saidinesh5falktx: ...... carla doesnt show "Show GUI" for the ladspa plugins......14:15
saidinesh5but when run from Klaudia, they have a GUI.....14:15
saidinesh5any ideas?14:15
falktxsaidinesh5: hehe, "Show GUI" are for custom plugin GUIS14:18
falktxsaidinesh5: use "Edit", and the internal 'gui' is there14:18
scott-workfalktx: do you have time to link to that live image script now?14:19
falktxscott-work: ah, yes14:19
falktxgive me 5 mins14:19
saidinesh5Ah yes...... i ve seen14:20
saidinesh5the preferences14:20
scott-workfalktx: no problems, i have a machine i'm working on that can be dedicated to testing this so i'm pretty excited about it14:20
falktxscott-work: first step is this:14:22
falktxgit clone git://kxstudio.git.sf.net/gitroot/kxstudio/kxstudio14:23
falktxscott-work: then check scripts/kxstudio-create-iso 14:27
falktxI'm checking it right now too14:27
scott-workfalktx:  i'm at work (you probably sussed that out) but i plan on installing the latest ubuntu studio daily image and then testing the script tonight14:32
falktxok, let me know how it works14:34
falktxwow, the script is working on arch as well... ;)14:38
saidinesh5also falktx, any ideas on why the jack keyboard doesnt work for me?? it says gst_debug_add_log_function: assertion `func != NULL` failed14:42
saidinesh5and thats it14:42
saidinesh5there ends the whole thing14:42
saidinesh5cant even quit it14:42
saidinesh5without killing it14:42
falktxprobably needs rebuild14:43
saidinesh5so any other virtual keyboards that work??14:44
falktxvkeybd as well14:49
falktxsaidinesh5: note that carla is unfinished software...14:50
saidinesh5both of them dont work for me falktx....14:50
saidinesh5one doesnt show up in claudia and the other just hangs14:50
falktxyou need a2jmidid to bridge alsa and jack midi14:50
saidinesh5Ahh i see14:51
saidinesh5oh it froze my whole pc now14:55
saidinesh5rebooted into my "work time" installation now :P14:56
saidinesh5had lots of fun in kxstudio today :) messed around with all the dssi plugins with fancy GUIs and stuff :)14:57
falktxnot cool when it freezes though15:02
falktxthere's seems to be a problem installing ubuntustudio (latest of latest oneiric)15:33
falktxexact error:15:42
falktx ubuntustudio-desktop : Depends: gnome-netstatus-applet but it is not going to be installed15:42
falktxhm, but it seems 'gnome-netstatus-applet' is installable15:43
falktxsome package in us-desktop must have a conflict with it15:43
falktxit seems the xfce4 transition is not yet in place...?15:52
* falktx is building an ISO16:08
=== kubotu_ is now known as kubotu
falktxbeh, gdm doesn't start17:50
ScottLtrying gnome3 on my laptop now, not sure i'm digging it either yet21:21
ScottLbut it seems to be more functional than unity currently21:21
dtchenI work around the issue by using unity-2d with a terminal emulator :-)21:28

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