
majid7bad ui06:31
DefToneis there a light version of ubuntu i can put on a 2GB Stick?06:32
nit-witonats, little box in left panel with"+"06:32
DefToneonly way i can get this netbook going06:32
alazare619DefTone,  could try netbook edition06:32
DefTonei'm on netbook remix now alazare61906:32
alazare619DefTone,  or do debian minimal using the unetbootin to install06:32
nit-witDefTone, fullinstall?06:32
ChipzzzDefTone: You might also try either server or alternate... I think they're both pretty small06:33
alazare619actually DefTone  id do netinst with unetbootin of debian06:33
NielsMknlater guys06:33
RenatoSilvaanyone with an ADSL connection configured with pppoeconf or something?06:33
DefToneso i can't do what i want to do with netbook remix?06:33
alazare619ive personally found that debian works alot better for netbooks for some reason then ubuntu no idea why tho06:33
r3miHey anyone familiar with Guake Terminal?06:34
r3miI want to change the width06:34
vehemothr3mi: can you right click, maybe a settings dialogue06:36
Chipzzzr3mi: I'm looking at screen shots & they're all full width... it may not be an option06:38
r3miHmm, well I can drag the window to change the width, but it resets when I close the program06:39
Chipzzzr3mi: on the other hand... it might: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/08/how-to-adjust-guake-terminal-width.html06:39
vehemothr3mi: you could also try tilda06:40
=== f0rfr33 is now known as I_Learning_I
rkhshmare there any IDEs for developing html docs on ubuntu06:47
datang|pergirkhshm: what do u mean with html docs?06:48
rkhshmdatang|pergi: html files06:48
rkhshmi'm sorry06:48
=== fairuz_ is now known as fairuz
rkhshmcreating html pages without having to go through the hassle of <html>....</html> manually06:48
rkhshmjust design the interface and IDE takes care of the codes06:49
datang|pergirkhshm: maybe you want to check Kompozer06:51
rkhshmwhat about  bluefish06:51
datang|pergirkhshm: I've never used kompozer intensively06:53
datang|pergirkhshm: i've bluefish installed and haven't found the wysiwyg editor06:54
rkhshmme too.. i just installed it.06:54
rkhshmit just converters the requirements to code.06:54
rkhshmnot the GUI i want to code06:54
datang|pergirkhshm: it's advisable to type the nick to whom u talk :) or maybe mandatory in this channel06:56
datang|pergirkhshm: if u want to be serious woth html, you should interract directly with <html></html>, I think, personally06:58
=== dpb_ is now known as leppi
onatsanyone know that utility that you can use one mouse / keyboard for multiple machines?07:01
tobagosomeone uses instantbird and can tell me how to force it to raise a popup, if a new message would come in?07:01
hanthanawhat files I should translate in order to complete Kubuntu installer in my language?07:02
s1l3ntW4rr10rjoin ubuntu-br07:03
astraljavarkhshm: I'm not sure about bluefish, but for instance geany knows to automatically insert the closing tag when you type <html>, but only after you've first saved the file with the correct prefix.07:04
hanthanas1l3ntW4rr10r: are you refereeing to my question?07:04
astraljavarkhshm: As probably most editors work, but have no time to confirm.07:04
hanthanaok :)07:04
hanthanaguys where i could find l10n help for Ubuntu/Kubuntu07:05
acrhanthana what language?07:06
astraljavarkhshm: Err.. prefix would be the file extension, ie. .html07:06
hanthanaacr: si07:06
hanthanaacr: i want to know the exact files to be translate to get kubuntu in my language07:07
=== leppi is now known as _dpb_
acrhanthana is this not done?07:08
hanthanaacr: i do not know07:08
hanthanaI want to know the files07:08
kroq-gar78hello all. does anybody know why my server is using a "pae" kernel? what's that? why isn't it using a regular kernel?07:09
YankDownUnderhanthana, Are you not able to find the "Help" files in the Synaptic Package Manager for your language?07:09
hanthanaacr: what is the exact place to ask this question if you guys not aware of this07:09
kroq-gar78also, it's a makeshift server (a laptop)07:09
hanthanaI am not a Ubuntu user07:09
YankDownUnderkroq-gar78, You should be able to pick which kernel you desire through package management07:09
hanthanabut I want to localize the installer07:09
kroq-gar78YankDownUnder: but what's a "pae" kernel do?07:10
hanthanaYankDownUnder: acr ^^07:10
YankDownUnderPAE = physical address extension07:10
kroq-gar78YankDownUnder: what's that mean? I'm no technical expert :(07:11
raveHi guys07:11
YankDownUnderkroq-gar78, It means that that particular kernel can make use of memory beyond 4gb07:11
acrhanthana english is always excellent choice >_<07:11
hanthanaacr: where is the file(s)?07:11
ssfdre38_the firefox that comes with ubuntu, does that have HTML5 support or is it apache2?07:12
fraxI'm about to set up Ubuntu with a separately partitioned home directory. Will it wipe the contents of that partition before installing my home folder, or is it safe for me to leave my backup there?07:12
kroq-gar78YankDownUnder: ah ok. so is PAE default for ubuntu server installs? I'm 90% sure I have 2GB ram on that computer...07:12
acrhanthana look in source07:12
YankDownUnderhanthana, That might be something to ask in the dev channel...07:12
kroq-gar78ssfdre38_: I think it depends on which version of firefox you're using. If you're using 4 or above, full HTML5 support AFAIK07:12
YankDownUnderkroq-gar78, My servers user PAE's...and I don't like using 64bit linux...07:13
ssfdre38_kroq-gar78, im using FF5 and its not working for some reason07:13
* hanthana worried about this #ubutntu channel since none of them not forwarding to proper place07:13
raveI have a question, if a software installation was interrupted halfway through, does this mean that files and directories of this package are still left in the filesystem? must i remove them manually?07:13
YankDownUnderhanthana, It's up to you to join the #ubuntu-dev channel...no one else.07:13
hanthanaany way debian and fedora much better than ubuntu supoort07:14
YankDownUnderrave, You should be able to correct the installation (in a term, do: sudo apt-get -f install => then retry your installation)07:14
hanthanaYankDownUnder: I was asking the name of the channel if you do not know the location of the files07:14
YankDownUnderhanthana, Well, have fun with Debian and Fedora.07:14
kroq-gar78YankDownUnder: ok, but does the server installer do PAE by default? my laptop only has 2GB ram but it's still doing PAE installs by default07:14
hanthanaafter several queries you point the channel name07:14
YankDownUnderhanthana, I gave you the name of the channel.07:14
hanthanaanyway thaks07:15
raveYankDownUnder: thank you ill try that07:15
YankDownUnderkroq-gar78, If you're absolutely worried about the kernel, use the package management system to change to a different kernel. Easy as that.07:15
kroq-gar78YankDownUnder: ok. how do I change the kernel type? the only reason I want to do this is because I am apt-cacher-ng-ing all of my ubuntu computers07:16
kroq-gar78so, there would be no problem switching the kernel type, yes?07:17
YankDownUnderkroq-gar78, Find the kernel you want in the Synaptic Package Manager, then you'll be able to take it from there. Search on "linux-image"07:17
YankDownUnderkroq-gar78, I can't tell you that - there may be programs/services on the server that require the PAE kernel...07:18
kroq-gar78YankDownUnder: k thanks dude. do you know of any examples that might require PAE's?07:18
kroq-gar78just wonderin07:18
YankDownUnderkroq-gar78, Mate, nah, I don't...however, that being said, since I moved all my servers and client's servers to Ubuntu, I let the system determine the necessary kernel as per.07:19
kroq-gar78YankDownUnder: k. thanks a ton for the help :)07:20
kroq-gar78!language | linux07:20
ubottulinux: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.07:20
JohnMnemonicchce mi sie spac. Perl, napisalem Perl dla zmylki, zeby ci, co nie rozumieja jezyka pomysleli, ze zadaje pytanie odnosnie czegos zwiazanego z systemem. O, napisze jeszcze JavaScript, to pomysla, ze naprawde mam jakis problem. Zaczna pisac, zebym pisal po ichniemu jezyku albo poszedl na kanal z rodakami, ale oczywiscie tam mnie zjeby zablokowali, stare konie, a zachowuja sie jak 5latki, do tego cnotki niewydymki. Suki. Musze isc do pracy. Milego dnia.07:21
YankDownUnderJohnMnemonic, Polski?07:21
JohnMnemonicyep YankDownUnder07:22
YankDownUnderJohnMnemonic, Ah. Right. Wrong channel my friend!07:22
kroq-gar78!pl  | JohnMnemonic07:22
ubottuJohnMnemonic: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.07:22
kroq-gar78is that the right lanuage?07:22
YankDownUnderkroq-gar78, Yep.07:22
YankDownUnder...saved me a few keystrokes...hehehehehhe....07:23
mang0Have any of you guys used the Drop and Share applet? In a dock or out of a dock?07:23
YankDownUnderkroq-gar78, Just as finding out that "CTRL-L" replaced "clear" in a term....07:24
YankDownUndermang0, Mmmm...nah...Dropbox, yeah...07:24
JohnMnemonicPolish chann is piece of crap with plenty of motherf*ckers. They've banned my IP, or host.07:24
YankDownUnderJohnMnemonic, Ah. Right.07:24
redeyyezsetup a bnc =)07:24
kroq-gar78JohnMnemonic: language :P07:25
YankDownUnderJohnMnemonic, Well, if I was 40 years younger I might understand what you were saying...07:25
mang0YankDownUnder: Because the drop&share applet is supposed to upload text to pastebin (Fine) images and other files to dropbox, but it won connect to dropbox07:25
mang0Or imagebin07:25
YankDownUndermang0, Um....I'll assume then you've setup the application with your Dropbox account info and all that wonderful jazz, right?07:25
kroq-gar78mang0: i won't be able to really help, but is it docky? for for other's info who might be able to help07:26
JohnMnemonici can't :'(07:26
redeyyezjohnMnemonic was in the 90's07:26
YankDownUnder..yeah...cool moovee it was...07:26
mang0YankDownUnder: There are no settings to do that, which is what Iḿ confused about07:26
mang0kroq-gar78: No, Cairo Dock07:26
YankDownUndermang0, Ah right....well, if it's in Cairo-dock (glx-dock) then there should be something in the system settings for glx-dock (Cairo-Dock) that would pertain to that...eh?07:27
fraxI'm about to set up Ubuntu with a separately partitioned home directory. Will it wipe the contents of that partition before installing my home folder, or is it safe for me to leave my backup there?07:27
mang0YankDownUnder: I've looked there, and I can't see anything. I've looked in the cairo dock settings annwya....07:27
YankDownUndermang0, Guess what? I just found the settings mate.07:27
kroq-gar78 frax: wipe the contents of *which* partition?07:28
mang0YankDownUnder: wth, where?!07:28
fraxkroq-gar78: the partition which would hold /home/frax/.07:28
raveYankDownunder:Hey it worked :-), thanks a bunch.07:28
YankDownUndermang0, Well, go to Cairo-Dock, Configuration, then find "Drop and Share", then click the "Configuration" tab (make sure your settings are ADVANCED and not SIMPLE, firstly)07:28
mang0advance not simple07:29
YankDownUnderrave, Coolbeans. You're buying the beer.07:29
mang0gotcha, that was my problem07:29
mang0Thanks :)07:29
fraxkroq-gar78: which is where I'm holding the backup of my old home folder as well.07:29
YankDownUndermang0, ;)07:29
kroq-gar78frax: have a look at this, see if it will answer your question: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome07:29
datang|pergifrax: i've my homedir separated with / (root), my data is safe so far07:29
datang|pergifrax: I mean when reinstalling ubuntu, my home partition is not cleared07:30
kroq-gar78datang|pergi: but you have to make sure the check box for "format" in the gui installer of ubuntu isn't checkmarked to make sure it doesn't reformat /home07:31
datang|pergikroq-gar78: yes, sure07:32
parapanhello boys and girls > does anyone know if there is a channel dedicated to nomachine - nx client/server ???07:32
YankDownUnderparapan, Ya might have to create a USB boot to get into that channel mate (joking)07:32
YankDownUnderparapan, Have you tried the #ubuntu-server channel yet?07:33
h00k!alis | parapan07:33
ubottuparapan: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu*07:33
parapannope ...do you think I should try-it for my problems with remote controlling ?07:34
saikatHi all07:34
parapanh00k > nice command > 10x07:34
YankDownUnderparapan, Someone in there should know07:34
parapanYankDownUnder: SUPER ..i should try-it then ...07:34
fraxdatang|pergi: alright, I guess I'll trust that it won't screw things up. Thanks for the help.07:34
saikatIs there any office of canonical in India ?07:35
kroq-gar78h00k: never knew that existed :)07:35
h00kkroq-gar78: :)07:35
YankDownUndersaikat, I'd assume in Mumbai there'd be one...07:35
voozeAfter i changed the host, how is it i restart the host-files? (like /etc/hosts) etc.?07:36
YankDownUndervooze, You just restart the network.07:36
kroq-gar78vooze: sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart07:36
kroq-gar78in command line07:36
YankDownUndersaikat, If you can wait until next year, I'll tell you after I visit south India ;)07:37
datang|pergikroq-gar78: when upgrading (or fresh-install-upgrade), does ubuntu remove inappropriate settings in homedir?07:37
voozekroq-gar78, that does also count for servers?07:37
YankDownUnderdatang|pergi, No.07:37
kroq-gar78vooze: all ubuntu installs07:37
kroq-gar78datang|pergi: what do you mean by "inappropriate settings" in homedir?07:37
YankDownUndervooze, Yes. If you make a change on a server (say you're doing it from remote via ssh or telnet) and you make static changes to the hosts, you restart the network on the machine in order to affect it with the new hosts file.07:38
voozeYankDownUnder, okay thank you :)07:38
=== zz_ng_ is now known as ng_
YankDownUnderdatang|pergi, Just bear in mind that if you're installing fresh (non-upgrade) and you've got say, Gnome2 settings from a prior installation in your home dir that are not consistent with the newer version, you'll have a few issues until you clear them up, or just backup those settings elsewhere (or rename them)07:39
datang|pergikroq-gar78: maybe there are settings in older version that doesn't relevant or can break the new one...07:39
kroq-gar78datang|pergi: look @ YankDownUnder's post ;)07:39
datang|pergikroq-gar78: ok, he/she typed faster than me, :D07:40
YankDownUnderI'm typing with my toes.07:40
kroq-gar78YankDownUnder: lol07:40
redeyyezYankDownUnder: i bet that works well with the ladies lol right? lmao07:41
YankDownUnderredeyyez, ...hehehehehe...yeah...hands free for "other" uses... ;)07:41
kroq-gar78offtopic? lol07:41
YankDownUnderkroq-gar78, It was a valid support question. ;)07:42
redeyyezthere's just wrong on so many levels.  Brings up more questions then i ever wanna know.07:42
mang0YankDownUnder: another thing, if I have a launcher in the dock, for example xchat, then when I click it, I have 2 xchat icons in the dock....How do I get rid of that?07:42
AutodidactiteAnyone here tried to use GIMP with Unity in 11.04?07:43
kroq-gar78Autodidactite: me07:43
kroq-gar78Autodidactice: works perfect afaik07:43
datang|pergiAutodidactite: me too07:43
YankDownUndermang0, Well, one would be for the launcher, the other would be for the active program. Somewhere in the taskbar settings you should be able to have xchat (like pidgin) literally minimise to it's launcher...07:43
AutodidactiteIt is a really sucky experience07:43
YankDownUnderUnity is a sucky experience.07:43
kroq-gar78if you know then why did you ask? or do you mean just unity, not unity+gimp?07:44
mang0YankDownUnder: task bar settings are in the advanced mode? Or somewhere completely differant?07:44
AutodidactiteI am constantly clicking on image window just to get the menus up07:44
YankDownUndermang0, Yeah...make sure you're viewing the "advanced settings" mode07:44
kroq-gar78Autodidactite: oh yeah forgot about that...07:45
kroq-gar78Autodidactite: only bad part about gimp+unity imo07:45
AutodidactiteI really like Unity but some times it is like it is real fighting me hard07:45
kroq-gar78yup :(07:46
curiousxAutodidactite: take a look at those links about Gimp ---> http://www.youtube.com/user/TheShockito#g/c/E723459DA9C1EFF3 ---> http://www.youtube.com/user/GimpKnowHow07:46
McPelsHi guys07:46
McPelsi use ubuntu 11.04 with Unity07:46
AutodidactiteCool will so thanks curiousx07:46
McPelsyesterday my network manager icon disappeared!07:46
curiousxyour wellcome dude07:46
mang0One minute gonna restart xchat07:46
McPelsand i do not know how to turn it back!07:47
McPelswhat shall i do?07:47
kroq-gar78McPels: which ubuntu? are you using unity?07:47
McPelskroq-gar78: u mean version?07:47
kroq-gar78McPels: yes07:47
szalMcPels: firstly, don't use Enter to structure your output; your last 4 lines could've easily fit on 1 :)07:48
McPelskroq-gar78: 11.0407:48
kroq-gar78oh nvm then. maybe some1 else better than me can help...07:48
datang|pergiUnity - I lost my application that sit in the tray07:48
kroq-gar78sorry I couldnt help...07:48
McPelsszal: I couldn't get u!07:48
szal!u | McPels07:49
ubottuMcPels: U is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' nor 'Ur' are words in the English language. Neither are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'Ne1' nor 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.07:49
McPelsubottu: ahan! can u tell me how to solve my problem?07:50
ubottuMcPels: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:50
YankDownUnderMcPels, You'll have to wait for someone that knows Unity. I don't, and I won't.07:51
McPelsYankDownUnder: Good!07:51
datang|pergiIs there such a way to show gnome's tray in unity?07:51
McPelsSo who can help me with unity?07:52
mang0YankDownUnder: I've "Mixed launchers and applications" And I'm still getting 2 icons for xchat07:52
mang0!ask | McPels07:52
ubottuMcPels: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:52
McPelsmang0: did u read my problem?07:52
bullgard4_What file stores the keyboard shortcuts which I have defined using gnome-keyboard-properties?07:52
mang0McPels: No, sorry07:53
YankDownUndermang0, I've helped as much as I can...have you tried in the #cairo-dock channel yet? Or have you read the dox?07:53
mang0I've read the dox07:53
McPelsmang0: My network manager icon has been disappeared07:53
mang0I'lla sk in #cairo-dock07:53
mang0oh, McPels I did see that07:53
mang0I'm afraid I don't know :/07:53
McPelsmang0: tnx dude ;-)07:54
McPelsNo one uses Ubuntu here!07:55
YankDownUnderMcPels, I use Ubuntu, I just do NOT use Unity.07:55
somsipMcPels: ditto07:56
McPelsYankDownUnder: I meant that! (sorry!)07:56
szal!patience | McPels07:56
ubottuMcPels: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/07:56
=== aknm is now known as monk
datang|pergiMcPels: I use unity and in an intensive introduction with it :D07:57
fairuzIt's quite nice :D07:58
YankDownUnder"Unity" was intended as a netbook window mangler - to basically mimic smartphones. By using it on a Desktop, you're being "spoon fed" your linux and you're being denied the deeper benefits. Might as well run MS Windows.08:00
mang0YankDownUnder: What's windows?08:02
Stormshadowhi all...quick question: whats the utility used to play the intro tune when logging in to ubuntu?08:02
YankDownUndermang0, ...hehehehe....08:02
YankDownUnderStormshadow, Check in your "Startup Applications"08:02
fairuzYankDownUnder: It might also open Linux to other users08:02
voozeI'm searching for files containing this (not in name, but in the files): Ubuntu-1004 How can i do this with grep?08:03
YankDownUnderfairuz, Sorry mate, can't abide by that. I've shown it to Windows users (clients) and they'e balked at it. It's far TOO alien for them. Easier to convert them with Gnome2 than anything else.08:03
fairuzvooze: find -type f -print0 | xargs -r0 grep -F 'thestring'08:03
astraljavavooze: `grep -nr "Ubuntu-1004" .`08:04
JuJuBee_Im trying to set up a server and having trouble getting dhcp3-server and nfs-kernel-server going... anyone able to lend a hand?08:04
bullgard4_JuJuBee_: "having trouble getting ... going" is no exact description. Please report an error message.08:05
* GNUdog is away: I'm busy08:06
=== JimmyJ_ is now known as JimmyJ
JuJuBee_bullgard4: no error, Installed dhcp3-server but no startup script found...08:06
Stormshadowis there a simple utility -- command line based, not graphical -- to play a .wav or .mp3 file?08:06
JuJuBee_which dhcp3 -> nothing which dhcp3-server ->nothing08:07
llutzStormshadow: "play"08:07
llutz!info sox08:08
ubottusox (source: sox): Swiss army knife of sound processing. In component universe, is optional. Version 14.3.1-2ubuntu1 (natty), package size 90 kB, installed size 232 kB08:08
voozefairuz, astraljava none of those commands work.. I need to search for Ubuntu-1004 to find out which file that still makes my hostname to this, insted of the hostname i want08:08
llutzStormshadow: comes with "sox" package08:08
JuJuBee_bullgard4_: no error, Installed dhcp3-server but no startup script found...08:09
Stormshadowsomething a tad more simple (dependency-wise)?08:09
llutzvooze: grep -r -i "Ubuntu-1004" /etc/*08:09
McPelsYankDownUnder: so what about gnome? how can i do that there?08:10
bullgard4_What file stores the keyboard shortcuts which I have defined using gnome-keyboard-properties?08:11
YankDownUnderMcPels, The "network manager" icon stays in the panel at the top.08:11
voozellutz, that did the trick, thank you :)08:11
mang0YankDownUnder: I've fixed the xchat 2 icons thing. It wasn't the taskbar settings at all, but the xchat launcher settings. "Stop launcher from stealing application from taskbar"08:12
Stormshadowmpg123 seems a good fit08:12
McPelsYankDownUnder: I know, but there's no icon there! Moreover i can not add that ther (notification area is empty)08:12
=== Cain` is now known as Cain
mang0I unchecked that, and it's all god08:12
avinashhi all08:13
Lasersmang0: Now you're done setting up XChat.  Time to learn irssi on the side. :)08:13
bobweaverHi there I am having troubles with my wifi wont let me connect something is wrong with the wpa or something like that.  here is some info  http://paste.ubuntu.com/647088/08:13
mang0Lasers: No, time to write my own IRC client in python ;)08:13
avinashanybody tell me best anti-virus for my ubuntu desktop...08:14
Lasers!antivirus | avinash08:14
ubottuavinash: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus08:14
tobagosomeone uses instantbird and can tell me how to force it to raise a popup, if a new message would come in?08:14
voozeI just bought a virtual server, but there is a root-user.. is that normal for servers or ?08:14
mang0bobbyd: I'm just having a look for you08:14
avinashwhat about bitdefender for unices..08:14
avinashhow to install that08:14
mang0sorry, I called you bobby*08:15
bobweavermang0: thanks08:15
noobplzhelphi, i have extracted files from a tar.gz and i need to compile them, i'm running ubuntu on virtual box08:15
noobplzhelphow do i compile the files08:15
llutzvooze: most vps-provider customize distros, so it is normal.08:15
mang0bobweaver: What actually happens when you try to connect to your wifi?08:15
voozellutz, ah I see :)08:15
bobweavermang0: nothing just spins08:16
bobweaverworks on other computer that has same ubuntu on it08:16
llutzvooze: just create your own user, disable ssh root-login, make sure sudo08:16
llutzworks as you want08:16
mang0bobweaver: wpa2? And you're sure you've put it in the right key?08:16
noobplzhelphi, i have extracted files from a tar.gz and i need to compile them, i'm running ubuntu on virtual box, how do i compile the files08:16
bobweavermang0: Yes08:16
datang|perginoobplzhelp: there must be a README file, or you can `make` them08:17
YankDownUndernoobplzhelp, Have you searched on "How to compile from source" yet?08:17
bobweaverI also tried removing nm and installing wicd nothing modprobing the mods08:17
mang0Hmm. bobweaver give me a minute08:17
bobweavermang0: I also tried removing nm and installing wicd nothing modprobing the mods *08:17
mang0Oh really? Interesting08:17
Lasersnoobplzhelp: Just for lols, what is it that you're trying to compile?08:19
avinashwhich is d best Linux Distro...08:19
llutz!best | avinash08:20
ubottuavinash: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.08:20
mang0bobweaver: can you run ~$ lspci -vvnn | grep 14e408:20
mang0and paste results08:20
Lasersavinash: You're in #ubuntu -- We tell you Ubuntu.08:20
bobweaverit is not a broadcom card it is athros08:20
bobweaveris good08:20
avinashi'm a B.Tech(IT) student08:20
avinashwhich'll suite my needs..08:20
llutzavinash: YOU have to know that, nobody else can.08:21
avinashi ubuntu is best.08:21
avinashi know ubuntu is best..08:21
36DABXP4RLife is what happens when your afk.08:21
Lasersavinash: I disagree. (There, I basically told you it isn't).  You have to make the decision for yourself because some other linux distro may be too difficult for you to grasp.08:22
mang0avinash: Every distro has it's pros and cons08:23
mang0bobweaver: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=98795508:23
avinashyes, I used fedora, it's tougher to understand..08:23
mang0Other then that I'm not sure, sorry08:23
llutzavinash: http://distrowatch.com  pick what you want but don't ask here. it's offtopic for this channel08:23
avinash@Lasers, @mang0 which distro do u use..08:23
avinashok ok08:24
mang0I use arch, which is why I'm in #ubuntu -.-08:24
mang0I use ubuntu08:24
Lasersavinash: Pick what you're comfortable with.08:24
avinashwhy google maps doesn't work properly on ubuntu11.0408:24
Rousewhile copying a iso file input /output error coming08:25
astraljavaavinash: I know not of what you're talking about. It works perfectly for me.08:26
YankDownUnderRouse, How big is the ISO?08:26
Rousehust 122 mb08:26
Rouseactually it gparted iso file08:26
YankDownUnderRouse, You're copying it from where?08:26
Rousefrom pendrive to my laptop08:26
YankDownUnderRouse, Do a filesystem check on the pendrive, then try again.08:27
Rousetell me clearly08:27
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
YankDownUnderRouse, Um...you may want to unmount the pendrive, and then use "fsck" on that drive to make sure there are no errors. On that token, you can use gParted to attempt that for you.08:28
JoAnneThraxHow do I determine which is my CD/DVD drive?  I have /dev/cdrom1, /dev/cdrw1, /dev/sr0, /dev/dvd1, and /dev/dvdrw1 as options, according to mplayer...08:28
JoAnneThraxYou know, short of randomly trying them all :)08:28
jribJoAnneThrax: probably all of them08:29
YankDownUnderJoAnneThrax, Um...it actually should be something like /dev/sr008:29
noobplzhelpi get the following message when i type in "make install": "cannot create regular file ` /usr/local/bin/macchanger' permission denied" what do i do?08:29
LasersJoAnneThrax: Some of them are just symbolic links.08:30
YankDownUndernoobplzhelp, do "sudo make install"08:30
jribJoAnneThrax: they're likely just symlinks to /dev/sr0, check...08:30
bobweavermang0: I think that it has something to do with my kernel08:31
bobweaver 2.6.38-8-generic08:31
JoAnneThraxjrib: well, so far none of them are working...08:32
jribJoAnneThrax: what are you executing exactly?08:32
kiergecan you convert a ext4 filesystem to ext2 without destorying data ?08:32
LasersJoAnneThrax: If you're trying to run DVD -- you probably should install... dvd stuffs.08:32
bobweaverdowngrading kernel now08:32
JoAnneThraxHah...they're all symlinks to sr0 :)08:32
mang0possibly bobweaver. I'm not sure. Have you tried connecting to a differant wifi network?08:32
JoAnneThraxLasers: Good point.08:32
bobweavermang0: yes nothing08:32
YankDownUnderkierge, Short answer: no.08:32
Laserskierge: Best answer: Backup.08:33
JoAnneThraxLasers: Recommended package?08:33
Lasers!dvd | JoAnneThrax08:33
ubottuJoAnneThrax: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats08:33
mang0I odn't know then08:33
mang0drivers upto date?08:33
LasersJoAnneThrax: I'm not quite sure as I don't really make lot of DVD purchases.08:33
LasersJoAnneThrax: The link should take you to proper packages.08:34
JoAnneThraxAh.  So it's the whole decss thing stuill?08:34
LasersYeah. Something like that.08:34
noobplzhelpok so now i've compiled my program and its in a folder.. how do i use it?08:34
LasersWell, DVDs are encrypted. Dum dum da.08:34
mang0noobplzhelp: what's the program called?08:34
mang0noobplzhelp: is it .cc or .exe or what?08:35
Lasers!info macchanger | noobplzhelp08:35
ubottunoobplzhelp: macchanger (source: macchanger): utility for manipulating the MAC address of network interfaces. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.5.0-6 (natty), package size 86 kB, installed size 316 kB08:35
mang0noobplzhelp: cd to it's location, then type the name of your .exe08:36
mang0for example cd User/Applications/MyApp08:36
mang0then just type in xxx.exe, or whatever the name of your executable is08:36
kiergeJoAnneThrax, /dev/sr0 is likely your dvd if its an sata dvd device08:37
=== Guest92730 is now known as wims
noobplzhelpok last thing mango, i have the instructions for the program: http://www.alobbs.com/macchanger/   how would i use it to change the MAC address?08:38
testerOk it was not the kernel08:41
Lasersnoobplzhelp: "sudo apt-get install macchanger && macchange --help"08:42
Lasersnoobplzhelp: Well, when you're done installing it (it was already in the repo) -- See "man macchanger" or "macchanger --help"08:42
=== ng_ is now known as zz_ng_
Lasersnoobplzhelp: The link you posted -- Have some examples in them.08:43
JoAnneThraxWell, that worked for VLC.  Not for mplayer, but who knows...that's probably mplayer's problem.08:43
JoAnneThraxOh...works fine on when I tell mplayer to ignore the menus...08:45
YankDownUnderJoAnneThrax, You installed libdvdcss?08:45
Lasersnoobplzhelp: Just talk it here. This help ensuring that you're not getting any illicit advices.08:45
noobplzhelpi've used the cd command to go to the directory with macchanger inside it now i need to use it to change my MAC to a random value08:46
Lasersnoobplzhelp: Open a terminal. Run "sudo apt-get install macchanger" to install08:46
munircan some one be kind enough to look at my simple problem here? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=11062821#post1106282108:46
Lasersnoobplzhelp: When you're done, just use "macchanger --help" to see examples.08:46
Kidlikehello ! does anyone know how to add time stamps to bash_history ?08:46
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal08:47
KidlikeI have added this: export HISTTIMEFORMAT="%Y-%m-%d--%H:%M:%S" to /etc/bash.bashrc but the timestamps apear as seconds only08:48
bullgard4_What file stores the keyboard shortcuts which I have defined using gnome-keyboard-properties?08:48
=== munir is now known as blackdivine
FenixdeuxShould I choose Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Server edition for a hosted VPS I dearly need or some other like Debian or Centos or what have they at the company hosting the VPS ?08:49
blackdivineFenixdeux, I am running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS server perfectly fine08:49
FenixdeuxFedora Core is what I have now08:49
blackdivinebefore that it was 9.0408:49
blackdivineI have been running my own server for 2 years now08:50
Fenixdeuxblackdivine: All I need is LAMP08:50
Lasersbullgard4_: Maybe you can use inotify to monitor the changes (whilst you make the change) to find it.08:50
blackdivineFenixdeux, yes, then its more good,. when you install server ed, it asks you to what kinda server you want.08:50
Fenixdeuxand rsync over secure connection for proper backups08:50
blackdivineFenixdeux, you can check things like LAMP, FTP, Mail, SSH, etc just check and and hit install while installation.08:50
KidlikeFenixdeux: I use ubuntu server 10.04 LTS as well.. everything is smooth..08:50
Fenixdeuxblackdivine: where can I learn about what it asks as it's the hosting guys that'll be installing it08:51
blackdivineFenixdeux, you will like it :) hmm. It asks like?08:51
arunkumar413i'm not able to update the chromium browser from synaptic08:51
bullgard4_Lasers: In my case I cannot. I have a keybinding to the F12 key and I would like to remove it but I do not know how.08:51
blackdivineFenixdeux, sorry I didn't get your question right :/08:52
Fenixdeuxblackdivine: It'll be the VPS hosting company people that install it so where can I learn about the questions ( otoh it might be a disk-image they just throw in there, not normal installation )08:52
noobplzhelplasers.. i managed to randomize my MAC address but i can't connect to the internet now lol08:52
Lasersnoobplzhelp: You're directly connected to the modem+router?08:52
noobplzhelpi'm running ubuntu in virtualbox08:53
JoAnneThraxYankDownUnder: Yes.08:53
blackdivineFenixdeux, if they are just semi-compatible they will have no problem installing it. you can ask me anything you want about it.08:53
Lasersbullgard4_: I see. ~/.gconf/desktop/gnome/keybindings?08:54
FenixdeuxWhat is Ubuntu's command line or textual interactive program for installing / removing / managing / upgrading packages ? ( like yum in Fedora Core and yeast in S.U.S.E. )08:54
blackdivineFenixdeux, apt-get08:54
Fenixdeuxoh cool.. I used to use that on debian08:55
blackdivineFenixdeux, to install you do "sudo apt-get install package_name"08:55
Lasers!apt | Fenixdeux08:55
ubottuFenixdeux: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Adept (KDE) or !KPackageKit (KDE)08:55
LasersFenixdeux: Yup. Ubuntu is based on Debian Unstable.08:55
FenixdeuxI used to use that on OS X with fink too08:55
blackdivineFenixdeux, yeah it uses debians packages :)08:55
Fenixdeuxall I need is LAMP08:55
noobplzhelplasers: i'm using ubuntu on virtualbox, before i changed my MAC the internet was fine08:56
FenixdeuxI'll call them ( the hosting guys again ) and ask if they flash a disk image to install or go through the interactive install08:56
Lasersnoobplzhelp: Why do you have to change MAC?08:56
noobplzhelpi'm trying to spoof my mac address08:56
blackdivineFenixdeux, you can do anything over ssh :) even if they dont install lamp08:57
blackdivineFenixdeux, you can easily08:57
noobplzhelpis it not possible to connect to the internet if i change my mac address?08:57
arunkumar413i'm not able to update the chromium browser from synaptic08:58
Lasersnoobplzhelp: Many modem / ISP often register a certain MAC address.  Not sure about your situation.08:58
blackdivinearunkumar413, "sudo apt-get update" then if any updates are available you will get them automatically08:58
arunkumar413blackdivine: no, i did but still it's not updating08:58
noobplzhelplasers: i was changing my mac address through virtualbox previously, i just want to do it within ubuntu so i dont have to reboot ubuntu from virtual box08:59
Lasersnoobplzhelp: Okay. I guess you got your macchanger.09:00
blackdivinearunkumar413, then how are you sure that there are any updates?09:01
noobplzhelpyeah so i changed the mac within ubuntu but now it wont connect to the internet09:01
noobplzhelpwhy not?09:01
arunkumar413blackdivine: i check the the website the latest version is 1409:01
blackdivinenoobplzhelp, restart everything. router modems etc09:01
Fenixdeuxnoobplzhelp: you're preparing for IPv6 hehehe09:01
andeeeukHas anyone ever had any issues with inkscape dialogue boxes?09:02
blackdivinearunkumar413, ah i see :) sometimes the updates come a bit (2-3) days slower in ubuntu coz the people manage the repos themselves09:02
Lasersnoobplzhelp: Maybe you need to restart your networking service.09:02
andeeeukthey are just a mess and taking up all the screen09:02
blackdivinearunkumar413, so you can wait or you can go to chrome site and download a linux build :)09:02
arunkumar413blackdivine: the update was made weeks ago09:02
noobplzhelplasers: i'm running ubuntu via virtualbox, my internet is fine on my normal OS, WITHIN virtualbox's ubuntu there is no internet after i changed my MAC09:02
Fenixdeuxdoesn't IPv6 affix the MAC addresss to your IPv6 address or some other grossly inappropriate shit like that.. luckily you ( the client ) can reply "no comment" to the reqs to get that part of the address and I belive that fake mac addressers for this purpose are around09:03
Lasersnoobplzhelp: "sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart"09:03
Lasersnoobplzhelp: "sudo /etc/init.d/network-manager restart"09:03
blackdivinearunkumar413, I myself has this 12.0.742.112 (90304) Ubuntu 11.04 :)09:03
LasersFenixdeux: Languages.09:04
arunkumar413blackdivine: can u check if you are able to update to 1409:05
blackdivinearunkumar413, since chromium is coming from external resources ( not even ubuntu people are managing it ) it can be slower, and yes let me check09:05
blackdivinearunkumar413, no updates mate :) we have to wait. Btw why you want it so desperately? any feature you want?09:07
blackdivinearunkumar413, you can get latest builds from here http://build.chromium.org/f/chromium/snapshots/09:09
arunkumar413blackdivine: I read that 14 was released weeks ago, but that isn't available in synaptic09:10
Lasersarunkumar413: https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily09:10
Lasersarunkumar413: Pick your poison. Good luck.09:10
blackdivinearunkumar413, yes I know that :) it's because Chromium people manage "themselves" when their updates will come to linux09:10
blackdivineLasers,  haha :P09:10
rumbaI installed Ubuntu 11.04 and the apps bar at the left of the screen won't disappear any more.09:13
rumbaFrom tiem to time it appears and stays there... how do I make it hide again? It's on top of all my windows.09:13
noobplzhelplasers: i love you, its working fine now x09:15
kwukducki just removed fglrx to reinstall, but at reboot i only get splash screen then my monitor turns standby, anyone knows how i get to console? Ctrl+Fx doesnt work09:15
Laserskwukduck: Ctrl + ALT + F1.09:16
kwukduckdoesnt do anything09:16
Infernetwhit this range u could navegate to the different consoles09:16
Infernetdifferent sessions09:16
ubottuTo get to the TTY terminals 1-6, use the keystroke ctrl + alt + F1-F6 respectively (Alt+F7 will get you back to your graphical login).  To change the resolution for your TTY, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution.09:16
Infernetleft ctrl09:16
Infernetleft alt09:16
Infernetand the keys f1-f609:17
kwukduckif i do it after my screen goes standby nothing happens at all09:17
kwukduckif i do it during splashscreen i get SP5100 TCO timer: mmio address 0xfec000f0 already in use09:17
ShambatHi. What is the easiest way to set up a proxy server on Ubuntu Server? I want to use it with Foxyproxy09:18
Ali_i am sorry i have a problem, you know i wanna know how can i upload a file from my vps to a host for example MediaFire?09:19
Taffflashinstalled 10.04 and updates......is there essential packages i need to get?09:19
Lasersbullgard4_: I guess it was the file?09:19
LasersTaffflash: Most essential packages are already installed when you firstly install Ubuntu Desktop.09:20
Taffflashok thanks lasers09:20
LasersTaffflash: If you're stuck, just come in and ask away.09:21
Taffflashyes im new to linux so its a learning curve lol09:21
bullgard4_Lasers: I do not understand your message: "[11:19]<Lasers>bullgard4_: I guess it was the file?" Say it in other words, please.09:22
Infernetkwukduck: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/74001109:22
ubottuUbuntu bug 740011 in linux (Ubuntu Natty) "Natty: the driver sp5100_tco prevents PC startup" [Undecided,Fix released]09:22
Ali_i want to upload a file from my vps to a host how can i do it with ssh?09:22
kz3right now I am using Ubuntu 11.04, I am thinking of downgrading....so I should downgrade to 10.10 or 10.04?09:22
Lasersbullgard4_: I left you a message -- thinking it was in ~/.gconf/something (For Keyboard Shortcut).09:22
Laserskz3: If you insist on downgrading, you can't go wrong with 10.04 LTS (because it's LTS).09:23
kwukducklasers, issue started when my graphics drivers were not initializing properly, noticed no hardware processing when dragging windows etc, so i thought i reinstall the damn thing, then this happens after i removed fglrx, yesterday all was fine...09:24
kz3Lasers : Hey man, how are you? whenever I needed help I always find you....by the way what does "LTS" means?09:24
Lasers!lts | kz309:24
ubottukz3: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)09:24
Ali_ohhh , is there any body knows how to upload a file with ssh?09:24
LasersAli_: It does not exist. Use scp.09:24
LasersAli_: scp  = shell copy09:24
Ali_how can i use it?09:25
dydwhat happens if i "sudo chown 777 user root" on root folder in /?09:25
Laserskwukduck: I really never had any experiences with ATI/fglrx. I kept myself at bay (and away from them).09:25
Ali_what should i do?09:25
M7amadhow can i change the format of a flash stick to cdfs09:26
LasersAli_: "man scp" or "scp --help" should explain (and examples too).09:26
Ali_lasers : you mean that i have to install it on vps the ..?09:27
Ali_lasers : you mean that i have to install it on vps then ..?09:27
nothingspecialdyd: nothing, because you chmod 777 not chown. However if you accomplish what you are trying to do you will destroy your system09:27
LasersAli_: No. It's already installed. I think it's standard binary from ssh.09:27
dydnothingspecial: i've set chown user on root, will that cause problems?09:28
Ali_i do not know how can i find it ?09:28
kiergebaby is angry09:28
kz3Lasers : should I go for 32bit or 64 bit?09:28
M7amadhow can i change the format of a flash stick to cdfs09:28
Laserskz3: Run "uname -m" first09:29
bullgard4_Lasers: ~/.gconf/desktop/gnome/keybindings shows me the 3 self-defind GNOME keybindings. But it does not show all the pre-defined GNOME/Metacity keybindings. I suspect that among them there is the culprit F12 keybinding.09:29
nothingspecialdyd:  if you've made your user the owner of / then yes09:29
kz3Lasers : i68609:29
LasersAli_: You use the terminal for "scp" -- Just like "ssh"09:29
Laserskz3: 32bit.09:29
kz3Lasers : thanks :)09:30
Laserskz3: Your machine can't run 64bit. The worst case? It'll halt and prompt you to use proper arch (it would be 32bit).09:30
MyrttiLasers: you are aware that uname gives the bit version of the current kernel09:30
MyrttiLasers: not what the cpu is capable?09:30
Ali_where is scp?09:30
LasersMyrtti: Oh really?09:31
nothingspecialAli_: /usr/bin09:31
Myrttikz3: what does "lshw -c CPU | grep width" print out?09:31
itsme2011Hello everyone, I installed my Modem driver using ndiswrapper  in ubuntu 11.04 but  I am still unable to access internet, please help09:31
LasersMyrtti: What is the proper command?09:31
Lasersbullgard4_: I don't have ~/.gconf/desktop/gnome/keybindings (Non-Ubuntu Distro). -- But I have Terminal shortcut set.09:32
Lasersbullgard4_: It could be in gconf-editor09:33
MyrttiI bet he's happily downloading 32-bit now, ignoring IRC :-C09:33
LasersMyrtti: Rats. (But he's on 32bit right now).  Weird.09:34
LasersOh wait. He want LTS.09:34
Ali_nothingspecial: may i chat with you in the priv8?09:34
=== rumba_ is now known as rumba
dydnothingpecial: i have a folder named "root" in / and i made my user as the owner, does that hurt?09:34
LasersMyrtti: Either way, he's on safer side using 32bit. :)09:34
=== denny- is now known as denny
MyrttiLasers: sure, can get the PAE kernel if the CPU turns out to be 64bit09:34
Myrttior even if it doesnt09:34
NAVACHello, how can i change my ident at X-Chat Gnome?09:35
nothingspecialAli_: Don't do private sorry, thanks for asking though. scp file user@host:09:35
rumbaHow can I make the apps bar at the left of the screen hide its self or always stay visible? (Ubuntu 11.04)09:35
rumbaI know I just asked this question, but I didn't get to see if anyone answered, because Ubuntu crashed.09:36
Ali_nothingspecial : you know  i connexted to my server with ssh ..., and now i do not know hot can i user scp? the problem is this09:36
InfernetNAVAC: ctrl+s ?09:36
nothingspecialdyd: Put folders you want to own in your home. Don't mess with permissions in /. However, I thought you'd chowned / itself. so not so bad09:36
NAVACThat's for logs09:37
itsme2011 I installed my Modem driver using ndiswrapper in ubuntu 11.04 but I am still unable to access INTERNET, please help09:37
nothingspecialAli_: The command is like this. scp <file> username@ip09:37
InfernetNAVAC: for logs?? whats??09:37
NAVACCTRL + s appears a pop-up with the option to save ChatLogs09:38
Laserskz3: Are you gone?09:38
nothingspecialAli_: So if your local computer is ali@, and you want to copy project.txt, then scp project.txt ali@
nothingspecialAli_: scp project.txt ali@ Sorry, you need the trailing colon09:39
Ali_nothingspecial: no , i wanna upload a file from my server to another server09:39
InfernetNAVAC: what version of xchat u have?09:39
dydnothingspecial: good, i was just changing owner to solve a problem with a virtual box (now fixed)09:39
spoonerhow do u compiz running on ubuntu with intel drivers, anybody?09:39
nothingspecialAli_: Same difference, just use it like ssh09:40
NAVACXchat-GNOME 0.26.109:40
=== fatma_ is now known as wiz_
LasersAli_: ssh into your first server. "scp important-file.txt andy@serverno2.org:~/"09:41
Ali_i realy got confused, let me explain it more , i have a server and i want to transfer my files to a host (mediafire)09:42
spoonerive got all the dependencies for compiz but wont work09:42
Guest52507hello i need help on my shell script09:42
LasersAli_: Just download it to your desktop. Upload them manually.09:42
=== ajag45g5 is now known as pan
=== pan is now known as panekeko
Guest52507Anybody who can help, Shell Scripting?09:42
Taffflashmmmm my firefox is closing all the timed09:43
Ali_lasers : lol , i wanted to do this i did not come here09:43
needHelp4SSDhelloe guys, i have problem for 1 week with my SSD, i cant install any linux or any OS in it09:43
Ali_if i wanted to do this i did not come here09:43
Shambat'I am trying to start a SOCKS5 proxy by issuing sudo ssh -D8888 -g www.paypal.com, but Foxyproxy can't connect throught it ... it says: Firefox is configured to use a proxy server that is refusing connections.09:43
LasersAli_: It's really the elegant solution.  However, I don't know what you're trying to move.  Also, I may be wrong -- but srsly -- MediaFire don't provide some kind of CLI commands.09:44
LasersAli_: Install GUI on your server. :(09:44
InfernetNAVAC: check to ~/.xchat2/servlist_.conf (entry "U=name")09:45
Ali_yeah i tryed but i could not install remote desktop09:45
nothingspecialGuest52507: what's up with it. Can't help if don't know that09:45
Ali_this error appeared : Loaded plugins: fastestmirror Determining fastest mirrors Traceback (most recent call last):   File "/usr/bin/yum", line 29, in ?     yummain.user_main(sys.argv[1:], exit_code=True)   File "/usr/share/yum-cli/yummain.py", line 229, in user_main     errcode = main(args)   File "/usr/share/yum-cli/yummain.py", line 104, in main     result, resultmsgs = base.doCommands()   File "/usr/share/yum-cli/cli.py", line 339, in09:46
munzxhi! i have a problem here .... when i restart my lap top it halts .... so i have to restart it again but this time i get multi options screen!09:46
munzxanyone can help me here?!09:46
Infernetmunzx: try to set the restore paquets options09:47
Ali_can i use ftp from my linux server to upload files to mediafire?09:47
Taffflashmmm can anyone tell me why my firefox is closing all the time on its own?09:47
InfernetTaffflash: apt-get install chromium09:47
LasersTaffflash: If that first command fail, do "sudo !!"09:48
munzxinfernet : sorry am new to linux so how can i restore paquets options?!09:48
needHelp4SSDanyone can help me regarding an SSD?09:48
=== graingert_ is now known as graingert
spoonercompiz any help plz thnX09:48
Taffflashim new to linux where do i put that command in? lol09:49
Lasers!terminal | Taffflash09:49
ubottuTaffflash: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal09:49
LasersTaffflash: Open a terminal -- Type in "sudo apt-get install chromium"09:50
nothingspecialTaffflash: That's not going to fix firefox though09:50
LasersneedHelp4SSD: Your SSD is broke? It's possible. Run SMART on it, I guess.09:50
Infernetmunzx: the recovery mode in the grub screens09:50
needHelp4SSDsmart is not supported it says09:51
Infernetmunzx: try it09:51
needHelp4SSDalso write-caching is not supported09:51
Taffflashthanks its installing now guys09:51
Taffflashim new to linux09:51
exutuxnothingspecial: and with that name he will install a game :D09:51
LasersneedHelp4SSD: Mmm. I don't know what else to say. Look for people with SSD HDDs, I guess.09:52
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
Lasers!info chromium09:52
ubottuPackage chromium does not exist in natty09:52
dino__i am new in ubuntu. My printer EPL-6200 L not work! anyone help me? Thank.09:52
needHelp4SSDi already searched for all options but nothing can treat my ssd09:52
exutuxTaffflash: you have installed a game...the right name for browser is chromium-browser09:52
exutuxnot only chromium09:53
nothingspecialexutux: lol09:53
needHelp4SSDdino___ what brand is that?09:53
dino__epson epl-6200l09:53
Taffflashso what ?09:53
Taffflashhow youtell me to install a game for?09:53
munzxi am using the (laptop) machine now!!! .... it works through selecting (previous linux) then selecting ubuntu greneric or something like that from the options but i have to do that every time i reboot otherwise the system halts09:54
exutuxTaffflash: maybe they wrongs name09:54
nothingspecialTaffflash: chromium is a game, chromium-browser is a web browser09:54
Taffflashhow do i take this game out now please?09:54
LasersTaffflash: A honest mistake.09:54
Lasers!info chromium-bsu | Taffflash09:54
Infernetsudo apt-get remove chromius09:54
ubottuTaffflash: chromium-bsu (source: chromium-bsu): fast paced, arcade-style, scrolling space shooter. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.15-1 (natty), package size 117 kB, installed size 432 kB09:54
Lasers!info chromium-browser | Taffflash09:54
ubottuTaffflash: chromium-browser (source: chromium-browser): Chromium browser. In component universe, is optional. Version 12.0.742.112~r90304-0ubuntu0.11.04.1 (natty), package size 16095 kB, installed size 55952 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 all)09:54
exutuxTaffflash: btw for fix your firefox, try to disable all plugins and look if it crash too09:55
LasersTaffflash: "sudo apt-get install chromium-browser"09:55
Taffflashhow do i do that?09:55
exutuxTaffflash: addons09:55
bullgard4_Lasers: Your suggestion "gconf-editor" is not detailed enough. It leaves too many entries to search. I scrutinized > 100 entries.09:56
baskakhi, looking for help with techs of unity on 11.04, anybody fluent in that? or should i ask somewhere else?09:56
spoonerTaffflash go bk 2 windowz09:56
Taffflashspooner why?09:56
exutuxTaffflash: tools > add ons and disable all plugins09:56
Taffflashmmm im getting this...09:56
TaffflashE: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13: Permission denied)09:57
TaffflashE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?09:57
bullgard4_baskak: This here is the proper channel. But please put a more detailed question.09:57
JuJuBee_I just intsalled natty and need a dhcp server.09:57
spoonertaffflash sudo09:57
JuJuBee_I used dhcp3-server before, should I use same?09:57
exutuxTaffflash: or by terminal launch firefox -safe-mode and use it for awhile09:57
Lasersbullgard4_: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-general-1/where-is-gnome-keyboard-shortcut-file-338579/ -- This is where I got it form.09:57
munzxinfernet ??!! any clue!? ... anything will help!?09:57
phaniHi... I am using Lucid 10.4 with firefox 3.6.17 version . Unable to play videos from the link: http://www.video.mediaset.it/video/sportmediaset/tutti_i_gol/225240/udinese-lazio-2-1.html  even through i have moonlight-plugin-mozilla installed any ideas or suggestions please... how to make it work..09:58
Infernetmunzx: try the recovery mode in the grub options....09:58
exutuxTaffflash: sudo apt-get install chromium-browser09:58
nothingspecialexutux: openubuntu.com/index.php?topic=1414.009:59
exutuxnothingspecial: ?09:59
Taffflashwhats all thissudo stuff?09:59
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo09:59
exutux!sudo > Taffflash09:59
ubottuTaffflash, please see my private message09:59
nothingspecialexutux: You reminded me of something, offtopic sorry :)09:59
* airtonix rages10:00
spoonerroot is like nt authority/system to windowz10:00
exutuxnothingspecial: :910:01
Taffflashok got you :)10:01
Gorilla_No_Bakahello gents10:01
spoonerubuntu geeks10:03
distartIs there an ubuntu I can install on a machine via usb?10:03
distartI have some boxes that don't have cd drives10:04
spooneryes all linux distos10:04
NAVACInfernet, i edited the .conf and it's the same :S10:04
nothingspecialdistart: any of them with usb-creator-gtk or unetbootin10:04
distartthat was like another language10:04
distartbut thanks I'll google some stuff10:04
spoonerunetbootin best bet10:04
Taffflashchromium,now thats better:)10:04
Taffflashthanks guys10:04
Gorilla_No_Baka little help here please..? i am trying to mount a stupid SONY  WALKMAN   NW-A607 here and  i can not see it from the console dmesg | grep usb shows noting.. ANyideas?10:04
phaniHi... I am using Lucid 10.4 with firefox 3.6.17 version . Unable to play videos from the link: http://www.video.mediaset.it/video/sportmediaset/tutti_i_gol/225240/udinese-lazio-2-1.html  even through i have moonlight-plugin-mozilla installed any ideas or suggestions please... how to make it work..10:05
distartis mint a good ubuntu for beginners?10:05
Gorilla_No_Bakaphani:  install flashplayer10:05
spoonermint is not ubuntu10:05
Lasersdistart: I think if you're on Ubuntu, there should be Startup Creator10:05
distarti'm not on anything10:05
phaniGorilla_No_Baka: Flash player is already installed   .  phanidhar:~> dpkg -l | grep flash10:06
phaniii  flashplugin-installer                                            Adobe Flash Player plugin installer10:06
phaniii  flashplugin-preinstaller                                                     Pre-installs the flash plugin binary10:06
distartjust wanting to install on a piece of shit box i've got to learn it10:06
distarti read this: Linux Mint is actually based on Ubuntu Linux, but simplified for users coming from Windows.10:06
munzxinfernet : i tried it but it halts as well plus the caps-lock light blings!!!10:06
Gorilla_No_Bakaphani:  nasty10:07
distartis there somewhere i can download an install of ubuntu i can run from usb?10:07
nothingspecialdistart: Ubuntu good for beginners, if the box is old and low spec, xubuntu of even lubuntu will run better10:07
alz3abihello, how can i change to aspect of subtitle. to set it 1366x768 to have a good quality of subtitle.10:07
Lasersdistart: http://www.ubuntu.com/download10:07
Taffflashhow do i uninstall apps ? lol10:07
distartah fucken sweet10:07
LasersTaffflash: "sudo apt-get remove $PACKAGE"10:07
distartcheers lads10:07
nothingspecialTaffflash: sudo apt-get remove chromium10:07
baskakall right, i have an ati radeon 9200, and no unity. "unity_support_test -p" gives the following: http://paste.ubuntu.com/647158/, however the card IS capable of gl 1.4 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radeon)10:07
Lasersdistart: Languages, please.10:07
Taffflashthanks guys lol10:07
phaniGorilla_No_Baka: you mean flash is not installed properly or something wrong with my machine ?10:08
InfernetNAVAC: thats should change it10:08
Gorilla_No_Bakaphani:  try to reinstall this time go to adobe  download the flash player dpkg -i  manually to see what`s happening10:08
distartis the install under 4gb?10:08
distartcause that's my largest usb stick10:08
nothingspecialdistart: yep10:08
alz3abihello, how can i change to aspect of subtitle. to set it 1366x768 to have a good quality of subtitle.10:08
munzxanyone can help me here?!10:08
Lasersdistart: Everything is on that page.10:08
phaniGorilla_No_Baka: sure... give me 2 min and i will get it down loaded and get back to you10:08
ubottuHere I am, brain the size of a planet and they ask me to respond to factoid requests. Call that job satisfaction? Because I don't.10:08
Gorilla_No_BakaNow , in the mean time little help here for me as well  please..? i am trying to mount a stupid SONY  WALKMAN   NW-A607 here and  i can not see it from the console dmesg | grep usb shows noting.. ANyideas?10:09
distartah says at least 2gb10:09
Infernetmunzx: did you try reinstall it?10:10
Taffflashnow thats better....Chromium Web Browser is much faster10:10
spoonerim pist10:11
Taffflashspooner no shit lol10:11
InfernetTaffflash: :)10:11
Taffflashinfernet is there any other apps to get?10:11
spoonerbye bye10:11
Taffflashim on a new install10:12
distartam i still here10:12
Taffflashfirst time on linux and liking it so far10:12
coz_Taffflash,  excellent10:13
phaniGorilla_No_Baka : Installed flash player phanidhar:/tmp> dpkg -l | grep flash10:13
phaniii  adobe-flashplugin64                                                            Adobe Flash Player plugin 64-bit Beta  but still its the same issue... and when i open the page still says to install silverlight10:13
coz_phani,  you can try "moonlight" the linux version of silverlight,, may or may not work10:13
Gorilla_No_Bakain this case is the website`s fault.. it only likes silverlight and hates moonlight10:13
ubottuFor Microsoft Silverlight support, install Moonlight with the following command: « sudo apt-get install moonlight-plugin-mozilla » in a terminal.10:14
Taffflashits just a learning curve i guess and not got much apps installed atm so looking for some good apps lol10:14
phanicoz_ : phanidhar:/tmp> dpkg -l | grep moonlight10:14
phaniii  monodoc-moonlight-manual                             2.2-0ubuntu1.1                                  Free Software clone of Silverlight - desktop10:14
phaniii  moonlight-plugin-core                                2.2-0ubuntu1.1                                  Free Software clone of Silverlight 2.0 - plu10:14
phaniii  moonlight-plugin-mozilla                             2.2-0ubuntu1.1                                  Free Software clone of Silverlight 2.0 - Xul10:14
phanimoonlight is already installed as well10:14
FloodBot1phani: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:14
phaniubottu: as i already installed moonlight any other fix ?10:15
ubottuphani: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:15
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Gorilla_No_Bakayou might wanna try to reboot in order for the moonlight setting take place10:16
Gorilla_No_Bakaphani:   you might wanna try to reboot in order for the moonlight setting take place10:16
mang0How do I update grub? Like, to detect a new OS?10:17
mang0sudo apt-get update grub?10:17
Gorilla_No_Bakaor in the worst case scenario use a wget -r and download the whole site on your computer and choose only what you want10:17
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade10:17
phaniGorilla_No_Baka: ok will reboot the machine and see if it works... will get back to you soon10:17
coz_mang0,  sudo update-grub210:18
tixo5can anyone tell me if apache modules are updated regulary in the ubuntu repos, or if it is best to compile them myself?10:18
wasanzy_I just installed vmware on my ubuntu desktop and created new virtual machine, but I totally don't know how to lunch the gui for this new machine so I can work on it10:18
coz_mang0,  however,,, if you installed windows  "after"  linux  you may have to reinstall grub  ,, you also may want to go to the #grub channel to ask the guys there10:18
lonixany app to quick disable touchpad ?10:18
Taffflashwhats the best torrent app guys?10:19
tixo5transmission i use10:19
mang0k thankyouy  coz_10:19
lonixTaffflash: i use transmission10:19
tixo5lonix: i think its synaptic10:19
Taffflashits all ready installed right?10:19
coz_mang0,  no problem10:19
vibhav!best | Taffflash10:19
ubottuTaffflash: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.10:20
coz_transmission shoule already be installed10:20
tixo5coz_:  you got any ideas about apache modules ? the ones in the repos10:20
zabomberhi all10:20
Taffflashhehe pok10:20
zabomberi am getting this error after setting up pptpd10:20
zabomberThe remote system is required to authenticate itself10:20
zabomberany ideas?10:20
lotuspsychjei like nntp for newgroups10:20
coz_tixo5,   I would be the wrong person for this one  sorry , however I know there are several people online now that would know more about apache than I would10:20
wasanzy_no one to help me?10:20
tixo5ok thanks10:21
vibhavzabomber, can you give me a screenshot10:21
zabombervibhav: sure. one sec.10:21
Taffflashand what msn app you use?10:21
lonixi was thinking of mapping a button to do so10:21
lonixTaffflash: pidgen10:21
tixo5funnily enough, #httpd tells me to come here, the guy there is a true moron10:21
lotuspsychjewasanzy_: did you ad new Os as .iso to install on virtualbox?10:21
coz_wasanzy_,   I have only used vmware  and virtual box a few times,, I actually had to google the procedure10:21
lonixTaffflash: Pidgin*10:21
WaltherFIDoes an ubuntu artwork channel exist?10:21
Taffflashthanks for all the help guys it means alot lol10:21
Taffflashall new to me lol10:22
tixo5Taffflash: alot of your questions can be answered with google mate10:22
vibhavhi lotuspsychje10:22
tixo5dont ask everything that pops into your head without searching10:22
coz_WaltherFI,  it does indeed  #ubuntu-artwork10:22
zabombervibhav, how do i get the screenshot to you? :)10:22
wasanzy_yes, I already added new OS  and installed it too10:22
lonixtixo5: he is asking for prefrences10:22
lotuspsychjeWalterFI: you can find nice artwork on deviantart or gnomeart10:22
lotuspsychjehi there vibhav10:22
vibhav!screenshot | zabomber10:22
ubottuzabomber: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.10:22
tixo5which he already been told not to do10:22
WaltherFIlotuspsychje: er, trying to contribute actually, not find10:22
munzxguys is grup the responsible "application" for booting the system?! ... i mean even if ubuntu is the only OS on machine!?10:22
coz_WaltherFI,   that would be the #ubuntu-artwork channel10:23
kiergeusing ATI propietary drivers on shutdown my computer always kernel panics.  i've tried two different ATI cards.  thats a serious bug.  :(10:23
andrewh192hey how do i take a screen shot of whatever is on the screen right now?10:23
andrewh192is there already a simple default keystroke that i could do10:23
lotuspsychjewasanzy_:just press play button to start the new Os10:23
coz_WaltherFI,  so where you type here  type  /join #ubuntu-artwork10:23
tixo5any apache gurus here?10:23
andrewh192like printsrcn button or something10:23
kiergemunzx, grub calls upon the kernel and i believe there are things called init scripts10:23
WaltherFIcoz_: yeah sure i'm not that new, thank you10:23
wasanzy_I started it already, but I want to luch the gui and work just as am working on my host machine10:24
baskaki have an ati radeon 9200, and no unity. "unity_support_test -p" gives the following: http://paste.ubuntu.com/647158/, however the card IS capable of gl 1.4 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radeon)10:24
zabombervibhav, sent you a pm with the screenshot :)10:24
phaninope.. still it doesn't work with silverlight nor moonlight i can't play videos http://www.video.mediaset.it/video/sportmediaset/tutti_i_gol/225240/udinese-lazio-2-1.html from the link10:25
lotuspsychjewasanzy_:you working on terminal (server)?10:25
wasanzy_no am working on ubuntu Desktop 11.0410:25
munzxkierge : the how grup is called to choose between different OSs available !?10:25
Infernetandrewh192: just that button10:26
andrewh192Infernet: thanx10:26
kiergeits a bootloader.  i'm not a mechanic though.10:26
lotuspsychjewasanzi_: you lost me, you started new os but cant work on it?10:26
Infernetandrewh192: np10:26
tixo5anybody know about 'libapache2-mod-security2' and it being a virtual package?10:26
lotuspsychjemorning dr_willis10:27
munzxhehe :)  am just new linux although i love it but this boot prob bugs me !10:27
munzxnew to10:27
engrxyzhi, how to setup the console color text on ubuntu10:28
Taffflashwhat does....Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg received a segmentation fault. mean?10:28
wasanzy_yes I started it, do I use the console tab in the browser  to have the gui display?10:28
zabomberanybody know how to setup pptpd on ubuntu?10:28
zabomberor have a better article than this one : http://cviorel.easyblog.ro/2009/02/09/how-to-set-up-a-vpn-server-on-ubuntu/10:28
zabomberim getting this error10:28
tixo5zabomber: what are you trying to do?10:29
tixo5setup your own VPN?10:29
zabombertixo5, yes. trying to setup a simple pptp vpn into my server at home10:29
tixo5why not use openvpn ?10:30
zabombermmmm... is it easier than pptpd?10:30
tixo5setup server on one machine, client on the other10:30
tixo5generate the keys, and use them on the client machine10:30
malamahi has anyone use LAMP?10:30
zabomberbecause my clients are MAC, Linux and Windows...10:30
tixo5malama use 'tasksel'10:30
zabomberpptp would be easiest?10:30
jaap_i have have a question about logon after the screensaver10:31
tixo5openvpn is supported on all those OS's i think10:31
tixo5my VPN provider uses openvpn10:31
malamatixo5:does it have apache?10:31
tixo5malama: 'tasksel' can be used to install a LAMP in 2 command lines10:31
tixo5google 'installing LAMP with tasksel'10:32
malamatixo5:I have Lamp on my computer but i cant run my php scripts10:32
tixo5php installed? lol10:32
tixo5put a simple phpinfo() file in /var/www/10:32
malamatixo5:Yea it is but wen i point to the browser to any script i have created i get a download dialog box10:33
tixo5then php isnt installed10:33
tixo5or configured10:33
malamatixo5:I can see the phpinfo(),does it mean every script i create have to go in /var/www?10:34
tixo5anyone installed 'mod_security' on apache with ubuntu server?10:34
wasanzy_firefox 5.0 doesn't seem to support the console  plugin for vmware, how can I deal with this?10:34
tixo5malama: when do you mean you see php info? you mean its loaded in your browser and you can see the output ?10:35
jaap_how can i turn off logon after screensaver10:35
malamatixo5:Yea i can see the info about php10:35
lotuspsychjewasanzy_:what Os are you trying to run?10:35
tixo5then its working fine ?10:35
malamaso how do i run the scripts10:36
tixo5you just have10:36
osianHack me if you can10:36
osianI want to test my system10:36
tixo5osian: not the palce10:36
malamatixo5:wat do u mean?10:36
wasanzy_AsteriskNow, which came with linux10:36
lotuspsychjeosian: nmap localhost10:36
tixo5malama: you just run a php script. you dont have an issues10:37
lonixosian: not the place, and you should never come whit souch a statment10:37
wasanzy_am now setting up new one with ubuntu 10.1010:38
osianSorry for the proposal10:38
osianAnyone know where you can check out his system10:38
wh1zz0Greetings white hats... Does anyone know of a tool to hide folders and encrypt them only upon system reboot in ubuntu? I know that labelling a file as ".file" automatically hides it. But I'm referring to some sort of application which encrypts and hides specified folders immediately upon reboot. Anyone?10:39
tixo5wh1zz0: why upon reboot ?10:39
zabomberi got it fixed10:39
lotuspsychjewasanwasanzy_:not sure why you trying the browser, but after booting asteriksnow in virtualbox, after mousclick in the new Os you can work with it...10:39
zabomberwrong config in /etc/ppp/chap-secrets10:39
zabomberthanks guys10:39
SwedeMikewh1zz0: you want to look into disk encryption, that just encrypts a whole partition and let you unlock it upon boot.10:39
wh1zz0Well because, they are files I use frequently10:40
tixo5yea systemOS encryption is probably what you want10:40
tixo5i use truecrypt10:40
lotuspsychjetruecrypt here too10:40
tixo5AES-serpant algo for me :P10:40
SwedeMikewh1zz0: I use cryptsetup myself, it works well. I encrypted my entire /home10:40
wh1zz0Wow.. lots of ooptions.. You gotta love open source10:41
user82hi. i installed gnome3 via ppa on natty and need to choose it as default session. can someone tell me how? (the login-screen setting is gone in gnome 3 system management)10:41
lotuspsychjetixo5: you know howto encrypt other folders with truecrypt then /home?10:41
wh1zz0thanks SwedeMike, tixo5 and lotuspsychje ... I'll check out the 3 and compare10:41
tixo5lotuspsychje: you just create an encrypted partition10:41
wasanzy_am not running virtualbox, am running vmware infrastructure with web access10:43
flexyubuntu 10.04, where do I put module options?10:44
wasanzy_ok thank you10:44
tixo5flexy: what module options ?10:44
flexykernel module options10:45
tixo5like @ boot ?10:45
Tetarchoshello, i try to talk to you, because in freenode, a sect poisoning people with same methode of sect rajneesh -> http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ma_Anand_Sheela10:45
tixo5edit your GRUB10:45
nothingspecialflexy: /etc/modules10:45
tixo5you can edit at GRUB menu10:45
flexytixo5: like following line 'bttv i2c_hw=1 card=0x71 '10:45
munzxguys! ,... i gave up!! i could't repair my sys boot problem!!! ... i searched and tried everything possible in the net but nothing worked!!! .... the problem that my system halts on boot so i have to re-boot it where u get several options to starts the system ... the only one that works is : previous linux ... then ubuntu linux-generic  or something similar!10:46
Tetarchosa fake ircop caled niko make shadow on a people we try to contact you10:46
wasanzy_oh that is exactly the instruction I followed to install the vmware10:46
tixo5nothingspecial: i dont think he wants to directly edit the module? im not sure10:46
flexynothingspecial: I don't mean to get the module loaded, it does that already. I need to set parameters for the module, because it does not autodetect the dvb card correctly10:46
nothingspecialtixo5: Oh, sorry :)10:46
|Long|hi guys, when i point to shutdown menu, it keep loopback to login screen how do i fix tis?10:46
wh1zz0SwedMike.. yes! you are right..10:46
tixo5flexy:  test your line out by press i think 'E' on your GRUb line at boot10:47
tixo5edit the script10:47
tixo5if it works, add to grub.cfg10:47
wh1zz0That's the sort of thing I need... Something which hides and lets me unlock it upon boot10:47
flexytixo5, nothingspecial: kernel parameters, or options to a module to load. So that the kernel is not loaded without the options. Grub is way too soon.10:47
wh1zz0I looked at trucrypt but it doesnt say much about how it works10:48
tixo5grub is way too soon? can you explain?10:48
Evanescencehow to add remote machine's ssh public key into locale machine ?10:48
flexytixo5, nothingspecial: perhaps /etc/modprobe.d/<create file here> ?10:48
tixo5no thats to load modules10:48
tixo5Evanescence: there is a command to do it10:49
tixo5but you can just copy it to /home/USER/.ssh10:49
flexytixo5: atleast it seems that in File: /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf there is lines like "options snd-usb-usx2y index=-2"10:49
tixo5flexy:  try it10:49
flexyseems about right. just stumbled on that file10:49
nothingspecialEvanescence: ssh-copy-id10:50
Evanescencetixo5: If I directly copy public key file. will original public key file be overwrited ?10:50
jaap_i have have a question about logon after the screensaver10:50
tixo5if it has the same filename Evanescence :P10:50
tixo5ssh-copy-id is what i remember10:50
Evanescencenothingspecial: I tried that, but seems error command line format, what's the correct command line ?10:50
tixo5show us the error10:51
nothingspecialEvanescence: Did you create a key?10:51
Evanescencenothingspecial: yes, generated10:51
tixo5Evanescence: im guessing your not using root10:51
nothingspecialEvanescence: ssh-copy-id user@host10:51
tixo5nothingspecial: you need to include the user there i think, if he is using it for a user not root10:52
tixo5so like10:52
tixo5ssh-copy-id -i /keyfile user@serverip10:52
Evanescencetixo5: nothingspecial If I want to copy machine-1 to machine-2 . the this command ssh-copy-id should be executed on which machine ?10:52
ani I am working on header compression, could any one please forward me any links related to ESP/IP header compression?10:52
rashedi cannot connect filezilla to my site from ubuntu10:53
tixo5the server10:53
tixo5sorry the client < Evanescence use my command10:53
Evanescencetixo5: I see. tixo5 error : ssh: connect to host port 22: No route to host10:53
tixo5local IP?10:54
Evanescencetixo5: yes, I am using wireless route.10:54
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com10:54
tixo5your SSH'ing to a machine in your LAN?10:54
Evanescencetixo5: then let N900 phone connect to Notebook10:54
rumbaOk, this is getting annoying. The apps bar (dock?) at the left of the screen appeared again. How do I make it disappear?10:54
albertoGood morning10:54
nothingspecialEvanescence: Does host have ssh server installed?10:54
albertoI came just to ask a question to you all10:55
albertoWhen will the next Ubuntu version be realeased?10:55
tixo5Evanescence: have you successfully connected without keys?10:55
Evanescencenothingspecial: yes, installed. and I run sshd to start ssh server.10:55
albertoHow can I find out?10:55
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+110:55
Evanescencetixo5: have not, I successed in once with typing a password10:55
albertolotuspsychje Thank you very much10:56
tixo5have u tried my command yet?10:56
tixo5ssh-copy-id -i /keyfile user@serverip10:56
nothingspecialNo route to host means either ssh is not running or one of the machines is not connected to the LAN10:57
nothingspecialEvanescence:  ^^10:57
Evanescencetixo5: still that error. I guess the problem is on N900 phone10:57
tixo5nmap it, see if port 22 is open lol10:57
tixo5i doubt it will be on a phone, im not sure how networking works on phones tbh10:57
nothingspecialnothingspecial: Phone???10:57
Evanescencenow I understand that notebook's ubuntu is ok, I need to ask #maemo now.10:58
tixo5nothingspecial: how good are you with paache dude?10:58
nothingspecialtixo5: not :) apache or paache10:58
tixo5damn :( i came here for help originally lol10:59
nothingspecialtixo5: Someone will help, just keep trying10:59
tixo5you know aptitude keys, like i - installed -A auto installed11:00
tixo5v = virtual package, does that mean its fully installed on the system or what ?11:00
nothingspecialtixo5: virtual package is one that isn't a package but installs other packages afaik11:02
exutuxtixo5: what is your problem with apache?11:03
tixo5well, i want to enable some modules11:03
hongry_good morning fellow ubuntu users11:03
nothingspecialtixo5: Like ubuntu-desktop or ubuntu-restricted-extras11:03
tixo5some like mod_security, isnt in the /mods-available folder11:03
lonixim so disapointed with the linux version of ultraedit11:03
tixo5i was told to come here from httpd11:03
ranjanhi all , any one here has used open-audit?11:03
tixo5because its apparently compiled by ubuntu ? lol11:04
=== Chiliblue_ is now known as Chiliblue
tixo5there is this package in aptitude, but its got a v, so im not sure how to enable the module, its not showing in webmin11:04
tixo5v   libapache2-mod-security211:04
hongry_Would anyone be willing to help me identify the source of a display problem I am having when I attempt to configure a triple monitor configuration using NVIDIA X Server Settings?11:05
tixo5and others like mod-evasive11:05
tixo5how can i enable these exutux ?11:05
exutuxtixo5: sudo  a2enmod mod-security11:05
tixo5a2enmod isnt available on ubuntu ?11:06
tixo5yea i know ?11:06
tixo5debian based, but i couldnt find it11:06
tixo5is it in another repo?11:06
exutuxtixo5: it is on apache2-common11:07
exutuxtixo5: it is on apache2.2-common11:08
tixo5but ive got that installed already11:08
tixo5-bash: a2enmod: command not found11:08
tixo5ahhh i failed exutux11:08
exutuxtixo5: paste dpkg -l | grep apache11:09
exutuxtixo5: ok well11:09
tixo5wasnt root11:09
hongry_I added a second video card, and although NVIDIA X Server Settings detects the device, whenever I configure a second screen to use the new display adapter, I get an error upon re-loading xorg.  Might someone assist me in resolving this problem?11:09
tixo5ya rofl, fail11:09
tixo5however, its not listing the module i want11:09
tixo5so must i compile extra modules myself?11:10
tixo5or should i try and install this   'v   libapache2-mod-security2 '   even with the 'v' ?11:10
exutuxdo you have installed libapache2-mod-security?11:10
dr_willishongry_:  configure how. whats the first video card?11:10
tixo5im not sure totally what 'v' means still, does it mean something else similar is already isntalled?11:10
rumbaWhat's up with Ubuntu 11.04? It keeps crashing every few minutes and I didn't even install/configure very much.11:11
exutuxtixo5: sudo apt-get install libapache2-mod-security what says?11:11
tixo5i didnt want to do it incase it messes up something else ^ i was checking, shall i just run it ? i have no image/snapshot of my server atm11:12
rumbaThe screen keeps going black, then shows the image again, then black, then the image again and I can't click on anything. When I get bored of watching that, I have to do a cold reboot.11:12
wasanzy_what is the command to luch virtual machine from a terminal window?11:12
rumbaThere's also the dock at the left side of the screen that sometimes appears and it just won't go away. How do I hide it?11:12
hongry_dr_willis, :  The first video card, (GPU 0) - (GeForce 6800 XT).  The Second video card, (GPU 1) - (Geforce 8400 GS).  GPU 0 is a PCI Express x16, GPU 1 is listed as a PCI Express x1.11:12
dr_willisrumba:  what image11:12
rumbaI would like to replace it with Cairo-Dock.11:13
rumbadr_willis: Ubuntu 11.04 x6411:13
exutuxtixo5: ok but it need to installed11:13
tixo5ahh, exutux i think its virtual, because the real package is libapache-mod-security11:13
tixo5Note, selecting 'libapache-mod-security' instead of 'libapache2-mod-security2'11:13
tixo5so its just been added to apache2 for name purposes11:13
tixo5searching purposes*11:13
exutuxtixo5: yeah11:14
tixo5exutux: any ideas how i would find the version of soemthing compiled in the ubuntu repos?11:14
tixo5i may want/need to compile it myself if its old ?11:14
ikoniatixo5: can you give me an example of what you want to know11:14
tixo5i suppose i really want to know, how  up to date the ubuntu repos are for apache modules11:14
tixo5whether i should compile them all myself11:15
exutuxtixo5: I don't understand, so if you want enable that module you'll need to install it befor and after enable by e2enmod11:15
rumbaI can't work like this...11:15
ikoniatixo5: the package version normally tells you the version of the software in it11:15
ikoniatixo5: keep in mind back ports also11:15
dr_willishongry_:  ive used 2 nvidia cards befor. but one issue ive seen is if the 2 cards differ in age. they may need different driver versiins.  i tend to have cards that have 2 video outs these days.11:15
* rumba keeps thinking about the Windows 7 he has at home... never had issues like these11:15
tixo5ikonia:  this doesnt show anything11:15
hongry_dr_willis, :  if they do indeed require different driver versions, how might I accomplish installing the correct driver version for the newly added second card?11:16
=== Mahmoud is now known as Guest42322
tixo5this is the latest version from mod_security website "modsecurity-apache_2.6.1.tar.gz"    how do i know if its been compiled by ubuntu, or if they are using an older version11:16
MrNthDegreerumba, that is because the display drivers aren't installed properly11:17
ikoniatixo5: what does it say ?11:17
jLothjoin #reddit11:17
jLothsorry forgot /11:17
rumbaMrNthDegree: It worked fine for exactly two weeks.11:17
dr_willishongry_: im not sure you can.  you did run the addayional drivers tool? then used nvidia-settings tool?11:17
tixo5ikonia: ubuntu is trying to install this   "libapache-mod-security"11:17
tixo5and "mod-security-common"11:17
ikoniatixo5: there is normally a version number on the package though11:17
ikoniatixo5: if you query it11:17
tixo5there isnt lol11:17
tixo5query how?11:17
dr_willishongry_: or just use the gpl driver. but it sort of sucks11:17
rumbaMrNthDegree: So what can I do about it?11:17
MrNthDegreerumba, I don't tend to use non-LTS versions of Ubuntu11:17
dawidGada ktoś po Polsku?11:18
MrNthDegreerumba, check your drivers are installed correctly if you're using either ATI or NVIDIA proprietary drivers11:18
hongry_dr_willis, :  right after you said the bit about the different drivers I fired up the "additional drivers" tool.  I'm not really sure what to do though, honestly.  I have three drivers listed, one that is activated, and I'm not sure what to do from there...11:18
andaii'm reading a guide , it says install Mono via winetricks, but i don't see it there11:18
dr_willishongry_: i just use the recommended ones11:18
MrNthDegreerumba, also keep in mind if you're using Unity, that it's quite a new desktop environment and is quite rough11:19
exutuxtixo5: apt-cache policy libapache-mod-security11:19
dr_willishongry_:  how many monitors are you using total?11:19
exutuxwhich version get you?11:19
MrNthDegreerumba, Unity tends to expose bugs in a lot of drivers when running with 3D effects enabled11:19
tixo5exutux:  thanks for the command11:20
tixo5Version table:11:20
tixo5     2.5.12-1 011:20
hongry_dr_willis, :  none of them are listed as recommended, as far as I can see.  the first two are both listed as "NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, kernel module and VDPAU library".  The third is listed as simply "nvidia_173".  The "nvidia_173" driver is the one that is activated, but not currently in use, according to the Additional Drivers utility.11:20
rumbaMrNthDegree: How do I know if 3D effects are enabled?11:20
tixo5it is quite new, i will see if there is an exploits / bypasses for that version11:20
dr_willishongry_:  the not in use can ba a bug. its in use if nvidia-settings says it is..11:20
hongry_maybe I'll try activating one of the other ones...11:21
exutuxtixo5: yeah but there is constantly security upgrades11:21
dr_willishongry_: you did run nvidia-settings and turned on twinview11:21
exutuxthere are*11:21
MrNthDegreerumba, for Unity, you'd know if you've installed compiz11:21
dr_willisgotta run bbl11:21
hongry_dr_willis, :  no, when I was trying to configure the second display I had configured it for "Separate X Display".  I do not desire to use TwinView.11:22
exutuxtixo5: so I think that isn't a problem if it isn't latest new version...11:22
MrNthDegreerumba, try the following for me:  http://ubuntuguide.net/ubuntu-11-04-natty-login-to-classic-gnome-2-desktop11:22
rumbaMrNthDegree: Well, compiz is installed.11:22
hongry_I just de-activated/re-activated the "nvidia_173" driver, and it says I need to restart computer to apply changes.11:22
rumbaMrNthDegree: Thanks, great!11:22
tixo5exutux: that depends if there is a severe security problem with it11:22
hongry_I'm going to go give it a spin.  I'll be back momentarily.  Thank you thus far for your recommendations.  I'll let you know how it goes when I return.11:22
amanforindiathis is my partitioning scheme11:22
exutuxtixo5: sure11:23
MrNthDegreerumba, the GNOME 2 desktop is a very well tested environment, while Unity is still very new (think of it as akin to when Vista first came out!)11:23
nightcrowhow do i remove a service from starting at boot without deleting the actual app?11:23
amanforindiathere are 2 oses opensuse (in the extended partition) and arch in the other 311:23
nightcrowi have smbd running and I dont want it to start at boot11:23
amanforindianow i want to add ubuntu11:23
amanforindiaso how do i partition?11:24
amanforindiaso how do i partition now?11:24
exutuxnightcrow:  looks for update-rc.d11:26
phaniHi.. unable to play videos in this link http://www.video.mediaset.it/video/sportmediaset/tutti_i_gol/225240/udinese-lazio-2-1.html lucid 10.4 , tried on firefox and also chrome. Installed moonlight plugin as well but still not working.. any ideas.. updater flash as well11:29
albertoDo you know if it's too complex to set up a network printer with Ubuntu, when that printer is under a Windows machine?11:31
dawidAlberto- Bitch11:31
albertoI mean, the Windows machine is the one the printer is connected to11:31
albertodawid pardon?11:31
wh1zz0SwedeMike: the option you talked about11:32
dawidAlberto- Polnish11:33
bazhang!pl | dawid11:33
ubottudawid: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.11:33
MrNthDegreealberto, eww...11:33
wh1zz0Does anyone now if trucrypt hides and encrypts upon reboot?11:33
tharakaHi, anyone can help me to solve my problem that is a, when I installed FF+ubuntu on my matchine there is no NIC driver , so then I can't access the internet , where I can find this NIC driver for hp compaq 6200 pro mt pc11:33
MrNthDegreealberto, i've only ever had a Linux box sharing the printer, with Windows as a client11:33
MrNthDegreewh1zz0, what do you mean?11:34
albertoMrNthDegree Did it work for you?11:34
szaltharaka: what's FF got to do w/ it?11:34
SwedeMikewh1zz0: most disk-encryption does real time encryption, it doesn't do anything specific when rebooting.11:34
wh1zz0I am looking for a tool or Something which hides folders and lets me unlock it upon boot11:34
MrNthDegreealberto, with the printer connected to Linux box and shared to Windows, yes, not done it the other way11:34
wh1zz0Something like what hide folders v 3.5 does on windows11:35
MrNthDegreealberto, when Linux shares it, you don't even need samba because CUPS can be accessed through Windows if you use XP11:35
dawidDavid_4d- Bitch!11:35
bazhangdawid, stop that11:35
MrNthDegreewh1zz0, I don't know what that does, however, what I do know is that everything you save inside a TC container is encrypted11:35
dawidBazhang- Wchat?11:35
albertoMrNthDegree Thank you11:35
wh1zz0When you say encrypted, what kind of encryption are we talking about here?11:36
szalalberto: I believe I once had a setup where I shared a printer via Windows file and printer sharing, and it worked11:36
wh1zz0Prompted for password each time I try to access it OR just file protection11:36
MrNthDegreealberto, with XP you'd use the URL option and put in the URL to the printer you get from the CUPS web interface and then install drivers as you would for local ;)11:36
arikmwh1zz0, you can choose the symmetric cipher, amongst other things11:36
MrNthDegreewh1zz0, every time you try to access the container11:37
albertoMrNthDegree Great! Thanks indeed11:37
tharakasorry I got it wrong11:37
tharakalet me know how can I find that driver11:37
MrNthDegreewh1zz0, but truecrypt is lame compared to Ubuntu's encryption option11:37
lonix!alias > lonix11:38
MrNthDegreewh1zz0, the built-in home directory encryption means when you're not logged in, everything is inaccessible, and it depends on your password to decrypt the key to decrypt the files11:38
av-adilsonhi i've got an issue with two clients, I removed nis and nfs-common added new users however, I have no network. Ntwork manager doens't show any eth* connections, anyone can tell me why and how to resolve this issue?11:39
lonix!bashrc > lonix11:39
wh1zz0Whew.. The thing is, these are files I use all the time, so it would be ardous to keep repeating the password each time I want to access files. But also, on the other hand the are very personal files that I like to keep hidden from prying eyes. So I'm sort of looking for something which can automatically hide upon reboot and only ask me for pass when I boot11:39
bazhanglonix, /msg ubottu please11:39
MrNthDegreewh1zz0, the built in encryption does that11:39
lonixkk, sorry11:39
dawidAlberto, I am of Polish. Jeb on the snout fucking prick11:39
MrNthDegreewh1zz0, why didn't you opt to encrypt home directory when you installed?  It does that11:40
wh1zz0Hmm... seems I'd have to make do with the default ubuntu encryption then.. Where is is located and how can I activate it?11:40
wh1zz0No I just don't want the entire home dir encrypted11:40
MrNthDegreewh1zz0, why not?11:40
wh1zz0I just want a particular dir inside /home/user11:40
Dreamscapehey all anyone here familiar with virtualmin?11:41
nightcrowhow do I remove a service from bootup11:41
FourTensIn Banshee is there a way to hide the artist view and sort albums by artist?11:41
MrNthDegreewh1zz0, well the built-in encryption uses command line tools for mounting individual directories11:41
nightcrowi have smbd running but I dont want it to start when I turn on the server, I only want to start it manually11:41
wh1zz0MrNthDegree:  Well, lol.. lame reason to be honest11:41
nightcrowhow can I achieve this?11:41
MrNthDegreewh1zz0, you could script truecrypt on login11:42
MrNthDegreewh1zz0, that would mean a box would appear asking for a password and then mount the folder11:42
phani Hi.. unable to play videos in this link http://www.video.mediaset.it/video/sportmediaset/tutti_i_gol/225240/udinese-lazio-2-1.html lucid 10.4 , tried on firefox and also chrome. Installed moonlight plugin as well but still not working.. any ideas.. updated flash as well11:42
wh1zz0MrNthDegree: I guess I was just looking at a scenario whereby it wouldn't look as though I was hidding my entire system from my friends11:42
MrNthDegreewh1zz0, well you're not if you encrypt /home/user and use two user accounts11:43
wh1zz0Okie.. so MrNthDegree where do I find the default encryption now that I didnt enable it during installation?11:43
MrNthDegreeon GNOME 2:  System -> Administration -> Users and Groups11:43
MrNthDegreeWhen making a new user, there's a checkbox to enable encryption11:44
wilharthello, anyone have problem with playback it flickers in my hdmi out tv lcd11:44
wilhartbut does not flicker in my main monitor11:44
wh1zz0MrNthDegree: I just want to encrypt one folder /home/user/thisfolder11:44
MrNthDegreewh1zz0, that isn't built-in unfortunately, so you'll have to script that yourself11:44
wh1zz0Owh... okie I'm on 11.04 so i guess i'd just find user and groups11:44
wh1zz0Hmm....any nice material on this please?11:45
arikmMrNthDegree, wh1zz0, I wonder if you can make a encryptfs filesystem in a file, then mount it in your desired folder?11:45
av-adilsonhi i've got an issue with two clients, I removed nis and nfs-common added new users however, I have no network. Network manager doens't show any eth* connections, anyone can tell me why and how to resolve this issue?11:45
=== xindzz`off is now known as xindz
arikmi.e. with the loop device11:45
nightcrowav-adilson: ifup?11:45
wh1zz0it's the encryptfs filesystem file I cannot make11:45
wh1zz0Can you link me to a resource?11:46
MrNthDegreewh1zz0, http://nerdcenter.de/howto-debian-loopback-dm-crypt-luks-pam-mount/ <-- complicated but works11:46
rumbaMrNthDegree: I chose Ubuntu Classic at the login screen. This is exactly what I wanted and I hope it will behave better. Thanks!11:47
wh1zz0Hmm.. Thanks11:47
MrNthDegreewh1zz0, that will be unlocked on login though11:47
av-adilsonnightcrow, ifup doesn't recognise eth0 which should've been the standard11:48
MrNthDegreewh1zz0, which is no different from encrypting the whole home folder, since as soon as someone is logged in, they have access11:48
arikmMrNthDegree but it will make it easier to move around the folder, i.e to other machines11:48
wh1zz0Then that will not work for my purpose11:49
MrNthDegreearikm, many files vs. one file yeah11:49
wh1zz0Anyone ever tried cryptkeeper/11:50
MrNthDegreewh1zz0, what are you looking for exactly then?  Nothing wrong with manually opening truecrypt and putting in the password once each time you log in11:50
wh1zz0Yes, if it would mean only putting the password once, i.e once logged in, then I'm cool with it11:51
MrNthDegreewh1zz0, yes you can do that with truecrypt11:51
wh1zz0but the issue of putting the password all the time is what I felt would be like a nagging wife11:51
arikmMrNthDegree I agree, password just once, seems to satisfy the requirements11:51
arikmwh1zz0, just at mount time11:52
wh1zz0but does truecrypt also hide the folders or it just locks it?11:52
malama_hi everyone,Can anyone help me on how to change folder permissions of folders in the file system11:52
wilhartOk, hi. I have problem when playbacking video (i have nvidia 9800gt) outputs are dvi out to monitor and hdmi to my second projector screen11:52
wilhartand. The problem is that i get flickering when playbacking video on second projector, and this DOES dont affect my dvi main monitor!11:52
wilhartPlease help.11:52
MrNthDegreewh1zz0, there isn't any folder in the real world ;)11:52
MrNthDegreewh1zz0, truecrypt makes a big file containing a whole filesystem, which is mounted as a folder11:52
arikmwh1zz0: trucrypt implements an entire filesystem. Just happens you can put it on a file11:52
MrNthDegreewh1zz0, when it's not mounted, there's an empty folder there11:52
MrNthDegreewh1zz0, you can mount it to any folder, even a folder containing files11:53
wh1zz0MrNthDegree:  Hmm I see11:53
=== UltimediaOS is now known as Markus[uOS]
wh1zz0Interesting stuff11:53
MrNthDegreewh1zz0, so you could just mount it to say /home/user/Public and no-one would know there's ever been anything there11:53
arikmwh1zz0: and the idea behind trucrypt is that folks that look at the file cannot tell it is even a truecrypt file11:53
MrNthDegreeeven if Public has 100s of files in it, those files are untouched11:53
arikmjust a bunch of junk11:53
wh1zz0Lol.. awesome11:53
wh1zz0But each time I login I have to mount only once right?11:54
wh1zz0Great.. thanks for this11:54
MrNthDegreeand if you forget to unmount, it's still unmounted at reboot11:54
wh1zz0Exactly what I need11:54
MrNthDegreejust be aware that even with this, there are privacy leaks11:55
wh1zz0But one last question, why do you feel truecrypt is lame?11:55
nightcrowav-adilson: driver?11:55
arikmespecially since having it mounted is as vulnerable as any other file on your system11:55
jpdswh1zz0: It's not fully open-source software?11:55
MrNthDegreejpds, it is, it suffers from the Firefox problem11:56
wh1zz0There are known bugs right?11:56
MrNthDegreejpds, you can't edit it and leave it called Truecrypt, same as Firefox11:56
MrNthDegreewh1zz0, it's not lame, if you use it right.  But compared to doing the whole of $HOME, it's not very good11:56
jpdsMrNthDegree: I know.11:56
jpdswh1zz0: All software has bugs.11:56
MrNthDegreewh1zz0, for example:  Open a picture in a photo management/editing app and that file will show in the last opened list11:57
nightcrowav-adilson: mv /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules.old11:57
nightcrowav-adilson: and then reboot11:57
wh1zz0Yea I know.. but I only call serious bugs, bugs11:57
MrNthDegreewh1zz0, which is not good because then people will know a file was opened which isn't there right now11:57
wh1zz0Omg..! that's a serious one MrNthDegree11:57
arikmwh1zz0: got to be sensible with filenames too!11:58
wh1zz0There was one tool I used in winbows pista which had that error11:58
MrNthDegreewh1zz0, that's not a truecrypt bug, that's a not-using-encryption-properly issue ;)11:58
wh1zz0It made the whole thing useless11:58
wh1zz0Well.. yeah not really a bug11:58
* MrNthDegree gives people a separate user account to work around this issue11:58
wh1zz0But it made using the whole tool completely useless11:58
aikInsaanhey....i have made some changes to grub during the boot (specifically: added nomodeset)...i would now like to make this a permanent change for all restarts (not for upgrades as yet though)...11:58
av-adilsonnightcrow, will try11:58
wh1zz0I mean the essence and whole cover would be bown away11:58
MrNthDegreewh1zz0, not really, if you encrypt all of $HOME and have an autologin on another user account which is for non-private use...11:59
chompingHi guys, anyone who knows how to set a system wide proxy setting? I have this instance in the cloud and wanted to access the internet thru a proxy. Any idea?11:59
aikInsaan...googling for permanent changes suggested making edits to menu.ls file which does not exist under /boot/grub....any suggestions on what's going on here?11:59
chompingcan iptables be use?11:59
aikInsaanam using Natty11:59
MrNthDegreewh1zz0, on Windows, privacy is such an issue that Truecrypt lets you have a hidden container for a second copy of Windows :P11:59
MrNthDegreewh1zz0, so it's about understanding how all your software works and working around privacy issues12:00
* MrNthDegree has some pictures of past girlfriends and other stuff which is potentially compromising and uses encryption of the homedir and separate accounts for that reason12:01
arikmMrNthDegree:  to be clear, that is for any encryption system12:01
MrNthDegreearikm, true, but the built-in caters for all that because of the way Linux works, excluding Java using /tmp12:01
arikmgotta be careful about /tmp files as well12:01
arikmI agree, the builtin is nice, and transparent12:02
MrNthDegree/tmp can of course have LUKS with random keys12:02
=== baobao_ is now known as linsux
MrNthDegreesame with swap12:02
arikmin fact, I seelcted the item and entirely forgot I had until I saw the $HOME/.Private dir12:02
kasun_hi i'm having a problem with network connectivity, my NIC card dosent detect by ubuntu, but works fine with windows, can some one help me to solve this12:03
MrNthDegreewh1zz0, in addition there are less obvious issues which hit people occasionally, like privacy leaks on IM clients12:03
wh1zz0Okie.. I just thought for a second there.. So what you are advising is that the best way is to have a second account where I keep all compromising files right?12:03
dydhow can i create a link in the dekstop to a command? like wine /media/LaCie/exe/program.exe12:03
MrNthDegreewh1zz0, yep and that account to be encrypted12:03
aetasMrNibbles, its incosiderate to encrypt porn12:03
wh1zz0Hmm.. I see12:03
MrNthDegreewh1zz0, and then all you need do is have auto-login on a non-private account12:03
wh1zz0So let's say I wish to pick up a couple of files I just login to that account right?12:04
wh1zz0And work directly from there12:04
MrNthDegreepretty much12:04
MrNthDegreepeople will see the non-private account all the time since it "just loads" and won't think about any other accounts12:04
MrNthDegreeand if you need an excuse, just name the account "Maintenance" or something and claim it's there for emergencies like when your normal account won't login12:04
wh1zz0MrNthDegree: You have a very good point there, if it aint broke don't change it.. I'm going to try something now12:05
MrNthDegree(after all, that's a necessity on most systems)12:05
aetasdyd, right click and create launcher12:05
dydaetas: thank you12:06
aikInsaanhey....i have made some changes to grub during the boot (specifically: added nomodeset)...i would now like to make this a permanent change for all restarts (not for upgrades as yet though)...12:06
aikInsaan...googling for permanent changes suggested making edits to menu.ls file which does not exist under /boot/grub....any suggestions on what's going on here?12:06
aikInsaanam using Natty12:06
bazhangaikInsaan, grub2 does not have that12:06
bazhang!grub2 | aikInsaan please have a look12:06
ubottuaikInsaan please have a look: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)12:06
=== zz_ng_ is now known as zz_zz_ng_
aikInsaanbazhang: thanks...thought i was looking at older stuff12:07
kasun_hi i'm having a problem with network connectivity, my NIC card dosent detect by ubuntu, but works fine with windows, can some one help me to solve this, details are pasted here http://paste.ubuntu.com/647240/12:10
kasun_hi i'm having a problem with network connectivity, my NIC card dosent detect by ubuntu, but works fine with windows, can some one help me to solve this, details are pasted here http://paste.ubuntu.com/647240/12:14
EgyParadoxkasun_: is it a wireless interface?12:15
Umrenis any1 knows some fast annotations creater for images? not gimp12:15
_nok_Hi, does any know how to install ubuntu to an external HDD? Thanks in advance!12:17
sudokill_nok_, yes just choose the hdd on the install screen12:17
kasun_hi i'm having a problem with network connectivity, my NIC card dosent detect by ubuntu, but works fine with windows, can some one help me to solve this, details are pasted here http://paste.ubuntu.com/647240/12:17
bazhangkasun_, whats the chipset12:18
_nok_sudokill: ya, i tried that and installed ubuntu in my HDD, but  the harddisk in not getting recognized during boot time12:19
sudokill_nok_, where did you install grub?12:19
=== guru is now known as Guest77109
sudokillmaybe you installed it to the external hdd and have to choose that hdd before bootup?12:19
Guest77109may i create shell scripting interface from java program12:20
Guest77109may i create shell scripting interface from java program12:20
_nok_sudokill: i made a 1gb partition (ext2 file system) with mountpoint /boot.. during boot time, the harddisk doesn't show up at all!12:21
sattu94Guest77109: may i ?12:21
sattu94Guest77109: it's up to you if you want to.12:21
sudokill_nok_, and where di you install ubuntu? to the /boot partition?12:21
NielsMknhey guys12:22
NielsMknneed some help with ubuntu 11.04 64 bit12:22
NielsMknfor some reason I cannot execute anything12:22
NielsMknThere is just no response from programs I double click12:23
nothingspecialNielsMkn: What happens if ou right click and 'open with'?12:23
coz_NielsMkn,  which application are you trying to run?12:24
coz_Nielsen,  can you get to a terminal at all?12:25
kasun_bazhang lspci -v command provides this, http://paste.ubuntu.com/647251/12:26
_nok_sudokill: here is what i did... i had a 40gb HDD... 1 made a ext2 1gb partiton (mount point /boot) and the rest as a ext4 mountpoint / and installed ubuntu in the ext4 part...12:26
NielsMkncoz I tried multiple applications12:27
sudokill_nok_, ok, sometimes the bootloader gets installed to a different drive12:27
NielsMknteamviewer, a .bin file12:27
sudokill_nok_, try booting from a different drive see if grub comes up12:27
NielsMknnothingspecial it gives the regular options12:27
nothingspecialNielsMkn: Did you download it?12:28
_nok_sudokill: both the partitons are not getting detected... in short, the HDD is itself is not getting detected12:28
sudokill_nok_, is it shown in hte bios?12:28
NielsMknyes nothingspecial12:28
nothingspecialNielsMkn: chmod +x teamviewer.bin12:28
_nok_sudokill: no :(12:28
sudokill_nok_, how did you partition it then?12:29
_nok_sudokill: during installation of ubuntu!12:29
sudokill_nok_, so it is detected then12:29
NielsMknstill nothing, nothingspecial12:30
NielsMknI tried it before12:30
sudokill_nok_, go into bios again and double check, maybe its not included in the boot order at all. if not there should be a button to press (F8) for me to choose what to boot from12:30
NielsMknand now again12:30
nothingspecialNielsMkn: ./teamviewer.bin     any errors12:30
NielsMknbut not response as well12:31
sudokill_nok_, is the external drive completely blank with nothing else on it?12:31
_nok_sudokill: no.. the HDD is completely empty except ubuntu system files12:32
EgyParadoxNielsMkn: Can you open the terminal?12:32
NielsMknyeah EgyParadox12:32
sudokill_nok_, go into bios again and double check, maybe its not included in the boot order at all. if not there should be a button to press (F8) for me to choose what to boot from12:32
nothingspecialNielsMkn: Are you sure it isn't running. No response or errors usually means everythings ok12:32
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1741686&page=3 kasun_12:33
EgyParadoxNielsMkn: Do you get any output when you try to open any application via terminal?12:33
NielsMknwell then I should get something on my display, right? But nothing happens :o12:33
EgyParadoxto run*12:33
NielsMknEgyParadox nope12:33
andaiwhats a nice GUI video player that has LEFT/RIGHT audio balance12:34
andaiI want to learn hungarian twice as fast12:34
=== snimavat is now known as SN
nothingspecialNielsMkn: have you tried to connect remotely to see if it works?12:37
NielsMknerm how do I do that? :o12:37
nothingspecialNielsMkn: I don't know. I have never used teamviewer12:38
NielsMknwell its not specific to teamviewer actually12:38
NielsMknI downloaded a game as well, and that also didn't work :/12:38
nothingspecialWhat game?12:39
NielsMknits for linux12:40
karthick87I am running ubuntu 10.10 server edition as apt-cacher server. How ever we have both 10.04 and 10.10 editions in our office. I have imported the cd cache of ubuntu version 10.04 and it is working fine. Now i want to import the cd cache of ubuntu version 10.10, for that i have to setup different server or i can import the cd cache in same server in different location? If in different location, how to import the cd cache? Can any one help?12:42
bazhangNielsMkn, there's a PPA for that12:42
NielsMknfor lugaru?12:42
bazhangNielsMkn, yes.12:43
NielsMkneven if there is, I still want to fix this issue though12:43
kdbwnfHi. I've a VPN connection without password. Can't I use it in Ubuntu?12:43
bazhangNielsMkn, log out, then login to classic12:44
gokulnathHi, I need to install some packages in my ubuntu 8.10 server, but while doing apt-get update it gives a 404 error12:45
bazhanggokulnath, its end of life, thats why12:45
bazhanggokulnath, you need to upgrade to get support12:45
BluesKaj!eol | gokulnath12:46
ubottugokulnath: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades12:46
bazhang!upgrade | gokulnath12:46
ubottugokulnath: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade12:46
gokulnathohh, you mean to 10.0412:46
bazhanggokulnath, take note of the eolupgrades link12:46
NielsMknstill no use :/12:46
bazhanggokulnath, there's no direct upgrade to that12:46
gokulnaththen what i can do12:46
gokulnathfirst to 9 and then to 1012:47
bazhanggokulnath, check the link is the first step12:47
NielsMkncould it be because of the fact I'm using a 64 bit version even though I have 2 GB ram only :o12:48
bazhangNielsMkn, no12:48
NielsMknwell then it has to be an installation issue :/12:49
nothingspecialNielsMkn: chmod +x lugaru-linux-x86-1.0c.bin && ./lugaru-linux-x86-1.0c.bin just worked for me12:50
NielsMknI know it worked for me on 10.10 as well12:50
NielsMknbut 11.04 is just against me :/12:50
NielsMkncould it be because of the update manager? I think it update the kernel :o12:51
nothingspecialNielsMkn: maybe ia32-libs will help if you are running 64bit12:53
NielsMknhmm how do I install them?12:53
=== samba is now known as Guest12132
nothingspecialsudo apt-get install ia32-libs12:53
kdbwnfHi. I have a vpn connection without password. Can't I use it in Ubuntu?12:54
OsinaAnybody want to party in Copenhagen tonight12:55
Phoenix87how/where can i hire developers for my projects?12:55
bazhang!ot | Osina12:55
ubottuOsina: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:55
bazhangPhoenix87, thats hardly an ubuntu support question12:55
Phoenix87bazhang, well the app are for gnome12:56
andaibazhang: He must be like me, desperate to find someone on IRC at all12:56
bazhangPhoenix87, still not the channel for it12:56
Phoenix87bazhang, can u suggest me one pls?12:56
bazhang!alis | Phoenix8712:57
ubottuPhoenix87: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu*12:57
kdbwnfHi. I have a vpn connection without password. Can't I use it in Ubuntu?12:57
Phoenix87k thank you12:57
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=== marcelo is now known as Guest79591
OsinaAnybody want to party in Copenhagen tonight13:00
OsinaSo we can talk about ubuntu amazing system13:00
OsinaAnd how we can make it better13:00
bazhangOsina, wrong channel13:00
aetasthat doesn't sound like a party13:00
daniel_pretty hardcore partying on a Tuesday ;]13:01
BluesKajnot if you're on vacation13:01
mang0I'm wanting to run windows alongside Ubuntu, but without rebooting. Sort of like parallels for mac....Any ideas for programs?13:02
bazhangmang0, virtualbox13:02
mang0bazhang: Will I lose performance, is it free, and what OSes can it run?13:03
* NielsMkn hugs nothingspecial real hard!13:03
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
BluesKaj!vb | mang013:03
NielsMknIt worked after installing ia32-libs. :D13:03
=== Rei`ZzZz is now known as Reikoku
nothingspecialNielsMkn: ouch!13:03
bazhang!vm | mang013:03
ubottumang0: There are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications13:03
BluesKaj!info vb | mang013:03
ubottumang0: Package vb does not exist in natty13:03
NielsMknThanks a lot nothingspecial and bazhang :D13:03
acrOsina how many girls may be on party?13:03
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox13:04
bazhangacr, stop that13:04
Mjateznikcould someone please help me with sound in java?13:04
kdbwnfHi. I have a vpn connection without password. Can't I use it in Ubuntu?13:04
acrMjateznik, what problem? out of RAM?13:05
BluesKajMjateznik, just in java?13:05
acrOsina, great :)13:05
Mjateznikacr & BluesKaj: sound works well but not in java13:05
surfduei actually chown'ed / wrong user/group but aborted pretty quickly. I fixed /etc, /var, etc. I am wondering should I make sure anything in particular is fixed?13:05
bazhangacr, last warning13:05
Mjateznikblueskaj: no sound at all in java13:05
surfdueOr is there a script you can run in ubuntu to check system permissions13:05
acrbazhang, :(13:06
BluesKajMjateznik, how do you know it's just java, I have to ask13:06
nothingspecialsurfdue: did you do it without -R?13:07
MjateznikBluesKaj: Well it plays well in vlc, rythmbox, flash, games13:07
MjateznikBluesKaj: however it does not work in the java game Bang! Howdy13:07
MjateznikI neither have functional java in firefox13:07
surfduenothingspecial, i did -R heh13:07
surfduei was trying to do it in the local dir, but tab failed..13:07
surfduesilly me :/13:07
BluesKajMjateznik,  sound on youtube ?13:08
nothingspecialsurfdue: Then you've probably destroyed your system. Does it still work?13:08
MjateznikBluesKaj: yes.13:08
MjateznikBluesKaj: But youtube is flash, ain13:08
Mjateznik't it?13:09
BluesKajMjateznik, yes13:09
NielsMkngtg guys later13:09
farhad2161who has a small linux game for idle time?13:10
dr_willisyoutube can do html5 for a lot of videos13:10
BluesKaj Mjateznik , you might try reinstalling restricted extras ,.... sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-restricted-extras13:10
NielsMknfarhard try lugaru :P13:10
kdbwnfHi. I have a vpn connection without password. Can't I use it in Ubuntu?13:12
MjateznikBluesKaj: okej didn't get any errors (I think ;) )13:13
solerhey all, when 10.04 LTS 3 will be released ?13:13
MjateznikBluesKaj: which is the simples java sound applet which I could use to test?13:14
webad_13I am on 11.04 and while watching a movie or just surfing the web the system would hang unexpectadly. I would like to go into it a bit more, so which log file should I look at? would some problem be registered in dmesg?13:14
surfdueAnyways.. The system works fine still is there a way to just confirm that the group/user didnt mess up the system13:17
wcchandler_workIs there a howto on integrating evolution with Unity's calendar thing?  I have emails for meetings but they're not automatically adding themselves13:17
airtonixsoler: lol?13:17
BluesKajMjateznik, I really don't know13:18
Mark_MorcomI installed something that disabled the Ubuntu desktop13:19
Mark_MorcomSo, no Gnome, no nothing13:19
Mark_MorcomHow can I get to termanal to disable13:19
dr_willisalt-ctrl-f1  for console13:20
Mark_MorcomOk, and once there13:20
Mark_MorcomHow do enable Ubuntus defualt desktop13:20
dr_willisno idea.. depends on whats broke13:20
Mark_MorcomForgotton what its called13:20
Mark_MorcomI installed Cube Desktop13:21
Mark_MorcomIt disable the Unbuntu desktop13:21
Mark_MorcomI was stupid and allowed it13:21
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!13:21
dr_willisthers some commansa to reste compix at the webupd8 blog site13:21
viktorHow do i get heroes of ight and magic III to work... dont work through wine and then i found the Loki version but cant patch it13:21
surfduedr_willis, did you hear my previous question? jw if you had any ideas13:22
dr_willisi got them bookmarked at   delicious.com/dr_willis also13:22
sgerbinowhat is the recommended course of action when Ubuntu warns you that /boot is running out of memory? I've never encountered this :o13:22
dr_willissgerbino:  you mean out of space?13:22
=== carif__ is now known as carif-is-sprinti
sgerbinodr_willis: yes13:23
wcchandler_worksgerbino: use df to determine the amount of space left13:23
sgerbinodr_willis: df -h reports 99% aka 2.3MB13:23
dr_willisclean out old kernels13:23
wcchandler_workdelete old kernels?13:23
wasanzy_how can I run vmware console from the shell please?13:23
dr_willismy /boot is like 8gb ;)13:23
sgerbinodr_willis how do I clean out old kernels?13:24
MjateznikBluesKaj: thanks anyway! cheers13:24
sgerbinoi thought i could just apt-get autoclean them away :O13:24
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
bastidrazorsgerbino: uninstall them. in synaptic search for linux-image13:24
dr_willissgerbino:  package manager tools. autoclean is for the cache13:24
wcchandler_workuse uname to figure out your current kernel13:24
dr_willisautoremove is for obsolete packages13:24
wcchandler_workthen get rid of old ones that you don't use13:24
sgerbinowcchandler_work, dr_willis, bastidrazor: thank you guys, I appreciate the help13:25
wasanzy_please help me13:25
viktorHow do i get heroes of ight and magic III to work... dont work through wine and then i found the Loki version but cant patch it.. can anyone help?13:25
dr_willisviktor:  id say work on it in wine. check the app database.13:25
ubottuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help13:26
dr_willisthose old old games can be quite a challange to get running natively13:26
viktordr_willis, They say it works like platiunum but for me it freezes, and i got the correct winr version13:26
babuwhen i did ssh aspire210@ says ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused13:27
babuwat's the pblm13:27
rb_hello all is here a good place to ask questions about ubuntu live (usb)? I'll ask anyways: I'd like some pointers as to where to look to stop the live usb from prompting the user to remove media before it completes a reboot13:27
dr_willisviktor:  see winehq channel     perhaps13:27
babuwhen i did ssh aspire210@ says ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused13:28
babuwat's the pblm13:28
viktordr_willis, ty13:29
suntaanyone familiar with rsyslog? I made it to write a single file for every remote-logging machine. though /var/log/syslog contains all machines too. any hint?13:29
alketiHi, Where can I find a proffesional looking ubuntu theme ?13:32
bastidrazorbabu: it sounds as if port 22 is not open. did you portforward 22 in your router?13:33
EgyParadoxbabu_: Are u behind a firewall?13:33
bastidrazorerr.. 172.. that sounds internal.13:33
dydwhat does the command #!/bin/sh ?13:34
jribdyd: it's found at the top of scripts and says how to interpret the file13:34
bastidrazordyd: in a script that tells it what application is to run it.13:34
dydthank you13:35
suntadyd, u could use #!//usr/bin/perl too13:35
airtonixbabu: portforward or actually make sure you installed openssh-server on the target computer.13:37
vk4akp_Evening NIgz.13:37
skfaxI'm running Ubuntu through VMware, and I've set up a shared folder which appears in /mnt/hgfs. I'm trying to set up a symbolic link from this folder to a directory, but get the error "operation not supported". Is there any way of solving this?13:38
jribskfax: what did you execute?13:39
skfaxjrib: "ln -s /path/to/dir name_of_link" while in /mnt/hgfs/shared_folder13:39
jribskfax: pastebin « mount »13:40
baloooHi.  I'm currently using Ubuntu but i'm on a windows network that I do not manage.  I'm having problems pinging any other machines (windows or linux) by their hostname, and similarly they cannot ping my machine by my hostname.  Is there something I "need to"or can do to make my ubuntu machine compliant with however windows networks are managed?13:40
dr_willisbalooo:  can you ping by ip#13:40
balooodr_willis: pinging the ip works.  But out ips are not static.13:41
skfaxjrib: http://pastebin.com/4rYYcUVr13:42
dr_willisyou mcould set up ip to hostname in hosts file. but that can get messy. if not static. you may have to get some service going i recall.13:42
jribskfax: guess wahtever vmhgfs is doesn't support symlinks?  Can you verify it does?13:42
mcnesiumwhat ffmpeg codec should i use to combine an m4a-audiofile and a jpg-file to make a youtube-compatible video-file?13:43
skfaxjrib: That is likely the issue. Is there any other way of setting up a link if it doesn't?13:43
dr_willisi set my router to remember mac to ip settings. ;)   gotta run. bbl13:43
surfduedr_willis, i messed up i did a chown -R www-data:www-data / then i went back and fixed /var and /etc to root:root.. Can you helpme get sudo to work again13:43
icerootsurfdue: you have a backup of the whole system?13:43
jribskfax: strangely, this person seems to have been able to create a symlink: http://rclermont.blogspot.com/2008/05/vmware-fusion-no-hard-links-in-shared.html13:44
surfdueiceroot, no13:44
surfduebut really nothing that important on here tbh13:44
surfduebut id prefer not to reinstall13:44
icerootsurfdue: the best way is imo to take another ubuntu-default installation, read all file-permissions (owner, group) with getfacl and put that with setfacl on your system13:45
BluesKajmcnesium, http://dinsdalepiranha.wordpress.com/2007/10/16/how-to-make-a-video-for-youtube-with-linux/13:45
jribskfax: I don't know of an alternative for you (maybe mount --bind)13:45
surfdueiceroot, i have a duplicate system how do i read all the files and then trasnfer it13:45
skfaxjrib: Yeah, seems like a guy in the comment section has the same issue as me with symbolic links though. This is a bit odd13:45
surfdueany ideas?13:45
icerootsurfdue: have a look at "man getfacl"13:45
icerootsurfdue: with that you can read all permissions and put the output into a file13:46
surfdueiceroot, yes, but is there a way to save it all to a file?13:46
surfdueah ok13:46
icerootsurfdue: > file13:46
seteveis there a way to insert more include directories for my compiler when i use "make" ?13:46
skfaxjrib: http://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsites/search.do?language=en_US&cmd=displayKC&externalId=1007277 found this :)13:47
seteverather than just /usr/include13:47
skfaxjrib: Thanks for helping! My mind stumbled a bit and I totally forgot to include vmware / shared folders in my searches13:47
jribskfax: cool13:47
hookerany know about honeyview and honeyd ??13:48
surfdueiceroot, hey i dont see a way to store it in a file except something like >13:49
baskaki have an ati radeon 9200, and no unity. "unity_support_test -p" gives the following: http://paste.ubuntu.com/647158/, however the card IS capable of gl 1.4 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radeon)13:50
icerootsurfdue: > file13:50
surfdueiceroot, then im guessing i can use setfacl to reverse it13:51
icerootsurfdue: correct13:51
mcnesiumBluesKaj: thats not exactly what i want to do - i know how to use ffmpeg (kindof) but youtube keeps rejecting my file for some reason13:51
BlutterbobAnybody here with experience in truecrypt?13:51
BlutterbobHi there, I just updated from ubuntu 10.10 to ubuntu 11.04, and now my truecrypt can no longer mount, mount gives me that superblock is missing..  dmesg gives me this: http://pastebin.com/AhgaE9ZB13:51
Blutterbob[08:50] <Blutterbob> Anybody who knows how I can fix this?13:51
FloodBot1Blutterbob: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:51
BlutterbobMy bad13:52
BlutterbobAnyway, anyone who might know how I could access my truecrypt volume again?13:52
surfdueiceroot, will setfacl --restore permissions.txt (file output from getfacl) be fine?13:52
seteveis there a way to insert more include directories for my compiler when i use "make"  rather than it only searching /usr/include?13:53
icerootsurfdue: i am not sure, long time not used but that seems to be the correct way13:54
sgerbinoseteve yeah I think it's -L<dirpath>13:54
rhin0for some reason I can't stop the keyboard beep on backspace in bash -- 10.04 -- I have set 'alert volume' in sound preferences to mute -- sound theme to no sounds -- backspace when it hits the left gives a beep in bash anyone?13:54
sgerbinoseteve sorry i was thinking of gcc13:54
seteveoh ok13:54
setevei'm using make13:55
setevenot a gcc compiler13:55
rhin0gconf does it13:56
seteveany idea sgerbino ?13:57
saiany c compiler for android?13:58
tasewhats the widely used interface framework in debian/ubuntu/linux ? whats the linux version of WPF13:58
mang0How do I "Hide" A folder? In windows, I can hide it through the the file/folder preferances, how do I do it in ubuntu?14:00
sudokillmang0, youd have to put a . before the name14:00
sudokilland untick show hidden14:00
mang0ah okay14:00
=== jeremy is now known as Guest57535
dr3afhello,i got a problem.. I want to debug an applet but i dont know how to open the error log of java in firefox,any clue?14:03
TuxBrotherNFS Server in Ubuntu Lucid: I don't get an further than wether Permission Denied, Not Found, or Device Busy14:05
TuxBrotherany ideas?14:05
rhin0whats problem with nfs server -- do you have nfs-server nfs-server common and portmap installed14:06
baskaki have an ati radeon 9200, and no unity. "unity_support_test -p" gives the following: http://paste.ubuntu.com/647158/, however the card IS capable of gl 1.4 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radeon)14:06
rhin0you must set up your  firewall if enabled to unblock port of client machines on server14:06
rhin0also set up /etc/exports file correctly14:06
TuxBrotherall are installed14:07
sktn07how to Find the location of a file called apt.conf using find utility?14:08
TuxBrotherand the firewall is turned off14:08
BlutterbobAnybody here with experience in truecrypt?14:08
BlutterbobI just updated from ubuntu 10.10 to ubuntu 11.04, and now my truecrypt can no longer mount, mount gives me that superblock is missing..  dmesg gives me this: http://pastebin.com/AhgaE9ZB ..  Anyone who might know how I can remount this?14:08
Guest12132hello, I need to configure my ubuntu 10.04 to a xerox net scanner14:08
Guest12132where can I find some howto?14:08
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=== Dodge is now known as HAdokenxl
saiwebcam app for ubuntu?14:09
=== HAdokenxl is now known as Hadoken
sktn07how to Find the location of a file called apt.conf using find utility?14:09
sktn07please provide commands14:09
nickolaevfind / -name apt\.conf14:10
Blutterbobsktn07: find <path> -name apt.conf (THAT, and google.com)14:10
usuariohay alguien?14:11
Pici!es | usuario14:11
ubottuusuario: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.14:11
beaker_Hello. I recently installed ubuntu 11.04 and have a wireless network connection question14:11
usuarioa hola14:11
usuariohbla alguien español?14:11
rhin0TuxBrother: use ip addresses in both the /etc/exports file on the server and also on the mount command from the client -- also type sudo exportfs -a on the server to ensure that exports are recognised14:11
Piciusuario:  Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.14:11
Blutterbobusuario: Aqui no hablan espanol, por favor vete a #ubuntu-es14:12
hamed_hi i am trying to open application no the web14:12
TuxBrotherrhin: it is for pxe installation of a ubuntu live cd14:12
hamed_Sorry, but you can not use the box provided in ink.14:12
hamed_A problem with your configuration is preventing the ActiveX control required to run. Your browser may not support the use of ActiveX, such as Opera or Firefox, so to view this page, we recommend using Internet Explorer or any of its derivatives, com Maxthon. You can also see it in another browser when using some third party tool that allows to use ActiveX, either directly or by using the Internet Explorer engine to display the page, such as complement "IE T14:12
hamed_ab" for Firefox.14:12
hamed_If you are using a browser that can use ActiveX and still are seeing this error, make sure you have installed. NET Framework 2.0, as it is necessary to display the writing in ink. If installed, try uninstalling and reinstalling.14:12
FloodBot1hamed_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:12
dr3afHello,how can i open the java console in firefox?im using ubuntu 11.04.14:12
volkanhi, i have 2 user with same password. but there is no same string in /etc/shadow. why?14:13
Blutterbobdr3af: I suppose you mean the javascript console?14:13
beaker_my wireless connection tells me firmware is not installed (dell mini 10) I am looking for an offline solution. I currently do not have acces to a wired connection. Can anyone help?14:13
Blutterbobdr3af: thats actually /join #firefox, but I think you'd need to install firebug module14:13
Blutterbobbeaker_: if you have no internet access, then how did you get here? :) just wondering..14:13
sudokilldifferent comp? lol14:14
dr3afno,i want to debug an applet of java,and i can't find anything to enable the console. I dont care if it will be in firefox..i just want to see why my applet doesnt run..14:14
Blutterbobbeaker_: besides that.. have you tried "jockey" ? Not sure if that is KDE only though..14:14
beaker_I have wireless on my windows side. I am currently deployed so I don't have access to a wired connection14:14
Blutterbobdr3af: then type "/join #firefox", they can help you there, here its more about ubuntu14:14
beaker_Blutterbob_: No I haven't I was hoping I could get Ubuntu working14:15
sktn07nickolaev, Blutterbob, but i want to know with commands utility.14:15
Blutterbobbeaker_: Using gnome or kde?14:15
dr3afthe java is in ubuntu,not in firefox. Its not a problem from firefox. The applet doesnt run even in chrome. So the problem lies at java,pre -installed in ubuntu.I need at least the control panel of jdk so i can see if there is an option there.14:16
Blutterbobsktn07: Commands utility? use find14:16
kongo_86funny i was going to ask for help in java14:16
sktn07ok solved14:17
Blutterbobbeaker_: Im not sure about hte gnome version for this, in KDE you can use jockey to install external (IE, not opensource) drivers14:17
PiciBlutterbob: the binary in gnome is jockey-gtk14:17
sktn07nickolaev, Blutterbob, how to see my own user name in shell screen?14:17
kongo_86so yesterday i made a mistake and upgraded to 11. i rebuildt my laptop back to 10.04 x64...14:17
Blutterbobbeaker_: there you go.. try jockey-gtk14:18
kongo_86but now having issues with my vpn software...14:18
beaker_blutterbob_:I will google that14:18
Blutterbobsktn07: Eh, what?14:18
Blutterbobbeaker_: just run it from a shett14:18
sktn07how to print username at terminal?14:18
Blutterbobbeaker_: $ sudo jockey-gtk14:18
chenua_zCan anyone knew One14:18
Blutterbobbeaker_: if its not available, $ sudo apt-get install jockey-gtk14:19
beaker_blutterbob_:I can do that from windows cmd prompt?14:19
hamed_hi http://paste.ubuntu.com/647323/plain/14:19
Blutterbobbeaker_: windows command prompt? you are kidding right?14:19
sktn07how to print username at terminal?14:19
Hadokendoes anyone use ifolder?14:19
Picisktn07: whoami14:20
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BlutterbobYou are hIchamAT..14:20
beaker_blutterbob_: I don't have a wired connection to the internet and I am unable to access the wireless on ubuntu, which is why I was asking.14:20
chenua_zCan anyone knew OneCMDB,or other Open Source software about CMDB?My Engilsh is poor,sorry.14:20
hamed_hi can any one help me http://paste.ubuntu.com/647323/plain/14:20
beaker_doesn't sound like something I can do on windows14:20
Blutterbobbeaker_: You cant (temporarily) use the windows computer as a gateway for the linux machine?14:20
Blutterbobbeaker_: No, you can not use windows to install a linux driver..  :)14:20
BlutterbobThen again, you can not use windows for many things.. but that is another story..14:21
beaker_blutterbob_:run it as a vm through ubuntu?14:21
sktn07how to create a symbolic link called 'cdwriter' in /tmp/drive/ directory  to a target file called /dev/sda1 ?14:21
=== BluesKaj is now known as help
BlutterbobAnyone who might be able to help me access my truecrypt volume again?14:21
beaker_blutterbob_:which is why I don't like windows14:21
Blutterbobbeaker_: Can you set up windows to act as a gateway? connect your linux machine to the windows one for the time being14:22
hamed_i have a problem in this link did any one read it or there is a problem in this link14:22
dydwhy first time i login it load unity? i want it to be classical no effects forever14:22
Blutterbobbeaker_: then in linux you install the correct driver14:22
dydfunny thing that if i logout and check the value it's set on classical no-effect14:22
hamed_sorry the link is http://paste.ubuntu.com/647323/plain/14:23
beaker_blutterbob_:I installed ubuntu inside windows. it's the only system I have right now. I'm deployed to Iraq14:23
Blutterbobbeaker_: ah crap..  uummm...14:23
beaker_blutterbob_:my options are very limited unfortunately14:23
sktn07pici, how to create a symbolic link called 'cdwriter' in /tmp/drive/ directory  to a target file called /dev/sda1 ?14:23
beaker_blutterbob_:now you see my problem, lol14:23
Blutterbobbeaker_: You could do a google search for what file should be installed (afaik, it should always be a .deb file)14:23
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hIchamATwhy xorg.config don't exist in /etc/X11/     (ubuntu 10.04) ??14:23
Blutterbobbeaker_:  then download that file, and in linux dpkg -i filename.deb14:24
beaker_blutterbob_:didn't think do that14:24
=== kxsteve is now known as asteve
beaker_blutterbob_:I was trying to find a way to install straight from windows, that may work14:24
majuk__Hey all. Trying to mount an NFS share from my desktop at home over my tunnel VPN. No matter how I specify the host in /etc/exports (IP, net, hostname), I get "unmatched host" on the server. Tried ro and rw to no effect. Any bright ideas?14:25
majuk__Tried the insecure option as well (as the VPN uses UDP:1194), no luck there either.14:25
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SoothsayerHow do I provide write access to all files created by www-data to my default user?14:25
Aikardoes anyone have any luck with trying to get displayLink working on Ubuntu and use it as part of the main desktop? atm I just got the Ubuntu startup screen with dots and log message lines on screen14:26
JimmmmyDoes anyone know where to set software resource in Ubuntu 11.04?14:27
Phr3d13good morning ubuntu support14:27
edbianJimmmmy: Synaptic -> Edit -> software sources    they moved it14:27
sktn07what is the commands to Print a list of all the processes running on  system?14:28
hIchamATsktn07 ps -e14:28
=== BluesKaj is now known as BluesKaj_
edbiansktn07: ps -e14:28
=== BluesKaj_ is now known as BluesKaj
edbianSoothsayer: sudo chown www-data:<you> them and then chmod 775 them14:29
ShambatI am trying to start a SOCKS5 proxy by issuing sudo ssh -D8888 -g www.paypal.com, but Foxyproxy can't connect through it ... it says: Firefox is configured to use a proxy server that is refusing connections.14:30
beaker_blutterbob_:I think I just found the driver's gonna go see if it works. Thanks!14:30
Soothsayeredbian, if I chown that directory, then how will www-data have access to it?14:31
ikoniaShambat: what socks software are you using ?14:31
Shambatikonia: for the server I'm just using ssh with the -D option14:31
=== Guest12132 is now known as smbot
edbianSoothsayer: because I made www-data the owner and you the group owner.  so you both have access.  There is more than just owner ya-know :)14:31
ikoniaShambat: that's not a socks server then14:32
smbothi, I need to configure my ubuntu 10.04 to connecto to a scanner in lan14:32
smbothow can I do?14:32
Soothsayeredbian, so I should do that to the main directory of the website?14:33
Phr3d13i have a cheap usb tv stick, how do i get it to work?14:33
edbianSoothsayer: I gave incomplete commands and the solution I gave is one of many (perhaps not the BEST) but it will work just fine.  Would you like complete commands?14:33
Shambatok, I followed the tutorial on the Foxyproxy webpage ... according to man ssh "Currently the SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 protocols are supported, and ssh will act as a SOCKS server."14:33
PiciShambat: It will, but why are you trying to ssh into www.paypal.com?14:34
Soothsayeredbian, yes. Basically i have this directory called 'foo' which is my website. I want it to be both read/write accessible to www-data (apache) and my user (so php command line) can access it too.14:34
ikoniaShambat: it won't14:34
Soothsayeredbian, and I want the permission to be recursive on ALL the files under this. (This is a development server, so I don't have to worry much about security)14:34
furibondoxhi guys14:35
mobius420greetings Ubuntu support14:35
edbianSoothsayer: sure, what is the path to the dir? (of course recursive :) )14:35
edbianfuribondox: hello14:35
edbianmobius420: hello14:35
Soothsayeredbian, /home/dayson/projects/www/textme14:35
furibondoxI have some with patch command and Ubuntu14:35
Soothsayeredbian, ^^ that's my website directory.14:35
Phr3d13how do i set up a web server with svn capabilities?14:35
Piciikonia: it works via Putty here on Windows, and I've done it with cli ssh on Linux as well.14:35
furibondoxin particular with ubuntu 10.04 server and 11.04 desktop14:35
ShambatPici: I'm not, www.paypal.com is just there to fill the need of the command, the socks server will at request-time determine where the request will be relayed, and so it will send it somewhere else ... at least according to foxyproxy docs14:35
ikoniaPici: as a socks5 server ?14:36
furibondoxwith other ubuntu versions and other linux distro all works correct14:36
edbianSoothsayer: Perhaps it would be more proper to make you the owner and www-data the group owner  since it's in your home14:36
edbianSoothsayer: hang on14:36
Soothsayeredbian, yes14:36
PiciShambat: You need to ssh into the server you'd like to tunnel your connections through.14:36
ikoniaPhr3d13: the webserver has no svn capabilities, you setup an svn repo and a web server, there is a module to allow you to hook the web server into the svn repo to display the repo14:36
Soothsayeredbian, but it has to also ensure that all 'dynamically' generated files are created with permissions accessible to both my user and www-data14:36
ShambatPici: ok, yeah I have done that14:36
edbianSoothsayer: I was afraid you'd say that.  That' part is harder.14:37
edbianSoothsayer: I have to look it up first14:37
Phr3d13iko, got a link to a guide for those?14:37
Soothsayeredbian, the whole crisis is happening _because_ my php console scripts cant access the files created by apache :-(14:37
edbianSoothsayer: yeah, hang on14:37
ikoniaPhr3d13: no, I'm sure there are plenty on the web or ubuntu wiki14:38
Phr3d13so your answer is basically "Google it?14:38
EyeintheSky2k11Phr3d13 : lol14:38
PiciShambat: So: ssh -D localhost:8888 yoursshserver.com , and then use localhost port 8888 in your application.14:38
mobius420is it possible to install the mint repositories to a Lucid install and essentially "change" over to Ubuntu Mint" or would the user need to install mint from the ground up?14:38
Phr3d13and i get yelled at for telling others to google it14:39
edbianSoothsayer: alright I found a way.  PM me?14:39
EyeintheSky2k11Phr3d13: id help if i knew the answer...hehe14:39
sktn07commands Retrieve the path of your home directory from one of the shell  variables?14:39
edbianmobius420: I'm sure that will cause 1 million problems :)14:39
ikoniaPhr3d13: no, I'm saying I don't know of a guide off hand, I don't normally use one to set it up, however I'm sure there are plenty of guides on the web, including the ubuntu wiki, it's worth checking14:39
mobius420edbian,   thought you'd say that14:39
MangledBodyGuys, can anyone help me install Ubuntu on PC? I have problem with graphic card. It's nVidia, but some MS edition and it makes problems with rendering desktop. Is possible to make it function?14:39
dydi have 2 computers with ubuntu in lan, how can i browse hd from network?14:39
edbianmobius420: yep :)14:39
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Picisktn07: I highly suggest you take a look at some bash documentation, you're asking many similar questions that would be easily answered by reading some documentation.14:40
Picisktn07: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashGuide is a good place to start.14:40
Riginhow we can configure webcam in ubuntu14:41
Piciikonia: It might be considered a socks4 proxy, I forget.  I'm using it in conjunction with privoxy here.14:41
ikoniaPici: that would make more sense to me14:41
mobius420MangledBody,  what is the graphics card model info?14:41
mang0I'm having trouble installing java for ubuntu (natty). I need to be able to run java web applets....how do I install java?14:42
mobius420MangledBody,  and is there an integrated GPU that could be used instead?14:42
MangledBodymobius420: I'll take a look, can you wait a minute?14:42
mobius420MangledBody,  yeap14:42
b0otAny idea what this could be caused from while updating: E: gdm: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 114:42
b0otE: gdm-guest-session: dependency problems - leaving unconfigured14:42
b0otE: ubuntu-desktop: dependency problems - leaving unconfigured and how to fix it?14:42
ubottuTo install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://tinyurl.com/2ffg7cc -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.14:42
=== _BluesKaj is now known as BluesKaj
* mobius420 likes that little bot oddly enough....14:43
ShambatPici: so I forformed your command, exchanging yoursshserver.com for the IP adress of the proxy server is that correct?14:44
sktn07commands Retrieve the path of my home directory from one of the shell  variables?14:44
MangledBodymobius420: OK, it's starting... Prcessor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5600+, Graphic: nVidia GeForce 7025 / nVidia nForce 630a (MS Corporation - WDDM)14:45
mobius420MangledBody,  so you've installed linux, but your graphics card will only run in low res mode is that correct?14:46
PiciShambat: the ip address of the server that is running the ssh server.14:46
MangledBodymobius420: Not exactly, it shows only horizontal stripes at Ubuntu when it starts liveCD imediately, at Kubuntu after few seconds14:47
BluesKajMangledBody, a laptop ?14:47
mobius420MangledBody,  is there an integrated GPU on that motherboard?14:47
MangledBodymobius420: No, dektop14:47
MangledBodymobius420: I'll take a look, mmnt14:48
Shambatok, I did that but no success... same issue... to give some more info, I am sitting on a Windows box trying to setup a Ubuntu server that will act as a proxy server so I can access a particular site that has only allowed access from the proxy server.14:48
b0otAny idea what this could be caused from: gdm-guest-session: dependency problems - leaving unconfigured14:49
churlyWhat's the magick trick to getting rid of the wine sub-menu on the main menu?14:49
BluesKajMangledBody , is your pc brand new or over 4yrs old ?14:49
MangledBodyBluesKaj: Second hand, I'll take a look at description14:49
BluesKajok MangledBody maybe the alternate install cd might work better for you14:50
MangledBodymobius420, BluesKaj: Ummmm... Sorry guys, where can I find description of motherboard on W7? xD14:51
BluesKaj!alternate > MangledBody14:51
ubottuMangledBody, please see my private message14:51
MangledBodymobius420, BluesKaj: t's horrible OS...14:51
MangledBodyBluesKaj, mobius420: I succeded at installing Kubuntu, but when it came to show desktop, only blue horizontal stripes appeared, can alternate CD solve this?14:52
cliworksbetterIn lucid, I try to change the boot console font by editing /etc/default/grup and changing the GFX values but to no avail... after invoking sudo update-grub no gxf line can be found in /boot/grub/grub.cfg, which means that update-grub is not taking into account the changes I make in /etc/default/grub, what can it be?14:53
mobius420MangledBody,  I read you   but what I am asking you is this:  Does that motherboard have an integrated graphics port14:53
mobius420MangledBody,  if it does, perhaps you can boot to a useable desktop environment and obtain the latest Nvidia drivers14:54
MangledBodymobius420: Searching for the description of motherboard, I'm not sure, I can't see any other monitor port...14:54
BluesKajMangledBody, the alternate cd installed on my 6yr old pc , where the live cd couldn't get past the first phase...it just stalled there14:54
mobius420MangledBody,  you can do this without an integrated gpu, but it will probably be easier for you with working video14:54
mobius420MangledBody,  okay14:54
MangledBodymobius420: ok, found... no it doesn't14:55
cliworksbetterIn lucid, I try to change the boot console font by editing /etc/default/grup and changing the GFX values but to no avail... after invoking sudo update-grub no gxf line can be found in /boot/grub/grub.cfg, which means that update-grub is not taking into account the changes I make in /etc/default/grub, what can it be?14:56
Phr3d13how do i get banshee to report what's playing in my empathy status?14:56
ikoniaPhr3d13: I think it's an empathy plugin14:56
BluesKajmobius420, my live cd install wouldn't even work graphically with nvidia 7600gt , where the alternate had no trouble whatsoever14:57
shaduhi, does anyone know why my sound gives some sort of noise when i have the volume level at certain levels? is this because of alsa?14:57
mobius420MangledBody,  I am checking to see of your GPU can use the latest Nvidia driver for linux...but I have to admit "MS-Corp" being branded on the card and in the name is not a good sign14:57
MangledBodymobius420: What about alternate CD, how BluesKaj said?14:58
daedraDWM users? How do I get DWM set up on ubuntu? I've googled for some howtos and have installed dwm and suckless-tools, but running it from gdm loads a blank screen, doesn't respond to Mod1+Enter14:58
Phr3d13yeah, and i downloaded it, closed/re-opened both, checked the box, and it doesn't look like its working. Will it show up on my empathy screen like the rhythmbox plugin used to?14:58
mobius420MangledBody,  it's worth a try14:58
mobius420MangledBody,  will the OS boot at all? can you runlevel down ?14:58
BluesKajMangledBody, maybe you can use the nomodeset method to boot into the install14:59
ikoniaPhr3d13: what did the docs say ?14:59
BluesKaj!nomodeset | MangledBody14:59
ubottuMangledBody: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter14:59
Phr3d13ikonia, nevermind, i googled and got my answer14:59
ikoniawell done15:00
daedraDWM users? How do I get DWM set up on ubuntu? I've googled for some howtos and have installed dwm and suckless-tools, but running it from gdm loads a blank screen, doesn't respond to Mod1+Enter15:00
MangledBodymobius420, BluesKaj: I succeded installing Kubuntu, splash screen didn't have a problem, GUI does...15:00
dr_willisdaedra:  try running it from a .xsession file and using startx  to debug perhaps.15:01
mobius420MangledBody,  see the driver here --> http://driverscollection.com/?H=GeForce%207025%20/%20NVIDIA%20nForce%20630a&By=NVidia&SS=Linux%2032-bit15:01
daedradr_willis: how do I do that/15:01
mobius420compare and save ;]15:01
zykesanyone here heard of a error with aic94xx and 11.04 ?15:01
ikoniazykes: is that the raid controller ?15:02
dr_willismake a .xsession file that runs a terminal and whatever commands  you need. stop the gdm service, use 'startx' to see if it works15:02
zykesikonia: yeah, mine loads the driver but doesn15:02
MangledBodymobius420, BluesKaj: OK, so i need to be connected to the internet while I'm installing it and I need a 32b Ubuntu15:02
ikoniazykes: I've had no problems15:02
zykesdoesn't find any disks, it worked on 10.10 and 10.0415:02
MangledBodymobius420, BluesKaj: Am I right?15:02
sktn07how to copy entire home directory?15:02
mobius420MangledBody,  that is a link to a 32 bit driver, but supposedly there is a 64 bit driver there as well15:03
ikoniasktn07: copy it where ?15:03
MangledBodymobius420:  OK...15:03
mobius420MangledBody,  of course yes please make sure your hardware profile is lined up with the software you are installing15:03
zykesis the error ikonia15:03
sktn07suppose to /tmp/dgp15:03
MangledBodymobius420: ok15:03
sktn07ikonia : suppose to /tmp/dgp15:04
BluesKajMangledBody, I concur with mobius42015:04
ikoniasktn07: did you read the bash guide that pici gave you15:04
ikoniasktn07: it would be worth reading that15:04
ikoniazykes: well, at least that explains why it's not seeing the disks as it's getting disabled, why it's having that I/O error though, I don't know15:05
zykesikonia: but grr, wonder why 11.04 breaks it :(15:05
MangledBodymobius420, BluesKaj: OK guys, I'm at the install screen (Try Ubuntu, Install Ubuntu, Check disk...) Now what am I supposed to do?15:06
daedradr_willis: no luck running X with exec dwm in .xsession :(15:06
mobius420MangledBody,  try without changes15:06
MangledBodymobius420: OK15:06
MangledBodymobius420: Loading15:07
mobius420MangledBody,  in other news, I located this insteresting bit http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_display_ia32_100.14.11.html15:07
dr_willisdaedra:  have it launch a terminal befor the  exec, 'xterm &' and perhapx a exec xterm after the exec dwm, then see if you get a term. to work with15:07
b0otDoes ubuntu have any drivers for audio over usb devices?15:07
seteveis there a way to insert more include directories for my compiler when i use "make"  rather than it only searching /usr/include?15:08
vibhavb0ot, I think so15:08
mobius420b0ot,  yes15:08
dydhow can i remotely access another ubuntu filesystem?15:09
ikoniaseteve: use, look at the -i and -l flags, check out #gcc channel too15:09
MangledBodymobius420: loading screen is away... Now only purple screen, still loading?15:09
dydi have 2 pc in lan15:09
seteveok thanks ikonia15:09
MangledBodymobius420: OK, that should be helpful (link)15:09
MangledBodymobius420: thanks15:09
mobius420MangledBody,  I am hoping by "purple" you mean "splash" screen15:09
Phr3d13places > network ?15:09
Phr3d13dyd, places > network ?15:09
dydPhr3d13, i don't see the pc listed15:10
mobius420MangledBody,  if the splash screen freezes, and just hangs there then theres a good chance that GPU iwll not work with Linux, I have seen that before15:10
mobius420MangledBody,  sadly mine was a drn good strong card too...an older AGP one gig card15:10
vibhavb0ot, http://paste.ubuntu.com/647364/15:11
dr_willisdyd:  sshfs is handy for acessing remote box's through a local dir.15:11
MangledBodymobius420: Yes, but Ubuntu logo disapeared and there is only purple color, num lock is not reacting...15:11
dr_willisdyd:  there are other ways also.15:11
ikoniavibhav: have you read and used that guide ?15:11
mobius420dyd,  do you mean you need remote desktop access to a linux box?15:11
vibhavikonia My friend told me this guide15:12
dydmobious428: no, i just want to open a hd i have installed in the other ubuntu, and copy some fiels15:12
ikoniavibhav: have you read and used that guide ?15:12
vibhavikonia, My friend used that guide15:12
ikoniavibhav: answer the question have YOU read or used that guide15:12
nothingspecialdyd: In nautilus menu, click file > connect to server15:12
vibhavikonia me not15:12
Phr3d13dyd, is the sharing service installed on both computers?15:12
mobius420MangledBody,  that card is muxxing the system. It's probably alot easier to just get a different GPU15:13
dydPhr3d13, how do i check that?15:13
dydnothingspecial: then what do i have to select? SSH?15:13
mobius420MangledBody,  you can boot to a lower run level, install the driver I gave in the link and *maybe* it iwll run  in low res mode...but there is a reason it's freezing at the splash screen15:13
dydnothingspecial: what port shoul i set?15:13
b0otpskept, I have an audio usb device that can be used for playback and recording but it doesn't show up in audacity in ubuntu but it does in windows... I didn't know if there were some common driver or something i might need for usb audio15:13
daedradr_willis: no that didn't launch a terminal15:14
Phr3d13right click on a folder > sharing options > check the "share this folder" box, if you don't have the sharing service installed it will tell you15:14
nothingspecialdyd ssh, port will be automatic, don't worry15:14
MangledBodymobius420: Now it didn't freezed, but stripes apeared15:14
mobius420MangledBody,  kk15:14
MangledBodymobius420: Appeared, sorry :)15:14
Phr3d13dyd, right click on a folder > sharing options > check the "share this folder" box, if you don't have the sharing service installed it will tell you15:15
MangledBodymobius420: :( That's sad, don't know what to do...15:16
dr_willisdaedra: so startx just exits? or does what?15:16
daedradr_willis: yes it exits with a small error report15:17
mobius420MangledBody,  does your desktop machine which is having the graphics problem using an AGP graphics card or a pci-e... thats an older card so I am assuming it is AGP15:17
nothingspecialdyd: Make sure you have openssh-server on client15:17
dydPhr3d13: ok, i'm installing the package15:17
dr_willisdaedra:  it may want a  .xinitrc but i thought 11.04 used .xsession15:17
dydPhr3d13: can't i do the same on a entire hd?15:18
baskaki have an ati radeon 9200, and no unity. "unity_support_test -p" gives the following: http://paste.ubuntu.com/647158/, however the card IS capable of gl 1.4 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radeon)15:18
Phr3d13dyd, not sure, try it and let us know :-)15:18
mobius420MangledBody,  here is a photo of an AGP slot if you are not sure        http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://gozoonk.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/agp_pci_isa.jpg&imgrefurl=http://gozoonk.wordpress.com/2011/01/25/ide-komputer/&usg=__7kCckf-WjwJ4UjsTvKL-JlHQIjI=&h=420&w=434&sz=48&hl=en&start=0&zoom=1&tbnid=rmCPZvehLR_6uM:&tbnh=123&tbnw=123&ei=T6AlTqKLIZPSiALPvdiBCg&prev=/search%3Fq%3DAGP%2Bpicture%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26biw%3D1280%215:19
mobius420oooh sorry15:19
FloodBot1mobius420: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:19
Phr3d13baskak, did you install the third-party video drivers?15:19
=== fairuz is now known as fairuz_
aikInsaanhi...i have got a question about nomodeset....can someone tell/point me what this grub switch does?15:19
MangledBodymobius420: Didn't have that PC opened yet... I think it's pci-e15:20
mobius420MangledBody,  anyway,  if its an older AGP card slot type you should be able to find an AGP card at one of your local computer repair shops.... for about ten bucks.... it will not be the strongest graphics in the world but it will allow use of the machine15:20
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter15:20
recon69_laphi all, anyone know how to type ascii chars, like you do in windows for the euro symbol15:20
mobius420MangledBody,  if it is in fact PCI-E then your options are looking great15:20
oCean_root_: please stop15:20
MangledBodymobius420: really? :D15:20
FloodBot1root_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:20
somsip!ops |root15:21
ubotturoot: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!15:21
baskakPhr3d13: i tried it to fix unity but deinstalled it15:21
oCean_somsip: easy on the ops trigger please15:21
somsipoCean_: thought it was fair - sorry if not15:21
dydPhr3d13: yes you can, you have to share /media/id folder :)15:21
mobius420MangledBody,  in that case you can still use a really strong car if you like. One thing I have learned about using linux is that all hardware purchases need to be researched prior to buying, even if it's just a printer or a simple peripheral device.... in the real world that is not always possible but when you can do it it does cut down on the headaches you are having now15:21
Phr3d13baskak, unity won't work with the default drivers, you need the "Additional Drivers"15:21
MangledBodymobius420: OK15:22
ndberryanyone feel like helping me out with an openldap problem?15:22
mobius420MangledBody,  if you are in the USA,  the almighty wal-mart will have a pci-e card for 19.99  :)15:23
MangledBodymobius420: But at Kubu, it took about 5 seconds before stripes appeared :D No I'm Czech :)15:23
=== oCean_ is now known as oCean
recon69_lapanyone know how to output ascii chars from the keyboard15:24
aikInsaanaha! thanks dr_willis15:24
MangledBodymobius420: Burning that alternate CD..15:24
dsnydersrecon69_lap, what do you mean?15:24
mobius420MangledBody,  did you say the graphics card does work in windows environment'?15:24
ndberryyea wow15:24
MangledBodymobius420: Yes, it works perfectly15:24
ndberryascii = char from keyboard15:24
recon69_laplike getting the euro symbol if it's not on you keyboard15:24
ndberryoh I see15:25
dsnydersrecon69_lap, The euro symbol is not part of ascii15:25
MangledBodymobius420: I'm forced to use W just because Steam and SketchUp15:25
dr_willisextended  characters15:25
mobius420MangledBody,  and you say there is a full install already on that machine....but we are currently experimenting with live cd's corrency?15:25
jsemarHey guys if i have a text file with the dump of an http request (exactly, with headers, \r\n, body, etc. ) what is the best way to 'repeat' this request, I am looking at curl, but i don't see how it is done15:25
mobius420corrency=correct  :P15:25
recon69_lapdsnyders, that was just an example, i need other ascii symbols15:25
jsemarjust telnet to port 80 and send the file line by line?15:26
ubottuTo switch your keyboard layout on GNOME: System -> Preferences -> Keyboard | KDE: System Settings -> Regional & Language -> Keyboard Layout | Xfce: see https://help.ubuntu.com/6.10/xubuntu/desktopguide/C/switch-keyboard-layout.html | See also !Shortcuts15:26
MangledBodymobius420: de facto, yes15:26
PiciOuch thats an old link.. /me fixes15:26
=== b0ot is now known as DynamicFail
Soothsayeredbian, you around?15:27
mobius420MangledBody,  one has to assume that even if there were a driver required which was not on the live cd, there would at least be a default , low resolution driver that would work enough to obtain the needed driver...15:27
SoothsayerHow do I run a script as some other user?15:28
mobius420MangledBody,  the fact that it wont revert down to a more basic low res driver is troubling15:28
recon69_lapthx dsnyders, might allow me to do what i want, shift key stopped working on keyboard and it's a giant pain15:28
DynamicFailpskept, I have an audio usb device that can be used for playback and recording but it doesn't show up in audacity in ubuntu but it does in windows... I didn't know if there were some common driver or something i might need for usb audio15:28
MangledBodymobius420: Just GUI has a problem, it shows only stripes, should I take a photo?15:28
DynamicFailseems relevant to me15:29
DynamicFailDoes anyone know of some reasons why my usb audio/playback device doesn't show up in ubuntu... are there any common drivers or anything I could install?15:29
dsnydersrecon69_lap, you could try popping the cap off the key and seeing if there's dirt lodged in there.15:29
mobius420MangledBody,  it is possible that you can obtain the driver from your working machine, put it on a flash drive or removable media, then boot the troubled pc to a terminal and install the driver that way15:29
recon69_lapdsnyders: no, they all stopped working15:29
recon69_lapdsnyders: has to be wiring15:29
MangledBodymobius420: On my working machine is ATi... I thoght about downloading it to a flash drive...15:30
mobius420if that does not work, then I am afraid you might be out of options.... odd that there IS in fact a linux driver for the device....which tells us that at somepoint it DID work in linux, that does not  inherently imply that is still does15:30
dsnydersrecon69_lap, $5-$10 will get you a new keyboard.15:30
recon69_lapdsnyders: not for a laptop15:30
kongo_861any one here gotten juniper network connect to work wit ubuntu 64bit?15:31
recon69_lapdsnyders: really just missing the 'at' symbol15:31
dsnydersrecon69_lap, $500-$1000 will get you a new laptop keyboard (along with all the fixin's like hard drive screen, etc. :-)15:31
mobius420MangledBody,  I would suggest putting the driver on a thumb drive, then load it that way15:31
MangledBodymobius420: Now I'm trying Alternate CD :)15:31
daedradr_willis: could you please try dwm yourself?15:31
mobius420MangledBody,  kk15:31
Ziga_LHey has anyone programmed ARM9 based MCU on Ubuntu?15:31
vk4akp_Free Fried Chicken and Grape Soda for all Ubuntu developers! :) .-.-.15:31
daedradr_willis: I just can't diagnose this problem15:31
mobius420MangledBody,  the fact that the behavior is repeating on different kernel loads, different live cd's as well as a full local install  )  the problem is driver related15:34
dsnydersrecon69_lap, I've just been googling "linux alt codes".  There might be some help there.15:34
mobius420MangledBody,  missing driver15:34
Picivk4akp_: Do you have a support question?15:34
daedraanyone here use DWM?15:34
MangledBodymobius420: OK, thanks a lot15:34
daedradwm: the window manager that sucks less15:34
mobius420MangledBody,  did you get the same response just now?15:35
MangledBodymobius420: It isn't installed yet :)15:35
mobius420MangledBody,  kk15:36
recon69_lapdsnyders: thx, might end up buying that keyboard lol15:36
MilRoycan somebody help me15:37
h00k!help | MilRoy15:37
ubottuMilRoy: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)15:37
mobius420MangledBody,  my room mate is a software engineer for VMware, he is currently working on accelerated 3d support for their VM's which is coming very soon, he is a wizard with all things graphics related I will ask him about your card and how it might work when he wakes up :P15:38
MangledBodymobius420: Wow, thank's15:39
dsnydersrecon69_lap, Check this site: http://alt-codes.org/linux/15:39
Ziga_LIs he sleeping next to you?15:39
dydi'm trying to make wow work with ubuntu trough wine... but it has graphical issues... crashes... anyone did that?15:39
h00kdyd: check that out with the folks in #winehq, they should be able to help you out15:40
dydh00k: thank you15:40
=== r00d0ne is now known as r00dyp00h
matbeeso, i recently tried to install a package, but its crashing my device --- and i want to ..not... install it anymore, but its(dpkg) telling me to continue with the --configure15:43
matbeei want to rollback15:43
niles|iPoddpkg --configure -a15:43
niles|iPodapt-get remove package15:43
ronqbcwhat can i do agaisnt this?  http://img546.imageshack.us/i/screenshotnh.png/15:43
niles|iPodmatbee: ^^15:43
matbeeniles|iPod, yeah, apt-get remove tells me to run the dpkg --configure... but, that crashes my device15:43
matbeeso I need to roll back15:44
niles|iPod....thats not good. I dont know15:44
niles|iPoddefine 'crashes'15:44
matbeeshuts down15:45
niles|iPodlike hard shuts down? does it say shutting down?15:45
kz3can anyone please help me in installing this theme I am using ubuntu 10.04 http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=125920&forumpage=015:45
matbeeniles|iPod, thing is, I'm using it on a device that doesnt give me output -- its not a pc15:46
hiyoI need help with my ubuntu 11.04 which all of the sudden has become really slow15:46
niles|iPodmatbee: is it an arm device?15:46
matbeeniles|iPod, yes15:46
niles|iPodv6 or 715:47
niles|iPodiphone or ipod touch? ask saurik15:47
baskakPhr3d13, sorry for a gap, but ubuntu froze as it does regularly... sadly. i'm gathering data to answer you15:47
MilRoyI'm using Mobile Broadband Connection (Huawei 180), When I plugin my RJ45 Ethernet cable, my Broadband connection is no more. I have no access to Internet. why it happens and How can i establish both connections @ once..?15:48
hiyohello can anyone help me?15:48
recon69_lapdsnyders: think i'm stuffed, need shift key to get those unicode chars15:48
ronqbcwhat can i do agaisnt this?  http://img546.imageshack.us/i/screenshotnh.png/15:48
niles|iPodhiyo: some can, ask your question15:48
rubicktrying to configure desktop to auth against active directory using ldap/kerberos.  Can login using ssh, but not through local gdm. does gdm not use pam.d/common-auth?15:49
crackerjackzit says your data directory is not writable. please change the rights on this directory so php can write in it (unix chmod 777) i tried sudo chmod 777 /path/to/directory/ but i still get the error.. did i use the command wrong or something?15:49
kz3what is emerald?15:49
dsnydersrecon69_lap, Maybe you could plug in a usb keyboard until you get things set up?15:49
niles|iPodmatbee: ask in #iphone or #ih8sn0w on irc.saurik.com or irc.squishsoftware.com15:49
hiyoMy ubuntu have all of the sudden been runing really slow, and I can't do something like (un)install programs15:49
xangua!emerald | kz315:49
ubottukz3: emerald is an obsolete window decorator for compiz. It's unsupported and unmaintained, making issues with it very hard to diagnose and fix. There are no known, supported alternatives.15:49
matbeeniles|iPod, thanks15:50
recon69_lapdsnyders: thx for the help, i'll eather get a keyboard or find a work around15:50
matbeeniles|iPod, however I'm on a Palm Pre 2 :P15:50
niles|iPodhiyo: run 'top' and kill anything suspicious15:50
niles|iPodmatbee: oh15:50
niles|iPodnevermind than :P15:50
hiyokz3: emerald is a window decorator15:50
dsnydersrecon69_lap, You're welcome.15:50
kz3hiyo : so I need compiz for that?15:51
niles|iPodhiyo: if theres something called stealth running (in 'top') I am intrested15:51
hiyoniles|iPod: ok I wil if te computer aloows me :/15:52
niles|iPodhi root_15:52
root_how r u15:52
hiyokz3: compiz should be already istalled15:52
=== Therstrium_ is now known as Therstrium
niles|iPodhiyo: ok just kill the first couple things you dont knoe ehat they do. press space to refresh15:52
kz3hiyo : I just installed ubuntu 10.04 so I dont have compiz on it15:53
=== GateKeeper is now known as Guest10096
hiyokz3 compiz is installed by default you just have to install configcompiz15:54
root_shut up hizo15:54
baskakPhr3d13, i have no additional drivers available, and to my knowledge currently only the  included drivers support radeon 9200 (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1540387)15:54
oCeanroot_: stop that immediately15:54
ikoniaroot_: control your attitude15:55
hiyoniles|iPod: how do i kill it?15:55
root_shut up15:55
niles|iPodkillall -9 process15:55
=== arch_is_awesome is now known as stephenmac7
niles|iPodbrb people15:55
stephenmac7Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to have two monitors with a Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti15:56
ronqbcwhat can i do agaisnt this?  http://img546.imageshack.us/i/screenshotnh.png/15:56
stephenmac7One HDMI and one DVI15:56
MilRoyI'm using Mobile Broadband Connection (Huawei 180), When I plugin my RJ45 Ethernet cable, my Broadband connection is no more. I have no access to Internet. why it happens and How can i establish both connections @ once..?15:56
dsnydersHI all!  I am on 9.04, and I did a sudo do-release-upgrade and I got the message No new release found.  What did I miss?15:56
hiyokz3: if you wish to use emerald install the compiz fusion icon andd emerald15:57
hiyokz3: then you find the theme you want and you right click the fusion icon and set emerald as the window decorator15:58
ronqbcwhat can i do agaisnt this?  http://img546.imageshack.us/i/screenshotnh.png/15:58
oCeanronqbc: you asked a couple of times now, I think you should add some details about your issue, as well as what you have tried so far to fix it15:59
chaddyronqbc: that is to say, your picture alone is not worth a thousand words16:00
bhaveshI tried to search about why my Ubuntu freezes everw few minutes and all I found is its becoz of compiz but I don't want to disable compiz :(16:01
guesterdoes ubuntu 10.10 play a jingle when it is started???16:02
=== alex__ is now known as Amoz
lilla_guester: yes!16:02
baskakPhr3d13? i go away now for a moment, your answer warmly appreciated16:02
guesterits the first time i heard it when i started my box up16:02
lilla_guester: :) i always disables it.. ;)16:03
=== altin is now known as altin_afk
ronqbcchaddy, the evolution windows when opened does not works well. when i click on a message nothing happens. it's only after i maximize the windows size that it is usuable agin.16:03
ronqbcoCean, for fixing the problem i've to maximize the window. it's always happnes with evolution that the windows is displaced when opened.16:04
stephenmac7How do I activate the second monitor?16:04
=== Guybrush_Threepw is now known as Guybrush88
Zankajohi all, someone play games on facebook?16:06
Zankajoflash player works fatal in games16:07
hiyoniles|iPod: I foud the process! It was open bravo (sucking up tons of memory) I will now uninstall it thank you very much for your help!16:07
niles|iPodno problem16:07
Zankajoespecially in full screen16:07
Zankajoany solution for this?16:07
dydwhat is using this guy to move form a desktop to another? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDGwdfeR23s16:08
ushillsHi, can anyone explain the perl error messages in the attached http://paste.ubuntu.com/647403/16:12
=== Tribaal is now known as Tribaal|troll
stephenmac7It seems like everyone needs help and no one is helping16:16
EyeintheSky2k11beggars cant be choosers16:16
ushillsExactly, busy today16:16
jamesbond2ushills try export LC_ALL="en_US"16:16
psicho_hello people16:16
ushillsexport: command not found16:17
psicho_is there a fix for the bug in unity which cause the left panel to stay nonstop visible and thus overlapping other applications ?16:17
aikInsaanwondering about xorg.conf on Natty...if it was called xorg.config would it make a difference?16:18
jamesbond2ushills which shell are you using?16:18
ronqbcoCean, for fixing the problem i've to maximize the window. it's always happnes with evolution that the windows is displaced when opened.16:19
V_I have a slight issue with ubuntu 10.04, I reach the login screen (which has changed appearance) and I login and it bring ,e back to the login screen16:19
ronqbcchaddy, the evolution windows when opened does not works well. when i click on a message nothing happens. it's only after i maximize the windows size that it is usuable agin.16:19
* stephenmac7 sighs16:19
ushillsxfce terminal emulator16:19
jamesbond2ushills try with bash16:19
kitcheushills: do this echo $SHELL and it will tell you the shell your on xfce terminal emulator is a program not a shell16:19
aikInsaanwondering about xorg.conf on Natty...if it was called xorg.config would it make a difference?16:19
V_it says : the defaults for GNOME power Manager have not been installed correctly.16:20
V_anyone know what I can do to fix this ?16:20
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=== Tribaal|trill is now known as Tribaal|troll
=== Tribaal|troll is now known as LameOjii
dydguys, is there anything that will let me work on workspace1 but at the same time have a little preview of others workspace / single workspace on the bottom corner?16:26
coz_dyd,   workspace switcher applet?16:27
=== LameOjii is now known as EpicTribaal
dydcoz_, checking it out, thanks16:28
coz_dyd,  right click a a panel and add   workspace switcher applet16:28
dydcoz_, i already have this one!16:29
coz_dyd,  and that is not exactly what you are wanting ... yes?16:29
dydcoz_, but it won't show what's really going on in the other desktops; in one of those i have vbox with xp, and i just see a xp icon16:29
coz_dyd,  understood,,, I cant think of anything off hand that would provide a kind of "live preview"  of the other workspaces16:30
dydcoz_, was wondering if i can keep an eye over what is going on (i'm installing stuffs and it takes ages) so i can see when to switch back16:30
dydcoz_, well, thank you anyway16:30
Monotokohey dyd, can't you have a terminal running on your current workspace that's installing stuffs?16:31
coz_dyd,  sorry guy,, you could as in #compiz-dev  talk with smspillaz,, see if it is possible with compiz,,, it probably isnt right now but cant hurt to try16:31
MonotokoI know it's possible to preview windows on your current workspace using compiz16:31
someoneHi everyone16:32
someoneI need a bit of help16:32
someoneI run this on terminal:16:32
someone'patch -p1 < $CWD/patch/xf86-input-synaptics/synaptics-clickpad-support.patch --verbose || { touch ${SLACK_X_BUILD_DIR}/${PKGNAME}.failed ; continue ; } to /home/superstar/x11/patch/xf86-input-synaptics.patch'16:32
someoneand I get:16:32
FloodBot1someone: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:32
=== someone is now known as Guest95193
Guest95193bash: syntax error near unexpected token '/home/superstar/...16:32
Pici!paste | Guest9519316:32
ubottuGuest95193: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:32
=== Guest95193 is now known as omeid
jvgelineed your inputs. I like Natty due to its ambiance theme, window snap, etc but its giving me headaches in terms of stability. I get freezes all the time that i dont have with lucid. How do i get lucid to look like natty? is there any way?16:32
=== omeid is now known as someonerandom123
Monotokojvgeli, not as far as I know16:33
coz_jvgeli,  are you using Unity or classic with that?16:33
coz_jvgeli,  open ccsm16:33
coz_jvgeli,   then go into the OpenGL plugin and disable  Sync To VBlank16:34
jvgelicoz i get freezes on startup and my card reader is not working on Natty. When I am on battery i get 4 out of 5 freezes when I boot. I dont have that in lucid and I got tired of finding whta the issue was16:34
coz_jvgeli,  see if that helps,, also out of curiosity,, in terminal   lspci | grep -i vga16:34
someonerandom123!help !help http://paste.ubuntu.com/647432/16:34
ubottusomeonerandom123: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:34
coz_jvgeli,  ah I see16:34
coz_jvgeli,  which video card is onboard there?16:35
someonerandom123Can some look at this please http://paste.ubuntu.com/647432/16:35
jvgelicoz: Radeon HD 6310 on an AMD Fusion E35016:35
someonerandom123a bash problem, I am a linux rooky :|16:35
someonerandom123Anyone ? :|16:36
Monotoko!repeat | someonerandom12316:37
ubottusomeonerandom123: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/16:37
Picisomeonerandom123: Its not a valid command, perhaps if you explained what you were trying to do we could be of more help.16:38
someonerandom123Pici I got it from here http://henryhermawan.blogspot.com/2011/02/how-to-activate-right-click-on-clickpad.html16:39
aeon-ltdwindow new16:39
someonerandom123aeon-ltd, ?16:40
barberanhow do I make my 11.04 look like a Mac OS exactly16:40
aeon-ltdsomeonerandom123: sorry i was on the wrong channel :)16:40
prashant_troublehello all16:40
coz_barberan,  themes16:40
coz_barberan,  the closest theme would be elementary,, how to install on 11.04  Unity not sure16:40
=== prashant_trouble is now known as prashant_tech
nicofsI can't share folders over my network. I installed samba and used nautilus (right click on folder, "sharing options") to make the folder available. but still i can't access it from the other machine ("failed to retrieve share list from server"). System > Settings > Personal file sharing returns "...required packages are not installed..." - what is missing?16:41
someonerandom123Pici, any ideas ? :)16:41
Picisomeonerandom123: 1) That appears to be for slackware, not Ubuntu. 2) I'm sure you'd be able to find an alternative method of enabling your button than recompiling parts of xorg, that is rather risky and not supported anyway.16:42
ronqbcwhat can i do agaisnt this?  http://img546.imageshack.us/i/screenshotnh.png/16:42
prashant_techhow to change mouse cursor in gnome16:42
KM0201ronqbc: you get the award for the most pointless screenshot of th eday.. you can't even read it16:42
=== T-800 is now known as Guest62353
Guest62353how do i change my nickname?? ~_~16:43
someonerandom123Pici, alright thanks :)16:43
KM0201Guest62353: "/nick something here" (w/o quotes)16:43
KM0201Guest62353: your best bet though, if you plan on hanging out here, is to create a nick, and register w/ it.16:43
user82hi. i installed gnome3 via ppa on natty and need to choose it as default session. can someone tell me how? (the login-screen setting is gone in gnome 3 system management)16:44
=== Guest62353 is now known as luciduser
prashant_techFloodBot1, hi16:45
luciduserthanks km020116:45
Pici!floodbot | prashant_tech16:45
ubottuprashant_tech: FloodBot1,2,3, and 4 are all bots, please direct your questions to the channel.16:45
KM0201luciduser: well thats original16:45
xanguauser82: gnome3 is not supported on ubuntu 11.0416:45
luciduserok then...16:46
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user82xangua, its generally choosing the session...works for me at least via ppa i know its officially not supported16:46
mounteverestkm0201: how's this?16:46
prashant_techguru, hi16:46
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Guest12799any body knows how to invoke shell script program from java.16:47
ronqbcKM0201, i've tried to explain what you see already.16:47
KM0201ronqbc: explain what?16:48
nicofsCan anyone tell me what I need to install to share a folder over my network?16:48
Guest12799any body knows how to invoke shell script program from java.16:48
mounteverestnicofs: samba??16:49
ronqbcKM0201, i can't use the evolution window unless maximizng it again and again. wherever i cleck i get no respond. the location is not cordinated with the mouse.16:49
nicofsmounteverest, and after that?16:49
Guest12799nicofs: i think u need  to install apache package16:49
KM0201ronqbc: welcome to gnome-shell. :)16:49
django23hello erveryone, i googled a lot about my touchepad, on my latptop (ASUS K53T) and i just can' t find a way to enable touchepad option in system > preferences > mouse.  My touchPad is recognized as a PS/2 Logitech Wheel mouse.16:49
dydanyone has experience in playing wow trough vbox?16:49
nicofsGuest12799, apache? for file sharing?!?16:49
ronqbcKM0201, the ubuntu managers should put a warning in the main website about all the lack of reliability in the system. without that it is just funny and annoyiing16:51
PiciGuest12799: Thats not really on-topic for this channel, try ##java16:51
mounteverestnicofs: i forgot :P sorry16:51
KM0201ronqbc: well, considering gnome3/gnome shell, is still not ready for production, you should have thought about that16:51
Guest12799pici: is it possible?16:52
nicofsso, question back to the channel: after installing samba, what more do i need to share files over the network?16:52
PiciGuest12799: PRobably, but you'll need to ask how to do it from the folks who know how to program in Java.  #ubuntu is not the place for that. ##java is.16:52
ronqbcKM0201, no one warned me. websites can be used effeiciently for warnings. but people are too self occupied that they don't do it and thinking enoguht about it16:53
alazare619nicofs, setup samba share?16:53
alazare619nicofs,  with like gadmin samba16:53
KM0201ronqbc: i've always been a great fan of Ronald Reagan... "Trust but Verify"16:53
mounteverestnicofs: http://www.hackorama.com/network/samba.shtml16:53
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mounteverestalazare619: gadmin-samba16:55
nicofsalazare619, i used nautilus to set up that sharing thing via right-clicking on the folder... and when i go to system > preferences  > Personal file sharing, I get "...required packages are not installed..."16:56
Picinicofs: Doesn't that tell you what packages you need to install?16:56
nicofsPici, of course not...16:56
Picinicofs: really? Hrm.  Just a moment.16:56
nicofsPici, that right-clicking thing in nautilus offered to install what's missing - and that was samba...16:57
mounteverestisn't personal file sharing for nfs???16:58
nicofsPici, frankly, i don't think it's user-friendly (especially for inexperienced users) to have to go to such lengths for simple file sharing...16:58
Escherialhello; anyone happen to know if there's a package for eclipse for java EE rather than just the default version?16:58
Picinicofs: I agree.16:58
nicofsmounteverest, personally i don't care about the type of file sharing, the other machine is ubuntu aswell...16:59
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit16:59
Picinicofs: Did you relogin after installing that package?16:59
nicofsPici, yes, i did - and i was prompted to...16:59
AcidRainsucks that rhythmweb can only be controlled on the network17:00
prashant_123456anyone know amarok irc17:00
dydhow can i change default browser?17:01
Piciprashant_123456: oddly enough, its #amarok17:01
xanguadyd: on Prefered Aps17:01
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shbk_ruin browser17:01
prashant_123456Pici, thanks17:01
tomgeorgehi Pici17:01
prashant_123456how to join #amarok17:02
dydxangua: thanks17:02
nicofsprashant_123456, "/join #amarok"17:02
prashant_123456nicofs,  thanks17:02
nicofsAcidRain, everyone starts as noob...17:03
AcidRainnicofs: im just pickin :)17:03
BluesKajnicofs, he could have clicked on it as well17:03
Picinicofs: I'd make sure that libpam-smbpass is installed.17:04
nicofsPici, checking...17:04
myk_robinsondo any of you know a way to scan a windows hard drive from linux to look for software license keys?17:04
nicofsPici, it's there...17:04
random0hi all im after getting vnc-sc to connect to my Ubuntu 10.04 box, what package should i use i have tried the vncviewer and xtightvnc.. and am about to try the ssvnc, but what one works best, encrypted.. single click,17:04
snimavatnatty live cd does not boot on my dell xps l502x i7, nvidia gt 525, does any one has any clue17:05
Picinicofs: And you're just right-clicking in nautilus to share a folder, right?17:05
prashant_123456how to make ubuntu run faster17:05
dr_willissnimavat:  try the nomodeset option17:05
chaddyprashant_123456: buy it some decent sport shoes17:05
xanguaprashant_123456: mount it in a race car17:05
prashant_123456xangua, good joke17:06
mounteverestprashant_123456, ubuntu isn't fast enough for you???17:06
nicofsPici, nothing more... i'm in stupid-first-time-user-mode...17:06
prashant_123456mounteverest, as compared to win 717:06
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mounteverestprashant_123456  :O17:06
prashant_123456chaddy, good one17:06
nicofsPici, only thing i did in addition to that was to look for some entry in preferences that had anything to do with sharing...17:06
dr_willis!nomodeset | snimavat17:07
ubottusnimavat: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter17:07
NorthernenIs Natty freezing a known issue? It's worse than Vista.17:07
dydhow can i update my video card drivers?17:07
chaddyprashant_123456: there are a few services you can get shot of, zeitgeist and xapian come to mind17:07
prashant_123456chaddy, explain17:07
Picinicofs: hrm.. that should Just Work™.  Let poke around a little more fore you, just a few minutes.17:08
chaddyprashant_123456: xapian: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=9304431&postcount=817:08
nicofsPici, no problem... if i were in a hurry, i'd have just done it via console - but i somehow think this shouldn't be necessary in ubuntu...17:09
Picinicofs: Just to clarify, is it actually saying that the folder is shared and you can't access it, or it just won't share it? What point do you get stuck on?17:09
pepi_i need a bit of help with silverlight, can anyone help me?17:09
eiriksvinis there a way to download a bloglike web tutorial?17:09
chaddyprashant_123456: zeitgeist is in here, though it's a bit old: http://blog.sudobits.com/2010/04/23/speed-up-ubuntu-10-04/17:09
snimavatubottu: thnaks17:09
pepi_i need a bit of help with silverlight, can anyone help me?17:10
snimavatwill look into17:10
eiriksvinI meant: is there a way to download a bloglike book17:10
jvgeliNorthernen: yes, Natty is known for its freezes. Pretty common17:10
dr_willispepi_:  gin17:10
dr_willispepi_:  give details to channel17:11
nicofsPici, what work's: nautilus claims the folder is shared (indicated by icon on folder symbol); what doesn't work: System > Preferences > Personal file sharing returns "...required packages missing"17:11
pepi_okay, so i'm trying to watch (for example) this video: http://www.rai.tv/dl/RaiTV/programmi/media/ContentItem-663f5212-f9b6-4276-934d-e00592825a7a.html#p=017:11
Northernenjvgeli, I thought it was considered to be stable?17:11
pepi_but i can only hear the sound, and i cant see the video17:11
prashant_123456chaddy, ok17:12
xanguapepi_: it says you need silverlight17:12
dr_willispepi_:  if its drm protected you are out of luck17:12
pepi_i have silverlight17:12
xanguapepi_: if you are using moonlight, it doesn't support all sivlerlight features17:12
jvgeliNorthernen: I really wouldnt consider natty stable. Stable is Lucid, not that is one stable release17:12
nicofsPici, and, funnily enough, when i reloaded the windows shares on the other machine, the shared folder suddenly appeared... and i swear i didn't touch a thing...17:12
pepi_i have moonlight i think17:12
Picinicofs: so... its working now?17:12
pepi_yeah, i have moonlight17:13
dr_willismoonlight cant do drm. ie. netflix :(17:13
pepi_anyway to get the video out? ;s17:13
pepi_whats drm?17:13
nicofsPici, yes it is... but i don't understand what i did to achieve that... but that "..required packages missing" still remains...17:13
dr_williscopy protection17:13
Picinicofs: I'm not sure either.  I've not explored the "Personal file sharing" menu, and I don't have a gui Ubuntu system here to test with.17:14
sir_tyrionRight now I am using /etc/network/interfaces to configure my ethernet connection, how do I switch to using network manager17:14
prashant_123456sir_tyrion, whats the problem with your network17:15
nicofsPici, i'll try to reproduce that next week on another machine - maybe this was just a one-off issue...17:15
sir_tyrionNothing, it works, but I want to use network-manager-openconnect for a vpn, so I need my eth0 connectiont to be configured by network manager instead of /etc/network/interfaces17:15
trollboy_on windows and macos, if an application has a bunch of windows open, you can nest them in one icon on the task bar, example: 5 skype im windows show 5 windows on the desktop, and 1 slot on the taskbar17:15
pepi_anything i can do?17:15
trollboy_is there something similar I can turn on in ubuntu?17:15
Picinicofs: Perhaps.  Feel free to log a bug if it happens again.17:15
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sir_tyrionprashant_123456 I answered above ^^^^17:16
nicofsPici, will do, thanks anyway17:16
prashant_123456sir_tyrion, ok17:16
Haughty_PrincessHellp aphrodite!17:17
Aphroditehello Haughty_Princess17:17
VirusScanmy name is kah17:17
VirusScani am from another planet17:17
prashant_123456Haughty_Princess, yep17:17
nicofsBut since i'm here anyway... I am looking for an expert in mobile broadband/3G connections because mine isn't working anymore... all i get is "Disconnected"...17:17
HackerIItrollboy_  maybe right click on pannel and chose (windows list )17:17
VirusScanwhat are you guys doing in this world?17:17
xanguatrollboy_: if you are uing gnome2 , set teh windows list to group the windows17:17
Haughty_PrincessNice to meet u kah :)17:17
Aphroditehello Kah from which planet u belonged17:18
trollboy_HackerII, no windows list17:18
trollboy_xangua, where do I do that?17:18
Haughty_Princesswhat prashant?17:18
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:18
HackerIItrollboy_  sory, windows= selector17:18
hlfshellHello everyone. I am trying to get my desktop to allow VNCing in. It seems none of my devices can VNC to my laptop at all. I have used the ubuntu Remote Desktop option to contorl it so far. What else could I be missing to allow people to connect?17:19
xanguatrollboy_: right clic on the windows list- preferences17:19
trollboy_HackerII, still nothing like that on my ubuntu17:19
trollboy_ok xangua where is the windows list- preferences?17:19
HackerIIhuh, maybe 11.0 got rid of it17:19
dr_willishlfshell:  local lan? or over internet?17:19
hlfshelllocal lan17:19
dr_willishlfshell:  what vnc clients/os on the other pcs17:20
prashant_123456Haughty_Princess, your problem ??17:20
hlfshellI've tried it with TightVNC on windows, VNCViewer on another ubuntu machine, and android-vnc-viewer on a tablet (the real goal of this exercise)17:20
Haughty_PrincessI have no problem17:20
dr_willishlfshell:  could be  firewall settings. can the boxs ping each other?17:21
hlfshellgood question. give me a second.17:21
hlfshellyes, i can ping.17:21
BarkingFishGood evening all.  I'm migrating from my old distro, mandriva, to ubuntu 11.04, but I'm having problems.  I got a dvd iso, but my burner (k3b) won't burn the iso properly, it gets to about half way through, and moans about a buffer underrun.17:21
jvgeliHaughty_Princess: move to #ubuntu-offtopic17:21
xanguahttp://img830.imageshack.us/my.php?image=tmpjrr86o.png trollboy_17:21
BarkingFishIs this something I can fix or is it a fault with the iso?17:21
dr_willishlfshell:  can the ubuntu box ssh to the vnc server ip?17:22
hlfshellyes - i was doing that fine this morning so i can confirm that it cna do that17:22
trollboy_Perfect Thanks xangua!! I was clicking in the wrong space!17:22
NorthernenBarkingFish, try another CD/burning program?17:22
dr_willishlfshell:  as a test try installing tightvnc server on the vncserver box, ssh in, run vncserver, then see if a vnc client can connect17:23
mounteverestMy chrome browser says preferences couldn't be saved every time it starts.. any solution?17:23
BarkingFishNorthernen: I don't know of any others for KDE, I'll go check our repos, but to the best of my knowledge, k3b is the only one available to us. There's others for gnome, but i haven't got gnome installed17:23
xanguamounteverest: try chromium-browser instead17:23
trollboy_mounteverest, possibly permissions?17:23
dr_willishlfshell:  i rarely use the gnome vnc feature. i use stand alone vnc servers like tightvnc, or vnc4server17:24
BarkingFishand I've wasted 2 dvd+r's on attempting to burn the iso, so I won't try again unless I can be certain it's my fault :)17:24
mounteverestxangua, chromium 12.0.742.91 (87961) actually17:24
dr_willisBarkingFish:  make  a bootable flash instead perhaps17:25
mounteveresttrollboy_, permissions for what?17:25
dr_willisBarkingFish:  why are you using the dvd?17:25
trollboy_mounteverest, for the conf files?17:25
BarkingFishbecause I need multilingual support.17:25
eiriksvindoes anyone know how I could download this for offline usage:  http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:2.5/Manual17:25
dr_willisi think you could install that later.. but you could try burning at the slowest speed the burner can do17:26
django23hello erveryone, i googled a lot about my touchepad, on my latptop (ASUS K53T) and i just can' t find a way to enable touchepad option in system > preferences > mouse.  My touchPad is recognized as a PS/2 Logitech Wheel mouse.17:26
BarkingFishThe area I work in, I have a couple of friends from other countries who want to learn to use Linux, so I'm teaching them.17:26
mounteveresttrollboy_, and where would they be?17:26
Picieiriksvin: I'd ask the folks in #blender if they had an offline version of it first.17:26
eiriksvinits okay if it don't have all of it there, but i need as much as I can get17:26
NorthernenBarkingFish, seems to be hardware related rather than related to the ISO. Is your computer being heavily used while you burn?17:26
trollboy_for me its /home/trollboy/.config/google-chrome17:26
BarkingFishAs long as you have language support for Hindi and Bulgarian, I'm fine :)17:26
BarkingFishNorthernen: No. I don't do anything else while I'm burning17:27
BarkingFishdr_willis: You think slowing the drive down might help?17:27
dydbb thank you all17:27
HackerIIBarkingFish  some times it does17:28
freezwaythe game17:28
HackerIIgo with 2 or 4x17:28
NorthernenBarkingFish, are you drivers up to date?17:28
dr_willisBarkingFish:  underrun = not getting data from hd fast enough. but most burnerd these daya have underrun protection where it snot an issue17:28
BarkingFishone mo17:29
BarkingFishsomeone at door17:29
dr_willistry it and see i guess.17:29
HackerIIits the dvd cops17:29
Northernendr_willis, isn't it the CDs that have underrun protection, not the burners?17:29
PifferI just cloned my hard disk17:29
Pifferand backed up to a new HD17:29
dr_willisits a faeture of the otpical drive17:29
PifferTHe cloning and backing up was successful, but grub has now failed.17:29
PifferCould someone please help me fix grub?  I am using a LiveCD now17:30
Odd-rationaleQuick question. If I am inside a ssh session, how can I copy files from the remote machine I'm on to my local machine? Does scp allow that?17:30
NorthernenHe must have an old drive then.17:30
dr_willisscp can work Odd-rationale17:30
Uchiha_ItachiOdd-rationale: rcp or scp17:30
wh1zz0Hi guys.. does anyone here know if my synced files will get deleted from the ubuntu one cloud server upon subscription expiration?17:30
Piciwh1zz0: Best to ask the folks in #ubuntuone17:31
wh1zz0Okidoki.. thanks Pici17:31
usrOdd-rationale: yes17:31
Odd-rationaledr_willis: I can scp from *inside* the ssh session?17:31
dr_willisOdd-rationale:  it dosent matter17:31
dr_willistry it and see....17:31
Odd-rationaleDon't you have to run scp from the local machine?17:31
Snarshquick question, i have a cdrom with printer drivers that i need to install to a computer that doesn't ahve a cdrom, i was going to pull the install file from the cdrom and put it on a usb for the computer, but the install file and drivers, etc, are all hidden. is there a way to see these files on the cdrom? control h isn't revealing them and i'm sure this has something to do with them actually being hidden because the company is a 17:32
dr_willisscp can go from local to remote, or remote to local17:32
dr_willisSnarsh:  its rare you get a cd with linux printer drivers17:33
MonotokoOdd-rationale, you need to run it from the local machine...but it works both ways17:33
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Monotokoyou can specify a remote file to "grab"17:33
Snarshthis is a windows cd but i'm trying to the pull the drivers while on my ubuntu os because i have a feeling it would be even more work on my windows os17:33
dr_willisSnarsh:  and ive never seen a way to hide files on a cd like you mention17:33
usrSnarsh: Are  you sure they are "hidden".  Maybe you're just not looking in the right place.17:33
BarkingFishsorry about that17:33
sbalmosI seem to remember Googling around for something related to this. But is there no way for automount to work in a remote user X session (e.g. from an NX session)? I get unauthorized when trying to automount an external HD17:33
dr_willisSnarsh:  what is the printer  the drivers may be in the repos17:34
jbwivguys, in a recovery effort on my machine, I accidentally installed the 32-bit version but wanted the 64-bit version. is there any way to upgrade a 32-bit to a 64-bit? If not, is there a way to capture all packages installed so I can re-install them automatically? I've spent a good bit of effort restoring my environment before I caught the mistake17:34
Snarshwhen i insert the CD, /media/CD is automatically mounted and all that is in the cd is a PDF about the printer installation, nothing else on the CD17:34
BarkingFishRight, i think the best way to go is to see also if my drive has underrun protection, and whether it's something I can enable if it has17:34
dr_willis!clone | jbwiv17:34
ubottujbwiv: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate17:34
mounteveresttrollboy_, changed permissions to 777 for ~/.config/Local State and ~/.config/Default/Preferences.. and it worked! thanks..17:34
BarkingFishin the mean time, I'll try again with a slower burn and see how I get on. If I have anymore probs, I'll get back to you :)17:34
BarkingFishThanks for the advice guys, catch you later.17:35
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jbwivdr_willis, ok, thanks17:35
Snarshthe printer is lexmark 5300, i actually need the abbyreader 6.0 that comes on the cd as well because we are using the printer to scan documents17:35
exutuxjbwiv: but your installed packages are for 32bits17:35
dr_willisSnarsh:  scanning is handled by sane on linux. not any printer drivers17:36
jbwivexutux, but they aren't named that way based on the clone instructions above, so I should be good17:36
dr_willis!sane | Snarsh17:36
ubottuSnarsh: Scanning software: Simple-Scan (GNOME), Xsane, the GIMP (GNOME), Kooka (KDE). For instructions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ScanningHowTo and to see supported hardware: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsScanners - See also !OCR17:36
dr_willisSnarsh:  you may want to check the forums for that exact mukti function printer/scanner17:37
NorthernenIf one wants a script to be run at startup, where would one put it?17:37
Snarshi'm pulling the abbyreader 6.0 install from the cdrom to put on a usb to install to a windows os, can't use linux software17:37
dr_willisNorthernen:  depends on what its doing17:38
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dr_willis Snarsh  huh. so you are just copying files from a cd to usb to transfer them over..  not even using the stuff on a linux box?17:39
knpmuy buenas17:39
Snarshproblem solvers: oh christ my dad gave me the users guide cd, can't believe they wrote a cd with 3mb of info17:39
LmAt /msg nickserv identify SteveBaLlMer1217:39
NorthernenIf one wants a script to be run at startup, where would one put it?17:40
FloodBot1knp: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:40
dr_willisNorthernen:  depends on what its doing......17:40
Northernendr_willis, iptables.17:40
rhin0Northernen: /etc/rc.local17:40
dr_willisNorthernen:  /etc/rc.local is good for that17:40
NorthernenAre there alternatives?17:40
dr_willisthere is some firewall service/configs i think also17:40
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE Lucid and Maverick) also exist.17:41
dr_willisrc.local runs at boot time17:41
rhin0you can set it up via the gui  system > preferences > startup applications Northernen17:41
rcmaehlSomething is wrong with Ubuntu 11.04's window layering17:41
Escherialok, just did an apt-get install tomcat-* and i'm starting to wonder if that was wise @_@17:41
NorthernenI don't have a rc.local.17:41
Escherialseems like there's a metric boatload of packages that it's installing now17:41
rcmaehlB/c when I running fullscreen games stuff gets clicked on on the destkop17:41
Escherial(i already supposedly had tomcat6 installed...)17:41
dr_willisyou most likely do not want iptables stuff ran as a user on login17:41
dr_willisNorthernen:  look again..   /etc/rc.local17:42
rhin0rcmaehl: if you are having windowing formatting problems you may wish to disable the unity desktop / compiz by selecting classic desktop (no effects) when you log in rcmaehl17:42
knp hello17:42
knpyou speak Spanish17:42
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gp5sti'm trying to have 2 seperate X windows (controlled by 2 sep keyboards) on one computer.  How do I do that or what would i even search for to find information?17:43
Northernendr_willis, aye, definitely don't want it ran as a user. Can't I just SUID to root?17:43
Monotokoknp, #ubuntu-es speaks spanish17:43
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=== Gujs__ is now known as Gujs
Northernendr_willis, yer found it. Thought it was a directory like rc.#, but apparently not.17:45
olokki1hello ppl, how can i change the default commandline for force check filesystem on reboot? i cant seem to find this info anywhere17:45
olokki1iam using touch /forcefsck17:46
=== sandy is now known as Guest8889
Guest8889 i m new user of ubuntu17:46
Guest8889i wanna some help17:46
Monotokowelcome Guest8889, what do you need help with? :)17:46
Guest8889sir ,when i clik17:47
mounteverestGuest8889 go on17:48
exutuxolokki1: it run17:48
Guest8889may some one help me17:48
exutuxolokki1: or you can use sudo shutdown -rF now17:48
MonotokoGuest8889, just tell us your problem and we will help :)17:49
olokki1exutux: i want to change the options of the check17:49
exutuxolokki1: which option, for to do what?17:49
dr_willisGuest8889:  all on one line pleses..  ;)17:49
Guest8889i wanna some help17:49
h00kGuest8889: ask your question all on one line, and if someone knows, they'll help17:49
olokki1exutux: fsck -d /dev/md017:49
MonotokoGuest8889, what's your native language?17:49
gp5stalso, can 2 sep video cards be condifured for each x session?17:49
olokki1i want a reindex of the ext4 directoriies17:49
gp5sterrrrr audio17:49
gp5staudio cards*17:50
dr_willisgp5st:  perhaps via pulse audio settings17:50
gp5stdr_willis: can i have different x sessions on different video cards?17:51
dr_willisgp5st:  thats doable ive heard.17:51
LordDragonhey all17:51
gp5stdr_willis: hanks17:51
dr_willistwinview can do it.  prob. other ways also17:51
exutuxolokki1: sorry but what it -d options?17:52
exutuxolokki1: /dev/md0 is mounted now?17:52
adubzman i am drawing a blank to download a file via scp i just did this the other day?17:52
gp5stdr_willis: well, for refernece, i basically want 2 people using the same computer at the same time17:52
LordDragoni am getting weird audio problems in ubuntu. in a chat client, some IMs make noise, others dont. when i go to the ubuntu sound test, and i press "test speaker" the first few times it wont play and then it plays. any idea whats causing these intermittent problem? audio driver issue?17:53
dr_willisadubz:  supposed to follow same syntax as cp. but with user@server:/path/file  info17:53
Guest8889,when i clik on some folder..a window apper written "No application is registered as handling this file17:53
adubzya juss found it17:53
dr_willisgp5st:  you want 'multiseat' then. theres guides on doing it in ubuntu17:54
gp5stdr_willis: thanks, i wasn't sure what it was called17:54
gp5stcool, thanks, i'll read up on it17:55
dr_willisGuest8889:  on every folder? or just some?17:55
surfduehey using formost or some program to restore can you only restore one directory with legitimate file names?17:56
Guest8889on every folder i17:56
dr_willisGuest8889:  there is no need to msg me every reply. keep it in the channel17:57
eiriksvincan someone tell me where wget temp files go to?17:57
surfduedr_willis, any idea about recovery17:58
eiriksvinI'm pulling  wget -r http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:2.5/Manual /home/eiriksvin/Desktop/manual.html17:58
dr_willissurfdue:  recoverying what?17:59
eiriksvinbut nothing is going to my desktop17:59
Guest8889how can i open my webcam to take pics17:59
surfduedr_willis, accidentally rm'ed files17:59
surfduedr_willis, in a specific database17:59
surfduei man folder17:59
dr_willissurfdue:  this is when you learn the value of backups17:59
jvgeliGuest8889: use Cheese , find it at the sotware center17:59
jvgelisoftware i mean18:00
dr_willissurfdue:  ive never seen anyone sucessfuly undelete stuff on linux18:00
surfduedr_willis, i just did with foremost but it restored them to like 000001.mp318:00
HackerIIsometimes it can be done, but its rare18:00
surfduenot the actual names18:00
dr_willissurfdue:  use an id3tag program to rename them perhaps18:01
StephannEasiest way to see where the wget files might have gone would be find / -mmin -118:01
jakempI have a Lenovo T420 with Realtec wireless that isn't working well, it constantly drops and is unusably. I've found threads on the forums, but they don't have a solution. Has anyone gotten wireless working well on a Lenovo T420?18:01
glebihaneiriksvin, I think the correct command would be " wget -r http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:2.5/Manual -O /home/eiriksvin/Desktop/manual.html" (look at "man wget")18:01
dr_willisif the files have proper tags18:01
=== prophet is now known as Guest84428
surfduedr_willis, oh its much more hten just mp3's18:02
surfduejust an example18:02
surfdueiuno if foremost can restore to regular file names18:02
dr_willissurfdue:  consider yourself lucky you got what you did.18:03
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
dr_willisand it got the extensions right. ;)18:03
Uchiha_Itachieiriksvin: wget -r -P /home/path http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:2.5/Manual18:03
surfduedr_willis, its complete useless to us.. lol18:03
surfdueits file uploads we are dealing with18:03
surfdueno way to find it18:03
surfdueexcept heres 200 wavs18:04
surfduegood luck :P18:04
babbledoes anyone know if there's a way I can import AppleLoops (MPEG-4/AAC with quantizing/key metadata, used in Garageband and Logic) in Rosegarden?18:04
eiriksvinwell, the files are downloading, but where is the temp location they are going to before they go to my desktop18:04
glebihaneiriksvin, I might be wrong but I don't think wget uses any temporary folder; if it does, I'd guess it's probably /tmp18:05
Guest8889when i clik on some folder..a window apper written "No application is registered as handling this file18:06
sudiptacan anyone using gnome shell share some screenshots of desktop18:06
Guest8889 on every folde18:06
pipegeekDoes canonical host a repository for ancient ubuntu releases somewhere?  I have some ancient hosts running jaunty, which need to be upgraded to lucid via karmic18:06
Picipipegeek: old-releases.ubuntuc.om18:06
pipegeekThanks, Pici18:06
Picipipegeek: spelled correctly18:06
jbwivcan anyone speak to the advantages of an AMD64 install versus a 32-bit install with PAE ?18:06
popeyjbwiv: I have used both, and dont notice much difference between them18:07
HackerIIpipegeek   http://mirror.linux.org.mt/18:07
pipegeekThanks, HackerII18:07
eiriksvini even tried locate -i manual     and got nothing18:08
jbwivpopey: ok, thank you18:08
nkhhello, I have some extracted unofficial repo DVDs, How should I use these folders as repo ? I'm in terminal right now need your help plz.:|18:09
Guest8889when i clik on some folder..a window apper written "No application is registered as handling this file18:09
Guest8889 on every folde18:10
glebihannkh, use apt-cdrom18:10
nkhglebihan: I have no ISO! I have extracted folders and they are 8 folders, Even if they were ISOs, I should mount them rapidly during installation18:11
CoJaBois there a way I can get my pugnacious wifi card to detect?18:11
CoJaBopc m cia card*18:11
nkhglebihan: Is it possible to use folders with apt-cdrom ?18:11
Guest8889how to use wifi without security key18:12
mang0Guest8889: that's not possible without cracking it to GET the security key18:12
mang0or setting up the wifi without a key18:12
Guest8889how to crack18:13
kamidiGuest8889.. why do you ask?18:13
kamidiin many countries (most propably), using neighbors wifi without permission is illegal ;-)18:13
glebihannkh, no in that case you would have to edit /etc/apt/sources.list and add a line like this "deb file:///path/to/repo dist section"18:14
Guest8889i lost my key n internet provider come after key18:14
glebihannkh, section being one of main, universe, multiverse...18:14
nkhglebihan: I had done this but when running apt-get update, it ignores all Packages files18:15
mang0Guest8889: The key will be written on the router/modem usually, unless you changed it18:15
nkhglebihan: its like this : deb file:///media/deb/.../disk1 lucid main restricted etc.18:16
Guest8889but  i changed last tym