JeThroHDhei, can someone help me, I just instald UbuntuStudio and I want jack to work whit a usb sound plugg, I get sound for it in the pulse audio controller for recording09:50
JeThroHDbut can't get it to run whit jack09:51
JeThroHDI'm sorry if this is the rong place to ask, but a nuge in the right deriction would be good09:55
JeThroHDKonig USB 5.1 3D Virtual Sound Controller is the name of it, but I don't think support is the problem, because I can see it in jack10:18
jussiJeThroHD: I dont know the answer, but do stick around,  there are several us tz based people who are good with stuff like that.10:27
JeThroHDthnx mon, be right back10:29
AutoStaticHello JeThroHD10:50
AutoStaticI've got some USB soundplugs lying around here10:50
AutoStaticThey work with JACK so10:50
JeThroHDmhmm... so you use the jack setup and change the input device to the useb thing right?10:52
AutoStaticWhat's the output of cat /proc/asound/cards in a terminal?10:55
JeThroHDmhmm.... you meen to open jack by the terminal and then look at the outread or do you mean meesege screen in jack?10:56
JeThro_HDsorry dropt out a bit11:00
AutoStaticHe he, np11:01
AutoStaticNo, just open a terminal and type cat /proc/asound/cards11:01
AutoStaticAnd then paste the output here11:01
JeThro_HD 0 [NVidia         ]: HDA-Intel - HDA NVidia                       HDA NVidia at 0xfe024000 irq 23  1 [Set            ]: USB-Audio - USB Headphone Set                       USB Headphone Set at usb-0000:00:0b.0-8, full speed11:03
JeThro_HDsorry that was a bit mesy11:03
JeThro_HDthis is the error meg form jack:11:09
AutoStaticNo it's ok, thanks!11:09
AutoStaticAh, so your USB thingy is called 'Set'11:09
AutoStaticIn QjackCtl you can enter this manually in the 'Interfaces' field of the Set up window11:09
JeThro_HDthink so, do you mean the brand?11:09
AutoStaticlike this hw:Set11:10
JeThro_HDok thnx11:10
AutoStaticNo it's the name the system gives to this soundcard11:10
AutoStaticDoes it work?11:14
JeThro_HDI think it's working, but I still can't get any sound to my headphones11:15
JeThro_HD13:13:42.980 XRUN callback (9) is the messege from jack11:15
AutoStaticHeadphones are connected to the USB card?11:15
AutoStaticAh, xruns11:15
AutoStaticWhat number of periods/buffer are you using?11:16
AutoStaticAnd frames/period?11:16
JeThro_HDI just let it all be defult11:17
AutoStatic3 is good11:17
AutoStaticfor USB11:17
AutoStatic(2=onboard, 3=USB/FireWire)11:17
JeThro_HDwhere do I setup this?11:18
AutoStaticAlso in QjackCtl, the Setup window11:20
AutoStaticTry starting with a higher frames/period setting (like 1024) and try to get as low as possible without getting any xruns11:20
JeThro_HDstill can't find the onbord or usb/firewire setting, sorry11:21
JeThro_HDits alredy sett to 1024, sould i go lower?11:23
AutoStaticthe onboard or usb setting => periods/buffer11:25
AutoStatic2 periods/buffer=onboard, 3 periods/buffer = USB/FireWire11:25
AutoStaticIf you're getting xruns with a frames setting of 1024 there is something going wrong11:25
AutoStaticI have a similar USB sound device here, a C-Media one, and that runs just fine11:28
JeThro_HDany Idea how to truble shot this??11:30
JeThro_HDis it beacuse of the alsa driver?11:31
AutoStaticWhich Ubuntu Studio version are you using?11:32
AutoStaticWhich version of Jack?11:32
JeThro_HDnatty and kernel 2.6.38-10-generic11:36
JeThro_HDis that a real time kernel ?11:37
JeThro_HDThe xrun is bad on defult settings also, would it help if I took a screenshot of the setup?11:48
AutoStaticYeah, that might help11:57
AutoStatic2.6.38 is not a realtime kernel, but you don't need one11:58
JeThro_HDok, http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11295547/Pictures/screenShot.png12:06
JeThro_HDthnx for the effort12:06
AutoStaticJeThro_HD: those are all default settings12:30
AutoStaticAnd thanks12:30
AutoStaticTry setting sample rate to 48000 and Periods/Buffer to 312:31
AutoStaticIn the interface field enter manually 'hw:Set' without the single quotes12:31
JeThro_HDstill get the "14:33:16.300 XRUN callback (3)"12:33
AutoStaticDoes it look a bit like this? http://linux.autostatic.com/temp/qjackctl-konig.png12:34
JeThro_HDtimeout where difrent and frame/priod, but after I changed that it still gives me xruns callbacks12:38
AutoStaticAnd what might help is to disable CPU frequency scaling12:40
AutoStaticWhat kind of CPU do you have?12:40
JeThro_HDamd athlone duel core 4200+12:41
AutoStaticThen it might help to add two panel applets to your gnome bar12:42
AutoStaticRight click - Add to panel - CPU Frequency Scaling Monitor12:42
AutoStaticDo that two times, one for each core12:43
AutoStaticIn the preferences for the applet set one applet to monitor CPU 0 and the other to monitor CPU 112:43
JeThro_HDk done12:44
AutoStaticAnd then set both CPU's to Performance and make sure they don't scale or use the Ondemand setting12:44
JeThro_HDboth on prefomence?12:44
JeThro_HDdone, that stopes the scaling?12:45
AutoStaticYes, jackd can have issues with scaling12:45
JeThro_HDlet me try a restart,  be back in 2 sec12:46
JeThroHDright still callbacks but the error msg is different12:51
JeThroHD**** alsa_pcm: xrun of at least 0.019 msecs12:51
JeThroHDJackPosixMutex::Unlock res = 112:51
JeThroHD14:49:25.026 XRUN callback (1).12:51
AutoStaticWhat does jackd --version in a terminal output?12:51
JeThroHDthis repits12:52
JeThroHDmhmm  I only have qjackctl installed and when i typed jack it sayd it was'nt installed12:54
JeThroHDdose that meen anything12:54
AutoStaticjackd --version12:54
JeThroHDdid'nt say12:54
JeThroHDhow do i start it up so it says? sudo first?12:55
AutoStaticand aptitude show jackd?12:55
AutoStaticNo QjackCtl starts jackd for you12:55
AutoStaticaptitude show jackd | grep Version12:56
JeThroHDversion 5 (is that right?) sounds wiard12:57
AutoStaticNo that's ok12:58
AutoStaticIf you press Start in QjackCtl you can also open the Messages window, the JACK version is mentioned somewhere in there too12:59
JeThroHDis it  "jackdmp 1.9.7"13:01
AutoStaticAh, Jack213:02
AutoStaticTry adding '-S' after the jack command in the Server Path field of the QjackCtl Setup window13:03
JeThroHDwhat dos "-S" do?13:06
AutoStaticIt puts JACK in synchronous mode13:06
JeThroHDsil xrun fail13:06
AutoStaticHmm, bummer13:07
AutoStaticThen I fear I'm out of options :(13:08
JeThroHDI have had a live cd on this commputer before, and jack worked from that, mabe I can cpoy the settings?13:09
AutoStaticWhat kind of live CD?13:09
JeThroHDwhat do you think, is it the new version there is smoething wrong whit or just the setup?13:09
JeThroHDit was a guitar live cd based on debian, think it was squeez. it had the realtime kernel though13:10
AutoStaticAh, then I think it is Natty probably13:11
AutoStaticI don't use it myself13:11
AutoStaticI'm still on Lucid (10.04)13:11
JeThroHDmabey, mhmm I would to but I want to use this setup for video edeting too so that's why I wnt whit natty to get the latest whitout commpiling from source13:12
JeThroHDcose that is over my head13:12
AutoStaticvideo editing?13:13
AutoStaticWhat are you using for that?13:13
AutoStaticAnd I think it is possible to get an xrun free setup with Natty but it might require some digging13:13
AutoStaticBut what are you using for video editing?13:15
JeThroHDkden and blender + open shot, weird it's not giving me xruns (i put it back to deffult)13:16
AutoStaticOh, he he13:16
JeThroHDwhat did the -S do?13:16
AutoStaticIt puts Jack2 into synchronous mode13:16
AutoStaticNot sure what that exactly means13:17
AutoStaticBut it helps in some cases13:17
AutoStaticNatty is using an older version of kdenlive btw13:17
JeThroHDmhmm...  I know, that's why I got the ppa from the website13:17
AutoStaticAh good :)13:18
AutoStaticLess xruns now?13:18
AutoStaticGotta go btw13:18
JeThroHDjeep... in defult mood13:19
JeThroHD*mode thanx for the help13:19
AutoStaticSure you're using your USB card?13:19
JeThroHDno sat it back to defult,  on the usb it gos back to xruns13:21
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